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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  November 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> hello and here's what we're following on this wednesday, november 11th. >> police in delaware need your help identifying the man who put a 71-year-old woman through a terrifying ordeal. >> a warning to parents in berks county. investigators say a man tried to lure a young boy into his car. >> a local company has developed a wearable device to ward off sexual assault. >> good morning, it's 4:30 on this wednesday. little bit of rain left out there. let's turn to david and karen. >> the rain is departing to the north and east of philadelphia. there may be something going on in southeastern
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pennsylvania as well. but for the most part we're looking at drying conditions. the farther north and west you go through the region the better chance you have of some lingering cloud cover and if the clouds are low and thick enough there might be a little bit avenue sprinkle or perhaps some drizzle but obviously we are in the process of improving and down to the south you can see that yeah there's clouds but some breaks beginning to develop and i think we'll see the return of some sun as we roll through morning and especially this afternoon. 54 degrees in philadelphia, 54 in allentown, 53 reading, 54 in wilmington, 51 in trenton. fairly even numbers from north to south beneath that deck of clouds with those holes beginning to get punched in them. 51 degrees on the bus stop this morning. by 6 o'clock, 54. by 8 o'clock partly cloudy cool dry in most neighborhoods. the farther north and east you go of philadelphia the better chance you have of maybe a leftover sprinkle. not enough to bother with much rain gear. i 8 o'clock 54. we're still holding that same number it will get milder later this afternoon though. we'll see a high of 65 degrees and again we'll see some sun
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returning and it's veterans day. look like a nice afternoon for any ceremonies you're planning. little more rain on the way tomorrow. karen will have details on that coming up. >> all right, david, on this veterans day let's check the traffic for you. it's a little bit damp on the roads. be careful on 95 at cottman. that's southbound traffic headed towards center city. we've got no extra overnight construction here. traffic moving okay. certainly no delays, just slow it down with it being a little bit damp. on the vine street expressway looking pretty good in both directions. overnight construction was canceled once again so they did not close the vine. all lanes are opened in both directions. crews are scheduled to start again tonight. shouldn't be any weather related problems. we'll see what happens tonight. at 11 o'clock they should return ought there. in upper gwynedd township an accident on allentown road. just cleared. all lanes back opened. a disabled vehicle was causing an issue in upper pottsgrove township on moyer road. it has just left the scene. traffic moving a little bit better there as well. burlington bristol bridge scheduled for a bridge hoping.
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head to the turnpike connector instead of the burlington bristol to as you head out early this morning, matt and and tam. >> thanks karen. new this morning an armed man showed up at a delaware wawa and abducted a 71-year-old woman to rob her of money. "action news" reporter katherine scott was outside the convenience store in new castle where this story started. katherine u that's right, matt, police say the man robbed a 71-year-old woman. he then forced her at gun point into her vehicle to drive to a different location. this is the wawa in new castle that police say the man first approached her at. they want your help identifying him and here is the man they're looking for. here's the picture from that surveillance video. he was wearing an orange shirt and police believe he's between 40 and 50 years old. new castle county police were called about this around 5 o'clock yesterday evening and police say the 71-year-old victim had left the wawa in philadelphia pike and beeson road in new castle when the suspect came up to her. he had a handgun and demanded
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cash. investigators say the suspect forced her to drive to the wawa on dupont highway and memorial drive in wilmington. the victim told police she gave the suspect cash before he fled in an unknown vehicle. and the exact details, how exactly the cash was obtained, whether it was from an atm or otherwise and how much police haven't said. we learned about this overnight. no injuries were reported but if you have any tips on this man's whereabouts, police want to hear from you. we're live in new castle, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine, thank you for that. police in montgomery county are investigating a violent domestic incident. a man was seriously nut a stabbing. it happened in a home on acorn street in lansdale around 11 o'clock last night. the man suffered multiple stab wounds he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police have not clarified who stabbed him or why. >> i'm erin o'hearn, new this morning a man asking for hair samples of children is also accused of trying to lure a
