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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 3, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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calories. it's nice to plug that in and keep track of it. >> it makes a big difference in whether you get a large fry or medium fryatt mcdonald's. >> you never opt for the small fry. >> no. >> eating at chipotle is not an option in two northwest states pending the results of an investigation into an e. coli outbreaking. >> health officials suspect contaminated produce may be to blame here. brandi hitt with the latest. >> reporter:chy poe lay xwlers in oregon and washington state are being turned away. the food clan closing its doors after an outbreak has sickened mo are than 20 people. >> the excruciating pain was something i never experienced. >> reporter: most of the victims say they had eaten at a chipotle in the portland area and in western washington the past few weeks and severed severe cramps and vopting. > it's overwhelming like having all the problems hit at once.
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>> reporter: chipotle has voluntarily shut down all 43 locations in those twos states out of 17 restaurants nationwide. saying the safety and well-being of our customers is always the highest priority even though the vast majority of these restaurants have no reported problems. >> people can still become ill even if the risk is no longer present because the incubation period can be up to ten days. >> reporter: health officials on scene are now trying to pinpoint the exact source of this e. coli outbreak. >> when i did this, it almost always ground beef. from lettuce and some from salsa. salsa can be tough. >> eight people have been hospitalized but no deaths reported. health officials spec the number of cases to rise in the northwest as they hear about the outbreak and see their doctor. >> that's good to know. it's a really, really big deal considering how many chipotle
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there are out there in washington and oregon. for them to be shut down is definitely going to have a financial impact. >> the company says the reopening will be determined by the pace of the investigation. it's going to affect a lot of candidates on the campaign trail. hillary clinton loved a good pur rit toe bowl. >> that's right. when she did her launch to her campaign, she stopped in at chipotle to prove politicians are just like that. >> i thought you were going christie with that. >> come on. the couple that will prefers life in the slow lane. >> and the husband and wife who party like it's 199 even though women couldn't vote back then. you're watching "world news now."
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>> this is our royal music, right? the royal sound track we like to use. >> in the age of the selfie, it might be refreshing to put down the smartphone for a while. but the couple you're about to meet are diving head first into life in the 19th century. >> and on this election day, their feelings towards wip's rights to vote might be a little dead. we're up "up all nightline" with abc's an deoo tee roy. >> sarah and gabriel might have been worn in the wrong centurien wearing fashion statements that
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would make a hipster envious. a chat lane that functions as a vingtorian version of a swiss army knife. >> i do everything by hand. actually a woman in the 1880s would have already considered me old fashioned because they has sewing machines. >> the victorian era is everything. sarah and gabriel choose to focus on the last decades that have period when eves, electric light bulbs and cars were first introduced. walking through their home in washington state, you're struck by the antique an palestines. a wood fired stove set, a literal icebox. >> so the meat gets put right on the ice. >> and an oil lamp. >> we're going to go around. >> reporter: if you listen closely, you won't hear the sounds of a washing machine or a dryer. no microwave or mixer preparing meals which made one particular sound -- >> that sounds like a modern phone. >> it is. >> seem especially out of place. gabriel has a master's in
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library science but works at a bike shop and sarah works here at home as a writer. >> we don't completelyion computers. we use them for research. i don't want to be controlled and don't want to have my life defined by computers and technology. >> reporter: but sarah started writing her book "this victorian life" by hand with an eye dropper fountain pen. >> i make no work for myself. there's no ed door in the world who accept a handwritten manuscript. i have to type them up to turn them in. >> what's the point of wearing the corset? >> it holds the back up straight. it makes the waist look smaller. it accentuates the different sexual characteristics between men and women. >> reporter: these tokens of the past caused an uproar online when she wrote about her lifestyle for some on twitter mocking her and websites joining in to point out that women didn't even have the right to vote back then.
