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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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meanwhile in san diego, police are in a standoff with a man if a fired on them with a high powered rifle. the suspect started to shoot from his apartment, bullets only narrowly missing officers. police and the suspect have exchanged several rounds of gun fire, so far there is no reports of injuries or hostages, but this is happening near san diego's airport, it's a full ground stop in effect there right now, we are following both of these stories and we'll bring you an update when we learn more. >> developing now philadelphia police are trying to identify the body they found in the delaware river today. chopper 6 hd was over the scene right near the lyndon avenue boat ramp in torresdale thark is where the marine police found the body at 10:00 this morning, all they said was that it's the body of a hispanic girl but not
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how she died . now the trial of chaka fattah jr., he is charged with taking false loans, the jury is deciding his fate on 23 counts of bank and tax fraud, earlier today they asked to review bank documents from the prosecutors evidence, chaka fattah has denied all wrong doing. in pennsylvania kathleen kane says she has complied with the judge's order about information they she may have about possible leaks in the jerry sandusky case. she provided information under seal to the judge meeting the deadline, but the court later this afternoon said she did not provide any evidence supporter her claim of leaks so the judge has ordered her to appear before him in a closed door hearing
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tomorrow. as long as the sun is beaming it feels like summer out, we are in the middle of an stretch of warm weather right now. sara bloomquist is outside right now with people that are enjoying the warm heat. >> we are starting to lose the sunshine just a little bit but it was a nice afternoon at washington square and around the region, a day when every park bench was taken here in washington square. it's tough to think the holiday season is just ahead. >> on franklin square, crews are putting up christmas lights today preparing for this year's electrical spectacle, never before have they done so on a day that topped out in the 70s. >> we are not complaining, in years past we have been schiffering and drinking hot chocolate to put on the lights.
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>> we are holding on to soup and keeping ourselves warm, we are not considering soup, how about a cheesesteak and lets get back to work. >> over at lombard park the kids are dressed like summertime. who thought that in november they would be swinging and sliding most of the day outdoors. >> beautiful we have been out for like three hours, we started at we ate at whole foods actually we ate outside. >> best to soak it up, before the temperatures go down once again. >> you have to take advantage while it's nice out. >> there may not be many more of these days? >> exactly. >> it was not a bad signment for this reporter either, i got to spend an afternoon outdoors. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." back to you in the studio.
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>> that is not even nice of you sara. >> a gotcha moment sara. >> speaking of that, it's beautiful, lets get a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist, adam joseph, is outside enjoying the warm temperatures, adam looking like this might last? >> at least a couple more days, not the full sunshine like we had today, we are in the middle of a 70s stretch across the area, yesterday we were at 76 degrees, so far today that mercury has soared to 79 degrees, the official high still not in yet but at this point 79 that is 19 degrees above our normal temperature which is 60 this time of year we are near the record, the record is just two degrees at 81, allentown 75, the old record 78 and atlantic city airport, a far cry from the
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record of 80 degrees because of a sea breeze this afternoon. as we look to the south, we see yes there are changes and clouds and showers, off the outer banks of south carolina and a few sneaking in virginia, as we look to the accuweather forecast, the clouds take over and a shower or two on thursday and then another record run coming in here before a much cooler weekend hits, we'll talk about that big drop in temperature and show you future tracker with the spotty showers coming up brian in just a little bit. >> thank you. we have breaking flus to get to here at 4:00, there is a bank robbery reported, this happening on the 6800 block of torresdale avenue in the city's tacony section, one officer is on the scene there. we are told that a man walked in with a note and demanded money, it's unclear at this point how much money he got away with, but did flee the scene, in is
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happening in the tack onny section of philadelphia. jim kenney kept a busy schedule on his first day of mayor elect of philadelphia, he talked about his plans for the officer as well as the city. david henry has more now. >> reporter: mayor elect jim kenney is looking for ideas and leaders as he begins to build his administration from scratch. he made his priorities clear during the campaign but now begins the hard work. >> congratulations. >> kenney launched his transition process at jackson elementary school in south philadelphia, and made it clear once again that education is one of his top priorities starting with city wide preschool and estimated $60 million price tag. >> we are going to get the money and find the money, money in our
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own current budget and philanthropy and anybody that wants to help. >> kenney wants to lure suburban jobs back to the city but is not ready to commit to lowering business taxes or the wage tax. >> as we can and as the economy ebbs and flows, we'll figure out ways of increasing the tax reduction but i'm not promising anything at the moment. >> every mayor comes in with an agenda and often finds road blocks with the council. kenney says he has forged good relationships. >> i know my relationship with council is excellent and my relationship with councilman clark is excellent. one position appears to be filled already and kenney gave
