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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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forge middle school and were allegedly involved in sexting, authorities are imploring parents to become more aware. john rawlins is live at the chester county d.a.'s office in chester. what are the details here. >> reporter: the d.a. had several messages, details of the case that just about wrapped up and a general warning for parents that the sexting thing is widespread, and it happen where there are kids and smart phones and bad decisions. >> there are four boys in total charged with criminal offenses. three of them involved in the primary investigation of a 13-year-old middle school of her, made fun of her and did everything they could to make her life hell on earth. >> d.a. hogan says it began last spring when she was pressured by
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her 13-year-old boyfriend. >> can you text me sexy pictures, send me pictures of you naked or partially naked. she agrees and then they break up. >> they break up and then she is going out with boy two and boy one gets mad and sends the images to other boys, and they are shares with more and more people and the bullying begins. >> one boy actually took a picture of two adults involved in a sex act and morphed this girl's face on the picture and sent it around. and it leads to sexting and videos of others. we have other girls pictures out there, and the boys are sending pictures of their private parts to the girls. >> parents need to exam their kid's phones and be aware they can use the smart phone apps called vaults. he showed a calculator app, it
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can hide encrypted photos in a secure vault. the da was in a meeting with parents. >> i pulled out my phone and showed parented the vault. and outside of the parents in the tech industry, they were all flabbergasted, they had no idea. >> so parents beware that was the message here from hogan today, talk to your kids and check their phones and learn everything you can about these vaults and other ways to hide messages on smart phones and tablets and other devices. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. philadelphia police charged the suspect they say abducted a doctor from a center city parking garage yesterday, police say that 40-year-old nathaniel rodriguez forced the woman in her car and drove around to atms and the victim was forced to withdraw money and it ended in
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port richmond gas station where a clerk intervened. they tracked down the suspect because he had the victim's cell phone. a suspected hit and run driver in west goshen township turned himself in. 23-year-old patrick cabry jr. turned himself in for a hit and run last month. police had already impounded the minivan they believe was driven by him. it's called stolen val you' you're -- valor, a man is behind bars and was arrested on veterans day yesterday. wendy saltzman is live with more. tell us about michael porter. >> reporter: jim, police tell us that porter was walking down this street dressed head to toe in official army gear from the
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direction of a local national guard base but there was nothing official about his story that he is a member of the military. >> these are pictures of 25-year-old michael porter when he was discovered by police on veterans day walking down pomona road. >> the same exact uniform that active duty reserve would be wearing. >> patrolman stopped to see if he needed a ride on vearing. >> patrolman stopped to see if he needed a ride on veterans day but recognized him as a civilian he had run-ins with. >> he had a military and special forces patch. forces patch. an feel that hs making himself to be. >> porter's previous arrests include e3 mding an officer and theft and possession of an illegal weapon, crimes that may have stopped him from serving i the military. and he had a radio in hand, programmed with the frequencies of local police.
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>> we have the air guard here the 177th, maybe he was trying to trespass at one point, walking in that direction. porter whose uniform bears his name was at heested for impersonating an officer. >> he is really not anything like what they are making him out to be and it's really sad. >> police say he could not provide military i.d. or records of service, according to brenner, he said porter was on active duty at ft. dix. >> i don't get it he knows too much to be a fraud. >> porter is currently held at the atlantic county jail on $500 bond that his girlfriend hopes to post tomorrow. they don't believe he received benefitted for dressing up as a service member and that he brought his uniform at a local
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military base. military base. an'm wendy sal "action news." embattled pennsylvania attorn0 faces a new civil lawsuit tonight, it was filed by former state police commissioner frank noonan and former employees of the the attorney general's noonan and former employees of the the attorney general's >> pffice. the lawsuit states that kane released the plaintiff's emails that she called pornographic to embat heass them. now two of the plaintiffs in that lawsuit, now both prosecutors in the philadelphia d.a.'s office along with another have raised the air of city council 's emen, the cou.'il's called on seth williams to fire all three. "action news" reporter vernon all three. "action news" reporter vernon >> pdom has the story. >> we are beyond outraged. >> today multiple city council 's emen opened fire on three staffers in the philadelphia's
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d.a.'s office they want seth williams to fire tnd oee of th tor -- part of the email scandal that rocked harrisburg, that they rec toved and sent pornographic emails and those emails were part of the documents unsealed in suspended attorn0 kane's effort to -- that reached all the way into the pennsyl 6ania supreme court and got kane into the legal hot water she is in. >> the fact of the matter is, if she had not u.'overed this information and made it public, this would have been swept under the rug and we 's euld not know anything about it. >> just because it's in an email, that does not allow them to get away, from a woman and a woman of color.
