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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terrified passengers evacuated from a plane moments before takeoff. hands on their heads. >> everybody out. everybody out. in the front. >> a police team swoops in arresting this man with suspicious items in his carry-on bag. the airport on lockdown. flights delayed and the big question this morning, how did he get on the plane in the first place? donald trump, the presidential hopeful unleashing on ben carson overnight. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. >> carson still fighting back against those reports he embellished his life story. trump is live this morning on "gma" as the candidates gear up for tonight's high stakes face-off. moment of impact. a wild end to a high-speed police chase. an officer fires his gun trying to stop a stolen suv ramming his
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car. the officer sent flying. how the hero cop still managed to make the arrest. and free-falling. a top skier making a sports documentary takes a terrible tumble while the cameras are rolling. cartwheeling more than 1600 feet down a mountain. how an air bag helped him walk away. did you hear that? none of us were shocked. we're all okay. >> everyone is fine. good morning, america. . to get to. the big debate tonight and want to take a look inside the debate hall in milwaukee. things really heating up among the gop rivals. donald trump pulling no punches last night taking aim at ben carson and donald trump's going to join us in just a bit. >> another big crowd last night laying the groundwork. miami airport, passengers evacuated from a plane after a suspicious passenger made it
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through security and everyone on edge after that apparent bombing in egypt. david kerley starts us off at reagan airport. >> reporter: good morning, george. it was more than just one aircraft. at least 20 jetliners held because authorities apparently lost track of this suspicious bag and had to find it. >> on three, on three. >> reporter: passengers taken by surprise as miami police board their plane. >> everybody out, everybody out. from the front. >> reporter: just before takeoff the american airlines jet evacuated. >> the front, let's go, quickly, quickly. >> reporter: police ordering everyone on the jet bound for barbados to put their hands on their head. one passenger taken into custody, who the fbi says got through security just before 5:00 p.m. with suspicious items in his carry-on bag. >> do you have anything on you? >> reporter: the officer noticed the gentleman not making eye contact then started fiddling with the bag and that's when
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they kind of jumped all over him. put him in handcuffs and took him down and ordered all of us to get off the plane as fast as we could. >> get off the plane, get on the ground. >> reporter: the tsa telling abc news the passenger is a dentist and it was his dental equipment which triggered the alarm. at least 20 jets held, delayed or diverted while the search for the bag was on. >> can't even tell us if you're going to get where you're going to go. >> reporter: some 500 passengers affected until the bag and the passenger were actually found. the man was released, george. there's no word whether he actually got to barbados and whether or not he got his bag back or not. >> the question, how did he get through security in the first place? >> reporter: yeah, one source is telling us tsa screeners saw something suspicious in the bag. it was to go to secondary checking and apparently the second officer didn't realize that, released the bag, released
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the passenger. innocently the man went to his plane. tsa hasn't given a specific reason why that second person didn't realize this was a suspicious bag that needed to be checked. >> again, the man has been released now, okay, david, thanks very much. the race for president now and the candidates facing off in tonight's big debate. donald trump and ben carson will be center stage again. a new poll shows they are neck and neck. last night trump giving a preview of the attacks carson may face and trump will join us live in a moment but first abc's tom llamas is there in milwaukee for tonight's showdown. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the debate takes place here at the milwaukee theater and you're right, trump spoke in front of a huge crowd last night putting the pressure on dr. ben carson but this morning we've looked into the stories that he's been questioned about and some are checking out. overnight, donald trump unleashing on dr. ben carson and the new scrutiny over carson's life story. >> this is the only election in
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history where you are better off if you stab somebody. >> reporter: trump and carson now neck and neck in the polls, the retired neurosurgeon forced to answer questions about his violent youth. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. a lot of weird things are happening. this is a strange election, isn't it? >> reporter: carson standing by the stories he wrote about in his autobiography and talks about on the campaign trail like turning his life around as a young man after trying to stab a fellow teen. carson's campaign pointing to an article in "parade" magazine in 1997 where his mother corroborates the storytelling the reporter, oh, that really happened and after "the wall street journal" reported discrepancies in carson's account of an incident at yale where he said he was honored as the most honest student after a class hoax involving a bogus test a fellow student who staged the hoax telling abc news, carson was not lying saying, quote, i think he got it close
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to right. >> i do not remember this level of scrutiny for one president barack obama when he was ruvening, in fact, i remember just the opposite. >> reporter: but as other candidates say, this is all fair game, carson finding some support from senator marco rubio. >> i know everything i need to know about ben carson. he came from a poor family with no advantages in life and worked hard and became one of the world's most renowned neurosurgeons. that's all i need to know. >> reporter: the debate is tonight. it'll be two hours and starts at 9:00 eastern. there will be eight gop candidates on the main stage. governors christine and huckabee did not make it. so much focus going on with carson, unclear how much policy they'll be able to squeeze in. >> we will see. let's talk to donald trump. mr. trump, thank you for joining us by phone today. sounds like you're ready to tee off on ben carson tonight. >> no, not at all. we'll see what happens. it'll be loose and flexible. i have no idea what's going to happen but it will be
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interesting. >> as we've seen in tom's piece right there, some of -- parts of carson's story are starting to check out. when i talked to him on sunday he said you jumped the gun on those stories and that calls into question whether you're fit to be commander in chief. if he repeats that tonight how will you respond? >> well, i'll just simply say and mean it to the bottom, you know, the case was made that he went after his mother with a hammer and he wanted to hit his mother over the head with a hammer, that he stabbed somebody, that he had hit somebody in the face with a lock. he smashed somebody's face with a lock, with a padlock and other things and i'm saying -- he's trying to justify this because he wants to be telling the truth and he's trying to justify it and then he said he's pathological. he has a pathological temper or something and he wrote that himself in the book and, you know, i'm trying to figure out what's going on over here. you hit somebody in the face with a lock and go after your mother with a hammer, you do all of these things and you're trying to justify that, yes, you did them and that's supposed to
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make you credible. >> we heard the word -- >> it's a very strange situation. >> heard the word hammer several times in your answer. want to ask you about an abc news poll. you and ben carson at the top of most polls right now and both doing quite well with republican voters, high favorability but when it goes to the general election voters, he's doing. better than you. he's got a 50% favorability. you're only at 38% and 59% unfavorable for you. how do you explain that and anything you can do about it? >> well, sure, you do a lot about it once you tart running and focusing on that. zogby came out with a poll where i'm at 30 to 127 against ben and i beat hillary head-to-head in numerous polls but that's a different group of folks. right now i'm dealing with republicans. >> you're also dealing with china in an op-ed in "the wall street journal" today you say it's time to tell the truth on china but critics say the policies you're calling for will spark a trade war that will backfire on the united states. how do you respond. >> what's a trade war? we're losing $400 billion a year
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with china in terms of imbalance. they're killing us and in every respect and their currency manipulators are beating us with their currency manipulation and other things so when you say trade war they've got a trade war against us. they beat us at every front. we have people literally that have no clue and if you look at what china is doing step by step by step, i mean, trade war, sure, you won't even have a trade war. china has taken so much money out of the united states, so many jobs, so much of our base that trade war, i don't think you'll have one, frankly, because they can't afford a trade war. >> we saw last week unemployment down to 5%. federal reserve almost certain to raise rates. is that the right move? >> it is the right move but the unemployment is not 5%. the unemployment is probably close to 20%. if you look at all the people out there that want to get jobs that have given up you're talking about unemployment that's actually close to 20%. the world is not happy.
