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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  October 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday october 21st. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and we're following several developing stories. >> a new york city police officer dies shortly after being shot in the head during a police pursuit. >> the a fast moving fire forces several people out of their homes. >> warming trend. temperatures will climb into the seven-o's today and the day after before another chill sets in. >> dave murphy is getting a taste of it before all of us. let's go to him and karen rogers with traffic. >> it's a little bit on the cool side but probably not as bad as it's been in the last couple weeks at this time of day. we'll start you with satellite. there's a lock of sunshine up over the ho rs son later on this morning. our major cloud formations are well off to the north in new
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york state and out in western pennsylvania. as we take a look at current temperatures, 52 in philadelphia. still just 43 in allentown and 44 in reading. 45 in wilmington. and in the 40's in millville and trenton as well. but the winds are light and numbers are really going to rebound quickly today. by 8 o'clock, still 51. but by noon, up close to 70 and by 3 o'clock, 74 with a high this afternoon of 75 degrees at about 4 o'clock. the wide view nationally shows you a little bit of instability out in the western areas of colorado, down into new mexico but if you're flying out to the west coast, no problems and it look like the east coast is for the most part okay. couple of showers out by chicago. we have no major delays at philadelphia international airport at this early hour. when i step inside we are looking ahead toward the weekend, karen, and it does look like eventually we're going get a cooldown. >> but it will be the weekend so it won't matter. >> yes. >> let's look outside live at i-95. southbound traffic headed towards center city moving pretty nicely right now. no big problems on i-95. i say just a little building
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volume approaching cottman also approaching girard. the vine street expressway is reopened. it was closed overnight for construction. it's going to close again tonight at 11 o'clock so watch for in closure until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. but for now you're looking pretty good. westbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill not looking bad. again a little building volume here on the vine. a new problem in gladwyne closing down conshohocken state road. route 23 is blocked at waverly road it's a truck that lost its load out there so stick to old gulph road or lancaster avenue while they deal with that and the cleanup conshohocken state road blocked right now right at waverly road. in downingtown we're going to cheka the 30 bypass approaching 113. eastbound traffic as you head towards exton again a little building volume but not major delay just yet. roads are in pretty good shape, erin. >> thank you very much, karen. we're following a developing story out of new york city. a police officer has died after being shot while pursuing a suspect. police officer randolph holder was killed last night as he and other officers were responding to the report of shots fired. the 33-year-old holder was
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shot in the head. the suspect was shot in the leg and is in custody but three other males were taken into custody and are being questioned about their possible involvement. new york city mayor bill deblasio said holder who joined the force in 2010 was an honorable officer. >> we're all in mourning tonight, this whole city is in mourning. we're mourning a man who gave his life as a guardian for all of us and we're humbled by officer randolph holder's example, an example of service and courage and sacrifice. >> holder is the fourth new york city police officer murdered in the city in the last 11 months. >> also developing, a fire forced four people out of their montgomery county home overnight. the action cam was on the scene after the blaze broke out on the 500 block of green street in lansdale. fire crews tell us flames were coming from the first and
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second floors when they arrived just after 12:30 a.m. the red cross is helping the four people displaced. no word yet on if anyone was injured. three first responders are recovering from injuries suffered while responding to a fire in philadelphia's strawberry mansion section. two undercover narcotics officers were the first to arrive on the scene last night. they ran into the home to rescue a man inside but were overcome by smoke and flames. firefighters ended up pulling the man to safety. a firefighter suffered a minor injury to his face during the rescue. no word yet on what caused the home to go up in flames. "action news" will have more information in a live report coming up in the next half hour. >> 6:04 now. new on "action news" bill cosby has replaced his long time lawyer. cosby's new attorney, christopher tabak is taking on two lawsuits against the comedian. judy huth claims cosby sexually abused her at the playboy mansion in the 1970's when she was just 15 years old. model janice dickinson has
