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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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run on 202. sara bloomquist is live at the scene in glen mills for us with the very latest. >> reporter: rick and monica, this is where it happened, there is orange paint on the pavement indicating where the bicyclist was hit and where he landed. you get an idea of the traffic behind me just how busy 202 is along this stretch and the hour that the crash happened it would have been dark but the driver should have seen the bicyclist and definitely should have stopped. >> certain parts of the road are bad. somebody is coming down going 65, 70 and they have to compensate and they didn't see the poor guy and no helmet or reflective helmet or whatever,
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but there is no excuse for not stopping. >> the victim rides his bike each day and was riding just north of naaman's creek, the driver of the car possibly an older model silver sedan, possibly a dodge neon swerved and when over the line and hit the man. the bicyclist was transferred to crozer medical center, they hope to find cameras to explain why the bike swerved and nevada stopped. the bike should have been so far the police have not come
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upon any surveillance video, if you know anything about the driver contact police right away. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. a delaware county man was arrested today for allegedly attempting to lure children near an elementary school. police say that 26-year-old daniel lee of wayne, first approached the children and then on the playground at the school, lee told them they were going to a cabin in the woods and the children told their parents and they called 911. lee's parents tell "action news" that their son is autistic and likes to talk to children and is not a threat. anyone else with contact with lee is asked to call police. friends and family are gathering tonight to honor the toddler who was found dead last week. a wake is underway, and a mass is tomorrow morning in westmont,
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investigators are still working to figure out how creato died. pennsylvania attorney general's law license was suspended today. kane marked the day by releasing emails to a supreme court justice that she says are pornographic and offensive. john rawlins joins us with the latest. >> the emails are a big complicated issue for kane. they have released this batchf emails. kane today not here at her office but her scranton office,
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kane is comfortable in her belief that she can do her job without her law license. >> it's important to note that there are certainly lawyers in the office who believe that her role needs to be more limited. harrisburg activist jean stilt says that kane has to go. he announced he is petitioning the supreme court and senate to use the constitution to remove kane. his argument kane cannot do her job without her license. >> the supreme court has suspended her license and charged twice by the describe attorney with felonies, up to nine or ten, she is to the point that that is reasonable cause to remove an attorney general.
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>> i know there is a provision in the constitution, i am not as clear as i should be on that, but at this point i am calling on her to voluntarily do what she should do and that is resign. >> to far kane has refused all calls to step down, she says she is innocent and wants her day in court and wants to be in court as the attorney general and not the former attorney general. >> putting an end to terrorism is the topic of discussion at the national constitution center today. the national defamation league and the fbi all joined together for a conference addressing hate crimes and they talked about the spread of hate and domestic extremism, two former members of the baptist church spoke at today's event, it's labeled as a place of protest for funerals of
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soldiers killed in action. s.w.a.t. teams put their skills in action and several teams participated in the s.w.a.t. challenge and it's aimed to test technical and decision making skills in a controlled environment. this is just part of the training that s.w.a.t. teams undergo. >> they are continuously going to classes for active shooters and sniper classes and this is not just a one day event but a long process that continues. officials say that the exercise helps to build trust and comradery. while we are all enjoying it, accuweather says don't get used to it. cecily tynan is outside on the terrace with the details. >> all good things must come to an end, we are enjoying a taste of indian summer the past few
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days. temperatures unseasonably warm and today so far the high 77 degrees, which is 12 degrees above the average high this time of year, and that warm air is just hanging on on the east coast, boston at 71 and new york city 72 and baltimore 77 and if you look to the west, pittsburgh 62 and syracuse 56 degrees, that is along a cold front that is pressing through in the overnight hours. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are dealing with a little bit of cloud cover ahead of the front, the clouds are breaking enough to see sunshine as well. the front is across central pennsylvania and as it slided through tonight, it could have a spotty sfrinkle and mainly clouds and that ushers in the big change in the wind direction and pulls in much cooler air but the evening planner showing you it's a mild evening at 7:00, 7:00, 70 and 10:00 holding on to
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64, we likely won't even hit that tomorrow afternoon. the winds of change tomorrow by 3:30 only 60 degrees in philadelphia, parts of new england only in the 40s, and i'll have details on this cool air and what it means for your weekend coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. time now for a check of your "action news" traffic scene, matt pellman is in the traffic center with the latest on the commute home tonight. >> we are wishing the speeds are as high as the temperatures. but alas that is not the case rick and monica, like many cases here on 95, northbound side slowing coming out of the city and a vehicle that broke down here in the northbound lanes approaching allegheny after few and they got it cleared out of the way and that doesn't help us out in a spot that is normally busy, speeds in the 20s on 95 out of the city. and the boulevard a crash there
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at 7th street and tacony street, a tractor trailer accident and troubles at the franklin institute. and a traffic pattern on the ben franklin parkway. a crash on the northbound lanes of 25, single digit speeds as you come out of gloucester county and camden county and a wreck at 42 approaching 295, that gives us slowing heading back to the walt whitman bridge into new jersey and an earlier opening at the burlington bristol bridge, i would head to the betsy ross instead and the burlington bristol bridge is closing at midnight tonight. you will want to avoid that in the overnight hours.
