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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  October 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a man is hospitalized after a fire ripped through his north philadelphia home. temple fans with signs in hand begin arriving at independence mall for espn's college game day. plus owl fans will need to bundle up if they are heading to the game tonight. meteorologist chris sowers joins us with the accuweather forecast. if you go outside, you need to bundle up. >> reporter: something with sleeshes, temperatures in the -- sleeves, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, but not that bad. live to independence mall, that will be the site of game day live, i want to see liacouras are a wear the temple hat. we have cooled off, 33 degrees in allentown. reading down to the freezing mark, 32. philadelphia about ten better.
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42, millville, 32. trenton, 37. lancaster, 34. wilmington, 38. dover 37. some 15 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. philadelphia 6 degrees colder. millville, 17 degrees colder. you get the idea if you're out this morning you'll need something with sleeves as temperatures have cooled down dramatically. satellite and radar, we'll keep it crystal clear this morning, high, thin clouds roll in later this evening. accuweather says increasing clouds today. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s which is below average. increasing clouds. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, for the trick or treaters. mostly cloudy skies, 6:00 p.m. temperature, 54. by the p.m. we're back down to -- by 9:00 p.m. we're back down to 51. we'll talk built warmup in the
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seven-day forecast -- about the warmup in the seven-day forecast when i see you in just a few minutes. >> espn college game day has come to town for the matchup between the owls and the fighting irish. 21st ranked owls are riding on their best season ever and hope to capitalize on that beating notre dame. owls fans gathered at the game day set hours earlier. it was a good time. >> it's a big time you're in the national spotlight. >> people didn't think we could beat penn state, and we did that. >> defense has to play like we have all year, they will do good, man, we'll win! >> reporter: we'll have liable reports on game day fever and the game leading up to kickoff. you can catch the game on 6abc at 8:00 p.m. tonight. if you're going to be in
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the crowd for college game day, we invite you to join the action send us your videos using the # join the action or join the action at this is a picture of the russian airline that crashed in the sinai. there's no word on the fate of those on board or what caused this crash. emergency crews are investigating and arriving on the scene now. new this morning, one person was injured in a house fire in north philadelphia. "action news" was there this morning as flames shot from the home on north 20th and oxford. the blaze ripped through the upper floors and roof. a many in his 30s got out and suffered smoke inhalation, he was taken to hanheman university hospital.
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the fire marshal is working to find the cause. there are still no charges yet in the death of 3-year-old brandon in haddon township. >> reporter: the feeling parents and their children gathered for the annual halloween parade. the unexplained death of brandon has put a scare in the people here. his father told police the boy disappeared while he was sleeping. three hours later his body was found in a wooded area a half mile away. the coroner is waiting for lab results after the initial autopsy found the test inclusive. police are aware of a social media posting by his girlfriend
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saying she is in trouble and he is in more trouble than she shes she is. there's a corrode posted on youtube last year it features a boy in a fake movie trailer about a boy who goes missing and found dead. as for the father he said he is just as anxious as anybody else to find out what happened to his son. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> students at the university of delaware held a vigil for a classmate who was run over by a bicycle. he was on campus last friday when he was hit by another student on a bike. that person is not facing charges. he is an honor student and member of several student organizations. his aunt said the university and classmates have been extremely
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supportive during this difficult time. >> it's a day-to-day situation. it's better it used to be hour to hour. she tells us rossen had part of his skull removed. it could be another week before the family has a better idea of his prognosis. president obama is expected to sign a new budget bill that will keep the government running in 2017. the senate approved the deal in the predawn hours. it raises defense spending by $80 billion. this avoids a shut down before the 2016 elections. president obama will sign the budget bill monday. the republican national committee is spending it's february presidential debate with nbc news. the move is in response to the way nbc's sister network cnbc handed the debate. he said the moderators questions
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were offensive and the others were designed to embarrass the candidates. nbc was scheduled to handle the debate with telemundo and national review as partners. nbc said they are working to resolve the matter. e-mails from hillary clinton offer a glimpse into her personal life. among the most noticeable, ben affleck and former president jimmy carter, and lady gaga. president obama's plans to send special operations forces into syria is coming under fire by his own party. 350 special ops forces will be sent to syria to fight isis. it's the first time american
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boots are on the ground. rnl the white house said the troops will not be on a combat mission. at least 57 people were killed in missile strikes in syria. conflict monitors on the ground say the victims were in the market pelted by 11 government missiles. the market is in the town of duma. many residents have fled because of combat between the army and insurgents. reserve is in trouble -- revel casino is in trouble. bank of america said glen straub owes them $120 million in electricity bills. he has not been able to reach a deal with the seoul supplier. straub's lawyer said they will pay once the company shows how
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much power polo north actually used. governor chris christie nominated richard hammer to be new jersey's next transportation commissioner. he serves as assistant commissioner. he led the rebuilding of a stretch of route 35 after super-storm sandy. jamie foxx recently resign always transportation commissioner. nintendo jumped into the mobile game world. we'll look at the company's very first app. >> plus, the efforts to save a giant whale from netting along the california coast. >> reporter: it's cooler this morning, but we have huge changes in the forecast, i'll have the details, plus the trick or treat forecast right after this.
