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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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discovery with some children in chester county find needles in had their halloween candy. a "action news" is next. it is a warning children and parent hear every year,
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check your candy, this year, proved to be for good reason. this is what several children in chester county discovered in their candy bars. sewing needles, slid right in the chocolate. police want to know who would do this and why. sunday night and the big story on "action news" is discovery of needles in the halloween candy in one kenneth square community. >> luckily youngsters made discovery before anyone got hurt but neighbors and investigators want to know who would do such a thing. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live in kenneth square with the full story, annie. >> reporter: walter and sarah a, luckily in reports of any injuries. we spoke to one of the young trick or treaters who said he had a needle in his candy and at first he was scared and then his family called the police. >> needles inside a twix and some people found them inside snickers. >> reporter: miguel moon essayed he made a scary discovery have after trick or treat nothing kenneth square
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on halloween. make aal went door to door with three other trick or treaters, midnight sunday they called police after finding sewing needles inside five snack sized twix bars. a according to police a parent happened to check after seeing a facebook post about halloween candy hazards. >> everyone check their candy, my mom sent an e-mail to all of their friend. >> these reports can turnout to be anyway and right now it is an active police investigation. we are interviewing people who reported the incident, we're trying to figure out where they were trick or treating at. >> reporter: after police awarded community and showed twix bars, a second report came in sunday afternoon. a child separate from the original complete, brought the in a snickers bar with a sewing needle inside. our children went door to door in the neighborhood, bordering south union street and west south street and they all ranged from seven to 12. >> that is terrible, that some people who have to do something, a harmful to our
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kids. >> kid are just out, doing fun, innocent stuff and getting candy with their family and something like this, you know, to ruin it for everybody. >> reporter: police acknowledge, the urban legend this time of the year proves false, they want to take every precaution and meet the public's help. >> remember parents to be vigilant and watch what your children bring home. when the candy is unwrapped, and things like that, just double-check it. >> reporter: this is still an ongoing investigation. one of the things they are looking into is whether this candy was tampered with at home or if it was brought that way. live from kenneth square, annie mccover in mack for channel six "action news". >> police are investigating a deadly shooting of the 16 year-old boy in the strawberry mansion section is. investigators say a at least 17 shots were fired, but only took one to take a teenagers life. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live with the full
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story, jeff. >> that teen was not alone. he was riding alongside a 15 year-old friend who was not hit by those bullets. police brought him here for questioning. they hope his answers will shed light on who opened fire on two teens just riding bikes in their neighborhood. >> this is bicycle a 16 year-old was riding as they tried to escape bullets on the 2200 block of west sedgley avenue. one of 17 shots, hit the teen in the back, killing him, and leaving detectives, at a loss for a motive. >> it could have been a road rage incident, right now but 17 shots ace a lot of shots, firing two kid on a bike. >> seventeen, they really wanted to kill them. that is just sad, it is sad. >> reporter: police say surviving teen told them they had a altercation a earlier were four men in the silver buick. they thought that the car had driven away. >> they were going down the the street. they noticed that the vehicle pulled over. they started to believe something wrong was about to
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happen. they turned around and at that time shots began firing. >> we didn't hear no bullets a at all. we had trouble and all that. >> reporter: bishop jordan said emmanuel open door holiness ministry was in the middle of worship while gunfire erupt had yards from the door. a minister who says he works to save lives, now saddened by the loss of life, so close. >> anytime you hear about kids, that is sad, you know, it is a shame you cannot even walk the streets anymore north philadelphia has gotten that bad. >> reporter: police have not released much of the description. all they say is they are looking for a silver buick and at the time they had four men inside. if you know anything you're urged to call philadelphia police homicide. live from police headquarters, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". walter and sarah. police in wilmington are investigating a a shooting that injured two people. gunshots rang out just after 6:00 in the 700 block of east tenth street. woman is being treated for a gunshot wound to the face while a man was shot in the