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>> thank you matt. much more to come on "action news" tonight, the fda approved a new way for people suffering with varicose vein here one patients journey through the procedure. cecily will be back with the cooler temperatures coming our way next at 5:00. ññ
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one american service men was killed in an iraqi raid of prisoners held by isis, the operation was conducted at the request of the regional government, they had reason to believe that 70 iraqis would be killed in a mass execution, the american killed in a fire fight. the first death in iraq since december of 2011. former secretary of state, hillary clinton was grilled on capitol hill today, she testified about her knowledge of security of the u.s. compound in libya before it was attacked in 2012. four americans were killed
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including american ambassador, chris stevens, it surrounded clinton's email correspondent -- in health check, varicose veins are not just a physical problem, it's above and below the surface. >> vicky rothman was fed up with the varicose veins. >> they itched and hurt and kept me up at night. >> when vicky sought a solution, the doctor suggested claire vein meaning veins on the surf means trouble below. >> when you stand up the blood
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is now going down, the pressure pushes surface veins out and the deeper vein needs to be closed down and the doctor locates it using ultrasound. he makes a tiny incision and slips a long catheter inside and it's ready to go. >> at the very tip of the catheter is where the medicine comes out. when i turn on the device it's absolute spinning. >> it shifts the blood flow to healthier vessels and she says it's virtually painful, just a little vibration. afterwards she is told to get walking. >> i walked the parking lot for 15 minutes and kept walking every day, five weeks later the bulging spots are much smaller and the incision marks are gone but best of all, so is the aching. >> i'm very happy with it i
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really am. >> dr. dietz says that closed veins continue to shrink and fade for months, there is little complications, it does not use heat and will not cause skin burns or nerve damage like some procedures can and many insurers will pay for the treatments. the number of doctors in training have reached new heights in the u.s. there are 20,000 men and women enrolled in medical schools up 25% since 2002 and they are becoming increasingly diverse and the number of hispanic students is up 7% and african-american students up 12%. back here students and teachers stepped outside of the classroom in support of breast cancer awareness in philadelphia, the achievement
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charter school responsered this outdoor rally, they marched through the community holding banners and dressed in pink, and there was a brunch this morning for breast cancer survivors. this year they are hoping to top their mark.
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investors reacted today to the news that mcdonald's sales are growing for the first time since 2013. the all day breakfast menu was expected to fuel sales and third quarter sales are up so that was before the breakfast menu began. serious athletes have a new competition to test their strength at the shore, there will be a half iron man triathlon in september, a 1.2 mile swim and a 13 mile run on the boardwalk, the event is expected to bring new business to the shore. >> maybe i'll compete. >> ha, ha, ha! >> the hit abc show shark tarng
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was recontracted in bucks county today. they came together in warminster to participate in a shark tank style competition, it was four ceos that listened to four (ation and decided who would get $5,000 to continue their businesses. the first place winner was katie robbins of southhampton who created a special pasta sauce called taste of tuscany. students were asked to create a recipe for a new flavor of soup and design the packaging, it was part of the campbell's second annual career accelerator day.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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time for accuweather cecily tynan is here at the "action news" big board. >> this is all we get, things are going to be changing today is a beautiful day. douglas posted this on my facebook page, the maple is turning and mixing in with the
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pines and there are high thin clouds rolling in and that will bring us a reality check as we head toward the weekend, today is feeling like summer, 75 in philadelphia, so far our high 77, 12 degrees above normal and allentown 72 and wilmington 73 and atlantic city airport mild 74 degrees. but looking ahead, things are changing and in nine days we'll be falling back to eastern standard times, that is a week from sunday and that is when november 1st, the sun is setting at 4:58, and 49 days is the average first snow for philadelphia and winter begins in 61 days, it won't feel like winner tomorrow but it will feel like fall. we started the day with bright sunshine but the clouds are high and thin and we see breaks of sunshine between the clouds and the actual cold front we are