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>> happening today another attempt to save a hump back whale who is stuck in lobster netting. crews in newport beach, california tried yesterday, but the whale kept diving too deep. it's caught in lobster netting. here at home, these kids will be tired. >> reporter: take a look at this, we are live the action cam
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is live down at independence mall, game day live will kick off in less than three hours, look at the people there already, you can see the temple owl giving everybody a high five. the unbeaten temple owls will take on notre dame 6abc at 8:00 p.m., lincoln financial field. what a game that will be. hopefully we can get a victory, what will we be 8-0? >> 8. >> reporter: it will be fantastic if we can get a victory here. 58 degrees we're going from above average temperatures to below normal today. the seasonal low is 44 degrees, right now we're at 42, so the numbers are just a little bit off the mark where they should be for this time of year. north and west we're pretty close to freezing. there's actually patchy frost starting to develop places like
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coatsville and fleetwood and same thing for the pine barrens in south jersey. cinnaminson, 37. folsom this area down here, ewing, 34, gandys beach, 39. avalon, sea isle city, checking in at 42. we're starting out with sunshine you can see there's not much going up and down the mid atlantic states this morning. but when you look farther to the west across the great lake states, the ohio and tennessee valley, down here across the lonestar state of texas, showers and clouds and heavier thunderstorms. this is an area of low pressure that pull north, it's called a great lake cutter. it will pull north into the great lake. it will pull all this warm air down here up into canada. the entire eastern seaboard will benefit from temperatures in the low to mid 70s. that runs into next weekend. it could linger into the following week.
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we have a nice stretch of weather after the chilly saturday. mid 50s, reading, 52. allentown you're probably in the 50s at that point. philadelphia, 53, or 54. we'll start to see an increase in the high, thin clouds, it will stay dry, but the clouds will eventually cover the sky. 6:00 p.m., 54 degrees, light breeze cloudy skies temperatures holding steady in the low to mid 50s, it's dry and cloudy. first thing tomorrow morning, showers creep in here, but they will be very few and far between, this is not a wash by any stretch of the imagination. skies brighten up, we'll see the return of sunshine and the numbers will skyrocket by afternoon. 67 in philadelphia. actually accuweather is forecasting 69 for tomorrow. reading, allentown, 68678 trenton, 66. really depends on how quickly the cloud cover moves out. if it moves out quickly, the
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numbers could get close to 70. the clouds hold tough and last longer, highs in the mid to upper 60s, either way it will be warmer than tomorrow. sun and clouds, lehigh valley and chilly, 55 degrees, allentown and bethlehem. jersey shore, cooler, sun, clouds developing late. philadelphia, pretty much the same deal, 58 degrees, increasing clouds and cooler. winds out of the southwest 5 to 10. for all the trick or treaters, cloudy skies, dry, a light breeze, you'll need something with sleeves. 6:00, 54, by 9:00. 51. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 58 today, 69 tomorrow, a morning shower very brief. again, it will be very few and far between, most of us stay dry. monday cloudy with rain developing late in the day and into the night. 66. once that pulls through, that's a warm front. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday, wow, 70s across
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the board, lots of sunshine and that extends next week and possibly into tuesday and wednesday of next week. i know that makes you happy. >> i know it doesn't make you happy. >> reporter: if we get that weather in december i'll be very depressed. i can handle it now. >> i don't mind 60s that's my range. upper 50s, 60s that's the happy place. >> reporter: it's going to feel warm. >> it was an early start for trick or treating for youngsters in north philadelphia last night. businesses and community members came together to host this 9th annual avenue of treats along broad street atmosphere cecil b. moore avenue. youngsters came out for candy and safe and fun evening. and a place to grow it in.
