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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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right in the middle of fairmount park. well, today we know their names and what brought them to the place where they were shot. but police are still looking for whoever pulled the trigger. it's monday afternoon, i'm sharrie williams. >> i'm brian taff. we have brands new details in that murder investigation in fairmount park. sarah bloomquist live at police headquarters. police just gave us an update a short time ago. >> reporter: brian and sharrie, investigators called this an apparent crime of passion. the victims were romantically involved with each other and both had another romantic partner. someone knew they would be in fairmount park early friday morning and shot the couple while they were being intimate in the back of an suv. the bodies of 25-year-old shack core arline and lisa smith were discovered by workers in fairmount park on friday afternoon in the 800 block of lemon hill drive. both were partially clothed and had been shot in the head multiple times at close range. they were found on the back seat of the toyota suv.
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>> preliminary investigation reveals the two victims were having a sexual encounter in the back seat of the suv when an unknown individual opened the rear door and fired several shots at close range. >> reporter: police say they met at work a couple years ago and had an on and off romantic relationship. but they say he had another girlfriend. and shea she was involved with another man. >> i can tell you from the crime scene it appears to be very much a crime of passion. you've got nine shots fired, all of them head shots to both of the victims. so it appears to be very much a crime of passion and like i said they both were involved with other people so obviously that's where our investigation is looking at right now. >> reporter: police have talked to arline's other girlfriend. police say he lived on the 2800 block of girard not far from lemon hill. the owner of nick's pizza said he was a customer an nice guy.
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>> that's shocking to think anyone like that as a neighbor would be found like that. it's just wild, you know. >> reporter: now, pleasable the suspect may have followed the couple to that fairmount park location. they believe they were shot sometime between midnight and 5:00 a.m. friday morning. of course the bodies not discovered for hours until later on that afternoon. anyone with information should contact the homicide unit. live at police headquarters, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> okay, sarah, thank you. meanwhile in delaware it is a murder that went unsolved for three decades until today. police say they finally cracked the 30-year-old cold case and it involved a homeless woman a trip down to georgia and a brand new unit on the police force. vernon odom is live in fairfax with more on how investigators finally solved this mystery, vernon. >> reporter: sharrie, this murder actually took place back on july 1st of 1985.
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now fingerprint evidence better forensics and some determined detectives have combined to solve this case. this is 50-year-old sandra hartzag. she's being held in a georgia jail awaiting extradition to delaware. she's charged with murder and robbery in the third 30 years ago of this man joseph brawn a 54-year-old piano teach here was bludgeoned to did this in his home in july of 1985. she was the accomplice of a boyfriend who has been dead since 1997. back in 99 police say two relatives of the boyfriend tipped police about the identification of the killers and they've been searching for her ever since they found her living in a georgia trailer park this week. >> they were not participants in the crime. they afforded this information about the crime that was credible in nature led us to opening one of our cold cases with our cold case unit and as you can see, that led to an arrest.
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>> reporter: neighbors of braun says he was hard al model citizen but they're glad the case has finally been cracked. >> he may have been involved in drugs on a small scale. we know there he had grown marijuana plants on his deck that were visible. >> reporter: the new castle county police are hailing this as the first case cracked by their newly created cold case unit. >> the families of the victims, there is no price that can be connected to that and i can assure you that i meet with these officers and their captain on a regular basis. there are more of these to come. >> reporter: brian, police have confirmed to me this evening that drug evidence was collected during the course that of murder investigation from 30 years ago. no word yet on when sandra hartzag will be brought back to delaware to stand trial n fairfax, vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> alall right, vernon thanks very much. a special committee has begun a series of hearings in harrisburg to discuss the fate
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of attorney general kathleen kane. the senate panel is considering whether kane can still do her job without a valid law license. it's suspended indefinitely as kane fights perjury and other charges for allegedly leaking secret grand jury material. today senators heard tell me from three district attorneys who said an active license is required for nearly every aspect of their official duties. the panel has been asked to make a recommendation before thanks give. kane argues she can only be removed through an impeachment process that would have to start in the statehouse. she continues to deny any wrongdoing. >> today at the university of missouri's flagship campus in columbia protesting students and faculty members are celebrating the system president's decision to stepdown. at the heart of the very emotional situation his handling of a string of recent racial incidents on campus. >> i am resigning as president of the university of missouri system today. >> reporter: dat resignation protesting students and faculty members were waiting
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for. a celebration on campus. >> we going be all right. >> reporter: as university of missouri system president tim wolf announced he's stepping down. at an emergency meeting today he took full responsibility for the frustration students expressed regarding a string of racial issues on campus including reports of some students being called the n-word. and a swastika being scrawled on a dorm wall. today ahead of his announcement faculty staging a walkout. students joining in. and over the weekend, the football team tweeting this in solidarity announcing they would not participate in team activities until his resignation. >> we should all stay together as a team we made this decision as a team. >> reporter: also leading up to his decision, wolf's car pushing away through a group of protesters. >> my action will support my words.
