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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 30, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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>> this is the way it looked
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today at the ft. lauderdale airport as smoke bloomed up from a boeing 767 just before takeoff the engine caught fire forcing passengers to escape down those evacuation chutes taken was potential nightmare for passengers and crew and all things considered it was an example of tragedy averted. thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the cry of plane on fire. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live in the satellite center and chad, you have all the details. >> jim, a boeing 767 carries 24,000 gallons of fuel. so, if you can imagine the panic from passengers as they saw flames shooting from the engine. >> this is cellphone video of the 767 on fire as plumes of black smoke billow. >> engine is on sglir dynamic airways is taking off from for the louder dial car ak as when another pilot noticed leaking
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fuel. >> out of the left engine looks like it's leaking a lot of i don't know it's fuel or fluid leaking out of left engine. >> do you copy. >> yes, sir, we copy. we'll probably need go back to the wrap. >> frantic passenger koz see the smoke and flames coming from underneath the plane. >> i heard a loud bang turned around saw the lights and saw flames, ran to the front of the aircraft. >> more than 100 passengers were on board and chutes deployed and the passengers escaped the flames and smoke. at last check, 21 were injured including 4-year-old boy and most have been released from local hospitals and a 6 62-year-old remains intensive care. firefighters responded and sprayed foam on the plane and the cause of the fire is under investigation. but the national transportation safety board. >> it sounds to me like the culprit may be fuel line in engine because fuel was seen spilling out of the engine and
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rapidly it ignited and ntsb records show dynamic airlines has had one previous accident. it it was in 2011 and it was due to turbulence. there were no serious injuries. i'm liver in the satellite center, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." >> jim. >> thank you, chad. >> an american airlines flight bound for philadelphia was diverted today because of unruly passenger flights 754 took off from los angeles this morning and landed in phoenix an hour later so authorities could take the man in into custody after passengered helped subdue him. suspect made alarming statement and will be charged and was first taken into for psychological evaluation. the rest of passenger and crew continued on safely to philadelphia tonight.
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>> it took 100 thoughts so drain the helium gas and sensitive electronic removed and the military is gathering up tether removing hull and tail sections is expected to last through tomorrow. >> and bullets struck bleachers at a football field tonight while children were at practice. it happened in pleasantville, atlantic county before 7:30 and none of the youngsters at jokers football field were hurt but later this evening a man drove himself to the hospital saying he was shot until the shoulder. police have not identified a suspect nor a motive. and convicted child molester jerry sandusky was back in center county court today seeking to have his 2012 conviction overturned and he want something of a legal victory when the judge ordered attorney general kathleen kane to produce any information she claims to have about possible leaks in the case b by state prosecutors and grand jury judge.
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those kind of leaks could technically set sandusky free. three years ago tonight, many new jersey communities, jersey shore communities were reduced to rubble because of super storm sandy. today, is the 3 year anniversary that sandy savaged the south jersey coast. monica malpass haz has been looking back and taking stock of some of the victims still feeling effect this tragedy. >> that's right, jim, staggering number of homes and businesses, 365,000 of them were damaged by super storm sandy and some communities were rebuilt and other homeowners say they were victimized twice by mother nature or government approved contractors and red tape. >> i'm broke. i have nothing left. >> frustrate, absolutely. >> homeowners from long beach island to beach haven west are still feeling helpless 36 months after sandy. and rick an starsia is volunteer man and firefighter
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and paid 75,000 to two different contractors and they still did not do the job. both were on the state's approved list of contractors. >> awe proved us and said these guys were good we used your guys your guys stole from us. >> he wonders where he'll get money to do his house. he raised his home hire to meet fema specifications and moved back in and then stafford township officials told him to make it even higher. >> nobody does what they say they will dovrment they did a wall. and they come back and tear it down. they didn't put rebarron the wall. three years rate later we're still not done fighting to get things done. >> this is the nightmare officials had to contend with like man hawken bay where water surged through homes in beach haven west. today some houses look as bad as day after sandy and it's not all bad news. other homes are under repair or have been completely rebuilt. and sea isle city is continuing do you know rebuild project along 9 miles of shower line
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and dunes raise 15 miles above sea level and whole gate has new or rebuilt homes and new sewer lines and repaved sgleets governor christie does depend the rebuilding efforts saying 37 billion worth the damage in the state did put in what he calls unchartered territory and promises to continue helping folks to try to get back in their homes. jim. >> thank you, monday aka. >> it was a changing of guard on capitol hill today as representative paul ryan became the 54 speaker of the house. rib was sworn in and immediately called on colleagues to prove themselves worthy. ryan will be charmed with trying to navigate a fractured congress and the wisconsin republican said, let's be fravrk, the house is broken. we're not settling old scores we're wiping the slate clean. >> and this is a live look from sky6 of the setup on independence mall for espn college game day and they'll be broadcasting from here the morning of big temple notre
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dame game and we got up close look tonight at the stage, the lights, and the cameras and this will wrb the action is market street shut down between 5 and 6 street and college came day on espn begins at 9 a.m. saturday. and then please joins us 8:00 that night for the kickoff of saturday night football. you can watch the temple notre dame game only hear on 6abc. >> next, one of the more remarkable stories we've heard in some time. and it's all about a remarkable one man. "action news" reporter dann cuellar tells the story in claymont, delaware. >> i already was pretty interested in bionics. >> meet 10-year-old kolen consavage of claymont delaware. >> i lot of people thinks it's cool. >> he was born with a hand in a fist. >> he had surgeries to on up the hand. but, they were always shorter of course.