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particularly heavy. they can tell it is heavy when it gets dark. before they press it they send it to a lab to determine its oil content. nintendo is going mobile. the first app from the game will be called metomo that were introduced with the wee consolle in 2006. shiny new red, white and blue 2016 model sports car was unveiled in lancing michigan, you can look for the new american made end
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happy halloween. start out with sunshine this morning, but throughout the afternoon we'll see high, thin clouds increase and then they will lower and thicken. by evening we're expecting mostly cloudy skies. we're expecting highs in the 50s, by 2:00 p.m., 56 degrees, 4:00 p.m., 58. 6:00 p.m. we are back down to 53. now, wednesday's heavy rainfall knocked a lot of leaves off the trees, but there's a lot of
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trees there's a lot of brilliant colors 47 it's beautiful right. it's nothing but red and yellow and orange all the way down the jersey shore into cape may and wildwood. if you like to view the fall foliage that's a stretch of roadway to check out. trick or treat forecast mostly cloudy, slightest breeze out of the south. temperatures chilly, you'll need something with sleeves. 6:00 a.m., 54, 9:00 a.m., 51. in sports, halloween weekend is off to a scary weekend. temple owls play north dame in prime time on 6abc, ducis rogers has it all. >> reporter: good morning, it's halloween it's also the day of the big game. temple and notre dame in the
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school's biggest game in recent history. pep rally was held on campus, it's not just temple, the entire area is getting on the bandwagon getting behind the team. the owls are ranked 21st in the country. they are unbeated at 7-0. they have an us against the world mentality and so far it's working. >> we know what we have to do. temple university they took a shot at us, they rolled the dice with us. >> the team is a tough team, they have handled every challenge they won four times on the road and won in hostile environments, i'm proud of though things, because of what they have done they have this opportunity. >> reporter: number 21 temple hosting number 9 notre dame, you can see the game tonight on 6abc at 8:00 p.m. basketball, they won't win a lot of games this season they
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are looking for growth for young stars in the making. sixers and jazz. before the game sixers remembered moses malone who died this past year. rookies have had their ups and downs. 99-71 the final. flyers last night, less than a minute to go in the first period. action to the second, buffalo on the power play ryan o'reilly 2-zip buffalo. take downs don't equal goals, the flyers lose 3-1. they scored two goals in the past two games. game three of the world series between the mets and
6:28 am
royals. mets down 3-2 in the third. 2-run shot. mets win 9-3. trail the series 2 games to 1. game 4 later tonight in new york. that's a look at sports, temple notre dame tonight happy halloween, have a safe one, i'm ducis rogers enjoy your day. >> we've got much more coming up on "action news" saturday morning stay woos we'll be right back. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. >> temple fans begin arriving overnight on market street getting ready for a big game
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against notre dame. the stage is set for espn's college game day live, it will broadcast from independence mall this morning. it will certainly feel like football weather as the temperatures take a chilly turn, meteorologist chris sowers is here with the look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we talked to a lot of kids yesterday who were on campus whotiond they were wearing hoodies and owe who said they were wearing hoodies and hoping the adrenaline would keep them warm. >> reporter: i've been to games like that and the adrenaline will keep them warm. looking live at penns landing, you can see the twilight as the sun rises in the next 40 minutes or so.
