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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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students. but the big story is vice president, joe biden's big decision. speaking from the white house's rose garden with president obama on one side and dr. jill biden on the other, biden says he will not run for president because the window for a viable campaign had closed. we have vernon odom in center city philadelphia and sara bloomquist in wilmington let tart with you. >> reporter: people in biden's home state and across the country were waiting and wondering what the vice president would finally decide to do. speculation reaching a fever pitch in recent day, and then mid-day today biden confirmed he would not run. >> he confirmed that his family worked through the grieving process after the death of his son but now it's too late to one for president. >> beau is our inspiration,
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unfortunately i believe we are out of time the time to launch a winning campaign for the nomination, while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> in fact biden took considerable time to talk about his beliefs and his hopes for the nation going forward. >> we need to keep going forward in the arc of this nation towards justice. the rights of lgbt community, immigration reform, equal pay for women and protecting their safety from violence, rooting out an institutional racism. he called for an end to partisan politics and the nation needs to come together. we don't look at republicans as our enemies, they are opposition not enemies. >> people here in his home state
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express disappointment that biden won't run but they understand given the recent death of his son. >> i'm not surprised, he has a lot going on with his family, he is taking care of hi family. >> people here in delaware are sad to see him go, and i think he could have won. >> we don't know exactly what biden will decide to do next, he made it clear today there is much he hopes to accomplish in the next 15 months and beyond. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. "action news" reporter, vernon odom is live in center city tonight, vernon what kind of reaction are you hearing to biden's no go. >> reporter: jim, we heard a lot of respect and affection for the vice president today, but many have concluded his time as passed and it's bernie or
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hillary's battle to lose now. >> there was so much hype about it. >> even the fence sitters reacted to the vice president's decision today to say no go. many are no the the least bit surprised. >> i'm not surprised at all. >> why? >> he and hillary are establishment candidates, he is well aware, he will further split the hillary vote. >> but some believe it's too late to muddy the candidate waters. >> i think it's too good, hillary has got it and let her go with it. >> i'm glad he is not run, i think that would make more trouble for hillary. let him go and enjoy his life right now. >> i thought there was too much chaos in the democratic party and his announcement would throw it more in disarray. >> from an expert it was too
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late for joe biden to launch. >> the reason was he was genuinely uncertain if he could handle a run, finance a run and position himself to run successfully. it doesn't surprise me it took a long time to do it. >> mayor nutter a long time clinton loyalist says it was the right decision. >> for vice president dbiden an dr. jill he had to make the right decision for him politics notwithstanding. >> there is no secret that mayor michael nutter is a clinton loyalist from way back, he could serve as a hillary campaign surrogate or well wind up in a hillary clinton cabinet if she wins the cabinet next year. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon.
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>> world news tonight with david muir has more on biden's decision on the impact on the presidental race, that is after our broadcast and read more about the decision at there you can watch biden's announcement as seen here on "action news" today and catch up on all the latest news on the 2016 presidential campaign. pennsylvania attorney gener gener general, kathleen kane, told her staff that 98% of her job will not be affected by the loss of her law license, that goes into affect at midnight and her name will appear on court documents but there are things she will not be able to sign. police in haddon township, are making little progress in finding the killer of brendan
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creato, his body was found not far from his home. annie mccormick is live in camden tonight, annie what have police been able to learn here? >> reporter: well, the camden county prosecutors office releases new information saying there were no signs of sexual assault or forced entry, the boy's father retained a defense attorney, we spoke to him and he says it's only to get through the legal process, and the prosecutors office says it's an ongoing investigation. >> he is crest fallen and very upset. i think those words don't do justice to the feelings he has. >> richard jay jr. is speaking out for his client, d.j. creato, he called to report his 3-year-old son brendon missing at 6:00 a.m. october 18th. his lifeless body was found
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three hours later in cooper riff park a half mile from his father's apartment. creato told dispatchers that the door was locked and thought bran den unlocked it and wandered out. the prosecutors office interviewed the father on the day of disappearance. >> he said he did not want a lawyer, so i have been everything i can for him since his interview has finished. >> reporter: brendon's parents are no longer together but share custody of the little boy, the autopsy could not confirm the cause of death. today the camden county prosecutors office released a new statement saying no forced
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entry at the residence and no sexual assault, but the autopsy is pending. the investigation continues. and that same defense attorney telling us tonight that the little boy's paternal grandparents retained a defense attorney and his funeral is on friday, the prosecutors office is asking anyone with information to contact them. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. one suspect is in custody and another remains on the run in connection with two armed robberies of two temple students. police arrested robert sherrill of north carlton streets, he is one of two men caught off surveillance video. police are still looking for sherrill's alleged accomplish, 1-year-old anthony grays.
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an apartment complex is complete and ready for residents in the kensington section. on west oxford street, it includes affordable housing units and energy efficient appliances and a green roof. councilwoman sanchez worked for years to see this project
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the body part thought of with princeton university is the brain but now it's foot, hand
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and mouth. walter perez explains. >> reporter: the student body is fully aware of what is going on. >> we heard about it on the campus newspaper, i don't know anyone personally but it's concerning. >> 19 students at the ivy league school are treated for hand, foot and mouth disease since last month. school officials are concerned because there was only diagnosed case last year and it's a disease most commonly found in young children, it includes fever, sore throat and reduced appetite. small painful red spot as peer followed by a red cash on the palms of hands and souls of feet. while hand foot and mouth disease does not sound pleasant, they believe that the university will handle it properly in light of how they approach outbreaks in the past.
