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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  November 3, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, november 3rd and we're following several new and developing stories. >> three homes were damaged by a blazing massive fire in delaware county overnight. >> police discover a potentially dangerous situation in a main line neighborhood. we are live at the scene. >> today's homework can be just as stressful for parents as it is for the kids. now some schools are unlocking the secrets of common core math. >> i'd love to absorb the information right away. let's go to dave murphy and karen rogers for weather and traffic. >> all right. so, yesterday was a little cloudy but the teaches treated us well. today, clouds gone. we got high pressure in control and this is really going to be our friend going to give us lots of sun and keep those winds nice and calm and help warm us up so i guess there's three things we'll get out of that. 48 degrees in philadelphia
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right now. we're starting out cool with the calm winds and the stars out you have a tendency to lose some heat at the surface. 39 degrees in allentown, 39 in reading and pretty cool in millville as well. but things are turning around in a hurry. as you head out in the morning to just catch the bus or maybe get the car started we're still in the 40's between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock not much wind mainly clear and cool. as we go through the day things get a lot better. by noon 67 and by 3 o'clock that is going to be your high today, 72 degrees right at 3:00 and then dipping back down to 64 by 6 o'clock as that sun gets below the horizons. i should have put stars out at 6 o'clock because the sunset is early now. milder over the next several days and karen rogers i'll have details in the accuweather 7-day. >> watch as you head out. i know in south jersey especially we have a weird mix of fog at the surface and clear skies up above. right now we're looking at i-95 in bucks county approaching street road. the construction here is clear. all the ramps and the lanes have reopened. we were talking about that
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closure just 15 minutes ago and now you can see it's reopened. the vine is also reopened. things are looking better but the crews will return tonight at 11 o'clock tonight and they'll close the vine overnight until nearly 5:00 a.m. and the northeast extension northbound approaching lehigh valley exit we've got an accident here involving a tractor-trailer that smacked into an arrow board truck that was trying to say stay away so a nasty accident. police are on the scene here. expect some slowing on the northeast extension. that's northbound approaching lehigh valley. here we've got some downed utility poles causing a problem in evesham township route 70 eastbound eastbound approaching maple avenue and it's blocking the two right lanes and the shoulder here, matt. >> thank you, karen. developing this morning, a fast moving fire damaged at least three homes in chester, delaware county. this is viewer video from the 2600 block of cane street. firefighters arrived to find thick smoke and flames rushing out at 11:00 last night. it took them about a half hour to get the fire under control. there are no reports of injuries and investigators are
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working to determine the cause. >> a terrible stench throwed a dangerous and potentially explosive discovery out on the main line. police have been on this scene all night so let's go over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's live in wayne with more details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. it started as a maintenance check and then escalated quickly and police will be back out here again today with authorities as they go through this home cataloging some of these items and suspicious materials and trying to determine the severity of it all. you can see this road remains closed off. there's a police vehicle stationed outside the home. police say one of the canines trained to sniff for c4 explosives. you can see the piles of items and trash in this garage part of a home police describe as the worst hoarding situation they've seen in radnor township. authorities were initially called here for complaints about property conditions but became concerned yesterday when they smelled an odor they
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normally associate with a dead body. >> as we moved around the property we detected that smell and then as we made entry into the home, that's where everything started to compound itself. >> reporter: inside the wayne home, crews discovered rounds of ammunition, some dating back to world war ii, suspected explosives and items police say they're not familiar with and need further inspection. >> very unsettling. >> reporter: why? >> because you don't know. there's tons of things that could be very dangerous like across the street from you. >> reporter: delaware county property tax records show the home is owned by a leighton firing. the man tells "action news" he's lived here for 76 years. >> messy does not explode. messy is just messy. >> reporter: and police say the homeowner is a licensed firearms broker and again as you take a look here live you can see this street is still closed off. at this point there's no word on if any charges will be filed. we are live in wayne, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thank you katherine.
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investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a septa bus an flatbed truck to smash into each other. >> this is the moment after the big rig slammed into a septa bus on ox oxford avenue yesterday afternoon. passengers were jolted to the ground. >> authorities say the truck hauling a large front end loader was heading towards rhawn street way police escort when the bus emerged from the fox chase bus loop. the two collided and then the truck slammed into the blooming artist studio. three people were hospitalized. city inspectors shut down the building keepin deeming it unsa. the lawyer for the faster a three-year-old who was found dead in a south jersey community last month says the toxicology results are back. the attorney says the report came back negative meaning there were no foreign substances in brendan creato's system when he died. brendan's father reported the child missing from his haddon township home. brendan was found dead several hours later about a half mile away.
