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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon shoppers camp out in sent steer to for a chance to
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get a big time designer at a discounts. and searchers recover a body from a small plane that crash in new york after taking off from pennsylvania. but the big story is montgomery county, they are trying to sort out what happened inside. katherine scott is following the investigation and joins us live at the scene. >> reporter: sara, we do know that one man is in custody in connection to this double homicide but it's still early in the investigation and investigators have not commented extensively on what happened here. but multiple shots were fired in this complex last night. a 4-year-old boy was present but not injured. this all remains under investigation, this morning investigators carried out a door marred by bullet holes after a double homicide last night in norristown, police were called
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to the park place apartments on sandy street just before 11:15 last night. when police arrived they found 46-year-old marvel edwards lying dead in a hallway and another man in the adjacent apartment. both were shot multiple times, montgomery county d.a. elect, kevin steele was on the scene and said that one man was taken into custody. >> there was one man outside of the building and we were able to talk to him briefly. first responding officers and then we have now taken him into custody. >> authorities say there was a 4-year-old child (at the time of the shooting but it's unclear how he was connected to all of this, one gun was recovered but not at the scene. researchers spent hours collecting evidence.
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one woman -- >> he was laying diagonal from my apartment -- >> neither of the men who died are from norristown and it's unclear what their connection to this building was and their autopsies are scheduled for this morning. we hope to learn more later on today. katherine scott can channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. jury deliberations have resumed in the federal corruption trial of chaka fattah jr., prosecutors have charged the son of the veteran philadelphia congressman of 23 counts of bank and tax fraud, he says the government is after them because they want to bring down his father who also faces corruption charges. in harrisburg today, attorney general is headed for a closed door hearing after she claimed she had information in the jerry sandusky child sex
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abuse case. she handed of documents yesterday but the court says the documents do not support her claims and now the judge orderers her to be questioned under oath. john rawlins is covering this story and will bring us a full update at 12:30. we could use more sunshine we got greedy after yesterday, going live outside with sky 6 hd, a foggy morning clearing up a bit, still murky out there and lots of cloud cover and still a chance for spotty showers around the region, lets get more of this with a check of your forecast and david murphy. >> it was a foggy start across much of the area and that has lifted and we still have the clouds in play with a few sunny breaks here and there and there are showers currently in south jersey and coming up from the delaware bay and pushing up to areas close to woodbury, from the south-southwest to the north-northeast and philadelphia
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international airport getting clipped by some of this and along route 55 and along the northern perimeter of the a.c. expressway, occasionally in this you see a highlighted yellow cell opening up and that is a steady rain that doesn't last all that long. it's going past in 5 or 10 minutes and the rain will be with you over the next half hour, including spots around the philadelphia international airport picking up sprinkles and showers from this as well. there is not a lot on the way so once this batch is through we should start to dry out a bit. down the coast there are additional showers that may push north and especially get into delaware and south jersey, and breaks in the cloud to the south unwest and we have seen sunny breaks and overall you are looking at a mainly cloudy afternoon and we'll see if we can squeeze out sunshine for you sara, 66 in allentown and 66 in wilmington and we actually
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started out mild well into the 50s in a lot of neighborhoods at dawn and 70 in millville and 73 at the airport in a.c., not expecting to add 4 or 5 degrees, headed to the playground, mostly cloudy and mainly dry and in south jersey, you have a better chance of showers than in pennsylvania, 72 by 4:00 and we'll go for a high today of 74 degrees right in the middle at 3:00 this afternoon, have you an even warmer day for you with sunshine coming back tomorrow and showers and the return of cooler air and all the details are ahead in the details from accuweather. crews are trying to recover the wreckage of a small plane that crashed leaving philadelphia last night. it was on the to new hampshire when it crashed off the atlantic ocean when it crashed near queens. the victim is identified as the 57-year-old owner of the plane
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and his name has not been released. his family is traveling to new hampshire to confirm his identity with family members. now they are saying a bomb likely brought down a metro flight in egypt last week. scott goldberg has the latest. >> reporter: as russian rescue teams wrap up their search for more remains at the crash site and more video showing the aftermath emerges, growing concerns over what caused the airbus to fall out of the sky, overnight in an exclusive interview, bob woodruff agreed that the plane was more likely than not doned by a bomb. >> it's consistent with what we know but i understand there are otherhypothesis.
