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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 22, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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for the white house. and more on a little girl killed in new mexico during a road rage incident. today friends and family come together to remember a toddler found dead in south jersey last week. eva pilgram is live in collingswood with more on support for the family. >> reporter: rick, friends and family are gathering here at the blake doyle funeral home beginning at 3:00 to remember that 3-year-old haddon township boy, this community is coning together to show his family their support. blue ribbons are tied to homes and businesses to show the family of 3-year-old brendon creato that they care. >> blue represents the loss of a young son. >> we cry all day long, people come in and tell us personal stories, we are moms here and we feel the loss of a kid. >> the haddonfield florist is
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making ribbons and the investigation into what happened to the little boy continues, it's more than a week since dj creato reported his son missing and he was found about a half mile from his father's apartment, detectives say it does not appear that someone forced their way into the apartment and it does not appear that the boy was sexually assaulted. the autopsy is not back at this time. it has shaken the commune and they are coming together for the family. >> everybody cares and everybody wants the family to know that they care. >> everybody is coming in and everybody wants to support, every little bit that they can show to the family helps. >> reporter: the funeral mass is tomorrow at 10:30 at holy savior church in west mont.
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eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. from our delaware newsroom now, wilmington police are trying to track down a gunman after a man was shot multiple times, the man was found at 11th and pine streets, police have not discussed a motive or discussed suspect information. >> police in delaware county are searching for a driver after a hit and run landed a man in the hospital. the man was riding his bike at 202 when he was hit by a silver sedan, investigators say he was not wearing a helmet but his bike had blinking lights on the front and back. >> even though it was dark the bike should have been visable using those lights. >> someone that saw the crash called 911 and the victim receive severe injuries to his head but is expected to survive. the driver of a car was injured after flipping the car
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in north philadelphia this morning. it happened at 1:00 on the 2800 block of north 24 and street, the driver hit four parked cars and ended up on his side, police say that speed was a factor in the crash. also, overnight two cars collided on the roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia, it happened in the northbound lanes where it intersects with northampton road, one driver was hurt. no word on what led to the crash. one person was hurt in the fire that damaged a row home in reading this morning, firefighters were called to north 9th and olay street this morning. they arrived to find smoke billowing from the window here, authorities have not said the extent of the injuries suffered by the injury. right now former secretary of state, hillary clinton, is in the hot seat in washington, testifying about the 2012 deadly
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attack on the u.s. compound in benghazi libya. looking live from capitol hill, lawmakers are asking her questions, this morning they pointed to a lack of email communication from delicious to libya in the months leading up to the attack. clinton denied the allegations and said most of her work was done in person, email and using diplomatic cables. today's hearings could have an effect on the race for the white house, more than half of americans disprove of the way she handled the benghazi affair while secretary of state, republicans are also under fire for the event. they think that the proceedings reflect gop's effortses to harm clinton's reputation. and a case of deadly road rage that killed a 4-year-old
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girl and her family is speaking out for the very first time. we go live to new york with more. >> reporter: well rick the young girl's parents the news of this arrest is a relief but they will not rest until their daughter's killer pays for the crime. >> she grabs her haerlt the first time you met her. heart broken over their sudden and tragic loss. >> you would see her and she would let you -- >> they call the death of their 4-year-old little girl their worst nightmare. >> i wouldn't want anybody in my shoes. >> the man responsible for shooting and killing lily is tony torres who police say has confessed and is charged with first degree murder. >> we received an anonymous call from a person that reported they knew who shot lily.
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the arrest coming the day after the deadly encounter on this mexico highway. >> lily's father had just picked her up from school and was sitting in the backseat with her 7-year-old brother when police believe garcia and torres kept cutting each other off. her family determined to get just is for lily. >> we'll make sure that whoever did this will pay, i'm not going away and my family is not going away and her face is not going away. mark my words you guys will see me again. >> well, as for the 32-year-old suspect, according to the mayor, he say repeat offender being held on a $650,000 cash only bond and right now waiting to be arraigned. live in new york channel 6 "action news." >> elizabeth thank you.