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also sued cosby for defamation. there will be a hearing in that case next week. paperwork to change cosby's legal team did not include a reason for the replacement. >> consumer reports is suddenly not so hot on one of the hottest electric cars on the market. maribel aber live at the nasdaq in times square to explain. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning, matt. consumer reports yanked its recommended rating on tesla's model s. the magazine slapped the electric car with a worst than average rating for predicted reliability. consumer reports says tesla owners complained about problems related to the drive train, power equipment and body and sunroof among other things. tesla shares took a hit on the news falling 6.6 percent yesterday. talking stocks, modest losses for stocks. right now futures pointing though to a higher open. and subway has agreed to measure its 6-inch and 12-inch subs. the move is part of a settlement to a lawsuit that accused the chain of making
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sandwiches shorter than average. now all of this stems from a picture, a photograph of a man measuring a subway foot long sandwich that was posted on facebook and the sandwich was 11-inches. the photograph went viral and prompted a class action lawsuit. the power of social media. >> maribel i hope the next thing they do is count how many chips they put in these potato chip bags. they're like a tenth filled. >> it doesn't say 50 chips or something. >> i want to know how people are managing their time because if they have time to do that, i'd like to know how exactly they do it. >> storm tracker6 live double scan right now, erin and matt shows you we're dry. we have sky6 at the shore looking south. camera not moving all that much this morning because winds are in the single digits and fairly light and it is a little bit cool in spots but overall as you take a look at the temperature, matt, not as bad as it's been recently. 43 up in allentown, 44 in reading. kind of cool in those northern
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and western spots but 52 in philadelphia. 47 in trenton, 45 in wilmington, 43 in millville, 58 degrees in cape may. and those numbers are going to turn around in a hurry today as you'll see in a couple of seconds. want to show you cloud cover again. it's mostly up to the north, out to the west. we're go together start out sunny, sunglasses as you're driving around our highways and by ways, please and this afternoon a few patchy clouds but still fairly sunny. up in the lehigh valley lots of sun, nice and warm, some clouds at times. 75 degrees is your mild afternoon high. down the shore a little bit cooler next to that cool ocean water. 68 but still mostly sunny and pleasant. and in philadelphia we're going to go for a high this afternoon of 75 degrees. nice. mostly sunny, beautiful. patchy clouds at times. winds not as strong as yesterday, only running about five to 10 miles per hour. and here's how numbers are going climb. we're going get there in a hurry today. 51 by 8 o'clock but up to 64 by 11 o'clock. fairly comfortable there. and we spends the afternoon in the 70's with that high of 75 around 4 o'clock this afternoon. tomorrow cold front coming in
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from the west. ahead of it we'll continue that southwesterly flow so we'll get all the way up to 76 for a high tomorrow. there will be some late high clouds on account of that approaching front and perhaps a spotty shower around in the evening and then behind the front for friday, cooler air snaps back into the region. your exclusive accuweather seven days, warm and pleasant today, a high of 75 degrees. 53 tonight. that's not bad. still warm tomorrow a-high of 76. 52 at night and again a spotty stray shower here or there in the evening. some of you won't see that. and then friday behind that departing front we're back down 62 for a high and it looks like we get another 62 on saturday to begin the weekend. then on sunday more clouds build in ahead of another front. we get up to 67 and in the afternoon and evening another couple of spotty showers around. behind that front cool again. kind of a rollercoaster ride over the seven day, isn't it. mostly cloudy on monday. some showers are possible but some models have us dry. 62 is your monday high and more sun and chillier on tuesday with a high of 60. we may have highs in the upper
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50's around the middle of next week so cooler air is coming back but not today. >> okay, thanks, david. it is 6:09 and up next more stories you didn't see last night including a student body's fight to remove a confederate symbol from their college campus. >> later an unruly passenger forced a plane to make an unscheduled stop. karen. >> we had some police activity here on 95 at academy road. it just cleared and traffic here is moving okay. just starting to get heavy past academy to cottman. we're going check the schuylkill for you coming up. >> and great scott. today is the day made famous in back to the future ii. see which innovations the movie got right next in tech bites.