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police are not saying how the boy might have died and have not made any arrests in the case. >> it is 5:06 and it's election day in pennsylvania and new jersey. you should vote anyway but here's a lure. one lucky philadelphia resident could win a $10,000 payday just for voting in the mayor's race. both mayoral candidates spent yesterday reaching tout voters. democrat jim kenney had lunch with immigrant restaurant owners south philadelphia and we caught up with republican melissa murray bailey at her campaign office. polls open at 6:00 a.m. in new jersey, 7:00 a.m. in pennsylvania. they close at 8:00 tonight in both states. "action news" will have complete coverage. stay with for realtime results as those votes are tallied and off and on into "action news" at 10:00 and 11:00 for reaction from the winners and losers. >> i'm erin o'hearn at the big board. as a parent it can be frustrating helping your kids with homework when you don't have the answers. turns outer more parents are having trouble understanding common core. nearly every state uses common
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core learning standards including pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. some of the toughest material for parents to grasp is math. it is for me. using doubles to solve the answers. it's much different from the way many of us learned that seven plus six is 13. now, many schools across the country are holding classes for parents to understand the common core method so school districts across the country have found that once they hold these classes it takes the frustration out of helping kids with their homework. some parents even describe it as a lightbulb going off. i need to take one of those courses 'cause the lightbulb hasn't gone off for me yet. >> maybe the lightbulb going off is go back to the way it was. we can all add, divide, multiply. >> well, this is just my opinion but if if you've got to have a special class for parents to teach your kids -- >> it's different than how we learned things but they say it's better. >> oh, well, maybe -- >> our children will be smarter than us. they think they are already. >> my youngest is 17 and i'm
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glad i'm not going back. >> storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that we're dry as we take a look outside we have sky6. there's center city and you look up and you see plenty of stars out this morning as we've had the skies really clear out overnight. now, at the same time we've lost a little bit of that warmth from the surface that we built up yesterday so in allentown you're only in the upper 30's at this hour this morning. same thing in reading and lancaster and millville. 48 degrees in philadelphia, 44 in wilmington. a similar number in trenton and 50 down in cape may. so chilly to start out but as the sun comes up a little bit later on it will be nice and bright and those numbers will rebound pretty well. high pressure over us. winds are light. you'll need sunglasses on all your highways and by ways this morning and through the afternoon, too. up in the lehigh valley lots of sun today, light winds, 72 is your forecast high. down the shore also mostly sunny, winds are light and a lie around 70 in atlantic city. further down the coast in cape may might only get up to about 68 but still pretty pleasant. in philadelphia mostly sunny and mild 72 degrees is your
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high today. that there are those light single digit winds throughout the day and, yeah, by 8 o'clock we'll still be in the 40's and kind of chilly but by 11:00 improving all the way to 64 and then we spent the majority of the afternoon in the 70's. 2 o'clock will be at about 70. we'll get to 72 for your high at about 3 o'clock and by 5 o'clock we're back down to 66 degrees. but two to three hours there up around the low 70's. not bad. for your voter forecast today, 46 degrees by 7 o'clock at the polls in philadelphia. 67 by noon. and then by 4 o'clock probably still holding onto 70 and by 7 o'clock down to 60 degrees and into the 50's after that. no voting related reason to keep you home. cool air is out west with a trough in the jet stream. we're benefiting from a nice ridge in the east and that is going the keep high pressure in control, it's really forcing that ridge and also keeping us with a southerly flow that will get those numbers warm her over the next several days. who, for lots of highs in the
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70's. rare for this time of day. sunny and mild today for election day, 72. tomorrow 74, still a great looking day and then 74 again on thursday with more clouds and a little disturbance forcing a slight chance of a spotty light shower. and then friday breezy and very warm ahead of another front. 76 degrees is your high. at night there's another chance of showers. saturday looks pretty good. it's a little cooler way high of 65. there might be some early morning rain around, maybe, maybe not but the sun will improve and return during the day and then on sunday, sunny and cool and 58 degrees. that's going to be pretty mild on saturday morning and i've got that purple stride for pancreatic cancer, really big charity, i love them, i'm emceeing that events this year. might be a little damp but it's any other going to matter because it's going to be so mild. >> good. >> yeah. >> it is 5:10. still ahead all new on "action news" some yale university students are outraged over claims that a fraternity didn't let classmates into a