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>> reporter: the mayor of columbia today saying this issue was part of a larger problem in america. >> but until we deal with the pain that minorities have, until we eliminate disparities in educational achievement, disparitys in income, disparitys in employment, our work is far from done. >> reporter: today wolf saying his motivation in making the decision to stepdown comes from love. >> please, please, use this resignation to heal, no to the hate and let's move forward together for a brighter tomorrow. >> reporter: also did today missouri governor jay nixon saying that wolf's resignation was a necessary step towards healing and reconciliation at the school. after the decision was announced, the staff members and the football team are resuming campus life as usual the moment they were waiting for, that big decision by the president to stepdown. sharrie and brian. >> strong action from those students led to that result. okay, alicia, thank you. time for a check of the
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accuweather forecast. >> all right, kind of cloudy out there but not a bad day. a great day if you are adam joseph celebrating a birthday today. >> yeah, happy birthday. >> sunshine out for me all day. >> he were tried. >> what a good friend you are. cup cakes behind you by the way keep them on hand make sure not too many people come into the studio and steal them. we had sunshine early this morning. clouds are increasing. temperatures not bad right now. 60 degrees in philadelphia when is pretty typical for this time of year but look to the south and you're saying okay, what is going on in roanoke, washington, richmond, only in the 40's to low 50's right now. there's a storm developing off of the carolinas. you can see a lot of rain to the south. we have surface low pressure, that's one that's going to track to our south and east during the day tomorrow. in addition to that we have an upper level low, some energy in nashville and cincinnati that also will work to the north and west so it will be somewhat scraped by both of these late tonight and throughout your tuesday. so, what to expect here? the
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rain arrives after midnight tonight from the south to the north. there will be a slow and wet morning rush tomorrow. heaviest rain south and east of i-95 but it will linger through the evening rush tomorrow so kind of a damp tuesday on tap. let you know how much rain to expect and what is beyond that for veterans day, another big day this week coming up in full accuweather forecast. brian. >> happy birthday, bud. >> thanks. >> come on inside. the eagles are flying high after their biggest win of the season so far and it came at the expense of their biggest rival. sam bradford found jordan matthews for a game winning touchdown in overtime last night. it gave the birds a 33-27 win over the cowboys in dallas. now, not only did they come out on top they also managed to avoid some of the problems that have been plaguing this team all year, bradford did not turn the ball over and the receivers did a better job of, well, holding onto the ball. we've got much more coverage still ahead on the birds at 4:30. we've got more on the reaction to cowboys defender greg hardy and the team's decision to
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play him despite domestic abuse allegations and at 5:00 tonight hear from head coach chip kelly as the team moves on to the dolphins this week. >> did you stay up nor one? >> one --for that one. >> i missed the end. >> time for the "action news" traffic report. >> never go to sleep before the end like i did. matt pelman live. >> it was a long time. >> it was. what you got for us matt. >> i did the same. not having a ball here this afternoon brian and sharrie. 95 northbound two separate accidents. this is the second of the two in the northbound lanes by bridge street penndot just arrived on the scene. you see a few vehicles involved. looks to be a fender-bender. coming north on 95 you're swerving around these two separate accidents by bridge street really giving us gridlock coming out of center city with speeds like 10 miles per hour. you want to use the roosevelt boulevard northbound instead go ahead but there's a crash there,, too in the inner drive
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by harbison. crash by the art museum that just cleared out along kelly drive at fairmount. still watching one in nether providence along brookhaven road at kershaw road. normal afternoon delays forming on the northbound side of the blue route. upper uwchlan closed county an overturned truck this afternoon, one of two we're watching. this blowing from the ramp from 100 southbound to the turnpike. gloucester county southbound lanes of new jersey turnpike past exit two the right lane is blocked so speeds just in the 30's there. let's grab the ipad we'll cross the river into delaware. we're in wilmington, this isn't fun again, complete standstill on northbound 495 because of that construction in the northbound lanes at terminal avenue going through just before thanksgiving 10 miles per hour. not what we like to see at 4:11 on a monday afternoon. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the next half hour. >> matt thank you. still ahead, americans attacked overseas. what president obama is saying about today's incident in the middle east. >> and fire rips through four
