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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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school, school was not in session because the buildings are being used as polling places, they range from age from 11 years old to 15 years old, police say they created and sent sexually expolicive images. they say that the three arrested created. sent, stored and viewed pornography, both at their homes and while at school. most of the images were photos of studentses, others taken randomly off the interest net. >> there was dinner use of the images but all of them are unlawful for them to possess and transfer to other people. >> it started when there was images on one student's phone and they seized devices from other students and in one case, video of a sex act was taken off
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the internet and distributed to her classmates, that led to an assault. and in other case a student offered to sell an image to another student. and students took selfies, but didn't take off the location on their phone. the statement reads in part, we join with police and the entire community to use responsible technology and respect the rights of all individuals to be free of harassment. >> cops need to look into it and take action, you know kids are kids and work with them and make sure they understand. >> you have to educate our children to the right way to use social media and electronics and devices. >> now the charges range from misdemeanors to felonies and police do expect additional
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arrests to be made. those that have been arrested already will be adjudicated in the juvenile justice system. where the point is not to punish but rehabilitate. >> thank you. from our delaware newsroom, a crash involving a dirt bike sent one person to the hospital in wilmington today. the action cam was on vandmere avenue and pine street at 1:00 this afternoon, that is where police say someone was riding a dirt bike erratically through traffic and the rider was hit by a sedan. the rider is expected to survive. in wilmington, one man was rushed to the hop after being shot in the back, it happened at 2:30 this afternoon on the 900 block of maryland avenue, the victim is in his 20s and they have not told us his name yet or not said how badly he was
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injured. >> it's a case of hoarding so bizarre. the investigation involved the bomb squad this home on marlin circle is filled with trash, ammunition and chemicals. they say it's dangerous and not fit for human habitation, nothing criminal per se was found inside. they went to the property for a routine maintenance check and a strong odor reminiscent of a dead body forced them to make entry and they were met with unsafe and unhealthy conditions. >> there were chemicals, several chemicals that are extremely toxic and dangerous, they were used in photography, but are extremely old and unstable. >> along with the trash they found a wide variety of munitions, the homeowner is a licensed gun dealer and laz a
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license to carry, the bomb squad says that no explosives were found as for the chemicals there, hazmat crews are there all afternoon trying to clear them away to make sure the neighborhood is safe and the person that lives there as well. it shows it is owned by a man lay ton hearing and has lived there for 76 years. a lot to sort through, thank you. a time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> what a difference a day makes, meteorologist, adam joseph, not a great place to be yesterday and now a different story today. >> don't even need a jacket with the temperatures running way above where they should be for november 3rd, look at the gorgeous numumbers yesterday, i the 60s and normal is 61 degrees, today so far we hit 74 degrees in philadelphia, running 13 degrees above normal, we are not the only ones, new york city
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at 71, even binghamton new york on the verge of 70 degrees in the last hour, near 80 in charleston, west virginia, and pittsburgh the lower 70s, high pressure is in control and the clouds of yesterday, they are all pretty much ripped apart and pushed to the east and only northern maine seeing some high cloud cover with early morning showers, otherwise the high pressure is in control and squashing the cloud cover, we have a clear sky this evening and once the sunsets, temperatures drop, 60s at 8:00 and 50s between 9:00 and 10:00. and by the end of the week we'll be talking about record challenging high temperatures, we'll let you know how high they will go and the cool down coming over the weekend in the seven-day forecast. in just a little bit. >> thank you. by the end of today we'll finally and officially know the name of the philadelphia's next mayor, republican, melissa
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murray bailey cast her ballot this morning in society hill. she is trying to pull up a huge upset to be the first gop mayor of philadelphia since just after world war ii ends. later in the morning, democrat jim kinney went to his polling place in center city, the action cam was there as he cast his vote on ray street, polls show him as a big favorite heading into today. of course the race for mayor just one of the contests we are following today and pennsylvania voters will choose three supreme court justices and a heated race between bruce caster and kevin steele, that is where vernon odom continues the coverage in conshohocken. >> reporter: good evening brian, the da's race could indeed go down to the wire, a look at voter turnout in philadelphia, on a normally heavy turnout ward in east falls, voter turnout in
