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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: after months of speculation, hintss, questions, will he or won't he run, today at the white house rose garden with his wife, jill, by his side, vice president making the announcement he will not be running for president. after a decades long political career and two presidential runs in his past, the 70-year-old veep says he spent months talking it over with his family members and political advisers, hashing out a possible latentry into the presidential race, and he reminded the country again that he was not emotionally able to run. >> while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent, i intend to speak out carefully and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go
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as a nation. >> democratic frontrunner, hillary clinton, tweeting today her regards to biden saying that he is a good friend and great man and is inspired by his optimism. donald trump tweeting i think biden made the correct decision, personally i would rather run against hillary because quote, her record is so bad. always a zinger there at the end. >> joe biden not formerly endorsing the democratic candidates, including hillary clinton, urging them to run on obama's record and while republicans are their opposition, they are certainly not the enemy. >> i don't think this is the last we have heard from him but he will not be joining the race for president. >> a lot of emotion in his
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voice, lets switch live to sara bloomquist in wilmington and getting reaction in the home state, quite a bit of reaction there sara. >> this being delaware, there is quite a bit of disappointment that joe biden will not make a run for the office of president however this is a state acutely aware of the recent tragedy in the vice president's life. this is the right way to go for now. >> oh that is who i wanted to vote for. >> they claim joe biden as their own, this is his home state and wanted to see their long time senator make a run for the office. >> i was hoping he ran, those of us in delaware are hoping he would run, i think he could have won. >> they understand this was a tough decision at a tough time given his son beau died of brain
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cancer a few short months ago. >> i'm not surprised he has a lot going on with his family, and that is number one with him, and he is a cool guy. >> i'm not really surprised. >> why not? >> his son died and family is more important. >> but not everybody was going to vote for joe. >> i'm a bernie sanders fan and i believe that biden is like hillary, connected to wall street and special interests a little too much for my tastes. >> biden looms large here in wilmington and people refused to be interests viewed because they are too close to the family. one man plays racket ball with the vice president and he is disappointed. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. biden's candidacy loomed
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large over the entire democratic field and now where will his supporters turn? according to an abc "washington post" poll, 16% of likely voter was have voted for the vice president, hillary clinton tops the field at 54% and bernie sanders 23%. that same poll looked at the field without biden, clinton jumped 10 points to 64% and meanwhile, bernie sanders only picked up 2%. you can read more on and watch his full announcement which we carried live on "action news," you can catch up on all the latest news on the 2016 presidential race. developing now investigators in south jersey gave us an update on the death of brendon creato, he when missing from his home and was founds dead hours
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later, police say they found no evidence a break-in at the home and there is no evidence that creato was sexually abused. the results of the full autopsy are still pending, police are asking people with information to come forward. creato's funeral is scheduled for friday. police have arrested one man of the pair, and still trying to track down his partner. david henry is live on temple university's campus, police say they know who they are looking for. >> they sure do, they have a name but don't know where he is right now. it's one down and one to go. police say they have half of this team of gun toting stickup artists and are hot on the trail of his partner. >> to get them off the street is important to us, not just in that area, but knowing they are committing armed robberies. >> they arrested robert cheryl
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of north carlton street, she say he is one of two men captured on video surveillance, the robberies happened last thursday, one on campus and one off campus. the former football player that works as a team assistant was car jacketed just after midnight at susquehanna, the police since recovered the car and a temple student was robbed at gun point, and the suspects were seen on video getting into a car and driving off with cheryl's girlfriend at the wheel and she is not facing charges. but police are looking for anthony graves, cheryl has a long criminal record and was just out of jail for committing drug and other crimes. >> he is a dangerous individual, maybe this time he will spend a
