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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we are also following a developing story in the fox chase section of philadelphia. that's where a crash happened earlier today involving a septa bus that sent several people to the hospital. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live at the scene. sarah, what can you tell us. >> reporter: well, sharrie, right now accident investigators remain here on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened and how to move these two enormous vehicles and how to do it safely. we know the bus was pulling out from a turn around. police now tell us it appears the bus driver pulled right into the path of the oncoming truck hauling a huge front end loader. the impact sent the truck into the front of two buildings housing two businesses. >> it was chaotic. like the worst thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: just before 12:30 this afternoon the septa bus and the truck hauling a big front-end loader collided on the 7500 block of oxford a nora was painting when she heard the very loud crash and
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came outside for a look. >> i just saw a giant white truck stuck into the side of my building, the corner of my building and then i thought how glad i was that it can't come right into me. >> reporter: witness say the truck with the load was traveling up oxford avenue toward rhawn with a police officer on a motorcycle as an escort. just after the officer passed the bus came out of the turn around to make a right turn right as the truck was approaching. even those who saw the collision happen couldn't figure out how and why it did. >> it's crazy. i don't understand how a driver like that can miss that giant thing with a police escort. doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: chris witnessed crash and helped those on board the bus. >> the driver of the truck got out and he was frantic and asked if everybody was already and i think me and him both went around to the bus and that's when i jumped in to see if everybody in there was all right. it was only three people in there. >> reporter: three were transported to the hospital,
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two passengers and the bus driver. and all of the injuries to be minor, nonlife-threatening. the bus driver has told police she doesn't remember anything about anything that happened and how the crash happened. they're trying to figure out how to move the bus and the truck and to do it safely. our understanding is that the structural integrity of the two buildings has been compromised so they have to bring in some heavy development shore up those buildings so they don't come down when he that move the bus and truck away. live in fox chai fox chase, sarh bloomquist. >> new jersey police made an arrest in a cold case that happened almost 10 years ago. a man killed inside his washington township home back in 2006, a violent brutal murder and until today, not very many answers. but finally some closure this afternoon for the very
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emotional cuevas family. back on january 20, 2006 police say 36-year-old wasn't cuevas was bludgeoned to death. foremen armed with handguns forced his teens into a upstairs bathroom tied them up and put them in a bathtub demanding money. when their father came home from his philadelphia auto shop they beat him to death. john blocker of philadelphia was arrested. today the victim's sister in tears you. >> took an amazing important perp out of our life and life just isn't the same without him. it's not the same. he held us up. he made the holidays special. he made the children special. without him it's like a were where do we go from here. >> blocker is charged with first degrees murder kidnapping burglary among other charges.
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he's being held on $1 million bail and while the cuevas family says they're happy justice has been served there were at least three other men involved in this case and as for them officials say this investigation is still very much ongoing but brian, the officials and the police officers putting in more than a thousand hours into this case over the past nearly 10 years and finally a break today. >> alicia thanks very much. it was a sunday afternoon bike ride that ended in a deadly shoot in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. now a teenag teenager is dead. "action news" reporter trish hartman live in the victim's neighborhood where there's a vigil planned later today, trish. >> reporter: that's right, brian, that vigil is planned for 6:00 p.m. to remember 16-year-old saleem west. take a look at the memorial that's formed near his neighborhood since his death he lived here on marsden street and friends and family getting ready to remember his life as police continue to
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investigate his killing. neighbors make a sign for a memorial for saleem west known as just leem to his family friends. >> he's an only child. this is really his heart to lose your one and only child that you have. >> reporter: police say west was gunned down around 4:40 on the 2200 block west is. avenue in strawberry mansion. he was riding his bike with a 15-year-old friend who told police they were involved in an altercation with four men in a silver buick. they thought the men drove away. then they noticed the car stop and two of the men got out firing 17 shots. one of them hit west in the back. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> we're just doing this to let his family know that we love him and that he's not forgotten that he's in our heart. >> reporter: family members say west was a junior at delaware valley charter high school across the street from his houses a memorial with stuffed animals and basketballs soon formed. there was even a toronto raptors t-shirt his favorite
