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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday and we have breaking news. parts of i-95 southbound are closed right now because of an accident involving several vehicles. >> indeed. the rain is out there and impacting the morning commute across the region. looks like it's going to stick around for quite some time. we're tracking the latest on the wet weather. >> fast food workers are gathering to take a stand in the streets in an ongoing call for higher pay. >> all right, let's get you right on over to david and karen, give you the latest on that rain and its impact. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. and we are off to a wet start. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. some heavier cells highlighted
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in yellow have been creeping through. right now philadelphia has tapered back to the lighter rain but with wet leaves on the grounds and a lot of traffic beginning to build it's definitely slow going. northern suburbs beginning to see rain break up a little bit as well but again you've got a lot of wet roads and down in south jersey and parts of delaware, still steady rain driving through. it looks like this current batch will start to wind down toward the end of the rush hour. then we'll get into a lull where we've just got some spitting drizzle and lighter showers. later this afternoon another round of precipitation arrives. 56 degrees is your current temperature, 52 in allentown, 49 in reading, 61 in sea isle city. as we roll through the day it stays on the cooler side. by noon, 61. and your high today is going to be that 63 at 3 o'clock. again, rain in the morning, a bit of a lull through the middle of the day where it's lighter showers and then steadier rain building back in aiming mainly for the northern and western suburbs and areas close to philadelphia and that arrives sometime after 3:00 and it continues into this evening. when i step inside we'll show you future tracker6 detailing all of this and we'll let you know what comes up after the rain.
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karen rogers with wet roads that usually means work for you. >> it is a full-fledged mess this morning on i-95. we've got a multi-vehicle accident blocking all lanes. let's look at this. at least two of the vehicles involved are trucks. this is i-95 southbound here at cottman. we now see police on the scene. when we first showed you this we didn't even have emergency workers on the scene. some of them had to back up on i-95 just to get to this. all lanes blocked on i-95 southbound. a minute ago we had a closer shot. you saw people out of their cars walking around like what are we supposed to do, we're stuck here, traffic is not moving. this is i-95 southbound as you try to head towards center city here approaching cottman you've got all lanes blocked right now and it's creating a big backup. stick to frankford instead of taking i-95 southbound or use the roosevelt boulevard southbound instead. it's a mess rider here multi vehicle accident involving at least two trucks. as we switch our camera view you get another shot of this. look at this traffic. you're going nowhere. just take that in. i-95 southbound approaching cottman, you could see you're jammed from academy to cottman
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and those delays are just going to grow the longer that all lanes are blocked right now. these people have nowhere to go. looks like we have some emergency workers still trying to get there. i mean, they can't get in there because all lanes are blocked right now so it's a mess on i-95 southbound. you don't want to be sitting in that and there's just so much water on the roadways and we have wet leaves out there so all kinds of problems out here. tacony palmyra bridge going up right now. stick to the betsy ross bridge instead t a car slammed into a pole brought it down dangling wires. they removed the car but the downed wires are still here in burlington county on chesterfield-arneytown road and it's shut down matt. >> happening today, fast food workers plan to gather once again to fight for a higher minimum wage. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live where a local protest will take place in north philadelphia. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt happening across the country today. it's also happening here in philadelphia. fast food workers some of them already walked off the job last night, others will be walking offer the job this
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morning and here in philadelphia, many will be gathering at this mcdonald's at 31st and allegheny in north philadelphia to walk the picket line. the workers are fighting for $15 an hour plus union rights. organizers say this is the biggest strike ever in the fast food industry. there will be 500 protests nationwide today and 270 cities across the country. 20 cities in pennsylvania. in new york city, where workers recently won a wage increase to $15 an hour, workers will protest in solidarity. of course next year the country will vote in a new president raising minimum wage is an issue. these workers are passionate about and seeking the support of candidates. this afternoon at city hall fast food cooks and cashiers will join workers from other industries who typically earn low hourly wages including airport, maintenance, home care and nursing home employees. they're going to call on more elected officials to get involved. that's set to take place at 3:30. but back here live at this
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mcdonald's at 31st and allegheny we are expecting to see a gathering here within the next half hour of fast food employees across the city working to fight for $15 an hour. we're live in north philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> okay, katherine, thank you for that. it is 6:05 and an anonymous tip led to the arrest avenue man who pleasable hit and killed a nine-year-old boy. darious condash was hit and killed friday in hanover township northampton county. police charged 22-year-old royce atkins with an accident involving personal injury or death. investigators became suspicious after noticing heavy damage to the front of atkins' car. he's being held in lo lieu of $50,000 bail. we'll keep an eye on this story and bring you the latest here on "action news." >> the gop chosen ones will take parter in the fourth republican presidential debate in milwaukee tonight. new jersey governor chris christie will not be among of them. eight will be on stage for a main event still head lined by front runners donald trump and ben carson.
