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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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over exploding ovens. next on "action news." over exploding ovens. >> t. >> temple has never been 7-0 before or had had this kind of spirit and energy for the football team before. it's all about the cherry and white tonight.
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notre dame is business at hand tomorrow. it is friday night. and the big story on "action news" tonight is the night before the titanic battle between temple and notre dame. and football fans are round the county will be watching to see ft. under dog owl can prevail. and espn college game day has set up on independence mall and that's where "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live. jeff, that location will be a mad house come tomorrow morning. >> you're absolutely right. jim, fans are expected to flock here in drovrz for college game day on espn and you can seat clock counting down to the start of that show at 9 a.m. tomorrow. but, ahead of that, tonight, fans from both sides held pep rallies to get pumped up. >> you could feel the anticipation on temple campus an afternoon pep rally to cheer on the all ahead of tomorrow's show down that could prove ton historic. >> fight, fight, fight, for the
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cherry and the white. >> temple u. >> everyone is excited it's never been like this before altogether one body we're excited and ready to power up. >> across the city cherry and white pride, except at commerce plaza at 20 and market was all about the blue and gold and a few leprechauns. >> i bleed blue and gold and it couldn't be more finer for the city of philadelphia but here comes the irish. >> go irish. >> despite notre dame loyalty they were not going to trash talk the owls. >> i would love to see this for temple. it's great for recruiting for them. >> temple a lot of respect. 6-0. good schedule, great coach. >> meanwhile at independence mall the college game day set surprise for tomorrow's broadcast on espn. with all eyes on temple
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expectations are high. >> it will be a good time and it's a big game they're playing in the city it's national spotlight. it's time to kick butt. >> people didn't think they would beat penn state we did that. >> jahad thomas has to run the ball well and play like he we have all year. we'll win. >> i can catch this big game here on 6abc beginning 8:00 tomorrow. now as i said college game day begins 9:00 but the college student at temple they're going to be getting up at 4:45 to catch buses to get here in time for the show. we're live in center city. jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, jeff. >> if you will be in the crowd for college game day we invite you to join the action. just send us your photographs and videos using #6abc action on social media and/or by email to joint >> and we have learned tonight
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emmaus high school is set to reon monday. students were kept home today because of potential threat. a box of .22 caliber ammunition was spilled across a hallway floor yesterday. police interviewed students and no arrests were made. rumors continued to circulate last night about a shooting planned for today. so administrators decided to keep the school closed out of caution. extra police will be on hand monday as students return. two additional students were arrested today and now face charges in this chaotic brawl a couple blocks from allen high school in allentown yesterday. four police officers were hurt while trying to break up the melee. they are all out of the hospital tonight. authorities say more than 100 juveniles were involved or witnessed the fight in total five were arrested. >> and philadelphia police say an officer was accidentally run over by another officer all during a struggle to arrest a suspect. they were pursuing a road rage suspect today who allegedly
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smashed this suv's window with a baseball bat while trying to detain the man at 55 and pine. one officer fell down in the street and a police van ran over his leg. he suffered a broken foot and broken toes and police were able tob arrest the suspect. >> family and friends of university of delaware student matt rosen gathered on campus tonight to pray for his recovery of the young man was city he cannily injured by a bicyclist walking on main one week ago today he's in a coma with serious head injuries. >> police have yet to charge anyone in the death of 3-year-old brendan creato in haddon township, until nnl but there is information tonight giving investigators fawz. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the details. >> it's upsetting and dissturk i think about it all the time we're waiting to get answers. >> reporter: the feeling today as parents and children gathered at edison for the annual halloween parade.
