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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 1, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. new overnight, crash investigation. what brought down this plane packed with tourists. terrorists claiming responsibility. did they really shoot it down? the huge debris field and the terrifying implications. our aviation team is on the case. horror on halloween. a gunman opening fire on a street in colorado springs. >> shots fired. shots fired, possible shooting in progress. >> three people dead. the shooter taken down in a fierce gun battle with police, why did he do this. killer storms. tornadoes blasting through texas. this apartment complex, a mangled mess. roofs torn apart. >> just like a train went through. >> and the relentless rain swamping streets, over a hundred high-water rescues.
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and we're right there. and wild play. miami shocking duke with an unbelievable, eight-lateral return. fans and players stunned, is this the craziest play in college football history? hello on the happiest day of the year for people who work in morning television. it's fall back, meaning an extra hour of sleep. don't forget to reset your clocks. and coming up, dealing with one potential downside by fallback. it's called seasonal affective disorder. but we begin with the latest on that plane crash in egypt, the investigation is now under way. the russian airliner went down shortly after taking off. all 224, including 17 children onboard were killed, and abc's alex marquardt is in sharm el
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sheikh, egypt, with the latest. hi, alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. little is still known about this russian flight that took off from here in sharm el sheikh and disappeared from radar 23 minutes later. russian investigators are at the crash site to try to figure out what went wrong. the wreckage of the plane strewn across the sinai desert. a field of debris stretching five miles. all 224 people onboard, including 17 children, died, almost all were russian. >> the possibilities and probabilities are really kind of conflicting at this stage. we think we have an in-flight breakdown. >> reporter: there was no distress call or any indication that anything was wrong with the metrojet plane before it started to quickly descend from 31,000 feet. the ex-wife of the co-pilot told
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russian tv that he repeatedly had complained about the technical state of the old airbus, before taking off that fateful morning. a militant group linked to isis quickly claimed responsibility. but intelligence officials say they don't have the weapons to shoot it down. but that doesn't rule out some sort of explosive device. >> in-flight breakup, something caused that, on the bomb on the airplane. >> reporter: anguished relatives gathered at the st. petersburg airport where the plane was supposed to land. and an egyptian aviation official told us that black boxes have been recovered. and sent for analysis. and three international airlines won't be flying over the sinai peninsula until more is known about the crash. dan. >> alex, thank you. let's bring in now our aviation consultant, steve ganyard, given what's being
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reported about the size of the debris field here, what does that tell you? >> good morning, dan. well, it suggests a really disturbing possibility that the airplane actually came apart in flight. 90% of mishaps in commercial aviation take place in takeoff or landing phase. there may be something that was manmade like an explosive event onboard the airplane. >> let me ask you about something we heard in alex's report, this report coming in from the wife of the co-pilot, that he had complained about the state of the airplane, what kind of issues could have been with the plane itself? >> russian commercial aviation has just about the worst safety record in the world, poorly maintained airplane and poor safety standards, that wouldn't be anything surprising. one thing that's interesting to
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me, the data that we do have, just prior to the airplane being lost on radar, it's very contradictory. you don't see a defined descent or indicate what actually happened, so, it's quite confusing. >> so many questions, it is very confusing. colonel steve ganyard, we appreciate your guidance this morning. thank you. paula, over to you. >> thanks, dan. for a little more clarity, let's bring in global affairs correspondent martha raddatz now from washington. now, an isis branch as we have heard is claiming responsibility. we know the plane was traveling at 31,000 feet when it disappeared. do they actually the capability to shoot down a plane at that altitude? >> they don't have surface to air missiles to reach that altitude. we would know by now if it was a surface to air missile. because of our own reconnaissan reconnaissance. isis has portable missiles. but they can't reach that high.
