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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and some are wondering what really happened. >> 26-year-old daniel lee is accused of attempting lure a boy and his two sisters, they say he approached them and started asking them about their school and teachers and finding an abandoned cabin in the woods, they left and he disappear into a nearby wooded area and later came out of the adjacent woods to the playground and started to talk to the kids again and that is when the mother arrived. >> they went and explained to the mom what happened and that invoked a 911 call. >> lee lives with his parents a mile from the school and he has autism and likes to talk to kids. >> he asks and he talked to them. >> meets say they are aware that lee may have cognitive issue but
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that he scared the teacher and indicated he wants to take them to a cabin in the woods and are glad the children and their mother called them as soon as they did. some say it's a unique situation and they do not hit the panic button. >> hopefully if it's a person with special needs and circumstances, they are spoken to as well. why they may have scared someone themselves. >> lee acknowledges that he knows it's inappropriate for him to strike up conversations with children, and they had another situation four years ago and they found it to be a harmless situation. >> he is held on $200,000 bail pending a psychological
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evaluation. hillary clinton is back in the hot testifying on the deadly encounter in benghazi. she faced a series of questions and accusations about the 2012 incident. the committee pressed her fo answers about the security leading up to the attack and if she did enough to protect the american station there. >> i have lost more sleep than all of you put together, i have been wracking my brain about what more could have been do or should have been done. >> clinton maintained that the attacks while most unfortunate was not the result of her failure to act and there were different motivations behind it and accused the committee of having purely partisan motives. the committee chair says clinton is not expected to testify again. and another day in the trial of chaka fattah jr., the
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congressman's son who is representing himself questioned his girlfriend. vernon odom is here with the latest. >> reporter: sharrie federal prosecutors say that chaka fattah jr. is a swindler who created sham businesses while lying on his tax forms. >> this is the fundamental flaw, it doesn't make sense. >> chaka fattah's son is representing himself in the trial, charged with 23 counts of bank and tax fraud. he once operated a high edge concierge service, and from the witness stan a former client kevin orrigan said you stole money from me in high school, can i have my money back.
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>> mr. corrigan asked us to get him a better relationship with american express, they said they could do the upgrade but mr. corrigan had to increase his spepding. >> on the witness stand fattah's former livein girlfriend, said they eventually clashed over his lavish lifestyle, they failed to pay the rent while he ran up huge irs bill. fattah's response. >> my tax bill for 2010 is paid, i am charged for paying it late, which i find to be interesting. >> reporter: sharrie, chaka fattah senior, the veteran philadelphia congressman is set to go on trial in the spring. i'm vernon odom, channel 6. >> okay vernon thank you.
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pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane released emails sent to a supreme court justice that she says are offensive and pornographic, kane's law license was suspended as of today, but she marked the occasion by going after justice michael aiken and says they were overlooked by the board. she is accused of leaking grand jury information and lying about it. she says it's political revenge. john rawlins will the have latest coming up at 5:00. another truly beautiful day out there today. as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets check in with meteorologist, cecily tynan, in for adam. >> hi brian and sharrie, we are enjoying a taste of indian summer that will draw to an end, the past three days we have temperature as above the normal high of 65 degrees, we are in the 70s, this is indian summer since we had the first frost
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over the weekend, tuesday 71 and yesterday 76 and today the high 77 degrees, 12 degrees above the average high for this time of year work are not alone in this warm air, it's along the eastern seaboard, baltimore 78 and new york city 72 and boston 73, however west of a cold front you can see syracuse it's a lot cooler, 56 degrees and pittsburgh 64 degree, that cold front is pressing through in the overnight hours. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we are dealing with clouds ahead of the front, a few spotty showers along the front and future tracker showing this is what we'll be getting tomorrow instead of highs in the upper 70s, 4:00 in the afternoon only 60 degrees, i'll have details on howl the cooler than average weather sticks around. >> thank you. philadelphia police are honoring an officer who lost her battle with breast cancer by helping others to fight the
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december, today the department presented this $400 check in the namt of officer karen walker, walker organized a team of her colleagues to take part in the komen breast cancer walk before she passed away this year. her family gathered today as the department recognized her badge. philadelphia's walk of fame is shining more brightly today. the stage hands union cleaned and buffed the 120 bronze plaques that honors the city's legends. that will help get the place in shape for the new class of inductees, it comes up next monday followed by a walk of fame gala at the new fillmore concert hall. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets check in with matt pellman with the latest on what is happening on the roads.