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broad lints that commissioner ross would replace charles ramsey, and he has a clear mandate. >> we'll recruit and train and make sure that our officers understand the interactions with our citizens and the respectful actions are very, very important. >> kenney will start a new website and is looking for new leaders to implement the ideas, a process he admits started long before election day. live in city hall, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you. the port of philadelphia is trying to attract new companies that could bring hundreds of new jobs to the area, governor tom wolf was there today to talk about the port's first expansion in decades. he says that crews are in the middle of dredging the delaware river so that larger ships can pass through and the governor announced the partnership to develop vacant land that will be
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called self port, the idea is to break ground by 2017, interested businesses have a few weeks to apply. >> philadelphia is a great port and we have a great workforce here and this should be a source of continued growth not just for a few years but forever. >> he says the short pain of the bunt battle will pay off in the long run, governor wolf is fighting with the legislate your over taxes, education and human services spending, he feels like progress is being made, today this big announcement and any time there is talk of new jobs, it's very exciting. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. lets get to matt pellman standing by in the traffic center with a first look. >> beautiful afternoon for a little boat ride down the delaware river or maybe a ride on a barge we just saw one go
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through. the bridge just came down, but the delays are getting started on the schuylkill expressway, we have had a lot of delays on the schuylkill today, this is the eastbound traffic by montgomery drive, 25 minutes, an 11 minute delay from the blue route to the vine. watch for a crash in the inner drive, and a crash by the executive house at city avenue and a broken down vehicle in valley forge national park is shutting down 252 close to 23, gulf road getted you around that, and a block away from law middle school, let grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon, happy hump day, one person using the waze app is talking about a pothole in overbrook. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour.
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>> thanks very much. still ahead here on a wednesday afternoon, the stunning story about the death of a police officer. what his fellow officers revealed about him today including his elaborately staged suicide and the crimes police say he was committing for years. and we go behind the scenes for tonight's country music awards and talk to the hosts for what is in store for country's biggest night. star light star bright, the first star i see tonight i wish i may, i wish i might, have the wish i wish tonight wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list event is on. right now get exceptional offers on the entire lincoln family.
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. today they announced the reasoner to the death of an illinois police officer, lieutenant charles gliniewicz radios for help in september and said he was chasing three suspicious men, he was found dead with a gunshot wound to his chest sparking a massive manhunt, but today they said it was a carefully planned suicide and that he was embezzling money from a youth program for seven
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years, and believed he was about to be caught, he did a trail of evidence to make it appear he was the victim of a homicide. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the people he served and the entire law enforcement community. >> gliniewicz was nearing retirement after 30 years with the police department. a down day on wall street, the dow down 50 points and the nasdaq 2.5 points and s&p down 7 points today. mayor michael nutter says that my brother's keep ser changing lives and making a difference. known as mbk philly is a growing movement started by president obama, in philadelphia they are host a two day convention on the topic and the mayor says there
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is more to be done. this is not quick or easy work. we started the ball rolling but we have more work to done we must continue to see real results. >> mayor nutter says he will sit down with incoming mayor, jim kenney to talk about the role in 2016. tonight is the country music awards, the biggest names and beyond are busy rehearsing for what producers are promising is their best show yet. i had a chance to chat with hosts, brad paisley and carry underwood. just hour as way. >> nice looking people. >> it's country music's biggest night and the hosts tell me that tonight's show will knock your boots off from moment one. >> the show will start completely different than it has ever started. you will see right away it will
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not look like what you expect. >> this is their eighth straight year hosting and their opening numbers always leave people talking and laughing. >> you never know what will happen? >> we? >> every year we have had a moment or two that is memorable. stuff that lives on. >> rehearsals are underway all day and the people behind the cma awards say that put on this production is no easy task. >> we have 19 performances and doing 19 different looks and 19 different setups and lighting looks and set designs. >> it's about the duets. >> the number one opening act is john cougar mellancamp with keith urban, that is a perfect mash-up. justin timberlake and chris stapleton, people don't know who he is and he is nominated by our industry because he is amazing.
