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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  November 3, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> now on "action news," crews are sorting through a dangerous stash of ammunition and hazardous materials found in a main line home. >> it's election day from philadelphia mayor to the new jersey state assembly. we'll run down all of today's big races. >> the weather won't be an excuse to skip out on your civic duties. accuweather is calling for day in the 70's. >> let's find out more about this great day from dave murphy and find out about the commute from karen rogers. good morning. >> mother nature must be into this vote today because we're getting provided with a really great election day. you can see how the clouds and related rain down south are pushing off the coast. high pressure building in. that's going to keep us under the sun today. so close the winds will be really light once again and we're going get that temperature rising up with that sun building in. it's a little bit cool to start out though. in fact we're in the upper 30's in allentown and reading and millville with that clear sky and light wind pattern you
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oftentimes do see those numbers drop overnight. we're down 48 in philadelphia, 43 in trenton, 44 in wilmington and now down into the upper 40's in sea isle city. catching the bus between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. it will be chilly. 44 degrees by 6 o'clock, 48 by 8:00 a.m. cool but with light winds, manageable. put on a jacket or sweatshirt and you're in good shape. as we go into the afternoon things get better. up to 67 by noon and by 3 o'clock that there is your high today, 72 degrees, well above average. the average high down around 60 and guess what? it gets even milder over the next couple of days. i'll have that story and those details coming up in the seven-day forecast. karen. >> i like when you're full of good news and i've got more of the same. we're looking live at i-95 at girard. the overnight construction is clear. this is your southbound traffic headed towards the vine street expressway. moving nicely with no delays just yet on i-95. that was a look at girard. here's the vine street expressway and we could see westbound, eastbound moving okay. it reopened nice anderly this
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morning. it was closed overnight for construction and the crews will return again tonight at 11 o'clock and shut it down in both directions so watch for those closures coming up overnight on the vine. we've got an accident here on the northeast extension. it's northbound approaching lehigh valley. you know those penndot arrow board trucks that are out there so it was blocking the right lane warning everybody stay to the left and then a tractor-trailer smacked into it. so, now expect some slowing. police say now they have a tow truck on the scene so hopefully getting to tow this out of here. burlington bristol bridge expecting an opening around 6:00 a.m. for a northbound ship. it already went through the tacony palmyra. stick to the turnpike connector bridge. garden state parkway northbound construction blocks the left lane until 6 o'clock matt. >> thanks, karen. police work continues at the home of a suspected hoarder on the main line. they have found plenty of ammunition so far plus chemicals that they are calling suspicious. "action news" reporter katherine scott joins us live near the property in wayne. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, matt. police, the bomb squad, hazmat crews, they were all here
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yesterday and authorities will be back here today to continue going through this home and you can see that the road remains closed off this morning and there's a police vehicle stationed outside the home. police say the homeowner is a licensed firearms broker and due to his profession, the state of the home and some of the items they found, they want to proceed very carefully. >> they cordoned off the neighborhood and the roads so there was no traffic allowed in. >> reporter: neighbors in wayne watched as this property was searched, a home authorities describe as a hoarder house. inside crews discovered rounds of munition suspected explosives and items police say they're not familiar with dating back to world war ii. authorities were initially called here for property maintenance issues and yesterday became concerned when they were here. >> we smelled the odor. we don't know if it was a dead animal or dead body. that's when we made a forcible entry. >> reporter: inside police say they found deplorable conditions. police say the homeowner admitted to burying more than two dozen dead cats in the
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backyard. delaware county property tax records show the home is owned by a leighton firing. the man tells "action news" he's lived here for 76 years. >> messy does not explode. messy is just messy. >> reporter: and police say one of the canines trained sniff for c4 explosives picked up a scent inside that home. authorities also found chemicals on the property. they were working to identify them. they believe they can be chemicals used to develop film. again you can see this road remains closed off. officials will be back again today to continue to catalog the materials they found inside the home. live in wayne, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> katherine thank you. a 13-year-old is one of the victims in a double shooting in delaware. the girl suffered a gun shot to her leg yesterday. it happened at third and north harrison street in wilmington. a 23-year-old man took a bullet to the hip. the gun plan and motive are unknown. minutes later police and medics showed up to a second shooting in wilmington. a 27-year-old man needed
