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tv   Action News Weekend 7PM  ABC  October 31, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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in less than an hour the temple owls get their shot at history, a as they face notre dame right there at lincoln financial field. this here is a live look inside the link as the owls get ready to play on the national stage, with a whole lot on the the line. meanwhile outside the link it is sea of cherry a and white was fans stream by the the thousands for what they hope will be a game that ends with temple eight-zero shaking the college football world. big story on "action news" is an "action news" count down to the biggest game in temple football history. tonight nationally televised
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game pits six-one notre dame begins seven -zero owls. there is daughters how the here but here in the delaware valley there are plenty who believe. nearly 07,000 fans are expected a at the link for 8:00 o'clock kick off on temple campus. party started before the sun came up. dozens of buses transported students to independence had hall for espn game day and these fans showed up to represent the 215. the more on that in just a moment but first we have live team coverage of the big game. "action news" reporter jeff chirico live where excitement is coming to a head. meteorologist melissa magee is standing by with the game day forecast but we will begin with jeff skversky live inside the stadium where owls are getting ready for kick off, hi there, jeff. >> hi walter. sold out lincoln financial field, is simply reserved for eagles games. oh, not tonight. the undefeated temple owls are taking on notre dame, who is just walk out on to this field, it is their biggest college football game this
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city has seen, in 63 years. temple/notre dame right here on six a abc coming up at 8:00 . the lets look at a the temple owls and head coach matt rule arriving at the link about an hour ago, high fiveing fans, in an absolute mob seen as they arrived here in south philadelphia. walking through parking lot. the fans are fired up, and top football team in town, and back inside, matt rule doing his pregame ritual running sprints up and down the sidelines. look if temple keeps this run going and get to eight-zero, their defense will have to step it up big tonight against one of the best offenses in all of college football, notre dame. >> we just got to play hard, hope a couple things go our way and fight and we will make it. >> i think, you know, having that chip on our shoulder, just to go out and it makes us play harder. >> we're good. but, i mean, coach rule says
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we don't worry about our opponent, we worry about us. as long as we stick to doing what we are trying to do, we will be just fine. >> temple has always played notre dame once in team history. they lost. the it was matt rule's first ever game a as head coach here, back in 2013. and with would be the ultimate redemption tonight on prime time, national tv, the the undefeated temple owls trying to keep that it way against notre dame at the top of the hour. we will have have much more coming up in sports. live from inside lincoln financial field, jeff skversky channel six a "action news"? feels electric already, thanks, jeff. outside where the party is in full winning. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live with the fans and they are siked, jeff. >> reporter: yeah, i can tell you how excited these fans are but why don't you just hear it. >> notre dame fans, they have
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been out here for hours, getting ready for tonight's big match up. >> who is going to go win this game. >> let's beat notre dame, yeah. >> reporter: they came dressed up, fired up, their costumes not enough to hide their temple pride. >> yeah. >> fight, fight, fight. >> everybody is saying, we're on a roll. our program has never been this good. everybody is excited. >> reporter: hours before kick off, food grilled and drinks flowed on this halloween, these fans are convinced that the undefeated owls will spook the fighting irish. >> we're going to kill notre dame today, we will win it all, we will go to the playoffs. it will be a tough game but in the owned our team hold it together and we will pull it off. >> hoot, h oot. >> reporter: notre dame fans showed up in force convinced their number nine ranked team will create a nightmare on broad street. is what your super power? >> i hope the irish wins.
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>> to make the irish win. >> reporter: yes. >> i love that temple is relevant and fun and everything but, i want to see notre dame win tonight. >> reporter: no matter the the score the the owned of the night this 72 alumni says temple's history making season has already made him proud. >> i have been waiting 50 years for this. so, i'm very lucky. i just hope they show up tonight, and, i'm really looking forward to a great game. >> reporter: with the best start in the team's history, these fans say this is a party, 121 years in the making. walter, back to you. >> they are crazy. thanks, jeff. let's talk about the conditions out there. simply put it is perfect. little bit on the crisp side, chilly but not too cold. setting stage for owls to take flight. meteorologist melissa magee has the first check of the accu weather game time forecast, hi there, melissa a.
