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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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dealing with patchy drizzle at the present time. philadelphia to the north especially grown lane and doylestown and new hope and burlington county, route 70, it's wet this evening, needing this windshield wiper as it kicks up the moisture, and we are not tracking heavy or steady rain at the present time. most of the energy is lifting to the north to syracuse and buffalo and this will sting swing through north of philadelphia as you go deeper into the evening hours and that sparks more in the way of steady rain, possibly 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tonight and the rain this morning is in southern new england at the present time. what to expect tonight, a half inch of rain and the more rain you see is northwest of i-95, and closer to the area of low and lingering drizzle as we get into the late night and early dawn hours.
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then on veterans day itself, clouds in the morning giving way to sunshine and a beautiful afternoon on wednesday, with the temperatures kicking way above average into the middle and maybe even into some upper 60s, when we come back another batch of rain for the weekend and i'll show you the timing on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. we are following breaking news from montgomery county, police have arrested a man who they say broke into a home and sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl who was sleeping in her bathroom, investigators say that oscar herrera climbed through a bedroom window in the hatfield apartments in hatfield township. the girl's stepfather found the intruder and held him down until police arrived he is is facing charges including rape of a child. it's a day of protests here
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in philadelphia and across the country, workers all over the country walked off the job rallying for higher pay and normal demonstration live at city hall and chad pradelli has the latest still underway chad? >> reporter: hey brian, 75 to 100 protesters are on hand here at city hall, they are making their voices loud and clear and they want $15 an hour and they want the right to unionize, they are flexing their muscle, most of them are fast food workers, they include everyone from wal-mart to airportorkers to all industries they say are underpaid and they want $15 an hour, and they hope this will be a key issue during the presidental election. some workers walked off the job and they had their signs in hand and their voices were heard and
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they marched up and down the street demanding $15 an hour, but this is more than just fast food workers as i mentioned. many are from wal-mart and they don't have benefits and making $8, $9 an hour and that is not enough. they want to increase the minimum wage and they want their voices heard. >> well it's to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour so people can live without working two jobs and killing themselves to make ends meet. >> i was making $7.25, and then 8:40, but it was suppose to be $12 and we are fighting to raise the rates to $15. across the state in pittsburgh, the mayor there issued an executive orderer, raising the minimum wage to 15
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by 2021 and jim kenney said during his campaign he would like to raise the minimum wage to $15 in philadelphia. and the protesters will march down to 17thth walnut as they continue their fight to get more in wages. i'm live at city hall, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> the protesters making demands of philadelphia based comcast, they held a rally here at the comcast center where they urged the utilities giant to raise their rates and let them form a union, they want the franchise deal with the city of philadelphia, that is currently under negotiations. pennsylvania's top prosecutor was in court answering charges of perjury against her. she is accused of lying about her responsibility of upholding
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grand jury secrecy. david henry is live now with more. >> reporter: sharrie kathleen rain is now going with the i forgot defense on this one, she claims she forgot she signed a secrecy oath and was not lying when she testified before a grand jury last year. kane had nothing to say when she arrived at court and nothing to say when she left. she was here for a preliminary hearing on a perjury charge. the grand jury -- the information came from a 2009 grand jury investigation of a prominent civil rights leader, canada testified she never si signed a secrecy oath. but they found it in her office she signed it two days after
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taking office. it was a secrecy oath, and kane's lawyer simply says that she forgot she signed the document and was not lying. >> she was making a point, she was never sworn into the 2009 grand jury number one and the materials in 2014, you have heard this a million times they were not grand jury material, she believed it then and believes it now. >> the judge was not buying it and ordered her held on the charges then will be added to the other case she is orderer to trial on. so far a trial date has not been set. live in many federal court, david henry, channel 6 "action news." police are still looking for the man that shot and killed a