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four-year-old boy into his vehicle. reading police released this surveillance picture of the suspect's volkswagen jet today. the incident happened friday on the 500 block of minor street. authorities say the man told residents he was collecting the samples on behalf of an amber alert. the four-year-old boy he's accused of trying to lure was not harmed. if you've seen this vehicle, call reading police. a heinous crime out of hatfield, a six-year-old girl was raped and sexually assaulted in her bedroom. now the suspected predator is behind bars. police say oscar herrera broke into the girl's apartment to through a living room window. court documents state the little girl was woken up by a male threatening to hurt her and her family if she didn't "shut up. ." herrera didn't know the girl's 11-year-old brother was in the bunk below. when he heard her streaming he - screaming he went to get his
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mother. >> he had great courage to the family for the restraint that they exercised in were i can only imagine was an absolutely harrowing circumstance. >> herrera admitted to breaking into the same unit months earlier when no one was inside. his bail is set for a million dollars. >> new from the overnight t-the woman who was injured in delaware when a deer crashed through the car she was riding in has died. it happened along fifth street in delaware city on sunday. the deer smashed into the front of the vehicle with the antlers crashing through the windshield hitting 48-year-old jamie piscopo. she died yesterday. police say the driver, 53-year-old gary piscopo was not hurt. >> this morning we're still waiting for the identification of a man found dead along the new jersey turnpike. his body was spotted at 2:30 yesterday afternoon in a ravine off the northbound lanes in mount laurel burlington county. troopers say no car accident had been reported. they have not released a final cause of death. lawyer for kathleen kane did not convince a judge to
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drop the charge of perjury against the pennsylvania attorney general. kane refused to talk to reporters yesterday at her preliminary hearing at the montgomery county court in force town her lawyer said kane simply forgot that she signed a secrecy oath days after assuming office and there's no evidence she intentionally misled a grand jury. >> a company in university city will soon offer a device that it says can ward off sexual assaults. athena is a wearable disdistress signal device for women. it sets off a loud alarm and also sends a text message with your gps coordinates to selected contacts so they can find you and call police. the company roar for good says a percentage of the sale proceeds will go to nonprofits to teach youth about empathy, respect and healthy relationships. >> we wanted it to come from a place of empowerment versus fear and that's where roar came from and then the for good because we want to make a difference.
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we truly want to change the world and that's where the educational piece comes in. >> roar for good hopes its athena product will be available in the spring. >> it is 4:38. still to come on "action news" the world series of poker ends with a faceoff between a montgomery county man and a burlington county man. find out just how much the lucky winner took home. >> new jersey lawmakers debate whether to regulate fantasy sports web sites while a top official in another state works to ban them altogether. david. >> it is cool and somewhat cloudy. still got some sprinkles off to the north and east of philadelphia. they'll end pretty quickly and it's breezy, too, so we'll put the kids in sweatshirts. this afternoon they may not need the hood up, might want to throw the sweatshirt over the shoulder. yours sinus and west chester are our two colleges of the morning. we'll be back with word of more rain coming tomorrow. i'll have those details.
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>> video of a high cloud of ash and smoke erupting from a volcano in western mexico. the fire ball volcano as it's known has been active over the past month. after this eruption authorities warned people to stay away from its crater but they haven't yet ordered
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evacuation. >> so is it going to be generally a dry day today? >> it is. it's a little bit damp to the north and east of philadelphia in particular where there are still some lingering low clouds and maybe some related drizzle. storm tracker6 live double scan matt and tam shows we're in the process of drying out and straight overhead in philadelphia we're actually starting to see some breaks in the clouds. as we take a look outside this morning there's sky6 and you can see some of that cloud cover. every now and then there's a darker patch. that's where the stars are showing through. still trying to get rid of those clouds as we take a look at philadelphia from north broad street and temple university looking south towards city hall. temperature this morning is little bit cooler than yesterday but similar number. 54 degrees and winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. it's going to be another one of those mornings where there's a bit of a breeze factoring in. there you see the rain for the most part getting on out of here, again maybe a little leftover drizzle north and east or perhaps over to the east of philadelphia. but generally speaking we are in the process of drying out and these clouds are going to have a tendency to break up a little bit as the day goes on.