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if it turns out to be an act of terror, it would likely be a bomb onboard. >> okay, we should mention that we have yet to corroborate this particular isis branch's claim, but what would their motive be taking down a russian aircraft? >> russia is now in the fight against isis. and they have been conducting air strikes in syria and that's why isis is claiming they brought it down. again, no evidence of that yet. >> finally, what precautions are being taken now? >> some airlines are avoiding that air space for safety sake, probably a very smart move until they find out the cause of this. >> martha, we'll let you go. i know you have a very busy morning. we'll hear much more from martha coming up on "this week." she speaks to paul ryan and carly fiorina as well as an exclusive with ben carson. martha wants to know what questions you have. all you have to do is tweet her @martharaddatz. we move now to a violent
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halloween in downtown scenic colorado springs. the gunman killed three people before dying himself in a shootout with police. abc's kanya whitworth is there. kanya, good morning. >> reporter: before he went on a shooting ram page, he started a fire at this home right behind me that they believe to his. then in an eerily calm manner, he walked down the sidewalk shooting people that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. it was a halloween horror, a gunman on the loose in colorado springs, armed with a rifle and a handgun, according to witnesses, shooting randomly. >> i see this guy slumped over, i'm like, wow, this is serious. >> i saw him walking down, calmly. not in any rush. >> reporter: the heavily armed man taking three lives in just under 30 minutes. >> shots fired. shots fired, possible shooting in progress. >> reporter: at 8:45 a.m., officers responded to
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reports of gun fire in this neighborhood. where police found the first victim, face down next to his bicycle. >> i was on the phone between 30 seconds. i'm going back and forth between the trees so he doesn't see me. >> reporter: police arrive on the scene faced with an active shooter situation. >> shots fired -- >> reporter: the gunman turns the weapon on two women and abshire runs to their aid. >> i took my shirt off. put pressure on her wound. i picked her head up. posted her in the corner. looked down to my right. another lady shot in the jaw. >> reporter: despite his efforts, officials said both women died. when police encounter the gunman they exchange gun fire. >> put the gun down. he turned around and that's when they shot him a good 20 times. >> reporter: the gunman was killed in that shootout. police are still investigating
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for a motive and haven't released names involved. and, paula, everyone in this community has been rattled. >> i'm sure they're on edge, kanya, thank you. we want to move on to the dangerous weather along the gulf coast, several reported tornadoes touched down in texas, louisiana and mississippi and heavy rains continue to hammer much of that region creating dangerous flash flooding. abc's aditi roy is in houston for us, he is getting more than its fair share of rain. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the rain pouring down on us this morning. take a look at what a tornado did to this house. the violent weather leaving behind a path of destruction. this morning, severe storms ripped through the gulf coast, 11 reported tornadoes tearing up homes and flash floods sweeping through busy highways. >> i was horrified. >> reporter: texas, hard hit. the violent weather claiming six lives, homes ravaged by six confirmed tornadoes.
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>> we woke up and we hid in the bathroom. >> reporter: the twisters downing carports and leaving behind a mangled mess. >> just like a train going through and the house was literally shaking. >> reporter: pulling the roof off of this man's home. and cutting through this trailer park, snatching roofs, walls and car windows in its path. >> it's devastating. i'm still shaking from what i saw this morning. >> reporter: heavy rains also pummelling the region. 6 to 12 inches falling near houston. people forced to navigate the floodwaters on foot. others trying to salvage what they can. the houston fire department reporting more than 130 high-water rescues. now, the wicked weather moving east, the halloween weekend storm threatening parts of the southeast. the concern today is that nearby
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waterways like the trinity river will continue to rise, urging people to stay off those roads if possible. for more on that forecast, let's turn things over to rob marciano. >> that river, trinity river expected to go over floodstage today. they have seen over 2 feet of rain. remarkable. still rain that has to come through. but look at the heavy rain across southern louisiana through new orleans, where that really strong stuff is going to be today. could see severe weather. tomorrow morning from panama city up to atlanta, it's going to be a rough, rough commute. heavy rain stretches all of the way into north carolina, with 3 inches to 4 inches of rainfall getting into the area that doesn't need the rain. dan, a strong storm into the pacific northwest. more about that in just a few minutes. in the race to the white house this morning, there's a raging debate over the debates, representatives from the various republican campaigns are going
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to be meeting in washington tonight. they want a change. where is this all heading, abc's cecilia vega is here with us. for much more this morning. >> reporter: unchartered waters. that's where they're heading. candidates all running against each other, not just in an agreement, they're actually joining together in this fight, they're just that mad. >> and when they're not good, i say you're fired. >> reporter: donald trump in virginia on saturday, fired up, and he is not alone. >> such a nasty question. >> reporter: after last week's debate, it's an all-out republican revolt and it happens tonight. representatives for all 16 candidates competing against each other for the nation's top job now banding together in washington hoping to change their party's debate process. >> in new jersey -- >> reporter: after that widely criticized cnbc debate the republican national committee pulling the plug last week on a