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immediate attention at taylor and kirkwood street. there's been a rash of gun violence in the city which is closing in on its own homicide record. >> 5:35 now. new this morning a top ranking veterans affairs official from philadelphia refused to testify on capitol hill. diana reubens and her colleague kimberly gravers invoked their fifth amendment rights before a house veterans affair commission last night. the regional directors are accused of forcing low ranking managers to relocate so they could collect the salaries for themselves while only doing some of the work. reubens and graves face possible criminal prosecution. >> and we're here at the big board. today is election day and the polls open in just a few hours. philadelphia voters will elect a new mayor. it's democrat jim kelly against republican melissa murray bailey. 17 seats are on the ballot. three justices must be chosen to fill the state streak supreme court in montgomery county. voters will elect the district
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attorney. in new jersey the entire state assembly is opened. polls open at 6:00 a.m. in new jersey 7:00 a.m. in pennsylvania. they close in both states at 8:00 p.m. philadelphia district attorney seth williams and the community of 70 will team up to make sure there is no fraud at polling locations today. dozens of assistant district attorneys and detectives will be available to respond to allegations of voter intimidation or any other issues. of course if you face a problem, you can contact the election fraud task force at (215)686-9641. and after you cast your vote turn to "action news" for up to the minute results. you can find them on and we will be tweeting them out throughout the night. join us for a complete coverage of the winners and losers on "action news" at 11:00. tam, back to you. >> all right, erin, make sure you get out there and make your voice heard. vote. speaking of voterring, voters in ohio will decide whether or not the buckeyes will become the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana. the ballot measure called
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issue three would allow people 21 or older to grow use or share up to 8 ounces of pot. it would also grant exclusive commercial cultivating rights to 10 lands owners a group that happens to have celebrity backing let's say pop star nick lachey. the farms stand to sell more than $100 billion of pot a year. the latest poll out of ohio shows voters seem to be split on the issue. it will be interesting to see how this vote turns out. >> especially because ohio is generally a moderate state. >> yeah. >> unlike colorado. >> all right, well, moderate weather overall today, although we are starting out kind of cool. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we're dry. taking a look outside, if you get out there before the sun comes up you can take a look up and see a lot of stars out especially if you get away from any mediate lighting right above you. i saw orion's belt this morning and the dipper, all kinds of good stuff out there. 48 degrees is your temperature under clear skies, winds are calm. some of the suburbs are down in the 30's as we've had those clear skies and light winds overnight and that usually is
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a recipe for losing a little bit of that warmth at the surface. however, you can see how high pressure has moved in. yesterday we had those clouds around associated with this system which is now pulling away from us and that high pressure is going to keep us under mainly sunny skies today and also help warms up with all that sun coming in, also keeping the winds light. here's how it's going to go. by 8 o'clock 48 degrees. it will be bright but still chilly. by 11 o'clock, 64, a nice improvement over several hours. by 2 o'clock we're at 70 with a high of 72 around 3 o'clock. the sun angle is low and the sunset is real early just before 5 o'clock tonight so by 5:00 we'll be zipping do town 66 and we'll continue to drop from there. high temperatures are pretty good though for a couple of hours during the afternoon. 72 in allentown, 73 is where we'll wind up in reading, 70 in trenton, 72 in wilmington. a lot of 70's across the region today. down in cape may probably only about 68 but light winds and sunny there as well. for the polling place forecast by 7 o'clock still chilly, 46 degrees. you'll want to bundle up if
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you're headed to the polls on the way to work but by noon 67 degrees, lunchtime voting not too bad and by 4 o'clock 70 coming down from that high of 72. by 7 o'clock we're all the way down to '7 '72 60 degrees and of course it will be pretty nice out there, tranquil but cooler. speaking of cool, the west coast cool over the next several days but we've got a ridge of high pressure in the east. that same high i just talked about that's helping to clear out the clouds and that will continue to circulate a westerly or southerly flow over neck several days and that in turn is going to get us up into the 70's so we're in the 70's today which is relatively rare for november but really rare to have several days in a row and that's exactly what we're looking at. 72 is today's high for election day, sunny and on the mild side this afternoon. no weather related reason to keep you home from your voting station. and then still great on wednesday, a high of 74. another 74 on thursday with a spotty shower and more clouds around, mainly dry on thursday. and after that another front comes at us, sun mixing with