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>> the root of our problem, a pair ofaccidents. this one taking out the left lane heading down to the pennsylvania turnpike and this causes a backlog and in the bag log a second accidents, two accidents in the southbound lanes route 1 the super highway and neshaminy and the delays start on maple avenue. another crash on the northbound lanes at levic and expect slowing there, it's all the afternoon slowing on the schuylkill expressway and 95, nothing out of the ordinary but speeds in many cases in the teens, a crash in springfield delco to watch out for at meeting house lane and many hammonton downed wires are shutting down the white horse pike. and we are awaiting an opening here at the burlington bristol bridge.
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during the overnight hours. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. still ahead a dangerous raid to rescue hostages from isis, what the u.s. accomplished and the tragic loss that came with it. >> plus baseball strikes out in the city of camden, we are with fans to get reaction now that the river sharks are leaveling town. and the philadelphia annual film festival starts today we talk to the people behind cinema. >> and time for another outdoor adventure, adam joseph is somewhere in the trees there. >> reporter: yes, brian and sharrie, we are hanging out 45 feet above the ground in the
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tree, you think of spring mountain of skiing and snowboard and they have zip lining and you can go over bridges and tight ropes, all with the help of a guide like jose here. we'll be zip lining across this while giving you the accuweather forecast. and so you what they have here on a beautiful fall day. you ready to go across? .
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the pentagon now says that u.s. troops freed a bunch of hostages in iraq, one american was killed in the raid making that american the first killed in the fight against isis. it was made near an isis strong hold and the pentagon did not release the soldier's name. they captured isis fighters and
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found a trove of intelligence about the islamic state. we are following breaking news knowlednew jersey lawmaker to override chris christie's veto, that would notify a police officer if a person buying a gun tries to expunge their mental health issue in the past. it's to help keep the bill alive, the assembly but still vote on the override and this comes as christie seeks the republican nomination for president, democrats say that his position on the gun bill has more to do with the national election, specific iowa and new hampshire where gun control is less popular than new jersey. the city of camden is losing an attraction that drew thousands of fans to the
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waterfront. the river sharks are closing operations there. the club says they were unable to reach an agreement with the club's owners. it's giving fans one last chance to say good-bye. >> it's a shame, one of the few affordable things in the area to do and now it's gone. it's unfortunate. the area needs more things that families can do that are cheap. >> more than 3.5 million fans attended river sharks game during their run, many home another team will move in. tonight the bright lights of hollywood will shine on philadelphia for what is lovingly called film adelephia. 11 days jam packed with 100 films that are hand picked and cure ated from around the world.
