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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> we are also following breaking news in chester, delaware county, chopper 6 hd is tracking police as they search for the suspect who led them on a chase. officers tried to stop the suspect's vehicle on tillman street at 2:30 but the driver sped off and eventually the driver ditched the vehicle and took off on foot, that brings us to the search happening right now. we are told that no law enforcement officials have been injured in this. we are also following new developments in a sexting investigation in chester county. today we learned a fourth student is facing charges, but prosecutors warn this is one example of a trend. john rawlins live with more. >> reporter: well as far as the big picture is concerned, the d.a. says he gets 50 to 60 similar cases referred to him
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each year, not all of them result in charges. we know in this case a victim 13 years old and now 14. >> they isolated her and made fun of her and did everything to make her life hell. >> he is talking about the sole female in the case, a then 13-year-old girl is pushed by her boyfriend. >> can you send me some pictures of you either naked or partially naked. no, no trust me, i'll delete them right away and won't show them right away. >> and she relents and then the couple breaks up. >> the girl is going out with boy two, and the boy one gets mad and sends the images to other boys and the images are sent to more and more people and
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the bullying begins. >> one boy took a picture of two adults engaged in a sex act and morphed this girl's face on that picture and send it around. >> more are charged in this investigation, this is not rare and parents need to examine their kid's phones and hidden images can be put in the cloud. and shows what appeared to be a calculator, but it actually hides encrypted photos in a vault. the d.a. was in a meeting with parents. >> i pulled out my phone and showed parents the vault, and outside of the parents in the tech industry, they were all flabbergasted, they had no idea. >> reporter: the message here from the the d.a. is for parents to beware at this point in time. he is seeing cases of these sorts of thing with kids as long as 9 years old, what parents
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need to do is talk to their kids and look at their smart phones and tablets and computers and learn about the apps and other ways to hide images within the system. live in westchester, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. today philadelphia city council woman had a strong message for the district attorney, fire prosecutors over porn. they join the chapter for women at city hall to call for the termination of three prosecutors whose pornographic emails have been made public, sent while working for attorney general,'s kathleen kane's office. this was recently unsealed in kane's case and kane says the current investigation into her for leaking grand jury secrets is only retaliation, for her exposing the emails.
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today a call at city hall to get those men fired, these women call that behavior outrageous. >> because we find this conduct completely unacceptable, we expect more from our public serve antss, they are on the job and public servants and still collecting a paycheck at the taxpayers expense. >> seth williams responded with a statement saying quote, while i appreciate and understand the concerns and i have reviewed the matter and the individuals involved have been disciplined and he has reached out to now on multiple occasions to discussion with this the women and they have refused and the three prosecutors filed a lawsuit against kane accusing her of intimidation retaliation and attempted blackmail and they say their names have been tarnished and their livelihoods affected. so far no comment from kane on
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that. >> raising a lot of eyebrows with this one. >> switching gears now, it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> wet and gray and nasty out there, cecily tynan is standing by live at the big board this afternoon. >> hi brian and sharrie, the weather is improving, double scan live radar showing the rain that moved through during the day, that has pushed off the coast, but if you look out the window there is still a lot of clouds because the actual cold front is still across central pennsylvania, this is moving through later on tonight, once it does it will clear out the clouds, but it will also really kick out the winds, satellite 6 along with action radar showing here is the low pressure, a very strong low, what that is doing is heading towards quebec and high pressure tries to come in from the west and this will funnel in winds from the northwest and not just tomorrow but also saturday. we have two days of very gusty winds. this is what is ahead. winds will howl for the next two
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days, you can take a break from raking, don't even bother until sunday, seasonably cool however if you like the late summer feel, it's coming back, i am tracking a dramatic warm-up next, all the details in the full accuweather forecast. >> summer does not want to let go. >> cecily thank you. it's not the news anyone wants to hear this time of year, there is a shortage of turkeys, disease is killing off the birds and driving up the price and that is putting a burden on some of the less fortunate in our area. nora muchanic she is working the story for us and is live in the new jersey newsroom with more on the problem and what local food banks are asking you to do. >> reporter: hi there sharrie, it's hard to imagine thanksgiving dinner without a turkey that is what will happen for some to avoid that the food bank of south jersey is asking the public to donate some
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butterballs. >> there is no evidence of it here but a bird flu wiped out 8 million turkeys this year, with the supplies down and prices up, food banks like in pennsauken are sounding the alarm. right now they have no where near the number of turkeys need to distribute to the groups and agencies they supply. >> we are looking at a shortage of 6,000 turkeys. the freezers at the food bank warehouse usually have as many as 20,000 turkeys and now they only have half that amount. families are looking for that family meal. >> this man runs a food pantry, this year the number of turkeys