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philadelphia is projected at 30% or even less, the mayor's race is a peaceful affair and the democratic registration advantage of 7-1, doesn't bring them. >> i would like to see us elect a mayor that could clean up the department of licenses and inspections and work with the governor to see we have an adequate budget for the schools, the school situation is just dire. as far as i'm concerned. >> a way for the police and the communities get along better. >> there say great deal of emphasis on the state supreme court race where there are three emp seats. voters are taking that seriously. >> i think that is extremely, extremely important, there are three unprecedented seats up for grabs, these supreme court judges will be in office i think
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for ten years. >> the turnout is considered moderate so far in montgomery county. even after a bitter battle between caster and steele, who switched parties to become the democratic party nominee. >> i came out to vote. >> you always vote democrat? >> yes, also. >> i would like to see the direction go the way it is. >> reporter: sharrie, i will return at 6:00 to let you hear more from the voters that did participate in these key races today. liveve in conshohocken, i'm vern odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon. meantime voters in new jersey, are also headed to the polls, the action cam in ewing where turnout was light. the entire general assembly is
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expected to be picked tonight. we'll have the coverage of all the races throughout the evening, stay with for real time resulted as the votes are tallied and tune in on "action news" at 10:00 and 11:00 for reaction. cliff lee's time with the phillies is officially over, they declined the pitcher's option for next season choosing to pay him a $12.5 million buyout instead. they signed lee in the winter of 2010, after his first stint ended with the trip to the world series, but despite the year of four aces in 2011, lee could not win up to the five year $120 million contract and missed most of 2014 and all of 2015, because of injury. >> expecting a lot of shakeup with the phillies.
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>> hard to see him go though. good guy. lets get you over to the traffic center with matt pellman. >> not much of a cliff hangar on the traffic front. the schuylkill is a mess, several westbound issues, there was construction, there was an accident and then this truck broke down in the westbound lanes from city avenue and belmont, got news the out of the two westbound lanes but the traffic is extra heavy as you head toward king of prussia, on the schuylkill expressway the travel time is double what it should be. had a crash in east norton on dekalb pike and one in white marsh on manor road. eastbound schuylkill around the blue route has typical slow speeds around 12 miles per hour. in buck county, a tractor trailer accident on the ramp from the turnpike to bensalem and it's off to the side on that
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ramp, so not a huge issue, normal slowing through the construction zone. and plumstead township, look for a crash along easton road near 213 swamp road and a motorcycle crash is closing route 30, lincoln highway, near gap, stay up on 340 as you head into lancaster county. my home turf on this tuesday afternoon. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, someone talking about an object by the ben franklin bridge, we'll talk about the issues coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. well, anyone that has watched a sporting event has seen the moment military members holding a giant flag singing the national anthem or throwing out the first pitch but did you know the government pays the sports leagues for all of it. it was news to congress too and now they are launching an investigation.
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you have no doubt seen it, a stable of any sporting event, a healing moment, where a member of the u.s. military takes part in a ceremony. it turns out that the government is spending taxpayer money to make that happen. megan is live now with more, this may come as a surprise with many and not sitting well with many in congress. >> abc news got exclusive access to these contracts, now tomorrow members of congress will make all the details public. >> whether a team is winning or losing, there is one sure way to get sports fans on their feet. give them a patriotic moment, honoring our nation's troops. >> it's the most popular thing
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besides the kiss cam. >> but an investigation shows the pentagon paying major league teams for these patriotic moments. it's a recruit can tactic paid for by the taxpayer. >> we have contracts spelling out $20,000 salute for the home town hero, how long something had to be on the jumbotron. >> should the united states taxpayer being paying for it when it appears as an act of generosity or patriotism on the part of the team. >> paid patriotism was revealed this spring, congress demanded to see all contracts with the sports teams and department of the defense. including men and women carrying the giant flag at the buffalo bills game and throwing out the first pitch. in total members of congress say
