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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  November 11, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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and it's veterans day and we are live with the events across the delaware valley, honoring men and women of the armed forces. a delaware man is under arrest for allegedly kidnapping a 70-year-old woman outside a wawa she was take enoutside of a wawa and forced to take cash from another wawa several miles away. david henry is standing by live in minquadale with more on the continuing investigation. >> reporter: rick, you can only imagine what a horrifying ordeal for that 70-year-old victim last night, she was carjacked and kidnapped and finally robbed and police quickly picked up a suspect. >> he was taken into custody without incident. >> norris farlow of newcastle was ticked up about six hours after the carjacking and kidnapping.
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it started at this iowa hd in claymont, it captured farlow as he entered the store and pulled a gun on a 70-year-old woman in the parking lot and got into the car with her. >> she was directed to various locations throughout the county and the city of wilmington and stopped at the wawa at memorial drive that is when she handed over an undisclosed amount of cash to the suspect. >> reporter: police send out pictures of the suspect and that pay of when two officers saw a silver sedan go through a stop sign, the officers recognized farlow at the wheel, he was alone but this man police say was an accomplice, is he 51-year-old jon johnson and police are still looking for him. >> we are not sure exactly what his deal was in this crime, but again we have information that has led us to him. >> reporter: police say that
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farlow has a lengthy criminal record and was arrest aid year ago after leading police on a high speed chase that ended in a crash, now he faced kidnapping that could keep him in jail for a long time. david henry, live in minquadale, channel 6 "action news." two people are in custody after a dar jacking in sent steer. a female doctor was targeted at the parking garage across the street from pennsylvania hospital, the woman was forced into the car by the suspect who then drove around with her and made her go to at least one atm to get money but it was over her debit card's limit and on the way they picked up a second man they stopped at a gas station and the victim was able to tell the clerk she was in trouble. the men drove off with her phone
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inside and her husband helped her locate the car, the phone and the men inside of the vehicle. police are searching for a gunman after a man was shot in the stomach, it happened on the 100 block of the garfield section, someone knocked on the front door and when the victim opened it someone fired. he was shot in the stomach and leg. rescue crews were called to this wreck in the olney section, chopper 6 hd was over the scene at front street and chu avenue, you can see a number of vehicles involved including a truck and a utility pole. one person is dead and at least 12 others hurt when a house exploded in north jersey, it happened at a duplex in union county, two of the injured were badly burned and are in critical
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condition at this hour. officials say the building was relatively new and up to code, natural gas could be to blame but the cause of the explosion is now under investigation. today is veterans day a day to honor the men and women that serve in our armed forces, past and present. and this morning president obama visited the tomb of the unknown soldier, he laid a wreath to pay tribute to those that served our country. and now john rawlins is live in center city. >> the 11th, hour 11th month, of 1918 marked the enof warfare of world war i, since then november 11th has become the day to honor all veterans, whether in war or peace.
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today's ceremony began at washington square at the tomb of the unknown revolutionary soldier, today not only remembers fallen warriors, but all members, anyone that wore a uniform and sworn to defend the country. >> all of those that served and those that are standing here today who ever wore a uniform, in peace time, wartime, overseas as a reservist. >> an hour later those at the korean war, those that fought in what was sometimes called the forgotten wall. they pushed back against north korean aggressors, but were overwhelmed by waves ofnese communist shorts. >> what was that like?