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nba team. >> he loved basketball and football. he loved them both very much, played all the time. >> reporter: no arrests have been made. anyone with information is encouraged to contact homicide detectives. again, that vigil is planned for sick p.m. in the area of marsden and susquehanna. live in strawberry mansion, trish hartman channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> trish, thank you. philadelphia schools will borrow hundreds of millions of dollars just to stay opened. the school reform commission approved the borrowing of $250 million to carry the district through december. philadelphia is among dozens of districts that have to borrow to make ends meet in the absence of a state budget. "action news" reporter vernon odom will have more in a live report on this story coming up tonight at 5 o'clock. >> a gray kind of dreary start to the work week but warm, that's the good news and even better that november warmth is going to stick around. >> meteorologist adam joseph is outside with the first
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check of the accuweather forecast. hi, adam. >> a you will thoughts little gloomy out here for a monday with lot of cloud cover when you step outside it does not feel like november 1 bit despite the lack of sun. as we look at the cloud cover which is pretty thick from the poconos, lehigh valley heart of the delaware valley to the shore with rain just to our south but notice the clouds are starting to fall apart in the central part of pennsylvania and that will be pushing in with a clear sky overnight tonight. but as we look at double scan live radar the rain is moving just to our south even as a tornado watch in southern parts of georgia, all of that sliding to the south and not moving up the coast so we're not going to get wet as we go through the overnight hours. 62 in philadelphia, near 80 in omaha, 72 in chicago. 70 in saint louis so in accuweather forecast the sun will be returning, temperatures jumping 10 to 15 degrees above average during the upcoming week and it does stay on the mainly dry side. we'll show you those exact
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numbers and maybe a chance of a couple of sprinkles at some point this week. we'll have all those details coming up in accuweather in just a little bit. sharrie. >> we'll enjoy the dryness in the meantime. adam thank you. tomorrow is election day and voters across our area will have a lot to decide n new jersey the entire state assembly is up for election. in pennsylvania, voters will select three supreme court justices. and in philadelphia voters will elect city council and of course a new mayor. today democrat jim kenney had lunch in south philadelphia with immigrants who own small businesses. later tonight he'll be at a phone bank hoping to get out the vote. we also caught up with republican melissa murray bailey in mayfair. if she you pulls off the upset tomorrow it would make history. philadelphia has not elected a republican mayor since 1948. the polls in pennsylvania open at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. new jersey voters have the chance to get an earlier start. the polls in the garden state open at 6:00 a.m. both states close the polls at
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8:00 p.m. of course "action news" will have complete coverage of all the biggest races tomorrow. stay with for realtime results as the votes are tallied. of course tune into "action news" at 10:00 and 11:00 for reaction from the winners also the losers. >> all right, monday afternoon trying to get home for the rest of the work week and the rest of tonight. let's get your first check of the "action news" traffic report. >> let's head to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. >> hi, guys often time this evening commute is a little bit of a shot in the dark. this evening it's going to be literally dark with the time change. not quite dark but sun is setting before too long. we're also not dealing with sun glare which will help us out for the evening ride. get those headlights ready and get ready to sit in some traffic. if you're coming eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, slow going from the blue route through this point into the conshohocken curve and you slow down again as you get closer to center city. because of the bus accident sarah was telling us about in fox chase oxford avenue is
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still closed between rhawn and borbeck by moon struck and the wawa. locally you could use rockwell avenue or stay a little farther on vary road is n montgomery county a couple crashes one in upper dublin along butler pike at hutchins drive. not bad so far on the pennsylvania turnpike or northeast extension of the pa turnpike. in wilmington we're steering around a crash along lancaster avenue at bancroft parkway. in mount laurel a fuel spill in the northbound lanes of 295 just north of 73. most of the cleanup activity associated with that is confined to the shoulder. not causing a huge delay and things look pretty good on the new jersey turnpike and 73. at least so far. let's grab the ipad to the commuter report on this monday afternoon. hope you had a nice weekend and one of our friends using the waze app talk about a pothole in the road along montgomery avenue in philadelphia in fishtown. watch out for that. otherwise so far on 95 not so
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bad this afternoon. but we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the next half hour. >> sounds sounds good matt thank you. still ahead, the rainy candidates for president come together for a common cause. the changes they want to make for future debates. >> a outbreak centered around chipotle. the chain is in the middle of a problem that many has left dozens of people sickened th. >> the musician suing taylor swift for tens of millions of dollars.