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>> what's so big about a vote? >> that's the life line i've democracy. >> not necessarily. >> america started with a lot less voters than they've eventually become. conception of who should vote has evolved over time. again, it's something we don't necessarily see as being the most important thing in the world. >> but you do agree that women should vote? >> well, i had i that -- i think that voting in general is overrated for everyone. >> they say they aren't trying to force their lifestyle on be anyone, just embracing the overlooked knowledge from a time in history that was seemingly simpler. >> it's the difference between reading about a different country in a book and going there. >> i'm aditi roy in washington. >> you know i do like a good corset. >> i like a good pair of spanx myself here. >> there we are. >> hello, jeeps. >> what do you call it, the fu-man chu. >> lord. that's a different era. >> i like my poofy sleeves and
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♪ well the old saying it's not if you win or lose, it's how you play the game is an important lesson for athletes to learn. for the team in rochester, new hampshire, that sentiment rings true. >> their captain has a lot more to tackle than just the other team's players. that's why when he scored on the field it meant so much more than just points. here's kristin core rosa from our manchester station. >> reporter: this is a moment
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the spalding high school football team won't forget. the team's honorary captain teigen house got into the end zone and made a touch down for the first time. >> one of the players handed me the ball and i went running down the field and they were tackling players behind me so they couldn't get me. i was super excited and all the players were happy and cheering and excited for me to do this. >> teigen has muscular dystrophy and is losing muscle control and confined to a wheelchair. >> there was nothing but pride when i saw him take the field. >> his special moment came during the last football game of the season. it's been a tough season to get through. they didn't win one game. but after watching teigen that doesn't matter anymore. >> better than winning any game, any championship and i've never heard this crowd louder. >> i keep thanking these boys and the boys turn it around and say you don't know how much he's impacted our lives. >> teigen's mom says one day last year, three players
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approached him at lunch and since then, they've made him a part of their lives. the players eat lunch with him pre day. started coming to birthday parties and exchanges gifts on holidays. she says they see him for who he is. >> he's honestly probably one of the toughest kids i've met. >> he's been on the sidelines for every practice and an game cheering can the players on. when he finally got his chance to get into the end zone, it changed his life and lives of these players forever. >> i think we all learned that there's something a little more than wins and losses in life and i couldn't be prouder of the way this team came together. it's one of those things that you treasure for the rest your life. >> wmur, news 9. >> that's powerful. >> our thanks to kristin there. the team didn't win the game. they haven't won a game this season but i think it doesn't matter at all. >> i like how the other team didn't just let them win. >> that's true. they were tough. >> that's
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this morning on "world news now," extreme weather from coast to coast. >> from the first mountain snow to the worst tornado outbreak in months. the storms taking a destructive toll and the latest from accuweather. under investigation, the jet crash in egypt's desert that killed more than 200 people. the heart broken families and the big question, was it an act of terrorism. >> caught on camera, the assault on an uber he car service driver. details emerging about the suspect in that back seat and the prominent job that he just lost. >> and later, oscar buzz. the movies you must see by the end of the year from the martian" to "jobs" to bridge of spies" a hollywood insider here with her picks on this tuesday, november 3rd. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." good morning on this tuesday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. we made it to tuesday. >> i'm looking forward to your segment about the movies. >> can you believe the oscars are about 117 days away, about, exactly 117 days away. we're talking about all of the oscar worthy movies. >> i feel all of us have limited time. but to know ahead of time these are the movies that are buzzing kind of makes it easier. >> it being november, we're behind the ball on a lot of those movies. >> i still have to catch up on other movies and weather is a huge impact on the reasons to stay in and catch up on the movies. i can't believe the weather around the country. >> pretty wild for early november. severe weather on book ending the country today. in the west, the first big wintry storm of the season. in the east, it was an evening of alerts for tornadoes and a flood watch in place at this hour into one of those spots is raleigh, north carolina. relentless rain made for a
3:02 am
treacherous evening commute. the morning drive looking to be about as bad. abc's clayton sandell has it all. >> reporter: a blast.wind -- water and worry in sunny hills, florida. >> oh, my gosh. this come out of nowhere. i think this is like a tornado. >> a reported tornado damaging at least one house 18 twisters from texas to georgia striking since friday. the biggest tornado outbreak since july. out west, more high winds. this 15-vehicle crash near bakersfield, california, injuring more than a dozen people. >> how many cars are in this accident? >> reporter: a woman recording the aftermath, in disbelief. in alabama, 70-mile-per-hour winds took out this high school. and in north carolina, rains crashed the commute. in florida, these drivers powered through the flood waters. texas took it the worst. at least six people are dead. streets vanished underwater and rvs floated away. south of houston, troy elmore's home security camera captured this tornado ripping through his family's backyard.
