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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and the record high for this date 81, we were close, the last time we had 80 degree weather in november was the 15th of november back in 1993, almost 22 years ago, so this is unusual, and millville even warmer than philadelphia with that sandy soil, millville can really cool off quickly at night and warm up quickly during the day, millville hit 84 degrees, trenton 75 and allentown untrenton 87 and wilmington 74 with a bit of a sea breeze kicking up in the afternoon. not as balmy on the coast and sea isle city 70 and atlantic city airport high of 71. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are still in the clear but if you look to the south, there are clouds and showers trying to bubble up to the north and they will be doing so in the overnight hours, future tracker 6 showing you wake up tomorrow morning and it won't be bright and sunny like
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today. perhaps a few spotty showers and that will be the trend through the day and more clouds than sunshine and a couple of sprinkles now and then and even with the cloud cover, it's another unseasonably warm day. here is what to expect, a few showers. we have another run for record highs and behind that, kind of a taste of reality, as we head to the weekend and cooler air works in and we'll have all the details on that coming up in the accuweather forecast. i want to stay out here for a while. >> lets switch over to "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist live in washington square, we want this kind of weather to last forever. ricky am right there with you, the sun is now setting on a beautiful afternoon on washington square and all around the region and everywhere we went we found people out and about taking advantage of this gorgeous weather, sunshine and the 70s, perfect to sit on a
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tree stump and soak it all in. >> trying to lodge it in my brain, soak up the sun while you can. >> with weather so warm, what a strange sight to see crews turning franklin square into a winter wonderland for the upcoming spectacle winter light show, the change to put up christmas lights in 74 temperatures. >> everybody is drinking water and ice cold soda. >> at 10th and lombard parents took advantage of this to take kids to the park. >> you didn't know whether to wear sweaters or coats or i actually have a shirt on but i took it off because it was so warm. >> everybody took advantage of this lovery afternoon, taking the kids and dogs outdoors before the temperatures drop once again. >> we went to have lunch
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eshlier, it was so nice we didn't want to go home. here we are. >> here they are, and tonight here they stay, it seems nobody wants to go home, this square is still busy nobody wants to see an end to this beautiful november day. live on washington square, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. as the weather moves from mild to more seasonable, has you covered. you'll find hour by hour forecast and storm tracker live radar images and so much more. it was the first full day of jury deliberations in the federal trial of chaka fattah jr., the son of the veteran congressman he is facing 23 rounds of bank and tax fraud. vernon odom is following the trial for us live in center city with the latest. >> reporter: monica, the jury has just gone home for the night, they spent much of this day back in the courtroom
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listening to hours of fattah's conversation with his former college roommate who was wearing a wire for the fbi while they drank vodka. >> i am looking forward to the verdict no matter how long it takes. >> the son of veteran philadelphia congressman has represented himself in a 23 count indictment. charging him with swindling $140,000 from banks and clients and the philadelphia school district by operating a phoney business and lying on his taxes, he claims he is railroaded here because of his lifestyle like living in the ritz carlton and dining in expensive restaurants. >> when you have two assistant u.s. attorneys, five or six fbi agents and two or three irs
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agents working on the case and they were sitting there in the courtroom and a team running back and forth, you may have seen them, i have to do this work myself. >> fattah jr. says the government is after him because they want to bring down his father, he also faces corruption charges, they say fattah jr. is shown to be a scam artist. >> reporter: rickdeliberations will resume in the morning, i'm ve'8ddeliberations will resume in the morning, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." police in central california, say that a student went on a stabbing rampage on a college campus trk happened on the college campus, two students were slashed a teacher and construction worker, the incident started in a classroom and the stabbing suspect was
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later shot and killed. the fbi and other agencies are investigating tonight and classes were canceled today. students of frankford high school was canceled after an nom mus threat was called in and referetoded kids in school. police called the threat unfounded. philadelphia's next mayor is wasting no time getting to work after his landslide victory, jim kenney outlined his plans in south philadelphia this morning, he made it clear that education will be one of his top priorities. >> you can't starve the system and take resources from the ne stem that claims to fail, we are not failing, we'll keep climbing up the needle establishing a relationship between the police and the communities they serve. ped!ne lvania governor, tom wolf has big plans for an undeveloped area near the port
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of philadelphia, the hope is to attract new businesses and the hundreds of jobs that come with them. eetw pilgram is live with that story. >> this etabty lot behind me here, is soon full of opportunity, the port of philadelphia is growing and that igeans new jobs.growing and that >> dirt and patches of grass cover this mostly unused land on this corner on the port of a purpose. i want this to be a place that creates good jobs, and a place that actually gets the economy of southeastern pennsyletwnia moving even faster than it is moving right now and i am willing to wait and see what the best offer is. >> the dredging is almost done ready to welcome in bigger ships and more businesses.