6:31 am
fleetwood, 32. tanersville, 30. quakertown, 30. we have some frost developing out here across the northwestern suburbs. center city a milder 46. oxford, 31. chester showing 36. glassboro, 39. gandys beach, 38. buena, 32. woodbine 36. ewing 35. it's a cold morning you'll need sleeves if you're taking an early morning run. we have clear skies, once the sun rises you should see sunshine up and down the east coast. later this afternoon, high, thin clouds roll in here, one or two showers possible tomorrow morning. the day planner looks like, 49 degrees by 9:00 a.m. lunchtime, 55. 3:00 p.m., 58 which is the forecasted high. 6:00 p.m., back down to 53. the sunset time is 6:00. wait until you see what time the sun sets tomorrow. it's not going to make you happy. i won't mention it right now. it's going to be early, though. temple game, heading to the lincoln financial field. kickoff temperature, 52.
6:32 am
lots of clouds, southerly breezes, 49 by the 4th quarter. temple owls face off with the notre dame fighting irish at the linc and fan pandemonium is at an all time high. last night people were angling for their best spot for espn college game day. while we were there two dozen temple fans arrived with signs in hand. temple crowds gathered at berk street overnight. they are ready for the big game. even notre dame fans have a lot of respect for the temple team. >> reporter: you could feel the anticipation on temple's campus an afternoon pep rally to cheer on the owls. >> fight fight for the cherry and the white. >> it's crazy everyone is so
6:33 am
excited. it's never been like this before. we're altogether, we're one body we're so excited ready to power up. >> reporter: across the city, cherry and white pride. except at commerce plaza at 20th and market where it was all about the blue and gold and a few leprechauns. >> i believe in blue and gold, it couldn't be finer for the city of philadelphia, but here come the irish. >> reporter: despite their notre dame loyalty, they wouldn't trash talk the owls. >> i would like to see this for temple. >> let's give them respect they are 7-0 a good schedule a great coach. >> reporter: meanwhile, at the independence mall the college game day set is up with all eyes on temple. >> it's a big game they are playing in the city, it's
6:34 am
national spotlight. you it's time to kick butt. >> people didn't think we could beat penn state and we did that. >> defense have to play like they have all year and we'll do good, we'll win. >> reporter: you can catch the big game on 6abc beginning at 8:00. in center city, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> if you're going to be in the crowd for college game day, we invite you to join the action, send us for photos and videos using the #6abc action on social media or by e-mail at join the action emmaus high school will be open on monday after students were kept home yesterday after a potential threat. a box of 22 caliber ammo fell across a hallway floor. administrators kept the school closed out of caution. there were no arrests, extra
6:35 am
police are on hand monday as students return. two students were arrested yesterday who face charges in a kay on the be brawl on thursday. four police officers were hurt trying to break up the melee. authorities say 100 people were involved or witnessed the fight. a total of five were arrested. a man accused of shooting a pennsylvania police officer has surrendered to authorities, earl holland turned himself into police in beaver county last night. he is accused of shooting a harmony township police officer earlier this week while trying to break into a car. the officer was saved by his bullet proof vest and said to be doing well. holland is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. philadelphia police say an officer was accidentally run over by another officer during a struggle to arrest the suspect. they were pursuing a road rage suspect who had allegedly smashed the suv window with a baseball bat while trying to
6:36 am
detain the man at 55th and pine. one officer fell down in the street and police van ran over his leg. he suffered a broken foot and broken toes, police made their arrests. police in new castle county are looking for thieves who stole a special bike and attached baby seat. it belonged to an avid cyclist who uses it to give his kids bike rides. >> my son has down syndrome and he enjoys the outdoors. >> police are hoping one of the neighbors might have captured the crime on surveillance video. >> as it gets colder outside many people are making themselves as a ruler aable to car thieves without realizing it. new castle county police want to get the word out. >> john rawlins has the story.