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unexplained death of brand dan crea. it o put a scare in many here. >> there's a lot of people worried somebody is lurking out there. >> d.j. creato told police the boy disappeared while sleeping and three our later his body was found in a wooded area. the coroner is waiting for autopsy results after finding the cause of death inconclusiv inconclusive. his girlfriend writes she may be facing charges in connection with a murder investigation and creato is in more trouble 2457b she s his lawyer down played the posting saying she's being dramatic and doesn't put stock in what 17-year-old post on social immediate with and there was a video posted on u tub last year by his sister saying it features the boy in fake movie trailer about a child that goes missing and is later found dead. as for the father creato's
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lawyer says he's as anxious as anyone else to find out what happened his son. at the prosecutor's office in camden, new jersey, dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> word came from the whitehouse today special praiingtss forces are headed to syria to fight isis. this will be the first time american boots willing on the ground in syria and it's a stark reversal for president obama who insisted there would be no combat forces sent to syria. the whitehouse said the 50 special ops forces would only train, advice and assist. the u.s. did suffer its first combat death last week fighting i snis iraq. >> army is now taking claims for damage caused by rhawn way blimp. aircraft broke free from mor moreings in maryland wednesday and drifted through pennsylvania's country side dragging thousands of feet of tether along the ground. and even taking down power lines. and they've been able to wrap up the canvas and the military will still need a helicopter tomorrow to lift the hull out
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of the woods. >> and still to come on "action news" tonight, the man who filmed his own survival story swept away in floodwaters and you won't believe what happened next. >> and plus ducis rogers with action from the hardwood. it's the home-opener for your philadelphia 76ers. and hit the road, jackolantern. days after the break away blimp we have rhawn way pumpkin. >> halloween weekend is starting on a chilly note. temperatures 10 to 15 and i amtraking a big warm-up on the way. details in the accuweather forecast. >> special report consumer reporter nydia han joins us tonight. >> jim we have a warning tonight about a bizarre but dangerous phenomenon happening kitchen epz across the country. ovens are exploding and glass doors breaking. what you need to know coming up. >> that and "high school huddle" when "action news" >> that and "high school huddle" when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> a man that scramblinged up a tree after managing to sdpraip a flooded car documented the entire episode on video and did
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a liver interview with a local television station while ing whiching to the tree. kerry packer shot this video while trapped inside his flooded car and sent the video to his wife who then sent it to a television station. packer says the floods swept his car into the woods and says just as the car was about to fill with water, he jumped out the window and climbed up a tree. >> as it was singing a grabbed on to the tree and climbed up i'm about 20 feet up now. >> and the texas man was rescued five hours later. packard credits 20 years request the boy scouts for helping him survive. >> and now to a consumer alert every household really needs to hear. "action news" has received a number of recent reports about ovens exploding. nydia han has been investigating all of this. i don't know this is something that many of us have seen as threat before exploding offe offerens what is it about. >> unbelievable.
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not only received recent local reports we discovered ovens have been exploding in homes across the country for a few years. incidents terrified and shocked consumers and plus they're surprised from the response by manufacturers and federal safety officials and frankly so am i. >> for bep katie and jenny dru drumgold it was surprise of their life. they tell me they baiktd a pizza and turned the oven off. an hour later. >> i hear this crash. >> i could not believe what i saw. >> so the whole front of the oven just exploded out. all of the glass shattered out. >> this is hite of my toddler it's terrifying. >> terrifying. >> the off sent a kenmore. katie and drumgold bought it new from sears knife years ago. >> they're not line bottom line response was because it's more than a year old, which is standard warrantee it's not their problem. they wash their hands of it. >> sears tells me kenmore places highest priority on safety and uses saferty glass
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that is specifically designed to peb toll small pieces with rounded edges to help prevent injury and since this the katie drumgold situation is not defect for saferty issue any repair or replacement would be at the consumer expense. >> there's something clearly wrong with the glass in the oven. >> the saferty glass in ovens made by a wide variety of companies have been exploded in homes across the country. mars didn't cavanaugh in san francisco said her ge often exploded without warning and she had not used it in days. >> i heard this big noise like a boom. >> similar story out of see at well a frigidaire off sfwlen it's a safety issue. >> i have grandchildren. little grandchildren. what if it happened when they were here. >> be especially alert when using oven self cleaning feature. >> i saw the glass shattered inside the oven. >> steve garing ger in north carolina said his kitchen aid exploded during self cleaning and george lynn posted this
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photo on my facebook page this month. the first time she used self clean mode on her whirlpool e even the door shattered. >> the consumer safety protection agency is in charge of keeping us safe. despite all the complaints it received about this issue over the years its response is simply glass shoot break to nuggets and not shards and there's a standard that has to to break in that manner. >> it's rare but micro fracture can occur during use that can later lead to glass shattering and oven glass meets all federal and industry standard. so what can you do to prevent this, according to company like sears do not close the oven door until all the oven racks are fully in place and do not hit the glass with pots, pans or any other objects. and scratching, hitting or obstructing the glass may weaken the structure. >> but the consumers we talked to say they did not do any of
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those things. >> that had nothing to do with why the oven exploded. >> they were still left with a mess and the repair cost. >> now, if your oven does explode take pictures, contact the manufacturer and file a report with the cpsc. now in some cases some companies will repair or replace the oven free of charge even after warrantee and many other cases after you saw with the katie drumgold people they flatly refused. you'll find more tips we're telling our kids not to stand in front of it or linger in front of it and be aware if explosion saturday happen those glass pieces can be very hot. >> few of us ever heard this happening before. is this a relatively new phenomenon. >> some experts are saying the glass in newer models are not as study as other models. >> they should make it sturdie sturdier. >> wow think so. >> a mischief night arson
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spree 20 years ago puts camden in the national spotlight in the worst way possible. friday night, october 30, 1991 they set more than 100 fires, scores of young people were arrested. tonight, cam citizen showing just how far it's come. this night is now called blue night marked by celebration and family friendly event in york chip square. dozens took part in the ceremony to become blue nights take an oath to be good citizens. >> let's get the weekend accuweather forecast from meteorologist cecily tynan. >> jim the weekend is looking nice. a lot of outdoor activities including halloween. temperatures dry, variable, cool, warmer, stormtracker 6 double scan showing a dry friday night. our jack owe lanterns outside the 6abc studio are all aglow wishing everyone a happy and safe halloween weekend and weather-wise there's a chill in the air. feeling like fall again.