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the city is accepting applications for businesses that want to particrmaatener with thm here, they have two more weeks to submit plans. >> when we are done here we'll be in competition with new york and i think also with world ports, because of what wo mll b able to do here and what wo mll be able to export here and the relative proximity to rail and freight and to air. >> so far the port has got and a lot of interest, the businesses range from containers to automobiles and distribution, the early estimates call from 500 to 3700 new jobs making $40,000 to $80,000 a to ear with full benefits and a pension. >> it's a good living and ovenskilled, it's itabortant to understand that. not everybody goes to college today. the city of philadelphia hopes to have the south port project under development by 2017.
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to have the south port project under development by 2017. waction news." >> thank you. time now for a check of the "action neect " tra is igidweek. ect " tra is >> take it live to matt pellman at the big board. >> i don't want anyone to misunderstand me i'm not complaining about the sunshine but it has given us delays, looking live at the schuylkill expressway westbound we are ayoowing down to conshohocken ad the blue route, it's just the sun glare and overall not as bad m in the sch'mlkill as it was ts igorning or even last evening, the big picture, plenty of slow speeds, and if you are thinking about the mlk, i don't know if i would. we have the bad accidents into the pole at montgomery and to ou can use girard as an alternate. and one in white marsh along , the shua road at ridge pike bf you are worried about the broken down vehicle blocking 252, worry rojo longer, i $s out of there d you are worried about the broken rojo longer, i $s out of there d
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slowing on westbound 422, speeds in the 20s and dis0s, and watchg a crash at thrifton heights at marple avenue and one in ridley township, that one involves a 5el spill it will take time to clean up. claymont, delaware, a crash at peach tree road and normal slowing at 95 and that just cleared out and just a lit ae ayouggish a devoss the span of tacony palmyra bridge. we'll check it again in the next half hour. igore to come on waction news" at 5:00 tonight, she was born with a bad heart but lived for to ears thanks to a transplant, find out how her family is giving back to other young recrmaients in her honor. and how these students created mouse traps and how they faired. wo mll show you the winners and
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igore. show you the winners and and cecily tynan has accuweather coming next.
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officer was not killed in the line of duty in sdontember and
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deputies say he took his own life in a staged suicide. lieutenant charles gliniewicz was found dead a3 ser rdonorting he was pursuing three suspicious men, and that he took his olon life because an auto ter was close to uncovering his crime. we'll have more on how they piece had this together coming ovep at 5:30. together coming coming up tonight at 11:00, homeowners in one llooal townshp is experietoding sticker shock, if you will, when opening their monthly water bills. >> iidw nydia han, com to waint unbelievably high water littles are flooding my inbox, some homeowners are saying they are charged for waters they cannot possibly use. consumers tell me when they call their water company for answers they are met with a tsunami of ridistulous ex to wanations.
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>> i don't know how i can live in this town if i can't get the bill under control. all right turning to heaoul check tonight, kids who have had organ trance plans go through a lot but a llooal charity is helping those who are scrambling for college. >> i $s a scholarshrma started n the memory of jessica of abington, she had a heart trance to ears of life. >> kind and always smiling, despite her bright bliile, she had struawles, she was born with a congenital heart defebt and by the time she was 14 she neeproj heart trans to want and her blessing came in the form of
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another tragedy. >> her donor was a 16-year-old boy in a car accident in buck county. >> that gift of lomie g e ybssica eig he and a half more brars to live. >> she graduated from high school and went to college and fell in love and was ig with the transplant games and had a job and worokid in a m3 anie theater, was working her way through college. >> jessica lived until 23, now her memory lives on, eveworr to ear the jessie day foundation gives four $2500 scholarships to startents that h e had an org trans to want. the hope is to give students like jessicn the opportunities that she en, the brd. >> i guess i would like them to remember she had a zest for lomie. >> the jessie day fundraiser is this thursday and tickets are valuable, they h e music and food and a silent auctiolooa on of the items this watch, it was
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worn by actress kerworr washingn as olivia pope, in wscandal" she donated it along with a personal note, we have that information and sunday's events on >> wow great event thank you. well, today is natio. wl eating heaoulhy daing, it is? people in center city learned about eating good food, they talked about the itabortatode o healthy cooking and eating and put on a live demonstration to show how easy heaoulrn b cookin could be and those in the audience got to sample the audi lhef's contractses. e and two seniors in north philadelphia proved today that their engineering skills are top rojotch, their mouse trap car bt hundreds of entries at widener universiting, it was this winning run that broke a three way tie.
