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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  October 21, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday october 21st. tam is all right. erin o'hearn joins us and we're following several developing stories. >> a new york city police officer dies after being shot in the head during a police pursuit. >> a fire forces several people out of their homes. >> warming trend. temperatures climb into the 70's the next few days before yet another change in the forecast. >> enjoy. is the key word. david and karen. >> one of those days where if you can get outside and have lunch outside, oh, do it.
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not a bad day to have an outdoor job, too. we have clear skies. we're expecting lots of sunshine early. at times today some of these clouds may break away from the main body of cloud cover up in new york state and try and pass through but i don't think it's any more than just patchy clouds today. should be fairly bright all the way. this morning we're starting out fairly mild. 52 degrees in philadelphia. we are down to 43 in allentown and 46 in reading, 44 in millville so there are cooler spots but a lot of us in the 50's and in sea isle city 59 degrees at this hour. heading outside this morning, mainly clear, cool, but nice. 50 degrees by 6 o'clock. 51 by 8:00 a.m., light winds so that's also a good part of the package this morning. and as we go through the afternoon, by noon 69 and there it is. we spend most of the afternoon in the 70's. 74 by 3 o'clock. and the high today in philadelphia 75 degrees late in the afternoon around 4 o'clock. got another very similar day for you tomorrow and then some cool changes heading toward the weekend. we'll have the details on that coming up in that accuweather 7-day.
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karen. >> all right, i've got some pretty good changes here on the vine street expressway. the construction is cleared in both directions and you can see the vine is reopened. so no problem westbound or eastbound now. that just reopened and the crews will come back again tonight at 11 o'clock and they'll close the vine until roughly 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we had some construction in bucks county right on i-95. that has cleared. you see the crews kind of off to the side. both lanes back opened. this is i-95 approaching 413. traffic here moving okay. but we've got a new problem, a disabled vehicle right near wynnewood. route 30, that's lancaster avenue right at remmington road so watch for that. i want to take you over here to glassboro gloucester county. this is 322 main artery here shut down between 553, that's main street, and route 47, which is delsea drive. so, water main break causing the problem. you've got to get around it with broadway or ellis street as your alternate to use instead of 322 closed down right here between 553 and route 47 near rowan university. over here on the new jersey turnpike between exits two and three we've got construction
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here blocking the left lane until 9:00 a.m. it will be out here until 6:00 a.m. northbound approaching exit two and also between exit two and exit one. lots of construction going on on the turnpike and some of it cause something headaches. erin. >> thanks so much, karen. we're following a developing story out of new york city. a police officer has died after being shot while pursuing a suspect. police say officer randolph holder was killed last night as he and other officers were responding to the report of shots fired. the 33-year-old holder was shot in the head. the suspect was shot in the leg and is in custody. three other males were taken into custody and they're being questioned about their possible involvement. new york city mayor bill deblasio said holder who joined the force back in 2010 was an honorable officer. >> we're all in mourning tonight. this whole city is in mourning. we're mourning a man who gave his life as a guardian for all of us and we're humbled by
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officer randolph holder's example, an example of service and courage and sacrifice. >> holder is the fourth new york city police officer murdered in the city in the last 11 months. >> also developing, a fire forced four people out of their montgomery county home overnight. the action cam was on the scene after the blaze broke out on the 500 block of green street in lansdale. fire crews tell us flames were coming from the first and second floors when they arrived just after 12:30 a.m. the red cross is helping the four people displaced. no word yet if anyone was injured. three first responders are recovering from injuries suffered while responding to a fire in philadelphia's strawberry mansion section. two undercover narcotics officers were the first to arrive on the scene last night. they ran into the home to rescue a man inside but were overcome by smoke and flames. firefighters ended up pulling the man to safety. a firefighter suffered a minor
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injury to his face during that rescue. no word yet on what caused this home to go up in flames. "action news" will have more information in a live report coming up in the next half hour. >> monroe township, new jersey, police are asking for help to find a clever crook. the man went to the luggage section of the wal-mart on the black horse pike in williamstown october 1st and grabbed a rolling bag. the bold shoplifter then broke into the cell phone cabinet and dumped 32 iphones into the luggage which he casually wheeled to the front and paid for at self checkout. detectives released the video last night asking for tips identifying the suspect. philadelphia police are looking for a pair of credit card thieves. they were able to steal a 78-year-old woman's wallet while she stopped at kohl's on henry avenue in andorra on october 2nd. within an hour they were caught on surveillance video using the credit card at two wawas on roosevelt boulevard as well as macy's on cottman avenue. police say they ran up a tab
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of $3,500. >> attorney general kathleen kane's law license will be suspended effective tomorrow. and today we expect to learn what duties she will continue to perform. a spokesperson says kane is preparing a e-mail for staff that will be shared with the public. kane is charged with leaking secret grand jury material and lying about it. the pennsylvania state supreme court ordered her law license suspension back in september. two main candidates vying to be philadelphia's next mayor will debate this friday. and "action news" wants you to join the action. democrat candidate jim kenney and republican melissa murray bailey will tackle questions submitted by viewers. leave suggestions on our sick abs facebook page or send them through twitter by using #6abc action. you can also e-mail them to join the action at and watch the mayoral debate on sunday at 11:00 a.m. right here on 6abc. >> and we we will be watching.