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>> i'm excited, i'm sure a lot have of people are already there looking forward to a really good college football game. a as you mentioned we have got great weather on the the way this evening. the currently 57 in philadelphia. forty-five in the poconos. fifty in reading, along the the coast in sea isle city, 54. let's get right to that game day forecast. temple up against notre dame, kick off at 8:00 p.m. lots of cloud with the south lawyer wind at three to 6 miles an hour. kick off temperature around 51. once we get in the fourth quarter we will drop down to 49. so we will talk about what we can expect for the rest of our weekend and week ahead, it is also halloween. we have got that trick or treaters forecast on the way and it warms up for us. milder on sunday and a chance of rain on monday. we have got details with the full, exclusive a accu weather seven day, walter. >> as we mentioned party started early for temple students today, it started very, very early. they made a trek down to independent mall for espn game gay broadcast live from philadelphia "action news"
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reporter, trish harden was there. >> thousands packed independent mall, showing their school spirit for es pn's college game day ahead of one of the biggest games in temple football history hoping to beat ninth ranked notre dame to stay untea feeted. >> we have game day, abc, prime time game, it is just unbelievable how it all came together. >> reporter: most decked out in cherry and white but not everyone. temple head coach matt rule made an appearance on the show and didn't seem to mind all of the blue and gold. >> it has been awesome. it is great to see notre dame people here, st. joes. everybody from philly is here and great event for a great sports time. >> people not in the spirit not only with creative signs but since it is halloween they have come in costume as well. >> i had to wake her up to get here but it was worth it. we may never get to see this again. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter said espn called him on sunday about bringing college game day on philly and things moved quickly from there.
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>> we put the team back together. we brought all of the activities from the pope francis visit, by monday, a at noon, and we were rock solid, ready to go. >> reporter: to wrap up the show the game day predictions with the guest picker and who better to share in the premonition, then the phillies fanatic. >> and as always, long time host lee corso donned a head piece of his predicted winner. >> i'm irish. >> reporter: despite his unpopular choice of head gear temple fans still believe. >> i figured people would be for their hometown crowd today. of course, temple will win. >> reporter: reporting from independent mall, trish hartman for channel six a "action news" i'm surprised lee corso made it out of there. finally lets talk about the most important part, the game, it airs live on six a abc. you have 50 minutes to get your popcorn and grab a seat and cheer on the cherry and white. kick off at 8:00 right here on channel six. moving on to tonight to a developing story, now to the
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"action news" news room, a trapeze artist performing at a circumstance news fairmount park fell in the crowd this happened shortly after 5:30 this evening at the universal circus taking place on the 5900 block of park side avenue. investigators say a male trapeze artist fell into the crowd. he was rush to a local hospital and no word yet on his condition. much more to come on "action news" tonight, we cannot forget about tonight a's other big events, kid every where are spending the evening trick or treating. we are live with the coolest costumes in the delaware valley. we will head out back live to the link as count down to kick off continues, that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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philadelphia's head house square neighborhood started with a what will be a new tradition today. pumpkin fest is a full celebration of the fall season. kids were encouraged to wear
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their halloween costumes and then they check out live performances, made their way through a hey maze and paint their pumpkins. tonight is it young at heart has been waiting for. sweetest night of the year for gules and goblins. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live in fairmount where trick or treating is well underway, hi annie. >> reporter: well, now to the adults, we were with the little kid earlier. we are in front of the eastern state penitentiary and terror behind the walls is one of the scariest places in the world. the it turns out it is in the neighborhood that actually had had some of the best trick or treating in world, as well. >> trick or treat. >> just like that they were off, this super man was able to leap this staircase in the single bound, all for candy. on the streets around fairmount we were overwhelmed with the amount of creativity, kid put into costumes. >> what are you? >> an owl. >> reporter: an owl? what are you. >> a panda a. >> reporter: what are you.