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is significantly cut. >> 60 to 70 turkeys we usually get, but only 40 this year due to the shortage of turkeys, most likely the smaller families we'll give them a chicken and all the stuff that goes with that, like potatoes and stuff to make a meal. >> each year they hold the big turkey drop-off day, but this year they are adding an additional day, the first drop-off is this saturday the 14th at the warehouse in pennsauken, from 9:00 until 3:00 followed but normal one on the 21st. >> if they are out shopping and can bring over an extra turkey and bring it over here that would be great. >> supermarkets offer free turkeys if you spend a lot of money, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meanwhile, we here at 6 abc, we are also pitching in to feed our neighbors in need. join us wednesday for a live
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telethon to benefit philabundance, sara bloomquist will host is it the fundraising event and volunteers will be here to take your donations by phone from 4:00 until 6:30, that is next wednesday, or log on to for the link to fill bund an for their facebook page. >> our viewers always come through and they will once again this year. several protests are affecting the traffic in center city right now, there is another one happening now, lets check in with matt pellman in the traffic center. and now this is impacting is traffic this afternoon. >> we showed you at the top of the hour studentses close to 30th street station and now more coming south of temple university coming to city hall, they are here in the southbound lanes by the new restaurants that sit off to the right side if you are coming down from temple and all the southbound
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lanes are blocked on south broad street as they cross over green street as we look at chopper 6 hd northbound there are restrictions and some traffic is getting by away from city hall. but overall north broad street is not where you want to be, stay on the numbered streets. lets go to the vine street expressway, because you know when broad street is no in good shape so too the vine street expressway will not be in good shape and we had a broken down truck in the westbound lanes and this broken down mega bus off to the side. the bottom line is on the westbound vine are you crawling from 95 to the schuylkill this afternoon. on the big picture, a row home fire in kensington closing down lay street and delays absent on 95 are back today. 14 miles per hour in the northbound lanes and we startd this morning with a crash that closed the outbound kelly drive and now another one this afternoon. stay on the other side of river on the mlk drive or brave the
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delays on the schuylkill. and delays on the roosevelt boulevard by welsh road on the outer drive there. we'll keep watching this in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead there is a heated battle going on overseas. he the amazing story of the man that received the medal of honor today. >> and time for one more of adam's outdoor adventures, he is live in mickleton, new jersey, hi adam. >> we are at cecil creek farm, a 4-acre farm, it's all about being organic, they raise their own food and grow their own produce and they have cooking demos weeknights and tonight it's kids night. and tonight it's sweet potatoes,
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who wants one, you? take a bite i dare you. no we have to cook it first. coming up we are going to the chicken coopcoming up with the full accuweather forecast. >> always fun at the chicken coopadam. we want to tell you about a special web chat we are holding now, anybody considering joint replacement, the doctor from the cooper bone and joint institute, taking your questions, head to to get involved.
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the united states military is providing air support in a major new offensive against isis in iraq, 30,000 troops are advancing from several fronts, they are battling with isis fighters the whole way but they have taken control of a
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strategic section of a highway that could allow them to cut off the supply lines. talk about a hero and a moment today. he tackled a suicide bomber risking his own life to save others and in an emotional ceremony at the white house, president obama awarded the nation's highest military honor to an army captain. >> he grabbed him and kept pushing him away and he had the instincts and courage to do what was needed with tears streaming down his faces accepted the medal from president obama, the 32-year-old grew up in france and lives in maryland. he received the highest honor for wrestling a suicide bomber to the ground three years ago in afghanistan. >> you trust your instincts and you do your job. >> four americans died in that
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attack but his actions created a greater catastrophe. >> the explosion occurred farther from our forces and on the ground instead of the open air. >> grober was badly injured and took 33 surgeries but doctors saved his leg still he does not want people focus on his bravery but the four heroes that did not come home. >> the medal belongs to those four guys and those four families. those families were at the ceremony and honored as guests. grober says it was the worst day of his life. >> be a better person, you are given a second chance, earn it. >> grober carries the memory of
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his fallen comrade with him every day, their names are subscribed in a bracelet he wears every day and he has a civilian job with the department of defense helping to take care of our troops. what an amazing guy and an amazing moment. >> the honor well deserves. >> humility and humanity on display. now adam joseph on an outdoor adventure at cecil farm in the chicken coop. >> and literally in the chicken coop, and these kids are smart, you have your boots on. we have our baskets we are getting ready to get organic eggs. the chickens eat whole grain.