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carson's autobiography could be squarely in the spotlight as some have claimed he's embellished parts of his life story. the latest national poll shows trump and carson virtually tied followed by marco rubio ted cruz and jeb bush. >> lancey lansdale police asking for help to catch this pair of thieves who stole money for a clarity jar meant for the -- clarity jar meant for the poor. the younger man in red distracted the store's owner the middle aged woman with the cap snatched money from the jar on the checkout counter. this happened friday afternoon at christian's grocery on the 100 block of walnut street. the owner believes the chiefs took about $60. and this guy didn't do much to disguise himself. police say at 4:30 he robbed a td bank located on 10 mule road in toms river. he demanded money by writing a note on a bank slip and presented it to the teller. after taking the cash he fled the scene on foot heading west. and you can see he's
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wearing a pretty distinguishable wardrobe. that's a black pea coat with the lapels up and those black colored or tinted aviator classic sunglasses that are pretty large there and that picture is pretty clear. if you have any information, call toms river police department. we put the number on our web site, tam. >> thank you erin. as elton john famously sang sorry seems to be the hardest word but volkswagen is hoping adding some money to the mix will show customers they mean it after the emissions scandal. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. she's got the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, today. waiting for to you sing it though. volkswagen trying to make amends with its customers. they're offering gift cards and dealership credits to u.s. owners of cars that were equipped with the software designed to cheat on emissions test. it includes a $500 debit card an $500 dealership credit. if you accept the offer do you in the giv give up your right to join a class action lawsuit.
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stocks with their biggest decline in a month and a half on monday as investors worry about global growth and possible interest rate. chipotle restaurants closed due to the e. coli scare last week, they could reopen in a few days. more than 40 locations in washington and oregon could get the green light if they meet some conditions. the restaurants will is to get rid of and replace all produce and do an extensive cleaning. all the tests for e. coli at those locations in the pacific northwest came back negative. finally target macies and sears all plan to open their doors at right about dinnertime on thanksgiving day. the three retailers will open at 6:00 p.m. on the holiday. toys are us opens an hour earlier at 5:00 p.m. and wall hurt so far hasn't announced its plans but it opens at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving last year. matt and tam i might not be shopping then but you might catch me at the post office the next at any shipping your presents out. >> that's good. >> can't wait. >> maribel gives great presents. >> she makes the best cookies. >> yum, yum. >> yes. >> so, nothing yummy about
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this forecast this morning. we've got rain across the region. best news we can give you is that in parts of the region we are starting to see the worst of this push away and if we take a look at philadelphia, that's one of those areas. it's still raining in the city but not as heavily as it was a little while ago when some of that yellow was in town. as we take a quick look at the movement of this you can see that it is pushing off to the north and east f you're in trenton you're going get clipped with some of this heavier stuff although it's pretty wet up there. farther to the south we go. there is another area of concern right down along the shore. you can see that heavy rain pushing in from the south through cape may up through sea isle city and tuckahoe and places that are in a little bit of a lull around mays landing and millville are probably going start to see the arrival of that extra back of precipitation before too much longer. northern and western suburbs die down a bit. we have that break in the action down by baltimore and gettysburg. later in the morning we'll get into that lull and it will be slightly damp until the next round of rain arrives later this afternoon as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies across the region and
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whoa is that camera bouncing down the shore as we are looking at breezier conditions this morning than we have recently. 56 degrees in philadelphia, 54 in wilmington, 52 in allentown, 52 in trenton and lower 60's right down along the coast this morning. and future tracker6 showing that you between 6:00 and 9 o'clock we are looking at most of this rain beginning to fall apart a little bit. it will still be cloudy and damp with drizzle and lighter showers as we move up until noon. and then on until 3 o'clock at least we'll get a little bit of a break in the intensity of the rain. after about 3 o'clock we're expecting the next batch to start to ride in. by 6 o'clock looks like this is centered mainly over the northern and western half of the region while the heaviest stuff this morning has been more south and we take this right on up until 11 o'clock and it still looks like a pretty damp evening. adam joseph and cecily tynan tonight on the late newscast on channel 17 and here on 6abc will almost certainly have more rain to show you on future tracker6 and on storm tracker6 at that point. how much rain are we looking at? we're going for a general
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half inch to an inch accumulation but some models are pushing us a little bit higher than that especially with that second batch that comes in later in the afternoon and evening. up in the lehigh valley cloudy and damp with periods of rain. looks kind of wet tonight up in the lehigh valley, a high of 58 degrees. down the shore you've got rain right now and it will still be damp right in through evening, 62 degrees is the high there. and in philadelphia we're going for 63, cloudy, damp, periods of rain off and on through the day and breezy with winds running 10 to 20 miles per hour. the numbers don't change all that much today. 57 by 8 o'clock and then up to 62 only 5 degrees better by 2 o'clock. your high of 63 around 3 o'clock this afternoon. tropical storm kate has begun to get away from the bahamas which is good news. looks like it might be a category one hurricane but when that happens it will be out and away from anybody who cares. bermuda looks like it's going to dodge the bullet this time. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a high of 63, cloudy and rainy today and the same story tonight. tomorrow there might be some early morning drizzle. otherwise, partly sunny for veterans day and a high of 65. nice. and then cloudy and damp again