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arm. they were both transported to christiana hospital in stable condition, and police have not released any details about the shooter. police in philadelphia are questioning, four people, in connection with the shooting death of the man in the logan section of the city. police say that the the 41 year-old victim was shot three times in the head, when he opened his front door. shooting happened at 7:30 tonight in the 5200 block of north tenth street. police say that the victim and suspect had a disagreement earlier in the day. >> high levels of the carbon monoxide inside a home in upper darby sent three people to the hospital earlier today. a 2:59 this have afternoon a heater malfunctioned inside that home there on rich field road. one of the people who lives here walked outside disoriented, asked for help and collapsed. investigators were called and found two more people inside. they were all taken to the local hospital for treatment. taking a look at our weather now, it was a little great today but all and all a nice day for the first day of
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november. you may get to put that winter cota away for a while this week. warm up is on the way. the meteorologist melissa a magee has a first check of your accu weather forecast, melissa a. >> sarah, we have mild numbers on the way for first week of november. in fact to day was not bad but as we mentioned more in the way of cloud cover. temperatures are mile. in philadelphia with that southeasterly wind 59 in the city. fifty-two in the poconos a long the coast in sea isle city, 60's. same thing in dover. call from accu weather for tonight, partly cloud which a few high thin cloud, streaming northward, and it is mild for november dropping down to just 44. in the suburbs, 53. fifty-three in philadelphia for the overnight low which is 10 degrees above average. couple changes on the way. here is storm tracker six live double scan radar. we are tracking this moisture that is currently out across the south east. this precipitation will try to work its way northward. the problem, however, is there is a a ridge of high pressure over the ohio val that i will help suppress this
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precipitation, well to the south and west of our region as we go throughout the day on monday. so the moisture stays away but the cloud will stay put. so mostly cloudy start for us on monday, rain stays to our south and november warmth on the way. fifty's tomorrow. perhaps 70's on the way. we have got some details with the full and exclusive a accu weather forecast. now back over to you, walter. and for latest forecast and much more be sure to tune into "action news" starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. david tam, matt and karen will have your latest weather and news and traffic with everything you need to start your week tomorrow at 4:30. a woman was killed in the three alarm fire that tore through an apartment building in plymouth meeting late last night. dozens of residents are out of their homes as fire officials looked for the cause. "action news" reporter trish hartman has the full details. >> reporter: police shot from the roof of building d in the plymouth rock apartments as fire fighters doused them with water from above. authorities say one woman was killed in the three alarm
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fire. >> if i went in she would still be here. >> reporter: jerome baker junior lives one building over. he was arrested for disorderly conduct after he repeatedly tried to enter the building along with the victim's fiance trying to save his friend. >> very smokey. i had soot, my whole shirt. i could not see. hade to get a rag and put it on my face. she went in looking for her dog. >> reporter: one woman said a wall of smoke prevented her from using her front door. fire fighters rescued her from her balcony. >> they put the a ladder up and they climbed up and helped me get on a chair and climb down a ladder. i had nothing but my pants and my shirt and no socks or shoes. >> reporter: authorities say 18 apartments were destroyed and 30 people had been displaced. red cross helped many of them and red paw relief team sheltered dogs and cats. number neighbors tell us they were celebrating halloween when flames broke out. they did whatever they could to help as residents tried to
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escape the flames. >> a woman was running out. that is when we had to give her a jacket to make sure she was okay. >> reporter: according to the fire chief the building had working smoke alarms but no sprinkler system. he says that the closest fire hydrant did not work. >> we had a hydrant right out front that evidently got hit with a vehicle or something so that was out of commission totally. >> reporter: authorities are still investigating a cause. reporting from reply in mouth township, trish hartman for channel six "action news". friend, family and collogues gathered to make sure legacy of the fallen police officer is not the forgotten. large crowd came together the at 66th and broad in north philadelphia with the very site where officer chuck cassidy was shot and killed eight years ago. he died on halloween night 2007 while responding to a robbery call at dunkin' donuts on the corner there. much more to come tonight on "action news", investigators may know why the driver of the car, plowed into trick or treaters in the bronx
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last night killing three, injuring more. also a ahead chipotle shuts down dozens of restaurants after an out break sickened customers. we have the the latest on the up investigation and trace of the source as well. bye week forbidder, but still a lot going on in the world of the sports. jeff skversky has a complete wrap up when a "action news" comes right back.