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>> hell pure hell. >> reporter: well from the korean war of the 1950s, now to the war that dominated the 1960s, the vietnam war, this is a memorial service what is now just beginning here at the vietnam memorial s it is just underway, and we'll be going on for the next hour or so to remember those who served and those who died in vietnam. live at pens landing, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the annual veterans day parade is underway in media, delaware county, and it has extra meaning for one veteran, adrian vickers is the grand marshall and it happens to be his 100th birthday. outside sky 6 hd showing you the uss new jersey on this veterans day, after a day of wet weather yesterday today we will
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in store for a milder day. >> this that sky 6 picture, things are getting brighter, what a difference a half hour makes, now i have bright blue skies. take a look at satellite, the clouds have been hanging fairly tough this morning and every now and then they start to dish out and currently get higher and thinner, and in those areas you see the darker shade beginning to show through, and you are starting to see the blue come back. the rain from yesterday, is up from the north and east as well. 62 in philadelphia p. a lot cooler to the north, and 53 degrees there in new york city, and down south in washington, d.c., a nice improvement to 62, and down to washington are average and we are not done but at mid-day, and the wins are also a factor today and a 13
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miles per hour breeze both here and in philadelphia and wilmington on the low side we are looking at 9 or 10 miles per hour, if you are headed out, do wear a jacket as i am wearing right now, the temperatures are okay but we have the cool breeze. by 2:00, 64 degrees and 3:00 a high of 65 and tonight low 50s by 10:00. a nice day to be outside for veterans day ceremonies, we what r heading to a high of 7 degrees above average. a good day for a coat though. sara and rick. >> thank you, see you back inside. a 1500 foot fall that was caught on camera. the mistake he made that he says led him into that terrifying
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terrifying video of a professional skier, ian mcintosh was plunging down a mountain while filming the new ski movie s. paradise awaits, he mistakenly skied into a five foot trench.
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fortunately he only suffered a few bumps and bruises. police in utah released dramatic dash-cam video of a shootout with an officer and suspect. >> show me your hands! shots fired! >> police say the shootout started in september when chris gardenhire stopped a truck for a minor equipment violation, and he started to shoot at the officer, and he managed to return fire, kimball escaped and was arrested the next day, he faced felony charges including attempted murder. in ohio, police say that nine people were killed when a small plane crashed into a residential neighborhood. elizabeth herr reports. >> a plane plunging into a
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neighborhood erupting into flames is what sounded like an explosion stunned eyewitnesss like this woman chatting during the crash. >> oh my god. >> this is crazy, this is crazy. police confirm there were no survivor on the plane and this woman says she was one of nine people on board. >> between the siblings, we did detective work and made calls and checked flight plans and put two and two together. the small jet that can carry up to 10 passengers was heading to dayton when something went wrong. steph montgomery lives if one of the units, and would have been home if she was not meeting her
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son. >> i was in shock and disbelief, we want to know what happened. some answers that is all. >> police have confirmed that the pilot and copilot were killed and this morning, ped enterprises, a real state company based in florida, said in a statement that they lost seven of their employees in this crash. channel 6 "action news." crayola crayons is branching out and launching their first adult coloring books, the iconic company is offing adult coloring books that sell for $9.99 a piece and are selling colored pencils and markers with fine tips to accommodate the designs. you can find them at major retailers. a seattle landmark known for how dirty it is is getting a major cleaning, the gum wall started to collect gobs of gum back in 1993, today steam
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cleaners started giving the wall an official cleaning, they say the sugar started to erode the bricks behind it, there is an estimated 2200 pounds of gum stuck to that wall and it's expected to take three days to clean it off. visitors can put gum back on the wall once it's fully cleaned. >> tough job. still ahead on "action news" another check of the forecast. >> stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you cape may, new jersey, on this veterans day, david murphy has an update from accuweather when "action news" comes right back.
