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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  November 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. here's what's happening on this wednesday, november 4th. >> a woman jumps from a car in montgomery county just before a train crashes into it. >> more students are expected to be charged in a school porn scandal in chester county. >> and he is now mayor elect jim kenney and will announces his transition process after last night's landslide victory. >> good morning. let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy. you can keep saying the same thing over and over. [laughter] >> and to karen rogers with traffic. good morning. >> oddly enough today is going to be kind of a repeat of yesterday. we actually managed to hit 76
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on the thermometer yesterday, similar numbers on the way today and once again, a lack of cloud cover around might be a little bit of patchy fog popping up over the next couple hours in a few spots but that's not going to be a big issue for you. 43 trees currently in allentown, 44 in reading. yesterday we were down in the 30's in these northern and western suburbs. so far so good on that score and still holding onto 51 in philadelphia and 55 in sea isle city. current visibility is not an issue. the one spot we have a little lower visibility is down in wildwood. we'll keep our eyes on this but only some patchy fog this morning. as we take a look at your bus stop forecast mainly clear and cool this morning. 48 degrees by 6 o'clock. up to 51 by 8 o'clock. winds very light once again this morning and these numbers a little bit better than they were this time yesterday. on your storm tracker6 app today by 8 o'clock, 51. and then by noon, 71. and by 3 o'clock, 76 degrees and that is going to be your high. a repeat of yesterday before falling back into the 60's by dinnertime. we may actually be challenging a record high before the end of the work week.
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karen, i'll have that story and a couple of shots at precipitation coming up in the seven day. >> all right, dave, we've got an accident in woolwich township gloucester county that's closing a main artery here. route 322 is blocked at stone meetinghouse road. it's an accident that brought down a pole and wires here. we've got police on the scene. stick to oak grove road as your alternate to 322. it's still blocked in that portion of gloucester county. in burlington county we've got another problem here, another accident with downed poles, downed wires and it's closing 206 so 206 is closed between stokes road and tuckerton road. atsion road is your alternate to that one. in bucks county construction at street road at 95 as northbound as you head towards 413 construction on street road and it's in the southbound lanes block, the right lane right here so we see construction crews out here currently still dealing with that one in bucks county. the vine street expressway had been closed overnight for construction. still not seeing any traffic move through. usually they let the first cars westbound get by around this time. so, watching for that but it's
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scheduled to be closed until 5 o'clock this morning. one more issue. we've had a bunch of them at this early hour. this one a disabled vehicle in wyncote. it's right on 309 near greenwood avenue but it's mostly off to the shoulder, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. new this morning, a woman jumped from a car before a train crashed into it in bridgeport, montgomery county overnight. it happened on the tracks at westport street near depot street just after midnight a norfolk southern freight train struck the car which was parked on or near the tracks. there are no reports of injuries. police are on the scene trying to figure out why the car was stopped there. the rail line is shut down until further notice. >> election day results are in. one outcome was not exactly a surprise. former city councilman jim kenney has been elected as the next mayor of philadelphia. >> kenny was hardly challenged during his campaign as the democratic nominee. didn't really run tv ads before the general election. he beat his o pontoneerly seven to one. erin o'hearn is lie on the big board with kenny's victory.
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>> reporter: jim kenney will get the ball rolling on his campaign this morning. he'll lay out his transition process in an event at the andrew jackson school in south philadelphia. in his victory speech, which he gave just about 45 minutes after the polls closed, he thanked his parents and children and told his supporters it isn't what he is going to do but what "we are going to do together." he also outlined his visions for the city which focused on the economy and education. >> and if we build an economy for all philadelphia, then we he will not only grow our commercial corridors and provide a real path for returning citizens, we will break the cycle of poverty for so many of our families. >> reporter: now, kenny's republican challenger melissa murray bailey was very upbeat during her concession speech. she said she was proud to give the republican party a new face. tam back to you. >> thank you erin. in the face for city council at large seats a newcomer is the top vote get.