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you know, you talked about my big crowd at the arena last night. it was -- in illinois, it was unbelievable. believe me, if real unemployment was at 5% i wouldn't have had 10,000 people at that arena last night. >> who else is in the hot seat tonight? >> i think everybody. i mean, look, it's a contest. it's a very interesting set of characters. everybody has a very different point of view and i think it's going to be an interesting time tonight. i look forward to it. >> we do too. thanks for joining us this morning? thank you very much, george. >> let's talk to matt dowd about this. how do you explain this, donald trump, ben carson holding on strong at the top of the polls. anything can bring them down. >> i think what explains their strength their authenticity so who they are, they seem genuine and their stories and all that. in the end that's what could bring them down if it bears out their stories and what they stand forrant authentic the cracks would drag them down immediately. the other thing i think they'll have to prove tonight especially is that people can see them as
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commander in chief. there is a question about whether the voters can see them as commander in chief. >> will they get pressed for details on their policy. what are you watching for. >> subplots. will jeb go after marco rubio in the course of this? will donald trump and ben carson engage in the midst of this and i think ted cruz is in an interesting position because i don't think he has an opportunity to bash the refs so what will he do. >> some talk of ted cruz and jeb bush double-teaming marco rubio. >> i think it would be a mistake by them to go after marco rubio. marco rubio is a young guy with a great story. i think they're better off letting the moderators doing the work instead of them doing it. >> let's see what happens. matthew dowd, thanks for being here. later i'll head to washington for an exclusive interview with president obama. we'll bring that to you friday right here on "gma." robin. >> all right, major health news. an important new study on blood pressure that can save lives affecting at least 17 million americans. abc's dr. richard besser is here and these are dramatic findings,
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rich. >> really dramatic. the big question for people with high blood pressure has always been if you treat it how low do you go? people at high risk for heart geez was 140 or 50 for that top number. what they wanted to see here is what happens if you bring that all the way down to 120. so the researchers did a study, half the people went for the current target of 140, half at 120 and studied 9,000 people. all over 50, no diabetes and they were all at risk for heart disease. they had to stop the study early because there was a 25% reduction in bad outcomes like heart attack, stroke or deaths from heart disease in lowering it by 20 points, medication is what led to that reduction. >> exactly. >> side effects, you know, when you talk about medication, is the 20-point difference worth the side effects. >> there was a trade-off so to get it down that low on average people had to be on three medications to get it to the 140 it was two medications and there was a slight increase in er visits for a number of things
7:13 am
for low blood pressure, for fainting though there was no difference in falls and kidney injuries so there was a bit of a trade-off there. >> what are your recommendations. >> there are 17 million people who may benefit from that. a lot of people. talk to your doctor to see if the benefits outweigh the risks but there are so many things people can do to bring down their blood pressure without medication. so maintaining their weight. regular physical activity. making sure they're getting good sleep. keeping the salt out with those processed foods. those things could take care of some of this or make it easier to control. >> all of this is encouraging, thank you very much. dr. besser will be taking your questions throughout the morning. you can tweet him @drrichardbesser. snow, hail rain and it's moving east and ginger, so many are on the lookout for a blizzard. >> so many. you've got to see the numbers. first, san francisco, california, picture of the thunderstorms that rolled through the bae. that is the golden gate bridge
7:14 am
getting struck by lightning. you move to nevada where it came as heavy snow and this same storm now digging into the west with winter weather advisories from nevada up to montana into colorado and utah. look at that blizzard warning and watch, northeast colorado, western kansas and nebraska, that means wind, plus snow. it doesn't necessarily mean you get tons and tons of snow but does mean really bad travel conditions and out front, potential for tornadoes, damaging wind and, of course, that large hail. des moines to peoria back to st. louis. . more on this coming up. for now back to robin. >> amy has the morning's other top stories beginning with big news, the university of missouri. >> that's right. the school football team there will resume practice after the school's president resigned amid growing racial tension and the chancellor says he will step aside from his position, as well. students and faculty had joined the football team's protest. the team threatened to boycott over how racial tensions were handled. so coming up at 7:30 we will
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talk to jonathan butler, the grad student who staged a hunger strike triggering the protest on campus. a setback for president obama's immigration plan. his executive order would have protected 5 million undocumented immigrant children and parents of u.s. citizens from deportation. but now an appeals court has sided with 26 states who say the president exceeded his authority. the white house is expected to appeal to the supreme court. and there are new details in the growing scandal involving russia and the olympic games. this morning russian president vladimir putin says doping accusations against russian athletes and claims that the russian government staged a cover-up are, quote, unfounded. putin says no evidence has been presented by the world anti-doping agency. but the russian track and field federation has been given until the end of this week to respond to that report. russian athletes could be suspended from next year's summer olympics. well, some dramatic video from alaska. pro skier ian macintosh, look at him there, he tumbled 1600 feet
7:16 am
downhill while filming a movie. he deployed an air bag safety device on the way down, thankfully and remarkably was n uninjured. once he stopped, macintosh was heard saying, i'm okay. by the way, the movie is called "paradise waits". finally if you want to get a good night sleep we have a very unusual suggestion. turn the lights off when you're brushing your teeth. a neuroscientist in britain studied the issue and said bright bathroom lights could be waking up your body as it should be preparing to rest. you know, i actually brush my teeth in the dark in the morning so i'm actually still asleep right now. did you know that. >> do you do squats when brushing your teeth? >> that's ginger's thing. >> and they really tire you out. >> squats, check. >> lights off. thanks, amy. that dramatic police chase caught on body cam in just 30 seconds.
7:17 am
>> back at 7:17 with that wild ending to a police chase in oklahoma. an officer lucky to be alive after his cruiser was rammed head-on by an suv. t.j. holmes here with the story. hey, t.j. >> reporter: good morning. he was under the protection of god. that is how a police chief describes how his officer got out of the situation in which he came face-to-face with a suspect in an suv. the officer pulls his gun. the suspect hits the gas. horrifying moments as an suv races towards a police cruiser. a police body camera captures the driver appearing to aim right for the officer's karaming it before being stopped by two gunshots.
7:18 am
it all began when officers in tulsa, oklahoma, chased a woman for five miles. she was accused of stealing an suv. eventually they corner her vehicle in a school parking lot. police officer matt stacy races out of his car in an attempt to lay down spikes to flatten her tires. three seconds later it comes barreling toward him. stacy gets off two shots. >> stop, stop. >> reporter: his body camera shows him tumbling to the ground and racing back up. the suv careening to the other end of the parking lot. the officers run after the suspect who taunts them. >> put your hands on top of your head. do not move. >> reporter: eventually they're able to subdue her. >> taser, taser. >> reporter: she faces four felony charges. the tulsa police chief commending his officers for the job they did. and she's taunting and yelling at the officers. some profanities. they do believe drugs was involved here but the officer checked into the hospital, got checked out and he's out of there. but, again, that was at an
7:19 am
elementary school, all right, and shots were fired. no students or teachers involved but an ugly, scary scene. >> the officers there doing the right thing, all right. thank you, t.j. much for ahead. those dramatic developments at the university of missouri. the president stepping down. the chancellor being reassigned and racial tensions and protests over there. will other colleges follow suit? now the student whose hunger strike started it all is going to speak out only on "gma." a new lawsuit taking on one of your favorite cereals right there. we'll be right back. america to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use their bank americard cash rewards credit card to sweeten the holiday season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections. apply online or at
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glorious site for anyone who loves skiing and >> police and penndot still on the scene but at least i-95 opened. southbound traffic had been shut down at this point for nearly an hour. we can see that traffic is moving right here. police in pen to the still on the scene and we're jammed at this point from academy road to girard but certainly things are a lot better than they were before you just need to be careful with the wet roads, wet leaves out there making the road slippery. here's an accident in cheltenham and it is blocking a least one lane. we're hearing that there are people injured on the scene so another serious accident in montgomery county on lakeside
7:25 am
avenue at cheltenham. also in upper darby delaware county lansdowne avenue is shut down because of an accident here between school lane and state road. we're hearing this accident involving a pedestrian. a lot of horrible accidents out there today, matt. be careful. >> thanks karen. taking a live look at the platt memorial bridge. it is braking up in some spots. other still heavy. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy. >> roads wet pretty much everywhere. storm tracker6 double scan you're right the rain is tapering out of in intensity in southeastern pennsylvania and areas close to the delaware river. we have heavy cells in south jersey highlighted in yellow and even in philadelphia the roads still on the wet side. temperatures right now 56 degrees in philadelphia, 52 in allentown, 71 in sea isle city, a bit on the breezy side and your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high of 63. cloudy and damp today with a lull in the rain through around midday and then later this afternoon in through tonight we're going to see some steadier rain build back in so the evening commute especially in the northern half of the region could be wet again.