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>> 100 films five venues and 11 days. >> i hope people will devote more time to the festival than ever before. >> it starts off with charlie kauffman's latest film. >> it's art and exactly what a festival should be. >> famous for films like being johnmalvich, kauffman will be on the carpet tonight and also tonight is filmmaker, michael moore, that should be a lot of fun. >> and in between -- >> you can see the best cinema from everywhere. >> we have a whole section of films called greater film adelephia, films that are shot or take place here or films by film makers from here. he was here and went to german town academy and the one with richard gere that shot here last
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year called the ben factor and the one about the fishtown beer runners club. and a doc on george perrier. >> and fun big events to bring film lovers together. >> we are doing a sleep over for wes craven and gymy kennedy is coming to talk about scream. we are really stuffing them in. >> and they have big oscar contenders and foreign films and all genres, 6 abc is a proud sponsor of the philadelphia film festival and we have all the information on our website at >> thanks. students at one south jersey school had a chance to grab all the reading books that they could handle today. the fourth annual bag of books were held at leap academy charter school in camden, the elementary school students were invited to a pop-up book store, they could fill their bags with
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any books that interested them and the books are theirs to keep. the goal is to encourage reading and literacy. >> speaking of excitement. time for accuweather and another one of adam's adventures. he is live at spring mountain checking out the canopy tour. you have the up high view there. >> it's an up high view and it's absolutely beautiful with almost peak foliage here on spring mountain. we have lynn here getting ready to hook me up and send me. you ready to zip. >> are you ready? this is 45 feet up, 200 feet of cable. i'll look good upside down. so they say you can go upside down. how did i do, he said i did
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awesome, i'll come around the side of the tree here to give you the accuweather forecast. you can go up to 45 miles per hour as you zip across, this was about 200 feet, the longest is close to 400 feet and you can see there is a bridge here and i will attempt that in the next forecast. here comes another zipper. lets look at the numbers, beautiful for fall, 77 in philadelphia and allentown 75 degrees and 74 in millville and wilmington as well as reading. but as we look --
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there is a cold flopt front moving through central pennsylvania, there are high, thin clouds and peeks of sunshine especially along the i-95 corridor, up to the north and west there will sprinkles as the front moves through its generally dry and can't rule out the possibility of a sprinkle. 45 degrees in allentown unphiladelphia 52 and millville 47 and cape may 54 and wilmington 48 degrees, future tracker 6 showing you this evening, 7:30 tonight showing clouds and 68 degrees and mild and maybe a spotty sprinkle. as we head tomorrow morning, 11:00 before lunch time, temperatures only in the mid to upper 50s and we'll struggle to make it up into the low 60s, but you can also see not a cloud in the sky, we'll have a lot of
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sunshine and breezy and cool and it will feel like fall again after a little bit of a taste of summer over the past three days, the four day at 4:00, loads of sunshine and breezy on the cool side with a high of only 63 degrees, saturday a mixture of clouds and sunshine and the temperature drops a little more, 62 degrees, on sunday another cold front moves through and this will bring us clouds in the morning and the possibility of a shower and it doesn't look like much, less than a .10 inch of rain. and the afternoon high 67 degrees and monday mostly sunny with a high of 63 degrees, we could use a full day arraign and there is one ahead. and we'll let you know when if the full accuweather forecast. lets get adam back. >> people are asking if he is okay? >> still ahead the state of new jersey pays tribute to a fallen
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hero. plus the viewing begins with a 3-year-old boy found dead in camden county, we are live with people coming together to honor his memory. and the new emojis are out. text and tech lovers alike are celebrating, we'll show you the highlights you'll fine on your phone. for 99 cents.
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♪ that's a big bull. for 99 cents. ♪ i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. ♪ take the long way, huh?
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♪ thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. flags of new jersey are flying at half staff today in honor of a veteran firefighter who died while answering the call of duty. gerald bear collapsed after responding to a call last week in south amboy, the 70-year-old grew up in perth amboy and spent 50 years as a firefighter and was a fire policeman. and flags stay at half staff until next wednesday in his honor. now the closing numbers, a really strong day, the dow soars 320 points to close at 17,489.
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here is a new feature at the big board, take a look i tap here and it shows me all 30 stocks that are part of the dow jones industrial average and now zoom in on this one, mcdonald's, look at what is happening, mcdonald's is up 8 points on the day, enormous volume, here is why, investors were reacting to the news that mcdonald's sales were growing again for the first time since 2013, the offer of an all breakfast menu starting this month was expecting to fuel sales, but the numbers were up meaning it started before the breakfast menu started and sales were up 4% globely. >> cool new features. a grueling competition is
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coming to atlantic city, leaders gathered to announce the iron man triathlon coming next september. those brave enough will join in and begin with a 1.29 mile swim and then a run and bike, the run is on the a.c. boardwalk. >> would love to be able to do one one day. >> it's on my list too. we have more of adam's high flying adventure life from spring mountain next. and police bang through a door to rescue a toddler in a day care left behind. i'm nydia han if you love designer clothing but not the designer price tag, we have a deal you can't miss.