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>> brad tells me he has fond memories about his trips here to philadelphia. >> i usually go over and jog around the rocky steps, and i jog around the statue, and put my arms in the air, you need to jog there in bad 80s sweat pants and he wasn't wearing the hat, if you missed him like i did. some big names and you watch it all right here at 8:00 on 6 abc. you guys imagine, missing brad paisley jogging and doing the whole rocky thing. >> we all have a pair of bad 80s sweat pants. thank you alicia. lets get a check of the accuweather forecast. lets check in with adam still outside. >> do you blame me for not coming back in? it's a really breathtaking midweek on this wednesday, lots of sunshine we can call this a perfect 10 in the delaware valley. in philadelphia we have hit 79
4:19 pm
degrees so far, 2 degrees shy of the record for the
4:20 pm
mile 55 in philadelphia and 56 cape may and reading 47 degrees by tomorrow morning. there is that little batch of spotty showers to the north and west first thing tomorrow morning, there could be damp roadways for tomorrow morning. especially in the pennsylvania counties and mild in the upper 50s and low 60s and spotty showers here and there and far from a steady rain tomorrow and mild despite the cloud cover, 73 philadelphia and low 70s elsewhere. your four day at 4:00 forecast, mild tomorrow with a spotty shower or two, and a high of 74 degrees, we gain more in the way of sunshine on friday ahead of a cold front and we get strong southwesterly winds and that moves temperatures to the record of 79 degrees for your friday and behind that front the sun returns and breezy and cooler and 65 and mostly sunny and
4:21 pm
seasonable on sunday with the temperature only at 58 degrees, how long does the cool down last? we'll let you know coming up in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> thanks adam. up next, a special service that honored our local veterans today. and coming up at 4:30, she won the lottery without even buying a ticket. meet the woman that got $10,000 just for voting in yesterday's election.
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4:25 pm
the roads are closed in the area while they investigate. one airline took a moment to say thank you to a special group, today at philadelphia international airport american airlines honored their employees that either served in the vietnam war or employees who have family members that served. it's a thank you for their sacrifice, they are honoring their veteran employees across the country today in partnership with the vietnam war commemoration. tonight at 11:00, people in one local community say that astronomically high water bills are threatening to drive them out of town. >> i'm nydia han, homeowners in one township, receive sticker shock when they open their bill. >> to have it triple is financial hardship. >> imagine getting one for $684 or $1500, tonight on 6 abc at
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11:00. hundreds of entrepreneurs gathered for the impact conference in seber city, governor tom wolf and philadelphia mayor, non-non-gave the opening remarks this morning and that was followed by presentations on the regions most promising investment opportunities, the day included a panel focused on hiring and managing employees. a south jersey organization got a generation donation today, 600 hand made knitted hats were dropped off here today at the oak integrated care facility in mount holly, they were made by nine women from the show you care ministry from the grove baptist church in west berlin, it took six months to make all of these hats and so far they have created more than 1,000 hats this year alone. >> good deeds there. >> and great tal enforce sure. >> coming up a south jersey school director is recovering
4:27 pm
after he tried to break up a fight between girls, what one of the teenagers did to him straight ahead. from dark chocolate tods blueberries, if you feel sluggish stay tuned. we'll show you the top foods you should be eating to fight fatigue.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph,
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alicia vitarelli sharrie williams and brian taff. >> "action news" continues with one reason that officials are saying that a russian jet that crashed last week was definitely brought down by a bomb from isis. and a florida family was outraged after their daughter was punished for doing something like this to a friend -- the problem was that friend was a boy and the school says that brief embrace violated their rules against public displays against affection. why the principal called it inappropriate. we have a tough big talker involving a sick teenager who isn't fighting for his life but fighting for his right to die in peace that wish is keeping him from attending school. >> we begin in south jersey where the man that dedicated the first part of his career to protecting citizens and the second part to protecting
4:30 pm
students, is recovering today for trying to break up a fight. nora muchanic is live now in florence township to explain what happened. >> reporter: hi there sharrie, we are out here at florence township high school where the head of security had to be taken to the hospital after a 17-year-old student charged him after breaking up a fight she was involved in. >> it was enough force to send him to the ground. >> the police sergeant is describing an incident that left the school security director with two broken ribs, lonny brown, a retired police detectives was breaking up a fight by two girls, while walking one to his office he was charged by the other teen who drove him into the wall. >> that fact that this happened in a school, is unbelievable. to go after a school official
