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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the white house. >> he did not make his final decision until last night. he knew that the window for a viable campaign would close to determine if his family was emotionally ready for a run. they have been mourning the death of his son beau from brain cancer. >> you think of your loved one it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes, that is where the bidens are today thank god. >> he went on to say that even though the biden family is in a better place there is not enough time to mown a successful campaign for president. >> vernon odom is live now at the art museum with local reaction. >> reporter: hi monica, and to brian hello, the biden watch is indeed over, but in some of his speech it sounds like he was running.
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make no mistake, he will stand by in the bullpen and decide to run if somehow hillary clinton's campaign blows up in scandal. >> i think biden is a good guy and thought he had a good shot over hillary. >> joe biden is popular here, sometimes called pennsylvania third senator. >> if he had run i would have supported him but i think he did what was in the best interest of his family and i respect that. >> some think it's too late to muddy the democratic party waters. >> probably a wise decision, it allows the democrats to keep a more harmonized race moving into the primary. >> i think it's a smart dis. >> why? >> i think america is getting behind bernie sanders and it will be something good for the country. >> from an expert it was too
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late for joe biden to launch. >> not running makes a lot of sense, the clinton campaign has not imploded and there is no room between hillary and bernie sanders for biden to position himself. >> on the left. >> yes, and it doesn't appear to be a lot of appetite for democratic voters on the right. >> that is a personal decision on his part and i think depending on where you are, folks in the political word, some people may be relieved and some may be sad, i think it was a tough decision for him. >> monica, very note worthy here, mayor nutter will be leaving office before the first of the year, he is a long time clinton loyalist, there could be a post for him in the clinton administration. live on the ben franklin
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parkway, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. you can read more about vice president, joe biden's, decision on, and see is live with all the latest news on the 2016 presidential race. prosecutors in south jersey said this afternoon there was no evidence of a break-in at a home where a 3-year-old boy went missing and then found dead, brendon creato went missing and was found dead hours later. officials said there was no evidence that creato was sexually abused and the full results of the autopsy is still pending. montgomery county authorities captured more than a dozen suspects in a warrant crime sweep today. they were wanted on assault and harassment and various charms, they wound up nabbing 17 of
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them. police say they did have to use force to go and in capture jerome friedman. the search is on for a man that robbed a bank in the port richmond in philadelphia. it happened on lehigh avenue, the robber gave the teller a note demanding money and made off with an unknown amount of cash. students at princeton university are diagnosed with hand mouth and nose disease. walter perez is live on campus and they are taking extra precautions tonight. >> reporter: no doubt brian, the news is received with a moderate amount of concern, because this usually shows up in kids. and the university is making sure that everyone on campus knows the facts.
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the princeton university students are well aware of the outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease. >> i don't know anybody personally but it's concerning. >> 1 princeton students are treated for the disease at the health center, school officials are concerned because last year there was only one diagnosed case at the school and it's a disease most commonly seen in young children, one or two days after the fever develops, small painful red spots that blister appear in the mouth followed by the red rash on the hands soles of the feet. it does not sound pleasant but the way the school handled outbreaks in the past, they will handle this one as well. >> after the meningitis, the university does a good job
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containing it, and they informed the student body. >> it sounds scary, foot, hand and mouth disease, but it can be treated easily. and they have a good handle on. >> hand foot and mouth disease is treated with over the counter medications and most recover in 7 to 10 days. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. pennsylvania's embattled attorney general told her staff she would not be deterred by the loss of her law license, she said some 98% of her job will not be affected. she says she will remain in charge but her top deputy will handle matters that need a licensed lawyer, she is accused of leaking secret grand jury
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material and cover it up. in new mexico, police say they have the description of a suspect and they are asking for the public's help finding him. here is more. >> reporter: they are seeking justice for lily garcia, her family is pleading with the public and police to find her killer. they describe limb as a white male possibly hispanic with a thin goatee with a thin build, probably driving a toyota or four door sedan with tinted windows. >> the daughter is not conscious -- >> 4-year-old lily was sitting in the back of her parent's pickup truck along with her 7-year-old brother yesterday when her car and the other vehicle engaged in a road rage incident albuquerque with the