6:37 am
>> reporter: it is autumn, temperatures are drifting down, believe it or not that could have been an impact on stolen cars. police say what happens this time of year, on a frosty morning a driver will go out and start the car to let it warm up. the driver goes back in the house leaving the cars and the keys outside just ripe for the taking. new castle police say five times this month cars were stolen left running. >> people want to get into a warm car, i understand, but you leave the keys in it, it's a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: emily knows well, we met her in the her rental car. >> i started my car up and put my shoes own an jacket on and grabbed my purse and i came out the door, gone. >> reporter: dominic tracked down her car it's in the repair shop warming up her car in the
6:38 am
morning a 167 year ritual a few blocks away we found chad wolf cleaning his pride and joy, he has a similar habit. >> especially when it's colder outside, we turn it on and leave it. wolf said now he will think twice. dominic said she learned her lesson, never again will she leave her car unlocked and running. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> ryder university is slashing 20 jobs and eliminating 13 academic majors expecting to save $2 million and including 14 full time fault positions. the reason is declining enrollment for the $2.67 million budget gap. bridging the gap helps reduce loan debt as tuition rise
6:39 am
nationwide. students with the family income of $60,000 a year or less will have the rest of the tuition or fee paid by rutgers. families earning 6 to 100 grand will have half of their tuition paid. those costs are about $14,000 per year. >> it's going to bring rutgers higher on my list. >> the program will be available to high school graduates enrolling in 2016. they must be a new jersey resident and u.s. citizen and go to rutgers camden. bridging the gap does not cover the cost of room and board. >> zombies take over a town. it's up to teens to save the day. we'll take a look at the film. scouts guide to the zombie
6:40 am
apocalypse. a man is rescued from a tree after his car is trapped in floodwaters. he captures it all on cell phone. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims.
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tree after he managed to escape from his flooded car documented the entire thing on video. he even did a live video with a local tv station while clinging
6:43 am
to a tree. he shot this video while trapped inside this flooded car. he sent to the video to his wife who sent it to a tv station. the flood swept his car into the woods. just as the car was about to fill with water he jumped out of the window and climbed up the tree. >> as it was sinking i grabbed on the tree and climbed up, about 20 feet up right now. >> he was rescued five howrs -- hours later. he said it was 20 years with the boy scouts. >> something wrong with him. >> reporter: these people, we're drowning let me get a selfie. >> he wasn't drowning. >> reporter: that's the last thing i'd be thinking about. i'd be thinking about how to survive. maybe he thought the tv station would send help.
6:44 am
>> reporter: sun is rising. 7:28 this morning. it is chilly, but it's quiet. clear skies for the most part. temperatures have pulled into the low to mid 30s. getting back to the texas rain look at this. this is what they are expecting on top of the ten to 20 inches of rain that fell last weekend. some of the very same areas are going to pick up another four to five inches, close to 4 over the next 24 hours. they continue to get so socked across gulf coast states. we might have a brief shower move into the delaware valley tomorrow morning. most of the forecast is dry. 42 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 33. winds are light out of the north northwest at 6 miles per hour. the winds will shift out of the south and we'll top out in the
6:45 am
50s. 32 the freezing mark in millville. poconos below freezing. trenton, 37. wilmington, 38. lancaster, 34. we have frost that has developed across the outlying suburbs. temperatures are running anywhere from ten to 17 degrees colder than they were at the same time yesterday as the arctic chill starts to fizzle in and fill in from canada. as quickly as it moved in during the overnight hours it will move out just as fast. as we get into tomorrow, this is a warm front those clouds are associated with a warm front off to the west. that will sweep through during the course of the weekend. from that point on, it's pacific air that runs across the lower 48. that will keep us mild. the winds blow clockwise out of the by. by tomorrow, here comes cold front. it's a southwest to northeast
6:46 am
flow. we're between two low pressure systems, one to the north, one to the south we'll see a decent amount of clouds cover early and maybe a brief shower, but by afternoon skies brighten up a bit. today, increasing clouds, temperatures climbing into it is mid to upper 50 os, -- 50s, no rain is expected. slightest breeze out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. by 5:00 p.m., temperatures pull back boo the low to mid 50s. you'll snead good with sleeves -- you'll need something with sleeves. overnights tonight it's milder, temperatures in the 50s, maybe one or two areas you see a brief shower. look at this, huge pattern show we go from the mid 50s today to the low to mid 70s next week. forecast today, increasing clouds, cooler, reading, 56. philadelphia, 58. millville, 58. atlantic city, 58 and cape may,
6:47 am
56. for the trick or treaters, cloudy skies, we'll keep you dry, light breeze out of the southwest, 6:00 p.m. temperature, 54. 9:00 p.m., 51. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, maybe a shower early tomorrow morning, otherwise it's cloudy giving way to sunshine by afternoon. it's a milder day, look at this high, 69. monday because of the increase in clouds it's cooler, nice, 66. monday night expect rain, from that point on it's gorgeous, tuesday through friday, highs in the 70s and ton of sunshine and that winning streak could continue right through the middle of the following week. nine or ten straight days of 70s. >> i'm okay with it staying warm a little longer, because i don't want the 20s to come. >> reporter: from what we're pug together in the winter outlook, doesn't look like there will be too much cold air. >> that makes me wanted to a happy dance. made my morning. giant inflatable pumpkin
6:48 am
tumbled through the streets of the city of pee pi it floated freely through the city until the owner caught up to it. is your head so congested it's ready to explode?