7:26 am
tomorrow better, 65 and partly sunny. matt. >> thanks, david. we'll be right back in weren't minute and 40 seconds. ♪ yeah. that's the one right? we forgot dave! thank you. so, can the test drive be over now? maybe head back to the dealership? it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new tiguan and other select volkswagen models.
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>> fast food workers joined colleagues nationwide to fight for a you here minimum wage. self protests protest outside
7:28 am
mcdonald's. rally scheduled for this afternoon outside philadelphia city hall. bok what north korea about 25ba. back to jamb now.
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we welcome you back to "gma" and looking live at miami international airport. a major scare there last night. a suspicious passenger making it on a plane, everyone evacuated by police. the passenger taken into custody and then released. other flights delayed or diverted as you can imagine. >> everyone edgy the downing of that russian plane. big change at seaworld phasing out its killer whale show at its san diego park. plans to focus on conservation. ticket tales declining since a documentary criticized them. chipotle restaurants could re-open. they haven't been able to find the source of the recent e. coli outbreak that closed restaurants in oregon and washington. this photo taking the
7:31 am
internet by storm. jesse will have a lot more on that. >> remember the dress, the outfit that sent the internet into a frenzy. now people are having a field day with this photo. looks like a normal field, right? wait till you hear what it really is. that's coming up ahead in "the speed feed." >> but a big tease. sweeping changes at the university of missouri. the university president stepping down, the chancellor there reassigned after those protests over how the school handled allegations of racism on campus. in a minute we'll hear from the grad student who staged a hunger strike but first alex perez is in columbia, missouri, with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. the now former university president admitting his departure was necessary for this campus to move forward. this morning, two top roles at the university of missouri are now vak apartmecant sm i'm resi.
7:32 am
>> reporter: it's president tim wolfe resigning and chancellor r. bowen loftin transitioning to another role. both under a tidal wave of pressure from students angry over the handling of what they call institutional racism on campus. >> i take full responsibility for the inaction that has occurred. >> reporter: students saying they have been subjected to racial slurs, a swastika recently found in a dorm bathroom. many on campus protested for weeks. one jonathan butler even mounting a hunger strike until wolfe resigned. the football team who vowed not to play until the president stepped aside ready to get back on the field. >> let this be a testament to all other athletes across the country that you do have power. you do have power. >> reporter: the university now vowing action over the next three months to create the new role of chief diversity inclusion and equity officer and to start a full review of
7:33 am
policies on staff and student conduct. it's a victory now being watched on campuses across the nation also facing racial tensions. like at yale, hundreds marching monday protesting alleged racial intolerance on campus. >> that is an accomplishment to make a voice for all other universities to let them know you don't have to stand for injustices on your campus. >> reporter: and those students telling me this has been an emotional roller coaster for them. the university toad to lose more than a million dollars had they forfeited that upcoming football game on saturday. robin. >> all right, alex, thank you very much. joining us now is jonathan butler, the jufrts of missouri grad student who staged a hunger strike in protest. good morning to you, jonathan. i see that you have other students that have gathered there around you and i know that you said you did not want the focus to be your hunger strike, that that was not the focus, that it was about the cause, but
7:34 am
many people want to know how are you doing, jonathan? how is your health? you went seven days without eating. >> first of all, robin, thank you for having me and thank you for having us, i brought the members of concerned students 1950. the original organizing group. and, yeah, i really didn't want this to be about the hunger trike. although it was unfortunate that had to come to such a drastic measure. the real issue is the campus climate and all the issues that our students are facing. in terms of me healthwise, i'm smiling. i got my friends with me so i'm so appreciative of them. they've been such a great support network and definitely after the hospital visit i got checked out so i'm doing well. >> i'm glad that you are doing well. you talk about the measures that you took and that you called the conditions there on campus the words you used was unlivable. can you describe more what you were talking about? >> yeah, the campus climate here at the university of missouri has been unlivable since i was
7:35 am
here as an undergraduate student so started here in 2008. and in my first semester i had individuals write the "n" word on my wall and had white students who were literally physically assaulting me. the campus culture here is not welcoming to people who are of the majority identity. >> and what do you think of the measures that the university say they are now going to take? they're going to establish a chief diversity officer, they're going to review their policies. is that enough? >> honestly, i am slightly disappointed with the measures. i was definitely expecting more. i say that one because all those measures have been outlined by faculty, students and staff who have been doing activism on campus for years and so these are things we've been suggesting so i was looking for something a little bit more new and more innovative and also more substantial. i do acknowledge it's a step in the right direction. we need to know these aren't just promises or words to calm us down as students but really true changes to happen on this campus. >> i know you don't want this to
7:36 am
be symbolic. you don't want 9 hunger strike or the president stepping down to be symbolic but further measures. what exactly is it that you are looking for and your classmates? >> for me i'm looking for respect. there's a lot of things i'm looking for but when you look at the values of the university, you respect responsibility, discovering excellence, the fact that we can have different differing identities background, lifestyles et cetera is okay. we're not expecting everyone to 100% agree with what we're doing or 100% agree with our lifestyle but demand they respect our differences and our differences in humanity. >> jonathan, the entire football team and coaching staff stood united. they said they were one with you and this cause. what did that mean to you? >> that honestly meant the world to me so it was powerful for them to use their millions of dollar platform to advocate for social change. >> the team and coaches said they were concerned about you and that's what their focus was and making sure that you were
7:37 am
going to be okay. have you heard from other students on other campuses? >> absolutely. the outpour for concerned student 1950 in general has been amazing. so many campuses are facing so many similar things and so i think it's really powerful to continue to fight for change. >> you have received, you and others there overwhelming support but there are others that are saying, hunger strike, forcing a resignation, is that the best way to bring about change, jonathan? some people are asking that. >> i would refrain the question in instances like ask yourself why did we have to get to that place? i think that's the most important question to ask. if people did their research they would understand that for years upon years we've been writing letters. we've tried almost every method of communication and we're not being heard. >> it's important for meme to know, i know this has been going on as you said for some time and the measures you took before this took place. jonathan butler, thank you very much and all the students that
7:38 am
are joining you there on the campus at mizzou. we wish everyone there all the best going forward. thank you. >> thank you so much, robin. >> and the president when he resigned president wolfe said he was resigning out of love, not hate and that he was hoping that this -- that the healing process could begin there at mizzou. >> we hope we can see real change. he set a powerful example that student. this box of cheerios may be on your table right now. but this morning one group is saying its name is misleading. we'll tell you why. to do great things, sometimes you gotta break the rules. surface pro 4. a new screen for new perspectives. a new pen for new masterpieces. new speakers for a new sound. we reinvented the surface pro. so you can reinvent everything else.