3:03 am
>> it was freaky. >> reporter: dozens of homes in the area were damaged. >> all this was up against here. it happened so quick, that -- it's hard to prepare for it. >> reporter: the tornado that for the roof off this house was packing winds of 115 miles per hour. but the damage here is pretty random. this house right next door -- completely fine. clayton sandell, abc news, laporte, texas. >> somebody turned the air-conditioner on super high. snow is falling in higher elevations in california. >> trying to get you prepared for winter. >> i don't like cold and snow. >> snow finally making an impact on the sierra nevada. a few inches fell yesterday and more is expected in the ski resores today. molly cook rab continues our coverage. good morning. >> good morning, kendis and reena. unsettles tez continues for
3:04 am
tuesday. we're looking at rain and snow to continue, coming along with it are powerful winds. salt lake city to las vegas, definitely could cause a few flight plans to be hindered. wind gusts to get near 40 to 55 miles per hour. here's a look at our snowfall total map through wednesday. any of the dark blue shades indicate 6 to 12 inches of snow mainly above 6,000 feet and also mainly on nonpaved surfaces. this disturbance continues to shift eastward. hard hit texas round after round of rain coming in and that's going to be coming back out to play for thursday and friday. kendis and reena, back to you. >> molly, thank you so much. turning to egypt and the mystery surrounding that doomed passenger jet breaking apart and plummeting 31,000 feet into the desert. the airline has ruled out technical failure and pilot error blaming it on what it calls an external impact. officials have dismissed the
3:05 am
findings as premature. aviation experts say the real answers may have to come from the wreckage. >> this airplane came apart instantaneously. there may not be any data that would show us what really happened on those black boxes. >> the 224 people killed when the plane went down were mostly russianvationers. as many of the bodies arrive in st. petersburg, investigators are not ruing out toix as a possible cause. >> the ntsb confirmed the umpgen wrenchage located over the weekend is that of the el faro cargo ship. it went down last month during hurricane joaquin. all 33 people on board were lost. crews will continue to search for the black box to try to provide clues into the sinking. more lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the victims. >> there were numerous russ opportunities for the ship to turn around and numerous opportunities for the company to pull that ship back, but had he neglected to do it. >> family members hoping the remains of their loved ones can
3:06 am
be located in order to ensure a proper burial. there's growing outrage or a u.s. funded gas station in afghanistan. it ended up costing taxpayers more than $40 million. how exactly did this happen? here's abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: they don't call it the world's most expensive gas station for nothing. 43 million u.s. taxpayer dollars spent on a remote highway stop that should have cost no more than $500,000. the idea? afghanistan has lots of natural gas reserves. so, to become less dependent on costly foreign oil imports, build the country's first compressed natural gas station, and then convert cars to run on the fuel. but it costs $700 to switch over a car to natural gas. more than the average afghan makes in a year. >> this is simply misuse of taxpayers' money. all of this would suggest that there's possible fraud involved. and fraud ought to be prosecuted.
3:07 am
>> reporter: it the pentagon is cooperating with investigators but they have no explanation so far. and we won't get one soon since the group behind the project closed shop six months ago. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. volkswagen is accused of cheating on diesel emission tests for a second time. the epa claims vw installed software to rig tests on 10,000 new luxury vehicles sold in the u.s. including audi and porsha models with six cylinder diesel engines. the 5u9 thoughmaker tells us those car did not have the software. vw has admitted 11 million vehicles cheated tests. automatic braking added by the government to its rating system. that system.designed to help consumers identify the most important safety technologies in new cars. automatic braking warns drivers of a collision and engages the vehicle's brakes automatically if a driver does not. it would be added to the rating
3:08 am
system starting with 2018 models. public health investigators in washington and oregon expect new cases of e. coli to be reported today. chipotle has closed 4 restaurants till the results are in. investigators believe the outbreak may be linked to produce. amazon is going retro opening its first brick and mortar store this morning in seattle called amazon books. it will stock about ,000 titles including best sellers and am done customer favorites. the major difference from traditional stores each booking will face out rather than being tightly stacked with only the spines showing. my husband spent a lot of money on books. please do not tell him the news. >> the other difference from traditional bookstores it's opening as opposed to closing down for good. >> kind of sad. >> kind of retro of them. >> i believe in supporting the
3:09 am
local mom and pop stores, too. >> and that's what amazon is. >> how about sports starting with a great monday night football game. the undefeated panthers were up 23-6 in the fourth quarter against the colts when indianapolis mounted a furious comeback. >> colts quarterback and drew luck threw two touch down passes. regulation time expired. both teams kicked a field goal. a panthers interception set them up for the win. that came thanksing to graham gan know's 52-yard field goal. carolina stays undefeated with a 29-26 win. you got to have power in those legs if you want to do that. >> or work on your thy master into maybe he does use a thigh master. >> the world championship royals are back home and ready to party with fans. kansas city will honor the champs with a parade and rally today. local school districts knew so
3:10 am
many kids would be out, they closed for the day. 200,000 people expected to attend the spent. it was their first world series in 30 years. >> if there's one day to cancel school, it's when your city wins the world city. it's a cultural moment. they're important. >> coming up, dogs dismissed from the tsa and your chance to adopt them. >> also ahead, the videotape attack on an uber drive. what we learned about the man under arrest and the prominent job he lost. >> a stunning sight for commuters. a ball of fire lighting up the sky and the speculationing about what fell 0 earth. is it the end? and later -- >> i'm grae drake, senior editor from rotten tomatoes. it's oscar buzz time and from "the martian" to bridge of spies" wiig have early predictions and the movies you have to see. you're watching "world news now." alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message.