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>> ♪ >> 6:12. it's a live look at the platt bridge. volume is starting to pick up as we get into this wednesday morning commute but you should be very happy on your way to work today because it is going to be very nice, a high of 75 degrees. going to feel like summer out there. >> indeed. so, crucial times as volume picks up. we turn to karen rogers. >> yeah, this is its time of the morning, right, when it starts to slow down in spots and we're looking live at the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. westbound traffic right here. i wouldn't say jammed just yet but starting to slow up a little bit as you head towards gladwyne on the schuylkill expressway. no accidents on the
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schuylkill. we had a problem, though, with conshohocken state road being shut down because a truck was out there and lost its load. they were able to pick up all the debris and now route 23 is reopened at waverly road so they really did some quick work because that didn't take too long so good news there, route 23 looking better but we have a new accident in hatfield bergey road at penn street so watch for that one just coming in. if you're in glassboro, new jersey, 322 is shut down. they've got a watt water main break out there. crews on the scene with this one. closed between main street and delsea drive so stick to broadway or ellis street as your alternate to get around that. let's go ahead and take you to robbinsville mercer county. we've got closure on the ramp from the new jersey turnpike southbound. the inner drive to i-195, that ramp is closed. this lasts until november. they're doing some construction. use the southbound exit ramp at the outer drive instead. so, don't let that one get you. let's look at the temperatures as you head out. doesn't feel too bad out there. 48 in martins creek but just 44 in coatesville, 42 in oxford and chester. 51 degrees, little better off
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in the city itself. 45 in browns mills in new jersey. 48 in glassboro and 47 in dover, delaware and we've got lots of sunshine coming your way. what a gorgeous day. 75 degrees. where we would normally be in the 60's so enjoy it today, matt. >> thank you karen. new video here on "action news." a gas station clerk would not let a knife wielding man who robbed her north carolina store walk out without a fight. the man demanded money from the store and a scuffle ensued. the man snatched the cash drawer and ran out. the clerk ran after him and while outside she was carrying a bottle of pepper spray, catches up with the robber and sprays him through his sunroof. but he still managed to get away with the cash. >> this is also new on "action news." a family of a florida church drummer is demanding answers after he was gunned down by a plain-clothes officer. friends say corey jones experienced car trouble early sunday morning on the way home from his band's gig. officer newman raja spotted jones' car and pulled up in an
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unmarked car. police say jones was armed and a confrontation ended with raja shooting jones. palm beach authorities say there is no dash cam or body video to support the officer's account. also new on "action news," ole miss could soon take down a symbol of the confederacy. student leaders voted last night to remove the mississippi state flag from the campus of the university of mississippi. the state flag is the only one that still bears the iconic blue cross representing the confederacy. several other schools, cities and counties have already stopped flying the flag. >> 6:15. and the clever crook. a shopper pays for a suitcase fair and square but is now wanted for shoplifting. david. >> hm. all right, so we're off to a somewhat cool start this morning. jackets not a bad idea but this afternoon is definitely shorts and t-shirt weather at least for a couple of hours after school. we'll be back with your day planner forecast and we'll take a look at that big board
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at the airport. >> ♪ >> and up in next, cabin chaos causes a plane to change course. but first today's tech bites. >> ♪ >> hey there in today's tech bites the music streaming wars are heating up. >> apple music has six and a half million paid subscribers since its launch last summer. spotify still number one with 20 million paid users. >> google maps update allows users to search for everything from gas stations to restaurants without leaving the navigation screen. >> it is available now for android devices and the future is now. october 21st, 2015 the date that marty mcfly and doc brown traveled back to the future. >> what technology did the movie get right? hover boards. sort of. companies have built them. >> face time marty talks to his boss on a video phone. >> smart glasses. >> if only we could get the cubs to win and it would be the future.
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>> you never know. >> those are your tech bites.