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party based on race. >> police land can you have a boy at a midwestern school and the mother is furious. karen. >> tacony palmyra bridge went up a little bit early for a scheduled bridge opening so watch for that. head to the betsy ross bridge instead which is moving just fine. we've got a couple of accidents out there. and we'll take a live look in delaware county see what's going on there coming up. >> and dozens of "action news" viewers have responded to our cell phone etiquette special report. hear what they're saying later in the morning buzz. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ with the card most accepted by top doctors and specialists, you have the strength to drive forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here sky6 out across philadelphia international airport. 5:14, 51 degrees. this is not the week to plan to go somewhere else. this is the week to stay here and enjoy these great temperatures we'll be enjoying all week long. >> you have to do your civic duty. you have to go out and vote in pennsylvania and new jersey. >> and you've got a great day to do that, right? no weather related problems, no excuses people. let's hit the suburbs and see what's going on this morning with traffic. we want to start off taking a live look here in delaware county. this is the blue route at baltimore pike. if you're coming down from villanova or broomall, you can see you've got a nice easy ride, roads are clear and dry. no problems out there right now. we do have an issue here on the northeast extension. it's northbound approaching lehigh valley, an accident involving a tractor-trailer that ran into one of those penndot sign boards and it's just a mess out there blocking the right lane. police are on the scene. you might see some slowing out there right now. let's go to your commuter traffic report. if you're looking for ways to come into work, we're looking at the waze app right here from mount laurel if you're
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coming into the city and you're taking the betsy ross bridge, it's a 24 minute ride. not bad. you might find a few extra people to the betsy ross because the tacony palmyra bridge is up. if you take the ben franklin bridge it's only a 21 minute ride so you're better off sticking to 38 going through cherry hill and taking the ben franklin bridge. i want to show you this 'cause we have a little bit of fog in some spots especially in south jersey. god bless you. half mile visibility in millville, only .3-mile visibility in lancaster so moisture in the low levels. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia but look at some of the suburbs. you're just in the 30's. as you step outside even though we're talking about beautiful weather this afternoon and warm it's quite bit chillier than it was yesterday morning. in the suburbs 16 degrees colder right now in millville, nearly 9 degrees colder in reading. but the day is going to be a really great one with 72 for your high. nice and mild, matt. >> thanks karen. new on "action news" a fraternity at yale university is being accused of issuing a white girls only policy at a halloween party. according to several social
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media posts members of sigma alpha epsilon turned away a group of girls because of their race. sae members including chapter president grant mueller deny the accusations. the group's oklahoma chapter was shut down in march after footage of members making a racist chant surfaced. investigators continue to comb the egyptian desert as they try to figure out what caused a russian airliner to plummet to the ground. aviation officials are currently analyzing the plane's black boxes. nine bodies have been identified so far. all 224 people on board were killed. the metro jet plane crashed on saturday 23 minutes after taking off from sharm-el-sheikh airport. some aviation experts suspect there was a bomb on board. >> a florida teacher is in trouble with the law. according to police several students caught their teacher looking at porn when he should have been teaching. investigators say a ninth grade intergonzalez's class
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went to ask the teach area question when she got a glance on his phone. gonzalez is now on paid administrative leave. a mother in flint, michigan is furious. she wants answers on why her seven-year-old son was handcuffed at school. crystal mcadam says her son has adhd and is not violent. she says when she arrived his wrists were bounds. police say they called them because the child appeared to be injuring himself as well as repeatedly assaulting others. >> lebron james led the cleveland cavaliers against the sixers last night. lebron james rallied the cavs in the second half finishing with 22 points, nine rebounds and 11 assists. he passed 25,000 points for his career becoming the youngest player in the nba's history to do so. the cavs stopped the sixers 107-100. flyers drop their fourth game in that row losing to the
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vancouver canucks four to one last night. the flyers continue their road trip heading to edmonton to face the oilers tonight. the last professional philadelphia sports team to win a game is the philadelphia union. and they don't play anymore. >> it's 5:18. looks like good weather this week. the volkswagen emotion scandal got bigger. >> researchers detected one group in which the rates have been steadily ticking up. that's next. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?!