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a spectacular scene in bangkok, thailand, caught by a dash board camera. that's a suspected meteor blazing over the city believed to be the second meteor flying over the thai capital in two months. not your normal drive. needless to say. and we're learning more about the violent attack caught on camera of a drunk passenger hitting his uber driver from the back seat. >> that haeng passenger has now been fired as an executive for taco bell. he's also facing assault charges. matt gutman with more.
3:15 am
>> reporter: ed car ca ban used to drive for uber [ expletive ]. >> reporter: but after this beating not anymore. passenger benjamin. golden was sloshing from side to slide in the back seat. ca ban says he seemed so drunk he couldn't tell him his destination. >> coo dude, you've got to give me directions. >> when he says golden began cursing at him, he turned his dashcam around and told golden uber ride is over. >> i'm kicking you out. >> reporter: the dashcam catching the barrage of punches. but ca ban fights back. watch him pepper spray his assailant. ca ban says taxis are safer because they have a partition between the driver and passengers. but when you use uber it has your name, your phone number and your credit card number. >> reporter: we've been unable to reach golden who faces charges of assault and drunkenness but uber has informing he's now banned for
3:16 am
life on uber. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. there was a statement from taco bell saying that given the behavior of the individual it's clear he could no longer work for us. we've also offered and encouraged him to seek professional help." >> they'rely there's some sort of help that is needed. a seven-year veteran of taco bell. they moved quickly in getting rid of him. he's since shut down all of his linked in, social media profiles. in our next half hour, how lack of sleep can affect your health. the many things people with odd hours have to watch out for and how less sleep changes how your body works. >> but first, awards season is almost here which means now is the time when oscar worthy movies are being released. a roundup of the most buzzed about films is next. you're watching "world news now."
3:17 am
3:18 am
proof with summer blockbuster season now just a distant merp, we are all now full swing into oscar movie season. can you believe it? there are already some major contenders in theaters already with pretty stuff competition on the way. joining us now is rotten tomatoes senior editor grae drake. good to see you. >> hello. >> so it hurts me to know we're completely past summer this far along and we're talking about the oscar contenders. >> that's right. say good-bye to your popcorn flicks and say hello to two three-hour run times. >> with sub titles. so i know a little early on there were many movies getting om oscar buzz that came out this fall. what are we hearing about now? >> there's so many good films this year. it's going to be really hard. it's going to be maybe an interesting award season, right? because you've got movies came
3:19 am
out a little while back like "the martian," everybody was impressed "bridge of spies," steven spielberg an oscar magnet. >> and tom hanks. >> of course. there's movies like "the danish girl," people haven't seen yet. this is a huge movie because it's incredibly timely where eddie redmayne is playing lilly elba. she's a transgender pioneer. so it's a topic in our news and a movie that deals with this issue with great sensitivity and it's something we should all be watching at the movies. this is our world. it wasn't back in the early 1900s. >> so eddie redmayne plays a transgender in this movie? >> yep. >> and i think this has been through like the festival circuit. it's been getting a lot of buzz. >> yes. because you know, eddie redmayne is so extraordinary. >> exactly. >> and alicia have i conder is also in the film. we've seen her in "the man from
3:20 am
uncle." there's something about the film that's so beautiful that i think it's going to capture the attention of all the voters >> "the danish girl," coming out later on this month. what else do we have? >> well, there's something that i think is going to be a really really big contender during awards season but i think some people are going to argue with me. are you ready for this? >> okay. are you referring to any movie that stars ryan reynolds? i'd definitely argue with you. >> thankfully i'm not. we're saving him for a whoa other segment. "star wars" the force awakens. >> you're just saying it because you're here. >> i'm so excited about it. >> you're at the mother ship. >> you know what? i think that it's going to get a lot of awards because it's a lot like "lord of the rings." it's fantasy. it has a whole bunch of stars in it. there's so much momentum behind it like everybody's excited. even the old white male academy voters are excited for "star
3:21 am
wars." >> it's done. >> so i think it's going to win technical awards. i think we'll see it actually pop up a lot more than we've seen "star wars" mention at the oscars before. >> your pick for best picture right now, her pick for best picture 2016 is "star wars"ing. > jar jar who? >> and i also do want to make an official call for screen writing, by the way. >> for ha. >> for this award. not for "star wars" but for steve jobs. i'm calling it. it's going to win. >> for screen writing. > done deal. >> there are a lot of people saying that this is fantastic. and fasbender can do no wrong these days. obviously he'll probably get a nomination for best actor. >> i think so. >> in a crowded field. >> that is one of the finest screen plays that i think counts as adapted. and exceptional. it's one of the most exciting movies i've ever seen where all people do is just talk.