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>> ♪ >> federal investigators have confirmed they found wreckage of the cargo ship that went missing near the bahamas last month. el faro sank in 15,000 feet of water during hurricane joaquin with 33 people on board. no survivors were found. according to the ntsb, sonar indicates the ship landed upright on the ocean floor. that could help crews recover
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the data recorder. the navy is now surveying the area around the wreckage. >> representatives from the republican presidential campaigns met this weekend to demand new rules for future debates. the gathering comes after last week's debate on c nbc which prompted complaints about the questions, the moderator and the format. among other things the campaigns now want opening and closing statements and an equal number of questions for each candidate. there are three debates remaining and the republican primary season. >> out west chipotle has voluntarily closed 43 restaurants as health officials work to finds the source of a and e. coli outbreak. this as they expect a number of people sickened by the bacteria to grow. people who all claim to have gotten sick after eating at chipotle. so far health officials say there are 19 cases in washington state and three in oregon. most of the patients say they ate at chipotle over the past few weeks. as a result, all of the chain's restaurants in both
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states voluntarily shut down. one customer who believes he got sick from the food has been told his specific strain can't even be treated with antibiotics. >> i've never gotten sick like this. i mean, the excruciating pain in my abdomen was something i've never experienced. feels like your guts are being ripped out and the worst part is there's nothing that can be done to really treat it. it's -- you just have to survive it basically. >> so right now the fda is working to find the source of that bacteria and the exact source of the contamination at those restaurants. so far no one has died from getting sick from the e. coli in the meantime chipotle does not have plans to close restaurants in other states including here in our area because there's no evidence of a link to any other locations. brian. >> all right, alicia, thank you. taylor swift is being sued by an r and b musician who says that pop star stole his lyrics. jessie brand says swift used
4:17 pm
his lyrics for her hit song shake it off. brand released a song back in 2013 he calls haters going to hail. he says it contains the same phrases as swift's song does. he also include add youtube link to his song when he filed the lawsuit. brand wants $42 million in damages. swift has not yet commented on this lawsuit. >> nothing to hate about in the weather department. >> not even a little bit. adam joseph standing by with details on warm temperatures very unseasonable for this time of year. >> yes, a new month but not feeling like november 1 bit. the only way you know it's november is the way it looks outside right now. a beautiful shot from our city avenue action cam here in our garden. here's a burning bush, that really bright bush of that red in the background really glowing at the year and the hostas turning yellow. it's 62 degrees in
4:18 pm
philadelphia, dewpoint 47. we've got a light southerly wind at 5 miles an hour and the pressure 30.08-inches. other numbers 63 allentown, 62 in reading, 61 in millville. a little cooler in cape may with that southerly wind coming in off of that chilly ocean water. the temperature there is just 59 degrees. so, it's a little damp feeling down at the shore this afternoon. we have been locked in the cloud cover from the very beginning today when that sun came up, the clouds were already in place. they've been there throughout the entire day. they're starting to fall apart north and west of harrisburg and that will be the trend overnight. the clouds will move to the south and east and the sky will turn clear with a very calm gentle breeze out there. 40 in allentown, dropping down to 41 for reading, 48 philadelphia. upper 40's at the shore. dover, toms river anywhere between the mid to the low 40's. future tracker, though, tomorrow afternoon, very different. we'll have full sunshine, really a lack of clouds here on tuesday and notice the temperatures really jump up. 71 in allentown, the same for
4:19 pm
philadelphia. 70 in wilmington. 69 in reading and even at the shore, mid to upper 60's and as we get into wednesday afternoon, 72 philadelphia with that sunshine. low 60's in the poconos. and pretty much 70 degrees no matter where your location is going to be. so, when you look at that, the departure from normal we're going to be extremely spoiled this first week of november. 11 degrees above normal tuesday. 14 degrees above normal wednesday and thursday and on friday, we're talking temperatures 16 degrees above the average. your four day at 4:00 forecast, tomorrow get out and vote, no excuse weather-wise. 72 degrees with that full sun. a midweek beauty on wednesday, 74 degrees in philadelphia in the afternoon and we'll stay there on thursday despite thursday will be very cloudy like today, there could be a spitting shower thursday afternoon but really it's just cloudy and warm and then a very warm southwesterly wind friday, sun and clouds as we
4:20 pm
soar to 76 degrees. >> wow. >> but there is a major change that comes in over the upcoming weekend. we'll show you those crashing numbers in the next half hour. >> all right. >> dreadful. >> getting spoiled this week. >> you're right. >> thanks, adam. >> all right re. >> a member of the "action news" team was singled out for a very high honor today. this is the moment that photographer olga dejesus learned she was chosen as disney abc's most powerful motion of the month. she beat out 12,000 employees across 44 buildings around the world. president of disney abc television group ben sherwood delivered the news via a phone call from the west coast he mentioned just a few of the reasons she deserves this title including her fearless dedication to the job. olga topped off the celebration with hugs from colleagues as well a congratulatory cake.