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am i wrong or last year this time it was much colder. >> probably. on average it would be but we're getting a little bit of a break today and yesterday it really started. storm tracker6 double scan shows you we're dry this morning as we take a look outside sky6 at the airport, camera not bouncing much at all. winds are in the single digits this morning. even though it's cool it's a little bit milder than it's been in some neighborhoods in the past couple days. in philadelphia 52 degrees currently. still down to 44 -- 43 degrees i should say in allentown, 46 in reading, 47 in wilmington. trenton has popped up to 50 and 59 degrees in cape may, new jersey. there you see satellite pick her showing you that the cloud cover is off of new york state and back by pittsburgh. looks like we're going to get a sunny start and then maybe a few patchy clouds floating through at times. overall lots of 71 in play today with patchy clouds, nice and warm, and in the lehigh valley getting all the way up to 75 degrees. not too shabby. down the shore it will be a little bit cooler next to the cool ocean water, 68 degrees but mostly sunny and pleasant
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enough if you're strolling up and down the boards or you have work or business down there. and then in philadelphia, mostly sunny, beautiful, 75 degrees is your high. winds out of the southwest not all that strong today. about five to 10 miles per hour. so, if you were out walking yesterday and you felt that breeze you won't get as much of that today and we're adding about four or 5 degrees to the high, too. 51 degrees by 8:00, still rather cool there. but by 11:00 a comfortable 64 and then 72 by 2 o'clock with your high of 75 around 4 o'clock this afternoon. really nice day. and tomorrow we're going to do it all over again. it stays warm with a frontal boundary coming in from the west. sun may start to give way to a few more clouds as the day goes on but ahead of that front a high of 76 degrees and then behind it we do cool down for friday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 75 degrees, warm and pleasant this afternoon. an overnight low tonight of only 53 and then 76 tomorrow and another decent overnight low of 52. so, a nice pattern both at day and night the next couple of days. there is the chance of a
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nighttime or evening spotty shower on thursday as a front comes through and then behind that front cooler for friday and saturday with highs around 62. lows in the 40's. on sunday, another front approaches. that will kick in some more clouds and a couple of you might pick up a spotty brief shower on sunday afternoon or evening. milder, though, ahead of that front, 67 degrees. hopefully dry for the final union match at ppl park. that's at 5 o'clock on sunday and then behind that front it gets cool all over again. mostly cloudy and 62 on monday. and 60 on tuesday. kind of watching monday. there might be some showers developing depending on whether or not we get an area of low pressure along the front, blah, blah, blah. we'll know more about in it a couple days. >> most people are in a bad mood on monday anyway. might as well rain. [laughter] >> thanks, david. more stories you didn't see last night. a clerk down south took action when a robber tried hold her up for some cash. >> and there's a new move to take down the state flag at the university of mississippi. karen. >> we've got ongoing construction zone right here. you see the cones that are up
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but traffic is moving okay here in lionville. this is route 100 southbound past 113. pretty light volume. we'll see what's going on in bucks county coming up. >> the future has arrived. find out what the movie back to the future i:got write and wrong about october 21st, 2015.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. it is 53 degrees and 5:12 on this wednesday morning. you're taking a live look at
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atlantic city. no sun up yet but it will be here and you'll have a treat today. 75 degrees. does that feel nice or what? >> we should play ring around the rosie. >> that sounds like fun, matt. yeah, anything you want to do to celebrate, even ring around the rosie. suburban traffic report time. if you're trying head to work let's show you what it -- whoa -- show you what it looks like. this is bucks county route one at pennsylvania avenue. traffic moving nicely so if you're headed towards langhorne you're going see no problem. south of here near 213 we had overnight construction but that cleared so you're moving pretty nicely. the construction is still out here on the turnpike westbound between downingtown and morgantown it's blocking the right lane. i told you about a disabled vehicle in wynnewood. it cleared pretty quickly here on lancaster avenue so traffic is moving better but if you're in glassboro gloucester county right now we've got a water main break closing 322, main roadway between 553 and 47. so just stick to broadway or ellis street to get around the closure while the crews deal with that water main break.