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>> new on "action news" someone snapped a picture of a passenger being escorted off a flight. the american airlines flight from san jose to dallas was diverted to phoenix due to the unruly passenger. police say the 26-year-old man was drunk, disruptive and had to be restrainded. american airlines says it will not be pressing charges against the man. >> time to check the traffic and head out to work right now. let's see what it looks like in delaware county. we're looking a little busy but okay. this is i-95 near the commodore barry bridge and you can see traffic northbound headed towards the blue route right there on your left-hand side. and no real problems between the delaware state line and the airport. so, i-95 there is looking good. but in atlantic county they're doing some paving work. they're blocking a lane all day through 6 o'clock tonight and that's on route nine near leads avenue. watch for construction there but mass transit is looking good this morning, dave. >> a lot of neighborhoods are in the 40's this morning, karen, but with light winds it's not too bad assuming you
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dress appropriately. in philadelphia we're still in the low 50's and we'll be at 54 by 9 o'clock. 69 by noon and then this afternoon we spend it in the 70's today. 74 in philadelphia by 3 o'clock and a high of 75 around 4 o'clock this afternoon, light winds, sun mixing with some patchy clouds. as we take a look at the big board at the airport looks like all green aircraft nonmajor delays. no hint of rain anywhere in our most commonly traveled destinations although we're starting out rather cloudy towards chicago and towards boston this morning. erin. >> thanks, david. in health check this morning, a new study has found a toxic chemical in nail polish not listed as and ingredient. researchers at duke university and the environmental working group say some polishes had a chemical usually used to manufacture plastic and used as a fire retardant. doctors say it could affect hormone regulation and reproduction. less is apparently better when it comes to breast cancer
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screenings. the american cancer society now says women should start mammograms later in life and get fewer of them. women with an average risk are recommended to start annual breast screenings at age 45 instead of 40 and switch to every other year at age 55. some doctors say they're concerned the guidelines may shift focus away from catching cancer early. >> a five-day rest for the flyers didn't do them much good. they took on the dallas stars at the wells fargo center last night. that's steve mason back in goal after missing two games for personal reasons. by the start of the second period it was two-nothing dallas. here's sean couture putting the puck in the back of the net and he almost joined it. the stars held on. the flyers lose two to one. >> 6:21. kathleen kane prepares to address the public about her suspended law license. >> two brave philadelphia narcotics officers and a brave firefighter are injured during a rescue. katherine scott is following that story. >> reporter: that's right, matt.
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two officers from the 22nd district are injured in a fire. we'll tell you what happened.
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>> ♪ >> going to be a great day today, folks it's 6:24 on this wednesday. taking a live look at center city philadelphia from our temple camera. we're getting up to 75 degrees today, mostly sunny, nice and warm.
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>> philadelphia police are looking for a pair of credit card thieves. they were able to steal a 78-year-old woman's wallet while she shopped at kohl's on henry avenue in andorra on october 2nd. within an hour they were caught on surveillance video using that credit card at two wawas on roosevelt boulevard as well as macy's on cottman avenue. police say they ran a tab up to $3,500. monroe township new jersey police are asking for help to find a clever crook. the man went to the luggage section of the wal-mart on the black horse pike in williamstown october 1st and grabbed a rolling bag. the bold shoplifter broke into the cell phone cabinet and dumped 32 iphones into that luggage which he casually wheeled to the front and paid for at self checkout. detectives released the video last night asking for tips identifying the suspect. >> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane's law license will be suspended effective tomorrow and today we expect to learn what duties
6:26 am
she will continue to perform. the spokesperson says kane is preparing an e-mail for her staff that will be shared with the public. kane is charged with leaking secret grand jury material and lying about it. the state supreme court ordered her law license suspension back in september. the two main candidates vying to be philadelphia's next mayor will debate this friday and "action news" wants you to join the action. democrat jim kenney and republican melissa murray bailey will tackle questions submitted about viewers. leave suggestions on our 6abc facebook page. send them through twitter by using the hashtag 6abc action or e-mail them to join the action at and you can watch the mayoral debate on sunday at 11:00 a.m. right here on 6abc. >> time now is 6:26. developing overnight a four-year-old girl has fallen victim to a case of road rage. >> three first responders were injured while trying to pull a man out of a burning philadelphia home. an update on their recovery is next. >> ♪ ññ
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>> break now on "action news" a man is burned as flames break out inside a philadelphia row home. new information coming in right now. >> developing out west there's a frantic search for a shooter who killed a little girl during a suspected case of road rage. >> clean slate. a main line restaurant that violated health codes reopens today promising to win back its customers. hi, everyone, it's 6:30 on this wednesday october 21st. tam is off, erin o'hearn joins us also dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. we're off to a school start, some of us in the 40's. take a look as we are looking at tranquil conditions with sunshine getting ready to come up over the horizon a little bit later this morning. and cloud cover holding off to the north and west for now. taking a look at current temperatures, we are still in the 50's in philadelphia but much of the region in the