4:31 pm
like that and cause the injuries that they did to them is unacceptable. >> in a facebook post responding to dozens of get well wishes, brown wrote really soar, heading back to the doctor, got blindsided. felt like a linebacker. >> i am glad he is doing better. >> it supsets me, the kids fight and carry on and before long, and i know him so well and he got hurt. >> one girl 15 and one girl 17 are charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. >> they need to keep their hands to themselveses. >> that is what is wrong with the school system. you have kids that want to go to school and others that want to be thugs and begansters. >> the brief statement reads in part that the florence school system remains committed to
4:32 pm
providing a safe environment for their students and staff. >> the school officials are there to help and protect them. they cannot turn their aggression towards the official. >> the 15-year-old is released to her patients and the 17-year-old is in juvenile detention. >> the detectives are going over surveillance video from the cafeteria, but are asking students who have cell phone video of what happened to please can't them. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> okay thank you. two men accused of killing amontgomery county father during a violent home invasion went before a judge today. only "action news" was there as nadir ali and desmond smith were accused of storming the home where his ex-girlfriend lived in september, she lived there with her family, the police say the men opened fire killing the
4:33 pm
girl's father 50-year-old kevin brown, they face a long list of charges including murder. police are asking for your help identifying an armed robber that struck twice in the matter of hours in west philadelphia, the first victim is inside of a chinese takeout on north 52nd street saturday night. the suspect walked in and hit the man in the face with a gun and took the man's wallet and left and then the suspect went to a sunoco mini mart and followed a customer outside and robbed him of $80, if you recognize this man, please contact philadelphia police. meanwhile, police have released the names of three suspects involved in a chase last night. willy brothers jr. of middletown and troy gee, and seals both of wilmington are behind bars, they
4:34 pm
led police on a chase after speeding away from a traffic stop, four guns were found in the car after the men were arrested. brothers was also booked on charges related to a shooting on jenson drive last month, he is held on $1 million bail. a rather unique sign is missing from a club in berks county, this is the marquee that is usually outside the stonersville social club and now there are only two stumps yet, someone used a saw to cut it down, he understands why someone thinks the sign is funny but taking the whole thing is going too far. >> to cut the whole thing down that is beyond a mischief night that is vandalism. >> the social club is known for giving back to many youth o.s in the commune, owners hope that their insurance company will help them replace the sign as
4:35 pm
soon as possible. lets bring in adam joseph as we talk about near record temperatures today and we'll have another stint later this week. >> today is really extraordinary for our area and in fact it's rare we hit 80 today, the last time we hit 80 in philadelphia was 1993 in november. take a look right now, it is 75 degrees, pleasant out there overlooking the ben franklin bridge with a crystal clear sky and the dew point is nice and low and it's a dry heat at 49 degrees, winds from the south-southwest at 9 miles per hour, and the pressure 30.29 inches, because it's such a beautiful week and beautiful day, the weather question today is kind of resolved around this stretch we are in right now, here is your question, how common is a four day stretch of 70s in november? we are getting in that period, we'll have four days in a row here, annually, 5 to 10 years or
4:36 pm
every few decades. tweet me and i'll give a shout-out to the first person that tweets me in the accuweather forecast. >> ponder that. >> i will ponder that. >> first this story, scholarships are helping local students that had a local transplant further their education. monica malpass is live with this one. >> jessica schwartz of abington led to the age of 23 thanks to a heart transplant and has created the scholarships in her honor, it gave her 8.5 more years of life and coming up ali gorman will tell us about jessica's fight and how you can contribute to the scholarship fund. and whaf whatever you do do not try to steal serena's cell phone. this is the a photo she tweeted herself. she is not messing around.
4:37 pm
i would not mess with her either. >> you got it. hundreds of high school students are preparing to put their brains to the test, they gathered to practice for the high q contest at springfield today. it's the oldest academic quiz competition in the united states, it was founded on a chester radio station and has grown from there, 21 schools and 200 high school students now take part each year. yesterday's election came with a big payoff for a south philadelphia crossing guard, brigitte was surprised with a $10,000 check as she left her polling place, the non-profit philadelphia citizen organized the lottery system to select a winner at random in an effort to bring up voter turnout. we caught up with her.