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>> there is no specific treatment for this and the outbreak is less than the meningitis they had years ago. >> the school is doing a good job in informing us and knowing it's not a big problem and they know what they are doing and it's not a big problem. it's treated with overthe counter pain and fever medication, reporting in princeton university, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." a team building event is paying off for veterans in camden and gloucester counties, camden health donate the 22 wheelchairs to veterans departments. they spent the day putting the wheelchairs together as part of a team building outreach exercise and they plan to roll out the wheelchairs to veterans into need. a group of breast cancer survivors using a unique canvas to display art. the so-called bravo artists were
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in egg harbor township today and their bras tell their personal stories of survival. they were decorated with traffic signs to candy wrappers and some were given creative name like bandana brave and one headlight. vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs.
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we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college.
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my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court. carolina panthers next up for the eagles. >> they can extend their first place lead, but this will be a tough game with carolina up defeated. wouldn't you like a sports almanac like marty mcfly, they have a big game against undefeated north carolina. reilly cooper misses practice and so does demeco ryan, and keiko alonso returns in a limited role and michael
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kendricks practicing today and he is struggling with the decision to play on sunday or rest one more week. >> i think you are your own worst enemy in this situation, listening to that competitive spirit that all of us in this room have. wanting to get back out there and play some football, could actually be worse. you know it could end you up in a situation where, like me, you get hurt again. >> that would not be funny, look eagles linebacker, graham after practice doing my job, interview brandon cox. last year they beat up the panthers, graham and company sacked cam nine times. >> you are going against cam and we got against the quarterback, how are you this week and how to
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prepare for the guard. >> hit him early and often and get him uncomfortable, get to him early, third and long situations and guys on the back end do their job and get after the quarterback. >> brandon interviewing skills more clear season concise than myself. >> off to a 6-0 start temple football is getting national attention, so is their coach, matt rule added to the coach of the year award this year. can't wait to watch them against notre dame here on abc on halloween but tomorrow they are on the road, they are a win away from their best start in school history. >> all we can control is this game, we are not looking past it. this is the biggest opportunity for us here and we'll go out and play our game, and if we play
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well we'll win the game. have the boys struggled against the bruins, they are in boston where they are not won in four years. after losing last night at home against dallas, they turn to the start against the bruins, he stopped 61 shots. they can use that. and the flyers will see a familiar face, zach ren oldo now plays for the bruins.
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one more warm day and then back to the chill. >> we'll go below normal at the end of the week and we have a warm stretch today and one more day tomorrow. lots of sunshine today ain few high clouds, a very nice midweek, we enjoyed and take a look now live from the pagoda cam in reading, the sun is about to go below the hillside there on the western side of berks county, ababsolutely beautiful and the cirrus clouds playing off the wave lengths of the sunlight. did you notice? notice what? keep an eye to the sky this evening as well. again what did you notice? the big change from the beginning of the week, we had the freeze and that frost with temperatures in the 20s on monday morning, and when you compare from monday morning temperatures to this afternoon, we have gained 52 degrees in
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allentown in the last couple of days, philadelphia 41 and wilmington we gained 43 degrees since monday morning. keep an eye to the sky this evening, specifically at 7:03 p.m., for five minutes, look at the northwestern sky and by 7:08 on the eastern sky along the horizon, you'll spot the international space station going by, only five minutes. you may want to check that out. as we look at the almanac in philadelphia, 76 degrees it felt warm and it was, a far cry from the record 10 degrees warmer, 86 back in 1947 and the low this morning, 3 degrees above normal. we should be sitting at 47 this time of year. right now 70 in philadelphia and 71 in the lehigh valley and 70 in reading and the cooler spot is down to the south on the
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ocean side because of the winds off the ocean at 62 and it feels equally like that from sea isle city and beach haven and dover. there is a front from new england, parked there since yesterday and it can't break down to the south because high pressure is in control, tonight a clear sky once again and comfortable, mild for october, our high on sunday was 53, that will be our low tonight, 46 allentown and 49 in trenton and millville 45 degrees, as we look at your school day forecast for tomorrow, it warms up quickly after a cool start, 53 at 7:00 and by noon for recess near 70 and 4:00 we top it off at 76 degrees, 77 is the high in philadelphia and the front so the north and 12 degrees above average and maybe a spritz or
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two here with the front and high pressure wedges in behind the front and sends the northerly wind in, and sunny and the temperatures dips to 62. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 77 tomorrow normal winner and a decent day on friday at 62 and we stay there on saturday with a few high clouds around and another front coming through on sunday morning with a couple of showers, 67 and a brighter afternoon on sunday and another little slide in the temperature monday, and tuesday and 62 and both days look to be dry and more clouds late shower wednesday at 64 degrees, overall not a bad seven day. >> nor should it be. thank you adam. >> nearly two dozen couples are newly devoted tonight after renewing their vows at a retirement community, in northeast philadelphia couples took part in the recommitment
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ceremony, their friends and families were there and reception and the ceremonial cake cutting, the couple married the longest, 69 years, they were the first to cut the cake. world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, jeff skversky and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, joe's out. the vice president, that walk with his wife jill after their very private morning. the loss of their son. biden now revealing why he won't run. hillary clinton's phone call to biden, and donald trump on why he'd rather take on clinton. the manhunt for the other driver, after a 4-year-old is shot and killed in her car. the father picking up his children from school. the alleged road rage. authorities say the other driver opening fire. the radio calls revealed tonight. the police officer shot in the line of duty in the li. the debate tonight over whether respected coach rick pitino should go, after women came forward, describing what they say happened with recruits. and, the safety recall one mother says she did not get until it was too late. earl car plummeting off t


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