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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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out that her son, shackor was shot. >> he was great and wanted us to be great, he always called and checked in with his brother and sister and myself, we always said i love you. >> the 25-year-old was in the throws with an inmate encounter with 32-year-old lisa smith and were in the back of their suv when someone with a gun opened the rear door and shot the victims in the head. they maintained other romantic relationships, smith had five children, and those relationships are the central part of the investigation, in the send his brother justin says all he knows is he lost was his best friend. >> we lived together in the same room for 18 years, we were very
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close and had an unbreakable bon bonds. if you know something please call the police, we did not deserve this. he did not deserve this. >> so once again, both victims past and present love interests in being questioned in this case but there are no persons of interest. >> thank you walter. pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane is facing more charges in the leak of grand jury material, including grand jury perjury were upheld in montgomery county, the charges stem from grand jury testimony last year, as kane was under investigation for allegedly leaking documents to a newspaper, and she says the charges are retaliation for her
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exposing some explicit email exchanges among officials. and protesters took to the streets in the delaware valley and across the country calling from a higher minimum wage, the action cam was at the courthouse in media, where workers took a stand for higher wages. it was nationwide for fast food restaurants, protesters with planned in 240 cities. turning to the forecast, as you know we had steady rain earlier today and now dealing with scattered showers out there. cecily tynan is live with the details from accuweather. >> certainly a gray and damp day and double scan live showing we have pockets of generally light rain across parts of atlantic and cape may county, we have heavier showers and the bigger issue right now is the fact that visibility is very low and we have a lot of low clouds and drizzle and visibility is
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brought down to one mile in reading and 1.5 in wilmington and holding at 2.5 miles in philadelphia and 1.7 miles at the atlantic city airport. and we did have problems with flights oubt of philadelphia and there could be more problems this evening, the wider view showing that the steadier rain has now lifted up to the north and there is a piece of upper level energy that is moveling out of maryland and this will really be clipping the northwest suburb as we head through the evening hours, more rain is on the way and it's not as steady or as heavy as this morning, here is what to expect, we are looking at an additional quarter to half inch of rain and the heaviest is along the i-95 corridor and tapering off after midnight, and we have lingering drizzle into the overnight hours, tomorrow veterans day the weather is improving as we head through the day, great weather for the vets, giving way to
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afternoon sunshine, and very comfortable, 58 degrees and by 3:00 up to 65 degrees and it's mild and i'm tracking another round of rain, later in the week i have details in that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. in rainy situations like today, you can trust, for up to the minute information and stormtracker 6 live double scan gives you real time information for any storm that is passing through the region. >> politics tonight, another republican debate is set for this evening in milwaukee, eight candidates will take the stage including ben carson, that are in a statistical dead heat and governor chris christie did not qualify because of low poll numbers, and a poll shows that 61% of new jersey voters say it's time for christie to exit the race for the white house and when it comes to republican voters, 40% say it's time for
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him to end his campaign. marcy gonzales joins us live for those that did qualify for tonight's debate. and they are promising to focus the questions primarily on the economy. >> reporter: that is right rick, the moderators say that this is a debate of substance focusing on the issues and when asked earlier if they will attack their opponents, both trump and bush said we'll see. presidential hopefuls set for a showdown in milwaukee, taking the main strange saying this debate will be different from the last after backlash over the types of questions asked in last month's cnbc debate. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign, they will press candidates for specifics on their plans, we'll see if donald trump goes after
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ben carson for his own violent youth. >> if you try to hit your mother over the head with a hammer your poll numbers go up. this is a strange election isn't it? some call this a make or break night for jeb bush, waiting to see his tactic this time after a failed attack against marco rubio in the last debate. will they really engage and ted cruz is in an interesting position, he doesn't have a chance to bash the moderators so what will he do. >> and chris christie and mike huckabee will not be on the main stage but take part in the undercard debate. now matt pellman is in the traffic center, what is the low
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down on the slow down. >> polling drivers and they don't like what they are finding, we are watching the schuylkill expressway, thing are jammed up away from city avenue into south street and that is where we have the broken down vehicle partially blocking the right hand lane, it's a solid line of traffic moving at about that pace, that is not a nice pace, use the river drives instead, they are treacherous with the wet leaves and we see a bunch of accidents and now an accident on the bridge that connects the two, it connected falls drive and the kelly. and there is one at fairmount at 27th and girard and because of that the buses are running with trolleys instead of buses and there is a demonstration in the same area. and in mount laurel the activity continues on the new jersey turnpike, two right lanes out of commission there, i would not head for the northbound new
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jersey turnpike head for northbound 95 instead and a couple of accidents in delsy drive, a tractor trailer crash brought down a pole in vineland, and a crash at harmony road with delays possible on all the septa rail lines, 10 minute delays on the thorndale-paoli. slippery tracks and roads. >> thank you matt. still to come on "action news" at 5:00, a warning for hospitals across pennsylvania, after the discovery of several heart patients that got an infection. ali gorman explains how it happened and a new jersey native and chicago cub, who says his bone marrow donation invites people to be the match.