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little time behind bars. >> in the meantime, nobody around here is letting down their guard as long as one of the two gunman is out there. police caught cheryl with the help of the public and now they hope someone will turn his partner in. >> david thank you very much. october 21st and we made it up to the mid-70s today. >> amazing right? lets head outside to meteorologist, adam joseph, in the sweet spot out there. >> if you love it you are in luck for one more day before a change comes in, sunshine and don't even need a jacket today and even in the shade this afternoon it's fairly warm, in philadelphia, 75 degrees and 73 in new york city and 73 in washington, so philadelphia one of the warmest spots in the mid-atlantic now and cooler to the north with clouds and showers in new york state, and buffalo and binghamton 61 to 68
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degrees, there you can see the ring of showers and clouds working from the great lakes right through central and northern new england, that was there yesterday and it's stuck there again today as high pressure is in control to the south kind of holding the front to the north for now. lets look at the evening planner, once the sunsets, 67 at 8:00 and 10:00 tonight not bad with the temperature of 64 degrees. as we look ahead to the accuweather forecast, one more winner tomorrow before a late week cool down and a chance of a few showers early on sunday morning, we'll let you know how cool it will get in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. two philadelphia police officers and a firefighter were hurt when they tried to rescue a man from a burning house, the fire broke out at 8:00 last night on the 1800 block of north taylor street in strawberry mansion. neighbors tried to save a man
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trapped upstairs when plain clothes officers tried to save a man inside. a firefighter sufferered a minor injury to his face after the crews rescued the long time resident. >> it was a valiant effort on their behalf because everybody tried to get in and get the gentlemen out. >> now, all the injuries are said to be non-life-threatening in nature. and investigators are trying to figure out just what caused that fire. traffic is moving now on a wednesday. matt pellman is standing by with a check of the traffic report. >> i guess we can't blame the problems on adam or cecily. i guess i have to take the blame, the traffic is not so good despite the nice weather conditions out there. a crash on the northbound lanes of 95, of course it's in the
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work zone on cotman avenue, they got it pushed off to the side and the left lane was blocked for a half hour and it's open now and the northbound travel time is not so hot. 46 minutes from the vine to wood haven, should be 14, more than three times what it ideally should be heading northeast along 95 this afternoon. a couple of delco delays this afternoon, one is a crash involving a bus and pedestrian along wilton woods lane and a crash on route 1 media, heading towards the blue route. and a crash on 295 past 70, just 12 miles per hour and magnolia, a downed pole eastbound at evesham avenue. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day
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afterno afternoon, a complete stand still on 95 and stay on the roosevelt boulevard, no major problems over there. we'll check it again coming up in next half hour. >> you are too nice. we'll blame adam any way. >> come on. we have developments in the race to become the top lawmaker in congress. and fires at predominantly black churches, they may have made a key connection with all the churches. and the police are looking for one type of criminal.
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two prominent civil right attorneys will be representing with the parents of david trump.
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now they have been retained of 31 corey jones. friends say he experienced car trouble after playing the drums with his band on sunday, officer raja stopped jones when he stopped on the interstate. they alleged that jones was armed and the confrontation ended with him shooting jones. the officer was with the department six months, county sheriffs launched an independent investigation. they warned an officer was killed during a gun fight with the suspect, officer randolph holder was shot while chasing a man accused of stealing a bicycle, charges are pending against tyrone howard who has prior convictions. he is the fourth nypd officer
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killed in the last year. federal investigators believe that the string of fires set at predominantly black churches in the st. louis area may be set by the same person, they are all within three miles of each other and happened over the past two weeks, each fire started at the front door in the middle of the night and they believe that the same person is responsible for setting all six fires, though different denominations, the congregations at these churches are mostly black. >> these are arson, intentionally set, it's at doors, it's not spontaneous come -- it is near ferguson, police in missouri now stepping up patrols and offering rewards for
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any information. some churches suffered minor damages and others were nearly destroyed. the election in congress to choose a new speaker of the house is set for next week, john boehner says that the republicans will meet next wednesday to choose his replacement. the full house will make it official on thursday. paul ryan's name continues to emerge as a likely successor, he has said several times he does not want the job but would take it but only if they accepted a series of conditions. one the major factions of the republican party agreed to unite and support him. the ceo of uber says the company will not go public any time soon, they say the company is relatively young, so despite pressure, uber is not planning an initial public offering, it's the most prized startup, valued at more than $50 billion.