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gun control is of course a big topic of debate in this country, one group arguing, women in particular should be armed and prepared. they are the fastest growing segment of the firearms industry. they caught up with a local chapter of a girl with a gun in delaware county, the mission is to educate women and teach firearm safety. >> it's no joke, you have to be ready someone will grab that gun from you if you are not prepared. >> i learned that i don't think i could never shoot somebody, i don't know if that is true if i am threatened. >> safety is the number one reason women are arming themselves but also using guns for recreation, one in five guns sold are sold to women. on the weather front, a chilly morning is turning into a pleasant afternoon outside. we see peeks of sunshine and cloud cover, but it's nice and
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warm with temperatures climbing into the 70s, hard to believe that halloween is next weekend, lets get the latest from david murphy out on the terrace. >> you need swim trunks. >> you said it. >> lets take a look at satellite, you see the clouds on sky 6 hd, they are out to the north-northwest and they are rolling in philadelphia and they are high and thin, 68 in philadelphia, same thing in new york, and take a look out to the west in pittsburgh, in the upper elevations of western pennsylvania, a lot of times it's cooler out there, we have milder air to get through and even in pittsburgh they are enjoying similar numbers, 2:00, 75 degrees, that is your high, 78 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon, 5 degrees below the record high and really nice, even at 6:00 we'll be in the low
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70s, it is late october and once the sun dips the temperatures will too. down in the 50s overnight. is this crazy warmth? the high of 78 compares similarly with last october 28th, we got up to 76 last year, it's not unheard of it. if you look at the last 10 halloweens, four of them featured afternoon highs in the low 70s, don't worry you don't have to wait long, we are well down into the 60s and we'll look at the accuweather forecast and see how long the next cool snap lasts. the stars were shining a bit brighter, local 8 stage hands did the make the star shine cleanup, the walk of fame honors legendry musicians and artists,
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the roots and billy holiday will be inducted on monday. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a 14-year-old survived a deadly plane crash in the idaho mountains, how her father, the pilot may have saved her life.
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we are learning more about an incredible story of survival in idaho. a girl was flying with her father when their plane crashed in the mountains. he died and she walked away alive. >> i was with my dad -- >> dramatic 911 calls, captured the terrifying moments after anna bethlehem hamilton
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survived a plane crash, it went down in a mountain range, almost 9,000 feet up. >> don't know where we are and he is not breathing. >> the brave teen attempting cpr several times. but travis an experience apache helicopter pilot died in the wreck. >> do you see a plane hovering above you. >> can you wave to them? >> rescue crews were able to locate the teen with her cell phone signal. she was taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries. >> a miracle that his daughter is with us, showing his tremendous skills as a pilot. >> i'm pleased that she is doing
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as well as she is. and we'll unfortunately miss travis very much. wikileaks posted material from what appears to be john brenn brennan's personal email account. among it is an application with personal information. it shows he is a high school student opposing foreign policy. he posed as -- it appears that congressman paul ryan will push ahead to be the next speaker of the house, ryan has received 70% support from the caucus, and now ryan is waiting to hear from two other gop house caucuses before he officially jumps in. the flyers overcame a two goal deficit over the bruins,
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claude giroux's second goal brought the win in on a power play two minutes into the second period it's their first win in boston in four years. the new york mets are headed to the world series for the first time in 15 years. >> strike three called! they haven't been to the world series since 2000 and the mets are on their way back! >> the mets got out to an early lead scoring four runs in the first inning and daniel murphy made a major league world record by hitting a home run in his six straight post season game. now a waiting game for the mets, last night the blue jays beat the kansas city royals, kansas city leads the series 3-2, and now they head back to
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kansas city and game six is tomorrow. still ahead on "action news" another check of your forecast. we look live at sky 6 hd a pretty picture from atlantic city, david murphy has the update from accuweather.