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man inside a grocery store. jose duran the owner of the grocery on eighth street tells "action news" he was upstairs when four shots were fired inside of his store, he says he rushed down and found the 22-year-old victim lying on the floor, he is identified as maurice mcdonald, he was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead 20 minuted later, his mother in shock telling "action news" that he just enrolled in community college and was rebuilding his life. >> i love my son and i know he is in god's hands, it is what it is, i'm just tired of these kids dying for nothing. >> reporter: according to the video, it shows the gunman was specifically targeting the victim and the gunman was last seen getting in a car outside of the store, anyone with information is asked to call
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philadelphia police. >> thank you. a convicted murderer learned his sentence for killing a philadelphia police officer, a judge ordered chancier mcfarland to serve 30 to 40 years in state prison, he was found guilty in the shooting death of moses walker and mcfarland cut a deal to testify against his accomplice, rafael jones. showboat may reopen as a casino after all. he is weighing the options for the building he is in the process of buying from stockton university. he says the building may house office space and time shares and other entertainment uses, the $23 million sale was suppose to close yesterday but is pushed back to january. a rainy commute out there today. >> we are dealing with road
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spray and water on the windshield and all kinds of things to slow things up, matt pellman is in the traffic center with evidence of that. >> get out your canoe for the ride home, because in the car oh it's going to be really slow, as we look live at the vine street expressway in center city we are slowly crawling along especially in the westbound lanes aproefrping the schuylkill, and the roads are wet, a lot of wet leaves leading to slippery conditions and that leads to accidents like the one in chester county at the 30 bypass by the exit for business 30 where you exit for l.a. fitness and olive garden, the pickup truck is badly damages and police and penndot is on the scene and the right shoulder is seeing by, you may want to stay on business 30 lincoln highway as your alternate. and in weather like this we
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often see downed trees there is one in hockessin, and in newark we are watching a crash on 896 at polanski highway and a downed pole in vineland at garden road taking out a lane and police activity in burlington county, something for everyone, on the knowledge turnpike approaching exit 4, lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, lots of accidents on the drives, the lincoln drive and the kelly drive and at the gusty lake inchange. got to slow it down especially with the wet leaves out there. >> very matt, see you then. still ahead the republican candidates for president are getting ready for another debate. >> plus, it's a scandal that could mean more olympic medaled for athletes, what is behind the international controversy.
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and the nfl star's whose daughter is battling cancer. today devon still came home from delaware to give another round of kids a brand new reason to hope.
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republican candidates for president hold their fourth debate tonight and the stage will look a little different this time, new jersey governor, chris christie, will be relegated to the undercard debate, his poll numbers were not high enough for the main stage debate. analysts say it could be a make or break night for jeb bush and ben carson is expected to see extra attention after a week of questions about his auto biography. and now questions about russia and a state run doping
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program. they released a scathing report, that says that russian athletes systematically take performance enhancing drugs and that the secret service covered up the program. they are ordering russia to be stripped of all their medals from 2012, that could mean more medals for the u.s. >> people are like why are you crying, it's a natural human emotion. >> the agency also wants russia banned from international games including next year's olympic games in brazil. he is an nfl player and a delaware native and today former cincinnati tackle, devon still came home to give kids who are spending time in the hospital a pretty big reason to smile. his daughter leah's battle with
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cancer is an uplifting and inspiring story for people all over the world and today he told us his 5-year-old was diagnosed with cancer last year at dupont hospital for children and today he went back to the hospital to spread cheer and hope to other families, he donated 17 play station consoles and games to patients to use during their stay at the hospital. it's about staying positive and keeping the final. >> stay strong you don't always get good news when are you here, that holds families back as long as you keep the mind set you'll make it through the news, there is light at the end of the tunnel, have you to be mentally strong enough to make it there. >>. >> reporter: if the games with help out, he is happy to help, he except time with the kids and gave them pep talks. we asked about leah, and she is
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in remission and maintenanceance therapy, a reminder to keep praying and stand by our kids. a little of that mile from his little one there. he spread smiles at the hospital. >> she is such an inspiration, thank you. toys are making a huge come back this year and that means big business across america, the u.s. toy industry is expected to have its strongest year in at least a decade with sales projected to rise 6.2%, that would bring sales up to almost $20 billion, a big gain after years of kids choosing video games and mobile apps instead of barbie and board games, this is because of the movies released that are tied into the characters. and a mixed bag today, the dow closing up nearly 28 and the s&p 500, just up over 3 points.