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that 53 million taxpayer dollars have been spent on sponsoring these events. the team denies it saying they were free add ons to contracts. they say that excuse doesn't hold water due to the level of detail in the contract. >> here is what the commissioner tells us. >> i talked to club and they said the military organizations thought it was a good idea, good for their business and good for their recruiting function to be associated with major league baseball. >> now, the nfl actually sent congress a letter saying they are launching an audit, where they found that there are acts of patriotism being paid for they will refund the money. in washington, megan hughes, channel 6 "action news." >> that is definitely
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interesting. thank you. hilton hotels is under investigation for allegedly blocking the personal wifi spot spots of its guests and now the u.s. government has fined the chain for stole walking the probe, the fcc fined hilton for obstructing investigationers, they say that hilton is refusing to answer most of their questions and the fines will keep going up if hilton keeps not cooperating. tonight at 11:00, we have an oiling special report on the popularity of unmanned growns and why the government is increasingly concerned. >> i'm nydia han, drones like this one are on tap to be one of the hottest ticket items this holiday season and the government is scrambling. >> most people are responsible and follow the regulations but there are reckless people out
4:19 pm
there. >> why are people eagle toward keep tabs on drones, what you should know before you buy one. tonight only on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00. time to turn our attention once again to the skies on this beautiful tuesday afternoon. lets head back outside to adam live along city avenue, the sun looks like it is heading down on us. >> you get the late afternoon evening glow, good evening honker, everyone has the windows down, and the sun roofs open, and i am avoiding heading back inside. you look at this november splendor today, we hit 74 degrees, it's the warmest november day in philadelphia in nine years, have you to go back to veterans day of 2006 to see at least a 74 degrees during the month of november, it's 71 in allentown in 72 in trenton and
4:20 pm
cooler at the shore, cape may and beach haven between 62 and 63 degrees. yesterday we were above average but today we tagged on another 12 degrees in philadelphia from yesterday at this time, 10 degrees in reading as well as trenton and degrees for wilmington. looking at the radar, not much to look at, high pressure is in control and cloud cover is push nood northern new england and with high pressure overhead we have a calm wind and when have you a clear sky and the sunsets, it's a recipe for radiational cooling, once the sun goes below the horizon and later on 42 in allentown and 51 in philadelphia and 42 in millville. clear and calm. lots of sunshine tomorrow, short-sleeves will be needed at
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10:00 in the morning, 65 degrees for your wednesday and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon the temperatures much like today heading into the middle 70s in fact, maybe another degree or so warmer than today in philadelphia, 75 tomorrow and a baby blue sky and 73 if allentown un70 in dover and running the temperatures 15 degrees above average, your four day at 4:00, 74 and gorgeous and thursday warm and cloudy, could be a sprinkle north and west of philadelphia, really cloudy and warm at 74 and then we'll will he challenging records at the end of the week, a mixture of sun and clouds and 78 degrees, the record for friday in philadelphia is 79, and behind the front we step down in the temperature department, 65 on saturday, fwhau is close to 5 degrees above average for this time of year. we'll talk about a brief cool down for temperatures below normal as we get into the
4:22 pm
seven-day forecast. as i find my way back to the studio doors, they have somewhere around here. >> don't get lost. >> i'll try my best not to. still ahead, local police unveil a new high tech way to protect your property and track down criminals. and a local star is retiring from what she says is a highly fake world, her strong message to today's teens coming up in big talkers.
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today newcastle county officials unveiled new tools in the fight against crime, the first of its kind technology, to return lost property to its rightful own, it's called dna net, a forensic tagging system of sorts. an invisible liquid that puts a plant based dna mark on your
4:26 pm
items, so if someone steals something from you, it's immediately traced back to you. police call this a new tool, a game changer, a new age of crime fighting. >> we'll take a new step in science as policing changes, we change ahead of it, will applied science, the average person can mark their property anything as small as a ring and big as a car, for little less than $70, we can walk into a pawn shot and identify the property and take it back and give it back to its rightful owner. >> pretty cool. and delaware "crimestoppers"
4:27 pm
toxicology report ruling out what didn't kill brendon creato, we talked to experts of what could have happened in a live report. i'm nydia han, in an anticipate the sample sale is this week in philadelphia, everything is half off, coming up in what is the deal.