3:22 am
>> grae drake from rotten tomatoes. you're watching "world news now."
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because you're not trying to one up of everybody else with your photos. >> good for her. we'll take your followers. >> you like your social media. >> yes, we do it. >> not be able to get you to get off. >> do you ever go to the airport see the tsa dogs and go i want one of those? >> sure. >> now you can. tsa is giving up for adoption some of thereby canines. take a look at these guys. of course, you would. they're looking for new homes that dogs are either retired or just didn't quite make the cut. the dogs range in age from 2 to 10. on any given day, about 12 to 24 dogs are available for adoption. >> are these dogs that went through program? >> some have. they might be detecting bombs around the house. >> that's an extra use. >> yeah, you have an extra use for them. >> that's great. you can go onto the tsa website. >> yeah, and find the dogs that you need adopting. > i look forward to that. i'm going to check it out. i think i'm getting a dog.
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elevator rides no longer boring thanks to this one company. you don't have to worry about silence or bad music. this is a rosetta, a creative agency out of san francisco decided 0 upgrade their elevator. lease disco, relaxing. this one might be disco mode. psychedelic, scary, miscellaneous, apparently they posted this on youtube. it's gone viral. 35,000 views. >> i want the karen carpenter one. >> josh davis was so confident last tuesday that the mets woo win it all he decided to get a tattoo. >> no, he didn't. >> yes. >> whoops. in his tweet he sent out beforehand, be he said about to make a big mistake possible. that's the tattoo he ended up with. he says he doesn't regret it at all. on the other side, he also has a president kanye "20/20" tattoo. that's kind o
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now." plane crash mystery. the jet that blew apart over egypt's desert killing hundreds. three possible causes including terrorism. latest direction over night for investigators. >> extreme weather. the worst tornado outbreak in the southeast and the huge pile-up blamed on an unusual storm in the west. today's warnings from from accuweather. and the 228 pound dog. >> his name is bentley. he's so big and so tall, that he could be world famous. so could he be headed into the record books? >> and later in "the skinny," an amazing adele. she's done something no other singer has done before. say hello to the latest record breaker. it's tuesday, november 3rd.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." and we do say good morning to you on a busy tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with a mystery and confusion over the russian plane crash in egypt. 224 lives lost in just an instant. >> the airline quickly placed blame on an external impact announcing there was nothing wrong with that plane itself. but the russian government and aviation experts say it's too soon to rule anything out. more now from abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: the vast desert now littered with charred wreckage and signs of the victims. a child's shoe and passports. new mystery swirling around what brought the plane down. the u.s. not denying the possibility of terrorism after an isis-linked group claimed responsibility. >> does isis have the ability to shoot down an airliner? >> it's unlikely, but i wouldn't rule it out. >> reporter: the flight full of tourists took off at 6:00 a.m.