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on thursday with another system coming in. and a couple of periods of rain possible. after that, a long dry stretch. friday, sunny, 60. 56 on saturday and feeling like fall on sunday for the eagles with a high of 58. probably getting back up into the 60's next week. >> why not? been that way. >> i can't think of a reason why not. >> thanks, david. 6:12. the show will not go on for much longer. sea world caves to critics of its killer whale show. >> a student movement at the university of missouri gets results. karen. >> it's a mess on i-95. full fledged parking lot right here. all lanes blocked on i-95 southbound at cottman. i'm going to show you the multi-vehicle accident and how to get around it coming up. >> and a hometown grammy winner will receive one of philadelphia's greatest honors tonight much that's later on "action news." in your flus plank
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>> 6:15. breaking traffic news. let's go direct to karen rogers. >> it's just a mess on i-95. look at this traffic. people are just not moving. i-95 southbound a multi-vehicle accident, all lanes blocked right now because of that. it's a mess of a scene right now as we go to this accident scene, you can kind of see it. so, here we've got a multi-vehicle accident, at least two trucks involved. all lanes blocked on i-95. this is southbound at cottman right here. we're seeing traffic not moving. here you see emergency workers, they had to back up
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on i-95 just to get to this. it was a messy situation and we had some emergency vehicles, fire crews out here a minute ago blocking the left lane on i-95 northbound as well so no cars moving. what they're trying to do is some of the cars are sneaking around to the ramp and heading just a few at a time on the ramp to get around this. but it's just cree creates a huge backup. i-95 backed up -- you can use frankford avenue instead or use the boulevard so southbound lanes are just all blocked and it is a mess on i-95. and there you see some people -- can you see they're trying to cut around the traffic and get into this ramp right here so that's a difficult situation right now. i-95 southbound all lanes blocked. we'll continue to be on top of that accident scene. and there you can see the traffic right there. that's just been a mess. we've got other issues around the area. here's an accident in swedesboro. swedesboro monroeville road right near the new jersey turnpike and we're hearing there were people entrapped in the accident there so a terrible situation. emergency workers coming to the scene here. this isn't that far off from
6:17 am
the woolwich township new jersey turnpike accident yesterday that shut down the turnpike, a double fatal accident so another horrible scene here in gloucester county, new jersey. a couple of bad accidents this morning but of course the big one is on i-95. storm tracker6 live double scan showing i think in part the reason for these accidents. there's just so much water on the roadways. as we look at this on 422 we're seeing it wet in reading, in honeybrook near 322, malvern, norristown, it's a wet ride in. we see some areas of yellow near philadelphia so the rain has started to break up in some of those spots but it's a little steadier in new jersey especially on the new jersey turnpike, 295 and i-95 in trenton right now, matt. >> thank you karen. new on "action news" video just released of two scantedly clad women wanted for sexually assaulting a man at a d.c. convenience store. metro police released video of their antics which happened on october 7th. the video shows one woman grinding on the man and then touching him inappropriately. the man attempts to walk away many times. the women could face a maximum
6:18 am
fine of $100,000 and up to 10 years in prison if convicted. >> dozens of african-american football players at the university of missouri will end a walkout. they'll be back on the practice field today. they joined forces with student leaders who demanded the resignation of um systems president tim wolf. they had complained in wolf was indifferent to complaints about racial incidents on campus. wolf resigned yesterday as well chance lore r many bowen lofton announced he would also stepdown at the end of the year. >> sea world will end its shamu killer whale shows in its san diego park by 2017. revenue and attendance has been falling since the documentary black fish examined how the orcas faired in captivity. sea world says it will not have the animals doing flips and other stunts any more montbutwill replace the show. the change does not apply to theme parks in san antonio and orlando. >> it is now 6:18. it's a rainy commute and this
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is only round one, right, david. >> i think by afternoon when the kids are coming home from school rain gear probably still a good idea. we're rooting for widener and stockton as our two universities this morning and we'll have radar for you and your day planner forecast next. the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ chuckles ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to [ chuckles ] i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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>> big traffic story today is the mess on i-95. and all your roads are wet. let's go right now to this multi-vehicle accident blocking al lanes on i-95 southbound at cottman. looks like they're trying to clear out the left lane so maybe they can allow some traffic to squeeze by. we're still not seeing any movement with this. this accident involving two trucks, other vehicles also. we've got police ambulance emergency workers at the scene right here. they were blocking a northbound lane but those fire crews have left and look at this image and you kind of get the idea. i-95 southbound just a parking lot from waft woodhaven road to cottman. stick to frankford or the boulevard southbound instead. another new accident in new jersey. we've had a bunch of them.