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>> one day colin saw his mom and brother reilly playing with robotic hand at science fire annie mccormick idea game to him. >> i thought would be cools as a glove to extend my fipingers. the library had a 3d printer he could use for free. >> we said, oh, well, we'll try it. >> the prosthetic hand took 1 hours to print and came in and out parts which then had to be meticulously put together by colin and his mom much to amazement of colin's dad. >> claire and colin sat down it was amazing to watch them do. it they piece by piece all started to come together. >> the process of putting all the sparts together took two days and when all done, well, as you can imagine, colin could not wait to see what he could do with it. >> the first thing it i picked up was sprinkles can. and i threw it across the room. >> yeah. >> triumph ! >> yes. >> i think that givers him a
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sechs empowerment. >> the idea that a 10-year-old can walk in a public library with his mom and make himself a prosthetic hand was astonishing to them. >> actually. >> kind of hard. >> we live in a fantastic age. it's ultimate show and sglel yeah. >> claymont delaware, dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> and still to come on "action news" tonight, a worry some increase in breast cancer rates among black women and we're not kid around. the spca teamed one uber today for a feline fix on demand all to generate fundraising and adoption, cecily. >> well temperatures today ten above normal. 729 high in philadelphia. and i'm tracking much cooler air arriving and i'll let you know how long it sticks around in it the accuweather forecast. >> "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltzman is here
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with an undercover report raising questions of sdprim nation. >> we looked into allegations that taxi cabs were failing to pick up people with disability. coming up we'll show what you we caught on camera. plus the responses of some cab drivers when we asked them what they -- when they appeared to be passing up blind people and them wheelchairs. >> and plus, ducis rodgers with flyers taking on the devils and temple getting ready for notre dame when "action devils and temple getting ready for notre dame when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> there are 1600 taxis in philadelphia. tasked with serving all residents and visitors to our city. but, tonight an undercover investigation is exposing a disturbing problem. some of those drivers may be discriminating against passengers failing to pick up
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some people when those people need help the most. "action news" investigative reporter we when is here with results of her two month long investigates. what did you find. >> jim we were tipped off taxi drivers were allegedly discriminating against people with disabilities and our team geared one hidden cameras and with help of three volunteers we took to the streets. what we discovered was so largeing the philadelphia parking authority is promising to investigate and pull licenses if necessary. >> now i'm trapped in this chair. it moons a whole lot. >> a stroke in 2008 left former truck driver joe watson paralyzed and in blink of eye his world changed went from being independent to depending on the help of others. like the summer when he convenient toured into the city to pick up medication. >> after all that went by and still no cab. >> after calling and waiting five hours in a downtown hoe it
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will a taxi family came and what happened next watson said left him stranded again and completely discouraged. >> he looked me in my face and drove off and it makes you feel less than human. >> with help of ed bomba mall ina and frank we went undercover to see what taxi drivers with do if they had a choice to pick up able-bodied person or person with disabilities you. >> didn't see her waving but saw me waving. >> i did not see her. >> we watched as two cab drivers pulled a u-turn to pick me up while passing her. >> why didn't you pick her up. >> most drivers said they didn't see our volunteers. >> i don't see her. >> i didn't see her. >> and watch this cab driver who passes oes and stopped for me he and suddenly says he has a customer. >> but you were not going to pick up that woman handicapped. >> i have a customer. >> i don't see a customer in the back. >> i have -- >> was this guy who said our
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guide dog cooper was not wearing a sign. >> you don't see a sign by the dog. >> you think the dog has to have a sign service dog. >> yes. >> wearing a sgleingt yeah. >> i think they have a sign by the dog. >> others just said they don't do dogs. >> i don't do dogs. >> okay but you have to it's a service dog. >> i don't do dog. >> this one thought he was being shivel russ passing somebody blind. in instances we put volunteers on streets alone outside at rush hour many empty cabs stopped to accommodate bomba and dog and on one day 90 cabs passed him up before one stopped. >> i changed from a human being to a crippled person. >> i didn't know the extend of the discrimination. >> there's a woman in a wheelchair. >> we took videos to vince fenertr executive director of philadelphia parking authority