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february debate hosted by nbc news. >> there are consequences for holding lousy debates. the more important for americans to hear real questions and real answers the more helpful it is. >> reporter: dr. ben carson wants fewer debates. trump wants them to be shorter. and senator ted cruz -- >> how about if we say from now on, if you have never voted in a republican primary in your life, you don't get to moderate a republican primary debate. >> reporter: yeah, just about everyone running is part of this meeting. but the key player not invited, rnc. the candidates fed up with the group. trying to figure out how to remove some of its power when it comes to these debates. one sure thing, it's going to be so contentious. >> so, let me ask you, that's what's going on the republican
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side right now. what's happening on the democratic side? >> bernie sanders taking the shift where he's going directly after hillary clinton. hillary clinton has been campaigning in key battleground states. she's still riding that wave from those benghazi hearings and her debate success. >> thank you. >> cecilia vega covering both sides of the campaign for us. a reminder this morning -- coming up next week here on "good morning america," donald trump, he'll be live tuesday to talk about his campaign and he also has a new book comes out. >> thanks, dan. we'll send things over to ron, big developments in the search for that missing cargo ship. >> that's right. good morning to paula and dan. good morning, everyone. federal officials believe they have located the wreckage of that missing cargo ship, the el faro. searchers using high-tech sonar made the discovery at 15,000 feet.
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el faro vanished near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. they'll send a vehicle to confirm and retrieve the ship's black box if it was the el faro. and back here in new york, an out of control car plowed into a group of trick-or-treaters on yesterday. three feel were killed. four others were injured in that incident, two of them children. authorities said the driver apparently lost the control of his vehicle, hit another car before his jumped the curb slamming into the people on the sidewalk. so far, the 52-year-old male driver hasn't been charged. take a look at this, a high-flying tow, a high-tech defense surveillance system. the blimp broke loose from an airbase in maryland just a few days ago and floated for hours before coming down in some trees.
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in a pennsylvania countryside. now to california, that humpback whale we told you about yesterday, he or she has been set free. happy ending. the nearly 50-foot-long whale was first spotted about 45 miles off the coast of los angeles friday afternoon. it caught up in lobster trap lines from its mouth to its tail. it took two days. for rescuers to disentangle the mammal. and take a look at this, hundreds of spectators at an air show in brazil watching in horror, as a plane started flipping over and nose-dived into the water. investigators trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. and a boat rescue off the coast of florida. the coast guard was called in to help three people stranded on top of their boat after it capsized, three boaters in the water before they were brought on the capsized vessel. luckily, nobody was injured.
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now to sports, kansas city royals, one win away from winning the world series. the new york mets were leading 3-2 in the eighth inning last night when it all came apart. check it out here. second baseman daniel murphy muffing that costly fielding error. unable to scoop up that slow ground ball. the royals went on to take a 5-3 lead and hold that, winning game four, going up three games to one. kansas city royals and the mets go at it again tonight in queens, new york. wait, we don't know how it's going to turn out. but we got more. this is going to be a college football -- like nothing i promise you -- like nothing you have ever seen before or likely to see again. check it out. miami in the white uniforms, taking the kickoff, they're trailing duke. the clock is running out. they're trying to keep the ball
8:18 am
alive, lateralling it. alluding the defenders here. they're going all of the way back, almost to the 7 yard line. oh, they're way back inside the 10. the play is not over. time has run out, they're keeping it alive, it's like a rugby game. watch this. back in the corner. two blockers in front of him. he could go all the way -- he will go all the way! amazing, 40-second play. he started with 6 seconds left. miami beating duke. 30-27. the referee thought there might have been a penalty. it was a clean hit, they decided. miami beats duke. isn't that amazing?
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>> look at that guy. >> that's amazing. >> dan. >> absolutely amazing. >> that's literally -- >> it shows you to keep playing no matter what. because that was like most persistent play. >> there's a life lesson for people. keep playing. keep going. >> and at times, run backwards, if you have to. >> ron, this is maybe a dumb football question, if they crossed the line -- >> it was a safety. >> if you're saying -- if miami kept throwing backwards and crossed into that -- >> yes, it would have been a two points. it would have been a safety. >> dan is like, what's a safety? you know what else is hard to pull off, ladies and gentlemen, is a three-piece suit. but rob marciano can do that.
