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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. we are following breaking
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news from chester county. police have investigating a naked photo situation at valley forge middle school, police say that students were creating and passing around images that included nudity and trial pornography. the studentses rage from 11 to 15 years old that began in april of this year. in some cases the inappropriate images were viewed on school grounds, so far three are charged but the police expect more arrests. stay with us, we'll bring you updates on air and online at we are also following the bizarre investigation into a home filled with trash and ammunition and chemicals in wayne, delaware county. the bomb squad responded yesterday, and now authorities are trying to sort out what was
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going on here and if charges are warranted. katherine scott is on the story all morning long. she joins us live with an update. >> reporter: sara, police say nothing criminal has been found inside of the home so far and at this point, they are trying to make sure the home is safe for the resident and the neighbors, there were chemicals found on this property and so hazmat crews will be here to clear away the chemicals, right now we are told that the home is not fit for human habitation. >> today this home in wayne remains cordoned off and the cleanup continues, township officials came to the property for a maintenanceance check after a strong odor like a dead body came from the residence. >> our top priority is the safety of the neighborhood and this gentlemen, he needs to get the proper assistance.
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>> and police found a wide variety of munitions and the homeowner is a licensed gun dealer and has a license to carry, police believe that the ammunition is what prompted the positive hits from the bomb sniffing k-9, after that no explosives were found and there were chemicals found on the property. >> there were several chemicals that are toxic and dangerous, they were used in photography, not an illegal purpose. but they are old and unstable. >> the home is owned by layton firing and the man has lived here for 76 years. >> messy does not explode, messy is just messy.
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>> reporter: authorities will spend time unpacking part of thes home they did not get to yesterday. >> katherine thank you. philadelphia police are investigating another report of harassment on the schuylkill river trail, it happened on sunday afternoon, a 29-year-old woman told police she was walking with her boyfriend when they were approached by a group of four boys riding bicycles and the woman says she was inappropriately touched when the suspects drove away, police say there was a string of similar incidents in september. today is election day in pennsylvania and new jersey, as we look live at a polling place in the east falls section of the city, people are casting their ballots in a number of races today. jim kenny is expected to win the ration in philadelphia today. he voted an hour ago at the old reform church. his challengers, melissa murray
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bailey cast her ballot in society hill. >> three justices will be chosen today to fill the state supreme court as well and montgomery county voters will vote in a district attorney. >> in new jersey the entire state assembly is up for re-election. the polls close in both states at 8:00 tonight. tune in to "action news" at 11:00 for results on the election, we'll have coverage on air and streaming on as the results are tallied in real time. turning to accuweather, we are enjoying a fall warm-up, with bright sunshine in the region, sky 6 hd is showing us bright skies in center city. and this is suppose to continue for the rest of the work week. here is david murphy with a
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check of the the unseasonably warm forecast. >> lets start you out, satellite is indeed pushing clouds to the north and south of us, high pressure is really in control and we talked about this yesterday, the southern storm system that gave us the clouds is now off the coast and everything is looking good across the region and that includes the temperatures, we have climbed after starting out cool in the 40s in spots and 30s in places like allentown unreading but no more. 65 in philadelphia and 70 in trenton and wilmington and 70 at the airport in atlantic city and 63 in allentown. the wind speed light and 5 miles per hour in philadelphia and we have a few zeros on the map here and there, and that denotes the calm wind. it's 11 degrees above the average high of 61 and even the low tonight of 51 is during as above average, in terms of voting, and heading to the
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polls, it's a good day to do it during the afternoon hours. 72 by 2:00 and high of 73 around 3:00 and still about 70 in philadelphia at 5:00 and then the sun goes down and we are down to 64 and 56 by 8:00. it gets a lot cooler later on. as we step inside we have an uptick in temperatures, and i'll tell you how warm it will get from now until friday in a little bit. pretty nice out now and no weather related reason not to get to the polls. as our mild november week continues, stay connected to, our powerful storm tracker 6 live radar shows the minute any changes start to happen, it's all right there right now at to breaking news now from west philadelphia chopper 6 hd is over the frankford market l at 56th and market.