3:32 am
on saturday from sharm el sheikh, egypt, for st. petersburg, russia. before boarding, the parents of a 10-month-old posting a photo of her with the caption, "passenger in chief." this father and daughter smiling as they walked up the steps. after reaching 31,000 feet, 23 minutes after takeoff, it disappeared from radar with no distress call. authorities agree, the large debris field, eight square miles, means that the plane broke up in the air and not on the ground. but why? three main theories emerging. first, a missile. though this hasn't been ruled out, intelligence officials say militants in the area aren't known to have weapons that can reach that high. a bomb on board. the kremlin not ruling out some type of terrorism. and the airline, metrojet, insisting that external influence is to blame, not technical failure or pilot error. but mechanical or structural failure remain a strong possibility. records also show in 2001, the
3:33 am
plane's tail hit the runway known as a tail strike. the black boxes recovered at the crash site are said to be in good condition but one egyptian aviation official said that the results of the investigation could take up to a year. alex mar guard, abc news, sharm el sheikh, egypt. >> and back in this country, there is severe weather on both sides of the u.s. this morning. the gulf states shaken by 18 confirmed tornadoes over the last three days. the worst outbreak since july. homes and schools damaged from texas to georgia by winds up to 115 miles an hour. heavy rain across the southeast this morning with fog and flood watches in effect. that rain moves up the east coast today. the west in the meantime is getting its first blast of wintry weather. high winds and dust triggering this multicar accident near bakersfield, california. at least 15 vehicles involved in that one in southern california. fortunately though, no one seriously injured. the same front is delivering snow to the rockies, more wind and snowy weather is hitting the west today.
3:34 am
here's accuweather's molly cochran. molly, good morning. >> good morning, kendis and reena. we continue to have some unsettled weather impact the southwest. rain, snow continues to push its way eastward. dealing with some powerful winds on tuesday, las vegas into salt lake city and also for casper. where we do have a high wind watch in effect throughout the evening hours, some of those winds could approach 40 to 50 miles per hour. on top of that, the snow continues in the higher elevations going to be moving into the central rockies, as well. kendis and reena, back to you. >> thank you. president obama shedding new light on his decision to troops to syria. the president says that is american forces will not be on the front lines in the fight against isis pippen stead, mr. obama says this is an extension of what the u.s. is already doing. a defense department official says those troops begin arriving in the next few weeks. all are coming from the u.s. and are not already stationed in the region. >> as republicans debate about
3:35 am
the next debate, a brand-new poll shows ben carson is in the lead. take a look at the numbers here. carson is six points ahead of donald trump nationwide. marco rubio in third place with 11%, ted cruz and jeb bush rounding out the top five there. with your voice, your vote, here's abc's carolyn cos at the low. >> reporter: the republican presidential candidates had seemed to be teaming up against the sponsors of primary debates trying to take more control over the process. campaign representatives composed a letter to television networks. an early draft listing these demands. at least 30 seconds of opening and closing statements. no gotcha lightning rounds, no show of hands questions. abc news learned donald trump doesn't plan on signing that joint letter. trump's campaign manager saying our candidate is the single greatest negotiator. we will continue to make sure our concerns are heard directly by the networks. in an interview with bloomberg
3:36 am
politics, all due respect, trump threw out this idea ob debate reform. >> the networks are making a fortune with the debates. we should be like a basketball player. we should strike and say we want money for wounded warriors or a great charity. >> and following trump's lead, john kasich, carly fiorina and chris christie all saying they would not sign that joint letter of debate demands. in florida, jeb bush focused on launching his jeb can fix it tour in an effort to jump start what many are calling a flailing campaign. bush said he's been told to ditch his glasses and get different ties. >> some advice is more strategic. nail that zinger, be angrier. hide your inner wonk. i can't be something i'm not. >> republicans are scheduled to be back on stage next week. the fourth gop debate is being sponsored by fox business network and the "wall street journal." reena, kendis. >> our thanks to carolyn. i should point out that donald trump is going to be live in tss at times square for gma later on this morning.
3:37 am
president obama in the meantime took a few jabs at the you republicans last night during a fund-raiser in new york. the president said the candidates had promised to straighten out vladimir putin but he said they couldn't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. he said, if you can't handle those guys, i don't think the chinese and russians are going to be too worried about you. >> okay. there you have it from the president. >> it's election day and one of the major items to be decided on in san francisco is the future of the so-called sharing economy, specifically proposition f which would cap short term housing rentals done through websites like airbnb. the limit would be 75 days a year and then the internet hosting company would have to pull the listing. airbnb has spent millions opposing the campaign. in ohio today, voters decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana. if approved the buckeye state would join colorado, washington and oregon as states where pot is legal.