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54 degrees by 8 o'clock. holding a similar flub as to what we have right now and then by 11 o'clock, 61. and the afternoon looking pretty nice, 64 degrees by 2 o'clock, 65 is your high. it is veterans day today and if you have any ceremonies planned for this afternoon you should be a-okay. might be a little bit breezy but above average temperatures. by 5 o'clock, in facts we're probably still sitting over the 60-degree mark not bad. high temperatures up in allentown a little cooler, 61 degrees. 62 today in reading. 64 later on in trenton. 65 in wilmington. 64 in millville and it looks like the low to mid 60's down the shore as well. pretty even numbers. tomorrow we've got a cold front coming at us and during the midday up until the early afternoon we are looking at a little bit of light rain probably only about a quarter of an inch of rain overall. 63 degrees is the high and then the winds build in, very blustery for friday. want to show you quick that rain for tomorrow on future tracker at 6 o'clock we're probably dry. in fact the morning commute looks okay. but it's later in the morning and then through lunchtime where we expect a couple of
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showers popping through. most of this is light rain. and by 5 o'clock for the evening commute most of the area should be transitioning back to dry weather. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 65 today. clouds in the morning giving way to sun as we move through the day the afternoon looking pretty nice overall for veterans day and then tomorrow as you just saw some occasional light rain, maybe a quarter of an inch in some spots, 63 degrees is the high. not a washout tomorrow but a little damp. and then behind that windy and cool on friday with a high of 58 degrees and on saturday to start out the weekend windy and even cooler with a high of just 54. then on sunday the sun is back. it will be milder in the afternoon with a high of 60 and that's pretty nice weather for the eagles home game against the miami dolphins. won't exactly feel like miami but not bad for philadelphia in november. then monday still nice, 62. clouds and increase on tuesday ahead of another frontal boundary and as is often the case we start to bump those numbers up ahead of the front and we get up into the mid 60's. >> totally fine with that. >> figured it would be.
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>> thank you david. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has confirmed that the broad outlines of a state budget deal are now in place. the democrat says the agreement would produce $350 million in new funding for public schools this upcoming fiscal year. he back tracked on his office's statement on monday that there would be $750 million for schools over two years. wolf has been battling with the republican controlled legislature over the spending plan since the budget deadline passed away back on june 30th. new york's attorney general is taking action against daily fantasy sports web sites draft kings and fan dual. eric snyder man gave the online company cease and desist orders to stop taking bets in the empire state and deemed their operations illegal gambling saying the sites are a scheme intended to evade the law and fleece sports fans. both companies insist their games are legal and winning is based on skill not luck. new jersey lawmakers took up the same issue in trenton.
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a state assembly committee heard arguments yesterday as they decide whether to regulate fantasy sites as gambling in the garden state. >> ♪ >> and now we're talking about your first look at business. the former showboat there in ac might reopen again as a casino but the sword might. philadelphia developer burt blatstein has an agreement to buy the property from stockton university for 23 million. blatstein said the facility could also be used as an office space or as a timeshare. t-mobile will no longer count streaming video from netflix hbo and other services against data plans. the unlimited video streaming feature is restricted though to those who already have plans of at least three gigabytes per customer. taking a look at your stocks the dow gained about 27 points yesterday. good news as well this morning. it looks as though things are pointing to a higher open. hey, matt, do you remember beta max. >> yup. >> the format that provided video stores in the 80's is
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going away. sony announced it will stop making beta max machines this year. >> it was the superior format but it was more expensive so shows where people's priorities sometimes are, right. >> yeah. >> 4:47. coming up next on "action news" the man who was once the voice of charlie brown is now in criminal trouble. >> police are trying to figure out who murdered a well known millionaire's wife in her up are new york state estate. that and more when "action news" comes back. ♪ catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue
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>> ♪ >> welcome back on this veterans day. we've got some damp roads out there but no big problems on the schuylkill expressway here at the vine. eastbound traffic headed towards south street, no overnight construction, all lanes opened. looking pretty good. a little damp here on the boulevard but no other problems here at ridge avenue. that's your southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. moving pretty nicely at this point. on the big picture on the boulevard at adams avenue we've got some malfunctioning traffic lights there so just watch for that as you're headed out. you got to be careful as you cross that intersection. in pennsburg montgomery county we do have an accident here on johns fries highway at north gate boulevard so watch for possible restrictions there. the burlington bristol bridge is back down after a bridge opening. traffic moving again and shouldn't be too many issues.