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and he says that it's still trying to grow including china where it's not the number one ride sharing service. the dow is closing down near 50 points and the nasdaq and s&p both off their highs as well today. >> down arrows to something that will make you feel good. lets go to adam joseph and the weather. >> the hazing you did to me earlier, i would like to defend myself. wait until you see the temperatures at the end of the week and you can blame them. penn's landing, all aglow with a deep blue sky and pleasant numbers, as we look at this change, from monday morning from a couple of days ago to this afternoon, we gained 51 degrees in allentown, 40 in
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philadelphia, and 43 in wilmington, we started in the 20s on monday morning and this afternoon we jumped into the mid-70s, 75 in philadelphia t. 76 in the lehigh valley and 72 in millville and atlantic city airport at 72 and lancaster coming in in the low 70s. overall sunshine is in control, all the thicker clouds are to the north, they remain there tomorrow night when a cold front slips in from the north, 46 allentown, 45 in millville, and mild for october for the mild sky, the low in philadelphia three days ago was the high temperature on sunday. future tracker at noon time tomorrow, 68 philadelphia and the same for reading and allentown and dover at 69 degrees and the southwesterly winds ahead of the front will surge the temperatures again
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into the middle 70s and maybe even some upper 70s especially north and west of philadelphia, and then thursday night around 10:00, that is when the cold front swings through, 66 philadelphia with a brief sprinkle around with the front and then friday afternoon, 50s for highs to the north and west, near 60 degrees in millville and there is your switch coming in for the end of the week, your four day at 4:00, a winner at 77 degrees, and the city on friday is breezy and cooler and 62 and the northern suburbs only in the 50s for highs and we'll stay there on saturday despite full sun and clouds and another front comes through on sunday with showers possible early in the morning with the temperature at 67 degrees, so never, ever make fun of me. or blame me for a beautiful day like this, i will turn it right around. >> there is a lot of winter to
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come. he may no longer be a philly but cole hamels is pitching in to had help his city. they gave $10,000 today to two local nonprofits. the police athletic league and youth house got the 2015 grant awards. they were cofounded by cole hamels, and his wife heidi, still active in the community. >> still doing great work here. find out who is hosting this year's oscars. >> and attorney general, kathleen kane, will not have a law license tomorrow. how they are planning to handle this situation. want a bail discount? donate blood.
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the montgomery county sheriff's office when after people that were wanted for doe messed sick violence and other violations today. they rounded up 17 people but targeting about 50, the suspects were all wanted for violent felonies or nonpayment of child support. four people are out of their homes after an early morning fire in montgomery county, they started at 12:30 this morning on the 1200 block of green street and landsdale. this was an apartment building and firefighters say there were flames coming from first and second floors when they showed up. they put the fire out in about 45 minutes. the red cross is helping out the people inside. producers announced today that chris rock will host the academy awards, it's his second
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time hosting, he hosted in 2005. the 88th academy award will be broadcast live on january 28th. the midterm chamber of commerce held their expo today. more than 100 local companies had booths at the event in trenton, the crowd could dine on free samples from some area restaurants. >> students at one philadelphia school had special guests from the big top today, the universe soul circus put on a mini camp, in west philadelphia, the universal performers gave the students a history lesson in all things circus and talked about being a performer including being healthy and fit. it was a lot of fun, the
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universal circus returns for its 21st year and runs until november 15th. still ahead pennsylvania congressman, brendan boyle backtracks when it comes to his presidential prediction. and the top prosecutor in pennsylvania only has hours left to practice the law, what her suspension means for her role as attorney general.
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hello again, a story that gives the term blood money a whole new meaning. you heard that right, the alabama judge told defendants they had three options, pay their fines, donate blood or go to jail. how the controversial choice came to light. the future is finally here, by now you probably know today is the day that marks the day that marty mcfly and doc brown went back to october 21st, 2015. >> still looking for the hover boards.