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>> they eat cherry tomatoes and fish for protein and pumpkin sometimes. >> these are high styling hens out here. you want to help me open the door. lets take a peek. there are the eggs in there, we'll have the kids collect the eggs here on cecil creek farm. temperature-wise, 61 degrees at philadelphia right now as well as millville and trenton 58 and wilmington 60 degrees, as we look at the satellite a lot of clouds in the region and a cold front in central parts of pennsylvania and rain on the northern end of that front and winds are converging where that front is set up and that front will bring some healthy winds around here during the day tomorrow. future tracker 6 showing at 7:30 tonight, a clear sky in mickle andton, new jersey, and northern areas near allentown and the poconos, a quick hit of showers with that front and otherwise everyone is generally clear as
4:20 pm
we see that front continue to press on. clouds early and then clearing, 48 to 43 with the westerly wind and then on friday, the large low pressure system near northern maine and from the ohio valley to the mid-atlantic, we'll have some pretty strong winds, that purple area between 30 and 40 miles per hour wind gusts, despite we'll see a decent amount of sunshine here in the end of the week, here is the problem, the west wind tomorrow 15 to 30 miles per hour and gusts at 40 and saturday north-northwesterly winds, they ease a bit 12 to 24 miles per hour and gusts of 35 miles per hour. we are wind whipped here tomorrow with a high temperature of 58 degrees and on saturday it's chilly and stays windy with a high temperature of 52 and then it's bright for the birds, not the hens, but the birds, the
4:21 pm
eagles on sunday, 59 degrees and sunny and much milder at the beginning of next week on monday with the temperature coming in at 64 degrees and although the temperatures are going up in the latter part of the forecast, we have a whole winter season ahead and many are asking what is the winter going to bring us here? and meteorologist, cecily tynan here at 11:00 we'll have the winter weather outlook to let you know what we'll deal with if it's a snowy wet winter tonight at 11:00, these hens are having a ball out here. and you did a great job, if you watch them, they put them in delicately, did you get them all? >> yes. >> you want to go deep and see if anything is in there? no, it's not pretty in there. i'll tell you guys, cecil creek farm is about being organic and they use the eggs for their farm to fork dinners they have on
4:22 pm
friday and saturday night. and we'll have more on that, you ready to do some cooking? we'll learn how to cook with chef karen inside and some healthy treats for the kids, you did your job and now we have to go inside. we'll have the seven day in the next half hour. >> thanks very much adam. we continue to follow two breaking stories here, first a police chase in chester we have a live update at 4:30 and a live look from chopper 6 hd in center city as protesters continue to march on city hall, we'll of course continue to follow these breaking stories.
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police in north philadelphia are trying to find the man who robbed a dollar store at gun point. they gave us this surveillance video of the the crime inside of family dollar on west allegheny avenue, the man walked in before 4:00 and pulled a gun on the 19-year-old behind the counter,
4:26 pm
he tried to make her open the register and she couldn't, and tried to get it open himself and he couldn't. he slapped the teen and pulled her hair and ran off without taking anything. a government watch dog group brought mayor michael nutter and his successor together for a post election luncheon, the annual gathering including remarks by jim kenney as he prepares to take office and mayor michael nutter was honored today. he received the joan mark integrity in government award. it's named for joan markman who nutter hired with the goal of boosting transparency. and the black coalition says they want to hold elected officials accountable for promises they made on the campaign trail, it's 31 recommendations to strengthen
4:27 pm
the black community at a summit many april and mayor elect jim kenney and others signed off on it, they want to make sure they honor the recommendations now that the election season is over. coming up why an ohio man said a pair of hot pockets saved his life. plus an investigation anyone that travels often needs to see. >> coming up on what is the deal, thinking about buying luggage. have the wish i wish tonight wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list event is on. right now get exceptional offers on the entire lincoln family. for a limited time your choice of mkc, mkz gas or hybrid for $369 a month with zero due at signing.
