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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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practices. not everyone on board with in however. a group calling itself the concerned villanovaians petitioned the administration today saying that they were deeply troubled by the decision to arm police officers here at villanova. they wanted to meet with the administration. some of them want to see the whole program reversed and done away with at this point. some hundred to 200 people gathered on campus earlier today. >> give us the grace to live the life of gospel nonviolence. >> reporter: this rally organized by those who oppose the arming of villanova public safety officers. the new plan calls for 19 of the 75 public safety department to get police academy training and carry guns. the protesters aware many other schools including penn and temple have armed officers but maintain it's a bad fit for their school. >> i think it's a response in fear and i don't think guns are a solution to guns. and i don't think that this alliance with the catholic
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values of this university. >> reporter: the protesters also upset over how the decision was made saying university never release the the results of student surveys about the issue. what do they want? >> primarily to demand a repeal of the policy that father peter and the board of trustees has put in place to arm the department of public safety. >> reporter: but others on this campus of 10,000 say they are comfortable with both the process and the administration's final decision. >> it's a good idea. >> reporter: why? >> help us feel more protected with all the things going on. >> when you think about it the university is like a small to medium sized city itself so having cops here armed would not be a bad idea. >> reporter: well, so, divided opinion here on the campus. as for the group that organized today's event their request to meet with the university president so far unanswered. they are waiting they say. they would like to try to meet with those folks to get some idea how the decision was made and as to whether they could see whether that decision can be reversed. live in villanova, john
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rawlins, channel6 "action news." >> all right, john, thank you. we'll keep an eye on that one. election day is just a week and half away and today the two candidates hoping to be the next mayor of philadelphia squared off in a debate right here in our 6abc studios. our own jim gardner moderated the debate between democrat jim men key and republican melissa murray bailey. one of the biggest disagreements of the day came over the city's minimum wage. kenny says he wants to see it above $15 an hour. bailey says raising wages could hurt if it's not part of a more comprehensive approach. >> there's an national discussion about $15 an hour. i don't think -- i don't real think that's enough frankly because we have people in our city working two and three jobs working 80 hours a week and they're still in poverty. >> we know if you're fighting to survive as a business you're going have to make hard trade-offs. it's going to be people or computers and we have seen that in san francisco and my biggest fear is we have half as many people making twice as
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much money. >> both candidates found a few issues to agree on. both said they would keep school superintendent william hite and both said they would like inside the philadelphia police department to find a replacement for outgoing commissioner charles ramsey. 6abc was proud to host this debate in association with univision. you can see the debate in its entirety on sunday morning. it will air at 11:00 a.m. right here on 6abc. >> all right, time now for a check of the accuweather forecast on a friday afternoon. >> yes, let's go outside to meteorologist adam joseph. it's starting to cool down a little bit around here. >> big time from yesterday. despite that sunshine, the north wind really driving in temperatures that are much cooler than we saw 24 hours ago. so far the high temperatures today only 61 in the lehigh valley, 52 in mount pocono, 64 philadelphia, 66 in wilmington and even down to the south millville 65. and wildwood 63 degrees. that 24-hour change, it's 15 degrees colder in allentown
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than it was yesterday at this time. 13 degrees note philadelphia. nine in wilmington and 10 degrees cooler in wildwood. satellite and radar high pressure is just to the north and you can see that's really drying the air out and with that dry air we don't have any clouds in the midatlantic and also stretching down to the carolinas and the virginias but west of that high clouds are moving into chicago, cincinnati with some showers and that will pull through over part of the upcoming weekend but for this evening, 54 at 7 o'clock so a quick drop in temperatures with that wind relaxing. by 10 o'clock, rick, 49 degrees. we'll let you know when that rain could arrive over the weekend plus the latest on hurricane patricia over in the pacific. really strong, actually one of the strongest hurricanes ever, rick on the u.s. planet. we'll talk more about that coming up in a little bit in accuweather. >> all right adam we'll see you again soon. thank you. another candidate dropping out of the race for the white house. lincoln chafee ending his bid for the democratic nomination.
