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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware alley's leading news program. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon, a suspect in a hit and run has surrendered to
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police. and the hero that tackled a suicide bomber received the highest military honor from president obama. but the big story is the rain moving through the region right now, meoing live outdoors sky 6 hd the view from our temple university camera, it's gray and gloomy as we look over i.ay and gloomy as we look over conditions are moving in,ighor the latest lets meet a check on things with meteorologist david murphy. >> at the tail end of the showers we meot r-thn in trento and burlington county, new jersey, and the heavier cells up in new york state, there is another batch coming up i-95 and we are not entirely done but it looks actke aoloer 1:00, 2: w, most of this is past us and things are looking ndetter, future tracker 6 p, iys t.
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2:00, 3:00, we not only expect the cloy as but as we meo pewst tu w and around sunset, 3:45, we see the skies brighten a bit and there is a sacthatt chance of a sprin hae, and the main body moving over us. 56 in wilming min 59 in millvile and if couu are headed out this afternoon, you definitely want initially the um peel, i, and -moter that the jacket, andpri3 above average and that is cool, but the winds pick up a bit as we meo throuhat the rest of the afternoon, that becomes an especially large issue as we me throbah mipon,with, a w defe o pressure, can you see it rotating around the precipitation mi the west, t. and an area of high pressure is se mled in the northeast and the
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inand g between the two is goin through a tight pressure gradient than mea 2 strong winand g as theyighunnel t ouhat and shoot through our areas, sara i'll check out the w ekend callighrom accuweather just ahead. as another round of rain moves through, say mereat resource, check out the street level forecast to know when the rain will s larrtr the street level forecast to know when the rain will s larrtr swi, anhing to breaking new now, embattled, attorney general, kathl en whne isighacing a new civil , iwsuit. it's filed by frank noonan and four fors ar e ouloyees of the at ming onto general's do56 w alleges her trying to retaliate against them because of her alleged wrong doings. and it names a news reporter and
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other media outlets, kane hews not i thaickd a response a driver suspect in a hit and run turned himself in, a driver suspect in a hit and run turned himself in, ksledic ksledick c deferyis himself in, it happened near westchester uskvey 6ity ts as aa half w eng u inio, police had impounded a minivan they believed was involved. sheon d was involved. hospital in critical condition. we learned new details about a cyber and bul. students, john rawlins live in westchester where we heard a statthe stent wri men by then coung girl who was victimized in this case. >> the victledi's s lartes ant t about the specific crime, and more a call to others who might ndeon mi presumably contact authorities, the young girls in this cewse wews a middle school sty aent when t.
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the d.higighras ad this as a s do bmpo. >> we had a group of boys in a school in chester ovunty, . and traditional bullying mi mae an coung illtion's life miserab shey isolated her and made her life hell on earth. >> they are talking about life hell on earth. >> they are talking about month. she provided intimate photos to her b conthtiend and they broke and he released those to others and multiple boys have been and multtple boys have been >> there areighour b conts in t charged with criminal offenses, those criminal offenses range htom sexting to harewssment to illegal use of a communication facility and tra
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23 tr of obs w materiaurl. >> reporter: so four boys face charges from summary offenses to felonieon n t e of them incly aing the ex-boyfriend charged in this specific case and theighourth b cont in a sle murt separate cewse that authorities came across during their investigation. >>is police h defe identified an quharnls a suspect in yesterdmp's center city yesterdmt's center city 44-year-old nathaniel rodriguez abducted a doctor from the ksrking mearinie isighro pennsyd tania hospital. the suspect drove her to an atm mi witgioraw monnto and then st weped at a meews station, the clerk came to her aid and the woman's phone wews l5t in the ve. at this hour, u.s. air strikes are supporting a major ewssampot against isis, the efft
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to reclaim a strategic supply route began earacter neysterday. teganis gan earacter neysterday. washington. >> reporter: we eyouect pre de larils htom the pen lareten hour, but it appears that the islamic state son the de3 t 2ivit 2ivit haw> tthe o mensive began near sunrise, convoys converged on several fronts, exchanging gun 56re with several hunecifie isis forces on the ground. coalition forces including the united s lartes are backing the up by -thr. this fighter said that the situation so far is eteod, ther is movthe stenalle there but continuous air strikes on them. they have already captured a stre, anh do . determined to recapture the town but it's hard eteincly isis are
