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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this street, not just in camouflage but in full army gash, they said he had prior run-ins with the law and his girlfriend says he is not a fraud. >> these are pictures of 25-year-old michael portle when he was discovered on veterans day walking down pomona road. >> the same exact uniform that active duty reserve would be wearing and that he bought the uniform from ft. dix along with all the patches. >> he recognized porter as a man that had prior incidents with police and that he served time for eluding police and theft and illegal possession of a weapon among other crimes. >> i did notice him from prior incidents. and that wouldn't allow him to be in the military also. that is another give away. brenner a veteran himself whose uniform bears his name was
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unable to provide military i.d. records or evidence of service, he claimed he was on active duty at ft. dix and also of concern was an official looking hand radio he was carrying, programmed with the local frequencies used by police. >> i'm not sure if he was trying to trespass at one point, because he was walking in that direction in that uniform. >> porter is held in the atlantic county jail on charges of impersonating an officer and other related crimes, his girlfriend doesn't think he was lying. >> he would do anything for anybody, he is not like that, it's really sad. >> according to janine, he spoke to his friends in the past about his service and wore his fatigues around here, but according to police he committed stolen valor by claiming to be
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military on their most sacred of days. >> i don't understand what is going on right now, he would bend me like a pretzel, knows too much to be a fraud. >> reporter: porter's girlfriend hopes to post his $500 bail tomorrow and she feels he was targeted by police and police don't believe he was gaining financial benefit by dressing up as a member of the armed forces but they have reason to believe he has done this before. i'm wendy saltzman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a fourth student is now facing charges for his alleged role in a sexting investigation in chester county. tim hogan updated the case that started at east middle school, a 13-year-old girl's boyfriend pressured her into sending naked images of her and once they broke up he sent them to his
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friends and then the online bullying was relentless, john rawlins will have more in a live report at 6:00. and philadelphia first responders were able to have a rowhouse under control here this afternoon, chopper 6 hd flew over the scene at 3:15 today and smoke was billowing from the roof here and luckily nobody was hurt. a develop can story now from center city where local college students continue to protest and demand higher wages. chopper 6 hd captured the students as they marched a short time ago and now they are gathering at city hall, they are demanding a $15 minimum wage for campus workers and free public university tuition and cancellation of student death. students from penn and drexel and the community college of
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philadelphia. are taking part. cooler temperatures and strong winds are on the way, lets get the latest from meteorologist, cecily tynan, at the "action news" big board. tomorrow is a windy one? >> yes saturday as well, if it's garbage day, it's going to be tough, winds of change are on the way and take a look at our sky 6 hd camera, the skies are beginning to thin out and the clouds are thinning out and the rain earlier today is pushing offshore and double scan live radar is showing a cold front moving through as we zoom into this, it does have showers moving through central pennsylvania, this whole system will move to the east and that means the lehigh valley and the poconos and the northern suburbs, could get clipped with a few showers tonight and that is a lot of rain, satellite 6 along with action radar showing
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this low pressure is moving over quebec, and that will strengthen and weaken and what that does is pull down vicious winds from the northwest, through the day tomorrow and even through most of the day on saturday. it's going to be blustery, future tracker 6 showing 8:30 tomorrow morning, wind gust 24 to 34 miles per hour and intensifying. winds are howling not just tomorrow but on saturday and temperatures are dropping a little bit. seasonably cool for a little bit in the 50s and if you like that summer-like feel i'm tracking a big warm-up next week and we'll talk about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> it sounds good, thank you cecily, sounds of the holiday season is popping up from sales to light displays and more and folks are getting ready to celebrate. eva pilgram is live at franklin square where their holiday festivities are kicking off even
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as we speak. >> reporter: hey monica, the holiday season is officially underway here in the city of philadelphia, let me step out of the way and you can see the beautiful lights here in franklin square, they kicked off their holiday festival with an electrical festival and holiday light show that just wrapped up, 50,000 lighted synchronized to the sound of the philly pops, and more holiday cheer is opening up here in the city soon. >> it's beginning to look like a lot christmas in the city. >> and it will get more fun in before the madness of the holidays happen. the rothman ice rinks opens at noon. >> and it's open as a place where skaters and their families can come in and get warm. >> grab a bite to eat. grab a cocktail in the evening.