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democrat helen gym filled a victory. derek green alan dom blondell reynolds brown and william green lee were also elected. and in new jersey, the democrats picked up seats and retained control in the state seven. all 80 assembly seats were up for grabs. democrats will likely gain four more seats than they have right now. >> other news now, more students are expected to be charged in connection way child pornography scandal in chester county. three students ranging in age from 11 to 15 are already charged. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at tredyffrin east town middle school in tredyffrin township. >> reporter: three students facing multiple charges ranging from misdemeanors to fell measles all the students are between 11 and 15 years old and we're told their parents are cooperating. >> disturbed, disgusted. >> reporter: allegations of child pornography distribution at tredyffrin east town middle school and neighboring valley forge middle school.
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so far three juveniles are charged in connection with allegedly creating and sending sexually explicit images. >> you have to clampdown and you have to stop it at some time. >> reporter: a source tells "action news" in april a sixth grader sent an explicit imknowledge another classmate. that classmate did the same. the images displayed sexually graphic conduct but soon those images were being shared with classmates and uploaded to cyber chats via social networking applications. police say one student tried to sell an intimate image of a classmate to another student and in one case, a sex act was taken off the internet and portrayed as being that of a female student. >> in one case a parent didn't realize that some of the images were actually uploaded to the cloud and were being remotely stored. >> this investigation is ongoing. police say it's likely that more students will be charged in the near future. we're live in tredyffrin
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township, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." tam. >> katherine thank you. police have increased bike patrols along the schuylkill river trail the action coming after another female runner was groped. authorities say the reports of the summer are similar a group of teenagers on bicycle whose assault and sexually harass women along the center city section of the trail. councilman kenyatta johnson says he'll convene a public meeting on the agenda will be additional safety measures ranging from police presence to surveillance cameras to emergency phones. >> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has until 10:00 this morning to present a court anything she might have about possible leaks in the jerry sandusky case. the convicted child molester is trying to have his 2012 conviction overturned. a judge last week ordered train to produce information she claimed to have about possible leaks in the case by state prosecutors and the grand jury judge. those leaks could potentially set sandusky free he. >> you will not see penn state
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students at intersections this weekend collecting donations for on that the dance fundraiser which have been the third and final weekend of collections had been canceled in the wake of a september crash in a student that killed a student. the money goes to help children with cancer. but organizers say they need more time to address the safety concerns. president of rider university announced he's cutting 13 majors because of a $7.6 million deficit. students at the school in lawrenceville mercer county say they were blind sided and either have to change their majors or change schools. officials at rider say they want to invest in new majors like criminal justice and healthcare management and cut majors with smaller enrollments like art and philosophy. >> time right now 4:38. still to come on "action news" a philadelphia crossing guard is thousands of dollars richer this morning. she won the money simply for voting. >> first lady michelle obama
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overseas visiting troops much she also has another mission abroad. david. >> we've got a sweatshirt on the kids this morning because some neighborhoods are in the 40's, philadelphia the 50's. not a lot of wind. this afternoon we can go for t-shirts again because it's going to be another warm one. eastern university is our college of the morning and we'll be right back with your seven-day forecast. mainly good news coming. >> ♪
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>> we've got some breaking news out of south sudan. a cargo plane crashed killing at least 23 people and reports say some of these are children. we're told this was a domestic flight heading to an oil field that it crashed shortly after takeoff. no word on what might have caused it. we'll bring you the latest as it comes in. >> a school crossing guard from philadelphia is $10,000 richer and all she did was vote. >> wow. >> did you vote? >> yes, i did. >> you're our $10,000 winner. >> oh, my gosh. >> what is your name. >> larry platt of the nonprofit philadelphia citizens surprised befor bridget conway haven't this with a $10,000 check. platt selected her at random in a lottery. offering the prize was designed to encourage turnout. conroy-varnis says she'll use