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row homes. it's the same neighborhood that's seen its share of flames recently. now investigators are trying to figure out if someone is setting these fires on purpose. >> and an international airline strike cancels almost a thousand flights. find out how it's affecting philadelphia international airport. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> today investigators are trying to figure out if a fire that damaged four homes in the port richmond section of philadelphia was intentionally set. firefighters were called to the 2900 block of memphis street around 1:45 this morning where flames broke out in a vacant home. now, residents along the block told "action news" there have been multiple fires in that neighborhood in recent months. an "action news" viewer snapped photos as they ran from their home worried that that fire would spread and again, it's not the first time this has happened. the colon family talked to us today about the recent string of fires they recently moved back into their home after three months of repairs from
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the last one. >> came back a month ago and then it was this again. it's like horrible. it's a bad feeling. i don't wish this to anybody. >> reporter: pretty scary stuff there. now people who live on the block say they are thankful for the neighbors who woke them up, thankful that no one was injured in this latest incident and the cause of this fire still under investigation but sure allot of neighbors wanting a lot of answers there brian. >> alicia no doubt. thank you. president obama is vowing a full investigation into the attack that killed two american contractors in jordan today. officials say a jordanian policeman opened fire at a piece training center. there are conflicting reports right now but the death toll u.s. officials said eight died while jordanian officials said four were killed. we do know that two american state department employees are dead. the suspect was also shot and killed by troops. authorities trying to figure out just what the motive was here.
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meanwhile the president met with israeli prime minister he benjamin netanyahu today, their first face-to-face meeting in more than a year. the dialogue comes as the two leaders city council to work together to "get back on a path towards peace in the middle east." the president did acknowledge recent tensions with netanyahu those stemming from israel's opposition to the u.s. backed nuclear deal with iran. >> here's a look at today's closing numbers. down day for stocks. they opened down and stayed down. the dow down now nearly 180, nasdaq down over 51. the s & p 500 down just over 20 points. lufthansa had to cancel almost a thousand flights. the airline's cabin staff walked off the job friday over a pension dispute. they'll be out for a week crippling germany's largest airline. today's cancellations left 113,000 passengers stranded. the flights were set to originate from the airline's three main hubs in germany.
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the cancellations include one flight heading to philadelphia. >> tonight at 11:00 we're puting a new fat melting treatment to the test. here's health reporter ali gorman with a preview. >> reporter: your trainer may not went to hear this but a new noninvasive treatment is said to melt fat with no pain and without going to the gym. >> that love handle or that abdomen just starts to shrink in. >> reporter:. >> it's a good result. very happy. >> reporter: we'll show you one woman's results with before and after pictures tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> interesting. >> a lot of glint yeah, i think so. time to check back in on how the weather is doing today. >> let's do it. meteorologist adam joseph has come back inside joining us now with what the rest of the week has in store. >> it's going turn a little wet tonight throughout the day tomorrow and for veterans day things are looking really great for midweek but again, those clouds slowly creeping in from the south. we had a lot of sun the first half of the day today and as we look at sky6 live right now the ben franklin bridge we got dry roadways at the present
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time but that is going to be a very different scenario as we get into both rush hours on tuesday. temperature-wise 57 in allentown. there's a bit of a chill in the air now that the clouds are in play. we've got wind coming in out of the southeast, 60 philadelphia, 58 millville, 57 dover and right along the shore pretty equal temperatures in the upper 50's which is seasonable for this point in november. as we look at the radar down to the south you see the green starting to fill in from washington richmond to roanoke. really there's no stopping the rain from working up from the south. again much needed. it's been a little dry as of late. so, the rain won't really arrive across the philadelphia area until after midnight but it should creep in just before that in far southern areas so clouds early, rain arrives late, 44 allentown, 45 in reading, 52 philadelphia, 57 by tot tomorrow morning in cape may so it's one of those chilly raw november rains as we get into tuesday morning. as we look at future tracker at 11 o'clock tonight, there you can see some of those light showers far southern