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clouds a high all the way up to 76 degrees and there could be a shower around in the evening but during the day it looks pretty nice. some of that rain might linger into early saturday. it's nice on saturday with clouds giving way to sun. cooler but a high of 65 degrees which is still several degrees above average. there's that purple stride walk on saturday morning, too, in front of memorial high -- haul i should say in fairmount park. i'll be emceeing that and it look like it's going to be very mild fired what we had for that event some years. even cooler then on sunday in the 50's. >> david around town. >> yeah. >> he's always there. >> thanks. >> i'm looking to are toward that. >> 75:40. all new on "action news" the disruption during monday night football. activists rappel from the upper deck of bank of america stadium in charlotte. find out what they were protesting. >> passengers scramble to take cover after a train out west began taking on water. karen. >> we're live in exton checking out route 100 at compress drive. commerce drive. we'll take you to fort washington and see what's
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going on on 309. >> the couple that bid an emotional farewell on "dancing with the stars" a little later on "action news." [gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow ♪ careful on the ice ♪ keep scratchin', cousin joe. ♪ [cousin joe singing] ♪ oh gus, you're much too nice! [gus singing] ♪ a gift for uncle dave, and 1 for auntie jane ♪ ♪ mom and dad and grandpa zack all get a scratching game ♪ [everyone singing] ♪ oh, instant games! ♪ instant games! instant games for me! ♪
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and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out for the victims. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it is 5:43. it is tuesday and it is election day. taking a live look at the delaware river and ben franklin bridge. >> let's head on over to karen rogers, she's got the latest on that commute. good morning. >> good morning. i know you have to wake up a
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little early in the suburbs to get out to come into work so let's take a live look for you and see what we've got in store for you. looking live in fort washington this is 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike. no problems here. roads are nice and dry. 309 moving nicely and overnight construction clear on the pennsylvania turnpike. good to go on both fronts. we have an accident on the northeast extension northbound approaching lehigh valley involving a tractor-trailer. there's a tow truck on the scene as well as police out here so watch for that. expect some slowing northbound on the northeast extension. burlington bristol bridge watching for an opening around 6 o'clock for a northbound ship so in the next 15 minutes or so. stick to the turnpike connector instead. let's check the visibility reports. even though the skies are clear up above down below we've got a little bit of moisture on the atmosphere so 2-mile visibility right now millville, .3 of a mile in lancaster, 8-mile visibility. philadelphia international airport is not that big of a deal so a touch of nothing a few spots. but look at the temps. not bad in the city.
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it's 39 in allentown, kind of chilly even though we're talking about the nice warm afternoons that we're having this week. in fact it's 13 degrees cooler right now in millville than it was yesterday, 15 degrees cool interwildwood. i noticed it when i stepped outside this morning but this afternoon no problems. temperatures in the 70's. terrific this time of year under mostly sunny skies. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. newly released footage shows flood waters creeping into a commuter train in portland, oregon. this happened on saturday. some riders tried to hover over the floor with the help of handlebars. others tried to scurry up to second level seats. the rushing water posed no immediate safety risk because the electricity runs above the track. >> police threw the flag at protesters during monday night football. two demonstrators rappeled down the side of bank of america stadium in charlotte. they spent most of the time dangling from the upper deck displaying an anti-fracking banner. they want more regulation from the process process they deem unsafe for the environment. bank of america has finance at
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least one such project. >> a judge has ordered bill cosby to give deposition in the janice dickinson defamation case. the super model claims cosby raped her in 1982. last year cosby and his former attorney made statements denying those allegations so dickinson sued him. cosby must give his testimony no later than november 25th. despite allegations of sexual assault by dozens of women cosby has never been charged. >> delaware state police investigating vandalism at a cemetery as a hate crime. it happened sometime over the weekend at the foreman massey cemetery operated bite birds african methodist episcopal thump which thump clayton. someone spray painted head stones with vulgar images and swastikas knocked grave markers over and kicked in the foundation of another. so far police have not named any suspects. >> and this is new a philadelphia man was found guilty of the horrific neglect of his dog. the pennsylvania spca says jarrel haywood surrendered his severely malnourished dog to a philadelphia animal care and control team in august.