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he made the announcement at the dnc women's forum. he's had trouble raising money. now that he's out, there are only three major candidates left on the democratic side. hillary clinton continues to hold a lead over bernie sanders and martin o'malley. meanwhile on the republican side, new jersey governor chris christie is still toward the bottom of the field and as he struggles nationally to gain on the leaders he's also had a tough week here at home. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has more on that and she's live in our news room this afternoon. hi, nora. >> reporter: hi, there, rick. as the governor campaigns around the country he has bragged many times that new jersey's democratic controlled legislature has never overridden one of his vetoes, that is until yesterday. that's when the senate withheld from republicans overrode the governor on gun related bill. it's considered a stunning development in new jersey politics. >> it's significant. it is momentous and it might lead to a whole bunch more. >> reporter: rider university political analyst ben dworkin says the new
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jersey senate's ability to override one of governor christie's vetoes shows a chink in the harm more of the reply presidential candidate who has been campaigning almost nonstop in iowa and new hampshire. he said it was bound to happen eventually. >> even if he wasn't out of the state a lot running for president he's still a lame duck second term governor with a final two years of office. >> when you're running around trying to appease the ultra serve tiffs. >> reporter: democratic senate president steve sweeney gloucester county says christie was just trying to win points when he vetoed a bill that required anyone who spent time in a mental health facility and wants a gun to notify police before trying to expunge their mental health records. the bill was passed euna nan mussily by both houses. >> it's extremely significant. the governor is running around the country saying i control things. obviously he doesn't because when this issue -- on this issue they said enough. >> reporter: in the most recent quinnipiac poll out of iowa governor christie is winning just 1 percent of likely caucus voters.
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we asked jerseyians what they make of his chances. >> 1 percent of the vote, i mean, you know, personally speaking i think he should give up. >> if he was stronger in the polls i think he should stay in but right now it doesn't look like he's -- he's a viable candidate. >> reporter:. >> i do like christie. i'm a registered democrat but i'm very undecided right now but i would like to see him get in the running and donald trump, give him some competition there. >> reporter: now, governor christie is in new jersey today. he had no public appearances but does he have an interview later tonight on cable tv. live in our new jersey news room, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." alicia. >> all right, nora, thank you. the philadelphia zoo is mourning the loss of one of its most popular animals. clop dike the oldest polar bear in the united states has to be euthanized due to a serious decline in health. the zoo tried to help her but saw no improvement over the course of two weeks.
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clop dike was clear years old which is beyond the typical life span for a polar bear. she came to philadelphia in 1981, a year after she was born at the bronx zoo. >> well, the temple owls are flying high today after another big win to keep their perfect season alive. the action cam was there as the team arrived home overnight after a thrilling win over east carolina. this one was a real task with temple trailing late in the game. but the owls rallied for 14 points in the fourth quarter to pull out the win. students are watching on campus. the comeback sent them into a frenzy and from the sound of it the glow hasn't worn off yet. >> half time scared but i knew like eventually all year we would come back at the end. defense would save us. >> seven and oh. it's amazing to see so good for the school. so good for philadelphia. >> well, the owls don't have to wait long for their next big task. they'll hot notre dame on halloween night at lincoln financial field. temple fans are looking ahead to this game. if you don't have tickets
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there's only one place to see it. tune into 6abc halloween night for the prime time matchup between the owls and the irish. wow. >> very cool. time now for the "action news" traffic report. let's get people home on a friday. >> luck of the irish perhaps. matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. maybe not. >> i'm sporting my cherry and white in honor of my owls. we could lose the luck of temple to get home this afternoon. we're not having that on the schuylkill expressway. no luck. we've got a crash in the westbound lanes right under 30th street station. you can see one of the vehicles involved right there pretty badly damaged. another vehicle involved off to the side and police are on the scene as well taking out the left lane. coming west on the schuylkill away from passyunk you're hitting a wall of traffic headed towards the accident scene at 30th street station. also watching a crash in west philadelphia this afternoon at 46th and lancaster. that means some local detours on some of the septa trolleys and there's one to avoid in upper darby along state road at marion avenue. new traffic pattern in effects now along the ben franklin parkway close to the franklin institute. bottom line is one of the