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time for the accuweather forecast, rain, still falling right now. >> still happening, lets check in with adam, how long will this be sticking around, by tomorrow morning the roadways will be dry and the sun returns tomorrow morning and double scan live radar not looking at a steady rain tomorrow morning, just some light drizz until spots and a spotty green here and there north and west and south and east of philadelphia, from medford lakes to mount holly and 295, and the same for mercer county and trenton and west of malvern and parks of berks county dealing with light showers. even though we deal with light rain now around the region, close to trenton and ewing, new jersey, jen sent in this photo, showing a little bit of hail in mercer county, with a random thunderstorm that popped up, hail on the order of pea to dime size as it passed through. as we look at the rain totals so
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far, it depends on the location, allentown picking up a .10 inch of rain and you jump to a half inch in the city of philadelphia, better than that in wilmington, and south and east you were that is where most of the rain will fall, 1.29 in millville, and atlantic city taking the jackpot of 2.25 inch of rain and we'll pick up a little more for those areas that did not pick up as many north and west this evening. 60 in philadelphia and 61 in millville and low 60s right along the shore. and as the wind comes in off the water, there is no friction to slow the wind down and it hits the land between 21 and 29 miles per hour, but then as you head inland, the speeds trop off quite a bit and no reported wind gusts for wilmington, dover, reading or the lehigh valley. upper level low to the west is
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pivoting through here during the evening hours and we see a new area of rain blossoming on the radar in richmond and as we go through the evening hours, most of the steady rain in this go round is north and west of philadelphia, allentown and chester and montgomery county, this is at 8:00 and by midnight it lifts away and the clouds are in play with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and first thing tomorrow morning, no more rain falling and you are starting to break apart the clouds north and west and the sunshine takes control tomorrow afternoon, with warm temperatures no matter where you are with the northwesterly wind with mid to upper 60s. your four day at 4:00 for your veterans, clouds to sun and 65 degrees and another front on thursday with mid-day and afternoon showers developing of 63, so the evening commute on thursday is wet again but not the morning commute and it turns windy on friday as the temperature drops to 60 and the sun returns and still very windy
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on saturday and chilly, at 55 degrees, i was saying to paul, our meteorologist and producer, i wanted to blow my leaves in the yard and get rid of them and he said no more nature will do that for you this weekend. >> another excuse to sit inside. >> you guys always getting out of work. we try. up next, the state of delaware announces a big honor for former attorney general, beau biden, and a heroic rescue from a burning home, an amazing video of neighbors helping neighbors. and we don't want to rock your childhood memories but we have new evidence and a new book, about this character here that suggests winnie the pooh is actually a girl. we'll break it down in big talkers. many people clean their dentures
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the u.s. government charged three people today with one of the biggest hack attacks on an
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american bank, this centers on the breach at jp morgan chase, they charged three men in a 23 count indictment, the charges include hacking and securities fraud and wire fraud and identity theft and money laundering. and the three men are also charged with hacking other banks and news publishers, they hacked the accounts of 33 million. now they have named their national guard headquarters after beau biden, beau was the attorney general and son of the vice president, and was a major in the national guard where he served in iraq and earned the legion of merit and the bronze star, he died in may and there will be a ceremony unveil the
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signage. from our delaware newsroom, mercer county and the city of trenton are accepting first lady michelle obama's challenge to end veteran homelessness in 2015, with help from nonprofits, trenton mayor eric jackson said this morn that the city will commit resources and personnel to fine homes for all the 79 homeless veterans that the city and county have currently identified. 60 of them are housed already and they are confident that by the end of year, they can place the remaining 15 in safe and secure housing. >> more than 500 health care leadered around the country joined forces, the paradigms in leadership conference notified them of the women -- at the pennsylvania convention center.
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it may sound like something out after i james bond movie but it's real, one indonesian officials wants to replace guards with crocodiles, and philadelphia police say that the nap these two officers were caught taking could be dangerous, we have details in a live report. ewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios.