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a re rescue is underway, a person trapped under the train car at 56th and market as chopper moves in, you can see the rescue vehicles on the scene, it's unclear if the perp survived the fall on to the tracks at this point. we don't know the person's condition, but again, septa officials and philadelphia police confirmed that a person is trapped under one of the trains at the market frankford l, we'll monitoring the situation here on the market frankford l at 56th and market. likely there are diversions and delays here regarding septa on the market frankford l, because of this rescue effort on the way now, emergency crews are on the scene, they are trying to rescue a person under the train at 56th and market. we'll update you within this newscast and of course at
12:09 pm there is more conflicting information about the demise of the russian jet that crashed into egypt. molly hunter is following the investigation and filed this report from cairo. >> reporter: investigators are sorting through the wreckage at that crash site and the analysis of those black boxes are underway, the russian metro jet fell from the sky on saturday, and the cockpit voice recorder could tell investigators what was going on in the final seconds as the airbus came apart. >> if that bomb went off, it would be clearly heard. if the airplane came apart even the wooshing of the air will be apparent on the recorder. >> they claim there had was no technical issues claiming that external issues cause it to break apart 30,000 feet in the
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air. >> this airport had a hard landing in cairo that hit the tail so badly it had to be repair repaired, they may have to go look back at that repair and see if it is the cause of the catastrophe. >> they picked up light slashes at the same time, but but u.s. officials were quick to say that they don't think the flashes were a missile. >> today the egyptian president is pushing back against the theory that terrorism brought this plane down and the kremlin in moscow agrees, saying there is no evidence that this was a terrorist act. philadelphia police are asking for the public's help in finding a teenager that has been missing since halloween, 16-year-old mackaya was last seen on saturday night at 6:30,
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she left her house to go to a halloween party. she has never been reported missing before and urging anyone with information to call them immediately. a toxicology report came back negative on a 3-year-old boy that was founded in hammonton township, new jersey, according to the child's father, the test shows that brendon creato had no foreign substances in his system. police questioned his father, but he is not a person of interest. now a fast moving house fire in kensington, viewer video captured this fire along the 2600 block of cane street, it spread to two other neighboring houses and residents were able to get out safely and quickly and fire crews had things under
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control but the investigation continues into how the blaze started . still to come on "action news" at noon, a large fire ripped through the home of singing super star, johnny mathis, his reaction after finding out that most of his belongings were destroyed. and the attack of a uber driver find out which major company just fired him.
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you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. a grandfather is accused of leaving his 5-year-old grand durdaughter alone in the desert with a loaded gun. hours later her family reported her missing and she was found alone in the desert with a loaded .45 caliber handgun and she said her grandfather told her to shoot the bad guys. he is face gts child abuse and other charges. a news crew captured the video in union county yesterday, the bus entered the high water
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and crossed the center line with several students on board, the police crossed the road a short time later and the school board was notified and has launched an investigation. ohio could be the fifth state to legalize marijuana today. the measure would legalize personal and medical use for those over 21 years old and commercial growing would be allowed on 10 predetermined farms, it is already legal in washington, d.c., washington, oregon and alaska. and now they are doling out a punishment to someone that abused a uber driver, he is a brand manager at taco bell, at least he was, the restaurant chain fired golden once this video went viral, he faces assault and public intoxication
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charges, the driver told him golden attacked him after he was asked to leave the car. the grammy hall-of-famer, johnny imagineis came home to find his house of 56 years destroyed. crews scrambled to try to salvage items. he was grateful nobody was home during the blaze. >> i'm a lucky man, i could have been here or could have been in bed or had the work people that helped me with the house, so i'm very lucky. >> reporter: officials say that the fire began in a room filled with aquariums, the cause remains under investigation. coming up at noon, the possible contamination that led to a ground beef recall. and later on robin williams
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widow talks about his sudden death last year. what she said in an emotional interview.