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inner drive lanes is out in both directions through next summer which doesn't bode very well but we're trying to get used to that. had a crash on 95 northbound by the walt whitman bridge. that's cleared out of the way but there's still one southbound by cottman off to the side. watching a wreck on the pennsylvania turnpike in norristown take out the two left lanes. starting to see delays develop coming east of valley forge. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this friday afternoon. happy friday. one of our friends using the waze app talking about a pothole in the road in wilmington along the augustine cutoff. watch out for that and we'll check it again, alicia and rick in the next half hour. >> see you then. new details about that raid in iraq that freed dozens of hostages but also cost the life of an american soldier. >> plus, trouble for a popular health store. why one state says gnc has been using illegal ingredients in its supplements and we'll tell you how the company is responding. >> a local restaurant brings some philly flavor to a
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national cookoff on rachel ray. we talk to the owners about their experience in the competition so stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> the pentagon has identified the u.s. soldier killed during a hostage rescue mission in iraq. his name was master is that right joshua wheeler. he was from oklahoma and was stationed out of fort bragg north carolina. wheeler was killed during a raid to rescue kurdish hostages from isis yesterday. the mission freed 70 prisoners. wheeler is the first american killed during combat against isis. >> a group in charge of caring for local senior citizens is calling for an ends to their budget stalemate in pennsylvania. during a news conference today in germantown the philadelphia corporation for aging says it is running out of money. the group serves more than 40,000 seniors in our area. but the majority of its funding comes from the state government. officials say crucial services are in jeopardy if lawmakers in harrisburg cannot reach a
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resolution. the state budget impasse is now in its fourth month. gnc facing a major lawsuit today. the state of oregon is accusing the company of using illegal ingredients in its products. it focused on two ingredients that are not approved by the fda. the lawsuit claims they've been using them in dietary and nutritional substance. here's a look at the closing numbers today an good day to end the work week. the dow up 157 points as was the nasdaq 111. the s & p crossin closing up 22s and change. >> coming up this monday on rachel ray a south philadelphia italian staple is going head to head with other cities across the thus a
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serious pasta show down. we got a sneak peek at the recipe this family restaurant is making on monday's show. the one that could be the award winning dish. >> we have three teams of italian chefs cooking away in our first ever little italy show down. [cheers and applause] >> deep rooted italian restaurant from little italys in new york, san francisco and our own philadelphia putting their pasta to the test. >> welcome to our italian restaurant. pesto. >> pesto has been on south broad foreclose to 25 years and it's a real deal family business. dad, john, is the head chef and his three daughters including maria here all work in the kitchen. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: for monday's show down john and maria showed up their signature pasta dish. >> cavatell. >> you make pasta every day.
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>> every single day. >> this is my happy place. >> this dish in such high demand john couldn't hand crank that cavatelli fast enough. >> i made a little machine for the pasta. i took it apart and i put all new wheels inside and i put a drill on it. >> the secret ingredient. >> this is my love. i love it. anything you got to put love. everything you do. you don't got no love for you got to get out. >> these life long chefs say they were feeling the heat. >> surprising and nervous. we were both nervous 'cause it was actually our first ever time on tv. >> and while they can't tell us if they won monday's showdown. >> i declare it a winner does that count. >> they did say. >> definitely watch. watch and see how we represented philly 'cause i think we did a good job. >> we a good team, that's why. >> and you can find out if pesto won this monday at 10:00 a.m. on the rachel ray show right here on 6abc and they tell us they brought all of
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the ingredients from south philadelphia because they wanted it to taste exactly the way it does right here on broad street. a great family, super talented and i love the dad, john, 'cause he's always laughing. he's got a lot of heart. >> i love you because you brought some samples. it was delicious. >> you think it's a winner, right. >> got my vote. you could taste the lobster, crab meat, the shrimp you really could. nice and fresh. thank you, by the way. >> thank them. >> speaking of fresh, meteorologist adam joseph -- >> in what regard? [laughter] >> well, figure it out. you have the weekend forecast. little bit of rain looks like. >> we've got that some refreshing air. >> there you go. >> during the day today with those northwesterly winds. only 60 in allentown, 64 philadelphia, 65 in wilmington. and even at the shore between around 61 and 64 degrees. the winds you felt them all day out of the northwest. 12 miles an hour in philadelphia, 10 in allentown, 13 in wilmington and 15 miles an hour in dover. as we look at satellite and radar, we get this nice little
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wedge of dry air with sunshine across the eastern half of the country, really along the east coast. we're watching the storm cutting up right through the nation's heart land in the northern plains an little bit of this precipitation will spill through here over the upcoming weekend. but tonight it is clear the a little on the chilly side but that's perfect for all of those high school football games. our game of the week is the eagles at panthers in collingswood, new jersey. clear and breezy, 54 degrees at 7 o'clock and then dropping to 49 degrees by 10:00. thereafter through the rest of the overnight hours we'll be down to 33 tomorrow morning in allentown, 34 reading, 39 in wilmington, 36 in millville. the winds will relax and it will be on the cold side with a little bit of frost in those suburbs. as we look at future tracker tomorrow morning, decent amount of sunshine. a few high clouds streaming in far to the north and west but by the afternoon you start to see those clouds begin to increase as a front approaches from the west and then very early on sunday morning there will be a little ribbon of moisture. this is 6:00 a.m. on sunday