4:51 am
in wilmington we still have that construction going on northbound on 495 right at terminal avenue. lasts until november 24th. speeds of 58 miles an hour right now showing no problems but later we'll see those speeds reduce to the single digits. nasty. matt and tam. >> thanks, karen. a former child actor who was the voice of charlie brown has pleaded guilty to making criminal threats. 59-year-old peter robbins threatened to rob a mobile home park manager and san diego county sheriff bill gore offering $50,000 to have gore killed. robbins said the threats stem from his bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. he was the voice of charlie brown in a series of 19 60's animated classics. robbins faces more than four years in prison. new on "action news" police are investigating the mysterious death of the wife of a millionaire mcdonald's franchise own intera new york city suburb. lois colly's body was found at her north salem estate on monday. police say there was no sign of forced entry. >> she was found in the
4:52 am
laundry room which is just inside the garage. and she was lying on the floor. the cause of death is blunt force trauma. we do believe a fire extinguisher was within the property and we have not located that. >> neighbors who spoke to the police say their impression is this was not a random crime. detectives are speaking to those who knew lois colley. >> today is veterans day and just in time a new jersey family is having a special moment remembering the honor and valor of their world war ii vet. during a ceremony yesterday at the american legion in toms river, cheryl piro was reunited with her late grandfather's lost medals. one is a silver star which is the country's third highest decoration for valor. her grandfather served as a doctor in north africa. he survived the war and died in 1997. he thanked nick deprite the man who found the medal also a vet and thrilled to help the family. >> very appreciative. he's very nice.
4:53 am
>> they belong to a veteran that served and defended our country. little emotional. >> he says he found the medals at a flea market. the purple heart reunited foundation helped find the foundation. he thinks the medals were lost during super storm family. glad they made their way back to the family. >> 4:53 is the time. coming up a small corporate jet crashes into an apartment building in ohio. investigators plan to sift through the wreckage this morning. we'll have the story at 5:00 a.m. >> the world series of poker in las vegas came down to two players from our area. we'll hear from the lucky winner up next.
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>> new this morning a-poker pro from montgomery county won the world series of poker. he took home $7.86 million. he held on overwhelming lead in poker clips coming into the finale and the entire event. mckeehan won. with an ace and a 10. mckeehan was nonchalant in the moments after winning. >> just focused. didn't want to get too ahead of myself. it was working. so i didn't want anything to go over my head. i feel pretty good now. >> the 24-year-old, 24-year-old finished ahead of more than 6,000 other players who each ponied up $10,000 to
4:57 am
enter the contest. >> philadelphia presented its marian anderson award to a world renowned jazz musician trumpeter wynton marsalis. >> ♪ (applause). >> the 54-year-old new orleans native received the award during a black tie gala at the kimmel center last night. journalist soledad o'brien hosted the event which was filled with gospel and jazz performances. misty copelandd principal dancer of the american ballet theater also performed a new piece of work. the award is named after the famous philadelphia opera singer and recognizes artists for their humanitarian efforts. >> i teach all of the students everywhere not underprivileged kids, not in need kids, not anybody. i could be in ferguson, i could be in the richest suburb of detroit. it makes no difference to me. every kid needs their instruction. >> hundreds of people attended the award gala and concert including 6abc president and general manager bernie
4:58 am
prazenica and some of his best friends from here at the station. >> looks like a great evening. it is 4:57. all new in the next half hour of "action news," a pennsylvania state senator gets a break that usually goes to first time offenders for his third dui charge. >> police say this man was desperate drunk and hungry. so he convinced his neighbor to drive him to the convenience store. the neighbor is nine.
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for a limited time your choice of mkc, mkz gas or hybrid for $369 a month with zero due at signing. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday november 11th. we're working on several new and developing stories. >> including police are hoping someone recognizes this man. they say he kidnapped and robbed a woman at gun point in delaware. we're live with the full story. >> new details on a jet there crashed into an ohio apartment building leaving at least nine people dead. >> the gop's elite eight took the main stage in a less crowded debate and the attacks on each other continueed. >> but first up let's talk about what you can expect with your weather and traffic.


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