6:30 am
40's. 43 degrees currently in allentown, 47 in trenton, 45 in wilmington, so coats a good idea if you're going to be spend something time outside early. winds speeds aren't all that bad, though. only 5 miles per hour in philadelphia and lots of zeros. that means calm winds in many of our reporting stations. beautiful for a walk home from school later today or lunch outside at work. by 8 o'clock, we're still at 51 but by noon, 69 degrees with mostly sunny skies. and 3 o'clock's temperature is 74. a high of 75 around 4 o'clock this afternoon. looks like another mild one tomorrow. and then a cooldown as we head toward the weekend, karen rogers. i will have more on that coming up with the seven-day. what have you got? lots of cars there. >> lots of cars. you know what, it's 6:30 and that means i-95 is jammed. no accidents here. this is just what your normal volume looks like. i-95 at cottman southbound traffic as you try to head towards center city, you can see you're already jammed past academy to cottman and again from the betsy ross bridge to girard. already a 27 minute ride so a good sized delay from woodhaven to the vine. slowing down on i-95
6:31 am
southbound. we had a problem here in gladwyne. a truck lost its load, debris all over the roadway. they shut down conshohocken state road but then they cleared it all out so now traffic is moving better. no worries on reutter 23. in hatfield we have an accident on bergey road at penn street and this water main break is creating a problem in glassboro. this is in gloucester county. 322 is closed and that's a main artery in this area right near rowan university. it's closed between main street and 47. so you can just stick to broad with or ellis street instead and some construction is late running. it was supposed to clear at 6:00 a.m. but it's still out here on the new jersey turnpike northbound approaching exit two blocking the right lane. so, southbound between exit two and one, that construction stays out there until 9:00 a.m. you'll see some jams there, matt. >> thanks, karen. we have new details on our breaking news story. a house fire in philadelphia's olney section sent one man to the hospital. the 47-year-old has burns to his hand and also suffered smoke inhalation. officials now say two dogs were also injured in the fire.
6:32 am
they gave one of them oxygen at the scene. this fire broke out on the 500 block of geneva avenue at 3 a.m. the flames are now under control. another fire in philadelphia left two police officers, a firefighter and a civilian injured. the first responders were trying to rescue the civilian inside many "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside the 22nd police district in north philadelphia where those officers are based. >> reporter: that's right, matt, the two narcotics officers that were hurt last night were from here at the 22nd district. four people were injured and even though there's a lot of damage to that row home, none of the injuries were life-threatening. the flames fierce, the smoke heavy in strawberry mansion last night. residents from the 1800 block of north taylor street were beside themselves with worry and fear for the safety of their loved ones. this fire broke out shortly before 8:00 p.m. plainclothes narcotics officers from the 22nd district arrived on scene
6:33 am
first. neighbors told them a man was inside. they rushed in to try to rescue him. >> they were overcome by smoke. they couldn't see, they couldn't breathe and as much as they wanted to get in to get this individual out, they had to withdraw. >> reporter: fire crews arrived and rescued the occupant. he was taken to a local hospital. firefighters battled the flames and were able to bring the fire under control in 30 minutes. one firefighter suffered a minor injury to his face. >> communication could not be established with one of our crews on the inside. our rapid intervention team was placed in service. subsequently one of notice members was injured with minor injury also. >> reporter: and the cause of the fire remains under investigation this morning. we're live in north philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks for those details, katherine. new this morning, police are investigating a deadly shooting in delaware. detectives found a man in his 20's shot once to the head. this happened late last night on the 100 block of lower oak street in wilmington. the victim died at the scene.
6:34 am
there are no arrests and no clear motive. a 13-year-old boy who got shot five times in philadelphia is expected to survive. shopper six was over the scene last night. this is the 3500 block of north 18th street in tioga-nicetown. police said the shooter opened fire on the teen and a 20-year-old man. both of the victims are in stable condition this morning. police are still looking for the gunman. >> ♪ >> happening today, a well known main line restaurant with a tarnished reputation will reopen. the owners of the yangming in bryn mawr say they have addressed all of the health code violations. the restaurant closed in august after a customer found a roach in a meal. a surprise inspection revealed more bugs and leaky sewer pipes. the restaurant has undergone a $500,000 renovation. >> new extermination company that came out daily over the -- for one month and now it's coming out once a week and will continue to come out once a week until we are
6:35 am
completely 150 percent sure that there's not a problem. >> the staff admits there is no excuse for an unsanitary kitchen. however, they blame the roach infestation on the age of the building. it is more than 200 years old. >> secretary of state john kerry is leaving for the middle east today hoping to diffuse tension between the israelis and palestinians. a spokesperson for the state department did not outline any american plans to end the month-log unrest in jerusalem but he did stress that kerry wants to restore calm and restart talks on a two state agreement. congressman paul ryan says he'll run for speaker of the house but with conditions. the wisconsin representative said he would not give up family time and would not travel as much as some previous speakers. he's also given his republican colleagues until friday to name him their consensus candidate. current speaker john boehner is resigning from congress once a replacement is elected.