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the white house says that president barack obama will sign a $600 million defense bill passed by congress, the measure bans moving guantanamo bay detainees by the united states, that is something that the
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president has been drying to do since he took office. the decision to sign the bill does not change his position on closing the prison. and now they will offer diversity training to all students and staff at the university of missouri. this after the student protesters that led to the resignation of the university's president, they accused president tim wolf of being innocensensitive to racist acts. snoop in tonight's health check, hospitals who do heart bypass passions are urged to take extra care after rare lung infections were found at patients at two hospitals. >> reporter: the infection is called ntn, and today hershey
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medical center warned open heart surgery patients of the last three years they may have been exposed to it. eight heart surgeries atwell span york hospital also in central pennsylvania developed it as well. it's said to be linked to heater cooling devices, used to warm or cool a patient's blood during heart procedures. they say that it mostly affects people with weakened immune systems. >> a certain percentage of people that are exposed this, only a small percentage get an infection. >> they have replaced all of their heating coolant units, they are looking to look for signs of ntn for past heart patients and maintain and clean the coolers. and washington state has
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been a medical pioneer, the first in the u.s. to test awarable artificial kidney and he had diabetes for two years and went into kidney failure two years ago, he was given the kidney to wear and the just an initial version to prove that the concept worked. they put it to the test letting lee eat anything he wants. >> i had two orderers of mac and cheese and ate cheetos all night long and doctors say that the artificial kidney worked great to cleanse his blood and it made the device smaller and lighter for patients. nurses gathered in philadelphia to hear the diagnosis of their profession, they attended the paradigm leadership conference here at the pennsylvania convention center and they discussed how
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nurses can take on a larger role and the blue cross foundation helped to put together the conference. a chicago cub returned home to show his continued support for bone marrow donations, matt caesar was at the university of pennsylvania medical center for the be the match event. he played football and baseball with villanova before signing a contract with the cubs in 2011 and he made headlines when his donation save the a girl's life who had leukemia. >> her name is anastasia and she is close to 5 now, i met her and her family through skype, they are from ukraine. matt's wife natalie took the swab test today and signed up to be a donor as well. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or... ...insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea... ...diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration... ...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. campbell soup is changing its recipe from one of its most famous products, they will change the ingredients from their chicken soup from 30 to 20, campbell soup announced the
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changes as it tries to reverse a gradual decline in sales. chipotle stores that were closed in the wake of an e. coliout break could be open as early tomorrow, an outbreak sickened more than 40 customers in washington and oregon, health officials suspect that produce may be to blame. a big donation from citizens bank to help low income families find housing, it happened at a new development at the fishtown section, citizens bank is donating $50,000 to help local organizations to open new homes like this one for families looking for housing or shelter. tours were provided at the facility, that is appropriately called awesome town. several veterans helped boy scouts honor those that served our country, the boy scouts
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visiting the living community in wallingford this afternoon, and they shared their experiences overseas this afternoon, veterans day will be formerly celebrated in the u.s. tomorrow. what is the priciest place to live in the u.s., a new realtor study says newport beach, california, the average 4 bedroom 2 bath home is $4.2 million. the most affordable four bedroom home is in cleveland, ohio, and that will only cost you $75,000, and a house is usually the biggest ticket item that people ever buy. >> 2.3. california. no can do. >> send a postcard, up next we'll check the forecast, sky 6 hd is live for you along the bridge and meteorologist, cecily tynan is live with accuweather as we try to dry out for a day.