4:21 pm
ing. >> that's not a 9 o'clock to 5 o'clock job. she's dedicated to get the story. >> congratulations. >> one of the busy septa stops getting a major and important upgrade. >> latest on a russian airliner that went down in egypt. isis is claiming responsibility. hear what u.s. officials are saying about the investigation. >> and if you would like to do anything but, keep up with the kardashians, stick around for big talkers. we'll tell you how you can cleanse your feed of kim and company coming up. we want to remind you to go to facebook and like the 6abc "action news" facebook page. that will give you access to all the top stories we're following, weather updates breaking news and the best and most current viral videos. you can also communicate with us, members of the "action news" team. we'll be right back.
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get out of the past. get fios. >> ♪ >> philadelphia police are looking for the two men who broke into a home in point
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breeze. it happened last week on the 1800 block of federal street. police gave us this surveillance video of the two men from moments after they forced the door open. once they got inside a burglar alarm went off then ran away without taking anything. police are asking anyone who might recognize these known please contact them. meanwhile police in north philadelphia are looking for the armed man who invaded a house this morning. it happened just before 6 o'clock on the 600 block of west glenwood avenue. police have not yet said if he took anything but they say he did fire his gun several times as he was running away. he didn't hit anyone. police want anyone with information to call them. >> now to a bit of business news. a look at the closing numbers on the market. all arrows are green pointing north, dow up more than 165 points nasdaq up more than 73 and the s & p 500 above 2100 for the first time since august. septa broke ground today on a new project that will bring elevators to a station
4:26 pm
on the market frankford line. the action cam was at 40th street station where septa officials joined the state and city leaders for the official groundbreaking. the pair of elevators from the street to the platform will make the station accessible making the community with the americans with disabilities act. the project is scheduled to be finished next year. tonight on "action news" at 11:00 a special report on behaving badly on your cell phone. here's a preview. >> i'm erin o'hearn. of course there is a time and a place to take that phone call or send a text. but some people are taking it too far. >> 20 pages. >> selfish self centered narcissistic completely disconnected. >> reporter: what are the dos and don'ts? what cell phone behavior bugs you. tell us on our facebook page and tune in tonight for a class in cell phone etiquette only on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> still ahead a nebraska woman is not only facing
4:27 pm
trespassing charges today she's also at risk of losing part of her hand. how a drunken night at the zoo landed her in that troubles. >> details about a young woman found dead inside a laundry basket at an atlantic city hotel. what the victim's family just told "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli,
4:29 pm
sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues with the confrontation between a victim and a voyeur. why the man she caught filming unsuspecting women on the street will not be charged. >> plus, are you sick of keeping up with the kardashians? well, there's an app for that. we'll show you how the first of its kind filter works and how you can car block for yourself. >> midair mystery. how does a passenger jet described as being in perfect shape simply fall apart 30,000 feet in the air? why investigators now believe something outside that plane led to its deadly demise. >> but we begin with brand new details about a gruesome death down at the shore. yesterday morning we learned a woman had been found dead in a laundry basket at an atlantic city hotel. though we still don't know how she died, we do know her name. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic she is live with that part of the story this afternoon. nora. >> reporter: sharrie, family
4:30 pm