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law enforcement agencies in
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the state of delaware were lo in ting to add diversity to their ranks today. the ninth annual law ejuorcement fair was held in dove, the nit'e organization standed for black law enforcement. members were at the fair talking to perspective employees. "action news" was the museum m if american jewish histoworr m tarsoing about fi. wtoding, they talked to possible financers about the risks in investing. volunteers came t meether in burlington county to give them a fresh start. the whabitat for 3 fmanity" are building two houses and they are still in the process of deciding which two eligibleaw eterans wil ptive in the homes. as we look outside at sky 6 hd, a nig hes evening in a aantic aant lity, cecily ty.
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wn has the details from accuweather just ahead.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with the card most accepted by top doctors and specialists, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the strength to drive forward. independence blue cross. live fearless. is here, it does not get better than this. >> omi to ou like warm today is your day. jim posted this to my facebook
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page, this is hopkins lane, the foliage is peaking now and this is a reminder that this is fall, because today did not feel lout ih high in philadelphia soared to 80 degrees and the record high of 81 degrees, set back in 1974, 1 degree shy of that in allentown and the record high is 79 and wilmington 74 and a few degrees shy of the record, atlantic city airport 71, and we had winprojo out of the east an that say sea breeze thark that is why it was cooler along the m icean.t was cooler along the tonight for dinner, trentons ar and wilmington 63, with the sea breeze off the ocean and cooler in atlantic citys ar1 and millville 65 degrees, winprojo generally light out of the east-southeast up to 8 miles per hour in reading and with the winds out of the southeast an
5:26 pm
upper level disturbance moving through tomorrow i $s not as brig he and sunny as yesterday. satellite 6 along with action radar bubbling to the south to the north and that is the case tomorrow, tomorrow lots of clouprojo and a few spotty show, rojot quite as warm as today, b still unseasonably warm, a few areas of fospl 55 the low in mild and allentolon 46, and wilmingtonomo1 and cape mayomo6 degrees, future tracker showing tomorrow morning a lot of cloars temperatures generally in the 50s, a couple of spotty showers north and philadelphia, that may be a lit ae 3 anerdone and to ou can see at 4:00, temperatures in the 70s, but again a lot of cloarts with sprinkles around, the five-day at 5:00, showing you two more days of this s annmer li& s weather, this 4 tomorrow and clouprojo and spotty showers, o friday, calling for a high of t9
5:27 pm
degrees, if we hit that we tie the record high set way back in 1948, we'll see increasing clouprojo and maybe a late day shower ahead of a cold front and behind that temperatures step behihowown over the weekend.p wre i y and co degrees, sunday is the reality check, mostly sunhad and cool, andomo8 degrees, on monday we start to warm up again 61 degrees, adam will let to ou know omi that trend contijuses next week. i kind of liked today it was kind of nice. >> i would loutse this over and 3 aner again. >> still more to come in our next half hour of waction news" at 3 a dramatic car chase ended with someone behind bars and one is no stranger to police. ov>> and call her super serena, what the tennis legend did to stop a crimi. what the tennis legend did to stop a crimi. wl in his tracks.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. an illinois police officer
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hailed as hero following his death is found to be anything but what investigators are saying tonight and the metro jet crash in egypt why officials are saying it may be the work of terrorists. now, to a stunning turn of events surrounding the death of an illinois police officer, officials revealed today that fox lake lieutenant, charles gliniewicz actually staged his own death to cover what we know was his illegal activities. >> the police veteran had apparently been stealing from a yunl program he was running and was about to be found out. >> they called him gi joe and lieutenant charles gliniewicz was hailed a hero, and now it was revealed it was a staged suicide. >> he was a good guy and saw him
5:31 pm
all the time and was good to the kids. >> investigators say he was stealing from a program for teenagers. >> the first time as a law officer in my career that i felt ashamed by the acts of another police officer. >> according to investigators he planned the suicide for at least six months, and reported seeing three suspicious men and pursuing them on foot before calling for backup. officers found gliniewicz shot dead. >> send everybody you possibly can, officer is down. >> it tipped off a massive manhunt helicopters scouring the area and k-9 units combing the ground and after a two month investigation, they concluded that gliniewicz staged the scene and shot himself twice with his own gun. >> we have tips coming in in vast numbers daily. >> there are text messages that