6:36 am
>> a local homeless couple will have to wait at least another week before reuniting with their two children. michael jones and angelique rowland are parents of the toddler found wandering in love park on friday of last week. the family court judge yesterday granted them supervised visitations until they complete drug and mental health evaluations. the chosen 300 organization helped raise $12,000 to cover housing for the family for one year. the long time head of weis supermarket has died. the company says robert weis died in new york city on monday at the age of 96. weis was the son of the grocery store chain's co-founderrer. he served as chairman for two decades and grew the business to 163 stores in five states including pennsylvania and new jersey. weis supermarkets in based in sunbury northumberland county. >> again our condolences to the weis family. he grew a empire there. >> i used to shop at weis early in my career.
6:37 am
we have precipitation free skies as we take a look outside. tranquil conditions. still a little bit cool out there but you can see the skies getting nice and bright over in the east and we are looking at plenty of sunshine and that along with a southerly flow today will help warm us up as we get past sunrise pretty quickly. 52 degrees right now philadelphia. a lot of the suburbs still in the 40's. winds not all that strong, only 5 miles per hour in philadelphia and that's actually one of the strongest wind spots so that gives you an ideas about how the air really is, rather stagnant and not all that uncomfortable. as we take a look at cloud cover, it's off to the north, out to the west. we'll starter out sunny and then a few patchy clouds are possible during the day. overall i think it's going to be fairly bright though from start to finish. 51 degrees by 8 o'clock, 64 by 11 o'clock and then we spend the afternoon in the 70's and get pretty far up into the 70's for a beat. 75 degrees will be your high around 3:30 or 4:00 this afternoon. a very pleasant bright afternoon ahead. high temperatures are pretty good up north, too. allentown 75, trenton 75,
6:38 am
redsing 74, 73 down in millville and if you're down along the coast it's the upper 60's right along the ocean water, still pretty pleasant though. then tomorrow a front comes in from the west. ahead of that we'll still get that mild southerly flow getting us up to 76 for a high but during the afternoon in particular we'll see some high clouds approaching and in the evening there could be a couple spotty showers and then as that front comes through, cooler air arrives for for friday. your seven-day forecast, today 75 degrees warm and pleasant. 76 tomorrow, still warm with those clouds increasing and maybe an evening shower. overnight lows only in the 50's so this is really a good pattern for us not only in the afternoons but also in the mornings. and then friday behind that departing front we are cooler. it will be bright but a high of only 62 and to start out the weekend saturday is the cooler of the two days with another high around 62 degrees. then on sunday another front comes in giving us mostly cloudy skies with some sunny. a couple spotty showers in the afternoon. ahead of the front's passage we'll get up to 67 but it
6:39 am
won't be quite as pretty as saturday. union game at 5:00 p.m. hopefully it stays dry but we have to allow for a spotty shower at some point in the late afternoon and evening hours. hopefully it misses the stadium. keeearly next week it's cooler back to 62 monday and 60 on tuesday. >> okay, thanks, david. 6:39 is the time. and we're following developing news. a road rage shooting in the southwest claims the life of an innocent child who was in the back seat. >> later, a heroin rescue on the high seas. a sailor makes a daring leap when his life is on the line. karen. >> we've got a new accident the right on the ramp to the schuylkill expressway. details on this one and the slowdown coming up. >> a student uses his computer smarts to get good grades but there is one big problem with the way he did it. >> ♪ people of the coffee-drinking world,
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>> ♪ >> good morning. 6:42. opening up our one dough to take a look at atlantic city and just like here at city avenue, ac is 53 degrees right now. getting up to 70 along the shore. little bit hirer around here. nice one on tap. >> we'll head to karen rogers. i see a lot of red lights moving very slowly and a lot of flashing lights off to the side. >> that's right. that's because we have he have an accident on the schuylkill expressway. so you can see this right now. i was watching a minute ago
6:43 am