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suspect shooting and killing her. >> they started to fire rounds no the vehicle. >> i'll need a shut down -- >> for hours the police shut down the highway sweepling the area for the suspected gunman to no avail, now a go fund me page is set up to pay for lily's funeral. police are asking anybody with knowledge of the shooting to do the right thing. >> this is something that should not be happening albuquerque, new mexico, let alone anywhere in the united states. >> strain strangers across the country are giving an outpouring, for lily, including $30,000 to help pay for her funeral. this week police officers in pennsylvania are making sure that drivers follow the rules near and around school buses, the action cam at the west white land police department as they followed this afternoon, looking
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for drivers that illegally pass the school buses while children were leaving the bus, operation safe stop was part of the school bus safety week. lets get a check now of the "action news" traffic report. lets go to matt pellman. >> watching deflated speeds on the schuylkill expressway, thankfully the 6 abc zoo balloon is not deflating, that is soaring high. and extra high on the vine street expressway and speeds remain slow on the eastbound vine to 95 where northbound it has been a rough afternoon and many speeds in the teens because of the early afternoon crash at the work zone on cotman. the crash on bryn mawr at elliot avenue by the starbucks and one on the pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound past 476 on the shoulder but the speeds 12 miles
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per hour east of valley forge and spilling back on the blue route northbound, look for a crash in norristown at the sunoco. and newtown square a valley view lane, and kennett square chester county, a crash at broad street at state treat and one in bushling ton county, on the new jersey turnpike past exit 5, luckily the speeds there are in the mid-60s. we'll take those speeds. >> thank you matt. much more to come tonight, scientists are studying the use of certain oils to help calm a child with autism. just how this works coming up on health check. >> cecily tynan is live at the zoo. >> hi monica and brian, i have rocky here and rocky is a box turtle and an active turtle as
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well. all turtles have shells for protection, and if they feel threatened, they pull in their heads and they can close it up like a box. he is not feeling threatened at all. he wants to get some exercise, i will feed the sloth hanging out at the philadelphia zoo. back to you. >> all right rocky that and much more. you .
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officials say that a scottish nurse had click complications of ebola, doctors say it stays in her brain, she is okay but will remain hospitalized for sometime. marijuana use is rising among adults in the u.s. and so problems with it. the% able of adults using marijuana nearly doubled from 2001 to 2013, as the number of
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users doubled so did the number of folks abusing it or becoming dependant on pot. studies say that doctors should make this part of their routine questions for people making office visits. the brca gene is linked to cancer, but now another gene linked to heart disease in women, it appears to cause cells to migrate to the vessel walls and make them thicker and that could lead to a heart attack or stroke, men with the same did not have a higher risk is of hart attacks or stroke. these days parents say that oils like sandal wood or lavender could help calm down their children with autism, now
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scientists at ohio university are studying the oils to see if they are safe for children and seeing if they do work, they will be rubbed on to children and used in a defuser in their bedrooms. >> a lot of children wake up during the night and it captures the times, the minutes awake and the minutes asleep. >> already using the oils they have ended bedtime battles with her son. >> it's so much better, if i have to go up maybe once to tell him stay in his room, that is it, versus 10 to 13 times before. a talented group of needle workers showed off hundreds of new and hand knitted items that
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were collected and donated to local charities, this is the 119th year of giving for this guild. "action news" at 5:00 continues, go to facebook and like the 6 abc facebook page, that gives you access to all stories, weather and breaking news and all the viral videos, you can also communicate with the "action news" team.
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atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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the mid jersey chair ber of commerce had booths in trenton, the crowd was welcome to dine on free samples from some area restaurants. philadelphia's newest fire dispatchers completed their training, group 1501 graduated today and mayor michael nutter
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delivered the speech in spring garden thanked them for the admirable work they do and took the pledge. two philadelphia charities have more money to spend time thanks to the charity of cole hamels, they gave money to the police athletic league and the area you youth center, the groups were picked because of the incredible work they do in the community. for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate
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and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims.