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kohl's back now with that new lawsuit against one of america's favorite breakfast cereals. cheerios under fire right now. abc's jim avila is in washington with the details. >> reporter: good morning. cheerios a breakfast staple lauded for its healthy brand is being sued accused of cheating consumers with an alleged misleading label on the new type
7:43 am
of little os. something new on that iconic box in big, bold letters. protein. >> oh, high in protein. that good thing to have for breakfast. >> reporter: the centers for science and public interest says cheerios undercuts its healthful reputation by marketing this new cereal as packed with protein when according to a just filed lawsuit it's actually packed with sugar. >> you're getting a little more protein but not the worth of four teaspoons more sugar. art here's the numbers. for the same 200 calories regular cheerios has six grams of protein. cheerios protein just a smidgen more. 6.7 grams. but look at the sugar breakdown we found. that same 200 calories of regular cheerios just 2 grams of sugar. while cheerios protein, oats and honey has a whopping 16 grams of
7:44 am
sugar. in fact, this cheerios variety has more sugar than every other cheerios on the market, more than frosted cheerios, fruity cheerios and, even chocolate cheerioss. >> people are being cheated. not only is general mills giving you so much more sure they're also charging you more for this product. >> reporter: general mills told us in a statement, cheerios protein is accurately labeled an equal amount of cheerios protein contains 18% more protein by weight than original cheerios. and they did not respond to repeated questions about the amount of sugar. cspi is asking for unspecified damages and for cheerios to change the way it markets this new variety. by the way, regular cheerios has one type of sweetener in it, plain old sugar. cheerios protein honey and oats has nine different types from corn syrup to brown sugar to molasses. robin and george.
7:45 am
>> always important to check the ingredients. >> i wonder how this will turn out. thank you. coming up a game of hide and sheep? jesse has more on that. >> nicely done. >> that's right. what if i told you there were hundred, literally hundreds of animals hiding in this field. you don't believe me? we'll show you next in our "speed feed." the whipped cream sea be extra whippy! [ laughing ] together: ahhhhhhhhhhh! yarrrr, it be the twizzler. run! crew member: what does he want? happy holidays! free shipping all season long at and free returns too!
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all right, we're back now with "the speed feed" and this morning, we're counting sheep but not to fall asleep, jesse, please explain. >> counting sheep for our own sanity. you know the internet loves a rid. remember the dress. blue or black. people thought they saw white and gold but it was blue and black. well, now there is a new picture puzzle and it's ruling the web. take a look at this shot. there are actually more than 500 sheep in this photo. >> i'm looking. oh, i see them. >> can you see them? >> i see them? i kind of see them. >> what about now. another picture. >> in the background maybe? >> you see them. >> are they what looks like wheat? >> good guess. >> more photos. >> no, you don't -- how about now. check them out now. >> now i can.
7:50 am
>> see them in the background. there they all are. a canadian farmer did a double and triple take when she was looking for her flock and she says it's not just in the wintertime. here's one from the summer. >> you can see that. >> see those clearly. >> and like to hide in tall grass. >> i can see them. >> and this is what the internet is talking about this morning, guys. >> that's right. >> sneaking sheep in saskatchewan, canada. >> we'll have more on that when we return. >> and the dress one was a lot more fun. >> yeah. >> a little more challenging. thank you both. when we come back at the top of the hour, a new warning for parents about youth soccer and pamela anderson's huge health victory saying she is cured from a disease ha she's been battling for more than a decade. come on back. coming up "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving brought to you by walmart. share wonder every day. making christmas wishes come true from wherever you are.
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hey, guy! pc does what?! shhhh pc does what no pc has done before. does yours? back on "gma" now and one of the coolest pictures we saw as of yesterday, cape town, south africa. people looked up and said is that a ufo. it's not. it's helene tick lahr cloud that form around mountains and that's what they look like. has to do with moisture in the air.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> ♪ >> good morning. i'm matt o'donnell. 7:56 on this tuesday november 10. it's going to be a rough one out there. let's go to karen rogers. >> i think when you look at this shot you get the idea. it's just a rainy miserable mess out here. this is exton chester county. no accidents but 202 at the 30 bypass you see how jammed that traffic is northbound past boot road to 401 wherever you are you have a slower commute today. we have a lot of water on the roadways, wet leaves. here's an accident involving a pedestrian out here in upper darby. this is lansdowne avenue. they shut it down now between school lane and state road. if you're in this area use west chester pike or burmont road. police medical units ambulance on the scene with this accident involving a pedestrian in delaware county. on i-95 this is has been the problem spot all morning much it's really cleared out here. 95 southbound at cottman we had a multi-vehicle accident with at least two trucks that has cleared. lanes are back opened but you're jammed academy to
7:57 am
girard. matt. >> thanks karen. it is not raining everywhere but it is damp just about everywhere as we take a live look at the jersey shorely let's go to dave murphy. david. >> all right, matt, we have a little bit of light rain still here on the terrace. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you the heaviest stuff is still in south jersey and then we're going to get into a lull before too much longer where it's just kind of gray and damp but not all that actively rainy. 57 degrees in philadelphia right now. 51 in allentown. this afternoon accuweather says a high of 63 degrees and another round of steadier rain arrives later today and extends into tonight. areas about from philadelphia north would have the best chance of seeing that next round and then, matt, veterans day looks a lot better. partly sunny and 65. >> thanks, david. an anonymous tip led to the arrest of a man who police say struck and killed a nine-year-old boy in the lehigh valley. darious condash was killed on friday in hanover township northampton county. investigators became suspicious after noticing heavy damage to the front of royce atkins' car.
7:58 am
that's all we have for you here on "action news." we'll be back in about 25 minutes. let's go right back to "good morning america." >> ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. pamela anderson says she's cured. free from the liver disease that's haunted her for 16 years. did she really overcome hepatitis c? the all-out way she's celebrating her medical victory. black friday frenzy. astonishing deals just revealed by some of the biggest retailers. >> let the holidays begin. >> from target to walmart. how the megachains are opening the doors to super savings earlier than ever. the stunning new research that could change the way we look at weight. it's a new medical alert about belly fat. why carrying extra weight around your waist may be more dangerous than being obese. >> big drama in the ballroom. tamar braxton rushed to the hospital right after dress rehearsal. >> she's really sick. >> making it back to the live
8:01 am
broadcast with just seconds to spare. her partner val talking to her cameras. >> never count somebody out. >> and the booted couple, alex skah and mark here in times square live. >> good morning, america. ♪ >> that's not all as we say good morning, america. there they are. alexa penavega, mark ballas here live off the dance floor, they look fresh this morning. >> they got 10s last night but they are still here. we're going to talk to them in just a little bit. >> a lot of drama last night on the dance floor. also ahead, what do your daughters really think about beauty as they grow up? surprising results when ashley graham checks in with these girls four years after we first asked them. four years ago we asked them about themselves and following up. >> that's going to be good. >> interested to see that follow-up.