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>> there is a significant possibility that the crash was caused by an explosion on the aircraft. >> they say the statements are premature and the uk has yet to share evidence that the plane was bombed. this after prime minister david cameron and the prime minister of egypt met face-to-face. >> i think it's right to stop our planes from going and stop people from returning until we have the security put in place. >> those concerns as thousands of british tourists remain stranded and causing the lufthansa group to follow the uk's lead, the terror group in the sinai is the suspect and they have posted a second claim of responsibility. the state of pennsylvania could be changing vaccination requirements for school children, the secretaries of
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health and education announced their proposed provision, they want to get rid of a provisional period, for students to go through an 8 month period, now it requires them to have them before going to class or bring in a note saying the additional shots are scheduled. people waited for hours to shop h&m's new high fashion line. the paris brand is known for its high end clothing worn by celebrities like kim kardashian and kendall jenner, only the first 420 people in line got access and they only had 15 mines to shop and "action news" checked online and almost everything is soldout.
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>> still to come here on "action news" at noon, one family says that their son's imagination led to his suspension for school, how a first grader was punished for a game during recess. when "action news" continues.
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we now know the name of a student that went on a stabbing spree, freshman fizell muhammad shot three people before being killed by campus police, they are credited a construction worker with saving lives, 31-year-old byron price ran into the classroom to break up what he thought was a fight, he was injured while he prevented muhammad from killing his intended target. state police in louisiana are meeting with state marshals who opened fire at a car and killed a little boy, they were
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chasing his father, chris hughes and that he sped off while trying to search a warrant and he drove on to a dead-end street, the marshals opened fire and hit him and his son, the boy died and hughes is in serious condition. a boy that disappeared in alabama ten years ago when he was just 10 years old. julian hernandez was reported missing in 2002 by his mother, he was discovered in cleveland last night living with his father, the fbi received a tip last friday about his whereabouts, his father 53-year-old bobby hernandez is arrested and charged in connection with the boy's abduction. a third grader in cincinnati, ohio is suspended for pretending to shoot another student with a bow and arrow, when they were playing power
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rangers. the school says there is to tolerance for real, pretend or imitated violence, his parents say he is being punished for an innocent game and believe the principal went too far. >> yes, i was shooting at them like i had my bow and arrow, drawing it and making a sound effect. >> i can't stop him from having an imagination and i'm not going to stop him from having an imagination, children are suppose to pretend. >> a criminal was anything but smooth when he miscalculated his plot to rob a restaurant in florida, he put a hole in the roof of the hib -- video shows ceiling tile and debris came down on customers when they were enjoying their meals at the time
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four companies are facing an investigation after drastically increasing the price of several drugs. curing pharmaceuticals is one of the target, you may remember they raised the price of a ants eye infection drug by 5,000% and they are calling for a face-to-face meeting with the ceo, and need to get to the bottom of the price hike that seem to have no purpose other than profit. in philadelphia there is a group that gets together twice a week and those involved have found fun and friendship as well as fitness, tamala edwards has the story in this week's art of aging. >> at the southwest senior center in philadelphia, seniors gather every tuesday and thursday morning, it's called get moving and keep the bones going.