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tracking is to the north and west and it's moisture starved so as it runs through tonight, we could get a spotty sprinkle and most areas some cloud cover, mild night and 52 in philadelphia and allentown 45 and wilmington 48 and cape may 54 degrees, future tracker showing tonight at 8:30, and clouds again and a spotty sprinkle and north and west of philadelphia, the bright sunshine is back by 11:00, temperatures only in the 50s, in addition to the sunglasses, in the afternoon we'll struggle to make it into the low 60s, definitely a change in the winds tomorrow with the winds out of the northwest. the five-day at 5:00, a lot cooler than today, 63 degrees and a pretty day and sunshine and winds from the northwest, winds out of the west 10 to 15 miles per hour. and 62 on saturday and sunday another cold front rolls through and this could bring us a brief
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shower like tonight's it won't have a lot of moisture to deal with. 67 is the high in the afternoon and lots of clouds and the cooler air moves in on monday and tuesday sun with a few clouds and a high of 63 degrees, you know what? the weather is perfect to head to the tree tops and adam joseph in spring mountain, you are fearless when it comes to heights? >> no, no, no. i just play a good part on tv, preventing i don't have fear of heights but i'm trying to catch lane on this cargo net, this is the only way to get to this part of the course. you do zip lining and there are all these different challenges, rick took the hard way climbing a rope, and just a tad bit easier to get all the way up. i'll give you the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast as i go from this particular tree to that tree there across a
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tiny tight rope, rick and monica you'll want to hang around. just kidding. i'll give you the seven day in the next half hour. >> have fun. >> see you then. >> quick break and more news when we come back stay with us.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. hillary clinton on the hot seat answering questions about the benghazi attacks that took the lives of four americans. we are live. four store customers beaten by thieves it's all caught on tape. and lets go to capitol hill with kenneth moton. >> reporter: intense moments on capitol hill today and hillary clinton has held her ground facing her critics i can tell you they are requesting if she did enough to protect the americans in benghazi. >> reporter: hillary clinton playing defendants on capitol hill. >> i clearly called it an
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attack. >> calling it an attack is like saying the sky was blue, of course it's an attack. >> even the members on this bipartisan panel went at it. >> you need to make sure the entire record is record. >> that is what i'm trying to do. >> clinton is under attack for her actions before, during and after the attack on the diplomatic post in benghazi, four americans including chris stevens were killed. >> one of the horrors after the attack was our failure to be able to find where the ambassador was. >> at issue was the emails that stevens sent to the state department asking for additional security before the attacks and that bloom blumenthal had her private email and he did not. >> he had unfettered access to
5:32 pm
you. >> i don't know what this line of questioning does to help us get to the bottom of the death of four americans. >> they are set to write a report on the benghazi attack, they may not do it with the five democrats on the panel. fed up for what they call partisan politics. >> world news with david muir will have more after "action news" at 6:00. and now police in delaware are looking to why a man was shot and left for dead in wilmington last night. they responded to 911 calls at eighth and spruce streets, the victim was rushed to christiana hospital and remains in critical condition, so far there are no suspects in the case. the search is on for two thiefs that viciously beat a man
5:33 pm
while robbing an east mown airy store, this is from parks market along the 6200 block of german town avenue, they acted as if they were shopping when one man walked up to a 63-year-old man and started punching him. when he had the money the man started to beat the witness before both suspects ran off. the victim is expected to be okay. teens working towards a career as emergency responders put all they learned to the test in montgomery county, the program participated in the mass casualty drill in landed dale, the goal to rescue and treat victims of a school bus accident, some students acted as the injured and some as pseudo paramedics and police. well, it's still not clear
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what led to this real head-on crash in philadelphia early this morning, this is the scene on the northbound roosevelt boulevard lanes, police say that two cars collided and one driver was taken to the mopt but expected to be okay. it may be a warm day today but winter will be here before you know it and that means it's time to think about snow. unfortunately. governor tom wolf held a news conference to unveil a new tool, 7,000 plow trucks are fitted with new technology for how they perform during a storm. it will help penndot keep track of where the trucks are and what they are encountering how much salt they have left. and the information will be available to everybody. >> this data will be available for the 511 system. readed can see where the trucks
5:35 pm
are and where salt is laid down and where the routes are, so they can safely navigate where they need to be during the storms. >> it will save the state more than a million dplaollars. they have a chance of -- a unique election lottery prize, residents that vote for the mayor on november 3rd will automatically be put into a drawing and they will pick a winner for the cash. they hope this will reverse the record low turnout for elections. and the two candidated for philadelphia's mayor will debate tomorrow, democrat candidate, jim kenny and marissa bailey, will debate.