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interior new jersey, near dover and sussex county in delaware and the rain extends to the west because we have two features upper level low near pittsburgh an surface low just off of our coast tomorrow morning. so at 7:30 you can kind of see the flit nature of the raid today. heaviest south and east of philadelphia, lighter north and west and then you get another batch over pittsburgh. this is at 7:30 tomorrow morning and then as we get into the evening hours, at 6 o'clock, that main batch moves away but then the upper level low comes in with some steadier rain right through the evening hours. so, it will come in somewhat waves tomorrow and we're looking at a general quarter to as much as an inch especially at the shore where you're closer to that low. we're not going to deal way wind driven rain. this is just some showers and on and off periods of rain throughout the day tomorrow and then again much needed. as we look at the tropics we're dealing with tropical storm kate which is formed near the bam las. winds sustained at 45 miles an hour. that system off our coat is going to kick kate out to sea
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so no worries with kate for anyone at the lower 48. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, breezy and wet tomorrow, dreary november day at 63 degrees. brighter and mild for the veterans here on wednesday as those temperatures spike into the middle 60's and it stays mild on thursday, 63. with another weak front coming through with some scattered showers and then it's sunny and breezy but bright on friday above normal with your high temperature at 60 and we'll have that seven day coming up in the next half hour for the weekend, guys. >> i heard talk of cup cakes. >> i know, i was thinking,. >> they're right over there. >> okay. >> before you leave the studio stop by my office. >> we should probably take a commercial break right now though. still ahead here at 4 o'clock a new kind of park opens in philadelphia. find out what makes it the first of its kind. >> at 4:30 there's been a spike in car crashes involving deer. what experts say is behind the trend and how you can stay safe. >> and chicken soup, a hug, some advice with no judgment.
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how you can rent a mom coming up in big talkers in just a few. and of course we want to remind you to go to facebook and like the 6abc "action news" facebook page. that will give you access to all the top stories we're following weather updates breaking news and the best and most current viral videos. you can also communicate with us, members of the "action news" team and also take a moment to say happy birthday to meteorologist adam joseph. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> one of the suspects in a deadly motel standoff in bucks county is now being held on a million dollars bail. jennifer landing and james miller were arrested saturday in bensalem. only "action news" was there for the end of the standoff with miller crawling to a motel room with guns trained on him. police were trying to arrest him for a parole violation. but what police didn't know is there was another wanted suspect also at the motel. landing was travel wind gust lloyd franklin. the two were wanted for
4:26 pm
murdering an elderly couple in north carolina. police say during the standoff franklin shot himself and took his own life. well, laining is now being held on $1 million bail. mill are was also booked. >> hundreds of kids are sporting their hometown pried today. cooper university healthcare gave a free camden sweatshirt to every student here at hb wilson elementary this morning. cooper hopes to promote health and wellness. all camden students between kindergarten and eighth grade will get one of these good looking sweatshirts. >> we got a glimpse of a very unique park in philadelphia. one that literally sits among the skies. chopper 6hd flew over the new sira green park in university city. it's the city's first elevated park. the green space sits on top of the fmc tower at cira center south and the tower will feature luxury hotel sweets
4:27 pm
also apartments. the urban park is just over an acre and sits 95 feet above street level. the project is part of the brandywine realty trust. >> i've been dying to get a look at that. >> looks great. >> if you think you've seen nomore deer along the roads you're right. that often spells disaster for drivers. coming up we talk to experts about what you can do to avoid hitting them and hear why more bucks are out right now. >> plus no matter how old you are most of us have had a day that's just so bad it makes you say i need my mommy. well, nobody knows that better than this brooklyn woman. in fact she makes a living as a professional mom for hire. how this works coming up. call your mother. >> ♪
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>> a texas mother says her 11-year-old daughter was kicked off the cheerleading squad for an infuriating reason. she wouldn't straighten her naturally curly hair. the team director claims that's not the whole story here. >> his domestic violence conviction was dismissed but the outrage over greg hardy still playing in the professional of course arena of football is still hanging around and that frustration
4:30 pm
isn't just limited to fans and analysts. we'll share some of the choice words eagles players had for the cowboys star coming up in big talkers. >> but we begin here at 4:30 with a warning for drivers all across the delaware valley. right now is one of the most dangerous times of the year thanks to deer. this is just one example of what happens when an amorous animal crosses a car's path in its search for partners to mate with. yes, it's mating season. david henry live on belmont plateau with more on what commuters can do to try to avoid a collision. david. >> reporter: well, brian, you know we are in one of the most densely populated regions of the country but we've also got a lot of park land around here like fairmount park which means a lot of wildlife. you can see in the parking lot there's a fox chowing down on somebody's garbage. all of this open space can be a blessing and a curse.