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>> the nut cracker itself is standing guard as love park is transformed overnight. corruption on christmas village started yesterday. >> we should be done about tomorrow. >> at the blue cross river rink preps continues and to ice on the rink yet but the fireplaces and sofas are in the soon to be lodge. plans to open on black friday. >> reporter: now back out here live if you want to check out this light show it's happening each night from 4:30 until 8:00 at the top of each hour, for less than 10 minutes, you have to get here at the top of each hour, you can see the train for the kiddos, they can come on hop on and there is enough room for the adults to get on and the put put court has heaters on it, so if you want to enjoy that, you won't have to be completely cold if the weather getting cooler. the other cool thing, they have
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a big ser beer garden and a holiday market this year and it's all in one place and inside with heat. so you can enjoy that if you head out here to franklin square. we are live here on franklin scare, eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> tis the season thank you. from our new jersey newsroom now, camden leaders honored a dozen veterans for their service, the action cam was at the cadbury continuing care facility. where they live. they each received a service medal for serving south jersey and their country with valor and honor. they serves in world war ii and the korean war. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report now, matt pellman is live now. >> so close we can taste it, good afternoon to you, rick and monica we are live in delco, route 476 the blue route heavy
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approaching villanova through broomall where there is police activity attracting attention as you head towards springfield on the blue route southbound. on the big picture, normal delays on the schuylkill and 95, watch it as you travel on the drives, the kelly and the mlk and lincoln drive. the road is not completely wet but there are piles of wet leaves, and we continue to have the demonstrations by the students around center city and city hall. down in delaware a couple of zengtss, one in newark by christiana care, and one close to newcastle near 273, everything is blocked off near the pep boys, use 40 to get around that. better news on 495, the northbound construction we are dealing with for a week cleared early, it was suppose to last until thanksgiving that is a little good news rick and
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monica. >> very little, thank you matt. appreciate it. more to come on "action news" at 5:00, tonight turkey supplies are down and prices are up and that hits local food banks hard, how they hope to get through the upcoming holiday season coming up and more americans are kicking the habit of smoking, ali gorman explains in health check. and details on strong winds heading our way. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people --
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37 people are dead and 200 others injured after two suicide bombings in southern beirut, lebanon's official news agency says that four buildings were damaged in the blast and the area is a strong hold for the shiite hezbollah group. the exact motive for the bombinged is still not clear tonight. thanksgiving just two week as way there is a nationwide shortage of turkey causing a spike in demand and prices. a case of the bird flew killed
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turkeys this year, normally their freeders are packed with 20,000 turkeys this time of year and now they only have about half that. >> a shortage of about 6,000 turkeys and our agencies are out scrambling trying to find turkeys. >> food banks hope that shoppers will pick up an extra turkey while trying to by items for their turkeys, they have drop-off days in the hopes of stopping a potential shortage. >> we here at 6 abc is teaming up to help our neighbors in need, join us next wednesday november 18th for a live telethon to benefit philabundance, volunteers and special guests will be on the phones from 4:00 until 6:30 p.m., for more information log on to in tonight's health check, good news when it comes to getting folks to quit smoking or never pick up the habit.
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ali gorman is at the big board, the cdc reports that fewer americans are smoking cigarettes, in the past year, smoke went down one full percentage point and among adults it dropped by 5 points, the harmest decline was seen in young adults but that is also the group using more e-cigarettes and smoking hookah and there is more work to do. the cdc reports show that it's highest among low income americans, outreach efforts need to focus on the poor and undereducated. while smoking rates went down, obesity is still going up among adults, experts thought that the weight problem was leveling off, but it has gone from 32% to 38% in just the last eight years and for the first time more women than men are obese.
