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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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> "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news we have brand new video of a person being rescued from a burning home in philadelphia this morning. and local fast food workers
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are staging new protests to demand higher wages. but the big story on "action news" still developing at this hour, in the mantua section of philadelphia, police are searching for a shooter that killed a man in a grocery store on 8th street this morning. katherine scott is live at the scene with the details. >> reporter: we now know the name of the 22-year-old victim, identified as 22-year-old maurice mcdonald. and the owner of the store says that mcdonald had ordered his tea when the shots were fired and the owner heard the shots and went running. >> the owner of the grocery shop in mantua rushed down to his store after hearing shots, he saw the 22-year-old victim lying on the floor, officers rushed him to the hospital but he was
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pronounced dead 20 minutes later and word quickly spread about the victim who grew up nearby. >> he is my friend's son and i am praying for him. >> crime scene tape was wrapped around the store as they collected evidence and the owner reviewed the video and said the gunman looked to be specifically after the victim, he got in a car and fled the scene. >> maurice mcdonald's mother just spoke. >> we are killing each other, it's not just i am hurting. >> reporter: there are more than a half dozen witnesses inside of store that were taken to be interviewed by police and there was even a little girl inside of store when the shots were fired and the search for the gunman continues, if you have tips the police want to hear from you, we are live in mantua, channel 6 "action news."
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>> katherine thank you. nouveau video only seen on "action news," nick class green says he was working near the 4400 block of north 20 and street at 9:15 when he saw flames, the fox chase electrician walked over with his phone in hand in time to catch people running from the home and firefighters arrived and put out the blaze. the flames damaged two adjacent houses, the cause is under investigation, remember if you want to share breaking news with us, post it to social media with the #~ 6 abc action or email it at kathleen kane is due back in court today she faces a hearing on a second perjury charge, they
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are determining if she can do her job after her law license was suspended. david helply will be in correlate later this afternoon and look for his updates on air and online at accuweather tracking more rain headed our way, going live outside with sky 6 hd looking at atlantic city this noon. we have damp and cloudy conditions with showers in the area right now, meteorologist, david murphy, is tracking it all from the "action news" big board. >> it was a wet start this morning, a wet condition for most of the morning rush hour and the region, the bulk of the rain is now pushed to the north and east of us some in trenton and burlington county, and other bits and pieces, but we entered the lull we were looking for. the live view doesn't show a whole lot else coming but if you look to the south there are a couple of additional areas of
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precipitation that will consolidate and fire up a little more as we get lighter into the afternoon and night, and a wave of low pressure comes up and expect a decent slug of rain like this morning, especially philadelphia and the northern and western suburbs. so far we have gotten a third inch of rain in philadelphia, about a half inch in wilmington and we got bullets in parts of the southern area over an inch in millville, and almost an inch in dover and an inch and a half in atlantic city. most of the rain tracked here and the next batch is up in the northern and western suburbs and the worst of that will probably hit later this afternoon and into tonight. cloud cover is socking us in the rest of the afternoon. temperatures are cool, 61 in philadelphia and not adding a whole lot more to that. when we come back we'll give you
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the call and when the rain is over and what is ahead for veterans day. on a day like today have you a powerful friend with, rely on storm tracker 6 live radar for updates on the rain. police in landed dale are asking for help to find people that stole money meant for charity. look at this video, the younger man in red distracted the store's owner while the woman in the hat snatched money from the jar at the checkout counter, they believe the thieves got away with $60. police are trying to identify a man that punched a woman in the face on surveillance video, the attack was last wednesday afternoon, the victim was walking on the 2700 block of pennsylvania avenue when she was assaulted by a stranger, the woman was treated for a severe cut above the eye, anybody that recognizes
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the suspect is asked to call philadelphia meets. fast food workers are assembling to demand a higher minimum wage, the action cam was there as employees rallied outside of an mcdonalds, they want to be paid $15 an hour, they are hoping to create the biggest strike in the history of the fast food industry and another rally is planned for 3:30 outside of philadelphia's city hall. well, the republican candidates for president will square off in their fourth debate in wisconsin, the latest polled show ben carson and donald trump are in a dead heat and far ahead of the rest of the pack, megan hughes has more now on what to expect. >> this is the next debate after the cnbc showdown that left the candidates complaining. here is donald trump. >> i don't know what will happen but it will be interesting.
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a poll shows the donald and carson even in popularity even with conservative voters. trump has not missed an opportunity to attack his rival. >> you hit someone in the face with a lock and go after your mother with a hammer and that could make you credible. and trump is expected to go after carson, from his violent youth to a scholarship offer from west point. >> you are asked me about something that occurred 50 years. >> and marco rubio may have to answer his past, like using a credit card when he was a florida legislature today rubio's ad is a preemptive strike. >> i'm a huge marco fan. >> the candidates take the stage
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at 8:00 eastern time, in washington, megan hughes, channel 6 "action news." from our delaware newsroom, the first state has announced a new plan to honor the late attorney general, beau biden, the new army reserves center will be named after beau biden, died in the spring and earned a bronze star for his service in iraq. trumpet player quentin mar salis will get the honor, for making jazz accessible to a bigger audience, he helped his home town audience rebuild from katrina, marsalis has won nine grammys and the pulitzer prize
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for music. and a scare at the airport, what was inside of the suspicious bag that delayed dozens of flights [door knocking]
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. airport security measures ar
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. a police officer shot and killed a burglary suspect this morning on a college campus in south carolina. the shooting happened at spartanburg methodist college, the car struck a police officer and the driver was a student from a nearby college and the other suspect was captured . toy guns are banned on the street of boston, mayor marty walsh has signed a measure to allow police to confiscate replica weapons in public places, if a weapon is taken from a minor, their parent or garden will be notified by police. city leaders said they were lucky that none of incidents led to any real shootings.