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the pspca named dog squigglely. he's fully recovered and has since been adopted. the judge prohibited haywood from owning an animal for 90 days and fined him the maximum $750. >> a mother down south charged with attempted capitol murder after police say she forced her child to drink poison. >> the mayor avenue small town out west is in trouble for what her husband wore on halloween. david. >> we're dressing the canned in red white and blue for election day a jacket this morning or a sweatshirt with t-shirts work just fine after school. we'll show you when i when we check out that day planner coming up next. ♪
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grammer on "dancing with the stars." the contestants honored their personal hearing in dance in last night's show. he says he was glad he was able to pay tribute to his late mother on the dance floor before he was eliminated. nick carter -- have you ever seen these guys dance. carter and his partner scored perfect 10s from the jumps. >> would you call him a ringer then. >> yes. >> so if you're playing baseball, bring some guy who was a pro baseball player. >> you never know what different people bring to the table. sometimes you like to watch someone who struggles kind of blossom and they become good. >> see. let's take a look outside right now. this is delaware county, i-95 at the commodore barry bridge. i'm more on the struggling end myself. no problems between the delaware state line and the airport but we'll see extra traffic here tonight because of the army-navy college soccer game at 7 o'clock at ppl park so watch for that. the extra congestion tonight in delaware county for now you're looking good. in wilmington the ramp from 495 northbound to terminal
5:51 am
avenue closed for construction, dave, through november 13th. so you've got to use the ramp to 13 or 12th street. >> all right, good information there karen. on the big board we have chilly numbers this morning. clear skies, light wind but only 39 degrees in fleetwood and pottstown, 38 in quakertown, 38 in saint davids. milder center city. across the river in parts of south jersey looks like authorities forty four the river, 30's in the heart of south jersey. if you're running errands today, well, it's going to be a warm one later on. starting out chilly. by 9 o'clock still 53 under the sun. by noon 67 and that's your high today, 72 degrees, 12 degrees above average and getting down into the 60's again pretty quickly this evening. good day to run errands, good day to get out to the polls and vote. tam. >> thank you david. well, a man in oklahoma apologize -- mayor in oklahoma apologizing after her husband dressed as a kkk member: they held a cross in front of a
5:52 am
fire to make it appear as if it was burning. theresa sharp says she was not at the party and that she "no what he condoned the activity." a local sheriff says the incident is unacceptable but that no crime has been commited. >> a mother from dallas, texas is charged with attempted capitol murder with police saying she forced her four-year-old son to drink poison. police say paw eh tried to do the same to her seven and 12-year-olds. this woman says she would sometimes accompany the mother to see a behavioral health doctor and help her translate from her native burmese to english. >> she talk about she can't sleep at night, all she thinking about is suicide, kill herself with the baby. still kind of sad but, yeah, she's been sick for a long time. >> a relative is now caring tort older two children. the mother remains in jail on a $500,000 bond. the star of dance moms abbey lee miller appeared in a
5:53 am
pittsburgh courtroom yesterday. she pleaded not guilty to concealing $775,000 worth of income from her reality show during her chapter 11 bankruptcy. miller requested a jury trial. if convicted she could face five years in prison an $250,000 fine for each count against her. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. beautiful start to your tuesday here. hopefully getting out there to
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vote. polls open at 6:00 a.m. in new jersey, they'll open at 7:00 in pennsylvania. taking a live look it's 5:56, 50 degrees out there right now. police are looking for a gunman who shot a man in front of hess northeast philadelphia apartment building. police arrived to find the 21-year-old victim shot in the chest. he was taken to the hospital where he died. witnesses told police they saw a man and woman running from the scene but for now no arrests have been made. the berks county district attorney has cleared the clerk who shot and killed a pair of robbers in reading. surveillance of shooting has come out since we first reported this incident yesterday. a third robber managed to get away and remains out there on the run. the berks county d.a. ruled the worker shooting was in self-defense and therefore justified homicide. there's a $10,000 reward to catch the third suspect. >> a historic ship docked in south philadelphia. it will be spared from the scrapyard at least for now. the ss united states
5:57 am
conservancy says it raised $100,000 from supporters. the rusty ocean liner has been docked. some often unsung heroes received recognition for their work during the deadly amtrak derailment in may. sawyer gave them to volunteers who helped back up police officers and firefighter os the tracks. >> 5:57. and another piece of a puzzle. a lawyer for a south jersey father who lost his son offers new insight into the boy's mysterious death. >> later. the problem with porsche's parent company is now causing problems with the luxury line. for the girl scout meeting...
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday november 3rd and we're following several new and developing stories. >> three homes were damaged by a blazing massive fire in delaware county overnight. >> police discover a potentially dangerous situation in a main line neighborhood. we are live at the scene. >> today's homework can be just as stressful for parents as it is for their kids. now some schools are trying to unlock the secrets of common core math for the parents. >> now to unlock some of the mysteries. weather and traffic with david and karen. >> all right, well, no mystery in today's weather. starting out a little bit chilly but the sun is coming up very. very little cloud cover around. couple of you might have a hair or touch of fog here or there but the wide view on satellite shows you that the big story is that sun getting trod emerge and a lack of cloud cover today. temperatures are on the chilly side though as i mentioned.


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