4:38 pm
>> we'll donate some and i have bills to pay. and maybe like i said a car. who knows. >> conroy tell us she hopes to take a vacation. a well deserved one. >> coming up today if you are feeling sluggish lately, don't reach for the coffee but reach for the chia seeds. plus, the mother of this terminally ill alabama teenager wants her son to feel normal and eventually die in peace but one wish cannot be granted because the school is refusing to honor a tough orderer. we'll explain coming up. and adam joseph has the full accuweather forecast. more warmth coming our way.
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hour, chopper 6 hd live over the accident on martin luther king philadelphia police are in charge of investigating this crash, and we know that the vehicle, someone in the middle of the scene has struck a pole and we see firefighters on the xeeb as well and the tree on instructing a bit of the view, and this crash happening on martin luther king drive at montgomery avenue, one vehicle as we can see involved in this striking the pole off to the side, if there is anything else coming of this we need to pass along we'll do that. there is reports that u.s. intelligence believe that the russian jet that crashed last week was brought down by a bomb, abc reports that the u.s. government believes that the bomb was planted on the plane by isis or an isis affiliate. it broke apart midair killing all 224 on board.
4:42 pm
british officials too believe it was a bomb. and have suspended flights to egypt as a result of this. big talkers now, we start with a tough one here, a heart-wrenching story for a teenager in alabama whose mother is fighting for his right to die peacefully. she is also fighting to keep him in school until that day comes, fighting because not that the school will not allow the terminally ill teen to study and go to class, they will not comply with the wish to die naturally, adam is autistic and received hospice care twice a week and his more renee does not want to put him through another procedure, and says that he is afraid of doctors and the hooverers filed an advance directive to not resuscitate.
4:43 pm
they said they would make every attempt to save alex's life should they need them as a result the hoovers are keeping him home. he misses school and his friends but it's how he spends his final days and some lawmakers have now joined the mother's fight in this case. a florida family wants their daughter's school to take a good look at their policy against pba. this after their 14-year-old was given detention for publically hugging a boy. ella an eighth grader, said her friend was having a bad day and she put her arms around him in class and a school official was there to write her up for a public display of affection. they ban inappropriate touching
4:44 pm
but leaves interpretation up to the principals. >> i think about inappropriate touching and boys and girls at this age having feelings and that is not what we are dealing with here and if they can't figure out the difference between a hug and a how you doing hug we have a problem. >> ella got a warning last month when the same boy put his hand on her head. this one is for all the curly girls out there. if you have wavy hair, ringlets or anything wavy, you noticed the lack of emojis that look like you, they are releasing a whole line of curly cued emojis, through the dove app can you get their key board including curly hair designs with a voirt of skin tonights and hair colors you can personalize, including
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red hair, a big request for that as well. they are free from the apple app store and google play and if you tweet out hashtag love your curls you'll get the curly emoji just for you. >> there are curls under here too, this is a blowout. >> we can all sleep better tonight knowing that has been solved. alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads now. >> lets head to matt pellman keeping an eye on things. >> do we have a squinting emoji, we need one of those this afternoon, the sun glare is really smacking us around and the sun is in an inopportune spot, it hits us in the face southbound on 95 over the girard point double decker bridge, it's a slow go. one of many spots slow on 95 from the walt whitman to the girard point bridge, we are watching the crash, along montgomery drive by mlk drive, a
4:46 pm
good spot to avoid this afternoon, stay on the other side of the river on the kelly drive and use girard avenue instead of montgomery. and on vine between 53rd and 54th by st. joe's baptist, still have the broken down vehicle blocking off 252, and close to tony's pizza, a wreck along german town road and ridge pike, it's a busy spot in the afternoon, a wreck involving the pedestrian in middletown buck county, avoid harmony road, and cinnaminson, watch for a crash along highland avenue at route 130, we'll check it again brian and sharrie and we'll still be squinting but not for too much longer. adam joseph is standing we about the exclusive accuweather forecast next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
meteorologist, is the bearer of very good news this week. >> the streak of 70s, two days so far and then another two days making it the four day stretch so the question. here it is. how common is a four day stretch of 70s in november? is it annually, 5 to 10 years or decades guys? >> i'm going b. >> when in doubt choose c. >> most people picked b on my twitter page, it's c. you are correct, and alicia is correct. and kylie was the first one on my twitter page to send me that correct answer, congratulations to her, the last time we had a