4:31 pm
picking up this time of year for wildlife conservation officers like jerry check. you probably noticed more dead deer on the side of the road over the past few weeks. that's because love is in the air and deer are on the move. and the bucks aren't worried about cars and trucks. >> they're chasing the doughs around trying to mate and also the year ling buck are being dispersed so they need to find new territory. >> reporter: that's why there are dozens of collisions between vehicles and deer every week in the philadelphia region. some have been deadly and there have been serious injuries. this was the scene in delaware city last night. 48-year-old jamie episcopo is in critical condition after she and her husband collide we had a deer on route nine. now that the days are shorter it's dark during rush hour and that's when deer are most active. the pennsylvania game commission is urging drivers to stay alert. if you see one deer there's
4:32 pm
usually more. >> they'll be chasing another deer or following several deer so you need to slow down and keep -- maybe put your flashers on and keep an eye out for another one. if you see one there's probably a few more. >> reporter: they're not just in the suburbs. this car hit a deer on the schuylkill expressway in philadelphia this morning. >> there are plenty of deer inside the city of philadelphia with fairmount park's 9,000 acres of park lands dispersed throughout the city there are plenty of deer that motorists inside the city need to be aware of. >> reporter: plenty of deer and this fox out here still chowing down on the garbage he found at belmont platt tomorrow. the running season for deer begins just before halloween and should peak sometime around mid-november, so it's a warning to drivers, be extra vigilant for the next couple of weeks at least. live in fairmount park, david henry, channel6 "action news." brian. >> just can't believe your luck on timing david incredible to see that fox right there. thank you. >> reporter: yeah. >> now to an update on that breaking news story out of north philadelphia that led our newscast today.
4:33 pm
you're looking at exclusive viewer video of a fire and subsequent explosion on north broad street. it sparked at the sunoco gas station on broad and girard just before 3 o'clock today. police have confirmed that it involved a temple university police cruiser but have not released any more details about how or why this happened. you can see the aftermath of that fire which was under control before anyone got hurt. stick with "action news" for a live update from the scene coming up on "action news" at 5:00. >> a man is recovering at this hour after falling from a scaffold in university city this afternoon. medics and rescue crews rushed to the scene near 34th and chestnut around 1 o'clock. officials have not yet said how far the man fell or how seriously he was injured. the incident itself is still under investigation. >> philadelphia police need your help finding a package thief. this is video from the 2600 block of dudley street back on october 30th. cameras captured a man walking up to the grays ferry home and
4:34 pm
grabbing that package right off the victim's doorstep, then casually running away. if you've got any information on this crime, please call south detectives. >> that time of year. new jersey lawmakers are trying to decide whether daily fantasy sports companies should be regulated as gambling operations. well, that was the subject of a state assembly committee hearing in trenton today. the panel heard from an attorney who represents draft kings and fan dual. he argued the games rely mostly on skill, skill and research rather than chance and, therefore, should not require gambling licenses. still a number of states are moving to regulate them. >> we welcome back the birthday boy, meteorologist adam joseph as we look ahead. the clouds are moving in, bring something rain our way. >> we had sunshine this morning so it was a bright start to the week, to the day but clouds eventually going to lead to some rain. it's cloud d.c., a little on the cool side, 60 degrees
4:35 pm