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with a few showers passing by. but they'll move on out and we'll see a few peeks of sun as we get into the afternoon hours of sunday. now we head to the specific. here is mexico and the coast there near porta vallarta. hurricane patricia 200 miles per hour sustained winds making this the strongest ever on the planet for a hurricane when you look at it ranking of wind speed. if you look at its pressure, it's the fourth strongest hurricane on the planet and again, those pressures that beat patricia were hurricanes that formed back in the 50's and also the 70's when they didn't measure wind so again you can call it the strongest ever only because of its winds of 200 miles an hour. there you can see that classic eye of the storm moving to the north at 12 miles an hour, the pressure 879 millibars. it should weaken a little bit before it makes landfall but still a very powerful category four hurricane as it makes landfall. this is 5:00 p.m., the pacific
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time with winds sustained at 150 miles an hour and then it rapidly weakens as it pushes over mexico. by saturday winds only 25 miles an hour. very mountainous terrain through here that will help rip pratt tish patricia apart i. 62 degrees here tomorrow. a morning shower is likely, 67 degrees on sunday and again maybe a few peeks of sun in the afternoon but a 17 amount of clouds and then the sunshine takes control again monday despite a dip in temperature, 63 and then mostly sunny on tuesday also coming in at 63 degrees and tomorrow's perfect to check out the leaves. they are peaking in the lehigh valley and the poconos so you want to head up there to check them out this weekend. >> some leaf peeping. >> leaf peeping people. >> wow. >> it's the perfect time for leaf peeping. >> i'm not saying it. thanks, adam. >> still ahead, the new addition coming to philadelphia's most popular spot for runners. >> and coming up at 4:30 details on that massive water main break that part of a city
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block under a huge amount of water today. stay with us. for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out
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for the victims. dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced dark roast coffee for 99 cents.
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for a limited time, get any medium hot or iced >> from our delaware news room state police say they've caught the second suspect in a deadly home invasion. they arrest edsall leap shabazz in norristown last night. they say that he and matthew harrington broke into a home last weekend on john clark road in dover. they shot three people. two of them died. harrington turned himself in earlier this week. shabazz is in jail on a million dollars bail as he waits for extradition back to delaware. police in bensalem looking for the man who robbed a gnc store at gunpoint. they gave us a surveillance picture of the suspect. they stay he walked into the store on street road last night just before 9:30. he pulled a gun and demanded the cash from the register. then he grabbed it and ran off. police are asking anyone who recognizes this man to call them immediately. >> well, runners and bikers will soon have a new convenience in philadelphia. starting next spring new
4:26 pm
drinking water stations will be installed along some of the city's most popular trails. the first four will be placed along kelly drive between east falls and boathouse row. pet owners will find ground level bowls for dogs. the kiosks will provide a freeway for people to stay hydrated with philadelphia tap water. another goal to reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in the schuylkill river and to promote physical activity. >> the new water kiosks will encourage people to utilize our great park system for recreation or to be a spectator walking around which will lead to healthier lifestyles for our kids and families all across the city of philadelphia. >> to further reduce river pollution the head of the schuylkill regatta will give away more than 12,000 reusable water bottles during the race this weekend. >> the children's hospital of philadelphia dedicated a brand new mural today but this one didn't just come from a local artisartist. it's called a jungle for you
4:27 pm
and me. 37 patients contributed to the mural which includes an eye spy feature. they had guidance from philadelphia artist david gwynn. the project was funded by an anonymous donation. it started two years ago with the goal of helping kids deal with the stress of in-patient treatment. >> good idea. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 police are asking for your help in finding a pregnant teenager and we will show you her photo when we come back. >> plus, parents in south jersey are on high alert after several bed bugs were found on a student and in a classroom. how the school is responding coming up in a live report. don't go away. flush
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year."
4:29 pm
now they brag about helping atlantic county. >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. it's 4:30. rick williams, alicia vitarelli here and "action news" continues with the last shot at free barbecue this month but you have to stay tuned to find out how. >> very yummy. plus you're not seeing things. there was actually a time when it rained rodents in rural idaho. why wildlife officials attached parachutes to beavers in boxes and then set them free from the air. >> it is true. and a berks county father is accused of encouraging his young son to fight another boy but it doesn't stop there. what police say he did to the boy's teacher when she tried to intervene.