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"action news" continues, with adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again, 4:30 now and "action news" continues with the reason the new owner of the old revel wants to open his shuttered casino again not to guests but syrian refugees, and hundreds of thousands of followers, this authority auto industrialan girl was popular. she shut down her account. speaking of social media, we were just talking about this, if you were on twitter today, you may have noticed something different, you can no longer favorite a tweet, you have to like it. what is from the earth shattering switch from stars to hearts. and now investigators are looking into process of elimination when it comes to the death of a 3-year-old boy, it's
4:30 pm
three weeks since brendon creato was found dead, we only know what did not kill him. david henry spoke to a forensic expert today. david is live in haddon township with what he had to say. >> reporter: brendon creato disappeared from his father's apartment three weeks ago, the autopsy inconclusive and a cult an says that leaves one very strong possibility. >> if we find nothing then you have to understand that there is a possibility of hyperthermia exists. dr. greggy o'donnell is the head of osteo pathic medicine, he says it's quite possible that 3-year-old brendon creato, died from exposure to the elements. the temperature was in the
4:31 pm
mid-50s. and it wouldn't take long for the exposure fto turn deadly. >> a few hours in the 50s or so. >> unfortunately, it's difficult to determine if someone died from hyperthermia, blood color sometimes turns bright, cherry red and victims are found unclothed. undressing themselves feeling like they are overheated. they have not said if he was found in his pj's or not but even those two indicators are not present, it makes a determination difficult. >> these are cases we don't like to have because of the relative limitations and lack of findings that we have to work with. >> the uncertainty is unsettling for the residents of this community, they want answers. dj's father was the last to see him alive and his lawyer says he
4:32 pm
is as much in the dark as anyone else and there may never be a conclusive answer. >> the environment plays a big role in the death of this child. >> reporter: it may have been a tragic accident but dr. mcdonnell says there is one other possibility that may not show up in an autopsy and that is suffocation, that might not leave marks on a small child unable to put up a fight. >> david, a tough one thank you. police are looking for a man that assaulted a woman and stole her cell phone in north philadelphia, they gave us this video of the 22-year-old victim chasing the suspect after she was robbed. the man in the gray sweatshirt shoved the woman to the ground before he took her phone and it happened two weeks ago on north 18 and street, police want to speak to two other men that were
4:33 pm
with the suspect just before this crime. detectives are investigating a bait and switch scheme, men seen in the market last month convinced a 30-year-old man to buy several cell phones for hem. after he bought the devices he realized one suspect switched the bags and took all the phones and the cash. if you recognize either man call southwest detectives. representatives of the disease control prevention is making ground research. the agency says that the goal is to stop the plague of violence that is infebting wilmington, cdc researchers say that because of the city delaware's homicide rate has doubled from 1999 to 2012, out pacing every other state in the union, today they
4:34 pm
unveiled a report to help social service agencies stop the violence and assessment tools to identify young people at risk of getting involved in crime and peer programs and career outreaches and family focused counseling. attorneys finished their closing arguments in the federal fraud trial of chaka fattah jr. prosecutors allege that fattah jr. used personal loans for expengs and made false statements to the irs. his father, democratic congressman, chaka fattah senior is also facing an indictment for up related charges. the owner of the former revel casino resort may open his casino for refugees, is he willing to allow refugees to stay in the now shuttered
4:35 pm
resort. straub bought the comb plex for $82 million, he is unable to reopen it while he fights several lawsuits, he is proposing using it as an indoor water park and a think tank, it's unclear when or even if he could let the refugees stay there. against his will, meteorologist, adam joseph, is back inside of the building. >> they lured me in. a hook around the neck -- >> you come in because you know you have a few more days of this to enjoy. as we take a look live on sky 6 hd over the ben franklin bridge, in center city philadelphia, there you can see a lot of blue upstairs, 74 degrees and mild with the southwesterly winds and the pressure is 30.19 inches and in cape may, really nice there as well. a lot of sunshine and cooler with the southwesterly wind, that comes in off the water at
4:36 pm
60 degrees and the air temperature is not that much higher than the water temperature at 62 and as we look at the temperatures across the eastern half of the country, everyone is basking in the 70s, 70s in chicago and omaha 76 and 76 in wichita, notice bismark down to 50 degrees, we'll eventually get a brief dip in that temperature closer to normal and if not below, but it's not going to last all that long. we'll show you the seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right, see you shortly thank you. some ryder university students are upset following the announcement last week that several majors are being cut. rick williams is live in the newsroom with the details. >> reporter: hi brian, thank you. that is right, the cuts at ryder university include 13 majors and one minor and 13 faculty positions are being eliminated as well.