but the dewpoint is really low at 32 meaning we have a a lot of dry air. going take some time for the rain to reach the grounds. winds right now are calm so we're not looking at any kind of winds chill with this system your pressure 30.37-inches. there's a lot of rain to the south moving up the eastern seaboard. we got a surface low south of raleigh. that looks to stay just off the coast keeping the heaviest rain south and east of philadelphia throughout your day tomorrow. but still wet north and west and then we have upper level low near cincinnati that will spin through during the evening hours tomorrow. so, for that morning rush on your tuesday, it's not going to be crippling. just use caution. there will be hers areas of rain, the heaviest in new jersey and delaware. watch for wet slick levers on the roadway. we'll let you know how much rain to expect and what comes thereafter in the seven-day forecast. >> sounds good, adam. thanks. >> as you covered. as the rain moves through tomorrow you can rely as
4:36 pm
always on the power of storm tracker6 live radar. >> so how low to go? we're talking about bloop here and new details emerge today on a big blood pressure study. "action news" anchor monica malpass live with the details that a lot of people are going to want to hear about. >> details were released from a landmark federal study that have challenged decades of thinking about what your blood pressure should be. so you should listen up. the results do give a clearer picture of good and bad results of more aggressive treatment and coming up tonight at 5:00 in health check ali gorman will have the new findings including the new recommended numbers to hit. also president obama takes another step forward on social media. what his first facebook post was about today and what he says is still to come. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00 and guys what was the see you then. brian. >> president is on facebook now. >> how about that. >> incredible stuff. monica, thank you. leaders are moving forward with efforts to revitalize camden. today mayor dana redd and other officials met at the
4:37 pm
waterfront technology center to discuss the city's progress as a federal promise zone. the obama administration gave camden that designation back in april. the program aims to create jobs, reduce crime and improve schools in cities with high poverty and high unemployment. a number of camden organizations are work together to achieve those goals. >> a day full of pampering can brighten a person's day and one group is hoping their acts of kindness will go a long way. chosen 300 ministries hosted a mobile salon today in spring garden for what's called giving back the gift hair salon for the homeless. hairstylists massage therapists nail text were on hand putting their beauty skills to the test to help homeless women prepare for a job interview. chosen 300 ministries gave the women a professional picture as a reminder of just how beautiful they are. >> very cool. >> yeah. >> everybody needs a little papering. pampering.
4:38 pm
>> if you found yourself i want my mom stick around. we may have just the service for you, no actual mother required. >> okay, in the nfl may not be commenting on disturbing photos showing greg hardy's battered ex-girlfriend but two eagles players sure are speaking out. their choice words for the cowboys star ahead. >> plus, this 11-year-old girl loves cheerleading and she also lovers her thick curly hair but according to her mom if she wanted the stay on the squad shred to pick one or the other. insides the curly controversy coming up. >> a guy with straight here we know around here meteorologist adam joseph returns with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues and hopefully those cup cakes.
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the beast was as long as the boat. for seven hours, we did battle. until i said... you will not beat... meeeeee!!! greg. what should i do with your fish? gary. just put it in the cooler. if you're a fisherman, you tell tales. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. put the fish in the cooler!
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3-pointer seat belts on every bus in the country. now in the past, the agency said they weren't necessary because buzzy buses were incredibly safe vehicles and the effort would be too expensive. but now it says not having seat belts is "a gaping hole in safety. the agency has not yet announced a time line on when new requirements must be implemented. >> engineers still working today to figure out what caused a sudden and massive ground collapse in mississippi. this is the incredible video from the scene that 600-foot long, 50-foot wide hole so big that 15 cars ended up inside. others were dangling on the edge. witnesses say first there were several loud booms then a whole lot of shaking. >> one of the employees ran over to the window and yelled earthquake. everyone in ihop went into a panic. >> incredibly no one was hurt here. experts say it appears at this point that an underground drain gave way causing the earth above it to collapse.