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we'll be right back.
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overfight we are drying things out and we have scattered light drizzle and fog and showers and kind of makes you
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tired and the philadelphia international airport announce that arriving and departing flights average an hour delay and the steadiest rain is over the garden state parkway, a line of showers working up north from sea isle city to oceanville and more rain is on the way as well. as we head through the overnight hours, we did have a severe thunderstorm that rolled through manayunk and buck county, and mercer county, and jen tweeted this out from ewing, at 2:15 and that thunderstorm contained small hail, i think we are done with the thunderstorms but we'll see scattered showers as we head through the evening hours, especially north and west of philadelphia, rain totals so far show you as expected a wide range, philadelphia .41, wilmington a little more than a half inch, wilmington 1.29, reporting 2 inches of rain and still counting, even with the clouds, the rain and the
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easterly winds, temperatures slightly above normal, we hit 62 degrees and the average high has dropped down to 58 and allentown 54 and wilmington 59 and cape may 61 degrees, a wind gust shows you what is going on and low pressure is just south of cape may, what this is doing is pulling in winds from the ocean and there is friction and no wind gusts but when it hits the land, that is the friction and they diminish as they head inland, but you'll experience them at the coast. steady rain has pushed up to the north and we have the surface low, the piece of upper level energy and what this will do is keep us with damp conditions through midnight.
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>> tomorrow morning you wake up and it's gray in the morning and company plenty of clouds and look what happens as you head into the afternoon, clouds break for sunshine and temperatures are on the mild side and 3:30 philadelphia, should be a great afternoon for veterans day, in the meantime, tropical storm kate is on the verge of becoming a hurricane and maximum sustained winds at 40 miles per hour and moving at 30 miles per hour, and it's booking and moving northeasterly and becoming a hurricane, but this is a fish storm, no threat to land and well east of the eastern seaboard and west of bermuda, the five-day at 5:00, showing tomorrow morning clouds and afternoon sunshine for the vets and 65 degrees and a beautiful afternoon and thursday a cold front moves through and brings us rain in the mid-day and afternoon and 63 and head noogt weekend on friday, gusty winds and wind gusts more than
5:27 pm
40 miles per hour and 60 and saturday windy and chilly and 65 and we start a warming trend and great weather for sunday and the warming trend continues and adam joseph talks about that in the accuweather forecast. >> great thank you. >> thank you more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00, a man with a sweet tooth gets his sugary fix. >> students and parents in a busy south jersey district has an easy time enrolling in school well show you how it works. >> and that puny christmas tree. officials say they will make up for it this year, no charlie brown christmas tree in reading this year.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight, higher wages and job security, fast food workers in philadelphia join thousands across the country, during a
5:30 pm
nationwide walkout, neighbors risk their lives when others let a vacant row home go up in flames and a local movement make sure that local fruits and vegetables make it to families in need. we'll show you how. and first breaking news where two men were shot earlier today. one man believed to be in his late 40s or early 50s has died. it happened on west dolphin street ain second man is shot in the foot and is being treated at the hospital and police are searching for clues and they have not released the name of the man that died. we'll follow this story for you and bring updates as soon as we get them. tens of thousands of fast food workers across the country including here in philadelphia, walked off the job and on to the picket lines today. >> food service workers are
5:31 pm
demanding a wage and union representation, they chose one year from election day to get the attention of lawmakers, chad pradelli is live in city hall with more tonight. chad? >> reporter: hey rick, one of the organizers spearheading this nationwide protest says that 3.5 million workers in pennsylvania are making less than $15 an hour, some of them showed up at city hall this afternoon to have their voice heard. the sound of 15 now echoed up the walls of city hall this afternoon. the protest was one of hundreds nationwide. calling for $15 an hour and union rights, most of the protest workers are fast food workers like jones who worked at popeyes for six years but makes just $7 an hour. >> i'm a single mom and i can't support my son the way i want