5:32 pm
say he was stealing from the police explorer program that he ran and believe that the village administrator was on his trail. >> the community is the real victim here, lets bear that in mind going forward. >> investigators say that the lieutenant stole from the program for seven years and the investigation is not over yet, at least two other people were involved. in washington megan hughes channel 6 "action news." developing news now, u.s. intelligence is suggesting that the crash of a russian passenger plane over egypt was most likely caused by a bomb planted by isis or an affiliate. a formal conclusion was not reached but british officials suggested the same thing. >> i have become concerned that the plane may have been brought down as a result of an explosive device. >> metro jet flight 9268 broke up in midair and crashed in the
5:33 pm
egyptian desert on saturday, killing all 224 people on board. britain has suspended all flights to and from the sinai peninsula and the foreign minister calls the suggestion premature and catastrophic for egyptians working in tourism. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the jet crash and you can watch it all at 6:30 on "action news" at 6:00. in other news, two men accused of killing a montgomery county man went before a judge today and only "action news" was there as abdul ali and desmond smith were led into court, they were charged with going to ali's ex-girlfriend's home and shooting and killing her father, 53-year-old kevin brown, both are facing a lit any of charges including murder. delaware state police are
5:34 pm
investigating a deadly motorcycle accident that happened at 1:30 this afternoon, it's not clear what happened but the driver is believed to be in his 50s. he suffered head trauma and died at the scene. >> following a chase through wilmington they are 20-year-old willy brothers jr. and seals and magee, the trio took off after a traffic stop and once the officers stopped them they found four weapons, and brothers was booked on a murder on jenson drive last month. and is held on $1 million bail. a brazen thief targeted people on halloween night. this surveillance video shows the first attack at a chinese takeout on north 52nd street and the suspect walked in and
5:35 pm
slapped the male victim with a gun and took the man's wallet and left and then the same suspect went to a sunoco mini mart and followed a customer outside and robbed him of about 80 degrees, if you recognize him, you are asked to contact philadelphia police. a pair of alleged drug dealer are the first ever in berks county are linked to the person that brought the drugs. they were charged today with drug delivery resulting in death a rarely executed state law, they sold heroin and needles to deleon and he overdosed and died the same day, you don't hear much about this law because it's difficult to prove in a courtroom. >> you are sending a message to the sellers and dealers of this poison that they will be held
5:36 pm
responsible. for users who overdose and die. >> the 23-year-old hess and 23-year-old leebburger are held in lou $23,000 bail, if convicted they face up to 40 years in prison. the delaware branch of the department of motor vehicles, governor jack markell signed the bill into law today. she is the director of public safety and credited with improving customer service. we have a happy update about the wayward iguana that ended up in a delaware county rita's ice, the owner called the glenolden hospital this morning, and the pet was missing several days from a collingdale home and they were looking for days for it but never thought to report it to
5:37 pm
police. now an update on the highways, matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> scaling the situation on 95, a tale of big delays due to a crash southbound lanes approaching the betsy ross bridge, you can see the accident with police on the scene taking out the right lane and a few vehicles involved and basically a line of traffic south of woodhaven approaching the betsy ross bridge, this is the vine street expressway, going in both directions and the vine will close tonight at 11:00 for more construction, we have got ep rid of our crash at montgomery drive at fairmount park we were talking about and there is one to watch out for at elder avenue and clifton heights a crash at marple avenue and ridley township at academy avenue and crossing the delaware in claymont, look for an accident at darryly road and peach tree
5:38 pm
road and a crash on 295 southbound, off to the side giving us speeds in the 20s there. back over to you. >> thank you matt. much more to come on "action news" this evening, a popular berks county organization becomes the victim of vandals. now the police are asking the public to identify them. it hasn't been since 1993, we had an 80 degree day in philadelphia in the month of november and we'll make another run of records by the end of the week, i'll have the details coming up in accuweather. >> plus jeff skversky here with eagles and cowboys rules with an update in sports.