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the some and to pay bills and maybe buy a new car. >> good for her. >> and turnout was larger than it was four years ago when nutter was running for reelection. >> maybe it helped. >> related we don't know but it was larger. >> interesting. today a copy of the election day weather-wise. there is no precipitation and taking a look outside we have clear skies overhead. the moon out, stars out, couple of planets out and clear skies across the region. yesterday was a real zoomer temperature-wise. we got up to 76 degrees on tuesday and that's the warmest november day that we've seen in philadelphia in 10 years and guess what? we're going get another one today. and another one on friday. as we take a look at philadelphia's temperature right now, 51 degrees currently and winds are calm. thursday's actually also going to be mild. we've got three more of these. satellite shows you hardly any cloud cover out there. the same high pressure center that knocked out the clouds and gave us all that sun and helped us get so warm yesterday is still locked in
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place. 51 degrees under the sun by 8 o'clock, 66 by 11 o'clock. and then by 2 o'clock, 74. a high again of 76 degrees around 3 o'clock before we dip back down to about 70 by 5 o'clock. high temperatures from north to south, everybody really enjoying several very nice afternoon hours. 73 in allentown, 74 in reading and trenton, 74 in wilmington. 74-degree high in millville and a little bit lower down in atlantic city and cape may. still comfortable in those spots, too. overnight tonight clouds are going to increase as a warm front gets past us. high pressure will finally be moving off the coast and it will allow the clouds and a few spotty showers at times but it's still going to be mild with a high of 74 and as a cold front sweeps toward us on friday, we're going add to that and get close to a record high for friday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high is 76, just like yesterday, sunny and pleasant and winds staying on the light side. and then tomorrow we have more clouds building in, a high of 74. showers possible here or there
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but not a complete washout certainly, just a little damp at times on thursday. then friday sun gives way to clouds ahead of that front and we will get near the record high. we're now going for a high of 78 degrees on friday. the record is 79, so definitely in record territory and the overnight low only 60. and that's good because as you get up early on saturday morning, it's going to be very mild. now, there might be a leftover spotty shower here or there on saturday morning, but overall it doesn't look like a washout and then as the day goes on we get back to 65 degrees, cooler but still a little bit above average. i've got that purple stride walk on saturday morning. it is going ton milder than it often is. and then sunday sunny and cooler, 58 degrees. heading into monday, partly sunny and 59 degrees, but that's not the end of the warmth because we start to inch those numbers back up as we get into next week's work week. tuesday looks like lots of sun kind of day, 64 degrees. i could actually see us in the upper 60's by the middle of next week so november has arrived like a --
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>> a lamb. >> well, yeah, is that what they usually say. >> this has been the best november in awhile. >> it's the best november ever. >> i don't know about that but it's pretty nice. >> four days in and that's what we're saying. russian officials have not yet given a cause as to why a jetliner crashed in egypt. 224 people on board heading to the russian city of saint petersburg were killed. u.s. officials say american satellite systems did detect what they call heat flashes around the plane before it came down. now the flash could indicate that there was some kind of explosion on the aircraft itself either fuel tank or bomb but investigators say that there for right now is no indication that a missile brought the plane down. first lady michelle obama is visiting qatar today. she spoke at the 2015 world summit for education in support of girl's education. she met with american troops when she visited the air base with conan o'brien.
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>> time now for your first look at business here at the big board. hilton hotels is under investigation for claims that it blocked personal wifi hot spots of its guests. the sec fined hilton $25,000 for trying to stop the investigation. hilton is accused of using wifi jammers to block hot spots so that guests would have to pay for the hotel service. here's a money saving tip if you're looking to book a flight for thanksgiving and you don't want to make dinner. don't fly out on the day before thanksgiving and then return on the following sunday because you'll end up paying higher fares. travel experts suggest flying on thanksgiving day to save money which means you're going to miss thanksgiving. so, give it a shot. the major stock indices were all up yesterday. the dow led the way with a 90-point gain, futures are basically flat right now. twitter has changed how you favorite a tweet. much like facebook instead of favoriting it, you now like
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it. twitter even replaced the favoriting star with a heart. twitter becoming a lot like facebook. facebook becoming a lot like twitter. >> it was fine the way it was. didn't need this but okay. it's 4:48. coming up on "action news," the owner of atlantic city's former revel casino resorts has a plan for helping syrian refugees. >> police in delaware are hoping to attract more diverse recruits at a job fair today. this story when we come back. >> ♪ lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato.