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but first, pennsylvania's top prosecutor will not be able to practice law in the state kathleen kane's law license will be stripped at midnight. for more on what this moves mean for kane and the state, we turn to john rawlins live in center city. >> reporter: brian, the world of kathleen kane can be a murky place, she has been indicted for leaking information and perjury, the suspension is a by-product of that, and her office today claims she can continue doing 98% of her work without functioning as a lawyer. >> it's unchartered territory. >> bob rothschild represented people that have gotten into disciplinary jams, kathleen kane
4:31 pm
loses her legal authority to function as the attorney general. >> she doesn't meet thea of the job. >> he does not believe that kane can device a plan to leave law matters to a staffer. >> anything in that office is law related. does that mean the 800 person office shuts down if kane stays, reality is one thing, they believe that courts as a practical matter will have to keep the system moving. >> i would be surprise sd if they do not object but i do not believe that indictments will be set aside or conventions overturned as a result of this. >> it appears that the legal system will grind on, but kitner thinks that there will be
4:32 pm
additional challenges to miss kane in the coming weeks and months. legal and otherwise. >> all right thank you. vice president joe biden ended months of speculation by saying he would not be running for president next year, the delaware democrat took to the white house rose garden just this afternoon announcing that the window for a biden bid would close, he said he would not stay silent for long and promising to fight or issues that the party cares about. >> it was a surprise for congressman brendan boyle, he said joe would run, he said i have a source that says he would run for president. he responded from the capital. >> clearly something changes from where he was this weekend
4:33 pm
from where he was on monday to where he ultimately came down, if you watch the announcement. it read very much like a campaign announcement he would run, things he wanted to do and feel passionate about but said he did not see a viable path. >> congressman boyle says he has a great deal of respect for vice president biden. philadelphia police are trying to track down four gunmen that held up custners and workers earlier this month. surveillance video shows them storming the grocery in kingsessing, one robber broke the door leading to the register and smashed the 64-year-old worker in the face with his gun meanwhile another suspect went through a 55-year-old customer edwards wallet and the group got away with credit cards and cash from one of victim's wallets.
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if you can help police identify any suspects, call southwest detectives. five more suspects are charged with the hazing death of a college student in the poconos, they are the last of 37 suspects that stand accused of playing a role in the death of michael dang. they say that they physically abused dang during a hazing ritual in the poconos in 2013, and then accused of then trying to cover it up. the action cam was in olney as firefighters attended to a dog injured in a house fire earlier this morning. he was given oxygen as he recovered. and another dog was rescued from that fire that broke out on geneva avenue. the homeowner was treatmented for burns on his hands, the not clear what sparked this fire. the franklin institute is celebrating the science of
4:35 pm
sports with a new exhibit. they will be put to the test with challenges, a 40 foot race. it showcases philadelphia's favorite athletes check out the interactive display this saturday. meteorologist, adam joseph, joins us now, i put my jacket on this morning and then immediately took it off. >> you didn't listen to me. >> i never do. >> the last nerve. center city showing the skyline, the temperature very warm 75 degrees and the dew point at 42 and winds out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour and the pressure 30.26 inches and that sun getting lower on the horizon, sunset at 6:13. speaking of the sunset it's time for a weather question, pay attention everybody here, how much daylight do we lose in
4:36 pm
october. i'm talking about a whole from the sunrise to the sunset, do we lose 54 minutes, 64 minutes or 74 minutes? tweet me what you think the answer is. tweet me to at 6 abc adam joseph and i'll retweet the first right person and give them a shout-out in the exclusive accuweather forecast. philadelphia welcomed a new housing development to the city today, the residences are now open in kensington and it was seven years in the making and it was met with opposition but is now a bright spot in the community, the rental unit complex is all brand new construction and the $14 million construction has affordable housing with a community room and a computer lab and exercise room.