4:50 pm
stretch like we are in the middle of right now was back in 1975, neither of us were born, the last time we had four straight days of 70s in a row. a long time ago. when i say none of us i mane the four of us in here. >> 80 degrees 1 degree shy of the record and reading 1 degree shy of the record of 77 and trenton so far 75 and wilmington 74 degrees. as we look at the numbers they have come down a bit because of a breeze at the ocean, 64 in sea isle city and 63 in beach haven and it is still in the low to mid-70s for lancaster county and the lehigh valley. to the south, this area of clouds and a few showers will crash our party for one day, it won't wipe up the warmth but wipe out the full sunshine as the clouds increase from the
4:51 pm
south and could be a spotty shower or two around here tomorrow. so for tonight, areas of clouds and also spotty fog at times, 46 degrees in the suburbs to around 55 for center city. and as we look at future tracker 6 first thing tomorrow morning for the rush hour could be some damp roadways, not heavy rain, a few sprinkles and temperatures made in the 50s and even 60s south of philadelphia and then back into the low to mid-70s in much of the area tomorrow, despite that there is a lot of cloud cover and again a few spotty showers here or there to dampen roadways, and then a cold front, ahead of it surging to 79 degrees, there could be a stray shower with the front but some of the records we are challenging here on friday is 79 is here in philadelphia, and wilmington 79 and atlantic city
4:52 pm
77 degrees, i think we will tie if not break records here at the end of the week. the exclusive accuweather forecast mild and cloud and a spotty shower tomorrow at 74, and then the record warmth for one day here on friday of 79 degrees and it cools down behind the cold front and morning clouds give way to sun through most of the saturday at 65 and sunday mostly sunny and seasonable at 58 but that doesn't last long, we are back to 61 on monday and approaching 70 degrees again in the middle of next week. so really an exceptional november so far and that continues after one day hit of a normal temperature guys. foods to fight fatigue coming up.
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the weather is changing? it will, the clocks have changed and with the new season comes the start of what health experts call sluggish season and one doctor tells us the secret to beating the fall slump is in the aisles of your supermarket. you have to know how to shop for super foods. >> it's about getting colorful food in you. >> when it comes to staying healthy and full of energy, look for the brightest shades in the produce section like this beautiful swiss chard. >> the pigments work as an anti-oxidant but also an anti-can property. >> she says they combat oxidation that tends to drain energy levels and accelerates abling and kale is king. >> kale was the garnish at the
4:56 pm
deli counter and now a sexy vegable, we know it has vitamins and minerals in it. >> you can take it on the go in powder form and sneak it into anything including foods for the little ones. >> making mac and cheese, throw it in and mix it in with yogurt and throwing it in with eggs and soups and salads and tossing it in and making shakes. >> energy booster says anything that packs fiber like steel cut oats and chia. >> it's a carbohydrate that has fiber in it and high in protein and it has omega 3 fatty acids and berry, can combat mental exhaustion and burn out and take note so can chocolate. >> dark chocolate is the important thing to have, look for a higher cocoa content. >> yes, have a piece of
4:57 pm
chocolate, a small piece, a mini piece, and again the dark chocolate kind. >> how mini are we talking here? >> a bite. >> thank as alicia, hope you join me with sharrie and ducis rogers tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on pll 17.
4:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. bright sunshine and new record temperatures are making this fall day feel like spring. folks everywhere enjoyed being outside enjoying the nice november before the cold decides to come and stick around. wednesday night and the big story is the pleasant conditions that will continue. cecily tynan is outside on this picture perfect day. >> rick and monica it felt like september really late summer instead of november today, we were only 1 degree shy of our record high, the temperature in philadelphia, with bright sunshine soared up to 80 degrees
5:00 pm
and the record high for this date 81, we were close, the last time we had 80 degree weather in november was the 15th of november back in 1993, almost 22 years ago, so this is unusual, and millville even warmer than philadelphia with that sandy soil, millville can really cool off quickly at night and warm up quickly during the day, millville hit 84 degrees, trenton 75 and allentown untrenton 87 and wilmington 74 with a bit of a sea breeze kicking up in the afternoon. not as balmy on the coast and sea isle city 70 and atlantic city airport high of 71. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are still in the clear but if you look to the south, there are clouds and showers trying to bubble up to the north and they will be doing so in the overnight hours, future tracker 6 showing you wake up tomorrow morning and it won't be bright and


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