5:32 pm
to, i have a co-pay and student loans and rent to pay. >> the call for $15 is gaining growing momentum over the last couple of years and their message is aimed at elected officials, but it's not just fast food workers but employees of wal-mart and philadelphia international airport, and other industries are taking part looking for what they call a fair wage. >> a lot of people at wal-mart or fast food or part-time, you can't get health care benefits from wal-mart or fast food, it's the same issue and this is true across the country. >> i hope the day we get ahold of the elected official and let them know when they want our vote, and be in office, basically hear our message and understand our message and join us. >> reporter: and across the state in pittsburgh, the mayor there reportedly issued an executive order making minimum
5:33 pm
wage $15 an hour by 2020. and jim kenney says he will or would like to raise the minimum wage here in philadelphia to $15 an hour. >> thank you chad. "action news" was outside of the mcdonald's at allegheny in north philadelphia today, the rain did not stop dozens of men and women from bringing their picket signs to the sidewalk here. they say their demands are not outrageous they just want to take care of themselves and their children. >> i have two children and make $7 an hour, minimum wage should be raised. they maintain they like their jobs but need more security. you can watch more on this on world news following "action news" at 6:00.
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the murder trial of a northampton man accused of killing his stepdaughter got underway, gregory graph is charged with murdering jessica padgett and that he abused her corpse and recorded the encounter at his allen township home and his attorney conceded his client is guilty but that his client did not plan on murder. and now a story here on "action news," neighbors sprung into action to save a neighbor from a burning home and the dramatic rescue is caught on cell phone video, nicholas green started records near the 1400 block of 20th street, green a former volunteer firefighter got out of his car and walked closer to the scene and several people went into one of the homes to get people out and was quickly overcome by quick smoke and firefighters arrived and quickly put out the flames and one person was taken to the hospital to be checked out and the cause
5:35 pm
of the fire is under investigation tonight. remember when you want to share breaking news post it to social media with #6abcaction or email it to us at philadelphia police want your help tracking down the man wanted for a shooting in the kensington section, this is video of last wednesday along the 400 block of east indiana avenue, it shows a man firing a gun three separate times, police say it appears he is firing the gun randomly, officials found three shell casings and it does not appear anyone was hurt. please call philadelphia police, a thief with a sugar fix is wanted by police in delaware, a shirtless bandit that made off with ten packages of honey buns, the suspect took them from a 7-eleven last saturday morning, he left the store with the sticky buns and then pushed over
5:36 pm
a lottery ticket machine, please call police or crime stoppers with any tips. every year the largest food drive season and this year the need is higher than ever with the risk of one in six people going hungry. >> it's called gleaning and the concept is simple connect local farmers with extra food in their fields with a local pantry to feed the hungry. at the new baptist church, they have boxes of food. and they come to collect the bounty. >> most of it is organic, grown a mile away, two miles away from the people that are eating it, it's delicious and healthy. cathy snyder is the director, and started the nonprofit a few years ago frustrated by the
5:37 pm
quality of food being handed out at local pantries. >> we didn't get any produce only if individual people in the community brought the produce into tuesday. >> she reached out to local farmers and now there are 50 donating foods. >> in less than an hour you can have hundreds of pounds and really good food. >> while buck county is largely affluent, 5% of the population is living below the poverty line. hunger is the main issue that people bring up when we talk about the needs of community. rolling harvest is trying to aleve that need providing fresh produce for 1400 families during the growing season. >> these are hard working people that just really need some help. if you would like to help go to to see the many ways
5:38 pm