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"action news" continues. hello again, 4:30 now and "action news" continues with new details of a horrifying motive that a lehigh valley man had for killing his stepdaughter and a frightening sight for a former firefighter. >> i just walked in there -- >> and when the neighbor returned he had a woman with him, the exclusive rescue video is coming up. and get ready to question everything you thought you knew about your childhood, not only is the original winnie the pooh a girl? she is a canadian girl, who uncovered the bear bombshell, shaking my childhood memories ahead in big talkers. we begin with breaking news from burlington county, that is where new jersey state police are investigating the discovery of a man's body along the new
4:30 pm
jersey turnpike in mown laurel the body was apparently loebted down a ravine this afternoon but there were no active accidents nearby. be sure to stay with "action news" on air and online for the very latest developments. now, to the investigation into two philadelphia police officers for doing something we all do every night, sleeping. the problem, take a look at where they were sleeping, the ofrszs were caught napping while on duty and officials say that is not only against the rules but flat out dangerous. "action news" reporter, vernon odom is live at district headquarters to explain all of this for us. >> reporter: hello sharrie, down south they say the boys were just plum tuckered out. whatever phrase is employed. two slumbering cops here are in
4:31 pm
hot water, they are not fired but they are in hot water. these two cops were caught sleeping friday night into saturday morning are suffering from humiliation and investigation, we are covering their faces but this snapshot has gone viral, and they are under investigation by internal affairs and it appears that some kind of discipline is imminent. >> we are not making excuses, it is what it is, the appropriate action will take place. >> they work out of the 24th district, some of the meanest streets in town, they know that a picture like this could do a lot of public relations damage. >> there are a tremendous amount of men and women that come every day and give the city 100% of their time and effort for good police work, this is not a depiction of the entire police department. >> they are elose -- eluding to
4:32 pm
the ambush murder of two officers eating dinner, while they were shot cold. >> the biggest element of it at all was someone was able to take a picture close enough without waking them up and that could have been deadly to be very honest. >> the department is so far not releasing the names of those two officers. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right vernon thanks. now to video you will only see here on "action news," you are watching the moment a neighbor rescued a woman from a burning row home in knights town, he was working there at 9:15 when he saw the flames, the former volunteer firefighter and current electrician immediately parked his truck near the scene and walked over to try to help and before he could assist,
4:33 pm
those running out of adjacent buildings, flames engulfed the homes, and put the fire out. one person was taken to the hospital for observation and the cause is under investigation rights now, if you want to share breaking news post it to social media with #6abcaction or email it to us at and more information on a man who is charged with killing his stepdaughter last november. they require how jeffrey graph shot jessica pageant and abused her corpse. they say there is proof that graph purchased items to use during the crime and then set up cameras to record the whole thing, today graph's defense
4:34 pm
attorney agreed he was guilty but argued the crime was not premeditated. police are looking for a man that opened fire on a kensington street not once but twice, the cameras caught him shooting at random just before 8:00 p.m., a short time later, the same man returned to the same block and started firing into the air once again, police don't believe he hit anyone or anything, if you recognize him call east detectives. police in newark, are asking for the public's help in finding a thief with a sweet tooth, these are images of the shirtless cook, accused of stealing honey buns, after he fled with the buns he came back and in their words perhaps dissatisfied with their sugar fix and push over a lottery
4:35 pm
machine and take off once again, anyone that recognizes this man or his torso is asked to call newark, police. that guy is in a sticky situation. or he will be soon enough or a wet situation outside right now. wet roadways, but the steadiest of the rain is off to the north as we look at double scan live radar we are dealing with light drizzle in the area and again we expected a temporary lull during the afternoon hours and that is the case right now, but eventually the radar will fill back in north and west of philadelphia as another round of energy passes through, but in addition to the wet roads, visibt is down and low clouds and fog and 1 mile visibility in millville and around to a quarter to three quarters of a mile in wildwood, if you look at the rain total, some are impressive especially in the state of knowledge, and newport and forked river and ocean county more than 2 inches of
4:36 pm
rain and philadelphia less than a half inch and as we take a look, brick township, that is ocean county and wildwood crest, 2.24 inches so far today. picking up impretsive amounts over in the garden state but pennsylvania will see the next round come through to bring the numbers up and we'll show that you on future tracker and a brighter future ahead in the seven day. >> thank you. on a day like today you have a powerful friend at cue the randy newman music, rely on storm tracker 6 radar for real time updates on the rain. a warning from the pennsylvania department of health after several patients at a medical center tested positive for an infection, rick williams is live now to explain this one. >> thank you, that is right, it happened at hershey medical center and there is concern that more than 2,000 patients that
4:37 pm
had open heart surgery there were exposed to a rare bacteria. the infections are linked to heating and cooling devices used during open heart surgery, ali gorman tells us how she is dealing with the problem and precautions taken at hospitals across the state, coming up tonight at 5:00, a new jersey native who made it big in the big leagues comes back to support a cause close to his heart. those stories and more tonight at 5:00. sharrie, back to you. >> see you then. one south jersey school district is making it easier to get their kids back in school, camden announced improvements to their enrollment including plans to streamline the process, the mayor and superintendant of schools gathered at the district center to go after the changes instead of going through 17 applications and deadlines, it will be housed on one website and parents could call the
4:38 pm
enrollment hot line for help and to create a fair way for all families to access public schools, the city of reading has a new christmas tree and this one is making residents proud. it standed 25 feet tall on pen square, it's a far cry from last year's sparse norway spruce that draw comparisons to charlie brown's christmas. this was donated by a tree farm and the lighting ceremony is next week. >> they had to come bigger and better this year tonight looks like they did it. >> you can't bribe a crocodile and that could be true and that may be the reason one indonesian official gave for wanting to use them instead of prison guards. and in youth soccer, why
4:39 pm
children will no longer be able to head the soccer ball. and a new book may turn everything you thought you knew about winnie the pooh upside down, who said the silly old bear is really a girl? >> we'll get to the bottom of this situation. meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast.