8:02 am
great we did that. also, "gma" undercover. who are these stars taking on an unsuspecting dance class, the big reveal ahead. it will surprise you. >> i think i know who it is. >> i know. >> let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> all right. good morning, everyone. we begin in miami where at least 20 planes were delayed or diverted overnight after a passenger made it through security with a suspicious bag. a police team rushed on to his flight evacuating other passengers and arresting him. turns out he was a dentist carrying his equipment. he was questioned and released and it seems a tsa agent had seen that bag and set it aside for a secondary check but the signals were crossed and the dentist was allowed to get on the plane. no charges will be filed. well, the republican presidential candidates are preparing for battle on the debate stage once again tonight. donald trump and ben carson are in a dead heat as they enter into tonight's debate this milwaukee. six others will join them on stage for the prime time
8:03 am
face-off and trump is already on the attack slamming carson for the alleged discrepancies about his self-described violent youth but carson is taking aim at the media saying no other candidate has ever undergone such scrutiny. well, a new move to improve safety during youth soccer games. the u.s. soccer federation wants to ban children ages 10 and younger from heading the ball and it wants to place limbs on head butting for players between 11 and 13. it's part of a series of safety guidelines proposed by the group in response to a lawsuit over head injuries. well, there's parentally no need to wait for black friday this year. the holiday shopping season in full swing that could add up to big savings. abc's rebecca jarvis is at a target store here in new york with all the details. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hi, amy. good morning to you. 46 days to go. people outside here are actually carrying their umbrellas because it's raining but inside this target store and stores across the country this morning, it's already beginning to look a lot
8:04 am
like christmas. target saying it will launch ten days of black friday deals, you can now even preorder those doorbuster deals and best buy, they're announcing eight black friday deals become available today. this morning, and at walmart the minute all the halloween decorations came down the christmas decorations and deals went up running eight straight weeks of deals leading up to christmas time and what's very interesting here is that last year when things got started so much earlier, the deals over the thanksgiving weekend didn't actually draw in the customers they thought it would. in fact, sales were down 6.4% and now there are some retailers who are trying an entirely different route altogether, nordstrom says they're going to wait to put up their christmas decorations until after thanksgiving. amy. >> what a thought. all right. rebecca, thank you. and going viral this morning, pamela anderson sharing good news about her health with the world. anderson says she has been cured
8:05 am
of hepatitis c. she posted a picture of herself celebrating while nude on a yacht. the 48-year-old who went public with her diagnosis in 2002 credits a new fda approved drug tore her healing. anderson says that treatment will be more widely available soon and encouraged others not to lose hope flts a brave grandmother who wasn't going to let a bunch of burglars get away with her valuables. her security camera captured this when one of them dropped something. listen to how grandma responded. >> get the hell out of here. >> yep, you heard her right and get out of there is exactly what they did. one of them running right past her on his way out the door. somehow i don't think if you or i said that -- >> when a grandma says that. >> sorry, grandma. >> i'm glad they did what she asked. >> yes, exactly. a look at the "morning menu." >> a new health alert about
8:06 am
belly fat. the hidden dangers no matter what you weigh. dr. ashton is with us live. and the perfect tinder match but it has nothing to do with romance. how the app helped save a woman's life. then a dramatic night on "dancing with the stars." tamar braxton's big scare, we'll have the latest on that and the booted couple, two of my favorites, alexa and mark live on "gma" here in times square. hi, guys. hi, guys. we'll be right back. ♪ e on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering. our next mission could be anything. so we prepare for everything. ♪
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8:09 am
with these girls four years after we asked them what beauty means. the surprising ruts coming up. it definitely touched my heart. >> yes. >> you will look forward to this one.
8:10 am
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welcome back to "gma" and that alarming new report this morning on belly fat. finding not all fat is equal. carrying extra weight around your middle may be more dangerous than, well, being obese. here's gio benitez with more. ♪ >> reporter: this morning, the battle over belly fat, a stunning new study may change the way we look at weight. according to the study, this kind of heavier body with fat evenly distributed is actually healthier than this, a normal weight body with a so-called beer belly which doubles the mortality risk. it's called normal weight central obesity. the tutd di of more than 15,000 people found the spare tire is responsible for more total and
8:12 am
cardiovascular death. >> it's tucked next to your organs and feeding them toxins, this is the riskiest fat in your body. >> reporter: there's one important number to know. your waist to hip ratio. so we turned to abc news nutrition and wellness editor dave zinczenko, author of "the zero belly diet." >> first your waist, about an inch above your navel, 33 and widest part, 39. >> reporter: 33 combied divided by 39, 0.84. >> as long as you're under 0.9 you're in great shape. >> time to put on fake pounds. add a few inches which is not going to happen. >> you're adding, you know, about eight inches. >> reporter: bringing my waist to hip ratio up to a dangerous 1.05. doubling my death risk. so, guys, if your waist to hip ratio is 0.9 or higher, you may be at risk and women aren't totally excluded here.
8:13 am
if your ratio is 0.85 or higher, you probably have that central obesity. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to gio. dr. jennifer ashton is here with more. explain why it's so dangerous. >> it's called visceral fat. very different than the fat under your skin called subcutaneous fat. this is hormonally active and profuses hormones and affects how our hormones function and metabolism and how our body uses insulin and glucose and can affect how our body forms blood clots. it is a bad actor and the dangerous thing you can't always see it so we're looki ing for n noninvasive ways to measure it. >> what's the best way to get rid of it? >> exactly. that's the silver lining in this whole thing is that there is a lot you can do even though you can't see this fat to kind of pro-vent it and reduce it from having an impact on you.
8:14 am
the first thing is exercise. more is better. different kinds of exercise are important. you want to mix up cardio with believe it or not resistance or weights and really want to get that in six days a week. the way you eat, that's key. so you want to tend to go for a indict et low in saturated fat and sugar and it's never too late to correct bad dietary habits then, of course, in the pharmaceutical world there is drugs in the pipeline and research and development that will just hopefully target visceral fat. >> when we talk about bmi, body mass index, everybody -- all the confusion about it. this study seems to indicate that other factors are more important. >> they are. and remember that in medicine when we look at one thing, it's never just one thing. we're looking at a constellation of factors to assess someone's risk for heart disease and the associated negative things that go along with being overweight or obese. body mass index. can you go online and plug in a simple calculator to find out your number. that's a key number but it's not the only number so we'll hear more about other things like this in the future.
8:15 am
>> you'll help people calculate because you'll be on twitter. >> twitter questions all morning. >> you heard her. she will be taking your questions @drjashton or post them on "gma's" facebook page. amy. >> thank you so much. now to that remarkable story of how a dating app saved a woman's life. the mother of two was in desperate need of a kidney and jesse has more on her story we saw on "people" magazine's website. >> talk about luck at first swipe. florida mom erica braggen blessed by a miracle using the tinder app to go on a blind date that would change her life forever. we know the popular dating app tinder can help you swipe your way to love. what about saving a life? for one florida woman a simple swipe to the right doing just that. it all started with rich o'day, a single guy looking for a connection on tinder and when he matched with 35-year-old jennifer thomas, he says there was an instant spark. >> i thought jennifer was a pretty girl. we had many mutual friend,
8:16 am
that's always a good sign so i swiped right. >> reporter: they made plans to go on a date where rich opened up about erica, his best friend's wife. the 47-year-old mother of two suffering from a rare kidney disease and in desperate need of a transplant after being on the list for nearly three years. >> jen had such a positive response to talking about erica and her family and she seemed genuinely interested in helping out in any way she could. >> all that happened was we had a conversation about it. he told me about her and i wanted to do something. >> reporter: just a few days after that date rich telling erica and her husband scott about a complete stranger willing to help. >> one day he gradually mentioned there was someone who had come forward and would be tested. >> reporter: in the end rich and jennifer didn't turn out to be the perfect match but after months of testing jennifer and erika turned out to be for a kidney donation. >> it feels incredible to be
8:17 am
able to help. >> reporter: erika set to get her new kidney in a week. >> there are people out there who do things for other people. >> it's been a blessing and a miracle. >> reporter: one simple swipe saving a life and creating an unbreakable bond. >> going on a tinder date and having a romantic relationship is great, that's wonderful and a lot of people do that but i gained something a lot better. >> wow. >> we want to thank "people" magazine for that incredible story and although rich and jennifer didn't pursue a romantic relationship the two became fast friends and now the bragans consider jennifer and her son part of their family. incredible. you never know where help is going to come. >> god bless donors. good grief. such an unselfish act to do something like that. >> thanks for bringing that. "dancing with the stars" time. showstopping night last night and some outstanding performances all around, all kinds of drama on and off the dance floor.