you can connect, share and give. tamala edwards, channel 6 "action news." >> terrific, matt pellman is in the traffic center, if i was to tell you everything going on this evening, we would be here until 10:00. >> here are the low lights rick and monica. there is still a bus accidents at hunting park and our broken down vehicle on the schuylkill eastbound is gone, but on most of the highways, things look like this this evening, jammed in both directions, this is 95 close to allegheny avenue and the northbound travel time and southbound too going on double the time they should be. and chester pike 14 shut down. and 495 northbound, a crash on 95 construction on 495, so stay
5:39 pm
local through wilmington and mount laurel we have several issues now a fuel spill blocking westbound 38 and our police activity on the new jersey turnpike is cleared but still jam there had as well. good luck getting home rick and monica. >> cheerful about it. thanks matt. coming up tonight at 11:00, a local head stone company is being sued by the pennsylvania attorney general and the "action news" troubleshooters are fielding complains and nydia han is getting results since january. and the attorney general announced she filed a civil complaint against lifestone. and show knows firsthand of dealing with this company and she is not alone. >> it's so many delays it's frustrate. >> i feel like i'm getting nowhere at all. >> find out what the company has to say and how troubleshooter, nydia han gets results.
5:40 pm
more to come on "action news" tonight. parents and students in one south jersey city have an easier time registering for school. >> and a berks county commune is stepping up its christmas tree selection after what some say was a major blunder last year. we have more pockets of rain developing and pivoting through, we'll have nor in the accuweather forecast. plus jaime apody has eagles, flyers and temple football news.
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. >> a lot of skills i lettered, i am helping myself to use, like perseverance and positivity and goals i set. >> it's, you can call the hot line, the number is there. and we put the knew website and number on our website at turning to sports now after a much deserved day off, the eagles are back at work getting ready for the dolphins, jaime is here with the preview. >> there is nothing like a little second last minute win, back to work miami coming to town this week, the birds in the bubble with the wet weather, peters and malcolm jenkins not
5:45 pm
ready to go, jordan matthews now the hero for not catching anything this season. >> still to win a close one propels you, we can win the ones by a large margin, we can win those too and we are at the halfway point and we have a lot of game in us and we can push forward through the second half of the season. >> nobody was looking forward to home cooking more than the flyers, after losing four of their last five, they are back for four of their next five. they are hot in net. well, we hope. easy there guys, this is suppose to be a calm morning skate, the flyers are amped up to be back, coming off a win in their last
5:46 pm
seven games it could help to be home. >> it's been a long one. you get a big one in the end and we have something to hold on and make sure we play the same way tonight. >> it's nice to be home and obviously i think coming off the road, a trip like that, we didn't play up to our standards and what we wanted to do and we finished off strong with the win against winnipeg. and the temple owls have plenty of momentum and have florida next in their quest to play in a new year's bowl game. they could clinch the east division and earn a berth in the first every conference game. it won't be easy. florida won four of their last five. >> we have to do what we were doing since the beginning and get back to our process and that is what the coach was saying today and it was a great
5:47 pm
practice and we'll watch it and get back to our temple ways. after years of covering andy reid and chip kelly, for some reason i am intrigued by rex ryan, i don't know how good of a coach he is, he is sureent containing. today he showed up wearing a clemson helmet. his son seth is highest for kicks. he can throw purnches but no ned for body armor. he eventually took it off. >> he is comfortable with the media. apparently so. thank you jaime. the 2015 pennsylvania conference for women is coming to the convention center on november 19th and 6 abc is a media sponsor for the event and nydia han sat down with the honorable lisa young, who talked
5:48 pm
about juggling a new baby and successful career. >> talk about what some of your tips are for women? >> one of my favorite worklife tips time dollars, if something costs us more to do in our own time rather than pay someone that is a professional we do it. one of my better life hacks if someone offers for help accept it. >> can you get more information about the conference itself at, we have more about the speakers with three full interviews with professional women like they are in achieving the work-life balance. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios.