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even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again, 4:30 now and "action news" continues, with the reason that a gambler is going to prison for flushing poker chips down the toilet in atlantic city. and our long national nightmare is over, the taco emoji is officially here and it doesn't stop at mexican food, what you need to do to get all 150 new characters on your
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iphone. >> you may think the couple in this beautiful photo are husband and wife but they are father and daughter, but that is not the reason for the bridal backlash it's what they are holding right there. >> we begin though in camden county where family, friends and perfect stringers are coming together to mourn and to heal and this little face is why, a viewing is held for 3-year-old brendon creato the way the child died remains a mystery. family and friends are gathering at the blake doyle funeral home to remember the 3-year-old, this community is coming together to show their support. blue ribbons are tied to homes and businesses around haddon township today. >> you never see people but here
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you do. zblch the blue is for brendon creato, the 3-year-old was planning on being the incredible hulk for halloween but instead of getting ready for the holiday, his family is getting ready to bury him. >> these ribbons are a township wide effort to support the family. >> this represents the loss of a young son. >> we dry all day long, people come in and tell us their personal stories about everything. we are moms here and feel the loss of a kid. it's unbelievably devastating. >> the haddonfield floral company is one of four businesses making ribbons in honor of creato, $3 from each goes to help the family. police are still asking questions as the investigation continues, on october 13th at 6:00 a.m., 42-year-old d.j.
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creato reported his son missing and brandon was found less than a mile from his apartment a few hours later, they say it doesn't like someone forced they are way into the apartment. while the community waits for answers, they are doing what they can to make sure this family knows she care. >> the outpouring amongst people, that is how this town is. >> reporter: again, the viewing is underway here and it will continue until 7:00, the funeral mass will be tomorrow at 10:30 that is at holy savior church in west mont, eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> eva thank you. philadelphia police are looking for two men wanted for carrying out a brutal robbery.
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this is parks market, one suspect head behind the counter while the other pounces on a 63-year-old man beating him to the ground, that suspect continues to punch and kick and stomp that victim only stopping when his accomplice was done cleaning out the register, we can tell you that that victim will be okay. if you have information on the suspect here please call northwest detectives. camden county police are trying to return a haul of stolen items to their owners. police were able to identify and arrest the suspect and later determined that he was selling the stolen goods to a market on federal street. at least one could face charges and if anyone believes they could be a victim of these thefts should can't police to begin the process of recover yg
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their stolen belongings. a north carolina man will spend the next nine years behind bars for flushing fake poker chips down an atlantic city toilet. workers at harrahs discovered $2.7 million in counterfeit chips when they went to unclog a sewer pipe last year. he apparently flushed them because he thought someone was on to his scheme, that scheme involved using the fake chips at the borgatas winter poker tournament. in addition to prison time, he had to pay a half million dollars in restitution to both casinos. one person was hurt in the fire that damaged a row home in reading, firefighters were called to north ninth and olay streets, they arrived to find smoke billowing from a bin doe and firefighters got the fire under control but expect the
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morning on scene putting out hot spots, authorities have not said the extent of the injuries suffered by the victim. sea isle city is mourning the loss of a woman known as their queen, dr. irene jamison was known as the queen of the polar bear plunge, the 90-year-old passed away at her home and held the title for 18 years and raised $30,000 for charity doing it. this is pictures with our own adam joseph as she took part in the plunge, friends and family are holding a service at 5:00 in palermo, new jersey. student his to jump in action after a school bus accident but fortunately it was only a drill. they sem lated the mass casualty and students acted as the victims while others rescued their classmate. it's part of the career center
4:36 pm