4:42 pm
it's not known rights now now or why that drain would have failed. >> ♪ >> in health check at 4 o'clock, it's the science of sexy accents. >> why did you come? >> i came here to kill you. >> even though they're not saying nice words, dialect experts say certain accents make us sound more refined. daniel craig the current james bond works hard on screen to use a softer south england accent rather than his native cheshire one. americans said x bond sean connery had the best accent of all time but the british preferred morgan freeman's tennessee drawl. >> big talkers now and big outrage over the fact that dallas cowboys star greg hardy was allow owed to play last night in the game against philadelphia despite newly
4:43 pm
released photos showing his ex-girlfriend battered and bruised after an alleged domestic violence incident last year. nfl commentators last night weighing in about his domestic abuse allegations before the game against the eagles even started saying they would call the game as usual but they were just as uncomfortable as anyone with these police photos here released on dead over the weekend showing hardy's ex, nicole holder, covered in bruises. >> i would not want greg hardy on my team if he didn't demonstrate that he was sorry. >> cowboys team owner jerry jones standing by his decision to sign hardy who was found guilty of assault but his conviction was later overturned after holder didn't testify during the appeal. eagles players weighing in last night. center jason kelsey saying there are three people i have zero respect for in this world. it's people who hit women, people who molest children and rapists, strong words there. johnson also saying it seemed
4:44 pm
that hardy was distracted on the field possibly connecting it, of course, to the release of those photos over the weekend. now to a story out of texas where a mother is furious saying her little girl was kicked off a cheerleading squad for refusing to straighten her naturally curly hair but the story isn't so straight to follow with two very strong sides to it. first the family. this is 11-year-old mikhaila. she's by racial and hispanic. her hair a curly. the squad was told their hair had to be straight and in a high ponytail. mom says the straightener would burn her hair and she wasn't willing to compromise her child's natural beauty. >> would it destroy her hair so i wanted to explain to them kind of my reasoning. >> it wasn't about hair. it was about we don't want this negativity on our team. >> reporter: the squad leaders there saying they were trying to work with the family but they say mom was very defensive. they claim it was her attitude and not mikhaila's hair that
4:45 pm
led them to cut her from the team but a very contentious story there in texas. finally chicken soup from scratch, check. a shoulder to cry on, yup, ironing doctors appointments tender loving care all included. when the going gets tougher the tough tends to turn to dear old mom and if you want the care and the advice with no judgment, nina is your mom. for hire. she just started a company called need a mom out of brooklyn realizing there are a lot of lonely people out there who just want to know that someone cares the way mom can. for $40 an hour, she will do everything a good mom will except clean. she won't do the bathrooms, people. she calls herself a mother without the baggage. she says she will not question your lifestyle choices and she won't compare you to your siblings. >> 40 bucks an hour i'll give you some advice. >> i'm telling you. >> i can't guarantee it though. >> brian for hire. >> i like the sound of that. alicia, thanks very much.
4:46 pm
let's get another check on the roads right now. >> let's head over to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center and a bit of a backup behind you. >> you might need mom to comfort you after this ride home this evening. it is little bit rough in spots, brian and sharrie. this being one of those spots here in the malvern area. this is 202. southbound side approaching route 29 the great valley exit there's a fender-bender off to the side. you can see the police there on the scene. you can also see the sea of headlights all these people slowing down to see what's going on there on the shoulder. it's just a fender-bender. keep on moving. extra heavy as you come from chesterbrook because of that accident. elsewhere in chester county still have the overturned truck blocking the ramp from 100 southbound to the pennsylvania turnpike. if you're trying to get to the turnpike do so via 100 northbound. that may mean you have to go a little farther south and flip around but the northbound ramp is opened, southbound is closed and we're hearing it's going to stay closed until maybe 10 o'clock tonight. media a couple accidents, this on 442 on hunter street. also one along brookhaven road
4:47 pm
at kershaw road. traveling north on the boulevard watch out for a crash near harbison this afternoon by the family doctor in the inner drive and we had two separate accidents earlier on 95. one of them still out there with fire crews taking out the right lane. northbound here by bridge street, so it's extra heavy the whole way from penn's landing up to this point as you head towards the work zone at cottman. we just wrapped up an opening at the trip bell b, burlington bristol bridge back down now. around 5:30 or so i'd expect an opening at the tacony palmyra bridge. use the betsy ross. >> you can see some gray skies behind matt.