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they can't explain why the jump happened and it comes despite a decade of efforts to trim waistlines, like getting artificial trans fats out of foods and restaurants to post calorie counts. and in these november gray days, it may cause people to skip their outdoor walk or workout but there are tips for moving your exercise indoors instead. runners may have a hard time adjusting to running on a treadmill, you need time to adjust, you need more body meck cannics when are you moving over a machine, instead of ground. and lighten up your clothing. >> you don't want to be overdressed and exercising indoors you don't want to overheat and your foot wear if you have not replaced it it's
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supportive enough to do your indoor workout. motivation can help you burn calories, if you go from outside to inside, it's a perfect time to try out the new exercise classes that are affordable and many are offered in our area. rick and monica back over to you. >> good ideas. thank you ali. a "new york times" best selling author is helping to celebrate the united way in atlantic county, it was the sweet celebration if galloway, the fall event of the women of united way philadelphia and southern new jersey, it supports the success by six initiative that promotes early childhood very many. ♪
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joe's crab shack is the first major restaurant chain to try a no tipping policy, it's testing the idea at 18 spots across the country, restaurants will be pay aid fixed hourly rate and they earn $3.68 an hour, now they have not said
5:21 pm
what the hourly wage increase will be but menu prices at the locations will increase slightly for the added labor costs. some of the finest craft artists are in philadelphia for four days to show off and sell their work, it's starting today at the pennsylvania convention center, 195 artists were chosen from more than 1,000 applicants, wood, glass and one of a kind hand made furniture and preparation jewelry.
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time now from accuweather at the "action news" big board, cecily tynan has a closer look at the changing forecast. tomorrow is tricky cecily? >> yes, we are kicking up the winds and bringing in cooler air as well. this week it's relatively mild and a week of temperatures in the 60s, yesterday 65 degrees and today 61 is the high, the normal high for this time of year is 58 degrees and temperatures right now are mild and the actual cold front is out to the west, you can see with the arrows and streamlines are out of the south and 62 in philadelphia and cape may and dover 61 and allentown and reading and trenton currently 58
5:25 pm
degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the round of rain moving through right on schedule throughout the day has pushed off to the east, as you look over at central pennsylvania, that band of rain is a cold front and you can see how what is known as convergence, and that front is moving through between 7:00 and 9:00 tonight and could bring a scattered shower, primarily to the northwest suburbs, future tracker 6 showing at 7:30 a broken line of showers in parts of berks and lehigh county and the poconos. and it moshes through and the skies are clearing and winds pick up through the day tomorrow. tonight partly cloudy skies and isolated shower northwest and ahead of the cold front 48 in philadelphia and allentown 43 and cape may 50 and wilmington 46 degrees, cooler than last night and the wind machine is going to be turned on high, this low pressure over quebec will be
5:26 pm
deepening and intensifying, high pressure trying to move in from the west and what this does is create a wind tunnel and we'll have wicked winds across the mid-atlantic and the northeast right through tomorrow and right through the first half of the weekend, so two days of howling winds, tomorrow is the worst of it, with winds out of the west sustained 15 to 30 miles per hour and wind gusts near 40 and saturday winds north-northwest 10 to 25 miles per hour sustained and wind gusts 35 miles per hour and you get a good excuse to not rake your leaves for the next two days, go ahead and try to take care of it sunday morning. wind whipped and seasonable tomorrow with a high of 58 degree, saturday it stays windy and the temperatures drop, 52 degrees and look at what happens on sunday, the winds ease and temperature back up to 59 degrees and great weather at the linc as the eagles take on the dolphins at 1:00 and monday it's
5:27 pm
milder and 64 degrees and warmer at 66 and it feels like summer and i'm talking about winter tonight and tune in no the winter weather outlook at 11:00 i'll break down the winter for you just how cold it will get and how much snow, and el niño will be a major factor this winter, meteorologist, adam joseph, is at cecil creek farm at mickleton, new jersey, get ready to do some cooking adam. >> we are doing cooking with the kids here, it's a cooking demo with the kids. john are you ready? slam it down. harder! harder! -- we are dicing tomatoes getting ready for the kids coming in from 6:00, they get a fresh cooked meal from a farm that grows its own produce and raises it's own food. many people clean their dentures
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so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. the recent student uprisings
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over racial tensions at the university of missouri are prompting students on other campuses to act. and a man is behind bars after an incident outside of a trade school and have you seen shadow? a delaware family makes a special plea after their special needs dog is stolen out of their front yard. and the university of missouri named an interim president to take over for tim wolf after student led protests and this has led other students across the country to speak out over racial injustices. >> reporter: good afternoon well students across the country continue to stage protesters, officials at the university of missouri say they have taken the first step to move forward. the university of missouri is wasting no time, naming their new university president, michael middleton a long time
5:31 pm