curriculum for those that hope to become first responders. the newcastle police received a donation for their four-legged officer, a check for $1,000 was presented to the department shs that is for cooper the canine, bob and teresa donated the money after meeting cooper and his handler at a demonstration. >> good looking dog right there. young athletes just learned a thing or two from the philadelphia union soccer team, the kids picked up new techniques from the coaches and staff at ppl park in chester. the clinic was for 100 students from andrew jackson elementary in philadelphia, they won the chance because of their packs for the game and their participate tase in the literary program. time to check in again with adam who is literally hanging
4:37 pm
out today. >> he is up in the air all afternoon, back up again checking out spring mountain's canopy tour. it's cool, i have done this before. >> the foliage is hitting peak and my heart is racing now. . >> this is the burma bridge directly out of indian jones. as i go across i am literally trying to balance with my own weight here as i am hovering right over you, and you know what, while i stand in the middle here, i will go right in the middle, i'll give you temperatures, look at the mid-atlantic, it's warm, 77 in
4:38 pm
philadelphia and 70s across much of this area, even just to the north, but there is it quite a change that will be pulling in here into friday and the upcoming weekend, as we fly up into canada, timmons 34 degrees and the strong high pressure is pushing in from the north will send somewhat cooler air for this time of year. we'll chat about that change coming up in the seven day, but i want to try and get across this as fast as i can. going uphill. did i do all right? >> well done man. >> they are clapping just to be nice here. >> brian do you remember doing this? this particular burma bridge, as they call it. >> i have a moderate fear of heights when standing up there,
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good thing you signed that waiver. >> it is, you have knees that knock and i'll repel next as i give the seven-day forecast, i'll repel down the tree. >> looking forward to it. come on over guys, join me. >> still ahead a preacher's daughter goes above and beyond to prove she honored the purity promise she made as a teenager. and they rescue a little girl that was abandoned after hours. and the taco emoji is finally here and it's not alone, from a unicorn to a rather rude justure, if you have not figured out how to get the 150 new characters on your cell phone, stick around. >> meteorologist, adam joseph, he will be back with the full forecast from accuweather.
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my heart drops and so many things were crossing my mind and i heard her screaming and i didn't know what was going on. >> jones called the fire department and they reached the toddler within minutes. they thought journey was a doll and that is why they left her behind however they did not
4:43 pm
explain why they closed 15 minutes early. >> what a story. a big promise then bray lynn made to her father michael. fast forward to tim bowman jr. and this picture here is going viral because the paper is not a mage license but a certificate of purity. braylynn posted on instagram that her doctor signed it after confirming that she remained chase. her father gave her the covenant when she was a teenager and was proud to have upheld it until her wedding day but she is the brunt of harsh criticism on social media, wondering why she publically announced her chastity and why she felt the
4:44 pm
need to share her sex life with her father. dad responded by saying is he praying for all the people criticizing his family. this is it, a big day for the text and tech obsessed alike. some new emojis are here. for apple users you need the s ios.0 is update and there are good eye lights this year, they include a burrito, and looking for a hot dog? it's here. flyers fans and hockey lovers alike are looking for a stick and a puck. and the unicorn is a real life emoji, why has there not been a cheese emoji or a champagne bottle with a popping cork, and add to that popcorn and a turkey just in time for thanksgiving. we are talking about it all day,
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it's a reality. the taco emoji is here, they shared a new characters that are being considered for next year and they include a cowboy, pieaa delicious. right. and a person taking a selfie, and the new emoji, the most requested one, lets just say it's a hand gesture using one finger and it lets you tell people exactly how you are feeling. >> and pia is there a demand for that? our lives are now a little more complete. thank you. lets get another check of the roads tonight where people aare using the pointing finger. >> some people or maybe using
4:46 pm
that crying emoji, the really sad face to describe the traffic here on route 1, the super highway, here on the southbound lanes it's a slo go this afternoon from 2013 maple avenue to neshaminy, where we had not one but two earlier accidents. they are both gone now and the southbound delay traveling away from langhorne to ben salem does persist. the crash is out of the way and in lower southhampton, 213 at bridgeton pike at thevil villag pantry. and delco, watch out or a crash along walnut hill by the auto detailing in chester heights and in the city of chester a wreck along 9th street and booth
4:47 pm
street. and a crash in bellmawr, approaching the north-south freeway, single digit speeds. and hammonton the downed wires shutting down the eastbound lanes of white horse pike. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. adam joseph back with the exclusive accuweather forecast as he repeals in the trees. coming up next.
