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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  November 12, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" at 12:30 continues with sara bloomquist, rick williams and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you at 12:30. a shooting investigation is underway in har sharon hills. college students are walking out of class to protest allegations of racism. and the group that is marching down broad street for the mummers parade. and police in delaware county are looking for a shooter that sent two men to the hospital, it happened outside of a family dollar store, according to officials it started with a fight in the parking lot. katherine scott has the story. >> reporter: the 35-year-old
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victim remains in the hospital, police say he was sitting in a car in the parking lot when two men walked up to it and announced the robbery. >> i hope they find the man that did it because it's scary. >> shoppers are back now at the plaza on sharon hill after a shoot that left one man in the hospital. >> we have a nice community, and this is sad. >> at 6:45 last evening, police say that the 35-year-old victim was sitting in his car on chester pike and a woman was in the driver's seat and two men in their 20s approached and opened the passenger side door and told him he was being road and there was a struggle and he was hit in the head with an unknown object and he was shot with a handgun and the woman drove the man to the hospital. >> wednesday night and everything is open and the laundry mat is over there and
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there is definitely a lot of people around. >> it could be any time of the day or night it doesn't matter. >> i was pretty surprised but i guess it's just a sign of the times, people just don't want to act right. >> this shopping plaza, it's a busy road and there are surveillance cameras nearby the question is, is there any fo footage that it help in this investigation. four boys are facing charges of a cyber bullying and sexting scandal. this morning chester county district attorney tom hogan released a statement written by the young female victim in the case. according to police she sent inmate photos to her boyfriend and after they broke up the photos spread around and the boys used sexting and cyber
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bullying to make the girl's life miserable. >> they isolated her and made fun of her and did everything they could to make her life hell on earth. >> her ex-boyfriend is one of the boy's charged and they face several charges including felonies. it is a dreary and damp thursday across the delaware valley as we look live from sky 6 hd, showing you a soggy scene from the ben franklin bridge and the wind picks up tomorrow making for a blustery end to the work week and david murphy has an umbrella in hand out side of the studio with more. is that my umbrella? >> no, we are looking at damp conditions here on the terrace, i had to put up the umbrella a few minutes ago, looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan, that is the last band arriving in philadelphia and pushing into lower bucks and chester county and although the western edge is
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about ready to say good-bye and the northern half of delaware has a half hour to go, south jersey you'll look at this stuff for the another couple of hours before it starts to pass and wet all over again before the first batch going through onned wide view rolled through early this morning. look to the south and west, there say break in the clouds west of washington behind the line of rain and it's not out of question, that once we get the showers through, we start to see the return of late sunshine. 56 in philadelphia, it's cool enough for a jacket, 56 in washington and 57 in new york city and the winds sweeping up from the south and they are noticeable, 12 miles per hour in philadelphia, and although as you look at these numbers, they will get stronger in the afternoon. the winds pick up tomorrow, 62 on your thermometer, a high of 63 at 3:00 and 61 by 4:00, and 58 by 6:00 with breaks in the clouds and down into the mid-50s
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by 10:00 and dropping back into the 40s overnight. the big story tomorrow is the strong gusty winds and we'll talk about that when i step inside for now the umbrella is a good idea in philadelphia for the next hour or so. >> i'll borrow yours david. >> or ricks. police were called to an armed robbery in the winfield section, on the 40 block of city avenue. police say the man with a weapon robbed another man of $400 and an iphone, and the suspect took off and the victim was not hurt. police are investigating an accident involving an ambulance in west philadelphia, the ambulance and a car collided at 8:30 last night at the intersection of 51st and spruce street, one was lastliey liste
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in critical condition. this car flipped -- walkout residence students said they were inspired to speak out after the university's president stepped down earlier in the week. for more we go to elizabeth herr live in new york. >> reporter: rick, these students are not only staging protests and walkout, they are turning to twitter with the #~ black on campus. they are determined to have their voices heard. more than 900 students walking out of class and walking at ithaca college in new york -- and at yale university students shutting down streets. all protesting what they call racial injustice on campus. >> a lot of institutional