4:30 pm
>> but we begin with a creepy crawly concern in a south jersey school. a parent contacted "action news" last night saying that deptford high had a be bed bug problem. we sent "action news" reporter trish hartman out to investigate. she is live outside the school with just what she found out for us and trish, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, alicia, this is the emergency pesticide use notice posted on the school's web site. it says that bed bugs were found fully engorged on a student in school. parents picking up their kids at deptford high school say they're on high alert. >> just make sure all the clothes are removed and taken well care of. i do not want them in my house. >> reporter: the school is being treater for the small insects that cause itchy mosquito--like bites according to its web site. pesticides were used in the school beginning wednesday and extermination will continue into next week after school hours. part of the school's online statement says "finding a bed
4:31 pm
bug does not mean that our school building is infested. bed bugs are often unknowingly brought into the school by building occupants and as a result we may have future sightings. we found stephanie smith who works for a pest control company. she says the key to getting rid of bed bugs is heat. >> it's not a cleanliness issue. it's the heat of the washer and drier that's going to kill them. they don't care if you're clean or dirty. >> reporter: the school says maintenance staff will continue to inspect the school and exterminate as needed andeny encourage parents to call a doctor with any health concerns. parents are also urged to call a pest control company if they see bed bugs at home. charles walker wasn't concerned about sending his daughter to school after hearing about the bugs. >> they know what they have to do, you know. they know there's thousands of people that would be here going crazy if anything didn't get taken care of. >> reporter: we reached out to school and district officials. our calls and e-mails were not returned. live in deptford township,
4:32 pm
trish hartman, channel6 "action news." >> trish thank you. police in berks county say a father not only encouraged his young son to attack another student he also attacked a teach here tried to intervene. 34-year-old james manning remains behind bars today following the alleged assault on wednesday. investigators say the father was standing by as his 12-year-old son pummeled an 11-year-old boy outside of muhlenberg elementary. when the victim started shouting for his teacher she rushed over. that's when police say manning turned on her. >> when the teacher intervened the father of the 12-year-old boy grabbed the teacher, threw her out of the way and told the teacher not to touch his son and if she does, he's going to hurt her. >> reporter: police say the incident left the teacher with a bruise on her arm. the boy, manning son was allegedly attacking was not seriously hurt. manning's preliminary hearing has been set next month. >> friends of family avenue haddon township toddler found
4:33 pm
dead last week gathered to say goodbye a funeral mass for brendan creato was held at holy saviour church in westmont. brendan's father reported him missing on october 13. the boy's body was found in a wooded area three hours later. the cause of death still has not been determined and no arrests have been made as investigators continue to piece together brendan's final moments. >> philadelphia police are asking the public for help in finding a pregnant teenager. police tell "action news" that 115siyanna torres. was last seen along the 1500 block of fairmount avenue. the teen is about 5-foot 1 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. if you know where she is, you're asked to call central detectives. authorities are also asking for help in identifying the two men who broke into an olney home earlier this month. it happened on the 900 block of godfrey avenue on october 7th.
4:34 pm
cameras captured one of the suspects checking to see if anyone was home. a second man then broke in through a back window and opened the front door. the duo was last seen carrying a flat screen tv into their get a way vehicle then fleeing the scene. police are asking anyone who can identify the burglars to call know northeast detectives. >> pennsylvania state senators are looking into whether they can remove attorney general kathleen kane from office. next week they will form a special bipartisan committee to exam opinion whether kane can perform her duties while her law license is suspended. the six appointed members will be announced monday and will have 30 days to report their finding to the full senate. if they determine she cannot fully perform her job they could recommend her removal under a constitutional provision that has never been used. kane is charged with perjury and obstruction. she has denied all wrongdoing. >> all right. time for a check of that weekend forecast. meteorologist adam joseph is back and we need some rain i guess, don't we. >> we do. we'll get a little bit here on
4:35 pm
sunday morning but a better chance as we get into thursday of next week but you know what, this weekend lots of sunshine because foliage is peaking in the poconos. live in lake wallenpaupakc. temperature-wise it is in the 70's cincinnati raleigh atlanta, 80's in new orleans. today just 64 as a cold front slipped through last night changing our wind direction and bismarck and chicago between 50 and 60 degrees. it is clear on the southeast coast right now but there is a system cutting up -- coming up from the midsection of the country through the great lakes. this front will pass through here sunday morning. not looking a lot of rain. it will be quick hitting showers on sunday morning. i'll let you know when that will be on sunday and that more significant rain to come next week in that seven-day forecast. >> okay. thanthank you, adam. students in kensington showed off their hard work to
4:36 pm
local latino leaders this morning. the pan american academy charter school hosted the hispanic heroes exhibit. the students were assigned to gather research on hispanic people who were achieving great things in philadelphia. city managing director rich negron, councilwoman sanchez and 6abc hosts were among those at today's events. >> halloween is almost here and while it's a time for lots of ghoulish fun for the kids many parents have to take extra precautions because of food allergies. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live in the news room with details. monica. >> hi, alicia, that's right. many halloween treats do contain some of these food allergens lycopene nuts eggs and milk products so it can be a little tricky. one things parents can do is talk to their child about not trading candy and always of course ask before eating the treats but there are other things moms and dads can also do to make their child's halloween experience a fun one and we'll tell you how in health check.