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>> ♪ >> let's take a live look outside right now at the vine street expressway because you know what, we're seeing the first cars come through. that's why i'm on the air, matt o'donnell, so i can show you that. this is the vine. that's your westbound traffic. it had been closed overnight for construction. they're allowing some traffic by. we're still not seeing the eastbound traffic move just yet. that's scheduled to be clear at 5:00 a.m. and they've usually been doing it a little bit before then. watch right now on the schuylkill expressway. we're continuing to see traffic move at this point near passyunk on the schuylkill at passyunk, seeing no problems right here n bridgeport montgomery county on depot street near fourth street this is the accident we have been talking about involving a train and a sedan. the accident itself is clear right here. in burlington county, shamong here two oh he six is reopened
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and that's between stokes road and tuckerton road. this is an earlier accident with downed poles, do you understand wires. crews have cleared the scene and traffic there moving better, tam. >> thank you karen. philadelphia police are looking for two armed men who robbed a logan restaurant during closing time. this is surveillance video from the crab shack on north 16th street on sunday night in logan. the suspects forced an employee back into the store as he was trying to close the front gate. one of the men went for the safe while the other one watched the workers. the duo took the safe and ran off. none of the employees were hurt. and happening today, local state and federal police agencies will be looking for new officers in dover, delaware. the career fair is hosted by the delaware chapter of the national organization of black law enforcement. officials say agencies will be aiming to attract a diverse set of recruits. that will boost trust between the force and the community. today's job fair runs from 10:00 this morning until 2:00 p.m. it will be at the mlk student center on the campus of delaware state university. >> the own are of atlantic city's former revel casino
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resort says he's willing to temporarily open its doors to syrian refugees. glen straub says people displaced by the civil war in syria could stay in the now shuttered 47 story resort while the building's future is being decided. straub bought revel for $82 million in age several lawsuits have prevented him from reopening the facility. >> it is now 4:53. coming up at 5:00 voters in ohio have voted not to legalize marijuana. we'll explain why the measure faced criticism. >> an elderly pennsylvania couple that spent 75 years together happened to die within hours of one another. their story when "action news" continues.
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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone. sky6 taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge. the time right now is 4:56. it is 55 degrees on city avenue. it's going to be another great day with a high temperature reaching 75 degrees and, yes, this is november. a nine-year-old boy collapsed and died during youth football practice in ohio. it happened at eastern high school in readsville on monday night. the boy's coach says the third grader had run a 50-yard sprint and was sitting on his helmet getting a drink of water on the side line when he fell over. rescuers found the boy unconscious and could not revive him. officials expect to determine the cause of death later this week. a former ceo of wal-mart crash landed a plane on an arkansas highway and the terrifying moments were caught
4:57 am
on video. bill simon says he decided to pop the emergency parachute after the plane's oil system failed. simon, two other men aboard the plane an woman whose truck was hit by the falling plane were taken to the hospital. only minor injuries were reported. assume money was flying to waco, texas, where he teaches at baylor university. >> a york county woman is sharing her parents' love story and the ending is amazing. virginia wallace says her parents were an inspiration of love and marriage. they were married for 75 years. last week al died in his sleep. he was 98 years old. dottie also passed her sleep not 24 hours after al. wallace admits it's hard to lose her parents all at once but she believes that they are together. >> some couples have that extra connection. >> yes. >> mysterious. 4:57. when you get a tattoo your choice of the artwork should be based on something that lasts forever, right? >> yes. >> or at least is correct. coming up on "action news," the mets fan who now has a
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regretful tattoo. >> an brutal attack at a bar in kensington has landed one man in the hospital. we have the new details. >> ♪ we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday november 4th. here's what's happening. >> a fight in a philadelphia bar leads to the stabbing of a man with a piece of glass. >> a sexting scandal has rocked a chester county middle school and more arrests could be on the way. >> and the result avenue montgomery county race could lead to charges for comedian bill cosby. >> but first up let's but dave murphy on repeat and karen rogers is going to take a look at your commute. good morning. >> that is basically what we're doing today weather-wise. take a look. high pressure still in control. we still have rain and precipitation well down to our south. the closest clouds up north are way up in canada and we still have that area of high pressure that's very close giving us lots of sun today and knocking out that wind. it's also going the help warm us up again. 51 degrees in philadelphia. starting out cool with a clear overnight t


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