professor. >> we know the university has faced its share of troubling indense and we must move forward as a community. >> it was on monday that former president and the university chancellor announced their resignations, vowing from mounting pressure from students and faculty for what they call racial injustice on campus. the turn of events in missouri inspiring students on campuses across the country. now marching and rallying for change. >> what the question here is, what is the racial climate on campus. >> and some are getting results. >> i committed to them we'll work to make this the best yale it can be. >> yale devoting 5 million there's to increase faculty diversity. and ithaca creating a chief
5:32 pm
diversity officer position. and then a student in missouri tweeting this sign oud site of the black cultural center and empty lecture halls after two students posted threats online against black students. >> both students were arrested and hunter park was in court today and denied bail, he said he had a deep interest in the organ mass shooter. channel 6 "action news." and world news tonight with david muir will have more on the growing racial tensions on the campus of the university of missouri. one person is in police custody after allegedly stabbing two men in philadelphia's torresdale section it happened outside of lincoln technical institute on the 900 block of torresdale avenue at 11:00 a.m., a 4--year-old man and a
5:33 pm
25-year-old man was stabbed. beth were rushed to the hospital and both are expected to be okay. it's unclear why they were attacked or if the victim knew the suspect. >> we have an update to a story, the wife of a landsdale man that was stabbed, that michelle stabbed him in the shower and stabbed him again when he tried to run, officers found the couple's children in an upstairs bedroom and michelle hiding in the basement. police are looking for a bumbling thief that tried to rob a family dollar store but ran into trbl, this is inside of the store on allegheny avenue, and the suspect walked in and pulled a gun on the clerk and tried to get the clerk to open the register but could not. the suspect then slapped the teenager and pulled her hair and ran off empty handed. >> from our delaware newsroom
5:34 pm
tonight, the cause of an early morning it fire at a recycling business in minquadale is still under investigate. there were workers inside at the time and everyone managed to get out safely. investigators did not say how the fire started. comcast is trying to refew its deal to operate in philadelphia today and today a city council committee held the fin final meeting on this. meanwhile protesters voiced their concerns, they want the city to invest more in schools and add protections for workers and make rates more affordable. and student protesters converged on city hall tonight way list of demands for local leaders, they want a $15 minimum wage for campus workers, free tuition at public universities
5:35 pm
and student debt to be forgiven, students from penn and drexel made stops at their own universities along the way. and chopper 6 hd was overhead as this created a headache for drivers trying to get through center city during rush hour, it was part of the nationwide million student march. a family in wilmington is making a desperate plea after their special needs dog was stolen from their front yard, diana davis says that someone snatched shadow from their elderly parent's yard on sunday, her father heard a car pull up to the house and when he went out side shadow was gone and his leash was on the ground, shadow is deaf and partially blind and they are afraid he will be dump somewhere. >> he is not a pet for us he is a family member and we want to get him back safe and sound. >> the family posted flyers
5:36 pm
around the neighborhood and they are offering a $1,000 reward and no questions are asked, as long as shadow is safely returned. it feels like fall out there, perfect for another outdoor adventure. adam joseph is live at mickleton, at cecil creek farm. cooking up trouble? >> no trouble, the rain is out of here, and this is a family owned 42 acre farm, they do it all themselves and it's about being organic and being local and what they have here when you come inside, you have a few different things to choose from, when the market is open you can come in and get the fresh produce, they have a market table, 10 person table and eight course meal friday and saturday nights, used with the resources here on the farm. but that is booked up for the rest of the year, you have to get a call in for a seat for next year, and a cnc member, a
5:37 pm
community support member, you get the fresh produce grown on the farm and if that is not enough, they have cooking demonstrations a couple of nights a week and tonight is kids night, we are learning. >> never too young to learn how to cook. we'll have more coming up in the seven-day forecast, in just a little bit. is this fun cooking? >> yes. >> i made toast this morning tonight was delicious. >> he made toast is that cooking? >> no. >> you tell him honey. time to check the traffic matt pellman in the traffic center. you do more than toast right matt? >> um. >> thank you matt. you put jam on that toast and that leads us into this mess, a big jam on the roosevelt from the schuylkill to this point at
5:38 pm
wissahickon, and all the traffic that comes on the boulevard route 1 is funneling into that left lane heading towards broad street, not a pleasant ride and hunting park avenue say better bet, normal delays with speeds in the 20s there, a crash in east vincent at arch street at 7:24, the fire and police helping you around that, in newcastle, a crash at pep boys blocking off 273, use 40 to get around that one. and that construction is out there for about a week has wrapped. in vineland, look for wrecks by the days inn and there are downed wires at blackwood clementon road. i have to head home to whip something up toer dinner. back over to you. >> thank you matt. much more to come on "action news" thursday night. a south jersey shelter received a big donation to make life more comfortable for its four-legged
5:39 pm
residents. >> and malcolm jenkins comes under fire for a decision he made against the cowboys. plus we go back live to adam. for the outdoor adventure. >> tgit and big twists and turns for your shows tonight and we have a preview.