4:37 pm
councilwoman sanchez was on hand today. more than a dozen students at princeton university are diagnosed with the contagious virus, known as hand, mouth disease. monica malpass has who on this. >> that is right, princeton officials confirm that 19 students are diagnosed with the disease just since september 17th, it is contagious and causes painful sores in the mouth as well as a skin rash, we are live on campus to see what students are doing to protect themselves and symptoms you should look for. and scientists are looking at certain oils to help calm a child with autism. we'll have details coming up tonight in health check. we'll have those stories coming up on "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you. some happy husbands and
4:38 pm
wives that know a thing or two about marriage had a chance to renew their vows this afternoon. >> you may kiss the bride, the 21 couples that took part in this inter faith service had more than 1,000 years of wedded bliss combined. all of them live together and the one married the longest got to cut the cake, the warners tied the not 69 years ago. >> look at that, it is wonderful. >> a lot of love in the air. >> still need a halloween costume, don't raid your own closet, we'll explain in what is the deal. >> so give blood or go to jail, that is the choice that an alabama judge gave defends that
4:39 pm
could not afford to pay their fines. and the anniversary of back to the future 2, what did it get right and what did it get wrong? it's coming up. >> i can't believe that was 35 years ago. adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast. vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the
4:40 pm
atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
4:41 pm
three 17-year-olds from long island are facing prison time because of a high school hacking case, they say that daniel sores was the mastermind, he broke in and stole a key to the computer, he changed grades and class schedule you'll, he faces charges of burglary and identity theft, two others face charges
4:42 pm
for soliciting him for favors. there is more evidence that antibiotics can effect a child's weight, a team at john hopkins examined the records of 165 chish, they found that taking antibiotics seven or more times during childhood raised the child's weight more than 7 pounds. a previous study linked obesity to taking antibiotics in the first two years of a child's life. big talkers now, how is this for a deal, an alabama judge offering defendants that could not afford court costs a discounts and the ability to avoid jail time if they donated blood. >> maybe you could do nate blood today -- >> that was the deal judge marvin wiggins was offering, for
4:43 pm
those facing charges of drugs and assault and writing bad checks, they would get a 100 there's credit for their fines and he says it's for those that are financially strapped. the southern law says it's illegal and unconstitutional. it shows that no one was taken into custody, we assume that they went out and donated some blood. you probably heard that the future finally arrived. this is it, the future, according to back to the future. >> where are we? >> when are we? >> october 21st, 2015. >> 2015! we are in the future? >> today yes, we made it, more than a million people will be celebrating back to the future day, how accurate was the 1989 box office hit. they had video conferencing we
4:44 pm
have that, bio metric identification, yes spot on, drones and walking dogs, wearable technology, think google glass, nailed it, we have a few hitches here. there are no flying cars, no food hydrators and we may be over faxes and pay phonesish. and brian is waiting for a real hover board. >> that can really fly. >> fly high. all of that said it's pretty spot on. here we are on october 21st, 2015. alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now. lets head to matt pellman in the traffic center, i'll tell you what doesn't get old is the
4:45 pm
future of our backups, we are looking live at 95 at girard avenue, they with working each night in the southbound lanes to create a fourth southbound lane from this point on the girard and the vine street expressway so southbound starting next week things should be getting better heading towarded center city on 95. but on the northbound side this afternoon, plenty of volume, a 36 minute right from the vine to woodhaven and the crash at cotman that is now off to the side, but speeds like 12 miles per hour coming out of city, in center city a crash between 8 and and 9th by jefferson and one at elliot by the starbucks and hover ford road and a crash on the pennsylvania purpose took past the northeast extension on the shoulder now but giving us
4:46 pm
delays on the blue route toward 476. we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. coming up meteorologist, adam joseph, has more in the accuweather forecast. people of the coffee-drinking world,
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. it's like we have all gone back to school here. it creates questions in school and social media, we had the weather question. how much daylight do we lose in the month of october. 54 minutes, 64 minutes, or 74 minutes. >> jonathan says i guess the
4:49 pm