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a meat company is recalling ground beef that is possibly contaminated by e. coli, it was distributed at retail stores nationwide, a sample tested positive during a routine inspection, it was produced on october 16 and with a selby date
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of november 3rd, so far no reports of ill ntss, customers should throw it away or return it to the store it was purchased . children that grow up with a pet dog may have a lower risk of developing asthma. those that had a dog during the first year of their lives had a 13% lower risk by age 6, the theory is kids with pets are exposed to more household dirt and dust. lung cancer is most treatable when discovered in its earliest stages, today 6 abc and main line health is bringing you information and symptoms you should not ignore, you can joining the conversation by logging in to for a live chat that continues until 4:00. lets check in with alicia
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vitarelli live in the newsroom with a look ahead to 4:00. >> sports fans are definitely familiar with some of these scenes, military members holding out a giant flag and singing the national anthem and throwing the first pitch, but did you know the government paid the sports league for all of it. now lawmakers have launched an investigation, now it's the u.s. versus hilton hotels, why the chain is under investigation and why the government has already fined them. that story coming up at 4:00, take us with you on the go, with our 6 abc news app, watch us streaming live on your smart phone or tablet and coming up we'll talk about dancing with the stars down to the final seven.
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meteorologist, david murphy is back now to talk about the forecast, we are hitting the 70s. >> it's a great day to get out there and walk the course or go to the polls. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing united states we are dry and as we look outside lots of sunshine building in the region and that includes the beaches in cape may county, and atlantic city for that matter, this is actually a.c. and we are looking at police officer not doing too much just driving down the beach, and it looks like it is. currently in philadelphia, 69 degrees is your current temperature, dew point at 44 and winds from the southwest at 5:00, and that is about as high as the winds we have seen so far today. 63 currently in allentown, which is running behind some of these spots, considering you started out in the 30s this morning, that is not bad, 67 in reading and 69 in millville and atlantic
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city still need a jacket in cape may, only 61 there. the storm system that was to the south of us is dishing clouds in and now is well to the south, high pressure is building in and as a result we are looking at plenty of sunshine and light wind and delightful conditions for at least several hours this afternoon, lots of sun and light wind and the rest of the lehigh valley and 72, if are you farther down to the south in cape may, you get up to 68 there and either way light winds and pretty nice in philadelphia a high of 72 and mild this afternoon, wins remain in the single digits at worst 7 to 8 miles per hour. clear skies and comfortable dipping to 71 degrees, wins are light in the single dig its and some suburbs get down to the low to mid-40s tonight, and as we look at the afternoon commute,
12:27 pm
light winds and nice at 4:00, look how quickly be dip and sun down is at 5:00, after the sun goes down with the low sun angle, there is this cool air lurking and you shave a bit off the high, it's cool out west, the troth is going to stay to the west and we get a ridge in the east with a high pressure providing a westerly or southwesterly flow and that gets us well into the 70s, afternoon highs ranging 10 to 15 degrees above average, 72 is today's high and 74 still great tomorrow, and 74 on thursday, with more clouds and just a slight chance of a shower or sprinkle, on friday breezy and warm, a high of 76 degrees, although a front coming in will likely produce a light rain and some of that could spill into saturday morning, saturday overall it looks cooler and still pretty nice, 65 is the
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high. i've got that purple stride philadelphia 5-k walk and run saturday morning, in front of memorial hall. >> i am going to just walk, and that say great event and it looks mild and dry and hopefully the rain shuts off, cooler on sunday and a high of 58. >> thank you david. >> much more "action news" when we come right back.
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hello begin here are the stories we are following at 12:30, it's election day and several key open spots are up for grabs including the mayor of philadelphia, and the twist for the white house, it's new frontrunner that emerges from the field of republican candidates, and why a texas man said his boy scout training may have saved his life when was trapped in floodwaters inside of his car. and now developing news out of philadelphia, we learned that the person that was trapped under a train at the market frank ford l line has died. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at 6th and market it's unclear how the person fell on the tracks, crews are still working to remove the body from the tracks, we'll have further up dates when we get them at


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