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cats at the camden county animal shelter got an early present, a florida based company donated shelters for their new cat room, each hide a litter box and they use a special coating to attract and eliminate scents to go in the room and it be odor free. >> we want people to go in the room and no deal with odors. >> they hope a more pleasant environment helps with cat adoptions. jeff skversky is here now as the eagles plan for the dolphins. malcolm jenkins hopes to play he
5:43 pm
made a mistake playing in the dallas game with a concussion and it's a topic today. the eagles are not too happy with safety malcolm jenkins admittedly stayed in the game with a concussion, he felt foggy and never told the coaches or trainers, he returns to practice after being cleared this morning from the concussion and he plans to play sunday against miami but he acknowledged he should not have played against the cowboys in the second half, he knew something wasn't right and he regrets his decision to stay on the field. >> have played this game and my seventh year in the league and i know my body and trust my own judgment and there are protocols in place, and i got tested after the game and saw an independent doctor this morning and all of them got the green light but at the end of the day it's based on
5:44 pm
how i feel. >> the eagles have to feel good about the running game, they rushed for 150 yards in 20 straight games and won three of them. the difference right now is demarco murray and sam bradford are emerging as leaders. >> obviously you know what you here for and you know what kind of guys you have on the team and the play makers on the team and sam is a heck of a quarterback and we rook for him to make plays. >> with the eagles schedule, the next three games are against last place teams. ron jaworsky stresses to everyone chill and be patient. >> let me throw this out here, i learned this from bill belichick the great patriots coast, he painted a picture of my team, this is what i want my team to look like in the fourth quarter
5:45 pm
of the season, the first you are tinkering and then adjusting and then bang, as i look at the team first quarter tinkering second quart more and third quarter more adeptation, here it is at the fourth quarter chip kelly know what's he has and is ready to rock and roll going into the playoff. >> and the undefeated patriots coming up in a month. it's another year and another slow start for your flyers, they are looking to avoid eight of their last nine games tonight against the washington capitols, new coach dave hextall, he is not happy with what he is watching, flyers are tied for dead last can they save the season and make the playoffs. >> we can make the playoffs
5:46 pm
absolutely, we have enough talent and depth and top end players to make the playoffs, absolutely. >> well, lets hope he is right tonight, tough test steve mason is next against the capitals. >> thanks jeff. things are intense on thursday prime time here on 6 abc, leading up to the tgit season finale, and it all gets going with "grey's anatomy" at 8:00. >> you don't want her there, what for? why are you doing this? you want her to sit there and think about what happened to derek? >> they butt heads in the or and the team takes on high stakes with a patient and it's coming up on grays starting at 8:00. >> what did you think? that i'd come here and spoon you? give you a shoulder to cry on and listen to you talk about all
5:47 pm
the dark places rowan left insood of you, that train left the station. >> olivia feels the heat for getting her father freed from jail all while fritz is negotiating a historic peace deal. >> i'm not usually smiling but this i'm smiling, this is exactly what she wants, she presented you with a deal so you get scared. >> it may not seem like it but they figured out a way to take down analise, and also katherine and caleb are forced to make a life changing decision. grab the popcorn and bottle of wine and hold on tight for the thursday prime time lineup here on 6 abc. that is what it says monica. starting with "grey's anatomy" and "scandal" at 9:00 and 10:00 "how to get away with murder" and "action news" at 11:00. and follow along on twitter,
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my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage.