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let's go to your commuter traffic report on the waze app right here. like to show you different ways to get into work. coming from marple township if you were to take lancaster avenue your most direct route it's a 29 minute ride. if you go about 10 miles out of the way and take the blue route to the schuylkill, it's only a 24 minute ride so even though it's further it will get you there a little quicker so go ahead and take the blue route and the schuylkill because traffic's really light. we don't have any big problems on the majors and certainly no weather related issues. 44 degrees in quakertown. you're already at 51 in warrington, 46 in kennett square, 52 in center city and some of the suburbs in new jersey the low 40's in hammonton but 50 in cinnaminson. quite a range. and 47 degrees in dover, delaware, matt. >> thank you, karen. this is new video on "action news." a gas station clerk would not let a knife wielding man who robbed her north carolina store walk out without a fight. the man demanded money from the store and a scuff full ensued. the man snatched the cash
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drawer and took off. the clerk ran after him with pepper spray. she caught up with the robber and actually sprayed him through his sunroof. it's coming up here a little bit later but he still managed to get away with the cash. >> also new on "action news" the family of a florida church drummer is demanding answers after he was gunned down by a plainclothesd officer. friends say corey jones experienced car trouble early sunday morning on the way home from his band's gig. officer newman raja spotted jones' car and pulled up in an unmarked car. police say jones was armed and a confrontation ended with raja shooting jones. palm beach authorities say there is no dash cam or body video to support the officer's accounts. also new on "action news," old miss could soon take down a symbol of the confederacy. student leaders voted last night to remove the mississippi state flag from the campus of the university of mississippi. the state flag is the only one
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that still bears the iconic blue cross representing the confederacy. several other schools cities and counties have already stopped flying the state flag. >> a five-day rest for the flyers did not do much good. they took on the dallas stars at the wells fargo center last night. steve mason was back in goal after missing two games for personal reasons. by the start of the second period it was two-nothing dallas. sean couture ray put the puck in the back of the net and he almost went there, too but the stars held on. the flyers lose two to one. mets have a three to nothing series lead over the cubs in the nlcs. daniel murphy homered for a record tying fifth straight game in the post season. the mets can advance to the first time in 15 years with a victory tonight. the royals are in a similar position. they lead the alcs3 to one. kc crushed the blue jays.
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they can clinch a second world series appearance with a win tonight. >> a new survey from consumer reports deals a big blow to tesla. >> subway pulling out the measuring tape to make sure the foot long is, well, 12-inches long. >> wow. >> david. >> cool conditions out there this morning but not as bad as it's been the past couple neighborhoods in some areas i would say jackets okay for the kids and t-shirts definitely part of the package on the way home from school or after school today. we'll have your day planner forecast coming up next and i'll get you to the airport. >> ♪
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>> new jersey's first lifetime athletic gym is opened for business after months of construction. "action news" got a sneak peek at the 102,000 square foot fitness center. that's a lot of weights. on the 3900 block of church road in mount laurel last night. they're exercising folks. lifetime athletic gym offers exercise classes cafe basketball courts an children's program. >> looks nice.
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>> inspired me to work out. is it wrong that i'm most interested in the cafe. i'm like tell me more. muffins. let's take a look outside. i guess it is wrong. let's look in plymouth meeting. this is the blue route at chemical road. northbound traffic headed towards the mid-county tolls there on your right-hand side moving okay but farther north on the northeast extension past lansdale you'll see construction blocking the left lane. in atlantic county route nine near leads of a they're doing paving and they're blocking a lane. doesn't end until 6:00 p.m. david. >> starting out in the 40's in some suburbs. philadelphia in the low 50's and that's where we'll be low to mid-50's by 9 o'clock and then by noon we're offer to the races. almost 70 by 12 o'clock, 74 by 3 o'clock and a high this afternoon of 75 degrees, a fair amount of sunshine with some patchy clouds, light winds and obviously mild and comfortable. as we take a look across the country, some severe weather in new mexico yesterday evening. now we've got just some
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scattered shower activity from denver down to el paso. looks like the west coast is clear. great lakes a little bit of trouble there and clear down in florida for the most part. as we take a look at our most frequently traveled destination from philadelphia we have all green aircraft. little bit of cloud cover in chicago and boston but most spots looking good. erin. >> thanks, david. in health check a new study has found a toxic chemical in nail polish not listed as an ingredients. researchers at duke university and the environmental working group say some polishes have a chemical that's usually used to manufacture plastic and as a fire retardant. doctors say it could affect hormone regulation and reproduction. well, less is apparently better when it comes to breast cancer screenings. the american cancer society says women should start mammograms later in life and get fewer of them. women with an average risk are recommended to start annual breast screenings at age 45 instead of 40 and switch to every other year at 55.