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>> d.a. seth williams issued a statement sending them to sensitivity training instead of firing them. firing them. an agree it wat to remind everyone it did not take place in the philadelphia's dat llawss ofomorce. >> i want people to step up and put an end of this environment in the philadelphia district attorn0 >> the district attorney declined to appear on camera to discuss this latest chathe fer the porn gate scandal. earlier this week pennsylvania lawmakers aunsou.'d a new outline for a budget deal, but they worry the help will be too late. these advocates for the disabled gathered for a discussion at eagleville today for the effects
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gathered for a discussion at eagleville today for the effects >> pf a five-month long impasse. the cou.'il aunsounced they can no longer pay human service providers for the care of mentally and physically disibled people. >> legislators can't agree with what is going on and they have problems balancing the budget, but get in the people's shoes that are ger png tnd oough it, parents especially. >> details are being negotiated but lawmakers say that a final nt needet proposal could come within weeks? coming up the holidays are taking shape in philadelphia and some festivities got underway tonight and the eagles hope to hit the ground running against the dolphins. the steady light rain is over and the powerful storm seastem brings us a different problem tomorrow and the first half of the weekend, i'll explain in the asayuweather forecast. >> those stories and much more
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when "action news" continues >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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that was the committee that brought mayor michael nutter and his successor together for a luncheon, they gave remarks at the 111th gathering and nutter was honor with the joan markman award. the holiday lights are turned on at philadelphia's franklin square and that means the holiday season has come to that part of the city, and that is where eva pilgram is tonight.
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that part of philadelphia and elsewhere as well. >> reporter: oh, yes jim, it's beginning to look like christmas here, you can see all the beauties gl lights and trees an the holiday cheer is here and some of our favorite holiday attractions are opening to help you get into the holiday spirits. >> three, two, one! woo! >> the holiday seanegn is officially underway as franklin square kicked off its holiday festival todas to 50,000 ligeps all synchronized to the nut cracker play at the top of each half hour from 4:30 to 8:00 each night. >> get a little more fun in before the madness of the holidatod happen. holidatod happen ann rothman pa opens to the public for the omorrst time tomorrow ragternoo >> the addition of light was the
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big thing to make the rink more festive and more visthe ele fro the street. >> a cabin chock full of spots to sit down and warm up and you can grab a bite to eat from a food truck or a cocktail at night. over at love park work began on christmas village. >> people are working and getting ready for the holidatod 's eee ters expect the work to done tomorrow and vendors can move in. at the blue cross river rink no ice yet but the lodge is taking shape. they expect to be open in time for black friday. >> qunowanss tidayand some cool new things to check out here at franklin sqthey re, a holiday maee tet and a bigger beer gard and special nights planned including a frozen nigep for all and special nights planned including a frozen nigep for all >> pf those fans, and a nigep t bring your dog and take pictures with santa claus, we are live here eva pilgrato >> if your dog ice skates, you have something ooling.