members have identified the victim in this case as maria morales of penns grove. now, an autopsy was performed this afternoon. we are waiting for more details on that. authorities are not sharing it. we are waiting to know exactly what happened and her family is looking for answers, too. police were called to atlantic palace, this condominium and hotel complex at new york avenue and the boardwalk about 7:00 a.m. sunday morning. that's where they found the body of a woman in a laundry basket. this hotel guest says he spoke to a security guard who saw the scene. >> she came from the 28th floor down to the bottom of the chute. that's all he told us. >> her dress she had on was all ripped apart. they don't faux if it was from her coming down the chute or before. >> reporter: the atlantic city police are investigating the death of an autopsy was performed this morning but authorities have not released the cause of death. some residents and guests including this couple from australia are concerned about the death and the lack of
4:31 pm
information coming from atlantic palace. >> staying in the hotel and everything. i don't know if somebody did it, is it foul play. >> laundry chutes were all closed off in the building and nobody is saying anything. >> i was like what's happening? this is the first time i think it's happened here so i don't know. >> reporter: a spokesperson for atlantic palace tells "action news" the building is safe and secure and claims the woman's did this was an accident. police sources say it's undetermined and still under investigation. >> these things happen everywhere and anywhere. and, you know, if you're going to be scared like that then you're never going to go anywhere. >> reporter: back live now again the victim has been identified by her family as maria morales of penns grove. we will speak with the victim's family coming up on "action news" at 5:30. live in atlantic city, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." brian. >> all right, nora, thank you. the second of two men who killed a mother and her three children while street raising
4:32 pm
in northeast philadelphia is going to prison. khusen akhmedov was sentenced to 17 to 34 years behind bars today. the 24-year-old was racing ahmen holloman when he hit a family crossing roosevelt boulevard back in 2013. 27-year-old samarra banks and her son ages four, 23 months and seven months were all killed. though holloman's car did not hit the family was sentenced to five to 10 years in prison in july. former wwe legend jimmy superfly snuka returned to an allentown courtroom today to officially plead not guilty to a third degree murder. snuka has been charged in connection with the death of his girlfriend back in 1973. the 72-year-old maintains the death of nancy argentino was a "unfortunate accident" and that's why he was never charged back then but comments in there pro wrestler's autobiography spurred a new grand jury investigation in 2013. snuka's defense attorney is now asking the judge to move
4:33 pm
his trial out of lehigh county. >> over here at the big board now with the latest on that mysterious plane crash that claimed 224 lives over the egyptian dessert. at last check, airline officials have ruled out mechanical and pilot error saying the plane was in were god shape. their opinion something outside the control of the crew downed that jet. as planes carrying bodies begin arriving in russia, and devastated families start the heartbreaking task of identifying their loved ones, new pictures of the victims, the youngest, just seven months old, are now on display at a growing memorial at the airport where the doomed flight was supposed to land. what went wrong? according to airline officials pilots lost control because of an external mechanical impact insisting there was nothing wrong with the plane. an isis linked group has
4:34 pm
already claimed responsibility but a u.s. intelligence official says right now it's too soon to rule on a cause. >> does isis have the ability to shoot down an airliner? >> it's unlikely but i wouldn't rule it out. >> reporter: it was early saturday morning, the flight left the resort city. egyptian officials say there were no obvious issues or distress calls before the plane crashed in egypt's sinai desert killing all 224 passengers and crew members on board. investigators quickly recovered the flight recorders if the debris field but aviation experts say the real answers may have to come from the wreckage. >> this airplane came apart instantaneously so there may not be any data that would be appropriate or that would show us what really happened on those black boxes. >> reporter: investigators say the black boxs are in good shape and they have been sent to cairo for analysis. they remain hopeful that clues will come from that wreckage.