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you may be muddling through allergies.
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try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. at the pharmacy counter. >> there are new films hitting theaters this weekend they include bradley cooper donning a white apron and sandra bullock facing a crisis and fighting off zombies. >> reporter: our brand is crisis features sandra bullock and billy bob author ton. >> how are you?
6:51 am
i thought you retired. >> no, not retired. a smart political campaign strategist she pulled out to help a candidate who is running for president of bolivia i can't and failing in the polls. next up,urnt staring bradley cooper as a chef. >> one, two, three. nobody knows who they are. they come they eat they go. >> reporter: he plays adam an arrogant down and out chef his quest takes him to a london restaurant where's determined to get the highest honor in the restaurant industry. three michelin stars. scout's guide to a zombie
6:52 am
apocalypse. >> reporter: ben, carter and auggie tried save their town from a zombie outbreak. they join up with a tough cocktail waitress to save their town. burnt, political crisis andsome bees -- zombies, it's what's new at the movies. >> there will be vampires and witches on the streets tonight, take a look at taylor swift dressed as a teletuby one year.
6:53 am
and amy schumer said she dressed as herself. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
6:54 am
recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
6:55 am
everyone, 65:00 saturday morning, time for the travel forecast, new orleanss 74 degrees, miles per hour across the gulf coast states and cooler across the northern tier states. if you're traveling to the west, pack cooler clothes for today, you'll need something with sleeves. by tomorrow, the entire front range and mid section of the county is up to the 60s and 70s. the next five to seven days look really, really warm. wichita all the rain cleared out. we have heavy rains across texas
6:56 am
county gulf coast states. rainfall totals over the next 24 hours will range anywhere from one to five inches. houston, jackson, mississippi, that's the travel trouble spots today. that's where all the headaches are. everyone else is doing already. midway o'hare you had showers, but all flights are on time. orlando, 67, and all arthritis flights on time in newark. crown molding can add a custom feel to a new home, but it can cost thousands of dollars. knock it off will show you how to get it without spending the big bucks. >> reporter: crown molding can add bucks to any space, we can show you how to get it by using
6:57 am
less wood, less money and more paint. >> we're going to to put the crown first and paint this area white and we'll finish it off it will look like a chunky piece of molding like you have on the bottom. first step to this process we'll cut and install the crown. cut it on a 45-degree angle. >> beautiful. are you seeing it? >> i oom, it's going to look like one piece of wood. it's going to add character and value. >> reporter: this is a fantastic jock number of ten inch crown molding.
6:58 am
what could have cost $1,000 cost only a quarter of that, 250 bucks. tune into knock it off sunday nights at 7:00 on the live well network. >> we have another hour of "action news" coming up. how one kansas dairy has gotten into the world series spirit. plus, the one custom that stood out from the rest at the white house trick or treating event. those stories and more when "action news" returns. ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure.
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7:00 a.m., saturday, october 31. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," a man is hospitalized after a fire ripped through his north philadelphia home. temple fans with signs in hand begin arriving at independence mall for espn college game day we are live at independence mall. plus owl fans need to bundle up if they are heading to the game tonight. meteorologist chris sowers is outside for a look ahead at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i see you have your coat on chris. >> reporter: i hope the folks heading to independence mall bundle up because the numbers are down into the 20s and 30s believe it or not in some


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