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but that is all gone, now a look at sky 6 hd, we do indeed have plenty of sunshine building in over center city, a lot of that glinting off center city skyscrapers and things are getting brighter and a lot of that building in the distance there with bright patches in the clouds and right over head of 6 abc we have blue skies and definitely improving for this morning. a couple of highlights for your forecast, nice for veterans day, we have temperatures, 7 or 8 degrees above average and enjoy it over the next couple of day we deal with rain and then wind coming down the pike, we are talking pretty big wind gusts, the wind is noticeable at 13 miles per hour, and gusting higher than that. just a little breezy today and on the cool side but above average temperatures, satellite and radar showing you the rain
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from yesterday is pushing farther and farther away from us and wins coming down from the northwest and eroding and taking bite marks out of clouds and we see that out of immediate region with patches of blue becoming more prominent, 61 is your high in allentown and 64 in trenton and similar numbers in philadelphia and wilmington, 64 in millville, and down by the shore, 62 in a.c. and cape may, new jersey, with a high of 63 this afternoon. >> it looks like the high of 65 hits it at 6:00 with the mix of sun and clouds mix, 61 by 5:00 and 61 at 7:00 and dipping to 57 by 9:00 and overnight low down to 50, you'll notice the clouds getting thicker by 9:00 or 10:00 tonight and clouds thicken up by tomorrow and then tomorrow
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morning, future tracker 6 starting at 4:30, we have clouds on satellite, we may see precipitation maker popping in just a light sprinkle or shower, but the best chance is later in the morning through mid-day and then this starts to clear out quickly by the mid-afternoon hours, the morning commute is mainly dry but cloudy and the afternoon commute may sunshine coming back and in between a quarter inch of rain coming through with mid-day showers, tomorrow's high is cooler, 63 degrees, the next, you becomes friday with strong blustery wins come in, and veterans day nice, if you have more ceremonies to go to in the afternoon and 65 and breezy. and light rain as you saw especially in the mid-day hours tomorrow, 63 is the high and then comes the sun and the wind, strong blustery winds blowing at 40 miles per hour, 58 degrees and the good news about that wind is that with most of the leaves off the trees, it will
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probably have a tendency to bring down fewer trees and branches in the spring time, when the leaves are coming up or in the summer. as we look at "action news" at 11:00, the big one is coming. everybody looks forward to this. >> i do. >> the 6 abc winter weather outlook, cecily tynan will present the outlook for the season and el niño is playing a role. will it effect our temperatures or make them warmer than normal. and how about snow? rick get the dvr going. >> thanks david. topping our people scene, another medical emergency on "dancing with the stars," for the second time this season, a health scare has forced one cel celebrity out of the competition. alicia vitarelli is live at the big board. >> this is what led to the shocking elimination, tamar
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braxton posting this photo, saying with a heavy heart, i regret to inform you that my season of dancing with the stars has come to an end, she doesn't have pneumonia but blood clots in both sides of her lungs. she has been one of the top contenders this season but just before monday's live broadcast, tamar was sent to the emergency room. >> she is really sick. >> she is in the hospital. the judges were forced to score and val based on their rehearsal footage. >> 8, 7, 7. >> but then a shocking come back, braxton making it back in time for the final performance saving herself from elimination. >> i'm amazing you are here, after seemingly regaining her strength and getting her team a
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near perfect score. 9, 9, 9. >> i was okay to go and i was okay with that because i want her to be well. i want her to take care of herself. >> but braxton revealed she returned to the er, learning that she didn't have pneumonia, but something way more serious, blood clots in both sides of her lungs, this is not the first health related elimination, earlier kim suffered a mini stroke and that kept her from the ballroom. now it's unclear how tamar's departure will affect the competition, four stars remain and the finale is tuesday november 24th, here on 6 abc. we'll see how it plays out. but in a few weeks the mirror ball trophy will be handed out.
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david has one last look at temperatures before we go. >> decent highs in the northern and western suburbs, numbered in the mid-60s, philadelphia high of 65 and clouds mixing with sun and breezy and down by the water arks little bit cooler, low 60s for the most part but still a nice afternoon and on the breezy side. >> thank you. a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, the flyers roll out the red carpet for a special fan, now they spent the day making a young boy's wish come true. >> and post pictures of the vets in your life, with the #6abcaction and we'll show you some of them on the air. that does it for "action news" at noon, join us today for
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"action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for sara bloomquist and david murphy, i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon, we'll see you later on.
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