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to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at >> congratulations you made it through monday. hey. >> hey. >> let's face tuesday. let's go on outside. this is bucks county route one at pennsylvania avenue. no problems between the trenton-morrisville bridge and the turnpike. good shot of the roads right here. we're clear and dry. we don't is to blame david for any weather problems. >> thank you karen. >> tacony palmyra bridge has been up for a northbound ship. we're going to see it come down at this point any second and traffic start to move
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again. looks like it's still stopped in both directions. head to the betsy ross bridge instead dave. >> figure out something else to blame me for i'm sure, karen. we have jackets on the kids this morning because it is kind of cool out there. not a lot of wind which is nice and this afternoon t-shirts definitely work, red white and blue for election day how about and here's why those t-shirts are going to be appropriate later. we start out cool. by 9 o'clock probably still 53 but 67 by noon and then your high today is 72 degrees light winds lots of sunshine a really nice afternoon. we will zip back into the 60's pretty quickly later on though as the sun goes down. at the airport this morning we're looking at all green aircraft on the big board. atlanta reporting a bit of rain but looks like that system is on its way out. tam. >> okay, thank you davids. going on to health check something startling is happening to middle aged white americans unlike every other racial and ethnic group death rates in this group have been rising not falling. that's according to a new study journal proceedings of the national academy of sciences. suicide and deaths from drug overdoses and alcohol abuse
5:22 am
are being blamed for the rising deaths. >> 5:00 a.m. 21. up next in the morning buzz the dos and don'ts of cell phone etiquette. >> ohio could be the next state to give the okay to marijuana. details coming up at 5:30 but first up here's america's money. >> good morning. topping america's money more trouble for volkswagen. >> the accusing the company of cleating on emotions tests for a second time. it claims vw installed software to rig tests on 10,000 new audis and porsches sold in the u.s. volkswagen says those cars don't have that software. >> amazon going retro opening a bookstore today. first amazon books location opens in seattle. >> major difference, each book will face out. today is national sandwich day and a couple of the major chains will help you celebrate. >> subway locations offering a free sub today. to those buying a sandwich and a drink and at ashby's classic roast beef sandwich will cost you just 99 cents. >> now you know our lunch plans. and that's america's
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castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims. >> ♪ >> here's something that nearly everyone is guilty of and complains about at the same time. cell phone etiquette. >> whether talking texting or posting there's a time an place for virtual communication but many of us can seem oblivious to it. >> erin o'hearn joins us. she's supremely qualified for this. >> i don't know about that. everyone has a story, right, about how using a smartphone doesn't guarantee you're always exercising intelligent
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behavior. take a look at some of these cell videos that would likely make emily post cringe. >> 20 pages of crap. they did she that question. >> whether it's crude rude or two personal, virtual communication has left many of us wishing there was an app for common cell phone courtesy. even governor chris christie was recently asked to find another seat when he was apparently talking too loudly on his cell phone in the quiet car of a train. which is an important rule of thumb when an area is designated quiet or you are in close quarters of a public area, quiet means quiet, not kind of quiet. >> everyone is on a different device. >> no one's talking. that's terrible. as it is, we spend something like two years and nd minutes a day talking to our children. >> which is a really sad
5:27 am
statistic. of course this top pick has been generating a lot of conversation on social media with viewers sharing their pet peeves. michelle says speakerphone in public, no, no, no. how do you think she feels about that? i don't need to hear your convo says. she's a dental hydrogen any of the and sometimes people stop in the middle of a procedure and proceed to have a conversation. >> really. >> really. if you head to we have more tips on the dos and don'ts of smartphone and cell phone use. >> nancy is holding sharp tools in your mouth. you don't want to upset her. >> right, exactly, good point. >> appreciate it. still ahead on "action news" a judge forces bill cosby to talk. the comedian and philadelphia native will have to speak under oaths in a lawsuit filed by model janice dickinson. >> cold wet feet. water invades a train out west
5:28 am
during heavy rains on halloween. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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>> now on "action news," crews are sorting through a dangerous stash of ammunition and hazardous materials found in a main line home. >> it's election day from philadelphia mayor to the new jersey state assembly. we'll run down all of today's big races. >> the weather won't be an excuse to skip out on your civic duties. accuweather is calling for day in the 70's. >> let's find out more about this great day from dave murphy and find out about the commute from karen rogers. good morning. >> mother nature must be into this vote today because we're getting provided with a really great election day. you can see how the clouds and related rain down south are pushing off the coast. high pressure building in. that's going to keep us under the sun today. so close the winds will be really light once again and we're going get that temperature rising up with that sun building in. it's a little bit cool to start out though. in fact we're in the upper 30's in allentown and reading and millville with that clear sky and light wind


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