6:22 am
this is vineland cumberland county on landis avenue at mill road, dave. >> all right, karen, lots of action there and rain, too. although in philadelphia the intensity of the rain beginning to die down. we have heavy cells highlighted in yellow coming up through south jersey. a little bit of that pushing up towards trenton an lull in the action starting to build in in places like lancaster and other areas out to the west. 58 degrees by 9 o'clock in philadelphia. if you can wait until 9 o'clock to noon until maybe the early afternoon hours you'll have less rain to deal with if you have to get out and about. your high today is going to be 63 at 3 o'clock but it will be building back in with some steadier rain especially in the northern and western half of the region at around 3 o'clock or so and then it stays rather wet straight through 6 o'clock and straight on into this evening. on the big board at the airport, wouldn't be surprised to see some delays but there's not that much air traffic yet. in atlanta we've got some rain. still not reporting any in newark or j.f.k. but it's coming to those locations and philadelphia with rain. even though there are no major delays on the big board right now there could be later on.
6:23 am
keep your eyes on your airline's web site. tam. >> thank you david. going to health check a reason to watch your waistline especially as we get into the holidays. excess fat around your mid seconds could be deadly according to a new study. scientists surveyed more than 15,000 americans. they found excess belly fat dramatically increases the risk of dying early even if you're at a normal weight. increased fat around the internal organs called visceral fat increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke. however, a little fat in the hips and legs may actually be healthy. >> the flyers host the avalanche in south philadelphia tonight. it appears goalie michal neuvirth who started the season as the backup will get his fourth isn't that right a row. sixers forward nerlens noel sat out with sore wrists during last night's game against the bulls. it was their seventh game of the season and seventh straight loss. the bulls outscored the sixers by 14 in the second half. the sixers lose 111-88 but jahlil okafor had his first double-double of his young career. >> six eye:23. workers across the country calling for fair wages. >> katherine scott is outside
6:24 am
a fast food joint where a protest is planned for today. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt and tam, fast food workers here in philadelphia and across the country gather dag to fight for higher wages. we're live in north philadelphia with that story coming up at 6:30.
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>> new on "action news," a woman from new hampshire plans to join the growing ranks of female accusers suing bill cosby. christina rulely claims cosby accused her of lying when she
6:27 am
came forward and claimed he raped her. dozens of women have come forward over the last year to accuse cosby of sexual assault spanning decades. cosby hasn't been charged with a crime. >> happening today legendary trumpeter wynton marsalis will receive one of philadelphia's greatest honors. he'll accept the marian anderson award at the kimmel center tonight. the grammy award winner is being recognized for his contributions beyond music. marsalis has been very active in expanding the public's exposure and interaction with jazz and music education for children. >> 6:27. david and karen will return in a moment to get you through this rainy commute. >> happening now, low wage workers are demanding better pay and they say they're ready to walk off the job. >> ♪ dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon.