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veili adett at leaving behind booby traps and explosives and cause allnow inand g of casualt >> the area is credited a major route for fighters and fuel and supplies. hen the iit'amic s larte took or she area last year, they ook or murdered raped and enslaved murdered raped and enslaved thousands do a relhesion minory tens of thousands fled and in respond to u.s. launched air thousands do a relhesion minory tens of thousands fled and in respond to u.s. launched air joining the kurds to take back sheir homit urds to take back
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police say that the victim was sitting in a car in the parking lot and two men were trying to rob him when it happened. the victim is expected to survive. police are looking for the man behind this violent holdup in north philadelphia, surveillance cameras captured the suspect coming into the family dollar store on west allegheny avenue. crews. >> reporter: able to get the blaze under control and fort
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fatally nobody was hurt. still to come, some women claim a mistake in their birth control packaging, let to unwant said pregnancies, a lawsuit based against a company in montgomery county.
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a man with his weapon pointed toward them and police opened fire killing the suspect and police believe he just robbed a nearby sporting goods store. a man gets a $20 million payout after being injured by a sliding door on a cruise ship, the door closed on james hoffman's head. the illinois native suffered a concussion and results in memory problems and seizures, a jury
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awarded him $2.5 million in damages and the cruise line says the judgment is excessive and will appeal the ruling. police have several men in custody for alleging shining lasers in new york. one shined right into the cockpit last night, a pilot on board stayed overhead as they rushed to locate the suspect's vehicle. >> can you get that plate? >> we'll try and do that now. >> the suspect was arrested and no charges are announced yet. three people were taken into custody three other news helicopters reported laser incidents this week. a retired army captain who tackled a suicide bomber while in afghanistan received the highest award. he was awarded the medal of
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honor an hour ago, he was born in france and became a naturalized citizen in s and he was badly injured in the 2012 attack that killed four people and sometimes he struggled with why he survived and his colleagues did not. >> i have four guys not here today and four families that don't have a father, son or brother. you know a husband. and that is what we need to talk about, those are the guys, they are the true heros in all of this, the guys that didn't make it. >> this is only the 10th time a living service member received the medal for actions in afghanistan or iraq. coming up today at noon, a new trend in plastic surgery has more senior citizens going to the doctor, what is driving men and women to get a little cosmetic care. that is next.
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more than 100 women are suing a pharmaceutical company, they say a mistake in their birth control packaging results in unwanted pregnancies, they were in the wrong orderer and they may have been taking placebos. 21 women are seeking millions in damages and some want to be paid for the total cost of raising a child to adulthood. they filed the federal suit in
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philadelphia because it's company is based in malvern. they say they only know of one single case of a single pack sold to a patient. there is growing pressure to look young in the competitive job market. tamala edwards looks at the growing trend of plastic surgery for procedures. >> more men and women are looking for procedures to boost their confidence and self images. >> they really want to look as great as they feel and want to kind of like present that to people. just because they got older, they shouldn't be looked at differently. >> once relegated to the rich and famous, now plastic surgery is common to the every day people. >> i got a good night sleep and went to the gym and i would come in and be ready to go and my
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first clients said you okay you look tired. >> injections did the job. >> i built my face up as opposed to having plastic surgery. >> and there are new procedures endorsed by the fda that do not involve plastic surgery. this gets rid of fat pock egts. >> it sounds too good to be true but it really works. >> susan a former model working in the pharmaceutical industry try tropical disturbance. >> i work long hours and don't have time to go to the gym as much as i would like to. we look for a with quick fix and this product help mez with it. >> they are trying to help themselves look better and feel better. >> if are you considering joint replacement surgery, you may want to join our online video chat later on this afternoon. dr. jack shilling from the cooper bone and joint institute
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will lend his expertise. join the conversation from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. on all right, the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> it is thursday than means that meteorologist, adam joseph is out on one of his outdoor adventures, he will be joining us live from cecil creek farm from mickleton, new jersey they are doing some farm to table cooking and speaking of which there is a problem this year that could affect your thanksgiving dinner, what is making turkey so expensive this year and what you can do to help people that can't afford their holiday bird. you can take us with you on the go on our tablet or smart phone. and later on we'll talk about
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tonight's tgit. >> thanks alicia.