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thaoffici you. students from the idea performing arts center in camden teamed up with the boys and pasrls s underwater legos are assemnneed by the students and at&t gave a $20,000 contribution to help by the students and at&t gave a $20,000 contribution to help teenagers learn media skillht
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strength against weakness, the dolphins are coming into towt. and the eagles got the running game going, the eagles are in a much better place, a happy place, as jelp f skversky told it started on the ground. >> he goes to demaee t oh murra and he p3 mnges forward and touch down! >> the eagles are on a run after sta cling as the worst rushing
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teams in the nfl, the eagles are amongst the best, they are arrange, 173 yards per game on the ground, and coincident or not they have won three of four. their best run of the season. >> we are playing extremeavo wel and making blocks down field and catching a lot of passes, it's hard for teams trying to stop the run and the pass. >> this is where we turn things .p, but it was a lot better than the first couple of games. >> it's the obvious what is the hilg difference? chiriskelly is calling differen plays and demarco murray admits th0 thiht a>> ging up it a different viben the field. >> every day you get more and more comfo clable the more you run plays, me and ryan are new to the offense and have not run these platod in four or five years. >> it's better month peak later
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in the year than eas."y, not making excuses but i'm happen yip where we are at right now. >> if the eagles are ger png to make a playoff run, this is exactly what they need to do down the step. jelp f firs news,". >> sticking with the birds, malcolm jenkins was a full pa clicipant at practice, that s good news since he missed the last two days with the its he ncussiover he a- 0,ffered that during the game with dallas, he felt foggy but did not tell the coaches until ragter the day. he is feeling better now. >> it's based on how i feel and ruunsing around yesterday and full practice today and didn't have any issues, i feel coskident enough to go out and toskident enough to go out and it's still early but you can feel the seanegn slipping away from the kvyers, they lost sex of their last eight games tonight they host the caps,
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defense and gty l tending you name it it's a deficiency there. no team scored less goals this season than the kvyers, manager john hextall wants his players
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so let me understand this, you are in effect going to give us a 90 day forecast? >> a 97 forecast. winter weather outlook, last year i predicted 30 to 36 inches and we got 27, what is 3 inches? >> can you give us a hint? >> el niño will have a big impact. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that the steady light rain we had earlier today has moved out and there are scattered showers to the north and west and you can see how they are advancing to the east and the lehigh valley and the
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poconos and northern berks county will get these showers ahead of a cold front swinging through tonight and i want to thank troy for posting this from washington township, troy is a "action news" viewer and one of my facebook fans, this photo is fantastic, it shows the clouds breaking up just enough before sunset to bring us this beautiful shot and overnight behind the cold from the clouds will be breaking up even more, the accuweather highlights show yous the next two days we have problems with the winds. tomorrow sustained 15 to 30 miles per hour and gusts up to 40 miles per hour. and then the winds ease a bit on saturday, gusting up to 35 miles per hour and you have a good excuse the next two day not to try to rake the leaves, you can do that on sunday. saturday morning though the combination of temperatures down to seasonably cool levels and
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the winds, first time this year i'm talking about windchill first time this season, we are looking at windchills in the low to mid-30s saturday morning and if you head out to head to a soccer tournament perhaps? you want to bundle up it's going to feel cold on saturday. mild now with the winds from the south, philadelphia 59 degrees, our high is 61 and temperature averages this time of year is 58, millville was 58 and sea isle city is 60. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that band of light steady rain moved through around lunch time and is off the coast, but this you see here is a cold front moving through between 7:00 and 9:00 tonight and kicking off a few showers, but otherwise the clouds break and overnight low of 48 degrees in philadelphia and 50 in cape may. as we head through the day tomorrow, the winds are picking
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up to 40 miles per hour and 58 degrees with a mixture of clouds and sunshine and a reenforcing shot of cool air and high of only 52 degrees and wind gusts of 30 miles per hour on saturday. blustery tomorrow and 58 degrees, cool and windy on saturday, and cool and windy on scan 52 and the wins ease and bright sunshine and mild for the eagles game on sunday and 59 degrees, look at what happens as we head. next week, monday 64 and tuesday 66 and if you like it warmer you have got it on wednesday, 70 for the high and 15 degrees above normal and thursday balmy with some rain and 68 degrees, we are talking warm air next week and tonight at 11:00 i'm talk about cold air and snow, stay tuned to by winter weather outlook. >> look forward to it, philadelphia has a new sister city, frankford germany, michael
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nutter and mayor peter feldman sealed the deal at city hall, that philadelphia say significant u.s. entry point with german companies looking to do business with the u.s. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us at 11:00. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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breaking news tonight. the secret service officer at the white house under arrest. accused of trying to send inappropriate pictures of himself to a teenage girl. authorities say allegedly trying to communicate with a minor while at the white house. also breaking at this hour, at least ten reported or the nay doles now. a major storm system in the middle of the country, and moving east, knocking out power lines, bursting into flames. 80 mile per houn winds. cars flipped. rob marciano standing by. >> a reward tonight after a young pastor's popular wife is murdered. the manhunt right now. diane saulier is here tonight, with jennifer lawrence. the actress taking a stand. why so many men and women now are standing with her. and america strong. our interview with the army captain who did the unthinkable. and today, given the medal of honor.


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