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>> ♪ >> it is 6:30. we have breaking news. a crash that has i-95 southbound closed right now at cottman avenue. >> even if you are not on i-95 you could see delays thanks to the rain that moved in this morning. storm tracker6 shows it to you. >> also up in flames. a careless mistake sparks an explosive situation at a local gas station. >> we turn on this tuesday morning to david and karen with weather and track. good morning. >> getting that umbrella up out here. there we go. hello. let's take a look at storm tracker6 there is rain pushing up through the region right now. we've got a lull now in southern chester county, lancaster county and parts of new castle county starting to get to the end of this but we have had a significant amount of rain that's been coming through the entire region through maybe the last four, five hours and roads very wet and of course that's giving us some problems on some of those roads. satellite and radar shows that you we'll probably get into a lull a little bit later on this morning. but then even though will it still be less rain, still a little damp and then later this afternoon and this
6:31 am
evening another round of heavier rain returns back into the picture. the second one probably focused more on the northern and western suburbs whereas this morning the steadiest rain has been really in the southwestern -- or southeastern portion of the area. 56 degrees right now philadelphia. 52 in allentown. still in the 40's in reading. 61 in millville. 61 in sea isle city. and it is going to be a wet one today. 57 degrees by 8 o'clock. by noon, 61. a few light sprinkles and showers around there and by about 3 o'clock, 63, that's your high. but sometime around 3 o'clock is when that second band of heavier rain comes in and that sticks with us probably through the evening hours. when does it end? i'll have details on future tracker6 coming up and we'll take a much closer look at what's happening now on radar. that's fall just a couple minutes. karen you have had one heck of a morning. >> yeah, i think a lot of commuters are going to be saying when does it end, too. this is i-95 southbound. we've got a closeup look here at cottman, a multi-vehicle accident that's been blocking all lanes for awhile. the accident itself involving at least two trucks. we see one truck right here
6:32 am
that they're trying to move to the side, so that it can allow some of the stuck traffic to get through on i-95 southbound and there you see police hard at work. the roads are wet. it is a mess. people have been just not moving. they opened the left lane for about a minute. then they he had to shut it down again when they tried to move the truck over, this just one of the two trucks involved with this multi-vehicle accident closing the lane on i-95 southbound. what people have been doing because this is rider near the ramp, they've been trying to sneak around on the ramp and get around this accident but barely moving here on i-95 and southbound. look at how you are are jammed at this point because of this multi-vehicle accident. as you look approaching cottman you're basically parked from woodhaven road to approaching cottman at this point, stick to frankford avenue or you can use the boulevard southbound instead. even northbound we're starting to see ally? with people stopped and staring at the accident scene and that's jammed from bridge street to cottman at this point. as if that's not enough, we've got another new accident on i-95. this one in delaware. it's southbound right near churchman's road. it's blocking the two right
6:33 am
lanes on i-95 southbound here in delaware. and you see these speeds of 11, 8 miles an hour, people just crawling along right there. so i-95 is a big mess. other situations out there. we've got an accident here in burlington county where a car just slammed into a pole. the pole was kind of dangling. the wires were down so they cleared the accident scene but still have this downed pole on chesterfield arneytown road. that road is still shut down. stick to monmouth road as your alternate another accident in vineland on landis avenue. the roads are wet. there's a lot of water out there wet leaves its a mess. >> thank you karen. workers are showing up with signs in hand preparing to walk offer the job for better pavement "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside the mcdonald's at 31st and allegheny where we've seen protesters show up. good morning. >> good morning, yeah, this is happening across the country today. it's happening right here in philadelphia. there's a big rally scheduled for this afternoon at city hall. but this has already started this morning. you can hear their voices.
6:34 am
they're coming down around this mcdonald's at 31st and allegheny right now in north philadelphia. these fast food employees have walked off the job as part of this nationwide protest. the workers are fighting for $15 an hour plus union rights. let's listen to them for a minute. >> we work, we sweat,. there are going to be 500 protests nationwide in 270 cities across the country. 20 cities in pennsylvania. organizers say this is the biggest strike to hit the fast food injury and these workers want to help shape the discourse leading up to the presidential elections next year. and they want the support of candidates to raise the wages. as for this afternoon at city hall, fast food cooks and cashiers will join workers from other industries to who typically earn low hourly wages including airport, home care and nursing home employees, maintenance workers. they'll call on more elected officials to get involved in
6:35 am
the fight but as you can see here live here at this mcdonald's at 31st and allegheny in north philadelphia, there are fast food employees from across the city gathering right now hoping to grab the attention of their employers, they're hoping to grab the attention of elected officials to get involved in the fight for $15 an hour. we are live in north philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks so much katherine. happening today, the trial begins for a lehigh valley man who was charged with killing his stepdaughter and then abusing her corporation. authorities in northampton county found the body of 33-year-old jessica padgett on gregory graf's property in november of last year. it had been a week since she went missing. prosecutors say graf shot the mother of three in the back of the head, then abused her dead body. graf's attorneys are considering a mental health defense. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will also be in court today. she faces a preliminary hearing on a felony perjury charge in montgomery county. kane is accused of lying to a grand jury about leaking information to the press. she denies any wrongdoing.