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meteorologist, david murphy is here now and we are talking about lunch already. maybe some grilled cheese and tomato business can. >> we have rain, a second batch of it. delaware county is picking up some of this and this is not the heaviest rain and every now and then a blip of yellow and stead why you have to make the roads wet again, we'll go wide and once we get rid of this stuff in baltimore, that should be about it for the day. maybe a couple of brief sprinkles and showers after that, this is the main body of that and it should be through
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over the next hour, hour and a half. we have cloudy skies overhead where it isn't raining and that includes center city for a few mementos, temperatures 57 degrees on the cool side, currently the winds out of the south-southeast at 11:00 miles per hour, as we look at temperatures across the region mid-50s in allentown and reading and 60 degree reading up and down the coast. future tracker 6 showing the rain moving through now won't be here too much longer, by 2:00 it pushes to the shore and the rest of area is dry ougt and the area is mostly dry and late in the day we may see breaks of sunshine. up in allentown mainly cloudy and light rain is possible, 59 is the high, and then that clears out over the next couple of hours, at the shore light to moderate rain and cloudy skieses and 64 is the high and i think you are probably drying out at
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the cost at 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. and philadelphia 63 and more light rain coming through and mainly cloudy and winds starting to pick up once the rain gets past us, out of the south at 10 to 20 miles per hour, getting on the blustery side later, clearing and the gusty winds continue and up to 25 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts overnight perhaps around 30, 38 is the overnight low and tomorrow morning it will be on the chilly side and windy side, afternoon commute, mainly cloudy and windy and 4:00, 59 by 7:00 and some areas to the west we may see sunshine poking through the clouds later on and tomorrow we have an area of low pressure moving to the north and an area of high pressure to the south and a strong pressure gradient is developing between those, and a lot of air being circulated around these two features in this direction and when it has to squeeze through the features, it comes through in a hurry and
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blustery conditions tomorrow and still rather windy on friday or saturday morning early afternoon, i think the winds will eventually die down as the high gets closer and saturday 54 degrees, and debris on the roadways and branches and trash cans, most of the leaves are off the trees. mid-day rain and 63 and drying out later and 58 with gusty winds tomorrow and 54 on saturday and still blustery and cool and sunday blustery and milder and 58 and nice for the eagles, and mid-60s on monday and tuesday and wednesday how about 70, not bad. tonight at 11:00 on channel 6 "action news," cecily tynan is airing our winter outlook, it's a big el niño, but what does that mean for us? we'll compare it to other years with el niño. >> i can't wait for this.
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>> i know. >> i'm old school. and it has a time on it. more ahead in our next half our of "action news" at noon, actress jennifer lawrence speaks out about the pay inequality in hollywood. and karen rogers shows us some of the delaware valleys newest restaurants open in time for the holidays.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with sara bloomquist, rick williams and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you at 12:30. a shooting investigation is underway in har sharon hills. college students are walking out of class to protest allegations of racism. and the group that is marching down broad street for the mummers parade. and police in delaware county are looking for a shooter that sent two men to the hospital, it happened outside of a family dollar store, according to officials it started with a fight in the parking lot. katherine scott has the


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