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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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suspects were trigger men in a murder that was planned and set for that weekend afternoon in advance, the result of gang rivalry: police say the murder of 16-year-old salim west on november 1st was the result of teen gang rivalries in the city's strawberry mansion section. west was riding had his bicycle along with a friend when he was shot by two teen gunmen who sprang from a car. police arrested two teenaged suspects identified as raheem feaster entire rejohnson. >> the motive for the murder of salim west is believed to be an ongoing neighborhood dispute involving two groups of young males. the groups involved are comprised mostly of teenagers. >> reporter: in all, some 17 shots were fired at the murder scene but only one actually hit west. west's mother and under a came to the news conference to thank police for their diligence and expressed their outrage at this latest explosion of senseless violence. >> i'm relieved that they
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found the killers of my son and i think this is senseless because i lost my child's life and i want to thank my community and everybody that has shown me love because i didn't know that my son was loved by as many people as he he was. >> my sister kept him in plenty of activities. it wasn't a hoodlum kid. he didn't deserve to get gunned down the way he did. >> reporter: sharrie, tonight police say both 17-year-old suspects will be tried as adults while tonight they remain in police custody. >> the philadelphia school district says it's working to address concerns about recent violence at george washington high school in somerton. "action news" obtained this video of a large brawl yesterday during the first lunch period. students say there are fights nearly every day and some don't feel safe there.
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this afternoon the district said it's planning a parent meeting for next week to answer questions and review a plan of action. david henry will have the full story tonight on "action news" at 5:00. a 16-year-old student is charged with assaulting a teacher during a pep rally in allentown. the teacher ended up falling down in what many first suspected was an accident. trish hartman is working this story for us and she's live in allentown. trish, what are we learning about the teenager and the victim in this case? >> reporter: well, sharrie, that 16-year-old girl is charged with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person. the district attorney says she pushed that teacher down a zest bleachers last week. sophomore adele rodriguez says his english teacher mary matso has been out all week after the incident at last week's pep rally. >> i was upset because she's such a nice teacher. i don't know why she pushed her down the steps for no
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reason. >> reporter: according to the lehigh county district attorney's office the 16-year-old student pushed the 51-year-old teacher down the steps during a pep rally friday. officials say the teacher was trying to control a group of students walking down the bleachers when she was pushed by the girl and landed on the gym floor. she then tried to take the girl's student i.d. card from around her neck. that's when authorities say the girl punched her in the colder with a closed fist. >> that's when the teacher grabbed her by her id. she was choking her with her id. the gallagher reacted girl reac. >> reporter: the teacher had injuries to her back shoulder and jaw. we spoke to a student who was in the nurse's office. >> she walked in and she was crying. everyone rushed to her and was like what happened. she was history al. >> reporter: many students we spoke with weren't surprised to hear about the charges but they are shocked
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that it happened at all. >> i think that she should be expelled because you shouldn't be hitting no one. >> i hope that like the judging is fair and the teacher gets her justice and the student does, too. >> now, the president of the allentown school board tells me that student will be expelled for the rest of the year citing a zero tolerance policy for violence in school. that student is due in lehigh county court on monday for a detention hearing. trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> time for a check of what's been a blustery accuweather forecast. >> let's head outside to meteorologist adam joseph. not too bad for a friday, though. >> no, it's very windy but at least we've had the sunshine most of the day today and seasonable temperatures, though they've stepped down from yesterday. take a look at those peak wind gusts so far in philadelphia, 37 miles an hour in allentown, near 50 miles an hour this afternoon. millville and wilmington
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clocking in at 35 miles an hour and so far the peak gusts in lakehurst at 38 miles an hour and it's all because of a low pressure that's supplying clouds north of i80 so we've been just on the edge of that sunshine today so we're on the good side of this particular low pressure center and you can see a lot of showers and even snow showers along the u.s. canadian border with that low in northern maine. there's a secondary front that's going to come through here later on this evening and overnight and behind that the winds shift more out of the west-northwesterly direction and you can see the numbers drop into the 40's and then eventually 30's near green bay and sue saint marie. ahead in that accuweather forecast we'll talk about the morning wind chills tomorrow, struggling to 50 in the afternoon but if you don't like the cold don't worry, rick, we've got 60's coming back next week. we'll have the ups and downs in those numbers coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> we'll talk again soon. thank you add. dam. jerry sandusky will get his pension back despite being coconvicted of abusing 10 boys.