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>> thank you for cutting into 30 seconds of my weather broadcast. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm kidding. portland look at the water pouring into the cab this is a train that rides above grounds and goes through town. this is what happened downtown they had the pettest -- wettest day in portland. we have flood watches and winter weather advisories this will bring snow. this front comes on board behind it. cool showery, the snow leaves drop and we'll see substantial snows and rains, as well. some of the rain will get into southern california as we see a
8:21 am
general shift in the overall pattern including a warmup. that's what's happening nationally here's what's happening locally. >> reporter: warming up here, as well. warm front in the process of pushing through, triggering isolated showers across wilmington and southern chester on a lancaster county. we'll get you outside, it is gray out there, mostly cloudy and very, very mild. temperatures are already in the 50s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouds limited sun this afternoon, breezy and warm, high of 68. 66 tomorrow, 70s the rest of the way. >> take over your car and home. >> some people would prefer -- >> i just stopped paying my bills if rob's coming. >> moving on. coming up on "good morning america" -- the bodies of a connecticut couple missing for months have been found. now their son is charged with the murders.
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what led to his arrest. plus, this couple had a problem, their vacation was ruined. they and heidi klum, the queen of halloween had her big bash last night. you're going to see it all up ahead on "pop news." "good morning america" is brought to you by belfor property restoration. restoring more than property. han property. your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis.
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>> fire at a plymouth meeting township apartment exreks owe complex, killed a woman and left two dozen homeless. there were no reports of other injuries. the red cross is finding temporary shelter for the displaced residents.
8:28 am
8:27 sunday morning, i'm eva pilgrim. let's go outside with chris sowers with the latest from accuweather. all right, eva, we're starting to pick up sprinkles on the terrace. we have cloudy skies and showers west of philadelphia. they will pals through in the -- they will pass through the in the next hour, half that it's clouds and limit the sun. tomorrow, 66. rest of the seven day in the 70s. >> that's it for us, we'll send you back to "good morning america."
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welcome back to "good morning america." investigators are scouring the desert in egypt's sinai peninsula right now for clues of what caused a russian jetliner to come crashing down. about 20 minutes after takeoff. all 224 aboard that plane was killed. also right now, chipotle has temporarily closed dozens of restaurants in washington and oregon out of an abundance of caution. of e-coli scare. and american pharoah retiring, winning his final race at the breeders cup on saturday. he's the first horse to win the triple crown and the breeders' cup. i have met american pharoah, he's an impressive beast.
8:31 am
good morning, america, on this november 1st, those are just some of the stories that we're following, and coming up, the couple who turned to abc news fixer when they ran into trouble trying to collect on their trip insurance policy. what you need to know before booking your next vacation. but first, the man facing charges in the death of his own parents. >> jeffery and jeannette navin. went missing almost three months ago. they're pointing to the couple's son. and revealing some text messages. phillip mena has more. hi, philip. >> reporter: good morning. that couple's son was already in police custody on a weapons charge, but this morning, he and his girlfriend are facing charges in connection to his parents' murder. this morning, a son charged with ending his parents' lives, after police say the human remains recovered in the yard of this vacant home are those of jeffrey
8:32 am
and jeannette navin. >> the kids loved her. >> reporter: the connecticut couple last seen in august. their abandoned car found in a park and ride lot. >> they're processing the car for every and any piece of evidence that could help point us in a direction. >> reporter: their son, kyle navin already behind bars pleading not guilty to a fire arm violation unrelated to his parents' disappearance. the 27-year-old now charged in the murder. his girlfriend arrested friday. the 31-year-old charged with conspiracy to commit murder. >> hopefully, this family can get resolution. >> reporter: the warrant from valiante's arrest revealing new details about the investigation. they recovered deleted text messages. one of the many alleged suspicious exchanges with kyle, writing, we need to figure out what the best way to take them down and jennifer responding, we'll figure something out.