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david with another check of the gorgeous accuweather forecast. >> absolutely beautiful out there. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing united states we are dry and we are on sky 6 live in delaware and a lot of sunshine in the first state and elsewhere in the region, a lot of high clouds digging in from the north and west. it's pleasant with some sun the rest of the way. one more warm one and then back to reality, we zip back down foo the 60s for a high. 68 in philadelphia and winds 6 miles per hour. and here comes the clouds and they are high and thin enough we
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think some sun will punch through and a spotty shower this evening and most of you don't have to worry about it. up in allentown 76, and reading 77 and 77 over in trenton and millville, 76 in dover and 73 in toms river. here is how temperatures drop the rest of the way, 76 by 3:00, we see a high of 78 in philadelphia by 5:00. and you lose a lot off the temperature when the sun goes down. the overnight low is 52 but that is not bad, a little bit above average for your overnight low.
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the low will be down to the south and cooler air comes in behind it and the wins are breezy 7 to 14 miles per hour and the big story, the temperature only in the 50s in philadelphia in the morning will only ease back to 62 and it looks like a similar day on saturday before father-in-law frontal boundary and this one starts to pass us and we get milder on sunday afternoon. i want to start you attack this afternoon, lets fast forward to 5:00 friday afternoon, 60 degrees, a big difference between today and tomorrow obviously. a warm high of 78 degrees still very pleasant out there, with a few more clouds digging in and a fair amount of sunshine holding true. and if you see a shower it's spotty mainly north and west of philadelphia, tomorrow sunny and cooler and 62 and breezy and 61
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on saturday and clouds in the morning with the frontal boundary coming through and if we see a shower coming through that will be in morning and not the afternoon that bodes well for the ppl match, not feeling like orlando with a high of 67. and monand tuesday back to the mid-60s and wednesday appears to be the next rain day and may actually be a decent day. that is something we'll continue to watch. >> thank you david. topping our people scene now, actor, jeremy renner has no plans to help his female costars negotiate their paychecks, jennifer lawrence wrote an essay on the wage gap but renner is in favor of closing the wage gap but closing the gap is not his
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job. jimmy kimmel took his show back to the future, michael j. fox and christopher lloyd showed up on the show. it was the day that they traveled back in time in the second installment. he showed of his self lacing kicks the same he wore in the movie. they will auction off a limited number of those in the name of charity. tonight jeff skversky goes outside the locker room with malcolm jenkins, how the safety's fashion has turned into a business. >> it's as simple as liking bow ties and not finding any that you like. >> it's that simple. >> just like that, philadelphia eagles safety malcolm
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launched rock avenue bow ties. >> if i see it and like it and think i will wear it i make it. they make formal to catch you'll and even reversible. >> i will switch it to reversible. >> i pick all the fabrics we use. >> and the fabric make its stand out. >> something that when you touch it you can feel the texture. >> a bow tie will start a conversation, immediately when you walk into the room there is something about you different than everybody else. >> fyi philly airs saturday at 6:p.m. and on sun.
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for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out
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for the victims.
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tgit returns tonight on 6 abc, tonight on "scandal" olivia called for help after the storm around her and her relationship with fitz continues. "how to get away with murder" follows at 10:00 and "action news" at 11:00. david murphy is here with one last check of the forecast. a big football game tonight. >> if you are headed to a football watching party, no problems getting there. high temperatures 77 in reading and 76 in pottstown and the only thing we are expecting is a spotty shower and 78 in philadelphia and a lot of nice highs, and 74 in berlin and closer to the shore low to mid-70s down along the coast. >> thank you david. a look now at stories coming up later this afternoon including a high flying outdoor
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adventure at spring mountain, adam joseph takes a live canopy tour at 4:00. well this may look like father and daughter, but that is not the
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