4:35 pm
sharrie, very devastating for those families. >> so disturbing. let's hope more information comes out of it. alicia, thanks. abc will continue to follow the deadly crash in the sinai desert on world news tonight with david muir. alex marquan will have the latest after "action news" at 6:00. >> delaware police launched a hate crime investigation after someone vandalized a so many area. it happened sometime over the weekend at foreman massey cemetery which is operated by the bird's african methodist episcopal church in clayton. some grave markers were knocked over, another had its foundation kicked in. so far police have not named any suspects. "action news" viewer was able to capture video of a raging fire tearing through a vacant home in camden early this morning. the blaze sparked after 4:30 a.m. on the 500 block of clinton street. crews say when they arrived flames were shooting from the
4:36 pm
second story of that house. they were able to get it under control in about 15 minutes. the cause remains under investigation. >> meteorologist adam joseph joining us now and we're starting this monday gloomy but the temperatures surprising when you step outside you. >> don't expect it especially in november when it's cloudy, you think okay, it's damp, chilly, kind of miserable out. really not that bad despite the clouds today. take a look at the present temperature in center city at 62 degrees. the dewpoint at 47. we got a light southerly wind at 5 miles an hour. and you're starting to see a little glow along the horizon as the clouds are beginning to thin out but also that sun angle is very low at this point inform fact, the sun is about to set in, oh, a little more than 20 minutes. honeybrook 62 degrees, your dewpoint at 42 and winds right now on the calm side. in atlantic city again a little break there along the horizon with the sun. close to, let's say, bedtime at this .60 degrees, a dewpoint 52 and the wind calm with the ocean water very cool
4:37 pm
at 59 degrees. we'll talk about the returning sunshine that will take control through much of the week and those extremely warm temperatures in that seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> all right, adam, thanks very much. we have just got the breaking news. chopper 6hd live over the unit block of marilyn road in radnor right now where radnor police and the bomb squad are on the scene. here's what we know right now. apparently police responded to this home for reports of a horttehoarder. they found deplorable conditions inside that. prompted them to call the hazmat team. we know right now according to the radnor police commissioner crews are also trying to catalog munitions that were found on that site, whether they were live or not unclear at this point but as we know bomb squad and hazmat department on the scene right here, the unit block of marlon road in radnor very much a developing situation. we'll keep our eyes on this,
4:38 pm
keep you posted if anything develops throughout this newscast. >> well, ads to attract kids to junk food are growing despite a promise by food manufacturers to create less of those types of anchors. monica malpass is live in the news room to explain. >> that's right m researchers at yale university took a look at this issue from the years 2010 to 2014 and they actually found the number of ads in that time grew so here's the information. the team at yale's rudd center concluded that the snack food ads grew 10 percent over those four years on television coming up on health check tonight at 5:00 ali gorman will tell us how those ads specifically are targeting different age groups. also, boxes and boxes of an all time classic food favorite are being collected by some local students. how this peanut butter and jelly drive will feed the mouths of so many in need. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" tonight at 5:00. sharrie we'll see you again.
4:39 pm
>> thank you monica. delaware governor jack markell issued a pardon today for a conductor on the underground railroad who was convicted of a crime exactly 168 years ago. on this day in 1847, samuel burris was sentenced to prison after he was found guilty of helping slaves escape from their owners. but today his actions are no longer recorded as criminal but rather as acts of freedom and bravery. some of berk's descendants were on hand. >> 168 years after he natasha a jail for fighting against slavery, we in delaware are correcting that injustice. >> ♪ >> today's ceremony happened at the old statehouse in dover, the very location where burris' trial was held over one years ago. >> and still ahead here on a
4:40 pm
monday afternoon we've got details on some inclusive hotel deals. >> a woman catching a man secretly filming her and other girls. some were underage. she not only chased him down she got him to admit it yet he's not facing any charges. why police say what he did was legal. >> plus, if you can't possibly keep up with the kardashians anymore, stick around. we'll show you how to get a new web app that removes all references to that reality family. >> has it come to that? >> it's come to this. >> and meteorologist adam joseph he'll be back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues.
4:41 pm
for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate
4:42 pm
and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims. >> ♪ >> a nebraska woman is in the hospital and also in a whole lot of trouble today. police say a very intoxicated jacqueline ivy broke into omaha's henry dorley.