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some doctors say they're concerned the guidelines may shift focus away from catching cancer early. a lot of confusing information out there. >> up next in the morning buzz today is the day that fans with certain time traveling classic movie has gone gaga over. >> plus a roach infested restaurant shut down months ago will finally reopen today. there story at 5:30 but first here's america's money. >> ♪ >> good morning. topping america's money toyota's latest recall. >> more than 6 million cars and suv's made between 2005 and 2010 are affected. the problem, a faulty power window switch that can lead fire. >> toyota is one of the top automakers on consumer reports reliability rankings along with lexus audi mazda subaru and kia. >> but a setback for the electric tesla model s. the magazine no longer recommending it due to reliability issues. >> all right. now despite its much publicized campaign to sell
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american made products you'll no longer find the made in the u.s.a. logo on the wal-mart web site. the federal trade commission questioned some of the claims. >> and subway will now measure its 6-inch and 12-inch subs as part of a lawsuit set. the chain was accused of making sandwiches shorter than advertised. >> we wouldn't like that. all right, that's america's money. >> ♪ i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait. don't be envious, be envied revlon colorstay gel envy™ in just two steps, i get what i want. salon-quality base and color then diamond top coat for extraordinary shine
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>> new on "action news," someone snapped a picture of a passenger being escorted off a flight. the american airlines flight
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from san jose to dallas was diverted to phoenix due to the unruly passengers. police say the 26-year-old man was drunk, disruptive and had to be restrained. american airlines say they will not be pressing charges against the man. >> ♪ >> in the morning buzz back to the future ii released back in 1989 and in the movie michael j fox marty mcfly travels with doc to october 21st, 2015 which is today and makes some predictions about what life would be like in 2015 which seems so far off back then. well, we kind of have hover boards so they got that right. flat screen tv's. >> uh-huh. >> correct. bio metrics like using your fingerprint to get into your iphone correct. >> right. >> 3-d holograms like tupac shakur correct. but what it got wrong there are no flying cars or really even many deloreans out there. self lacing shoes are still something in the future, although we do have velcro. >> right.
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>> and the film also had a lot of people using fax machines and phone booths. fax machines still people use but it's really. >> do you see phone booth any more. >> you don't have phone booths out there. the one thing we don't know whether or not it predicted correctly is the cubs winning the world series for 20's 15. >> it does not look good. >> tonight we may know because the mets could win and go to the world series. they're half and half. not bad. >> not bad. i sure wish we didn't need roads. where we're going we don't need roads. still ahead in the next half hour of "action news" newly released video captures the moment when a man dashed into the tarmac at denver international airport. >> and gunfire erupts in wilmington leaving one man dead. "action news" will be right back.
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>> breaking now on "action news," a man is burned as flames break out inside a philadelphia home. >> developing out west, there's a frantic search for a shooter who killed a little girl during a suspected case of road rage. >> clean slate. a main line restaurant that
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violated health codes reopens today promising to win back customers. good morning everyone, it's 5:30 on this wednesday. tam is off, erin o'hearn joins us. let's go to dave murphy and karen rogers. hello to you both. >> what a nice, nice morning to be talk about the weather. it is going to be a really good day today. we've got some cloud cover off to the north and west and some showers. some of those clouds might try and break down into philadelphia as we roll through the day but we think it's going to be mainly sunny but with patchy clouds and obviously bright to begin this morning. as we take a look at temperatures not too bad in some spots. 52 degrees in philadelphia, 50 in trenton. we are down in the low 40's in allentown, mid 40's in reading and wilmington and 58 in sea isle city. not a lot of wind out there this morning. and as we roll to the bus stop mainly clear, cool but nice this morning, a temperature of 50 around 6 o'clock in philadelphia, 51 by 8:00 a.m. and a little cooler than that in some suburbs obviously. as we roll into the afternoon it looks like a great day for a walk home from school or maybe a ride with the windows opened. 52 degrees on your storm tracker6pp


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