8:33 am
among earlier documents, a home depot receipt from the day after his parents' disappearance. on the shopping list -- bleach, stain remover and clean-up bags. a judge has ordered that kyle navin remain in custody. as a potential flight risk. meanwhile his girlfriend sits in jail this morning on a $2 million bond. let's check the weather once again with rob, back to you, itn happening today, runners are gathering across at that staten. this is a picture of them as we show you the skyline. temperatures in the 50s that's just about perfect. i'm far from a marathon runner, but i'm told cool and cloudy is good. might see a vigil or two. temperatures are rising in the lower 60s. all in all, 50,000 running. cool out today. look at the temperatures this is the first week of november, 65 in chicago. lower 70s. 74 potentially on wednesday in
8:34 am
philadelphia in contrast where it's been steamy hot, one of the hottest october on record temperatures in the 80s today. you'll see a major cool down from the 80s dropping into the 60s in san diego, burbank 71 degrees. you'll take the rain and mountain snow. the first snowfall forecast map of the season. >> no. >> reporter: yes, yes, bring it don. folks across pacific northwest got skunked last year. we'll take the snowfall going into an el nino winter. mid section of the country looks nice. that's a look nationally here's what's happening locally. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. a couple of showers across south jersey and new castle county. sunshine and breezy and warmer, highs in the upper 60s.
8:35 am
for those who forgot to set their clocks back and waiting for a full hour to start our show, i hope it was worth it. >> thank you, we appreciate it. coming up on "good morning america" -- a couple's trouble trying to get their money on a our fixer will be here with some answers. >> sara. >> we're asking viewers to tweet us. favorite teachers, favorite things about new york city. click into our old ones or click into our new ones and i'll get the job done. we'll be right back. here's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno® aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion with the goodness of active naturals® oat and 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. healthy skin equals beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too!
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8:40 am
>> we learned a lot in 4 1/2 years. >> reporter: the couple's travel smarts extend to trip insurance, which they made sure they bought last year for a greek cruise to corfu. it promised to cover cancel yagss for any reasons. >> we never know what could happen. >> reporter: those plans were interrupted when pamela tripped and broke her heel. they had to cancel the trip, but when they tried to collect on that policy, they hit a dead end. >> we sent several e-mails and called them, and i was really, really irritated. that was our money and we should have gotten it back. >> reporter: after ten months, the chernicks threw in the towel and called the abc news fixer. stephanie zimmermann and her team stepped in, asking them to investigate that missing money. the couple should have been paid under the terms of their travel insurance.
8:41 am
in the end, our fixer got the airline to issue the full refund. >> it's fixed. thank you, abc news fixer! >> and we're all in luck because stephanie joins us from chicago this morning. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning. >> you know most people never dream their vacation is going to be ruined by illness. >> you have to read these policies very carefully. and check on whether it's going to limit how much money you can get as a refund and also check whether it excludes any pre-existing medical conditions. because some of these policies are better than others. >> yeah, you got to look for those medical exclusions. so, when do you recommend buying travel insurance? >> well, if you're planning a really expensive vacation, or if you're concerned at all an emergency will cause you to cut a trip short, you should get it. it will cost 4% to 8% of the trip.
8:42 am
in that case, it might be worth it. >> stephanie, i think you put all of us in the mood for a vacation this morning. great advice. thank you for joining us. dan? >> excellent. coming up here on "good morning america" -- how to beat the winter blues. advice from dr. richard besser, coming up right after this quick break. is break. hey marc. how you feeling? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. i never thought this would happen to me. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i'm going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. it's pretty close to my eye. i don't know how you do it. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today
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♪ >> we're starting something new today, it's called the "weekend download." today, we start the clocks back as we told you. but for some people, that could trigger seasonal affective disorder. dr. richard besser is here. what is s.a.d.? and who's likely to get it? >> it's full-fledged depression that comes on in the late fall,
8:46 am
early winter, you tend to see it more commonly in women and younger adults and in people who live further north where days tend to be shorter. >> what are the symptoms? >> symptoms of depression, lack of energy, feeling hopeless and in addition, you can see symptoms that are less typical, so more sleep, increased appetite, those are things that you'll see with this. >> and why is this such a problem when we turn the clocks back? >> well, it's interesting, a lot of our hormones are regulated by sunlight. and one particular, serotonin levels tends to go down. and that affects your mood. >> what can we do about this? >> you want to know if this each winter, you start to feel down. you want to see your doctors. and one thing they may recommend to you is this, a light box, it's very, very effective.