when it was really partially blocking ramp. it's mostly off to the side. but this is the schuylkill expressway. the ramp from belmont avenue to the eastbound schuylkill creating a slow go. we've got police and penndot on the scene with the arrow board here so watch them on the ramp, kind of little bit blocking that but traffic is moving at this point. the schuylkill jammed eastbound passing the scene. everybody kind of checking it out. you see how the jam has really been extended right now on the schuylkill expressway with this accident. you'll deal with it as you head towards center city. it's on the ramp from belmont avenue to the schuylkill expressway eastbound. watch for that one. let's look at the slow speeds there. we're seeing 15 miles an hour westbound in that area. eastbound you're slowing past the scene. really already pretty slow from approaching the blue route to past the boulevard on down to you're looking at about 19 miles an hour as you head towards south street so pretty slow. on i-95 16 miles an hour at cottman. you're examined 17 miles an hour at girard so a jam there as well. we had an accident in hatfield township and it has just cleared so traffic moving
6:44 am
better now on bergey road. in glassboro gloucester county this water main break has been an issue all morning. they've shut down 322 between main street and delsea drive so stick to broadway or ellis as your alternate for that one. this is route 42 northbound traffic not looking too bad at this point. a 16 minute ride from the a.c. expressway to the walt whitman bridge. let's check the temperatures for you as you head out the door right now. it's 52 degrees right now philadelphia, 43 in allentown, 43 in millville. not horribly chilly out there. in fact, this afternoon temperatures are going to be 10 degrees above average. 75 degrees. so enjoy it. you know it's not going to last too many days. mostly sunny skies and really a beautiful day ahead, erin. >> i'll take it. thanks so much karen. we are following a developing story this morning out of albuquerque new mexico. police are searching for the suspect who opened fire killing a four-year-old girl during a road rage incident. the girl was in the car with her parents who were not injured. investigators aren't sure exactly what sparked the anger that led to this violence.
6:45 am
federal investigators are trying to determine if several church fires in the saint louis area are hate crimes. they suspect the same person set all six of the fires at predominantly black churches. the fires happened within 10 davis each other. the first blaze occurred in the town in neighbors ferguson, missouri where a white police officer shot and killed unarmed black teenager michael brown. >> this is new. three high school students in new york are accused of lacking into school computers and changing grades. police say the ringleader broke into the school after hours and used hardware to get passwords and log-in credentials. once he had the information police say he was able to change grades from home. if convicted the accused ringleader faces up to 11 years in prison. two of his friends are also charged with helping him carry out the scheme. hershey kisses are getting bigger. the hershey deluxe makes its debut november 5th. they are double size of regular kisses with a hazelnut center and rice krispies and will be on sale through valentine's day.
6:46 am
>> 6:45 now. a live preview of "good morning america" is next. plus a stranded boater takes a leap of faith when the only way out is to jump. david. >> chilly across the region this morning, so jackets a good idea but this afternoon t-shirts work just fine. i'll have your area temperatures for you in a moment along with your day planner forecast. we'll let you see how those numbers are going to go today.
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6:49 am
>> time now for a preview of "good morning america." >> abc's tom joins us live in the "gma" studios with a preview. hey, tom, how are you doing. >> reporter: matt and erin great to be with you this morning. coming up on "gma" the race for the white house. a new abc news poll showing donald trump still in the lead. the gop hopeful joins us for a live phoner to speak with george and wayne and owl news. the desperate hunt for a killer. police in new mexico searching for the shooter in a tragic road rage incident that left a four-year-old dead. we're live in albuquerque with the very latest. plus we've all been late for a flight before but one man took it a step too far running onto the denver tarmac. we wouldn't believe this story except we have the video to prove it. he chases down the airplane demanding he be let on the flight. the shocking video and the question it raises about tarmac security. more than a million people will be celebrate back to the
6:50 am
future day today. what the movie got right, what it got wrong. here's a little bit of insider info for you guys in philly. the delorean is in the house this morning only on "gma." >> get out. >> the delorean, tom, the delorean? >> reporter: look, i don't know if it's the delorean. >> we stumped you. >> reporter: i'm not sure if we're going to the future or the past but it is a time machine. >> if you're going to the time machine you might as well make it classy. >> what are you saying about the delorean. >> if it's the actual one. >> you say where we're going. >> we don't need roads. >> i like it. let's fly there. >> let's fly. >> let's take a look outside right now and check on 422 at oaks. eastbound traffic jamming past 29 to 23. wouldn't it be great to just fly over that traffic jam. well, if you can't, it's a 12 minute ride from oaks to 202 so already a five minute delay. check out the delay in delaware county. i-95 here pretty heavy past 452 to the blue route heading northbound towards the airport. you're dealing with a delay