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>> a scary clown. >> i would like to be scared. i like to make people scared. >> reporter: these girls dressed a as characters from monster high and we found a zombie football player, and then, even more ideas. >> i am a spider's princess. >> i'm a witch. >> i'm a lone ranger. >> reporter: are you a witch. >> yes. >> reporter: are you a scary witch or good witch. >> scary witch. >> reporter: it is all about the candy for kids, trick or treaters shared their stashes with us and their favorites. >> snicks, and snickers. >> reporter: here in pair mount they say it is all about the community. >> we often get 300 kid. >> reporter: barbara dressed a as ruth ginsburg took advantage of this years timing of the holiday. >> it is a saturday so it the is just an opportunity to do something more than we usually do. >> reporter: and turn this pocket of the neighborhood into a family style, monster mash. >> we got the permit for the block party so there wasn't vehicle traffic. the it was safer for kid to
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trick or treat down our street. >> reporter: now neighbors hearsay some of the best trick or treating in the world but actually it is some of the best in the country there was a pole old on that rated philadelphia a the entire city as number 13 on the the list, as the best places to trick or treat in the united states. if you are brave enough you can still head into eastern state penitentiary they are selling those tickets past midnight. live from fairmount park, annie mccormack for channel six a "action news". >> thanks, annie. for others it was time for advice about college, for 100 or so local high school girls and their parents. they attended the charles ellis scholars conference right there in center city. "action news" anchor sharrie williams was keynote speaker for philadelphia a few tours event. families learned tips about picking the right school and how best to apply for financial aid.
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it was home coming today at chester high school. after the game, each senior was given a rose before introducing their families. then, of course, it was time to crown this years home coming king and queen. back to our big story, we are 40 minutes from kick off, and, temple playing irish of notre dame. jeff skversky live at the link. jeff, kick off promises to be electric there in south philadelphia. >> walter, i cannot wait. twenty-first rang temple owls, they have been making history all season long, so, why not again tonight. against ninth ranked notre dame on prime time, tv, lets take a look at the temple owls getting set on this field, getting ready to take on fighting irish there. pj walker, temple's junior quarterback, and, try to lead the team past notre dame. this is a very tough match up even for the temple owls. win tonight would even,
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validate this program's best to start in team history. temple trying to win at home as a ranked team for the first time since 1941. the defense has been one of the best in the country. they will have to put up a fight against the fighting irish offense. >> notre dame has a great, great offense. tremendous players. we will have to play great defense to have a chance. >> you have an opportunity to show the entire country, saturday night how special this program is by beating notre dame, what would that be like. >> it would be awesome. it would be great for the university. great for the city of philadelphia it would be just another game for us. i know, we will enjoy it but we will get ready for the the conference game next week. >> if temple will win they will have to contain notre dame's offense which is one of the best in the country led by philadelphia native a and former roman catholic star will ford, fighting irish leading receiver and one of the best in the entire country. now he is home, to meet
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temple. >> it is an exciting feeling right now, just to go back home, you know, being one of the good players on notre dame team and just having that on your back going home, it will be fun. >> well, hopefully temple makes it miserable for ford tonight on halloween and the irish, look they have been scary good on halloween. how about 15-zero all time, and look not many are picking temple tonight. we will see what happens. how about earlier today on independent mall, espn's game day crew, with their guest celebrity picker, the phillies fanatic. yeah, he brings up hooter the owls, it is funny but then lee corso is going with notre dame tonight. >> i heard the the pope was here. that is a tough spot. that was good enough for me. go irish.
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>> boo. >> boo. >> oh, man. >> temple/notre dame on prime time tonight here on six abc coming up at the top of the hour at 8:00 o'clock. for tell this seven-zero streak started against penn state, unbelievable run, they have been on and penn state, not doing too bad themselves. taking on illinois today, it is halloween, look at james franklin look alike costume, perfect costume today. how about the lions offense, scary good all penn state. christian hackenberg to nick scott, it is a trick half back option, great spot, hack evenberg wide open for the touchdown. lions runaway, barkley with 142 all purpose yard and this fourth quarter touchdown. he loses a shoe. penn state does not lose the game they win 39 to nothing. they are undefeated at home. penn beating brown 48-28. by 20 points.