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the agency that licenses cab drivers. >> i find it just disgusting. >> we showed him a blatant violation of federal and city regulations. >> it's my opinion that people treat handicapped and blind like this. they do not belong serving public with a lis embarrass. >> and he promised to take appropriate action. >> can you tell me why you didn't stop for the woman there handicapped. she was in front of me waiting for a cab. >> the ppa recently issued another 150 medallions for handicapped accessible passes to be added to city fleet as 15 a year for ten years and in addition they're pushing lawmakers to pass regulations that would require all new taxis to be handicapped ak set cec i believe. >> i was going to say if these individuals have resource. but it looks like they'll rely on the parking authority to do their bidding. >> and they're going bring the cab drivers in. >> we'll see. >> i have a hunch you'll be following up thank you wendy.
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>> china doing away with notorious the policy was enacted 19 70s to control population growth. enforcement led to owe portions and forced sterilization or fines for violators. chinese officials say relaxing one child rule is in response to aging population. on "healthcheck" at 11 a new report find breast cancer is growing health risk for african-american womench the american cancer society find black women are now being diagnosed with breast cancer as freengly as white women and in some states the rates are even higher. and is that the a reversal of a long term trend and serious concern because statistics show that black women are 40% more likely to die of the disease. >> and well, today, was national cat day and to celebrate one company was making special deliveryes.
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the transportation company uber spent the day bringing cats to whom ever wanted to spend a little time with one. anybody at a business could order a kitten or cat to be delivered for a 15 minute section and if it turned out to be a perfect match adoption was an option. >> things like this are great because it helps us move animals out of shelters and make room for other animals that potentially might you know be in a kill shelter. so we're a no-kill shelter and we want to get animals to their homes so we can get new animals. >> and although the money raised -- all the money raised today goes to pennsylvania spc sfwlaxt assisted live facility in cherry hill was a scary place to be tonight. spring hills was turned into haunted house complete with mad scientist and crazy chef. local families were invited to come by for a tour. luckily one group of visitors included a superhero and
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princess. just in case things it got a little too creepy. [ laughter ]♪ [ thriller ]. >> scarecrow and dorj we from "wizard of oz" were part of marching band entertaining hundreds of people tonight who attended halloween parade in west chester and youngsters had a chance to try out costumes and collect early halloween candy. >> all right. guys. >> and wave to the camera. >> absolutely. >> and apparently it's going to be a nice, dry nightal it be a cool one halloween. >> tomorrow, there's a lot of halloween parades at schools and it will be a little on the chilly side and make sure kids wear layers under costumes and it will be dry. stormtracker 6 double scan showing the rain out of here and action cam outside our studio at the channel 6 jackolantern bob watts curves these every year notice mr. six there channel 6 saying happy
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halloween we're getting into the spirit here at channel 6 for halloween. temperatures not scary now. 61 in philadelphia. and hillville dropped down to 47. allentown 53. wilmington 55 and trenton 58. that cooler air is streaming in behind a cold frontch the cold front moved through around noo noon. we still have leftover clouds across south jersey and delaware and they'll continue to push to the coast clearing out overnight and tomorrow. wall to wall sunshine and temperatures running more than 10 cooler than today. so you definitely want a jacket tomorrow, 7:00, 47 degrees and 10:00, 52 and 1:00, 56 and by 4:00, 50 feeling like late october again felt like late september today. high pressure moving in. that will bring us winds out of northwest down from eevrn canada. high struggling to hit 60. 2 below normal and again lot of sunshine. so a pretty day. as we head towards the weekend high pressure moves east and this will do is allow clouds to stream in on saturday and so even a little bit cooler, 58