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the state of pennsylvania nearing 130 days without a budget. wolf says he is in philadelphia announcing his plan at the port of philadelphia, and is keeping the budget balanced. >> short-term pain i hope will
5:42 pm
be rewarded with long-term gain in a broader way that next year we won't have to put up with late payments and continued down payments. >> wolf says his number one priority is to find a long time solution and not a quick fix. >> tonight police are looking for vandals that stole a unique sign-in berks county, it belonged to the stonersville social club, employee mark far low noticed it missing and thought it was funny but then he saw that the thieves cut the wood to steal the entire sign. >> if it was like a mischief night they would have stole the sign off the top but to cut the whole sign down that is more, that is vandalism. >> the stonesville club is known for donating to the boy scouts. anybody with information on the theft is asked to call them immediately.
5:43 pm
eagles are back to work and thinking about pay back this weekend. >> they were awful the last time they played against the cowboys, only 21 yards the first half and didn't score until the third quarter, they want pay back that is right. sam bradford and the eagles are dying to return the favor after the cowboys embarrassed them in september. bradford said he cringed while watching the game tape. bradford could be without his top line man, left tackle jason peters misses practice with a back injury and demi eco ryan also out. and despite all of his turnovers, his confidence is high. >> my confidence? it's fine, it's good. i don't think you can let things rattle you, in this position you have to be pretty even keel. i have been that way most of my
5:44 pm
career and that is the way i am today, i believe in myself and this system and my guys out there. >> very to help sam out and create separation and if i am not doing that he can't feel comfortable going to me. i think i have to do a better job. >> cowboys quarterback, tony romo back in practice in a limited role, but he is not eligible to pray for two more weeks, he has not played since breaking his collar bone against the eagles in week two. dallas has not won since they beat the eagles in september. so espn's ron jaworsky has more on the nfc east. >> you look at the records of both the eagles at 3-4 and cowboys at 2-5, you think this
5:45 pm
game doesn't mean a whole lot. it means an awful lot, this division is wide open, that is the goal of any football team, to get in the playoffs, once you get in the playoffs, anything can happen. so the main thing about this game is to get to the dance, whoever wins this football game will have the best chance to get to the playoffs. >> sixers rookie, jahlil okafor is the number one rookie in scoring, maybe he can help them win tonight. the flyers are stumbling out the gate too, last night in edmonton they go out and take down connor mcdavid, drilled the first overall pick in the draft and left with a broken collar bone and flyers fans have to have doubt in the future of their hockey team tonight after losing
5:46 pm
yet another game last night. they blew a third period lead by allowing three in the third and lost their fifth straight. >> we didn't have a ton of energy but we battled hard and pushed and if i'm going to look at one spot it's not taking a time-out when we have a one goal lead. you know trying to get through it at the 14 minute mark, that is not on the guys it is on me and that is where is it starts. >> a young rookie head coach putting the blame on himself for that, hopefully the guys can rally behind that come tomorrow in calgary. we are just hour as way from the biggest night in country music, the cma's right here on 6 abc, the biggest stars hoping to take home a win. alicia vitarelli has a preview. >> reporter: final preps and last minute sound checks underway for the biggest night in country music.
5:47 pm
>> this is something we look forward to all year long, the cma celebration kicked off on gma. >> girl in a country song, matty and taye. the cma award goes to raise them up, keith urban -- >> followed by a performance by tim mcgraw. rocking nashville ahead of tonight's 49th annual country music association awards where the biggest acted take the stage at the bridgestone arena. >> it's the highest honor, it means so much. chris staple ton is up for awards tonight facing off against other rising stars, kelsey ballerina. >> to perform and be nominated the crazy. >> new excitement and familiar faces, brad paisley and carrie
5:48 pm
underwood are set to host for the only year. >> tune in because we work hard to make sure this doesn't drag, this show starts with a bang and keeps going. >> as for the biggest award of the night. there are five hopefuls, garth brooks, luke brian and kenney chesney and eric church and miranda lambert. you can see the big winners and big show, the 49 and annual cma awards live tonight at 8:00, alicia vitarelli, channel 6 "action news." baby! mom! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! hey, why don't you turn off your phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind.