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into whether a medical condition may have been what led to a deadly crash that killed several trick or treaters in new york city. tonight dozens gathered to remember the three killed in the bronx during, including a ten year-old girl. last night the car jumped a a curb in the neighborhood hitting seven people. the five two-year old driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition. police think he may have been suffering a seizure at the time of the crash. no charges have been filed at this time. to presidential politics now, it was a night of don't drama, without a actual
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debate. representatives tell abc news that the g.o.p. campaigns planned to negotiate debate details directly with television networks from now on. they a say they no longer trust the republican national committee to do it on their behalf. the news comes after a night of closed door meetings and the washington d.c. area. no word yet on how the impact will the next debate which is ten days away. former senator and actor fred thompson has died, his family announced the news today. thompson was a republican from tennessee who also ran for president in 2008. he appeared in at least 20 films including the hunt for red october and in the line of fire. thompson is known for his role on law and order. he was 73 and lost his battle with lymphoma. health officials are expecting more people to be sick from a e-coli out break linked to chipotle restaurants. all of the cases popped up in washington state and oregon. nearly two dozen people have
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gotten sick over the past two weeks. chipotle a says they have taken measures to ensure no one else is exposed. they have closed down the restaurant in those areas for the time being and rhea assuring customers that the majority of the restaurants have had no problem. a look at your workweek forecast is next up on "action news". >> looking live from sky six over penns landing, clear and nice tonight, meteorologist melissa a magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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well, melissa is here with accu weather, the calendar a says november, but it will not feel like november. >> no, really nice weather on the the way, guys. sixty's and 07's, a nice treat for first week of november. we will talk bit. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry. no issues with precipitation. it is all about the temperatures. we will show you the picture outside sky six live in hd from our temple university camera, we're looking toward city hall down broad street, and we have got a partly cloudy sky, a a few high thin
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cloud streaming northward and we will talk about why in a moment. currently a high today in philadelphia 65 degrees. four where we should be for this time of the year and these numbers will keep climbing as the week wears on. we have southeasterly wind at this hour. fifty-nine in the city. fifty-two in the poconos a long the the coast at sees aisle city, 60. dover is 60. fifty-one in lancaster. the here's the change on the way. satellite six with action radar showing you that the the cloud, streaming northward, high thin cloud across the mid-atlantic region. we have a ridge of high pressure over the ohio valley a and the wind around this high are clockwise. so suppressing this moisture you can see on the southern edge of your screen, well away from our region. we will widen out picture and we're track helping this disturb wet her that came out of texas and louisiana a, gulf coast states as early a as yesterday now moving in the south east. it wants to work northward but will have a hard time as this ridge of high pressure
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suppresses that activity from our region. cloudy tomorrow but really all about the numbers as moisture stays away. future tracker six showing 6:00 in the morning. numbers on the 95 corridor nice and mild. lower 50's. upper 40's north and west of town, 58 in wildwood. by 1:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon we're easily climbing up into the 60's. keep in mind average for us this time of the year is 61 in the city. we are well above that tomorrow. then off to the races by tuesday with that southeasterly win. 3:00 o'clock on tuesday, 70 in fill amount we might even go a few above that as we get into tuesday afternoon. so really a nice stretch on the way. quiet pattern as well. bus stop forecast for tomorrow lots of cloud, still filtered sunshine one can say. mild start 6:00 a.m. 50 degrees. 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning that number in at the 54. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. rain stays to our south on monday. high temperature in at 66 degrees. cloud, filtered sunshine throughout the the day.
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with thans moisture departs to the south and east late in the day on tomorrow, we will get late day clearing. seventy's return by tuesday at 71 degrees. mild on wednesday especially by afternoon in at 73. thursday, sunny and warm, 74 degrees. little bit of precipitation is likely on thursday as a weak disturbance ride north of the region. on friday sun to cloud in a at 76. cloud with some sun on saturday and more like november, next sunday as cooler with a high of 59. >> yes. >> always a tease, melissa. >> not a bad start to have november. really nice. >> can't complain. >> looks great, thank you. >> tens of thousands of runners competed in the forty-fifth running of the new york city marathon. winners in the mens and women's races are both from kenya stanley watts finished in two hours ten minutes and 34 seconds. and mar y defended her title from last year with an unofficial time of two hour and 24 minutes and 25 seconds.