answer is b, 64. people are analyzing it. >> that was my mind set, i'm going to c, 74 minutes. >> i went with a i think we are losing more time come november. >> it pains me to reveal this but brian is correct at 74 minutes. 74 minutes this entire month. and mark moss on my twitter was the first to answer. and sharrie looks shocked. less as we get into november. >> got it. i didn't calculate september, i forgot that one. september is the biggest loss. going forward in november to december, we lose less daylight. nothing to show here on double scan, a clear sky, it's beautiful out there, 75 degrees in philadelphia, 76 in allentown
4:50 pm
un74 in reading and down to the south with the southerly wind, cooler at the shore, beach haven, 65 degrees and bump in 10 miles to the atlantic city airport you jump into the lower 70s. a front to the north, it has been here for 24 hours, you head to the south and high pressure is in control holding the front to the north temporarily, because that front will break down through here tomorrow night. for tonight it's clear and comfortable and mild for october, 46 in the suburbs and 53 for center city and the front again will be just to the north and west. the clouds coming in late in the day as the front approaches, we'll be 12 degrees above average, as we get a prefrontal surge, to move the temperature up and as the front sinks to the south, it sends the northerly wind here on friday, it's sunny
4:51 pm
and cooler with a high of just 62 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 77 another winner tomorrow, and then it's bright sun here on friday but doing very little to warm us, 62 degrees, below average, and same thing for saturday, with just a few high clouds around and on sunday another front comes through and a few morning showers on the morning end on sunday, warmer in the afternoon at 67 and mostly sunny monday and tuesday, high temperatures back off into the lower 60s before clouds increase again on wednesday. maybe a late day shower with the temperature of 64 degrees, love to teach you all something. and sometimes i learn some things. as i google the questions. thanks for playing. we're helping you find the halloween costume in your very own closet. in what is the deal.
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so you know that we love little dyi around here, we don't have to remind you that halloween is quickly approaching and whether you are procrastinating, or waiting on a costume, consider your own closet. like grapes. consider your own balloons, boom you are done. check this one out. how adorable is this? spray paint your box and toll oh cups, and you built your own costume. rosy the riveter. and men in black, suit and tie and glasses you are in, and
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sorry brided use it for a back drop for a butterfly costume and we love disney around here so why not be a princess, sleeping beauty always a hit, add a rose and a crown and are you done. >> check this one out, it's always perfect to be a miss something, miss america or in this case misdemeanor or miss behavior. you are the hit at your halloween party. >> thank you alicia. finally at 4:00, if you thought agonizing over the halloween costume was agonizing to humans, think again, the little
4:56 pm
hamster's friend had her covered. paying homage to another famous rodent, pizza rat. her bunny best friend donned a donald trump costume and her pal went as the plane from mission impossible. can you see this again by going to our website >> well, that is it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams, join me along with brian, adam and ducis rogers for a full hour of "action news" at phl 17 at 10:00. now monica malpass with a look ahead. we are live at the philadelphia zoo where we find cecily tynan with this week's outdoor adventure. >> reporter: hi monica, it's boo
4:57 pm
at the zoo coming up this weekend and we are talking about animals in costumes, i have with me, apollo, he is a sun beam snake, it's so beautiful, it looks like a rainbow and it helps animals in the wild, they live in the rice paddies and it's like glistening water when they with in the rice paddies, i'll feed the sloth coming up live at the philadelphia zoo.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. after months of speculation, vice president, joe biden, is passing on a third run for the presidential democratic nomination, with his wife and president by his side, he says there is not enough time to put a campaign together. brian taff joins us, the big story is biden's decision and what it means for the race to
5:00 pm
the white house. >> he did not make his final decision until last night. he knew that the window for a viable campaign would close to determine if his family was emotionally ready for a run. they have been mourning the death of his son beau from brain cancer. >> you think of your loved one it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes, that is where the bidens are today thank god. >> he went on to say that even though the biden family is in a better place there is not enough time to mown a successful campaign for president. >> vernon odom is live now at the art museum with local reaction. >> reporter: hi monica, and to brian hello, the biden watch is indeed over, but in some of his speech it sounds like he was


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