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>> otella jones is the manager and drill sergeant. >> the average person will not exercise by themselves, a lot of these people will not do it but as a group we tend it do more. >> this energizes me so well, i feel so good. i don't even feel my age. >> the group walks everywhere in parts of philadelphia that are hidden treasures like the wildlife center in tinicum, we have seen people's blood pressure and cholesterol go down. everybody that you are talking to has or knows someone with the same ailment, it keeps your osteoporosis and arthritis feeling much belter. >> they have decreased their intake of medicine while building endurance. >> you would be surprise said what we want to do getting
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older, and where are all the men? >> you can call the hot line to find a senior center near you or check out our website for more resources for seniors. >> the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is live at the newsroom with a preview. >> reporter: hey guys, it is thursday and that means it's time for one of meteorologist, adam joseph, outdoor adventures. he is heading to a great fun fistive place to be, also in today's show, it was a stunning discovery that made national headlines, a local woman holding people captive in her basement and stealing their benefit checks, today the woman responsible will learn her punishment, it's all at 4:00, you can take us with you on the go streaming live on the 6 abc news app, we love that.
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i'll see you the next half hour to talk about a brand new restaurant that is growing in mid village. >> maybe she'll bring some samp samples. >> always do. >> you had a great sample yesterday. accuweather is coming up.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is here now to let us now when to see an end to the precipitation today. >> a little bit here and there, and tomorrow is mainly dry until tomorrow night, the details are coming. >> waiting with baited breath. >> live double scan most of the area is dry and as we take a closer look, you can see there is precipitation down in south jersey for the most part and some of this clipping philadelphia as well.
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it is on the move from the south to the northeast and every now and then you get a yellow cell and you have to slow down if that happens, if we go in close toward the city, there may be more bits and pieces of precipitation in the northern and western suburbs, a lot of this stuff is ground clutter and i'll leave you with the wide view and not a lot coming from dover now and you get rid of that batch and things look better. outside we have sky 6 down the shore and if you look down at the ocean there looks to be a brightening of the clouds and every now and then the sun punches through. your temperatures 69 degrees currently and the wind out of the west at 10 miles per hour. 69 degrees in philadelphia and 66 in wilmington and 68 in trenton and 66 in allentown and a couple of spots in the 70s
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closer to beach haven and the atlantic city airport and millville touching 70, future tracker 6 every now and then you get a shower around and up to the east in allentown there is something in the afternoon, this should wind down later this evening and this won't amount to much in most cases, 72 and mostly cloudy in the lehigh valley, and down the shore mostly cloudy and a high of 68 degrees, a spotty shower there as well and some of you close to the coast seeing some of that and 74 is your high in philadelphia today and once again it's mild and unlike the last couple of days, mostly cloudy skies and the spotty shower chance, this is the third straight day we posted 38 miles per hour winds, partly cloudy and may get more fog developing overnight and 64 is the mild overnight low, in between the two reports we may need
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sunglasses, and 68 by 5:30 after sun down and 66 by 7:00. tomorrow a frontal boundary come in from the west and 79 is the high and the possibility of a shower in the evening with that, and hopefully it drys out in most neighborhoods for the morning and i hope so in fairmount park because i'll emcee the walk and 5-k run, it's a great event for a great cause. here is your exclusive accuweather forecast, a shower around this afternoon and record warmth tomorrow? it looks like we could, 79 is the forecast high than would tie the existing record in philadelphia, and then friday evening if you have plans for dinner and a movie, have an umbrella, there are showers around and that is over quick on saturday, it may linger at the shore, and we are hoping for dry in philadelphia and 58 and
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cooler on sunday and back up into the 60s next week and veterans day next wednesday is looking nice. s .
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"action news" continues. >> here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. attorney general, kathleen kane
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is headed to court to answer questions about the jerry sandusky case. donald trump and nbc is facing major backlash to have him host saturday night live. and we are in for more spring like temperatures before a taste of summer to send the week. and attorney general, kathleen kane is due back in court, alleged grand jury leaks in the trial of child molester, jerry sandusky, kane seemed to refer to the leaks, yesterday she says she has no proof they happened. john rawlins is live now in harrisburg with the full story. >> reporter: the attorney general's office told us she will testify today. this is the pennsylvania judicial center and it has


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