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degrees. chilly aloe wean and it will be dry and actually pretty nice weather for trick or treating. mostly cloudy, winds light out of south, 6:00, 55 and trick or treaters 9:00 when they head back home to eat that candy hopefully go to sleep, 52 and also looking really nice for temple, notre dame football game. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, much cooler tomorrow. 60. lots of sunshine. 76ers home-opener on saturday we start the day with sun. and increasing clouds through the day. and but a dry day high of 58 degrees. don't forget when you headed to bed on saturday night, fall back one hour as daylight saving time ends and we get extra hour of sleep. sunday mixture of clouds and sunshine can be a shower across the lehigh valley and poconos. i think the most part will be dry. 67 degrees. kind of opposite monday a possibility of rain south of philadelphia. 66 degrees. and then that opens the door for extended period of mild weather. tuesday, sunny, 71 degrees and
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wednesday, 71 and thursday we pump it up to 74. that's 14 above normal and it look like that mild could last right into next weekend. >> not throughout the winter. >> right through to march. >> through next weekend. >> we'll take what we can sglet not too shabby. >> the future of elections was topic of a public forum tonight at the pyramid club in center city philadelphia. pennsylvania secretary of state pedro cortez was on hand to talk about new technologies that are making the voting process more access i believe in pennsylvania and the form was sponsored by al dea news media and it was a proud moment for "action news" tonight as series art of aging received a special honor and "action news" anchor tamala edwards was on hand to accept the award from press by'sen spird life senior living and it honors organizations committed to severing older adults and it was served
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beating new jersey devils. >> yeah you know how we have quarterback controversy with the eagles. >> so it would seem. >> and probably now looks like goalie controversy with the flyers. backup goalie out played steve mason this season granted small sampling of games and mason struggled against the devils. no score through first 35 minute of first contest. sheningly goal. that's all the good news we have to report. tied, goal and two assist for him on the night in new jersey. >> travis power play goal sevktd game flyers lose 4- 1. >> he doesn't devsh the win the game theys with better than us. we leave 100% on ice we played good it's all about effort. >> they're in buffalo tomorrow. >> temple football the hype is real and continues to build,
2:05 am
saturday night number 21 owls ranked 9th over notre dame. >> and temple off to a 7-0 record best start in school history. coach matt rhule says while his team is pumped it's business as usual. >> excited for our guys to have a chance play against best and our message doesn't change and man to win doesn't change we're excited to have a good team come here. >> i think we love being the under dog and love having that chip on our shoulder. >> don't change anything that we've been doing and don't try toy believe in the hype or play to the hype. this is like going out and playing the same we've played all year. >> yes, indeed, temple notre dame saturday night, 8 p.m. here on 6abc. after the break we'll talk sixers big
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>> eagles 3-4 will are enjoying buy. a week off. espn says eagles should use this off week wisely. >> you're in the regular season and game planning week to week you don't have a chance to sell yourself there's people on your staff doing that and chip kelly has a week and this coaching staff has a week to study themselves and i think there will be discernable changes offensively and defensively when eagles come back after the bye week. >> basketball sixers will be at the wells fargo center to host jazz in home-opener. nick staskis is probable for
2:09 am
that one missed opening season with back spasms. >> and 26 points. coach brett brown did not know how okafor nerlens pairing would work. so far so good. >> i deposit sleep long but i slept last night because you feel comfort ki see what can be. you can see what can be. on a few fronts. first he's good. second, he and nerlens can coexist. >> phil martelli and st. joe's agreed on multi-year contract sdengs. he owns 375 victories going back to assistant coaching day days. he's beginning his fourth decade on hawk sglil nerlens noel at the station today and what a nice guy he was. >> tall, guy, too. >> very nice. >> and tall. >> jimmy kim of live followed by "nightline". for "action news" i'm jim gardner. for "action news" i'm jim gardner. good night.
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