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changes need to be done in terms of getting more support in ethnic studies and more diversity of color on campus. >> the protests at ithaca prompting the creation of a new chief diversity officer position. the change is coming days after students, football players and faculty at the university of missouri rallied against the university's mishandling of a string of racism incidents. the racial tensions turning to fear on campus this week when social media picture showing lecture halls empty following the arrest of two missouri college students that stand accused of posting threats online against black students and faculty. >> it's frightening to realize
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that anyone would walk around and try to kill people because of their skin color. >> reporter: well, as for the students under arrest, one of them 19-year-old hunter park is due in court later today. live in new york, i'm elizabeth herr channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the mummers will have a new performance division, when they march on thanksgiving day. they have recruited the younger generation to be part of the celebration and the program is long criticized for their lack of diversity and it's going change, they have invited a mexican heritage group with their own mummer's like tradition. >> every new year's they see the mummers dancing all over the city and city hall, being a part
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of that is a dream come true. >> the mummers have invited other groups as well and they are still waiting to hear back. >> as the holiday season approaches, we are teaming up to help our neighbors in need, join me next wednesday, november 18th for a live telethon to benefit philabundance and special guests will be on the phone taking your donations from 4:00 until 6:30 p.m., can you log on to for a link to the philabundance page. still ahead, donald trump says he has a new plan to fight illegal immigration in the u.s., the force he wants to create to push undocumented people out of the country. >> and big changes for black friday at wal-mart, the staple the store is ditching for the holidays.
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surveillance cameras show the moment a house in elizabeth, new jersey, exploded sending debris flying everywhere. the city's mayor confirms it was
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a gas explosion but today investigators were trying to find out if someone was illegally tapping into a gas force. it killed one person and sent 14 others to the hospital with injuries, someone initially unaccounted for was not home when the explosion erupted. politics now gop frontrunner, donald trump has new ideas when it comes to cracking down on illegal immigration. they want to create a force to get the immigrants out of the country, others say it's unrealistic, hillary clinton called is absurd, inhumane and unamerican. now people are looking to see what caused a plane crash in ohio, you can see the jet bank to the left and then crashed into a home there, all nine
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people on board lost their lives and no one on the grown was hurt. the ntsb is at the scene trying to piece together what happened. wal-mart is revealing their black friday sales plan, they are ditching hourly door buster sales, instead all discounts and deals are be available at once, a star wars drone will cost $25, wal-mart stores open at 6:00 thanksgiving night and they are giving employees additional pay and dinner and discounts for working. jennifer lawrence is speaking about the -- it showed she was paid less than they are costars in the movie, american hustle, lawrence later wrote about the salary gap saying she fell into a trap, she didn't
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want to come across at difficult or spoiled. >> i felt like i had to say something, we have to talk about, on average women are paid 21% than men and we can ask for the same thing that men do, and we do face the reality that we do get judged more. >> several costars have spoken out in support of lawrence and her fight for equal pay. >> this weekend, fyi philly will have a fall food extravaganza, karen rogers got a chance to visit new restaurants in town. here is one specializing in cheeses and meets on the main line. >> husband and wife duo are bringing their own approach to dining at cheese and charcuterie. >> i'm a girl trying to diet several times, but i decided that life without cheese is not
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worth living. this is my kind of place. >> we love being here and love showing our guests what we are all about, something they don't see around here. >> they found a variety of flavors around the world. >> we pull from certain farmers and purhaveveyopurveyors. the open kitchen makes you feel like you are dining at a friend's house, you feel part of a community and not just going out to dinner. >> we designed this as a place we would go out to eat and being able to talk to your neighbors. >> all right, you can catch fx yi philly fall extravaganza.
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david murphy is back now with another look at the soggy forecast xg but i would take this over snow any day.