4:37 pm
rising costs and declining enrollment left them with a multimillion-dollar deficit, nora muchanic is live on campus with the reaction from students be the latest on a petition going around hoping to restore the cuts. coming up on penn state's campus, a few students have broken out with the mumps the latest from health check when we see you at "action news" at 5:00. until then back to the studio and until then we'll check in later it's election day in pennsylvania and new jersey, and one of the most heated races the battle to become montgomery county's district attorney, the action cam was in wynnewood as democrat, david steele vote bradenton continuing to campaign throughout the county, and republican candidate, bruce caster cast his vote this afternoon. tune in to "action news" at 10:00 and 11:00 for election day results and reaction, we'll have
4:38 pm
complete coverage on the results are tallies in real time. still ahead we have the best reactions to jimmy kimmel's annual halloween candy prank. and she was one of the most popular teenagers on the internet, this australian girl is giving it up for something else. >> why it was making her miserable. and twitter has killed your ability to favor something and replaced it with a like button. and meteorologist, adam joseph returns with a look at the full forecast from accuweather. when "action news" continues.
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super poligrip is part of my life now. four south american fisherman are rescued after drifting if the ocean for more
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than a month. they were spotted saturday by a plane and picked up by the mexican navy and went fishing in ecuador in late december and got lost at sea, their boat ran out of fuel and the stream carried them toward mexico's west coast and they were treated for dehydration and expected to be okay, it's unclear how they survived for so long. big talkers now, and a big bold move from a 19-year-old instagram and youtube star, this is isena o'neil, she quit social media cold turkey, leaving behind close to 2 million combined followers, sending a message to youth, it's not real life. she uploaded this message, lets be game changers, it's for teens to stop obsessing about the
4:42 pm
numbers, the likes and followers and messages, they do not define you, she went through her instagram account exposing the hundreds of takes to get the perfect shot of her flat stomach, saying sometimes she wouldn't eat all day and spend hours getting the perfect instagram folks. the dirty highly edited business of it all. >> i said when i take the views, people will view me and i will feel valued and i will feel happiness. i let meself be defined by numbers and i had it all and i was miserable, because when you let yourself be defined by numbers -- >> she is urging everyone especially young girls to live
4:43 pm
in less intstagram terms a bettr life. and tweeters or twitterers, whatever we call ourselves are not taking it lightly, as of today, the little star, the favorite button has gone the way of the do do bird and the dinosaur, now it's a heart it lights up when you hit. the heart to like is now how you show your twitter affection and some are outraged saying their little twitter hearts are broken. >> in other social media news, i joke but some arenocen -- maybe attending option, is interested, the none committal way of committing to an event. this is for public not private events and allows you to be just vague enough.
4:44 pm
>> jimmy kimmel is at it again, every year he asks parents to convince their kids they ate all of their halloween candy and share their reaction, he shows the kids freaking out on their show last night their heards broken. >> no! >> that is rude. i'm super angry at you. [ screaming ] >> this little guy here so stunned, he just passed out. poor guy, kimmel says he got more than 1,000 submissions this year, the question funny or cruel? i leave that with you? >> can it be both?
4:45 pm
>> it's funny but hard to watch the kids go through it. >> it's funny until you have a child of your own. >> wouldn't do it to our own kids. but happy to watch other kids. >> lets get a check of the roads tonight. matt pellman here now with the traffic. >> i have a few surprises up my sleeve, a lot of sun glare and a lot of slowing on the southbound lanes of 95 past the airport to ridley park to 320 into the city of chester, we expect things to be busy in chester this evening, there is a big army versus navy soccer game at ppl park in chester, elsewhere on 95, normal afternoon slowing with speeds in the teens, trying to get to 95 from market street, the ram from market to the southbound lanes is blocked and the truck is stuck there, for now the ramp from market to 95 southbound in
4:46 pm
old city is shut down and a crash in south philadelphia at south broad and packer, and how about our situation on the vine street expressway, slowing there, it's dark, really dark, trust me it's slow in the eastbound lanes from the schuylkill to 95. we got rid of that crash in white marsh, and now one on the pennsylvania turnpike past 476, single digit speeds, and ben salem the westbound lanes to route 1, the truck accident but off to the side, not a big deal. a motorcycle crash shutting down route 30 lincoln highway near chester county beverage, you can use 340 to get around that. we'll try to brighten things up on the vine and check it again in the next half hour. >> really a dark situation there. meteorologist, adam joseph is standing by with something a whole lot brighter, the
4:47 pm
exclusive accuweather forecast.