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brian and sharrie chester police say this happened during an undercover drug investigation, this after the guy they investigated decided to flee following a police carer it happened at 6th and concord, undercover officers stopped a man in a white escalade after an undercover investigation in that area, officers were approaching the vehicle when the driver bolted, ramming the undercover police officer blocking his escalade, here is more from otis
4:30 pm
blair. >> he struck the police vehicle and a chase ensued and at which point it ended up on mary street and officers set up a perimeter and had k-9 attempt to track him but unfortunately with the rain and pedestrian traffic, the k-9 lost his scent. >> they are still looking for the officer now but the officer in the vehicle was shaken up but okay, it turns out the s&p a man in his 30s, he did not want to identify had an active warrant out for his arrest from probation and parole, they are confident they will catch up with him. i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news" back to you guys. want to revisit breaking news we pass add long a few minutes ago, a live look from chopper 6 hd from center city as
4:31 pm
students continue to march from city hall, they came from the university city campus and temple university in north philadelphia for this protest, it's part of the nationwide million students march. college students across the country are calling for a tuition free public college and cancellation of all student debt and $15 minimum wage for all campus workers, they plan a rally when they get there, and it's impacting traffic wherever they go, and other protests underway throughout the city, we'll bring you the latest on this breaking story as soon as we get it today. we turn to south jersey where police are trying to determine what killed a toddler who was found dead one month ago tomorrow. david henry returned to camden county to determine where this investigation stands into brendon creato's death and he is live with the story.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: sharrie, investigators and others have confirmed that brendon creato's aunt has been questioned by investigators but her lawyer says that does not mean she has become a focus of the investigation. >> my clients want answers more than anybody. >> william brennan is shannon crea creato's lawyer, she made a movie that dealt with the disappearance of a toddler and the finding of his body, now that fiction scenario, has become a reality. >> it's a red herring and a diversion, it brings nothing to the table to trying to find out what happened. >> brennan says that investigators always question the people closest to the victim and he says that jessica has
4:33 pm
nothing to home. her brother, d.j. creato is brendon's father and the last to see him alive, he disappeared from his apartment on november 13th and later found dead in a wooded area a half mile away, brennan says with an inconclusive autopsy and a negativi negativive toxicology report is may look like he wandered away from home and died of exposure. >> this may have been a tragic accidental death. >> investigators continue their work and there is no information coming out of the camden county prosecutors office and a lot of people neighbors and family, very frustrated a month later that there has been no answers. live in haddon township, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> david, thank you. philadelphia meets believe this is the man wanted for murdering a stranger near city hall, investigators say that the suspect seen in this
4:34 pm
surveillance video from septa, stabbed william vaughn to death on september 24th, police say that vaughn walked his girlfriend to the bus stop at broad and arch street and he got into an argument with the suspect and the suspect stabbed him and police say that the suspect may also be homeless, if you recognize the alleged killer, call the police homicide division, a 25 hundred reward is offered. a man turned himself in this morning, the action cam was there as he surrendered in district court, he is identified in a crash that injured said murphy, police had already impounded the minivan involved here and the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. philadelphia police say this is the man responsible for abducting a doctor from
4:35 pm
pennsylvania hospital yesterday, 40-year-old nathaniel rodriguez approached her at the parking garage at pennsylvania hospital. and took her to an atm and made her take money out and then to a port richmond gas station, that is when the clerk came to her aid and the phone was left in the vehicle allowing police to track it down. he is facing aggravated assault and carjacking. a west philadelphia woman has died after being shot several times, mary pits was fighting for her live in the hospital but early this morning her family reported she succumbed to injuries, she was wounded by a neighbor that suffered from mental issues. the gunman steven outlaw believed that she was spying on him in her apartment. he committed suicide after he shot her. a funeral is planned for
4:36 pm
tomorrow. the city of philadelphia is planning to put a stronger emsays on music. the task force works to bolster music events as vivid seats for buying and selling tickets named philadelphia the number one place in north america for live music. >> now animals in the shelters are living more comfortable, these odor free litter boxes replaced the old ones in the community cat room, a company called forever pet furniture donated them today. fur, it hides the cat litter's smell and is to make the shelter a more pleasant place for visitors considering adoption and the cats that have to live
4:37 pm
there. >> they are living the high life. >> i would say so. >> time to head back outside to cecil creek farm. >> meteorologist, adam joseph, manages to do it every week. >> that's a chicken coop. >> you are outside. >> true, i'll give you that much. after a day with clouds and rain it's great to see that sunsetting right there in the tree line, which just a few cirrus clouds above here on cecil creek farm. it's warm out here, look at the temperatures here in the mid-atlantic, philadelphia 61 degrees, and washington, d.c. 65 degrees and richmond 71 degrees but there is a change coming if you look to the north and parts of the great lakes and canada, thunder bay it's just 36 degree s 33 in travers city there and pickle lake, cold as 26 degrees,
4:38 pm
and there are changes to come as we get into the latter part of the week and weekend. in the form of strong winds and typical temperatures for november. we came inside the farm stand and you can see there are tables set up and not only do they raise their own food and grow their own produce, they have a market table on friday and saturday nights, you can have an eight course dinner where the chef will cook it next to the table and cooking demos every night of the week and tonight is kidded night and karen is preparing some of the carrots and sweet potatoes grown on the farm, they have the cooking demonstration and you can watch it on the tv monitor and the kids can all participate. are we ready? in 10 minutes we'll start to smash some sweet potatoes, are you going to try it after you cook it? >> maybe. >> maybe? i'm giving you a prize if you documents it's not healthy, it's
4:39 pm
sweet and yummy. >> okay. >> he got excited by the sweet potatoes too. >> he is on to you adam. still ahead here today he was saved by what he craved, why a man in ohio can say that a hot pocket saved his fate. and a utah court judge is under investigation after removing a baby from her foster home and the reason her parents were lesbians and they believed he would be better off in a heterosexual home.