8:18 am
one star even missing from the ballroom. drama on the dance floor. >> i'm looking for tamar. >> reporter: val steps on the stage. >> tamar braxton sent to the er sick with pneumonia and exhaustion. >> she's really sick. >> she's in the hospital right now. >> just hurts. >> reporter: the judges gave her scores based on rehearsal footage. >> 8, 7. 7. >> and the duo was in danger of being eliminated until the biggest surprise of the night. she makes it back. >> i'm amazed you're here. >> with new strength she earns her team a near perfect score. >> 9, 9. 9. >> i thought we were going to go and i was okay with that honestly. i was okay with that because i want her to be well. i'm glad she's okay and i want her to take care of herself. >> reporter: as tensions run high for another duo. >> this is awful. this is so awful. >> reporter: alexa henry husband carlos penavega in the bottom
8:19 am
two of the ninth week of competition. and alexa earned perfect scores throughout the night with mark ballas. >> 10. >> 10. >> 10. >> reporter: but even those perfect scores couldn't save them from a devastating elimination. >> i wanted it to be me. >> reporter: it shocks the ballroom. >> so unjust that she's the one going home. >> reporter: and carlos sends alexa this message. >> i love you dearly. you are so incredible and proved to the world you are a dancer. >> reporter: and alexa penavega, mark ballas joins now. i had a text from harper full of teary-eyed emojis, no! no. two perfect scores. it was a shock. >> yeah. it was. >> it was. but i was saying to her she really was amazing last night. really embodied the movement and you're going to go out, go out with a bang. i was really proud of her last night and she did really, really good. >> it was emotional.
8:20 am
you told the story through dance, a very personal battle with bulimia. how was that for you? >> it was something that i -- i knew that rat some point in my life i would talk about it. i didn't know when it would be because i still carry that fear of what people will think of me. i didn't want people to think of me and go, oh, that's who she is. she struggled with that. i want them to think of me as an overcomer as still who i am. i just happen to have that experience and feel like this show allowed me to gain that confidence to just talk about it and maybe help other people who are going through that and really just put it all to rest. >> yeah, you got to make that. not only you were emotional but your husband carlos. >> oh, god. that was -- that was rough. >> he flew with you overnight. >> he's upstairs. he said you're not going to new york without me. >> it should have been me, he said. >> babe, it's fine. it's okay. you just got to go out there. you'll get that mirrorball whether you steal it or win it
8:21 am
you're bringing that mirrorball home. >> mark, meantime, i don't think i ever saw someone come from the emergency room to the dance floor. >> i've seen injuries happen and people go down but it was a close call and none of us knew if she would make it back and fortunately she did and she was able to continue. >> doesn't it always seem -- there's always something. every season -- >> when the show is live like injuries happen. people get sick, you know, things happen and that's -- >> part of -- >> part of the process and that's why it it exciting. it's live. >> you've had such great corpsi choreograp choreography. you and derek had trouble with the charleston. >> straight 10s last night. >> if you get -- one of us gets stress. ktv'ing it. >> ktv. >> ktv. very bad.
8:22 am
>> thanks for dancing with the snake. i mean we got to see it all thanks to this guy. >> that was crazy. mark is incredible. >> they gave us that show -- number to re-create but that snake was very much alive and big. >> we saw it. >> it was beautiful, though. her name was daisy. >> i don't know because in the beginning i have never really cared for snakes very much but bindi just described it. she's it's just a giant worm. it's a giant worm. i know it sounds crazy. >> you were so good with it. >> she was great. daisy was amazing. >> you were great with it. you guys were great all season long. thanks for coming in. "dancing with the stars" next monday at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 >> that was great bindi impression. really good. i had the emojis too. look at this. i skipped school today. apparently that's okay if you're a teacher. >> yes, it's okay. >> we're safe. but we're not safe as far as the delays at airports like la guardia and philadelphia this morning and you can see why. fog on the 202 there near philadelphia you can see the rain showers moving through
8:23 am
scattered at tombs throughout the day along the east coast. not going to drop a whole lot of rain but we'll leave it there so you can see how much. that's the big picture. let's get check a little closer to home. >> ginger a little picture close from home. we have rain on 222 and elsewhere around the region. but it is starting to pull off to the north. still some steady stuff down in south jersey. taking a look outside cloudy skies, still damp across the region, low lying cloud cover and not a great start. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, we're going if the 50's to a high of just 63 today. it will be cloudy and at times rainy. the last of the rain not ending until after maryland night tonight. then wednesday partly sunny, 65, nice for veterans day. shin party here in tooipz but time to get some "pop". >> we begin with a major headline that will change everything you thought you few about a beloved character. yeah, it seems we've all been calling winnie the pooh a he
8:24 am
when the famous bear is in fact a she? wow. >> no way. >> yes. a new book called "finding winnie" unravels the story of the honey loving bear that inspired the famous children's tale. winnie short for winnipeg was bought as a cub by this man, lieutenant harry during the first world war when he to leave to go to france with his unit he left winnie at the london zoo. there she was often visited by a young boy named christopher robin who named his teddy bear after her and, of course, the final piece in the puzzle, christopher's dad was a.a. milne, the creator of the literary masterpiece we all know and love. winnie the pooh is a girl. another story for girl power. >> lots to absorb. >> yeah, it is, george. >> a lot to absorb. >> it will change everything. >> speaking of absorbing, i'd like you to absorb this. >> okay. >> excitement bubbling over
8:25 am
among champagne lovers in this "pop news" investigation, emphasis on pop. researchers from the university of redding claiming that popping the cork on a bottle of champagne and drinking up to three glasses of the bubbles each week might prevent dementia. it certainly sounds like cause for celebration but before you mix up that economimosa this mo we want to disclose this has only been tested thus far on rats, however, strangely enough, we have multiple volunteers offering their service for this very important study. >> soon. >> i know personally i'll test it if you have three glasses a night that can cause dementia. i am no stranger to the champagne campaign. >> the champagne campaign starring jesse palmer. all right, our first lab rat right there. and finally, everybody, if you're the sort of person who feels like throwing your alarm clock against the wall every morning, all of us.
8:26 am
>> yes. >> included. another "pop news" investigation or should i say pop snooze investigation, this is an app, it's called the morning man alarm clock. it allows you to wake up to the soothing tones of a gentleman's voice. listen. >> it's time to wake up, my love. >> you can choose from a wide variety of accents. sexy scotsman. >> i think that would creep me out. >> this tells you wake up. a frenchman said i dreamed of you last night, my dear. there's also a dapper englishman who offered you a caffey americana. your dream man gets louder and louder the longer you ignore them. >> go across the room so fast. >> my husband -- >> incredible.
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> hey everyone, it's eight:27 on this tuesday. i'm matt o'donnell. track has really been quite horrible this morning. let's go to karen rogers. >> yeah, the schuylkill is jammed looking live here at the boulevard we have westbound traffic jammed approaching the boulevard to gladwyne eastbound is jammed from 202 to the blue route and city avenue to girard and you see those slow speeds on the big picture. 13, 16, 12 miles an hour. very slow go and we've got a handful of accidents out there and problems as well. we have the boulevard northbound at large street outer drive two vehicle accident watch for that. lincoln drive northbound at gypsy lane getting an accident there involving a car that smashed into a guardrail. we've got at least one lane blocked right there and in upper darby an issue on lansdale avenue remains closed near state street. use west chester pike or
8:28 am
burmont. slow speeds on the majors matt. >> tracking the rain with meteorologist, david murphy. david. >> matt, light rain still falling here on the terrace. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. you can see we're getting closer to the end of this first round. parts of chester county and new castle county out from under it. at the same time there's still some steady rain falling in burlington county and creeping up toward trenton and temperatures rider now are cool. 58 degrees in philadelphia, 51 in allentown, a bit breezy. your seven-day from accuweather shows a high of 63. it will stay cloudy today and at times rainy. a another batch of steadier rain later this afternoon and tonight most of that tracking to the north of philadelphia. steadiest stuff this morning has been to the south and then overnight we start to dry out. wednesday it looks good, partly sunny and 65 degrees in philadelphia for veterans day, 63 and damp again on thursday. matt. >> thanks, david. see what's happening to the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. a link with all the details is on >> ♪
8:29 am
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so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. ♪ [ humming the "star wars" theme ] >> penitentiatatonix. >> they'll perform the legendary "star wars" score with the full sympathy orchestra at this year's american music awards sunday, november 22nd, 8 p.m. eastern. where could you see that? here on abc. >> what do you know. >> over to amy. >> well, guess what, i am here with model and body activist ashley graham. come on over here, ashley. >> here i come. >> our series "gma" body proud. this morning ashley is catching up with a group of young girls we first met several years ago when we interviewed them about air blooming sense of body image raising the question what does it mean to be beautiful? watch.