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we will talk more sports, next here on "action news". >> eagles enjoying a bye week, but come next sunday they will pennsylvania face dallas. jeff skversky is up next to show us how cowboys looked today, which was pretty bad, when "action news" comes right back. with cancer, early detection can mean life or death.
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so, when chris brown and will pauls would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford.
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sports. you have to ask the the question does anybody want the nfc east. >> hopefully eagles to. today sitting home eating that left over halloween candy, they are sitting pretty thanks to a few friend in the division. let's face it, eagles have dropped the ball to start the season but when they kick off again next sunday night in dallas after the bye week the eagles could be playing for first place, that is because they get a lot of help today. dez bryant returns to the cowboys but since tony romo's collar bound has been broke he is still out. today boys get in a fight after this hit on richardo watkins. both teams had to be cooled off. watkins is okay. eagles fans will be okay too. seahawks down two. final minutes, russell wilson gets the first down. plays later it sets up this
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the game winning field goal, 66 seconds left. dallas loses their fifth straight 13-12 the final. they have failed to score a touchdown today. how about first place giants in the shoot-out with the saints, drew brees and eli manning combined for nfl record three touchdown passes. manning throws a career high six, half to odell beckham. wow, how about brees, he tied the nfl record with seven, including this. thirty-six seconds left down one. bj stiller ties it at 49. saints then get the ball back and they win it. tom could have lynn will be bad. no time left. 50-yard, game winning field goal. saint win 52-49. that is 101 points for these two, third most all time in a game. so both the giant and cowboys lose, and the eagles are right there. nine games to go, only two are against teams with the winning record. so i asked eagles linebacker brandon graham tonight the if the eagles caught a big time
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break. >> i think we did catch a break but we do need to consistently get these w's because they can keep losing all will they want but if we keep losing, it is just as bad. you know, there is in advantage. with us we just need to make sure we get some wins in a row. >> more with brandon graham, he will join us live in the studio tonight on "action news" sports sunday coming up in just a few minutes. espn analyst ron jaworski skill believes the bird are a playoff team, assuming they can clean up all those mistakes, the the drops, the the offensive line and, of course, the the quarterback. >> there has been a revolving door down at the novacare center. the it will take sometime for this all to come together. if it comes together at all. there is no guarantee that this will work. eagles are three inn and four and they are playing like a three an four football team. chip kelly has a week this coaching staff has a week to study themselves and i think there will be discernible changes offensively and defensively when eagles come
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back after the bye week. >> well, who says this is not a college football town? temple/notre dame game was highest rated regular season college football game ever on channel six. speaking of ratings, temple slipped to 23rd in both poles. it is first time in temple history they are in the top 25, three weeks in a row. but everyone still bummed they lost to notre dame. defense is one of the best in the the country and could not hold the lead late in the fourth. the owls, they need a short term memory here next up smu on friday. ducis rodgers catches up with matt rule today. >> you think they learned something about themselves in the process. >> i think they believe in themselves but until you are in that moment, national tv, game day is there, playing a great team like notre dame until you are there it is hard to really know. they learned if they can play at that level and they should have won the game. >> baseball now, kansas city
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royals just a win a wye from their first world series title in 30 years. down to the final out in the ninth, royals scored two to tie it and that is where we are stand. we are tied at two in the tenth. we will see what happens. sixers no where near a title, they appear to be in for another long rebuilding year after another zero and two start. sixers host lebron james and cleveland cavilers tomorrow. sixers forward robert covington is probable for the game. he has yet to play because of the sprained right knee. >> i think any team you can have another legitimate scoring option, and really at times our best scoring option, you know, it helps so we have to be smart and have him back and we will be a a big boost especially for our offense. >> and sixers need all of the help they can get especially against eastern conference champs lebron and kevin love is tough. >> thank you. more "action news" when we come right back.


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