5:36 pm
you can send your questions to or #6abcaction. watch it october 25th at 11:00 a.m. on channel 6. it's a beautiful fall day and the perfect day for a fall adventure. this is good stuff. >> hanging out there adam? >> hanging out literally, but that gentlemen just went across this tension wire, tight rope, if you will. only 3/8 inch thick, oh my goodness as you go across here, i am literally holding on to the mike in one hand and a rope in the other, i am putting my feet sideways, and not facing you because that is my best balance, holy moly, i did not try this before on the air, i thought it would look better to do it live on tv for the first time. does anyone cry when they go across this.
5:37 pm
occasionally. >> i'm on a safe platform guys, again that tight rope, just 3/8 inches thick, you think of nik wallenda who does this without a harness, i don't know how. here at canopy tours, you go from tree to tree and zip line as well. i'll give you the seven-day forecast and we'll go zip lining and that is safer than going across the wire like this. rick you want to try it? >> i have done it three times, not there but elsewhere. >> you are only a foot off the ground you can't tell from the camera angle. >> right. >> take the helmet off. lets get a check of the traffic situation. >> matt pellman, would you do it? >> i hope you will let me show you the ropes when it comes to traffic.
5:38 pm
outside this afternoon i'll go out on the wire and say that some people are forgetting about the overnight closures on the vine street expressway allow me to remind you that each night this week, both directions of vine are closing between the schuylkill and broad street, and this afternoon no shortage of traffic on the vine street expressway now backing up on both directions. 95 in delco close to ridley park, a fender bender on the shoulder contributing to the delay, and a crash in milford, buck county and one in newark along route 40, polanski highway. we are getting ready for an opening at the tacony palmyra bridge, head to the betsy ross bridge as the alternate. and rick and monica, no. >> thank you matt. dozens of people used their
5:39 pm
free time to help others. they hosted a luncheon, and men and women and two that served for more than 15 years were recognized. and still to come on "action news" tonight, books, books and more books, hundreds of children had new adventures to read about thanks to the generosity of others. >> and the temple football team sets out to make history and we'll head back to spring mountain and adam joseph for the all important weekend forecast. >> it will be a little nippy when "action news" comes right back.
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time for sports and jaime apody is here and the eagles preparing for the panthers. >> a while since they went on an airplane and now getting ready to play the undefeated eagles. the confidence high coming from a game where they forced turnovers, bringing the number to 16 on the season and olson is
5:43 pm
cam newton's target, he had 137 yards and a touch down last week. the birds have long had trouble with tight ends. >> he is playing great now and catching everything and running good routes and deep routes and cam is getting the ball to him and he catches everything and uses the ball well, he is a hybrid tight end, and obviously presents a mismatch, insideline backers, and barway, sacked cam newton. and what about the eagles quarterback, will sam bradford ever show consistency, the bird s birds -- ron jaworsky is here with more. >> there is no excuse for this performance, sam has too much talent to play the way he is
5:44 pm
playing, you can't throw three interceptions in a game and yet the eagles win by 20 points, from you going to be a world championship contender, your quarterback has to play not like this, not like look i'm here, sam making bad decisions and bad throws. the quarterback has to play better. >> indeed it is, the big showdown from temple on halloween, but not so fast. the owls have a big one to get through tonight first. carolina who beat tech earlier this season, they are 3-0 on their home field and this is a huge conference showdown tonight and a lot is on the line and matt rule keeps telling his guys relax. >> i'm not worried about looking ahead i'm worried about putting
5:45 pm
too much emphasis on this game. this is game seven, just play in game, this is a great opportunity to go compete, not for anything else other than this game. when our guys have this mentality they play way better. >> the rangers up next for the flyers on saturday, keep an eye on injuries. they are day to day with upper body injuries. flyer improving last night thanks to a claude giroux game winner in overtime for the win. a fan even got a souvenir stick, i don't know if it was a flyers fan but lets hope. >> they have to become one. >> that is how it works. thank you so much. >> it's a big night. a brand new etch said of "grey's anatomy" at 8:00. >> a lawyer can't do all that.