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meteorologist, adam joseph joining us now, i think i overheard you record setting temperatures? >> yes, on friday, we could add a few more degrees by the yer, b
4:50 pm
i have conversations with the viewers at home all the time. on the radar, no precipitation because there is no clouds out there, high pressure is in control and get used to it over the next 24 hours, 76 in philadelphia, now that we hit 76, had is the warmest november day in philadelphia in ten years, have you to go back to 2005 to find another day close to 76, in the month of november. and it still can get very cold this time of year, the record 28 degrees set in 1951, 72 in trenton as well as reading and 69 in wilmington and at the beach, sea isle city and long beach island in the low 60s. high pressure is anchored here and all the clouds are being pushed to the north of that high and that remains in control and
4:51 pm
begins to break down on thursday, for tonight, the triple c, clear, calm and comfy, 51 for center city, the high is just to the east tomorrow and a very warm day, with high temperatures in the mid-70s, more sunshine and very september-like. and then the high breaks down and falls apart, clouds start to filter in on thursday, a lot of clouds on thursday and maybe a spotty shower, but far from a washout, and it still remains on the warm side with the temperature of 74. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, gorgeous again tomorrow, mid-70s, it stays equally as warm on thursday, and the only change is the cloud cover on thursday, and then on friday, ahead of a cold front, we'll get a surge of southerly winds, that will move the temperatures up 78 degrees, some of the records are challenged and 79 degrees set in 1948, and the record in trenton
4:52 pm
77 and the same for atlantic city and wilmington and 79 is your record. and the sunshine returns and the temperatures drop, 65 on saturday, and on sunday, 58 with full sunshine but that is normal for this point in november. but it doesn't last long, we start to go back above normal monday and tuesday, sun and clouds and dry as we go into the middle 60s and they could continue to move up as we get into the latter part of next week. a warm november so far. >> what's the deal is coming up next.
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all right the time to stock up on gifts for yourself. what better place to do that than a sample sale.
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food each month, don't worry it's not a child. it's bentley, this potentially record setting pennsylvania dog, the great dane mix is in the running to be declared the world's tallest living dog by the guinness book of world records, he is 38 inches tall from paw to shoulder and can put away 30 pounds of dog food a week, despite weighing as much as some football players he considered himself a lap dog, he does not mind his owner's clumsy attempt to cuddle. >> a tremendous amount of food though my goodness. >> that does it for "action news" at 4:00, i'm brian taff, hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl
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17. now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next a possible e. coli contamination has one meat company recalling ground beef that was sold across the u.s. and in an effort to raise awareness about mens health, guys are asked not to shave for an entire month. brian and i are on board -- >> it ain't going to happen. >> you have to shave it off. >> at the end of the month. >> well maybe.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. from runners to bikers and everyone in between, the schuylkill river trail is busy every day but recently some young people decided to ruin the outdoor experience by harassing and groping people along the river. >> it's tuesday night and "action news" the big story is the investigation into those
5:00 pm
assaults. john rawlins is live along the trail in spring garden with more on that. >> reporter: over the last month there have been three indecent assaults reported to police by women using the trail in center city. >> the latest assault was report during broad daylight, a young woman was running with her boyfriend at 3:00 in the afternoon with her boyfriend. >> the teenagers ages 13 to 16, were riding by on bikes and inappropriately touched this female. >> children on bikes involved in one of the other prior indecent assaults. first service late summer on social media posts frequents by runners. >> more and more people chimed in with the same story, a group of teens riding on the trail and harassing runners, commuters, bikers. >> john lions


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