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time now for accuweather at the channel 6 "action news" big board. adam we want this weather year round. >> it would be perfect but we are not in a perfect world, changes are coming in on friday. who says a garden cannot look nice, look at the corn stalk, we have corn in there and gourds and a pumpkin and some mums that brighten up a garden this time of year thank is city avenue garden. as we look at this change, it's beautiful out there now, just two days ago on monday morning we started in the 20s, so since monday morning we gained 51 degrees in allentown for what we experienced for highs. philadelphia 40 degrees warmer
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and wilmington 43 degrees warmer than just 48 hours ago. 74 in allentown un74 in philadelphia and millville 69 degrees and only in the 60s at the shore, i say only but that is pretty nice. the ocean is only about 60 degrees right now. that pulls the numbers back from what we are experiencing inland. the cloud line is held over the last 24 hours and that front can't push to the south because we have high pressure to the south holding the front right now but eventually the high will break down and slip through here tomorrow night. until then enjoy the mild weather, sunday our high was 53 degrees, tonight that will be our low, much warmer than this past weekend, 46 allentown un45 in millville and 55 by tomorrow morning in cape may. lunch time tomorrow clouds to
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the north and sunshine to the south, the front makes its way into the poconos and mid to upper 70s in the region and then the front comes through, philadelphia 10:00 tom night and clouds and a couple of sprinkles and by friday the front is way to the south and we'll have a north-northwesterly wind and take a look at the temperature 3:00 friday afternoon another winner tomorrow and 77 and cooler friday despite full sunshine at 62 degrees and sunshine on saturday 62 and another front early sunday morning, not a washout, returning sun in the afternoon and 67 and mostly sunny on monday and another dip down to around 62 degrees. it's a perfect day to be outdoors, the sun is lower on the horizon, cecily tynan is at the philadelphia zoo. i'm looking and i see she has a
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log with her and i see that little thing on the log. what have you got? >> i know you don't like snakes or reptiles, this is ruby, she is a chilean rose hair tarantula, it allows them to sense heat and cold, and they cannot eat their prey whole, they inject venom into the prey and it liquifies the tissue and they stick a straw in there and suck it right up, they are basically on a liquid dinner. i'll feed the sloth later on at the philadelphia zoo. >> thank you for that visual. >> tmi. >> thanks cecily. >> there is much more to come, if you can bear with us through the next half hour off "action news" tonight, a family weathering tragedy finds hope and happiness by giving to a
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young boy in need, we go to tell wear for the story. and four thieves storm into a local store and it was all captured on video. and a local sports team is no more, we have more on the camden city river shark sudden collapse. ññ
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, rick is off and brian taff joins us, here is what is happening tonight. attorney general, kathleen kane's job is about to change because she will be working without a law license. a new york city police officer is killed during a pursuit and the camden river sharks are out of business. jeff skversky has the details coming up in sports. and kathleen kane's license to practice law will be suspended one minute after midnight tonight. that brings the question, what will she do without a license, she says she has a plan but it's not clear what that plan is.
5:31 pm
john rawlins is live in center city philadelphia. you have the details. >> reporter: there aren't many details out there, there is the world according to attorney general kathleen kane, her office announces that the suspension of her law license is not that big a deal, she will continue working focusing on the none legal aspects of her job. >> the 1% to 2% of her duties that require her to have a valid legal license will be performed by senior attorneys at the office. >> kane spokesman said today that the attorney general says that the loss of her law license won't have much impact on her, she can do 98% of her job and legal decisions will be decided by staff, like her deputy, bruce
5:32 pm
beamer, who is a licensed attorney. >> ross has dealt with lawyers that have gotten into jams, kathleen kane loses her legal authority to function as the attorney general. >> she in essence does not meet the criteria of the jobcks she is required to have a law license and most of her responsibilities include the practice of law. >> she is charged with leaking grand jury information and perjury. >> anything that she would be doing in that office is considered law related. >> does that mean the 800 person law office shuts down if she leaves. no, they say the court as a practical matter will keep the system moving. >> i will not be surprised if the council does not object but
5:33 pm
i believe that the indictments will not be set aside or convictions as a results of this. >> bottom line at this point, kathleen kane says despite the suspension of her law license, she will continue to draw her $158,000 salary and go to work and focus on none legal issues in her office. >> thank you john. also, in politics the two main candidates running for philadelphia mayor will debate friday, and "action news" wants you to join the action. kinney and bailey will be tackling questions submitted by you, the viewers, you can send them with #6abcaction or, you can watch the mayoral debate this sunday on october 25th here on channel 6. other news, wilmington dsks
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are unraveling a murder mystery, officers found a 22-year-old man shot to death execution-style late last night. they have not released his name or a motive for that killing yet. and no word on what sparked the fire that injured the homeowner and his two dogs. firefighters rescued one dog and gave oxygen to a second dog, the homeowner received burns to his hands. philadelphia police are trying to track down four gunman that held up a kingsessing home four days ago, this is from d.s. grocery on south 54th street. the thieves stormed in and blocked a door and hit a worker in the face with a gun, a 55-year-old customer was ordered to the ground and the group did get away with cash and credit
5:35 pm
cards from both victims, the victims were not seriously hurt p fortunately. the new york police department is again mourning the loss of one of its officers, tonight. a third generation officer was gunned down while chasing a suspect last night. >> reporter: 18 prior arrests and tyrone howard was still on the streets of east harlem, the question from the police commissioner tonight is why. some say it's not only the criminal justice system that failed officer holder. >> his whole life is about an escalation of crime. >> the police commissioner was visibly angry and described tyrone howard as a career violent criminal. howard was running from a shootout from rival gang members