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a veteran will receive the medal of honor, army captain grover tackled a bomber, four comrades did not survive, he underwent 30 surgeries for gruesome injuries, he will be the tenth living recipient of the medal of honor and it comes a day after veterans day tomorrow. a 5-year-old california boy is hailed a hero thanks to a lesson he learned at a firehouse, he remembered what he was taught at a fire safety lesson, drop and roll. >> are you a hero? >> they save people. >> is that you. yeah? >> they suspect that a space
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heater sparked the blaze and nathaniel is honored for the quick thinking that likely preventing a tragedy. still to come at noon, nasa is looking to hire new authority knots for the first time in years. and can you enjoy a glass of bubbly?
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well, you can add target to the list of retailers that are open on thanksgiving day,
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retailers will be open and stay open until black friday, but shoppers could find the same deals at on thanksgiving morning so a trip to the store may not be necessarily. other stores have announced thanksgiving hours including toys "r" us, macy's and sears. the fda is recommending a daily limit on sugar intake. americans over the age of 3 are said to not eat over 50 gram a day that is the amount of suggest our found in a can of coke. and the american heart association recommendations even stricter limits. the amount of women using long lasting birth control is up in recent years, 7.6% of women are using implants, that is up from 6% a few years ago, womens health advocates say they are more effective and prevent more
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accidental pregnancies. on the internet it says that champagne can help your brain, that one to three glasses a week can fight dementia because of a compound found in the grapes, the actual study was done in 2013, and it was done on rats, and while it has beneficial compounds, they don't know if it helps overtime but it still has fewer calories than wines. >> lucky rats out there. the "action news" team is out working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> reporter: that is something to toast to, coming up at 4:00, it's a scandal that could mean more olympic medals for american athletes, we'll tell what you it
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behind this international controversy coming up at 4:00, and the nfl star's battle with cancer is an uplifting and inspiring story for people all over the country, today devon stills came home to delaware to give a whole new round of kids a reason to hope. we love this. and if have you not done loaded the free 6 abc app, you can watch us live on your smart phone or tablet, and we'll dish when we come back with "dancing with the stars." >> look forward to that. >> thank you alicia. accuweather coming up and we'll be right back. stay with us. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c.
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it's really wet for the morning commute. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you there is some rain and the big bulk of it departing to the north and east and if we go in closer, southern chester and northern newcastle, you'll see the movement pushing up to the north-northeast and you can see chester getting hit and newcastle county getting hit as well. there is not a lot more coming now and every once in a while you see a bit of precipitation developing and we expect this to organize in the northern and western suburbs, probably in for another half inch of rain, as we take a look outside, getting ready for the next round, clouds lift a little bit and we couldn't see the top of the center city skyscrapers, 61 in philadelphia, it's cool and you want a jacket, you head out
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today and dew points at 57 and winds from the north-northeast, and it's cool and breezy, and 59 in currently, and 60 in wilmington and warmer in millville and cape may, future tracker 6 scattered precipitation for the next several hours, after 3:00 gathering to the west we expect any auto prong of precipitation, the heaviest stuff may wind up staying mainly north and west of most of our region, this is the 6:00 view, you can see that up in the poconos we get rain and for the evening commute and on into 11:00, there is still a fair amount of rain on the way and it looks like it starts to get on out of here in the overnight hours, the latest model run when we are on the air there may be additional rain to show you, so tune in tomorrow in case you have travel plans. the rain that we are expecting the rest of way is on top of a
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third inch we got in philadelphia, it looks like it pushes up to maybe .60 inch and more in the northern and western suburbs, down south some areas got an inch and more. 58 in the lehigh valley and cloudy and damp and periods of rain and more of that coming into the evening, and periods of rain at the shore, and 63, cloudy and periods of rain today in philadelphia and obviously staying on the cool side, overnight we dip down to 54 degrees, still cloudy and wet and hopefully we can kick that rain out the door tomorrow morning, the exclusive accuweather forecast, we are going for a high today of 63 degrees, cloudy and at times rainy, there may be drizzle along with clouds in the morning, we are expecting sunny breaks when things get by tomorrow, it's cloudy and damp on thursday and 63, and cooling down, temperatures this weekend
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topping out in the 50s. >> all right david, thank you. for the first time in years nasa, much the space agency will post the job openings on a federal website on january 14th, the annual salary is $66,000 to 144,0$144,000 a year, the finals will not be chosen until 2017. they are planning to hire 8 to 14 people. not a whole lot. still to come on "action news" at 12:30, cheerios is the center of a lawsuit why the consumer advocacy group is taking issue with general mills over their nutritional labels. those stories and more next.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist. david murphy. >> hello again, here are the stories we are following for you now, on "action news" at 12:30, and attorney general, kathleen kane is headed back to court, facing accusations that he lied under oath. and chris christie will not be on stage for the main presidential debate and his support is slipping at home.
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and russian athletes are facing allegations of doping and bribery at the 2012 olympic games. and kathleen kane is expected back in court in montgomery county, today's hearing focuses on another perjury charge kane is facing. david henry reports from norristown. >> attorney general kathleen kane has a chance to waive the preliminary hearing and moving on to a trial date, but her lawyer assures me she will be here and go through the process. this hearing is for the latest perjury charge she is facing. kane is accused of leaking


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