4:48 pm
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since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> ♪ >> meteorologist adam joseph along with us now. we are talking about more
4:50 pm
seasonable temperatures this week than what we saw last week. >> my gosh. a 40 year difference from when we felt those temperatures compared to last week. we're back to normal and we'll get a little rain around here which is a good thing. we need a little rain. as we take a look at the action cam which was out earlier at norristown farm park you can see a little wren there looking out of an old barn there. yeah, rick, good try. you don't sound like a wwe n. many of the bear twigs as we're losing most of the leaves and even those vines that had some of the leaves on them this year. we take a look at live double scan not a lot going on at the present time. clouds have taken over after that morning sunshine. you're starting to see the edge of some light showers near baltimore and washington and it's going to take a few more hours before it starts to reach the ground in our viewing area. but as you can sever typical for november standards. 57 trenton as well as allentown and reading. 57 in dover so a pretty
4:51 pm
popular number right now. the warm spot 60 in philadelphia. we did hit 61 for a high temperature today. a lot going o on satellite and radar. seraph's low off the carolinas. upper elf energy over the ohio valley. tropical storm kate over the bam has. tropical storm kate not going have any play in the storms along the east coast. kate will head out to sea. we'll deal with this low off of the coastline during the tomorrow and then the upper level low spins through tomorrow night with a little extra moisture during the evening hours. so, midnight tonight you start to see some of that steadier rain down to the south. though it is still light at that point. a few showers near philadelphia, some patchy drizzle. then tomorrow morning for the rush hour, very damp especially in and around philadelphia. could still be a little dry at least the beginning of the morning rush in the lehigh valley. but a heavier rain from dover down to atlantic city and the coastline. then that batch pushes away around the lunchtime hour and through much of the afternoon
4:52 pm
tomorrow it is very light rain. we'll be kind of in between the two centers so there could be a little bit of a dulles tomorroa lulltomorrow afternoon. another rounds of steadier rain north and west of philadelphia tomorrow evening as that upper level low spins through the atmosphere. as you take a look at what to expect tomorrow, periods of rain but there could be a lull during the afternoon tomorrow. a total of a quarter inch to 1 inch of rain depending on your location. if the storm was a little bit closer we could get a little more rain out of it and at the coast looking at winds of around 30 miles an hour ton show you kind of the discrepancy here of the models for atlantic city tonight and tomorrow, couple models saying over 2-inches witnesses storm closer, and two other models saying more close to a half inch, three-quarters avenue and inch with the storm a little further east. right now looks like we'll stay under that inch mark for the coast as we get into your tuesday as the storm is a little farther off the coast. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, no matter what it's breezy, it's damp but somewhat mild at 63 tomorrow and then it's even brighter
4:53 pm
and milder here for veterans day at 65. a few more scattered showers on thursday at 63 and then it's bright but breezy friday into saturday as temperatures drop into the upper 50's and staying dry sunday into monday with very typical temperatures again between 58 and around 62 degrees. so a-couple slow rush hours tomorrow so pack the patience. >> thanks adam. >> you're welcome. >> tips and tricks to find the best deals if you're looking to travel to the caribbean. it's up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> if you're planning a holiday trip and you're thinking someplace warm you'll be happy to know that there are hot deals on a caribbean get away if you know some secret tips to booking a few simple hacks to help you stretch your dollar. first, let's talk about the flights and you know it's all about timing. the experts from fare say book about seven weeks out. we're right about there right
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now for the best price. flights that take off early in the morning or late at night are often the least expensive so something to remember as are you doing your booking and do know this, the cheapest days to fly is tuesdays, wednesdays and saturdays. now, on to the hotels and you're really going like this news today. says amazing news for procrastinators. if you book a room for one of the first two weeks of december you can grab a deal so wait a couple of weeks. in that case it pays to hold off. they ran all the numbers to take note of here your cheapest week to take a vacation if you are headed out to the caribbean, the one that starts on december 5th, the most expensive and this makes sense is december 21st. if you've got those weeks offer in the beginning of december you could be in for a great and cheap vacation to the caribbean sharrie. finally at four:00 if you can't get enough of drake's new single hotline bling, consider yourself in good company. check out these cool cats.
4:57 pm
>> ♪ >> could it be real? could it actually be real. we may not know how or why this guy got his cat -- oh, a see now. thank you for pointing it out. it's a puppet. maybe. okay. he got his cat though to do it to drake it doesn't matter. there's no denying that it's pretty amazing to watch a furry fan who is really fell fee the beat. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:0 4:00 hope you'll jn me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> see you tonight.
4:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> monday night the big story on "action news" is breaking news out of north philadelphia where a temple university police cruiser caught on fire at this gas station.
5:00 pm
take a look. this exclusive video shows the huge flames at broad street and girard avenue. >> and let's take a look at the scene after the flames were extinguished. chopper 6hd was there just before 3:00 this afternoon. as you can see the top of the cruiser is charred and the gas pump it was next to knocked over. >> let's get to christie auleto live. >> reporter: witnesses say a group of temple university police officers were filling up at this bp gas station when one of them drove off with the nozzle still in the tank knocking pump number 13 over and setting the cruiser on fire. these are the exclusive moments captured by an "action news" viewer after a temple university squad car goes up in flames at a gas station on girard and broad. >> i was at the other pump when it happened. >> reporter: derek tells "action news" he was standing


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