5:36 pm
on a stolen bicycle and came face-to-face with officers on the fdr drive last night. when holder and his partner tried to stop him. investigators say that howard opened fire. >> he approaches them on the bicycle, he puts the bike down and pulls out his weapon and fires one time and strikes the officer in the front of the head. the nypd's response was immediate and massive. they sealed off the fdr and cornered tyrone howard. officers stood and saluted as officer holder's body was driven from the emergency room where trauma officials were unable to save him. tyrone howard was wanted for a gang related shooting in september and he was arrested a year earlier in a drug sweep only to be released into a
5:37 pm
diversion program for drug offender which he allegedly stopped attending. >> we can't say if clear enough if he should have been in a mental health facility or prison but he should have been off the streets. >> there will be a solemn march to the police precinct to hopper officer holder. thanks to the kindness of strangers, a family has a handicapped accessible van to help them get around. the family got the keys today and susan's husband was a quadriplegic and died in september, she has been donating his things and was looking for a family in need. >> i can't express how great of a day this is and how good it
5:38 pm
feels, to have people donate a vehicle. >> jonathan paxton gets transportation to southern melissa mageely school but his parents have to put him in a stroller instead of his powered wheelchair, this is a welcome addition to his family. >> that is terrific, good news. lets check the traffic midweek, matt pellman is standing by with an update for us. >> it's not the greatest story, we are not liking the speeds on 95, northbound side is a stand still from penn's landing from this point to cotman after few, early afternoon crash is now gone and one on the southbound side that cleared and delays on 95 in both directions, they are spilling back on the vine street expressway a solid line across town and westbound is backing up approaching the schuylkill and the vine closes in both directions at 11:00 p.m. pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past 476, that is open but you
5:39 pm
are treated with speeds of 12 miles per hour and 13 miles per hour on the northbound blue route, those spill back on to the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway and on the new jersey turnpike at exit a5 and 4, there was a crash and it's now on the side, and speeds in the 20s there and 20s as well as 295 southbound, whichever way you turn are you treated to not so pleasant speeds. >> thank you. still to come on "action news," remember the movie, back to the future, well the future is here. today was the day that marty mcfly and doc brown traveled to the future and they were right about some things. we'll tell you. and cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. >> what a great evening to be at the zoo, danny is holding maya, a great horned owl, they are called that because the tuft of feathers actually look like tornadoes, and she is obsessed
5:40 pm
with the kangaroos behind us, people think that owls can swivel their heads all the way around but that is not true, look at those huge eyes, they can see so far it would be like us being able to read a newspaper from a football field 100 feet away. i'll be feeding the sloth live coming up at the philadelphia zoo. and jeff skversky has sports including eagles, and camden river sharks sudden closure.
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all right sports tonight eagles are looking forward to their next opponent, the panthers. jeff skversky is live now with more. >> they should look no farther than their last game with carolina, they sacked cam newton nine times, take down undefeated carolina on the road. they are 5-0. don't count on the eagles
5:44 pm
defense having a little extra help, we'll see what happens here, michael kendricks and keiko alonso returns to practice, kendricks is a full go and could go against carolina, they have been unreal, only one nfl has more the goal all year has been there, at least three turnovers a game. >> it's probably the number one thing we want to do is take the ball away at an alarming rate, three is a high bar you are talking about per game, but obviously it's something that we feel we can accomplish. >> everybody says the most important stat is points and turnovers and obviously when you get turnovers, you get extra possessions you get a huge advantage whenever you are playing. it's something we constantly talk about and you think about it while you are playing. >> speaking of turn over, sam bradford is coughing up the ball left and right and threw three
5:45 pm
interceptions against the giants the most since his first game in the nfl. his offensive coordinator still believes in him. >> we have a couple that you have to eliminate for whatever reason, i think he will, he will continue to get better. he has not played a lot of football in the past two years, we are bringing him back and we are winning games. well, great scott, the flyers have not beaten the boston bruins in two and a half years, 0-6. and we'll see if they can change that tonight. mason could not help return the flyers to the win column, he allowed two goals in a minutes of game action against the dallas stars last night. >> the guys competed hard and we were down 2-0, it's tough to get
5:46 pm
back in and the guys worked hard to try to make it interesting there at the end and we came close but unfortunately we came up short here. it's game over for the camden river sharks the independent league baseball team is shutting down, they could not come up with an agreement on their lease. the mets could put the chicago cubs out of the post season. they have a 3-0 series lead thanks to daniel murphy with a home run in every game. they predicted the chicago cubs would win the world serieses this year, if they do that they have a huge hole to climb out of. >> you said great scott. >> i love back to the future. >> we waited almost 30 years, october 21st, 2015, also known
5:47 pm
as back to the future day, when marty mcfly and doc brown flew back to the future. the movie made predictions on what it thought the future would look like, some are actually happening today. >> where are we? >> when are we? >> wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> 2015? you mean we are in the future! >> here we are the movie predicted we'll use video conferencing and bio metric identification, we are using them. and drones and walking dogs and you don't see it every day, but it's not crazy and wearable technology, google glass took care of that, and flying cars not available yet or the food hydrator that makes piping hot pizza in five seconds but we can still dream.