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>> most people would. there is some green if parts of the region, not everybody seeing it, philadelphia is certainly underneath this, over the last 20 minutes or so in particular. at times it's a steady rain highlighted in yellow but the heavier cells tend to pass through quickly, and honey brook and oxford are you starting to dry out, it's not that much longer this continues to push through and dover is picking up the tail end of this and allentown you are just about done. when that passes we'll see things dry out and maybe some breaks in the clouds later in the day, as we look outside, we have sky 6 hd atop morgan hall at temple university looking at broad street and it's obviously wet. a couple of highlights, it's damp today and then a big wind coming, those are the two things we are talking about, wind south-southeast at 7 miles per hour and picking up as we go
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later into the afternoon hours, future tracker 6 showing you we are seeing drying out and maybe breaks in the clouds by 3:00, especially out west of philadelphia, and the evening commute sprinkles and showers up north and generally speaking dry and and improving, 59 in allentown un60 in reading, 62 in trenton and 62 in cape may new jersey. as we look at numbers the rest of the way, high of 63 is at 3:00 and 60 by 5:00 and 57 by 7:00 and down to the mid-50s by 9:00 and dipping to the upper 40s overnight and tomorrow wind is the word, and 58 is the cooler high, but the pressure gradient building in, we'll see the wins whip through, gusting 35 to 40 miles per hour through the day and starting out windy tomorrow and the wins ease back a little bit and cooler with a high of 54 degrees on saturday.
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here is the future tracker wind gusts starting tomorrow morning, if we roll through through the afternoon can you see where we are in the 40 miles per hour range in a couple of spots, that could pop-up just about any time tomorrow in the morning or afternoon. 63 is today's high and we have the mid-day rain we are experiencing right now and over the next couple of hours we should dry out and tomorrow gusty wind day. 58 degrees and winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour and keep an eye out for branches coming down and 54 is the high and winds sagging a little bit in the afternoon, obviously a cool day, sunday less wind overallp a high of 58, a good looking come back for the fans at lincoln financial field, and sunny and nice on monafternoon and this
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mild autumn we have overall, by wednesday we could be back up to 70 with a shower. how about that. winter weather outlook, we are talking about 70 in a couple of days, we'll talk snow too, tonight at 10:00 cecily tynan will unveil the winter outlook for 2015-2016, there say big el niño that could affect things. >> tell us something, blink twice. thanks david. it's a big night on 6 abc, three all new episodes of scann it all starts with "grey's anatomy."
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>> you don't need here there what for? why are do youing this? you want her to sit there and think about what happened to derek? >> you are embarrassing me, nobody asked you to say anything shut up and stay out of it. >> tensions hit a fever pitch at grace sloan memorial, and the doctors are asked to make a decision in a high stakes case and arizona tries to get back into the dating world by recruiting a new wing man. >> what did you think? >> i would come here and spoon you, give you a shoulder to cry on and talk about the dark places that rowan built insized you, that train left the station. >> then at 9:00 "scandal" olivia feels the heat for getting her father freed from jail all while fritz is in the middle of negotiating a peace deal.
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>> she should be scared, she based her case on the testimony of a dead racist and missing murder weapon, i don't smile often but this i'm smiling. >> when she smiles things are getting serious, at 10:00 "how to get away with murder" and we are one episode away from finding out who shot analise, we are counting down to the winter finale, he want to know what you think, tweet us using #~ 6 abc tgit. omg guys. >> omg, oh my goodness or gosh, whatever. we'll be right back.
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police in oregon have found a different kind of masked bandit at the scene of the break-in, the officers received reports of suspicious activity at an art gallery and found four raccoons inside, they are known by their screen names, two toes todd, and sneaky peek, after a brief chase the raccoons were captured. >> they will sit there like a stuffed animal. >> and they have their bandit masks on. >> lets check in with david murphy. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan we are a little bit of rain out there, 60 is your high today in reading and 60 in pottstown, we are drying out over the next 90 minutes or so in most neighborhoods, 60 in berlin and down the shore the same, 64 in atlantic city and 62 in cape may. maybe peeks of sun later in the day. >> that would be nice. here is a look at stories coming up at 4:00, a utah juvenile
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court judge is under investigation, after he removed a baby from her foster home because the parents were lesbians, we hear from the couple and the child's biological mother coming up at 4:00. and a man owes his life to a microwaveable meal, where he would have been if he did not head out to buy hot pockets. >> now for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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