6:36 am
special state senate hearings are also under way to determine whether or not kane can still do her job without a valid law license. the state supreme court stripped her of it due to the criminal case. >> i'm erin o'hearn here at the big board. police say they have received more than 100 tips since the fatal hit and run of that little boy that nine-year-old little boy in hanover township and this is the man police have charged in that accident. he took the life according to police of darious condash of allentown. authorities identified him as 22-year-old royce atkins. police say atkins confessed during an interview with police yesterday morning. and police say condash was with a cousin and a friend crossing shinersville road near airport road after buying some candy at a convenience store. the nine-year-old apparently dropped the candy and turned around to pick it up. that's when he was struck. an anonymous tipster told police he became suspicious after noticing heavy front damage to the front of atkins' car. police do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role in the
6:37 am
accident and added they have no explanation as to why the 22-year-old did not stop to help. but police say the boy's heartbroken family is relieved there has been an arrest. >> obviously they were relieved, you know, they're still grieving and it was -- it was a little bit of closure for them. >> and of course our hearts and thoughts go out to that family. condash was a member of the little huskies peewee football team. over the weekend his teammates sported his number, 34, on their helmets in his memory. now if convicted, atkins could face up to 10 years in prison. tam. >> so sad to look at his little face. thank you erin. thiyesterday afternoon tempe university says a campus police officer was refueling at the bp gas station at broad and girard when he drove off with the nozzle still in the tank. >> i was staring right at the officer when they pulled away.
6:38 am
i mean, i was standing 20 feet away. he ended up leaving and the whole gas tank fell over but after that the whole -- the whole gas tank caught fire. >> a nearby convenience store and mcdonald's were evacuated. fortunately no one was injured. temple university says the officer remains on duty but he will not be driving until the accident review board finishes its investigation. >> all right, let's get an update on the rain, where it is, where it's going. >> yeah, how about. lots of accidents out there, too, including that southbound 95 one near cottman. karen will have more on that in a moment. that's a mess. hard to imagine the rain doesn't have something to do with it. we haven't had it in awhile. it has been coming down fairly steadily at times this morning. as we go in tighter, in and around philadelphia we are finally seeing a letup in the rain so that it's just the lighter sprinkles and showers popping through right now and we even have a current break in part of the city. up in trenton there's still some of that heavier stuff popping to the north and this is clipping areas right close to trenton and another little blob of this coming into southern bucks county as well.
6:39 am
if we go out wide, the other area of concern would be south jersey where there is another wave of heavier precipitation highlighted in yellow that is sweeping up in through the coastal counties and a little bit of this might catch philadelphia but notice how out to the west there is a lull coming and we are going to get into a situation where it's less rain still kind of damp and moist through the middle portion of the day. but we do get a break until another round comes in later. as we take a look outside, we have cloudy skies obviously. the clouds low enough to obscure tops of the buildings in center city and it is on the cool side and obviously damp. 56 degrees currently in philadelphia. breezy, too. winds out of the northeast 14 miles per hour this morning. future tracker6 between now and 9 o'clock showing you how there might be some of that coastal rain but it look like we'll get into a lull across much of the region so that we go from 9 o'clock all the way up to about 3 o'clock and, yeah, it's still damp but it's not quite as widespread and in-- or as intense a rainfall
6:40 am
as what we have had for parts of this morning. and then after about 3 o'clock you'll be looking at another band of steadier rain beginning to build n the first heavier stuff has been basically in the south and east. the next one later today is probably centered from about i-95 farther to the north and west between 6 o'clock and 11 o'clock it does starter to pull out of here and we start to see things get better. i think there's a real good chance though that both adam joseph and cecily tynan tonight on phl17 and here on 6abc between 10:00 and help:30 will have more to show you on radar. as we take a look at rainfall amounts, well, some of the models are showing maybe an inch, some a little bit less. i do think a half inch the an inch forecast is a pretty good range to look at. by the time all this is said and done later tonight. 57 degrees by 8 o'clock. 60 by 11 o'clock. 62 by 2 o'clock with a high of 63 around 3 o'clock. association it's going to be cool and gray all the way. again, heavier rain in the morning starting to taper off. then we get into sort of a damp period of the day and then it gets steadier again
6:41 am