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meteorologist, adam joseph, is back now with a closer look at the forecast. did you have a nice birthday yesterday. i did actually. did you get the cake i left you. >> did you get the gift from rick? >> no, that is why you got no piece of cake. lets look at double scan live radar we are dealing with showers western parts of newcastle county as well as lancaster, another area of rain that pivots through the northwestern area, and along the shore see side heights to sea
5:52 pm
isle city, this is near the center of the coastal low pulling to the northern but at least we shut off the faucet through much of the afternoon hours after the decent area of rain passed through this morning. 54 in reading and 60 in lancaster and 60 in millville and 60 in sea isle city. and the rains are wrapping around the low and the winds are coming together and that is called convergence in the weather world and that helps to create the rain in the evening hours, the areas to the south and west are beginning to blossom here with extra energy and that is when you'll notice some of that intensity of the rain pick up in the 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 hour, from wilmington to philadelphia and trenton and up to the lehigh valley, and it's spotty in nature and heaviest rain this evening and the heavier rain is to the north and
5:53 pm
west with temperatures overall in the 50s and by 5:00 in the morning everything kicks out of here and the clouds lag behind, into the morning hours, the clouds fade a little bit and maybe a little hints of sun first thing tomorrow morning, far north and west of philadelphia, by the middle of the morning and afternoon, that sunshine will take control for veterans day as high pressure comes in from the west to kick the low out, 65 degrees, a nice afternoon with temperatures above average, and then a powerful low will develop over the great lakes on thursday, we are not going to see all that much, maybe a quarter inch of rain here as the front passes through but very warm at 63 degrees, but behind it for friday, winds gust near 40 miles per hour as really cold air wraps in around that low especially for the great lakes and new england. the exclusive accuweather forecast, clouds in the morning giving way to sun, 65 degrees,
5:54 pm
mid-day and afternoon rain on thursday, far less amount of rain on thursday compared to today but still some showers and damp at times and then the sunshine is back friday into the weekend, friday and saturday, very windy both days, with temperatures falling from 60 on friday to only 55 on saturday, but then the wind eases and the sunshine is around and a great day for the eagles at 60 degrees and then bright and mild for november, monday and tuesday, the temperatures running close to 10 degrees above normal again in the middle 60s. >> terrific. a legendry mousse igrevved the marion anderson award ton, trumpet player is recognized for efforts to make jazz accessible to a bigger audience, he helped his area improve after hurricane
5:55 pm
katrina. he won a pulitzer prize for music.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
downtown reading pennsylvania will not have a charlie brown christmas tree this season, look at this year's tree, a plump white fir, some demanded a replacement last year, but they opted to keep the puny pine. a tree lighting ceremony will be held later this month. >> very nice, now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next after 9:00. police make an arrest in the home invasion and sexual assault a 6-year-old. >> and attorney general, kathleen kane made an appearance on purnlry charges. patients across the country have spoken.
5:58 pm
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night and fast food workers walk off the job to protest low wages and a lost military medal makes its way back to a family in new jersey, but the big story is the latest on a vial crime committed in hatfield, montgomery county, behind bars tonight is a man that allegedly broke into a house and sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl.
6:00 pm
christie aleto is live at the hatfield village apartments. >> reporter: well jim, police say that oscar herrera admitted to breaking into the apartment unit early monday morning and jumping into bed with that 6-year-old girl a room she shared with her brother. oscar herrera is facing charges after assaulting a 6-year-old while sleeping in her home. >> details provided by both children, it's quite clear from the evidence that this individual is engaged in terrible acts with the child, the 6-year-old was woken up with the adult male behind her and threatened to harm her and told her to shut up. the 11-year-old was sleeping in the bottom bunk, heard herrera's voice and ran to h


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