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4:41 pm
leaders in boston have banned toy guns from their city entirely. mayor marty walsh, signed a measure that will allow police to confiscate them in public places, boston authorities say they seized more than 150 replica weapons this year alone, and they say it's lucky that none of those incidents led to any real shootings, under the new law, if a fake gun is taken from a minor, his or her parent or guardian will be contacted by police.
4:42 pm
big talkers now. in indonesia, a big scaly fast footed pointy fanged new plan to crack down on prison breaks, hire crocodiles as security guards. yes crocodiles, the green scary aquatic kind the kinds that say will make death row convicts think twice about escaping because you can't bribe a crocodile. they are proposing this, build a prison on an island that is completely guarded by crocodiles, he is backing the plan because he can't convince them to escape. they are looking for the largest and most ferocious ones. it's happening if you know a crocodile if need of a job they are looking. soccer parents take note, the days of kids 7 years old or
4:43 pm
younger with kids heading a ball in practice are over, they are putting out guidelines drawing parades and criticism, the federation has new guidelines now, heading the ball is either banned or limited depend on a player's able, kids under the age of 10, it's off limits and players 7 to 13 with head the ball during games but not during practice. some say it's a good move on others say it's just a step back in keeping kids here in the u.s. competitive. finally, this silly willy nilly old bear, you know tubby and cubby all stuffed with fluff, it turns out that the fun loving winnie the pooh that lived deep in the woods was also a girl, a new book claims winnie was a she
4:44 pm
and not a he. it's called finding winnie the world's most famous bear, the real name, winnipeg was bought by larry during the first world war, for his canadian city winnipeg, he left their mascot, there winnie at the london zoo. there she was often visited by a young boy named christopher robin who named his teddy bear after her. now the final piece in the pudsle, christopher's dad was a.a. millne winnie the real bear is a girl, told by his great granddaughter, the lit
4:45 pm
character only the author knows. >> my head is spinning. >> you all right? >> i'll make it. >> the character could be a guy? >> i think it's a guy. lets get another check of the roads right now, lets check in with matt pellman, regardless, winnie says oh bother, i am calling on his good friend eyore who says it's never hurts to look for sunshine, we don't find any today, eastbound on the schuylkill into this point at south street it doesn't help us out with this broken down vehicle blocking the right lane, on the big picture, one of many delays and accidents around the region this afternoon, a crash in hunting park along north
4:46 pm
broad and police activity in north philadelphia, along dolphin street heading toward the platt bridge and southbound lanes of 67 6 and that one is off to the side, eastbound lanes of the bypass, speeds there in the 20s as you come east towards exton, hopping on 202, speeds in the 20s there as well. crossing into delaware ark downed tree closing down brackenville road and hockessin getted you around that, and a crash at 896 southbound at route 40 and mount laurel, police activity at exit 4, two lanes blocked there as well. we'll check it again, oh bother, again in the 5:00 hour. >> we'll find you some honey and make it all. >> i would love that actually. ab adam joseph is back with the accuweather forecast.