8:31 am
>> high hips are huge. >> oh, please. i hate my calves. >> at least you guys can wear halters. i have man shoulders. >> from "mean girls" showing the pressures they face while battling the war on body image. hollywood's a-listers preaching acceptance. >> i'm not going to apologize for who i am and i'm going to actually love the skin that i'm in and not be striving for some other version of myself. >> reporter: it's a back and forth battle so many girls face. four years ago we gathered a group of young girls between the ages of 5 and 8 to get their honest perspective on body image. showing them stock images of other young girls to get their first impressions on the bodies in the pictures. >> the girl in the blue shirt is really chubby wubby. >> yeah. >> chubby wubby. >> her arms are a little chubby. >> she looks really glad. >> now tweens, ashley graham has brought those girls together again. >> awesome. >> asking them the same
8:32 am
questions. >> you still think she's chubby wubby. >> no. >> showing them the same stock photos of real-life girls. >> what does chubby wubby mean exactly. >> i don't know. i guess that she's bigger, not as healthier as all of them. >> but i don't really think that as. anymore. >> reporter: many of the girls' opinions have softened over the years showing more compassion. do you think that overweight people are ugly? >> they could have like a really overweight body but doesn't mean they're not like really pretty. >> maybe you'd feel they aren't like healthy as they can be so you could try to help them. >> some of them even embarrassed by the answers from their younger selves. >> the girl in the black shirt. >> yes. >> perfect size actually. >> which one? >> you guys still feel like that? >> we were so weird back then. >> well, there's no such thing as a perfect size. >> what does looking good mean to you guys?
8:33 am
>> kind of like being -- looking good as a role model for like other people and like staying healthy. >> the most important thing the girls agreed on. >> you can't judge a book by its cover. like you have to get to know the person before you like judge them. >> and back with me now is ashley graham. i told you it would warm your hearts. i mean i have chills listening to that because it may not be what we expected them to say. what were your impressions when you heard from these tweens? >> yeah, i was really interested to see what was going to happen. this interview was five years ago and then we just had it and i wanted to really see what had come of it and the biggest thing that i learned from it was their vocabulary was so different. they were so aware of what they were saying. five years ago they were using the word fat, chubby wubby and now using words like diabetes, obesity, cholesterol and saying fit all the time. i had no idea -- >> and healthy. and i saw and heard compassion. >> yi, there was. they're having a better
8:34 am
understanding of what actually healthy means. i don't know if i understood exactly what that meant when i was their age and it's a good thing but there's still a -- i don't know, it was very interesting to hear their perception. >> in fact, you gave us a picture of yourself when you were 12. >> yes. >> you touched on this but how did you perceive yourself and in relative terps to what you heard from these young women. >> when i was 12 years old i only knew what skinny was and what fat was. i had no idea what fit was and i think you can tell they're being educated now. being educated to understand that obesity can lead to all of the diseases that they were naming off. >> right and you also brought along an unretouched photo of yourself to the girls. you posted on your social media accounts. you got a lot of positive feedback for it. how did the girls respond to your photo. >> they're 10 years old and love taylor swift so when they saw it they giggled and were like why are you in your lingerie and one girl said you look sexy. i thought they were going to say something about my cellulite or
8:35 am
stretch marks on my thighs but they didn't. it's not something they see yet. in about five more years we'll have a whole new interview with them and understand what they're thinking then. they'll be in high school then. >> we'll hold you to that. five years from now. things change a lot. i have one 13 and you're dealing with body image issues so important to talk to them now. by the way, you did look sexy. >> thank you. >> post your questions on the "gma" facebook page and to hear more on her body image campaign go to on yahoo! so, so, so important. george. >> revealing series, thank you for that. as you guys know, "gma" is turning 40 this morning we'll take a look back at the galaxy of stars who have been our guests some even before they were famous. take a look. >> his name is arnold schwarzenegger negativer. >> nobody does movie stars like "gma." >> what does that mean, movie star. >> oh, it mean, you know, katharine hepburn, bette davis, greta garbo.
8:36 am
it doesn't mean me. >> we've posted hollywood's icons over four decades. >> like jimmy contradicts. when you wish upon a star no matter who you are and this has been an amazing odyssey. >> ingrid bergman. >> the most legendary stars. >> did you ever work with ronald reagan? >> of course, little ronnie reagan. we called him. >> we've had the heartthrobs too. >> our set is covered with young women who are going, aagh. >> it makes my life exciting sometimes. >> i'm a little tired now. i did some promotion for my album this week. >> you're a superstar and wishes you good morning, america. >> the starlets. >> here's a young michelle pfeiffer promoting "grease 2." >> normally it doesn't bother me to watch myself but somehow i'm not used to seeing myself sing. >> one of many stars we welcomed before they made it big. >> drew barrymore is 7. what is it like to look at yourself up there. >> it looks like, well, i feel
8:37 am
like i'm getting to be a star. >> and we've been overtaken by stars from galaxies far, far away. a few even showed us their moves. >> snap, bend. bend and snap. good job. >> today bill murray joins me to help talk about weather. >> and some brought the weather. >> that's it. >> it'll just be 85 like it's always been forever. >> wasn't bad. maybe -- >> we just get canceled. >> sometimes we went to the stars like backstage at the oscars. we were there when brand-new oscar winner jennifer lawrence met screen icon jack nicholson. >> thank you. you're being really rude. >> is he still here? >> i'll be waiting. >> oh, my god. >> and a couple of a-listers directed us from the "gma" control room. >> by the way, i'm in the
8:38 am
control room and they're all drunk. >> so after 40 years we say to you, hollywood royalty -- >> how lucky are we? hugh jackman. >> thanks for the memories. >> diane. >> that was fun. >> trip down memory lane. >> drew barrymore. such a cutie at 7. >> she was right. >> george clooney with patty, a moment our stage manager will never forget. yeah, bette davis smoking on set. >> a lot more are coming up counting down to our big event that kicks off a week from today >> let's do that because i found anthony here. he just turned eight and you reminded me, what was your favorite thing in new york. >> um, subways. >> riding the subways. see, we can go back in time and now i'm going to love riding the subway. thank you for that anthony. let's start with the forecast. check that out anthony.