8:47 am
just sessions of ten to 30 minutes, sitting, looking at the light can affect your mood and can improve things. i think it's important to if you have these symptoms to talk to your doctor. because some people will need psycho therapy and medication. >> wow, dr. besser, thank you for the first download, we appreciate it. >> can i have the light, please? >> i'll leave it right there. >> it makes us look younger. and coming up on "good morning america" -- you loved george clooney in the ocean's eleven remake. now, see who's tapped to play in the all-female version. sara has all the details in the much-anticipated "pop news." we'll be right back. details in the much-anticipated "pop news." we'll be right back. sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection.
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♪ ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by fitbit. find your fit. one of the things that
8:52 am
doctors offer recommend for seasonal affective disorder is just hanging out with sara haines. good morning. >> or eating candy. >> or eating candy. thank you. heidi klum kept us guessing until the very last minute. the supermodel who goes crazy for halloween every year, finally showed off this year's costume. >> that is her? >> yes. heidi looked absolutely amazing as jessica rabbit. she has a lot of pretty impressive prosthetics. she was totally transformed and her guests went all-out, too. emily dressed up as marge simpson. gigi hadid dressed up as sandy from "grease." that's one of my favorites, i has gone as sandy twice. and jennifer lopez and casper smart had coordinated skeleton looks, that's hot. >> she's hot. >> pretty much anything she does. anyone dress up here? >> yeah, i wore a cat hat.
8:53 am
>> that's every day. i mean special dress-up? >> it was meant for my child. but i wore it. and get ready to fill your world with happy trees and fluffy clouds, we all remember this, "the joy of painting" starring the late bob ross is now in the middle of a megamarathon. twitch tv is streaming the show which aired for 11 years starting in 1983 and developed a cult following. here's a look at the streaming live. artists can broadcast their own creative processes. the show will air through november 6th. you remember how happy he made you just watching. >> just like that light i have. >> even more. let's put a deer here.
8:54 am
and it's happening to "ghostbusters" and now ocean's 11 is apparently getting the same treatment. word that sandra bullock is set to star in the reboot with an all-female cast. now, george clooney who played danny ocean in his own ratpack remake is said to be involved in reviving the movie series role with sandra. he may -- he may even make a cameo appearance. come on, george, do it for me. >> and me. >> yeah. >> that's enough. and this is kind of cool, here is a brand-new way to release a song. justin bieber sent out this instagram to his fans, and as you can imagine, they responded in a big way. >> so, i have a big news, i put a hotline number on my twitter. >> i want to show you what
8:55 am
happened. when you call the number. >> you're actually calling the number? >> calling the bieber. what kind of phone is that? touch phone. >> oh, you're sorry. >> you call and this is what happens? ♪ call him on the cell phone >> call me, justin. this is a remake of drake's "hotline bling." you don't get to talk to justin but it's kind of cool. this is what you get when you get ron's voice mail, too. >> dan, what is your name? >> 888-888 -- no, i'm not giving my number out. that was a great "pop news." >> i didn't feel your energy. >> really? yeah. you're not supposed to look into the light. >> have you never watched anything? >> it will damage your eyes. the perfect way to end the show, on an argument.
8:56 am
thank you very much for joining us on this sunday morning. we really appreciate it. keep it here for "this week" with martha raddatz coming up. bye, everybody. >> good morning, i'm eva pilgrim along with alicia vitarelli. coming up on "action news" sunday morning. deadly fire we're live on the scene after a woman is killed in a place in a montgomery county apartment. >> temple fall also to notre dame, but proves itself only the gridiron. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live is tracking showers, and warmer temperatures this week, i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day
8:57 am
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>> it is 9:00 a.m., sunday, november 1. nydia han is off, alicia vitarelli joins us. a woman is dead after flames rip through an apartment complex in montgomery county. >> the temple owls fall short of a win against notre dame. >> we have a warmup as we start
9:00 am
a new week, chris sowers is here, he went outside checking out the leaves. >> reporter: i'm getting mixed emotions about the warmup. some people are all for it, others want cooler weather for the season. >> they will have plenty of >> reporter: climate experts will tell you that, but it's an el nino year and it usually a milder winter. we have the fall colors you can see the reds and yellows. a slight breeze out of the south which has warmed the temperatures up. take a look at the comparison from yesterday to today. 29 degrees in allentown yesterday around 7:00 a.m. look at the jump in the numbers. pilots, 45. ham top


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