4:37 pm
a school in connecticut was recently chose stone get this brand new playground. this is not any ordinary play set. find out what it is made out of and how these students actually won this new playground. we'll have those stories and much more coming up a little bit from now on "action news" at 5:00. rick i'll see you then. >> what do you do with your leftover halloween candy. >> eat it. >> no, theres no leftover. [laughter] >> trick question. >> one for you two. >> there you go: philadelphia mayor michael nutter went to great heights to raise money for local education. the city's leader rappeled 31 stories down the one logan square building today. the annual adrenaline booster brings in money for scholarships for philadelphia outward bound school pro. each participant had to raise $2,000 in order to take the daredevil drop. organizers are hoping to raise a total of $275,000 this year. mayor michael nutter wasn't the only well known figure who decided to drop off the side of a building today actually. franklin the sixers mascot took the 418-foot trip down
4:38 pm
one logan square as well. there he is. the stunt was not only meant to get fans purged up about the first home game next week it was also intended to garner support for philadelphia area schools. both the sixers flight squad and the dance team were there to cheer on franklin as he safely reached ground. good for him. >> cool stuff. >> yeah. >> can't be afraid of heights for that one. >> not in a costume. >> still ahead, what's better than barbecue and ice cream? >> hm. >> not a trick question. free barbecue and ice cream. that's the answer. we'll tell you what you need know to cash in ahead. >> a u.s. bank had to fire 100 workers but their connection to the company did not end there. why those former employees say they had to agree to stay on call for two years for free. and what sun trust is saying about the continuing cooperation clause now. >> plus, it's the sound footage that brings new meaning to the phrase making the fur fly. why wildlife officials actually used sky diving beavers to reset tell remote
4:39 pm
parts of idaho. >> and we have the video to prove it and meteorologist adam joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:30 continues in just a moment. ♪ that's a big bull. ♪ i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. ♪ take the long way, huh? ♪
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thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
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>> kite a state. a water main broke. the break quicking flooded the work site as well as several nearby roads. the accident impacted subway and bus service in the area due to the closures. the valve has been closed. >> alicia thank you. good news for iphone users today. you aren't crazy. something on your phone really was draining your battery at a rapid pace even if you weren't using it. the culprit, the facebook app. an engineer for the social media company confirmed they found a few bugs that caused the app to continue to run in the background even if it had been closed.
4:42 pm
in response, facebook apologized and rolled out new version of the app yesterday. they say the free update should fix the power draining problem. what once sounded like a tall tale is backed up by cold hard proof. a public radio station has uncovered long lost video showing the idaho department of fish and game using parachutes to get rid of pesky beavers. officials put the animals in boxes load them onto planes and drop them in new locations to manage the beaver population. the 14 minute film documented the process back in 1950 but due to miss labeling it had been lost until now. thankfully, alicia,. >> we can all watch it. sun trust now is scratching what some employees were calling a raw deal. about a hundred full-time i.d. workers are getting laid off. their jobs now being outsourced overseas. in their original severance package there was something called a continuing
4:43 pm
cooperation clause which they interpreted to mean that they would have to remain on call unpaid for the next two years. and here's why. it read in part such assistance may include but is not limited to telephone or in-person meeting with sun trust employees attorneys and or accountants. today sun trust tells abc news that because it feels the clause was "misconstrued, we have removed it. they go on to say that the cooperation was primarily related to regulatory or legal matters and that they have not used this provision to require a former employee to ever be "on call." so, there's that story today. now, to israel where one cafe has a pretty unique peace solution. hummus. let there be peace and let it be over hummus. a cafe called hummus bar is offering the deal. they'll take 50 percent off the bill, half off, to jews and arabs who eat together.