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4:41 pm
we want to get back to the breaking news we are following this hour, chopper 6 hd live at city hall, that is where students have gathered as part of a nationwide million students march, you can see dozens of them gathered here at city hall, college students across the
4:42 pm
united states are calling for a tuition free public college and cancellation of student debt and to raise the minimum wage of $15 for campus workers, we are watching their demonstration as the afternoon goes on. the university of missouri has appointed an interim president after the school's former leader resigned after student led protests, former deputy chancellor, michael middleton will lead the system until a permanent replacements can be found. he takes over for tim wolf. and a student who made online threats against black students at the university. hunter park was denied bond. an ohio man is crediting a craving for saving his life. jason is a resident in the apartment build that went up in
4:43 pm
flames when a private jet crashed into it, nine people on board the plane died, he says he ran an errand before the crash going to buy hot pockets at the grocery next door. they hope that the cockpit voice recorder which has been found will yield some clues. big talkers now and a story out of utah, a heart breaker for two parents whose foster baby is being taken away because they are gay. april and becky are raising an infant girl for the past three months and now the girl is being removed from their home and sent to live with heterosexual parents because the judge says she will be better off. the women are legally married and approved at foster parent, but the judge scott johansson is removing a baby in a week, saying after research he did,
4:44 pm
kids in homes are not doing as well as heterosexual parents. >> they planned on adopting the little girl and growing their family and the baby's biological mother supports them and they will appeal this decision. finally in new york an art installation does not change based on the eyes of the beholder, but based on the beholder's borough, from manhattan, the words gracing the brooklyn park, appeared to say yo, as in yo adrian. but flip it and it's oy. as in jewish oy. no matter where you are standing, and your lingo, or traveling on the brooklyn bridge
4:45 pm
you'll see yo or oy. >> awesome aleash thank you. let get another check of the roads right now, lets check in with matt and see how things are moving. >> we are not in brooklyn but as you head home on this thursday afternoon brian and sharrie delays are back on 95 in the northbound lanes, it's a backup from allegheny especially on up to cotman after seeing a decent day yesterday because of the veterans day holiday today, the delays are back in full force in the northbound lanes of 95 and we see slowing on the vine street expressway westbound an earlier broken down truck and earlier broken down mega bus but they are both gun now, and you hear about the protesters, some were coming down north broad street away from temple towards city hall and that jammed things up on broad street and that spills back on to the vine street expressway and expect restrictions on walnut street around 30th as you head towards city hall because of those
4:46 pm
protesters. a row moment fire is blocking off lee street and a crash in lower merion along penn road. and the crash on kelly drive has cleared but watch it on the drives with the wet leaves it's slippery and some cases treacherous. >> a crash at ambler by the mickey d's and we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> sound gonzalez good my friend, adam joseph is back with the accuweather forecast.