3:38 am
today's vote would authorize ten companies to grow the marijuana. colorado voters will be asked to decide what the state should do with $66 million marijuana tax revenues. blue bell ice cream products are returning to shelves in more cities. consumers in the dallas fort worth and waco areas as well as the oklahoma city and tulsa areas can now get their fix. blue bell pulled all products after a listeria outbreak that killed three people in kansas. google hopes to be using drones to deliver packages to customers' doorsteps by 2017. that's according to the leader of the drone project called project wing. other retailers including amazon and alibaba are also experimenting with drone delivery. >> here's an animal we had to show you. he's bentley, a great dane living with his owns in pennsylvania. >> so bentley is 38 inches tall and weighs about 228 pounds. his owners are in the process of applying to get bentley into the guinness book of world records
3:39 am
as the world's tallest living dog. he's 5 and seems to still be growing. >> i think by the vets, they're actually shocked on the size that he was because they said they never saw one his size either. once they told me don't let him get over 240, i started to then realize he is a large one. >> bentley's favorite party trick is getting his own ice directly from the freezer. >> wait. >> look at that. >> but you can't use that, kendis. >> i hope not. his owner should find out before the end of the year if bentley's picture will be in the next edition of the guinness book. >> i sure hope so. they say he eats about 30 pounds of food a week, that's 120 pounds of food a month. >> give you a sense of where my mind is. i wonder if a dog is that big, is it reflective of their poop size, as well? >> next time you say to give you a reflection of my mind, remind
3:40 am
me to say we need to go to commercial break. >> yeah, okay. >> coming up in "the skinny," who had perfect scores on "dancing with the stars"? >> and jimmy kimmel's nasty annual halloween prank. >> also ahead, sleep deprivation. we thought we knew everything about it till now. the impact it has on your body and an important health alert. >> it could be one of the hottest holiday gifts this year. private drones. wait till you see who set up their own backyard sport with these flying machines and of course, today's forecast map, 66 and rainy in atlanta where we have wsb, channel 2. "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex fast max. brought to you by mucinex fast max. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status?
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a new study links sugary drinks and heart failure. men who drank two servings a day had a 23% higher risk of heart failure than men who had none. the sugary drinks included sodas and sweetened coffee and juice. although the study was long-term and researchers factored in a number of variables, they only looked at men in sweden. the results show an association, not a causation. >> here on the overnight shift, sleep is usually in scarce supply. which is why this next story really caught our attention. >> what is that, sleep? it's overrated. we've all heard about the importance of getting enough sleep. but as abc's becky worley tells us, not getting enough actually changes how our body works. >> reporter: we are a sleep deprived nation and those suffering the most, the 15 million americans who work late night and early morning shift work. working these hours can be so detrimental that shift work has
3:45 am
been classified as a probable cause of cancer. >> lack of sleep can lead to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease or heart or blood vessel disease to increase risk for diabetes and weight gain. >> when you're deprived your body thinks there's something wrong. in one study where participants dieted those that slept least saw their body consume lean muscle mass instead of fat. >> in shift workers, when they eat many of their callies during the nighttimetime, the body is not as well able to cope with the food and not able to process it in the right way. >> reporter: to show this i head to a lab here in san francisco. i'm here for a glucose test. i've had eight hours of sleep when i drink the sweetened test liquid. my body does what it should and converts the sugar into fuel that it can use right away to power my body. my blood gue koes level only goes up about 6%, well within my body's ability to process it with insulin.
3:46 am
in a study where sleep was restricted insulin lost its efficiency by 21% from even one night's bad sleep and over time, this increases diabetes risk. >> it's unnatural for your body to be up and awake and eating during the nighttime. >> highway dr. sheer recommends shift workers eat meals during regular daytime hours the reality for those working the graveyard shift, exhaustion and possible weight gain may be all in a night's work. becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> thanks, becky. i thought it was just because i was eating a berger. well, coming up, the soulful singer shattering yet another record. >> and what happens when parents tell their kids they ate all of their halloween candy? it's not good. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny leading us off this morning, the narrowing field of talent on "dancing with the stars." it was a good night. >> it was a good night. a lot of great performances. and one of the show's most talented competitors got the boot. >> into the ballroom we go for week eight of competition. and once again, near the top of the leaderboard fan favorite bindi irwin, she and derek hough pulled in a 28 out of 30 for their hot fox trot here that
3:49 am
brought the crowd to its feet. >> yeah. tamar braxton and partner val continued their streak of consistency, also getting 28 for their paso doble, but it could have been higher. as judge carrie ann noted she lifted her foot during the routine. >> oh, no. >> don't do that. >> and she wouldn't have beaten mick carter because he got a perfect score. his emotional contemporary routine with partner sharna was a tear jerker with carrie ann saying it was "the best dance ever." >> he made news at the end of that saying that he and his wife are expecting a baby boy. >> huge congratulations to them. >> unfortunately, andy grammer did not have the best dance. the singer's routine was judged pretty harshly earning him a prompt see you later. >> what a great night. it's been so fun to watch every week. as many of you have heard, the grammy award winning singer adele back on the scene. >> after a long hiatus her newly
3:50 am
released sing has just broken a record already. the song appropriately titled "pellow" is the first ever to sell over 1 million downloads in hits first week. >> with 1.1 million she shatters flow rida's previous record of 636,000 for "right round." >> "hello" is her first single from her forthcoming album and the fourth song to reach number one be. >> flobw rida held the record o the previous? >> last night, we were treated to a seasonal favorite. parents tricked their kids into thinking they ate all their halloween candy. >> jimmy kimmel does it every year. last night he did not disappoint. >> are you kidding me, dad? if i see no candy, you are in big trouble, young lady. >> i ate it.