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you.
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brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. this may be one of the top 10 days of call. >> it's 22 years since an 80 degree day in november. >> i was 10. >> times what? >> exactly. many decibel numbers. >> as we look at double scan live radar we'll leave it at that. lots of sunshine, now the sun is pretty much below the horizon, we have a crystal clear sky and earlier today the action cam was looking up like many of us were at the brilliant blue sky and the full sunshine and kind of counter acting against the leaves, getting the fwloe from the yellows and oranges, with the baby blue back trop.
5:52 pm
>> this morning we started at 49, we gained 31 degrees from the morning low to the afternoon high and there is your sunset at 4:56 p.m. winds are coming in from the east, 61 for sea isle city, and as you move north and west away from the water, the numbers go up, it's still 71 if philadelphia and 71 in reading and the warmest spot, lehigh valley at 72 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar we have clouds and a few spotty showers, this area is really weaken guy in the atmosphere, kind of rippling its way up the eastern seaboard, the clouds will increase overnight tonight especially after midnight. areas of fog also developing with the wind coming in from the south-southeasterly direction off the atlantic, 46 in the
5:53 pm
suburbs, to 55 for center city. future tracker 6 showing tomorrow morning a couple of spotty showers north and west of philadelphia and 50s and there and 60s to the south. and the clouds really take over much of the day on thursday, temperatures still very mild into the upper 60s and low 70s, again there could be a spotty shower or two around and no real heavy rain, tracking for your thursday. ahead of the next cold front, it's the dividing line for more seasonable air for the weekend, ahead of it we get a surge of northwesterly winds toward the record of 79 in philadelphia, tomorrow afternoon at 4:30, dealing with sun and there is the front with a few showers, and that passes through philadelphia during the evening hours, a few showers quickly passing through and it's not going to last long with the front over the weekend, the
5:54 pm
exclusive accuweather forecast, mild and spotty shower tomorrow and 74 and record warm on friday making a run to 80 degrees, that is it, we drop back to 65, still above average, and cooler on saturday with sunshine returning, and mostly sunny on sunday and monday, and sunday is the only day near normal of 58 degrees and jump back to the 60s on monday and as we get towards veterans day sun and clouds and temperatures spiking again into the upper 60s and maybe touching near 70 degrees a week from now, really exceptional start to november around here. >> thank you. all right well tennis super star serena williams is calling her super serena after they stopped a thief from stealing her cell phone. she posted this on facebook, a man swiped her phone and ran,
5:55 pm
and she chased him down the street and he did give her back the phone with no trouble, according to williams she got a standing ovation when she sat back down to finish her dinner. star light star bright,
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loving handed created these knitted hatted for a good cause, 600 hats were donated to the care facility in mount holly, nine women spent the last six months creating the hats and the ministry created 1,000 hats this year alone. >> very nice. jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00, the body a juvenile was found in the delaware river and mayor elect lays out his vision for philadelphia. that and much more coming up next. for meteorologist, adam joseph,
5:58 pm
monica malpass, jeff skversky i'm rick williams have a nice evening. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night, a jury deliberates the fraud trial of chaka fattah jr. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the discovery of a body in the delaware river. it happened late this morning, marine units responded right away and they believe that the body was that of a 14-year-old
6:00 pm
girl who has been missing since october 27th, john rawlins is live at lyndon avenue in torresdale. what are police saying there? >> reporter: well jim, we should stress that at this point nothing official coming from police, the body located here is not positively identified here, but that said the family member of the 14-year-old said that the police reached out to that family today. a 911 call to police, someone reporting a body floating in the delaware river and philadelphia marine units responded to the ramp off lyndon avenue, the body of a hispanic female, juvenile was recovered. authorities used divers in the river last week looking for a 14-year-old girl, pamela flores, the family launched a major


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