6:51 am
right there. in robbinsville mercer county the ramp from the turnpike southbound and the inner drive to i-195 is closed. you've got to use the southbound exit ramp for the outer drive instead, dave. >> temperatures are chilly this morning karen in the northern and western suburbs. a lot of 40's and 44 in slatington, 43 in pottstown, 44 in kennett square, 42 in chester, unover 50 in center city philadelphia. and a lot of 40's in south jersey. a couple of 50's popping up in places like gandy's beach and the boardwalk in atlantic city. looks like mid to upper 40's in delaware. if you're running errands you might want to wait until a little bit later on. by 9 o'clock 54, by noon 69 and your high this afternoon is going to be 75 degrees around 4 o'clock. not a lot of wind. mostly sunny skies. and nice, matt. >> okay, thanks, david. a french sailor and his cat are safe this morning thanks to another crew that rescued them off the coast of alaska. 20-foot high waves were tossing the french boat around which had no rudder or rigging. a coast guard plane was monitoring this rescue and captured the dramatic scene on
6:52 am
video. the sailor holding the cat jumped head first over the railing to safety. >> comedian tracy morgan is getting back on the road for a tour next year and he's coming to our area. he'll do so at a show at the state theater in new brunswick on april 16th. that's about 20's miles from the accident last year that left him in a coma and killed his friend. other stops include atlantic city, wilmington, delaware and reading, pennsylvania. looking forward to seeing him. former price is right host bob barker hospitalized in hollywood yesterday. he tripped and fell hitting his head on the sidewalk. police in the area saw it all happen and responded immediately. the 91-year-old has some cuts but was conscious and alert on the way to the hospital. our best to him. vince mazzeo-
6:53 am
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing."
6:54 am
the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
6:55 am
>> ♪ >> top stories here at 6:55. new york city police force is mourning the loss of another officer. 33-year-old randolph holder died after being shot in the head while chasing a robbery suspect. he is a the fourth nypd officer to be killed in the the last 11 months. a fast moving fire broke out in a row house in philadelphia's olney section. a man suffered burns on his hands and smoke inhalation. two dogs were also injured. a well-known bryn mawr restaurant is opening today or reopening. yangming underwent extensive renovations to get rid of roaches and fix leaky sewer pipes. a surprise inspection forced it to close its doors two month ago months ago. >> let's check on that accident right on the schuylkill expressway. we still see the flashing lights other ramp from belmont avenue to the schuylkill
6:56 am
eastbound. and eastbound pretty slow past the blue route to the conshohocken curve here at belmont and again approaching montgomery county to girard and westbound jammed past the boulevard to gladwyne. that accident on the ramp from belmont to the schuylkill eastbound slowing you down there, dave. >> chilly conditions this morning with most of us in the 40's. philadelphia still holding onto the low 50's. 54 degrees by 9:00 and then by noon, ooh-la-la, 70 degrees, looks like a fair amount of sun with patchy clouds, 74 at 3 o'clock and your high this afternoon is 75. >> nice. >> lovely. >> yeah. >> once again, "good morning america" they have the delorean. >> i know, right. >> or a delorean. >> maybe not the delorean. >> there are not many of them out there. >> you're right. so, maybe it is the delorean. >> actually mass produced. i hear it's loaded with polluter tone yum, too. >> ready to go. >> yes. >> that's it for "action news" right now. we'll be right back in about 25 minutes with updates. head to facebook and twitter when we're not on the air.
6:57 am
for karen rogers, dave murphy, tamala edwards, erin o'hearn, i'm matt o'donnell.
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good morning, america. big headlines in politics overnight. paul ryan steps forward toward the top job in congress with a challenge to fellow republicans. vice president biden faces questions about his new account of the bin laden raid and donald trump opening up a big lead on his rivals. he joins us live. massive manhunt. a 4-year-old girl killed in a road rage incident. a community reeling from a senseless crime? we need to rise up as a community and say, enough is enough. >> the all-out search right now for the shooter. dangerous breach. a man caught on camera running on the tarmac chasing down his flight as it pulls away from the gate breaking through an emergency door. his bizarre excuse and the serious security questions this morning. the day we never thought would come is finally here. >> where are we? when are we? >>


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