3:51 am
>> did you eat the cookie? >> i ate all of it. daddy, too. >> i don't want to see you ever again. go get a job. >> oh. >> you know, it breaks my heart to see this, but i can't take my eyes off the screen every time i watch this. >> they don't whine like that about veggies. >> they sure don't. >> finally trekkies rejoice, "star trek" is officially returning to tv, kind of. >> nearly 50 years after the original series, starring william shatner and leonard nimoy premiered a new edition of the sci-fi empire has been announced. according to hollywood reporter producers are looking for a writer first, and then, of course, the casting. >> that's how it works. >> the pilot episode will premier on cbs in 2017 but will quickly beamed up to its subscription streaming service. >> look forward to that. >> it's not going to be free this time. >> coming up, the latest new
3:52 am
racing sport. >> no wheels necessary. grab your drone and head out to the course. o the course.
3:53 am
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♪ we'll have to download that. so they're one of the most sought after pieces of technology, and more and more drones are proving to have many, many different uses including racing. >> and with cameras attached, it's just like getting into your car with your favorite nascar driver except you're in the air. here is chris davis from our station in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> what i'm going to do is. >> reporter: steve lleyton is plotting. > we're using soccer cones. >> reporter: a dotted path forms behind his footsteps. >> the idea is they're going to follow the white ones. >> reporter: it's by no means a professional affair. >> this is just something that i
3:56 am
bought at a home depot. >> reporter: but that doesn't matter. >> like i said, never done it before, but hoping it works. >> reporter: he formed the harrisburg area multi rotor races. this is their inaugural meeting. >> this is our first race. >> in three, two, one. fly. >> reporter: it's a new sport. the first governing body multi gp formed in february, but it's quickly catching on among hobbyists. >> they're all guys like me with kids. they have a normal job and they just want to come out and have some fun. >> reporter: and see what their machines see. cameras being first person video into their goggles. >> cool. >> jeff drove an hour and a half to be here. >> i can't do it every weekend but i like to do it as much as possible. >> reporter: he knows there's something of a stigma around his choice of activity. he says that comes from a select few who don't follow the rules. >> there's a lot more good out
3:57 am
there to be gained from it than the few bad instances that cop up. >> oh. >> sometimes that's all it takes to win. just be the guy who hasn't hit something. >> reporter: the wrecks risk nothing but equipment. >> who put that tree there? >> we're not hurting anybody or the grass. we're just using some air space. >> reporter: and steve says finding common ground among generations. >> we're just normal people just trying to have some fun. >> reporter: working for you, chris davis, abc 27 news. >> that was beautiful. >> kind of cool. >> you like it? >> absolutely. i'm a geek though. you need your dramamine looking at that video but it's kind of cool. >> i know what to get you for christmas. >> i can see lewis hamilton signing up for this in racing. > i can see you losing a finger with this. >> and then some. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> coming up, more news from abc. facebook at >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, debate debacle, the gop candidates in disarray over their demands. the president now taking jabs. >> they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. >> the republican effort for debate reform crumbling. live in washington with details. severe weather from coast to coast, rain and snow in the west being blamed for a massive mile one and flooding rains on the move in the east. we're tracking it all. quality concerns. the air in your workplace and its negative impact on your health. jimmy kimmel back with his annual candy prank. the out bursts.


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