4:43 pm
zoo. investigators say she told them she simply wanted to pet a tiger but she got a whole lot more than she bargained for when one of them bit her. doctors say she may lose several fingers. police say she is also facing several charges. >> ♪ >> in health check at 4:00, two years ago the moynahan family made national headlines challenging the rules for kids lung transplants. now more changes are in the works. they're considering alternatives to the current system much the most promising ones would offer donor lungs to kids in wider geographic areas before offering them to adults. researchers say organs would go to the sickest children first without hurting adults on the waiting list. >> we were not able to detect any decline in transplant rates for adults and we were not able to detect and creased
4:44 pm
death rates on the wait list for adults. >> well, the concept of broader geographic sharing is being explored for other organs as well. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and it's viral video you have got to see. a woman in boston confronted a man she says has been secretly recording women and under aged girls. she was so fed up that she flipped the script and turned the camera on him. i making you uncomfortable? you don't like being filmed without your permission? your footage on me on that camera. >> she recorded herself following the man and asked him how he liked being filmed without his consent. she says she witnessed him taking videos of women from some pretty inappropriate angles and she says she just had to do something about it. >> i could see his view finder and i watched him for about 10 minutes zooming in on female's crotches and back sides. >> she asked the man to delete
4:45 pm
the alleged video on his camera. his response to her, why do you think that i would need your permission and get this, according to massachusetts law, he's not wrong about that much the video was all taken in a public place and so-called upskirting laws only apply when the camera actually goes underneath and beneath the clothing. if you have zero interest in keeping up with the kardashians and you would like a clean break from kim and company don't you worry, there's an app for that. a service you can consider, a complete kardashian cleanse. every mention of every single family member including caitlyn jenner will be wiped away like it never happened like they don't exist. it's called card block created by a 21-year-old british marketer named james shamsy. his goal he says to make the internet a kardashian free zone. he said in an interview there were kardashians everywhere and i wanted to do something about that. his kardashian filter available for free from
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google's chrome web store. here's what it does. it replaces kardashian links with ones to charitable causes of all kinds. just in case you were wondering what you would actually see. since it was announced this week he says more than 20,000 people have signed up for it. >> so there is interest. >> yeah. a little bit. >> kard block with a k. >> one very active filter. alicia thanks very much. let's get another check on the roads right now. >> let's head over to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with the upday. hey, matt. >> you know we don't like it when things are blocked on the roadways. the last time around brian and sharrie i said go for 95 that's looking fine this afternoon. when i say that that's always the kiss of death. right after that there was a fender-bender in northbound lanes by bridge street. the good news is the crash cleared out pretty quickly but now you're seeing some extra slowing coming northbound in the normally busy spot from allegheny on up toward the work zone at cottman avenue. just off of 95 in fishtown we're watching a new crash along columbia near girard there by central pizza and the
4:47 pm
milk crate cafe. on the schuylkill some speeds in the 20's. in fox chase still cleaning up that septa bus accident and blocking off oxford avenue in the process. blockage is between borbeck and rhawn there by the moon struck and the wawa. stick with rockwell avenue or vree road. near media there's a crash along ridley creek road at marcella taken this afternoon close to the woodlands at ridley creek. wilmington close to zion lawsuit ran church a wreck along lancaster avenue. that is 48 at bancroft parkway. still cleaning up that spill in mount laurel in the northbound lanes of 295 past 73. the activity is on the shoulder and mass transit is on time this afternoon. don't forget today is the last day for septa's stop hanger at t your station food drive f you're on your way home dropped off some canned food to help those in need this holiday season. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, come it up in the
4:48 pm
5 o'clock hour. >> thank you matt. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>> ♪ >> meteorologist adam joseph joining now's. we're going ignore the fact that today is dreary because we had a wonderful weekend. >> we did. >> we did. >> an great week to come. >> and temperatures will be well above average. not going to feel like november whatsoever but when it goes back to normal you're going to go, okay, this is what november is like and it's going to feel that way somewhere in the seven day. as we take a look, enjoy the now with the warmth, a lot of clouds today. the action cam along the camden waterfront. some of the knockout roses still in bloom right now. as you walk around just a light jacket needed today but no jackets needed the rest of the week. as we look at double scan live radar around the region, again a lot of clouds but no precipitation in that cloud cover. the clouds are beginning to
4:51 pm