8:39 am
in idaho, they had 8-inches at that point, 15-inches what they ended up with at that mountain. more to come. winter storm warnings and watches, through colorado and nebraska lots of wind with this storm, too. that's the big picture. we'll tack about subways for awhile longer. let's get a check little closer to home. >> rain is better than snow ginger. we have the rain around here. still kind of steady in burlington county and parts of south jersey breaking up a bit around philadelphia. your exclusive seven day shows it's going to be gray and damp and at times rainy the rest of the way. amazon fire tv. lara. >> thanks, ging. coming up "gma" undercover, maks and peta in disguise. >> you gave it away. >> it says it right there in prompter. >> wait till you see the end surprise that i just blew. >> first, though, for all you superhero fans, netflix is premiering a new original series
8:40 am
on november 20th. it's marvel's jessica jones. an exclusive first pic. >> in my line of work you got to know when to walk away. but some cases just won't let you go. >> jessica. >> how will you prove that this mind controller is real? i'm resourceful. >> come on, jessica. don't play the hero with me. >> all i have is my professional reputation. moron.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
back now with our brand-new series "gma" undercover where celebs go in cognito to surprise their fans. >> surprise, guess who it is? >> for our very first "gma" undercover we put our dancing shoes on as lara already -- >> put it right up. >> take a look at what happened. ♪ >> maks. and peta. two former champions of "dancing with the stars" and now our "gma" undercover agents. the mission, disguise and drop them into an advanced theater dance class.
8:44 am
>> i feel like this right here requires this. did you see this. man here. >> that's a lot of man. >> a little bit of this. a little bit of that. i want you to do as much as you can so she doesn't look at me and get aroused when we dance. >> the venue, steps on broad way dance studio. >> i definitely saw maks when he walked into the class because he couldn't miss that stomach. it was like stomach first walking through the door. >> this is how i know when i'm old and fat i'm still going to be amazing. people will just stare. >> i noticed the stares that i was catching -- >> i was trying not to laugh at the people that were laughing at me. it was kind of hard to be off beat actually. >> it was 40 minutes of like you wait, you don't know what's about to happen.
8:45 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> i was so surprised. this was everything. >> my mom is going to freak because she watches the show. >> it was amazing. i was half embarrassed, half having the time of my life. >> i was staring at you the whole time. >> i love you. >> and our man, maks, come on, maks. he's joining us live right now.
8:46 am
you got big cheers here in the studio. >> what a great surprise. >> that was a great -- what was the reaction? what did you hear from some of the students after all that went down, maks? >> first of all, i just want it to be on the record that i thought that we're going to be, you know, playing older couple and it'll be an older people's class, you know, like we'll blend in and then we walk in, we're literally 30 years ahead of the oldest person in the room and it's not even like, you know, beginning, inter-mediate. it's like full-on theater class of people that actually are on broadway and performing right now so, yes, so it was like, okay, cool, just a little different. we definitely stand out. i was trying thought to laugh watching peta be bad. it actually, you know, like what she said, it was hard to be off -- >> was it? because it's very easy for everyday -- easy for us to be
8:47 am
off beat. >> yes. >> but it's difficult for you to do that? >> it turned out to be a little hard. also to keep a straight face and, you know, i immediately embraced my stomach and glasses and beard for some reason i wanted to be named bob immediately and when the instructor and so peta chose her name and this is how you know she would probably be the worst person to be like some sort of secret spy. there was a moment when the instructor said, hey, now everybody turn around and introduce each other to your neighbor she turns around and goes, peta, no, i mean -- >> maks, we only have a few seconds left. you and peta in sway. who else can we expect to see coming up in "sway"? >> we're luck to have meryl back, rumor, a couple people from the show obviously tony, val, myself. henry is going to be part of it again, we have a couple more
8:48 am
surprises but overall it's going to be better than ever. >> okay, but this was the best surprise that you did. hey, maks -- >> this was amazing. >> you're always good to us. thank you. have a great time. glad you and peta are doing so well. coming up -- >> whoo. >> counting down to thanksgiving. >> is that acting? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah.
8:49 am
8:50 am
all right, we're kicking off "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving this morning with celebrity chef and food network star scott conant. this is great. slice prep time for thanksgiving in half. where do we start? i see we've got a bird here and then this bird is laid out. >> we spatchcocked it. >> you what happened it. >> fancy way of saying we took the backbone out and opened it up. one thing you could do this a day in chance and let it sit the day of for about two hours in a
8:51 am
refrigerator, right. >> after you remove the backbone. >> after you remove the backbone, you can use a pair of shears to cut it out and it will cut your cooking time by three hours. >> that's fantastic. a lot love to have the bird as the vessel for the stuff. >> the stuff. we'll show you how to make a stuffing, as well but, you know, i'll also show you how to make this bird. >> amazing. >> so cut the cooking time by a ton. >> by a ton. also what you can do is the spice mixture, i use kind of like pore ket that spices, juniper berry, fennel, and grind them so they're ready to use. >> a little bit of advanced notice and planning will go a long way. >> absolutely and just put those on the exterior, brush that with oil, as well and then roast it when we need it, right? the other thing you can do is cut your vegetables in advance, right? >> day before. >> definitely the day -- you can
8:52 am
do it two days before as long as they're frej rated. >> two days before a couple things, a day before. >> the polenta stuffing. a take on the traditional stuffing. i use polenta with pancetta, some fresh thyme. parmesan cheese. >> and do you have this on your website? >> yes, terrific. >> also these vegetables, roasted the day in advance, mushrooms, pancetta, onions, carrots, celery. >> let the flavor sink in a day in advance. >> the soul, the foundation and once you roast it this is the finished product obviously. so -- >> we got the team looking very happy. >> i wanted to show you specifically of taking that chicken reduction and glazing the exterior of that turkey afterwards. you see the difference between -- >> thank you. >> well done. >> is that literally when it's on the table or -- >> i'll do that then just pop it back in the oven. >> so it gets a little chis pi. >> exactly.
8:53 am
just a little more glaze on top and then that sauce -- >> excellent. >> we are going to eat. you guys can get the recipes on our website and want to share with everybody a little about your tv stuff. "chopped impossible" food network, season finale airs thursday. >> thursday. 10:00 p.m. >> i love "chopped." a great show and -- the polenta, how is it. >> good. >> irdon't even like stuffing but this is good. >> guys, we'll be right back. >> this is great. [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving, brought to you by
8:54 am
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what a great pre-thanksgiving meal. >> yes, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> have a great day. >> ♪ >> hello, it's 8:56 on this tuesday. it's been rough to try to get to work and school this morning. let's go to karen rogers for an update in traffic. >> yeah, look at this jam,
8:57 am
matt on i-95 here in delaware county. you can see the roads are wet. this is northbound traffic as you try to head towards the airport. we've got a serious accident, there are injuries on the scene near kerlin street so i-95 northbound is jammed from the delaware state line to kerlin street. it's all blocking the right lane. we're switching our camera view to check out the schuylkill expressway. and seeing wait looks like here. now penndot is looking at the eastbound side but it's the westbound where we've got a big problem here. so, westbound jams past broad street to south street. we've got a disabled pickup truck out there blocking the right lane so watch for that. here's an accident here in fairmount park. kelly drive at lincoln drive where a vehicle just smashed into guardrail. expect delays here and expect delays everywhere matt. >> it's because of the rain karen. let's go to meteorologist, david murphy. david. >> and the rain is coming down across the region right now, matt. we have some fairly steady rain here on city avenue currently and as you take a look at radar, heavier stuff still pushing along the coast of south jersey and then up toward trenton. we are going to get into a
8:58 am
break before too much longer. 59 degrees in philadelphia. 51 in allentown. 61 in sea isle city. this afternoon a high of 63 and it will be cloudy and damp most of the day with another round of steadier rain building in later this afternoon and tonight. and then it's all over tomorrow. partly sunny and 65 for veterans day. matt. >> thank you, david. coming up on "action news" a life preview as kathleen kane prepares to return could court in delaware county. following local protests. "live with kelly and michael" next here on 6abc. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great tuesday, everyone. ok, we're here.
8:59 am
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "shelter," jennifer connelly. plus, actor and author rainn wilson. and performing his new hit, "let it go," james bay. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly:


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