4:44 pm
they offer the deal on their facebook page saying buy us. we don't have arabs and we don't have jews. we have human beings. they are urge people there to put their differences aside and dine together. the manager saying if there's anything that can bring these people together, it is hummus. love that peace solution there. and finally, are you heading to a halloween party but you don't want to be one of a dozen donald trumps game of thrones, emojis. google is helping you be a standout by letting you know which costumes are most popular in your neighborhood so you can avoid them. it's called fright geist. a google powered map created based on the top 500 costume related searches where you live. so here in philly these are the top trending costumes. harlequin, the batman villian, star wars, batman, himself, witch and superhero so if you
4:45 pm
avoid those you can come up with something a little different you'll be a standout at your party rick. >> any choices for yourself alicia. >> no, i'm still -- you know what, i have -- mine is going to be a reveal on halloween. you have to stay tuned. check my instagram for that, rick. >> i will. thank you much. now let's get a check on the highways and by ways one more time. matt pelman with an update. love your costume tonight, matt. >> you're very funny. i was going to say which superhero are you going to be because i know that's the direction you will go, rick williams. good afternoon to you. good afternoon everybody. we're live along the schuylkill expressway. not such a super ride in these westbound lanes. you can see it's a parking lot from this point at passyunk out to 30th street station. underneath it that's where there's an accident taking out one of the two lanes. it's been a rough start to the afternoon commute here on the westbound schuylkill. you might want to use 95 northbound and the vine street expressway westbound instead. going to hit a little traffic on the westbound vine but nothing like what you're going to hit on the westbound side of the schuylkill. and today we are getting used to a new traffic pattern along
4:46 pm
the ben franklin parkway. all because of the demolition of these bridges that run over the vine. it's giving you some flashbacks to the papal visit with these restrictions on the ben franklin parkway. bottom line is you're basically down a lane in both directions through next summer which doesn't bode real well. on the big picture, well, this doesn't bode real well, either. you got a sense of what things are like this afternoon. a ton of accidents out there. one in west philadelphia at 46th and lancaster giving us some diversions on some of the septa trolleys. one in king severing at 54th and chester with delays on the 13 trolley and upper darby watch out for a crash along state road and there's one in lower merion along montgomery at morris. pennsylvania turnpike we've had two accidents this afternoon in the eastbound lanes by norristown. one of them still taking out the left lane so speeds just in the teens as you come east of valley forge. no shortage of things to talk about this afternoon, rick and alicia. we'll talk more at 5 o'clock. >> busy busy. >> yup. >> thanks, matt. meteorologist adam joseph with another check that of exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when we come right back.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> time for a check of the accuweather forecast and a look at the weekend ahead. >> weekend is here. going start off sunny beautiful on the cool side. little bit of rain sunday morning but it's not going to last all day. >> good wedding weather. >> yeah, we'll see you out there. [laughter] >> take a look at double scan live radar right now. all is quiet. brilliant sunshine out there throughout the entire day. a little on the breezy and cooler side especially after yesterday's 77 degrees. right now we're 64 degrees. so a 13-degree drop from yesterday in philadelphia. 60 right now allentown, low 50's in the poconos. 64 in millville and we will mimic that number in dover. we have high pressure in eastern canada and you can see that is wedging a lot of sunshine along the eastern seaboard butter already we're seeing the clouds increase,
4:50 pm
the tennessee, the ohio valley and again very light rain chicago and a little bit heavier in northern texas near dallas with some thunderstorms. a piece of this will be breaking through here on the second half of the weekend. but for tonight, it's clear, it's chilly for the high school football games definitely bundle up. great football weather as winds relax. 33 in the suburbs by tomorrow morning to 42 degrees for center city. and future tracker 10 o'clock tomorrow morning just a few high clouds around. the clouds will tend to thicken as we get into the afternoon but again, precipitation-free here at 4 o'clock with similar temperatures to today if not maybe a little bit cooler and then here comes some of that rain early sunday morning at 6 o'clock again generally light showers and then it passes by, by the middle morning hours and by lunchtime on sunday starting to break out with some sunshine to the west, so again we'll salvage sunday afternoon with a little peek of sun here or there. the big weather story across the world right now is hurricane patricia. you can see its eye, it was really defined but it's
4:51 pm
starting to fill in before it makes landfall. about to make landfall before nanzanillo. if we take a look at ranking hurricane strength on planet earth it is ranked as number one when you look at its wind of 200 miles an hour sustained. but when you look at the pressure of the storm, the pressure usually means that the lower the pressure the stronger the storm is. with respect to its pressure it's ranked as number four and those storms that had stronger pressures back in the day in the 50's and 60's they did not keep wind records so we don't know with those storms what the winds were but at this point since records have been kept with winds it is the strongest on earth. wave heights also in addition. look at the wave heights. 35 to 40 feet slamming onto mexico's coastline right near
4:52 pm
manzanillo. sun and clouds tomorrow 62. breaking sunday in the afternoon of 67 and then the sun takes control monday into tuesday. still cool with temperatures in the low 60's. clouds build on wednesday of 63 and then a very small piece of precipitation that breaks away from patricia will pull through here way soaking rain on thursday. not looking at flooding rain, much needed rain at 68 and then partly sunny on friday. much cooler though at 58 degrees so not a bad weekend whatsoever. >> we'll take it. free barbecue, free ice cream, freebie friday is next. >> put them together.