thin especially north and west and that will be the general trend as the clouds depart to the east and the stars will really take control of the show here tonight. 63 in allentown, 62 at trenton, 61 millville. little cooler at the shore with the wind coming in off of that water, 58 in sea isle city and up in the poconos in the upper 50's. so, overnight tonight it turns clear. we've got a calm wind out there, 40 in the suburbs to 48 degrees by tomorrow morning in center city. all the precipitation to our south at this point as you can see it's pushing out to sea. high pressure blocking that precipitation and that high was what will also help to speed things up as all that moves to the east. and as we head to the west coast, they are getting some much needed rain in california and also you can see the white on the radar here. that is snow about 5,000 feet and above for the sierras. it's a good thing because theses desperate for some moisture not only in the valleys but also in the mountains because a snow pack means that is their water
4:52 pm
source as they go into the spring and summer season so hopeful that continues for them with a strong el nino this coming winter and their cool down in the west means a big warmup for us. whatever happens on the west coast is opposite on the east coast or vice versa. it's a seesaw effect. so, the jet stream buckles to the north and over the next few days we are in a decent amount of sunshine, highs in the 70's running 10 to 15 degrees above average anywhere from the northern plains all the way into the midatlantic and the northeast. so, your day planner 51 with sunshine at temperature clock tomorrow, the sun such much earlier now in the morning with that time change. 62 at 10 o'clock. 69 at 1:00 and low 70's as we get into the afternoon hours tomorrow. take a look at this. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 72 warm degrees tomorrow. so, get out, vote. no weather woes to kind of stop up from hitting the polls. a midweek beauty on wednesday, 74. still warm on thursday despite
4:53 pm
a lot of clouds. could be a sprinkle thursday afternoon as a weak disturbance passes by. but behind that, still very mild on friday, 76 degrees. temperatures start to dip on saturday with a lot of clouds early on in the day at 65 and then it's sunny, 58 on sunday, 59 on monday but, yes, that is seasonable. that is average for this time of year in the upper 50's, not the mid to almost upper 70's we're going to feel this week. >> all right. >> so get out and enjoy it. >> we will. >> we'll get there eventually. >> adam thanks. if you want to stay in center city to watch the thanksgiving day parade, stay tuned. we have some great deals just for our viewers. >> ♪
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>> time now for what's the deal and halloween is behind us and that means we can officially start focusing on the holidays. around here you know we
4:56 pm
couldn't be more excite about the 6abc dunkin' donuts thank giving day parade. a lot of families make a tradition to coming to center city and spending the night or even the whole weaken jig all of the holiday splendor. if you're considering it we have a few hot hotel deals that are exclusive just for you. our 6abc viewers. at the sheraton philadelphia downtown on 17th between race and vine you can get a room for $103 a night plus tax any time between november 22nd and the 27th. just mention wpvi thanksgiving day parade for that that special rate. at the marriott philadelphia downtown at 12th and marked streets mention thanksgiving day parade when you book between november 24th and the 26th and you can get a room for $109 a night plus tax. ly and finally, at the hampton inn center city at 13th and race, also mention the 6abc thanksgiving day parade and pay just $99 a night plus tax for a room anywhere between the 24th and 26th of november. great for you and your family
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if you're already planning to come into the city for a parade get a nice discount or if you have relatives coming to the area to visit save them it's a well. details on you can get discount codes if you want to book online. grab those rooms and i'll see you out there at the parade. >> all right a great tradition. can't wait alicia. thank you. that will do it for "action news" at 4:0 4:00. hope you'll join me with sharrie and ducis rodgers for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> see you tonight. for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim
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they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy. will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> and we begin with breaking news out of wayne, delaware county tonight. radnor police and a bomb squad are at work on the unit block of marlon road where they're investigating a possible hazmat situation. police are describing conditions inside the house as deplorable. >> in addition authorities have found munitions and other suspicious materials on site according to the police commissioner. now the homeowner is there
5:00 pm
talking right now to investigators and we'll have more information for you just as soon as it becomes available. also tonight a $10,000 reward has now been announced to find a third suspect in an attempted robbery that turned deadly in berks county. >> two suspects were killed in the incident late saturday night. the men attempted to rob a market in reading but the owners fought back with deadly gunfire. and police say they will not be charged. >> "action news" reporter john rawlins live for us outside reading police with the latest on that. john. >> reporter: hi, guys. well, couple hours ago the d.a. announced the men will not be carved because they were protected themselves and their customers at the time. the d.a. said it was an easy call. it played out on video from the moments the gunmen burst in the car. >> he came in with guns blazing. >> reporter: berks d.a. john adams is talking about the masked gunman who red a trio of rob nears reading. the fast paved robbery ca


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