particularly in those northern and western suburbs later this afternoon and tonight. high temperatures across the region, little bit of a range. 58 in allentown, 59 in reading. could get up to about 65 in millville and 63 in philadelphia. and similar numbers down the shore, low 60's in atlantic city and down the coast in cape may. hurricane -- i should say tropical storm kate still a tropical storm now moving away from the bahamas. looks like it will miss bermuda maybe become a category one before it heads out to sea but that does not look like a threat to anyone at this point. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 63 is today's high, cloudy skies, periods of rain, another heavier batch coming in later today and tonight. and then there may be a little drizzle left over early wednesday morning but generally speaking we're looking at a fast improvement and a nice partly sunny day for veterans day ceremonies. a high of 65. that's really the best day of the week. 63 cloudy and damp with periods of rain moving back in on thursday. and then we dry out on friday, sunny and breezy, 60 and back into the 50's for the weekend but it's a nice fall weekend coming up. dry conditions. eagles fans will be happy with
6:42 am
that sun and some clouds mix, 58 degrees the high there. and back into the low 60's on monday. >> okay, thank you david. it's 6:42 and we're following some developing news. investigatoinvestigators sortina deadly shooting involving campus police at a private college. >> body cameras capture the violent end to a police chase in the nation's harder land. karen. >> we've got an update to our breaking news. i-95 southbound shut down at woodhaven road. they're forcing everybody off onto woodhaven road because of the multi-vehicle accident at cottman. all the latest details on your rainy messy morning commute when "action news" comes right back. (child crying) this is a pos, not a ppo. a ppo? it's a pos. i want a pos or i have a pos? you have a pos. so you want me to have a ppo? you have a pos, not a ppo that means... i want a ppo? (child crying) you have a pos, it's like a hmo. it means you a referral from a pcp. a pcp? a primary care physician.
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>> welcome back. we've got some breaking news.
6:45 am
a serious situation on 95 southbound karen. seems if you can take another route you should do it. >> yeah, i-95 southbound a multi-vehicle accident involving two trucks. but here's the breaking news. we start to see traffic is moving at this point on i-95 southbound at cottman. this is the shot you a showing you earlier. we still see the emergency workers up ahead at this point but they had multi-vehicle accident, two trucks blocking all lanes on i-95 southbound at cottman. now they've pushed it off to the side. they're allowing some of the stuck traffic to get through because there's a lot of stuck traffic on i-95 southbound at cottman that will be closed awhile. they're still diverting traffic on i-95 southbound at woodhaven. so, they're kind of forcing everybody off at this point but i think they're going reopen that soon now that they're allowing some of this stuck traffic to get through. a multi-vehicle accident has created a mess on i-95. now we look at the shot approaching cottman. you still see that it's basically a parking lot from past woodhaven road to cottman but finally at least they're starting to move because up ahead at cottman they've allowed some of that traffic
6:46 am
to get through. they're trying to get this stuck traffic out of here before they open all lanes at woodhaven. so all lanes still blocked i-95 southbound at woodhaven. but they're trying to allow some of the stuck traffic to get through. the roads are just a mess. you can stick to frankford avenue or the boulevard southbound instead of i-95 southbound but they at least have that accident off to the side so things starting to improve. we have another accident i-95 southbound. this one in delaware and it's right near churchman's road. you're seeing speeds of about eight, 11 miles an hour i-95 southbound leading to this accident and one of my twitter followers john saying three cars spun out on i-95 and southbound. it looks like it was just a fast stretch and people taking it too fast. you can't today. you've got the roads that are wet, you've got wet leaves out there and we're finding accidents everywhere. here we've got still the construction 495 northbound at terminal avenue creating big delays there. we've got a water main break here in voorhees as if you didn't have enough problems in camden county, al have a avenue closed down near evesham road.
6:47 am
storm tracker6 live double scan you can see some of the rain is trying to break up at this point its not as steadiest as it was everywhere but it's too law. the damage is done. the were there is on the road. you're driving through it and you need to slow it down, matt. >> thanks, cash karen. developing overnight, a violent exchange at a campus in south carolina left a suspect dead and a campus police officer hurt. the incident led to a brief lockdown at spartanburg methodist college last night. the officer was investigating a vehicle break in when he encountered two people in a car. the car took off striking the officer. he opened fire. one person in the car was killed, the second is now in custody. spartanburg methodist sent a tweet overnight assuring students there is no long area threat on campus. >> new on "action news" police body camera video shows a woman purposely slamming her suv into a oklahoma police cruiser. it happened during a police chase in sands springs on friday. an officer pulled across the road to try to stop the speeding vehicle and fired two shots before the suv slammed into his car sending him flying.