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and we are heading back to meteorologist, adam joseph, live at cecil creek farm for this week's outdoor adventure. he wants food and now that is what it looked like. >> is it feeding time adam? >> yes, i'm waiting because you know at the farm they are teaching the kids tonight how to cook, it's a cooking demo they do a couple nights a week how to eat healthy food. and i'm waiting for my meal, eight course meal, you have it ready me yet? >> no, not yet. have you to turn and cook this way. you want to look at the camera but you cook this way, it's a lot of fun, as you look at the numbers, a decent day to be on the farm, we were out with the kids at 4:00, grabbing eggs from the coop, and you know what? we didn't cook any of those up.
5:52 pm
57 in trenton and 61 in dover with that southerly winds as we look at satellite and radar, it's a band of rain that passed through earlier today south and east of boston and the upper level low and surface low pushing across the great lakes and another front pushes through near pottstown and the lehigh valley as well as the poconos, an earlier sprinkle this evening and skies begin to clear out as the front pushes off to the south and east. an isolate the shower north and west, partly cloudy and 43 to 48, with winds kicking up to the west and the low in northern maine for friday and that low deepens and it sends a lot of wind our way with another cold front on the heels of the great lakes, and 58 tomorrow, so a drop from today with winds of 40 miles per hour and that other front swings through here and temperatures drop saturday into the lower 50s, around 52 degrees and it's still windy and around
5:53 pm
30 to 35 miles per hour, gusts in the afternoon, and high pressure coming in from the tennessee valley, bringing back a decent amount of sunshine despite we have the november chill. as we look at the exclusive accuweather forecast, tomorrow temperatures in the upper 50s, very typical for this time of your, we are wind whipped, it's chilly and stays winnie at 52 and bright for the birded here on sunday, 59 degrees, if you head to the linc 1:00 the kickoff temperature we are in the mid-50s, around 57 and by the fourth quarter, temperatures dipping to 55. as we get into early next week, we are warming it once again, really actually rare for november standards for this late in november. it's 64 monday, 66 with sunshine on tuesday, and a rare november day on wednesday with temperatures near 70 degrees and then still balmy with showers coming in on thursday at around
5:54 pm
68 degrees. we have karen she is helping to cook all of these healthy foods and making butter balls and couscous and avocados, and you hide the apples in dates and it tastes like? >> caramel. >> caramel apple. megan and her husband bill own this and what a great job of being local and farm to fork meal. >> we get to see our friends and family on a regular basis and share the experiences with them. >> you do other events here too frmg not knowing when we built the farm turning it into a wedding venue and line dancing and the space is versatile. >> it's starting them young so
5:55 pm
you can learn as you go. thank you for having us. did you guys have fun? you learned to eat what? >> eat healthy. >> what? now they go what. no. >> rick? just like you. >> that is my nephew ha, ha, ha. more "action news" and we'll be right back.
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5:57 pm
right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. new details that led to the arrest of four students on sexting charges in chester county and a man remains behind bars for impersonating a service man. and three prosecutors
5:58 pm
accused in a pornography investigation. those stories are coming up next at 6:00. for jaime apody, rick williams and the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass have a great night. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynanp jim gardner. attorney general kathleen kane is the subject of a civil lawsuit. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the arrest of four students in the east town school district. the boys attended the valley
6:00 pm
forge middle school and were allegedly involved in sexting, authorities are imploring parents to become more aware. john rawlins is live at the chester county d.a.'s office in chester. what are the details here. >> reporter: the d.a. had several messages, details of the case that just about wrapped up and a general warning for parents that the sexting thing is widespread, and it happen where there are kids and smart phones and bad decisions. >> there are four boys in total charged with criminal offenses. three of them involved in the primary investigation of a 13-year-old middle school of her, made fun of her and did everything they could to make her life hell on earth. >> d.a. hogan says it began last spring when s


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