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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  October 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> we're following a developing story. >> a speeding driver is accused of crashing into several cars in north philadelphia overnight. >> family and friends begins to goodbye to a 3-year-old boy as authorities in camden county continue to try to figure out how he died. new video shows first responders rescuing a driver after flash flooding in arizona. >> good morning, 4:30, let's get over to david and karen.
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>> reporter: we got to 76 yesterday, today we'll go a little higher. we'll avoid a little rain until this evening. 53 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. similar to yesterday. we are starting out in the 040s. allentown, had a. 47 in reading. 48 in trenton. 47 in wilmington. 60 degrees in sea isle city. winds not much of a factor maybe stronger today overall as we get into the afternoon, but for now there's a lot of calm ones across the region. similar to yesterday, 60 degrees by 6:00 a.m. 51 by 8:00 a.m. nice with light winds. maybe a sweatshirt or jacket on the way in today. the storm tracker 6 live app here comes the good news if you're trying to hold off on the coming winter. 70 degrees by noon. 3:00 p.m., 76. actually looks like we could get up to 78 degrees this afternoon. 78, explts about 4:00 p.m --
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exprtle about 4:00 p.m. cooler air is on the way tomorrow and we are starting to look ahead for the weekend, does it stay cool? that's coming up. >> reporter: lots of questions and no answers. this is the vine street expressway just seeing a couple of cars going westbound, they closed it for overnight construction. i see police on the scene. eastbound is clear. looks like we're seeing cars sneak through. this is the boulevard southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway nice and clear no problem. the construction continues to block the suppress lanes north of here and southbound boulevard between woodward and rhawn street. the inner drive is reopen. in bucks county we have construction on route 1 southbound at business route 1. you can see the crews backing up
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at this point, trying to clear out, but out here at the moment. >> developing overnight a driver lost control and crashed into several parked cars in north philadelphia at 1:00 a.m. police say the driver was speeding and lost control and the vehicle overturned on its side. the driver got out of the wreckage himself and treated for minor injuries. he struck four parked cars on the block. developing right now an 8 alarm fire continues to burn in north jersey, it began in a highrise apartment buildings in pasaic. two firefighters were hurt one when a ceiling collapsed. the second had minor burns to his neck. 3, 400 people have been displaced. the red cross is assisting the victims. happening today family and
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friends say something by to brandon creato, he was found dead over 3 weeks ago. his death is a mystery. katherine scott is live outside the camden county prosecutor's office. >> reporter: the family plans to lay the little boy to rest. the camden county prosecutor's office has a message for haddon community members there were no signs of forced entry to the home or sex assault. investigators are searching for answers and so is the family and respect toes of the community. there's a growing memorandum arm where the boy was found. 3-year-old brandon found back on october 13. toxicology results could take up to a month. yesterday defense attorney spoke on behalf of his father. he said his client is not a
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suspect. he called 911 at 6:00 a.m. that tuesday saying his son wandered off from their haddon town apartment overnight. brandon was found dead three hours later a half mile from his father's home. according to his attorney his father has cooperated. >> he has cooperated and he is crest fallen. >> a viewing will be held this afternoon from 3:00 a.m. to 7:00. his funeral tomorrow. >> new this morning, a gunfire has a 28-year-old plan fighting for his life in delaware. wilmington police marked off 6 shell casings at the scene. officers found the victim at #th and pine street late last night with several gunshot
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wounds. he is in critical condition. so far no arrests. princeton university is in the break of a viral outbreak that is common with young children. 9 students have been developed hand foot and mouth disease. hoof and mouth disease is treatable with over-the-counter medication and resolves in about a week. >> there's been an outpouring in new york city over the shooting of police officer. they cried and placed flowers where he was shot. >> these men. nypd come out everyday in the community and save lives and we lost another member of the
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family. >> investigators say officer holder was killed while chasing a robbery suspect. this man tie ron howard is charged with his death. he has 20 prior arrests some for violent crimes. he was featured recently on a wanted poster. >> kathleen kane won't let a suspended law license stop her from working, plus she'll publish pornographic e-mails found on computers today. the state supreme court voted to put her license on indefinite suspension. she said 98% of other job will not be affected by the suspension. vice president joe biden will not run for president. he made that announcement yesterday at the white house rose garden. his wife and president obama
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were by his side. mourning the death of his son beau didn't sync up with the political calendar. he spoke about his vision for the future for contrarying on the obama legacy and the need to change in the culture of washington. >> how can we move forward without being able to arrive at consensus. four more years of this kind of pitched battle may be more than this country can take. we have to change it. >> the announcement is good political news for hillary clinton but biden noticeably did not endorse a candidate yesterday. 6abc is hosting the debate for philadelphia's mayor race send in your questions through the 6abc facebook and twitter
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action #6abcaction or join the taxes at you can watch them here sunday on channel 6. camden river sharks will be selling off their baseball team now that they are leaving the city for good. >> reporter: temple has a big road game in east carolina, trying to go 7-0. sweatshirts and jackets this morning. this afternoon, shorts and ts, i'll have who changes ahead. that's ahead in the in the seven day. crews had to rescue a driver
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stranded on a flooded road after drenching thunderstorms rushed through arizona. you can see the water rushing past as the team got to the white pick up truck. the driver will be fined because officials closed the flooded road. the man went around barricades that were not in place. david you're always telling people don't do that. >> reporter: turn around don't drown.