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>> no, but i can. >> you hired leo? >> thing one and thing two. >> and then on scandal, olivia surprises her fellow gladiator by calling on them to help. melee and cyrus scheme from the sidelines. >> why is he freaking out? >> there is nothing to worry about. don't try to talk to him. >> and on "how to get away with murder" the shocking confession to asher, he discovers the pitfalls for working for anal e analise. what a night to snuggle up for prime time. it's all followed by "action news" at 11:00 and join in for
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this 13 and generation former is named new jersey sought standing farmer. he runs chicken farm. needer grew up on her parent's
5:50 pm
farm and got a degree in natural resources, the outstanding young farmers program is the biggest recognition program in the united states, the first winner was selected in 1955. >> congrats to her. lets go back live to adam joseph with the outdoor adventure. you have to be very brave. >> yes, well monica and rick, this is a great team building activity, we should bring all the on air talent at channel 6. >> i would pay to see that, see rick hanging up there. i'll find a lawn chair and just watch. >> he ask scale that ladder there well, i think. >> where is the buffet. >> you have the fall foliage. >> it's somewhere down the road rick, i have lane with me one of canopy tour guides, you have zip
5:51 pm
lines and only things. >> we have four obstacle bridges and one cargo net and two repels to get onned ground. >> who is the biggest babies, the men or the women? >> it depends some moms get anxious. >> they do the canopy tours at least through november. >> the high was 73 off the record of 83 and the low this morning, lower than the normal of 65 degrees. the warmth will not last long but as we look at satellite and radar clouds pushing in from the northern and west and clouds increase as the front is approaching and a few showers and sprinkles pushing in from the south and west and overall tonight, not seeing much in the
5:52 pm
way of rain and really just a wind shift and clouds passing by and there could be a spotty sprinkle and 45 in the lehigh valley and 52 for philadelphia. we look into friday and we continue to look at the forecast, you want to link me in, so i can go across. high pressure across from lake ontario. a cold front from virginia that passes through here tonight, 63 tomorrow and a big drop from today's 77 and a crystal clear sky. you'll notice the breeze kicking up 7 to 14 miles per hour and that high pressure goes east of maine, edging down it's winds from north carolina and another cold front from detroit to chicago, 1 degree cooler here on saturday and a mixture of sun and clouds and it stays on the cooler than average side with the cooler being 65, it's sunny and breezy and cool tomorrow, at
5:53 pm
63, tomorrow the trees are swaying tomorrow more than the calmness today. saturday sun and clouds and 62 and a morning shower with the next front on sunday morning. 67 on sunday and mostly sunny and 63 on monday and wednesday night in thursday our next opportunity for much needed rain likely with temperatures on thursday coming in at 65 degrees, am i good to go? i have to say something though. am i ready to zip? >> zip away! >> here i go, one, two three -- i want to see where the camera is, there you are. you go pretty fast and you go over 30 miles per hour and i try to see it through the trees here, and julie probably briefly saw me go by and it's fun to go down and challenge yourself in different ways, as they unhook me here, we'll have others
5:54 pm
coming across, i'm trying to fine you through the trees, there you are rick and monica, i think we should get this on the books, try the canopy tour for another month or so. what did you think? >> awesome. >> find a nice tree and tie a hammock to it, that is my zip line. as we get weather for cooler weather to return, stay current with, you can find the latest forecast and live double scan views from our storm tracker 6 live. >> in other news, 500 elementary school kids in camden, k through third graders from the leaf academy school got to browse from this book store and fine four books each to keep. it's part of the bags to books foundation that gives books to
5:55 pm
impoverished kids.
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5:57 pm
this is feasterville, bucks county, students were dressed in colorful t-shirts arranged themselves on a field to form a large illustration of a tiger as the school mascot, they captured the image from a bucket truck and a drone and will turn it into a work of art the entire school body will treasure. jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. a man is under arrest for attempted luring in wayne but hear why the suspect's mother says that was not his intention. and we are in harrisburg for day one of attorney general kathleen kane's law license
5:58 pm
suspense. i'm rick williams have a nice evening. vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night the new jersey senate overrides the christie veto on gun legislation, and they hope to reunite rightful owners with items from resenburglaries but the big story is an attempted luring outside of wayne
6:00 pm
elementary school. lawmen say that 26-year-old daniel lee of wayne talked to three children on two separate occasions, live is david henry, what are the details. >> reporter: well jim the suspect's mother says he is autistic and harmless and the police say they can't take any chances and they praise the mother and children for alerted them as quickly as they did. >> we don't know what happened here, we don't know his intent. >> police say daniel leah approached a brother and two sisters here, and he wanted them to go into the woods and find an abandoned cabin, he later emerged from the woods adjacent to the wayne elementary school play grown and then the mother arrived. >> she saw them speaking to lee and they


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