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alex hitting tray solomon for 10-yard pass, a big win, for penn . villanova taking on maine, later on tonight. of course, notre dame, taking the field, getting booed right now at lincoln financial field, and a sold out crowd, here tonight, we usually expect this for eagles game but oh, no, tonight it is temple owls taking over the link. walter, back to you. >> i can't wait, thanks, jeff. up next on "action news" looking live from our sky six camera temple university cam, meteorologist melissa magee has your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back. i don't want to live with
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morning for the rock and roll half marathon put on by the american a association for cancer research. a 13.1-mile course took runners through the streets of philadelphia, long the schuylkill river, and start and finish lines were at eakins oval and fairmount park. also live band, all along the course and beer garden greeting runners a as they finish. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. talk about football weather. it does not get better than this. >> this is perfect. we have cloud around. temperatures in the 50's tonight for temple and notre dame at the link. we have more details on. that storm tracker six live double scan radar, it is dry, quiet. no issues of precipitation. beautiful fall afternoon, with the high in philadelphia, climbing, up the best i could, and a across the the area we are in the upper 50's and 57 in philadelphia.
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forty-seven allentown. and, 45 degrees, up in the poconos, along the coast of beach haven 55 and 49 out to the west. and, here's satellite six with action radar. we have mostly cloudy sky, a couple of features as well that we are tracking. and we are tracking the great lakes a and this moisture, will arrive to the north of our region as we go throughout the overnight hours in the first half of the morning. on sunday. so with that said there could be a spring will or shower north and west of the city, otherwise, cause some sun tomorrow a afternoon. then we're tracking low pressure moving out of texas and lou san, mississippi anal bam a. this will be our weather feature as we get this into monday. in the near term it is all about tonight. it is halloween. so trick or treaters if you are not out already, expect lots of clouds, but dry conditions, and those will be in the 50's and even for the start of the temple game over at the link. the temperatures for at least the the kick off are around 52, 51 degrees. call from accu weather for
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tonight mostly cloudy, not a as chilly as last night. forty-eight in the suburbs. forty-one allentown and lehigh valley. forty-one overnight low in dover. reminder, we're falling back tonight. daylight savings time is coming to an even. we will gain an extra hour of sleep but lose an hour, of daylight, meaning, sunset tomorrow at 4:59, in the have afternoon. also good idea to change batteries in your smoke detector. here's set up for tomorrow, clouds and some sun. high temperature in at 67 degrees. we're tracking spotty shower north and west of the 95 corridor early tomorrow morning. otherwise, clouds and some sun, and it will be a nice afternoon. watching this area of low pressure on monday that will work its way northward. the big question is how far north will it travel as we get into monday afternoon and monday night. the here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, clouds and sun tomorrow in at 68 degrees. the we are watching that rain to the south of our region by monday in at 66. tuesday, warm and sunny in at 71. on wednesday, sunshine and cloud, a a high up to 73.
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thursday, sweet 70's, galore, and 74, 73 on friday, and upper 60's as we get the in to next saturday. not a bad start for the first week of november. >> springtime. >> sound good to me. >> thanks, melissa a. fyi philly is next on channel six. the don't miss "action news" at ten on p hl17 tonight. of course, don't forget catch the temple game right here on six abc starting at 8:00 o'clock followed by "action news" after the game. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will be right back here at 11:00. go temple. very excited. >> ♪
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>> i'm alicia vitarelli. >> and i'm erin o'hearn. tonight on fyi philly. >> (high five) awesome i like that. >> a fall extravaganza starts with a good tailgate >> wow! >> we take a wine tour in scenic bucks county. >> (bartender shaking drink) >> find out how the list of 50 best bars in philly shakes out. >> that's delicisous. >> and plan a day out in doylestown. >> supercalafragilisticmakesme aladocious >> plus a golden opportunity to win a trip through adventures by disney. >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at kraftwork bar in fishtown, one of the area's 50 best bars. we partnered with our friends at philly mag to find philly's favorite places to get a drink. >> if you're looking for a new spot for a cocktail or want to see where your favorite watering hole landed on the list, melissa magee breaks down some of the top 50. >> the problem isn't coming up with a list of 50 best bars. the problem is coming up with a list of only 50 bars.


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