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all right adam joseph having a lot of fun once again today live at spring mountain, what is next? >> this is the one where you throw yourself off the side and hope you are hooked in because you are repelling down this particular trick and i have rick
4:50 pm
the manager here with me. this is repealing, is this the one that people freak out the most about. it's the cleaning back and trusting me step that get a lot of people and it only take a second and it's 45 feet of pretty much free fall. >> i weigh quite a bit can you hold me. >> absolutely. >> you are making me look like a don't have much on me. how many years are you doing the canopy tour? >> this is our tenth year and we add something each year to keep it fresh. >> what do i do? >> i'll count to three and kick back -- one, two, three -- >> you bounce off the tree and he safely landed me.
4:51 pm
this is just one of the obstacles on the course, but let give the forecast it's absolutely beautiful out here. philadelphia 77 and allentown 74 and millville 74 and the numbers today 12 degrees above normal. but don't get used to it because change as arrive tomorrow. your satellite and radar, we have clouds that push in from the north and west, as a cold front approaches between scranton and buffalo and thicker clouds with sprinkles and showers and the front will overall come through dry, partly cloudy and there could be a spotty sprinkle, the best chance to see the sprinkle will be north or west of philadelphia, suburbs 45 to around 52 for philadelphia. and as we get into tomorrow. high pressure is coming in from the north, the high is north of lake ontario, and the cold front draped to the south in southern
4:52 pm
virginia, our temperature is dropping to 63 degrees, so again a big drop from today, a crystal clear skies at 17 miles per hour, then on saturday, the high is east of maine and with it setup in northern parts of new england, the winds around it clockwise and it wedges down cold air to the coast in north carolina, and cooler than friday at 62 degrees and the next cold front across detroit and chicago that comes through with a few showers but overall sun and clouds and it stays cool, the exclusive accuweather forecast, breezy and cool and sunny and 63 and 62 on saturday and maybe a morning shower on sunday and a few peeks of sun and 67 and the sunshine is back in control on monday and 63 and just a few clouds and the clouds thicken up on wednesday and late wednesday, wednesday night into thursday we
4:53 pm
get much needed rain around here. and the temperatures cooler. watch this from this vantage point, you say it doesn't look that high or that bad, but when you let go and go backwards it sends butterflies down your spine and shiver in your legs and what not, coming up next we'll climb this rope and go up the next landing and go across, there is much more to do. i know brian and sharrie, you are done at 5:00, but turn on the next hour. >> have a blast adam, jealous of you. >> what's the deal is coming up next. people of the coffee-drinking world,
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you'll see everything from casual wear to evening gowns and something for everyone at every size, the boutique is bigger than ever this year, scarves and handbags and designer shoes and more, and gifts and home decor items and some are brand new, the sale is at a new location, happening at the former waterloo gardens in devon. it starts wednesday of next week and wednesday is the preview day and you'll be asked for a $30 donation at the door and $5 on friday and the discounted
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merchandise will be slashed in half. since then it has donated $4 million to worthy causes, as you are shopping, you can know your money is going to help others. this year the money raised will go to the people's center. the center's mission is to strengthen families and drive change in philadelphia. we put all of this information on the saving page at i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> and that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. "action news" at 5:00 is next. vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. [woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this? [man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis.
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[man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. police are searching for the driver that hit a man on his bike and drove off in delaware county, the victim drove off with severe head trauma and they said it's a dangerous stretch of road at any hour. and the big story is the investigation into the hit and
5:00 pm
run on 202. sara bloomquist is live at the scene in glen mills for us with the very latest. >> reporter: rick and monica, this is where it happened, there is orange paint on the pavement indicating where the bicyclist was hit and where he landed. you get an idea of the traffic behind me just how busy 202 is along this stretch and the hour that the crash happened it would have been dark but the driver should have seen the bicyclist and definitely should have stopped. >> certain parts of the road are bad. somebody is coming down going 65, 70 and they have to compensate and they didn't see the poor guy and no helmet or


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