5:48 pm
>> it was back to the future day and the pop shop in collegeville, new jersey is one of the places celebrating. famously was when the characters journeyed here from 1985, customers were dressed as the main characters, and you can take a picture of the delorean. and the inspired menu with marty's meat loaf. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back. last chance, offer ends november 7th.
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get out of the past. get fios.
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all right lets head back to cecily tynan at the philadelphia zoo with the outdoor adventure this week. we love these. >> this is definitely a reach, really a reach. i'm trying to feed sandy and laura houston is with me, and typically i feed charlotte. but this is charlotte's daughter. >> charlotte is napping and that is normal for sloths, they spend time conserving energy and moving slowly. sandy was born here at the zoo seven years ago, they are found in the rain forest and pretty much hanging upside down all the time. >> they are fascinating, they spend almost their entire lives hanging upside down, they eat and sleep and even have babies
5:52 pm
hanging upside down, they only come down once a week to take care of business. >> they go to the fourth floor but they can't really walk. >> they are so adapted with these wonderful long claws for hanging they don't walk well on the forest floor. >> i think it's interesting that in the wild they have a greenish tint from algae that forms on them. >> their hair is designed to promote the allergy, so when they hang there they are just a bunch of leaves and are camouflages. >> i guess charlotte is a senior? >> she say mature lady and they live into their 30s in captivity. >> sandy is okay, she is shy and doesn't like the bright light. >> not so much the bright lights right now, moving slowly that is normal for a sloth even eating slowly is normal.
5:53 pm
we can kind of take the lead with the sloths, every now and then. conserve energy and slow down and hang out. >> thank you laura, i'll let her eat that yam while i talk about the weather. today was a georgeous day to head to the philadelphia zoo. 74 in philadelphia, down from the high of 76, that is 11 degrees above normal. allentown 74 and wilmington 71 and millville 69 and atlantic city airport 69 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing any clouds are well up to the north over central new england with a stationary front, tonight is clear and comfortable and mild for october, overnight low in the cooler suburbs about 46 degrees, center city 56 degrees, with the clear skies, look up at 7:03 tonight. look to the northwest, the international space station is visable for five minutes, it's
5:54 pm
going from the northwest to the east, about 42 degrees above the horizon and the third brightest object in the sky, you should be able to see that. only five minutes beginning at 7:03, the cold front at pittsburgh and high pressure over the carolina, our high 77 degrees, 1 degrees above average, you know it's too good to last, things change by friday, behind the front high pressure builds in and this brings the return of sunshine and winds from the northwest and it's breezy and significantly cooler with a high of only 62 degrees, if you like the warm air get outside and enjoy it tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, balmy tomorrow and 77 degrees, high thin clouds late in the day and could get a sprinkle, and it goes through dry and much cooler on friday 62 and 62 again on saturday, with high, thin clouds
5:55 pm
and another front on sunday, could touch off a few morning showers otherwise a mixture of clouds and sunshine and 67 is the high and the cooler air lags behind the system on monday and mostly sunny and 62 and tuesday partly sunny and 62 degrees and wednesday it clouds up with the possible of rain with a high of 64 degrees. i was getting ready to feed sandy but she is still eating. taking it slow, back to you guys. >> i like her style. very cool. >> eyes to the sky, 7:03 for the international space station.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night, kathleen kane addressed her staff before the law license suspense takes affect, and police arrest one suspect in the armed robberies of two temple university
6:00 pm
students. but the big story is vice president, joe biden's big decision. speaking from the white house's rose garden with president obama on one side and dr. jill biden on the other, biden says he will not run for president because the window for a viable campaign had closed. we have vernon odom in center city philadelphia and sara bloomquist in wilmington let tart with you. >> reporter: people in biden's home state and across the country were waiting and wondering what the vice president would finally decide to do. speculation reaching a fever pitch in recent day, and then mid-day today biden confirmed he would not run. >> he confirmed that his family worked through the grieving process after the death of his son but now it's too late to one for president.


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