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>> reporter: no rain in sight, we might get a sprinkle tonight, but ahead of that, it's dry, looking at the tennis courts this morning, looking like a very warm day, maybe a few clouds building in as the afternoon ensues. 50 in philadelphia. winds south/southwest at 6 miles per hour. other reporting stations we have calm winds. we have clouds to the west and north of us, some of these will filter in as the day goes on. sprinkles and showers fall apart for the most part until this evening. 351 degrees by 8:00. 64 by 11:00. the big story is where we are going this afternoon. we'll be well into the # -- 70s. 2:00 p.m., 75 degrees, the high 78.
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once the sun gets on the horizon, the temperatures will dip. 77 in reading. 75 in trenton. 77 in wilmington. down the shore we'll get into the 70s. it will be milder there than it was yesterday. future tracker 6 picking up increasing in clouds between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. if we get something looks like the northern areas will probably get something. a frontal boundary coming in triggering the shower will be gone by the morning and behind it will start out with temperatures in the low 50s. in the afternoon only seeing a high of 62. it's going to be breezy tomorrow. we'll see sunshine, but it will be cooler. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 78 is today's high, still very warm out there. a sprinkle in a couple of neighborhoods tonight, but most of you stay dry. friday, sunshine, behind the
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front a lot cooler 62 degrees, it will be breezy, as well. to starting point outer the weekend. start looks to be the cooler of the two days. it will be fairly bright with high clouds building in. 60 is the high. 51 the overnight low. clouds on sunday, looks like the frontal boundary we're expecting for sunday will be earlier in the day. if there's a chance of a shower it will be in the morning. the afternoon and evening it will be okay. as the cool air pulls away we'll get up to a nice high of 67 degrees. it will be dry for ppl park union match at 1:00 p.m. monday, 65 degrees. tuesday we'll get up to 65 degrees and clouds. looks like we stay dry. wednesday, now, appears to be where the clouds overtake us and the passing front might trigger a little rain.
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>> new this morning, a north jersey elementary school canceled halloween citing community diversity. the letter said one out of five students did not participate and many parents kept their children home that day. the letter added children can celebrate halloween at other events in the community including trick or treating. the future has come and gone. after decades of anticipation we have passed the date we travel into back to the future number 2. many dressed like marty mcfly and doc brown. we know one thing the movie predicted incorrectly, the cubs will not win the world series in
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2015, the mets beat them in the nlcs last night. >> let's take a look at business camden river sharks beloved by so many young people, a lot of fun to have at the game. the team and the stadium couldn't agree on a leasing deal. so today through saturday, the team holds a final sale on merchandise. indict drink sales struggle over concerns their artificial ingredients make them less healthful. looks like stock futures are pointing to a higher open. youtube is launching a subscription service for ten dollars a month. youtube will share the money with video creators who normally would have seen the money from
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ads. >> she got joe biden off her back, but not benghazi. a life is saved during gym class. the rescue is caught on camera. we'll be back in just a moment.
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doing today? only one more day, matthew, one more day until friday. vine street expressway westbound traffic moving just fine. eastbound and westbound is open as well from the overnight construction. all lanes open on i-95 looking live near girard. that's your northbound traffic, southbound we have no delays, traffic might have beening -- moving nicely. construction crews are out there this morning on the pennsylvania turnpike both ways near norristown, construction is blocking two lanes. that's going to slow you down. one lane blocked eastbound approaching valley forge. >> happening today, hillary clinton the democratic
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frontrunner will return to capitol hill to detail her actions during the benghazi attack. she is going to face questions about what led up to the raid on the american consulate. >> reporter: hillary clinton will testify before a special house committee investigating the 2011 benghazi attack also. 89 assault left four americans dead including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> whether they protested or whether a guy was out for a walk and decided to go kill americans, what difference does it make some comments. >> reporter: that was nearly 3 years ago, testimony was supposed to be definitive on the attacks. >> if you want a window into
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libya and what was happening into the weeks and months before the four were killed why not look at the ambassador's e-mails. >> reporter: it's time for the next round and this one is expected to go for 8 hours or more. >> i don't know that i have much to add. >> reporter: clinton will face tough questions from seven republican republicans and five democrats. this comes in light of an announcement from house republicans. >> we put together a special benghazi committee, what are her numbers today? they are dropping. >> reporter: republicans deny this has to do with politics, all eyes will be on the testimony that starts at 10:00 a.m. and could go well into the night. >> new this morning a driver was hurt after a crash on the
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boulevard in northeast overnight. an ohio man is accused of holding two firefighters hostage after they were called to his home. what went on up next on "action
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>> new this morning an ohio man authorities say held two firefighters has hostage has been taken into custody.
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he was burning leaves, he pulled a rifle on one of them and took them into a section of woods. he faces a number of charges including kidnapping and fell -- felonyous assault. surveillance cameras caught skylar nelson collapsing on the grounds during gym class. administrators rushed to help and started cpr and saved his life. >> i can't believe his life was in our hands. he essentially died in our gym. he wasn't with us. >> he was gone. >> the pulse was hard to find. >> thank you very much i'm grateful and god bless you. >> the vice principal had taken a cpr refresher course ten days
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before he collapsed. as it turns out he is born with a genetic heart defect. on the next half-hour of "action news," a man who had too much to drink made himself at home in the wrong house. >> we have overnight developments in the new mexico road rage shooting that left a little girl dead. those stories next.
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5:00 a.m., on this thursday, october # 2. we're following several developing stories. >> another police officer is gunned down in the u.s., police in new mexico arrest a man in connection with the latest cop killer. >> a road rage killing of a little girl you'll see the man arrested in the shooting. >> first up, let's find out what to expect with weather and traffic and head over to david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: it's going to be another beautiful day across the


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