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current temperature dproun high of 60. the past two days we made it up to 72. cooler today. allentown down to 40 already. millville 45. trenton 47 and wilmington 44. satellite 56 long with action radar showing we have a few fair weather clouds bubbling unin the afternoon and once the surprise sets they really dissipated and what this will do is lead the way to really good radiational cooling. overnight low down to 30 in cooler suburbs from frost in pumpkin in allentown and tomorrow morning 30 millville 30 and tren tone 35 and filled 4r seasonably cool and wilmington 36. so your saturday we start the day with sun. then high pressure moves off the eastern sea board and high clouds build in high 58 and the clouds cooler than today. with that cloud cover tomorrow night it will keep temperatures from dropping quickly. the halloween evening forecast for trick or treaters and for temple notre dame game is
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looking good. lots of clouds. dry. and just cool enough for great football weather for trick or treating and you want a jacket and not bone chilling. temperatures down in low 50s for the evening on saturday. and on sunday front moves through in morning and that brings us clouds and maybe spo spotty shower northwest and skies brighten in the afternoon taken gets milder, 67 degrees mean tracking this low pressure looks like it will be missing us to the south. and behind it we have a big warm up for the first week of november. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, fall chill is here for halloween and 58 degrees increasing clouds and don't forgot fall back one hour when you go to bed saturday night daylight saving time end ends. clouds mixing with sun and 67 and sun is setting at 5:58 monday rain pass is soubling 66 and then look at this. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, find short sleeves again we're looking at extended period of unseasonably warm air
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with afternoon highs in the low 70s. so if you like that fall chill you'll enjoy tomorrow and then things get mild erin could tlooingt next weekend. >> that's good. thank you, cecily. >> coming up on "action news" the sixers home-opener when "action news" continues in a the sixers home-opener when "action news" continues in a moment.
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newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
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mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. >> home-opener philadelphia 76ers tough game. >> growing pains. >> all right. a lot of them this season with
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the team. a thit say. it don't judge a team on wins and losses for the sixers, we can do that. they won't win a lot of games this season. we're looking for growth from the young stars in making and six and jazz before the game sixers remember months evidence mall loan, >> jaleel oak for had 20 points in the opener. rookies will have ups and down downs. jazz sixers lose by 28, 99, 71 the fine mall. >> flyers in buffalo. motorcycle aliburg gets call between the pipes no defense in front of them. zach aichele scores 1-0 sabers "action news" second period. buffalo on power play. ryan o'reilly gets one through traffic. it's 2-0 buffalo. later luke shannon and marcus palino. too bad take downs don't equal goals. flyers lose 3-1.
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two goals in the past. >> and it's the eave of all hallows eave. it's also the eave of temple notre dame. it's school's biggest game in recent history. a pep rally was held on campus earlier today. it's not just temple students who seems the entire area is getting on the brand wagon behind the team. owls ranked 21 in the nation. unbeaten at 7-0 temple has us against world mentality and it has been workeding. >> we know what we have to do. temple is at temple they took a shot on you nobody else was willing they roll the dice and take a chance that's the great thing about temple. >> i'm proud of the fact they're 7-0 they handled every challenge. they won four timesen the road and hostile environment they came back i'm proud of those things because of what they've done they have this sglunt temple notre dame here on 6abc tomorrow night at 8:00 and game three of world series mets about to beat the royals to go
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down now-1 best of 7 series. >> thank you, duce us. >> city of peoria, arizona, is breathing easier tonight at 5 foot tall inflatable pumpkin that wept on a rampage through town yesterday has been stopped. the gibt gourd did take out a pair of streetlights during the monster mash and unfortunately pair of streetlights during the monster mash and unfortunately no humans were injured. people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims.
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from.
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>> high school huddle is next followed by "jimmy kimmel live" and "nightline". "action news" continues at 5:30 for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" time i'm jim gardner. and the entire "action news" time i'm jim gardner. good night.
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>> cecily should dress up as a quarterback for halloween. welcome to 6abc "high school huddle" presented by gmc. i'm jeff skversky. tonight on the show, our game of the week taking center stage in this city. plus things are heating up around the delaware valley with the playoffs around the corner huddle kicks off in 60. >> we're the cheerleaders from russ tin high school and you're watching "high school huddle" on 6abc. go, go ! >> 6abc "high school huddle" is brought to you by your philadelphia super network gmc dealers visits your local philadelphia super network gmc dealers visits your local dealer today.


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