6:48 am
the officer thank goodness wasn't seriously injured. officers climbed through the suv's sunroof to tase and subdue the driver. the 41-year-old woman was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, dui, resisting arrest and other offenses. >> 6:48. and more new stories are next including the fish with vision you might call 20/20/20. david. >> that's crazy. okay, so, we have sweatshirts on the kids. more importantly rain gear both on the way to school and on the way home as it looks like it's going to be a damp one. stockton university, widener university our two colleges of the morning. i'll have your day planner forecast and we'll give you another look at radar. things starting to get better in some neighborhoods. that's coming up. my giant. [door bell ringing] ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you candy. ♪
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that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously?
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at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant. >> a multi vehicle accident shut down i-95 for nearly an hour but now we have a 15 some traffic get through here. this is a lie shot of i-95 at woodhaven road. police were blocking the lanes and forcing everyone off. you still see the flares there but they're allowing some track to get through on i-95. this is all because of a multi-vehicle accident involving two trucks on i-95 southbound at cottman. southbound traffic you see from this shot approaching cottman is still jammed from past woodhaven road to cottman. that multi-vehicle accident now on the shoulder so at least people are moving again. but you might still want to stick to the alternates, frankford avenue or the boulevard southbound until that delay clears out, dave. >> that looks like an absolute parking lot about an hour ago. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you we are starting to see the rain slacken off a little bit in philadelphia.
6:52 am
the roads are still wet. even in the northern suburbs where the rain hasn't been as bad, lots of wet levers on the road and we're still getting pounded with steady rain in parts of south jersey. we are going to get into a lull a little bit before a seconds round of heavier rain arrives later today. 52 degrees in pottstown right now. 54 in saint davids, 50 in chester. across the river in south jersey 61 in buena, 60 in hammonton and close to 60 in smyrna delaware. if you're running errands you might want to give it another hour let this rain get past you. through noon and the early afternoon it's damp with a couple spotty showers but not as drenching as a rain. your lie today is 63 any time after 3 o'clock especially philadelphia north look out another round of steady heavy rain is on the way. matt. >> thanks, david. new on "action news" one of the most polluted bodies of water in the country could be them to a mutant fish. a fisherman shows what he caught in the gowanus canal. a catfish with either eyes on side and the third eye on top. he says he hooked it on sunday.
6:53 am
some question the validity of the catch saying that third eye is suspiciously symmetrical for a mutation. >> wouldn't eat it. brand new this morning a restaurant manager saved a choking customer. the regal seagull in california posted this surveillance video. it shows a customer signaling for help as he was choking on a urge we are. the manager jumps officer the counts and administers the heimlich maneuver. restaurant workers say they're glad he's okay but boy they hope this never happens again. we'll be back. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year.
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>> ♪ >> 6:56 now and an anonymous tip led to the arrest of a man who police say struck and killed a nine-year-old boy in the leaf. darious condash was killed on friday in hanover township northampton county. investigators became suspicious after noticing heavy damage to the front of royce atkins' car. >> let's go back to i-95 and check on this accident scene. a multi-vehicle accident involving at least two trucks now kind of off to the side but you see how jammed traffic is here right now. i-95 southbound jammed past woodhaven road to cottman. it had been shut down completely for almost an hour. northbound jams as well from bridge street to cottman, dave. >> karen you can see the rain has really let up there. storm tracker6 live double scan backing up that idea.
6:57 am
in philadelphia you still have some rain moving through the northern suburbs and another heavy batch coming in through parts of south jersey. today's high 63. a lull in the rain midday. >> keep it here to "gma" and updates every half hour. for karen, matt, david, i'm tam. have a good morning.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terrified passengers evacuated from a plane moments before takeoff. hands on their heads. >> everybody out. everybody out. in the front. >> a police team swoops in arresting this man with suspicious items in his carry-on bag. the airport on lockdown. flights delayed and the big question this morning, how did he get on the plane in the first place? donald trump, the presidential hopeful unleashing on ben carson overnight. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. >> carson still fighting back against those reports he embellished his life story. trump is live this morning on "gma" as the candidates gear up for tonight's high stakes face-off. moment of impact. a wild end to a high-speed police chase. an officer fires his gun trying to stop a stolen suv ramming his


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