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thursdays mean outdoor adventures for our lovely adam joseph. is he live at cecil creek -- you
4:49 pm
said lovely? >> take away adam. >> i'm listening to the conversation the kids are having, interesting like adults sitting at a table. we'll learn how to cook with the kids, karen does the demos here at cecil creek farms and what are we cooking up for them. tonight we do mashed sweet and carrots, and trying to use what is availableable. we picked them and i cut them and boiled them and now the kids will mash them up. >> she is giving you instructions and we added almond milk, we have maple syrup in there and go ahead and poor it in, and it's important to teach kids at a young age how to cook and eat healthy, as they do, this we'll finish it up and we'll taste it at the very end,
4:50 pm
as we look at the numbers, 61 degrees and 61 allentown and reading and 63 in dover and 61 in sea isle city, as we look at satellite and radar, a powerful low across the great lakes and a few showers east of boston, and a secondary cold front passing through with a wind shift in here for your friday and saturday, as we look at the forecast for tonight, an isolated shower for the front in the far northern areas, low temperatures between 43 and 48 degrees, winds from the west at 8 to 16 miles per hour, and as we get into tomorrow, and that low is in northern maine with a second cold front pushing into the eastern part of the eastern great lakes as well as eerie and lake ontario and showers around detroit, and for us sun with a few late afternoon clouds and gusts of 48 degrees with a high temperature of 58 and on saturday, that secondary front pulls through and that drops the
4:51 pm
temperature further, down to around 52 degrees and the winded are gusting to 35 miles per hour and strong high pressure over of the tennessee valley to bring -- i love listening to them work. keep it going with high pressure in the tennessee valley, as we look at the seven-day forecast, wind whipped tomorrow at 58 degrees and chilly and it stays windy over the weekend of 52 degrees, and bright for the birds on sunday, 59 degrees and decent amount of sunshine and then it's sunny and milder on monday, up to 64 and look at this, tuesday and wednesday and upper 60s to near 70 and a little more rain coming in and still balmy thursday at 68 degrees, you know what? no signs of winter in the step day, as we get close to thanksgiving, january, february,
4:52 pm
cecily tynan will have the winter outlook tonight at 11:00 p.m. you want to add something in there? nuts? >> no. >> they do. >> everyone take a bite, i want to see your face, i promise you it's good. it's really not that bad. it's good right. >> it's pretty good. and we have one of openers here meg, and their husband bill own cecil creek farm, you do these demos for adults and kids. >> it's a lot of fun people come for all different reasons, a birthday or girls night out, and we have chefs from the region, we try to do it at least once or twice a month. >> it's wonderful for everyone. sharrie texted me and she said i know meg and bill. >> hi meg! >> good to see you.
4:53 pm
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if you have flown recently, you know how expensive it can be to check your luggage and many people choose to carry on a bag but buyer beware. here is nydia han with the details. >> this one is a flyer beware, carrying on your bag avoids fees and saves you time, but consumer reports tells us that some bags are not as small as manufacturing claim. >> people often want to use a carry-on so they don't have to pay to check a bag and it saves you time. every inch counts, the maximum dimensions is 14 inches by 22 inches by 9 inches, but not all
4:56 pm
bags truly measure up, this one calls itself a carry-on and so does this one and this one. consumer reports put 11 bags to the test and measured each one several times with laser precision, 9 of the 11 were bigger than they claimed including sampsonite. >> some don't count wheels and handles, but the expectation is that when you buy a carry-on bag it will fit in the overhead bin. >> like this one from tumi, it's still several inches to large to be carried on and they suggest measuring it yourself before buying it and pack with care, particularly outside pockets,
4:57 pm
because overstuffed could be oversized and if it doesn't fit you'll have to check it. and check with your airlines, and remember that spirit and frontier air charge fees even for carry-ons. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli, able adam joseph, sharrie williams, i'm brian taff. we hope you'll join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a 25-year-old south jersey man is behind bars tonight on charges he pretended to be a member of the military and looked the part and showed up near a military base on veterans day. thursday night and the big story on "action news" was the man that told police he was in the u.s. army but suspicion led to an arrest. wendy saltzman has the full story tonight. >> reporter: police say that 25-year-old was walking down
5:00 pm
this street, not just in camouflage but in full army gash, they said he had prior run-ins with the law and his girlfriend says he is not a fraud. >> these are pictures of 25-year-old michael portle when he was discovered on veterans day walking down pomona road. >> the same exact uniform that active duty reserve would be wearing and that he bought the uniform from ft. dix along with all the patches. >> he recognized porter as a man that had prior incidents with police and that he served time for eluding police and theft and illegal possession of a weapon among other crimes. >> i did notice him from prior incidents. and that wouldn't allow him to be in the military also. that is another give away. brenner a veteran himself whose uniform bears his name wa


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