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they are trying to find the sunshine and you have to sing the annie song. >> the annie song? >> the sun will come out tomorrow -- >> as we look at double scan live radar we have spinning showers here and there and pops of heavier rain and if you note one area just to the west of lancaster, this area will start to expand and push to the north and west and another area of rain develops and dealing with downpours, ahead of the actual surface low just to the west of cape may in cape may county, pushing up the parkway and through cape may county and this pocket of periodic rain that is passing through over the next hour or so, as we look at the
4:50 pm
temperatures, 60s at the atlantic city airport, gusting at 30 miles per hour, 61 in beach haven, 61 in dover, cool up in the poconos with clouds and drizzle around and only 49 degrees, the surface low pushing across the delmarva, the steadiest rain into southern new england and the upper level patch of energy growing a bit near washington and parts of baltimore, that will pivot through north and west of philadelphia as we get into the latter part of the evening hours. at 8:30 tonight, can you see the steadiest of the rain philadelphia through reading and the lehigh valley and spitting and spotty in the south and east, 50s to low 60s and then it lifted up into new england and a lot of clouds are lagging and they are hard to break up with
4:51 pm
temperatures in the 50s and the winds are shifting in the northwesterly direction and that will dry the atmosphere out and we start with clouds on your veterans day, and quickly breaking to sun in the afternoon and a beautiful one at that, with the high temperature of 65 degrees, and a powerful low will develop over the great lakes and this will create a lot of cold air behind it, and it will spin up snow through parts of the great lakes on thursday and mid-day rain with the front a quarter inch and warm at 63 and behind that system, the winds of change will whip around here friday into saturday. the exclusive accuweather forecast, sun breaking back out tomorrow and mid-day to afternoon rain and not too heavy, a quarter inch of 63 degrees and bright on friday and saturday, and very windy both days, and feeling cool especially on saturday, at 55 degrees, and hard to clean up the yards with the leaves and
4:52 pm
especially saturday with the wind whipping around and the winds relax here on sunday and 60 degrees and it stays bright, and you know what? turning mild for november as temperatures go into the middle to upper 60s, at the end have had n week, this november really remarkable when you look at the temperatures despite a dip here and there. >> keep it going, lets do it? thanks adam.
4:53 pm
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stones and engravings and we learned that the pennsylvania attorney general is now suing the company, our "action news" troubleshooter nydia han is joining us at the "action news" big board with the latest on
4:55 pm
this. >> reporter: we started warning our viewers about life stone at the beginning of the year, but since then more reports have came in and now the attorney general is filing lawsuit that the owner is engaging in a deceptive service. they have paid lifestone by stephan forehead stones, and they never delivered. >> how do you feel now, now that it is engraved? >> we feel better, thank you for doing this for us. >> it's like one of the good guys won this time. >> you think your father is at peace? >> yes i do. >> the memorial company uses hundreds of different names, it has offices all over the delaware valley. >> so many delays, it's
4:56 pm
frustrating. >> i am very upset. very upset. >> the attorney general announced they are suing them as well as their president, it alleges failure to deliver cemetery markers and other items and unclear solicitation and supplying goods of a lesser quality and not giving timely refunds. they have not comments on the lawsuit but we spoke with greg steph steph stephan sr. about it. >> we have tough winters. >> that is all you have to say? >> we reveal a new name and web the business is using all coming up tonight on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00. >> thank you nydia and thank you for joining us on "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian taff, we hope
4:57 pm
you'll join us tonight and every night, for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. ♪ ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass.
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he loved everybody. >> he loved cars. >> the mother of a murder victim speaks out and says her son was a good man. shackora and a woman he was involved with were killed and the search is on for a fwun man of two people. walter perez is live with the details. >> reporter: hey guys, at this point they are still questioning people in this case but nobody has been identify as a suspect and no arrests have been made in this case and we sat down with a family, and they say that he was one of the good guys. >> this has been rough. it has been rough. >> darla is talking about what it has been like when she found
5:00 pm
out that her son, shackor was shot. >> he was great and wanted us to be great, he always called and checked in with his brother and sister and myself, we always said i love you. >> the 25-year-old was in the throws with an inmate encounter with 32-year-old lisa smith and were in the back of their suv when someone with a gun opened the rear door and shot the victims in the head. they maintained other romantic relationships, smith had five children, and those relationships are the central part of the investigation, in the send his brother justin says all he knows is he lost was his best friend. >> we lived together in the same room for 18


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