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>> all right, everyone it is freebie friday and it is are last chance to grab an exclusive freebie just for our 6abc viewers. fat jack's ash about offering
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a deal. monday is the last time you can get a free carolina pulled pork or memphis pulled chicken slider by heading into the malvern elkins park or northeast philadelphia locations from 2:00 to 5:00 tell them you saw the deal on "action news." no purchase necessary. so go ahead and check that out. and how about this for yummy. sweet freebie at friendly's. sign up for the bff club and you'll get a free scoop, free birthday sunday and 25 percent off your next visit so two freebies plus plus a discount. in manayunk a dog costume contest free movie screenings and more. it starts at 4:00, it all starts at pretzel park at 11:00 a.m. lots of fun there. and speaking of more fun for the weekend cemetery and mansion this sunday is halloween family fun day. there's a pop-up mudder museum, civil war walking tour halloween scavenger hunt and more. that gets started at noon and rick, right now on
4:56 pm
find out all of the free films you can watch during the ongoing philadelphia film festival. lots of movies. >> lot going on this week. thank you alicia. final thfinally at 4:00 we e you with the only halloween video you need to see. oakly the owl having a who the of a time with his best frien friend. >> ♪ >> how about that? the rescued baby bops and chirps along as a an animatronic owl since. the raptor rehab center says the orphan fowl's friend is not only teaching him dance moves he's teaching him to socialize. >> and a big backup singer. >> sometimes you just have to wing it and give eight go. there you go. >> that is it for "action news" at 4:00. now for the always amusing
4:57 pm
rick williams, got the good jokes, brian taff, sharrie williams and meteorologist adam joseph i'm alicia vitarelli. join us and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> here's monica malpass with a look at what's coming and next at 5:00. >> see you in a moment. coming up a school scare in north philadelphia. parents learn that a woman was making threats to students on school property. we are live at taylor elementary with an update. also a new mural inside children's hospital of philadelphia is finished now. we'll tell you about this artwork that's brightening the faces of the hospital's youngest patients. those stories and more coming up next at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> parents and students at one north philadelphia school were frightened after they learned about a woman allegedly threatening students on school property. a letter was sent home and some students told their parents she had a gun. it's friday night. the big story on "action news" is an update to this school scare that we first reported today at noon. tonight, police say their investigation of the woman in question did not turn up a weapon. >> "action news" reporter david henry is live outside of
5:00 pm
taylor elementary school tonight with the full story t david. >> reporter: yeah, rick, there's a lot of confusion out here. nobody is quite sure exactly what happened and parents have a lot of questions. was there a gun or not? and where was the extra security promised by the school principal? >> they risk their life. >> reporter: that's the story maria got from her grandsonly he was one of to students who exchanged words with a woman outside the schoolyard when she reprimanded them for cursing. when they told her to shut up the boys say she threatened them with a gun. >> she said i will go to my car and get a gun and shoot you. she went to a car and pulled out a gun. >> reporter: the police tracked down the 39-year-old woman and she gave them consent to search her car and house. they didn't find a gun. the school sent children home yesterday with this note from the principal. it assured parents that philadelphia police and school police would be here during a arrival and dismissal. parents were upset when they


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