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a pennsylvania court ordered the state employment retirement board was wrong when it concluded sandusky was a penn state employee when he committed his crimes. he retired as coach in 1999 and collected a $148,000 payment at the time. now sandusky and his wife will get about $4,900 per month. the judge ordered the board to pay back interest and to pay the sanduskys what they are owed from october of 2012. we're following developing news out of montgomery county this afternoon. the health department has confirmed a case of bacterial meningitis in the cheltenham school district. but they have not told us which school or when the student got sick. bacterial meningitis can be spread through close contact and result in serious complications but health officials say this was an isolated incident and there is no threat to the school community. >> the rothman ice rink reopened in dillworth park today. it's decked out with some brand new features this year and 6abc is proud to be a partner once again.
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eva pilgrim she's live at the rink where all the action is and the first skaters hit the ice just a few hours ago. hi, eva. >> reporter: hey, sharrie, yeah, the skaters aren't on the ice right now, that's because the zamboni had to get on here to make sure that ice stays safe for all of them. last year some 50,000 people enjoyed this new attraction. the city is hoping even more come out this year. >> three, two, one, let's go, you are open. >> reporter: and with that the rothman ice rink at dillworth park is officially opened. >> skaters out there you got to wake up and get out on the ice with us. come out everybody. >> reporter: 6abc's own karen rogers helped kick off the first day on the ride on the sam bonnie around the rink and excited skaters took to the ice. >> i don't know if i actually can do it. >> i was so scared and i just
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grabbed him -- grabbed her. >> super exciting. i've never done ice skating before but it's really amazing for a first experience the people out here are nice, too. they're health us out for learning reporter: we asked the experts. >> most people sometimes do crossovers and then when they step forward their legos back. >> reporter: the girls from the wissahickon skate thirty one their best advice about ice-skating. do you fall down ever. >> yes, yes, a lot. everybody falls but if you're not falling you're not trying. >> reporter: you can try your hand or rather feet at this, too. it's three dollars for kids, five dollars for adults and nine dollars to rent skates. >> ♪ >> reporter: new this year at the rink, the rothman cabin. >> for the first time offering food and drink to both skaters, people with skaters
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or anybody that's here in the park that wants to come in. >> reporter: and you still have time to get out here and enjoy the ice rink here in dillworth park. the rink doesn't close until 11:00 tonight. for more information about the rink and the hours, head to our web site at live in dillworth park eva pilgrim channel6 "action news." >> all right eva. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> let's head to matt pelman in the traffic center keeping an eye on the road. hi, matt there happy friday sharrie and rick. dealing with wicked winds because of wicked sun glare on this friday afternoon. this report brought to you by the letter w but the traffic on the schuylkill certainly not wonderful as we head home there's a crash here in the westbound lanes just west of the vine street expressway involving this tractor-trailer and this sedan. left lane out of commission. the delays from this are spilling back onto the westbound side of the vine itself which as you can see he
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is an absolute parking lot, a sea of taillights the whole way from 95 out to the schuylkill expressway. so, we jam from university to that accident scene just west of the vine street expressway on the schuylkill but you basically remain jammed out to the blue route because on the northbound blue route near conshohocken there's a crash now on the shoulder but the delays from that spill back onto the westbound side of the schuylkill so 10 and 15 miles per hour is the name of the game as you head westbound on 76 this afternoon. westbound on route 23 headed toward 422 at moore road watch out for a crash. we're watching a wreck in vineland along 47 delsea drive near ardmore avenue. let's grab the ipad. happy friday. down in delaware slowing on 95 southbound and reports of an object on the road along 141 southbound near newport but at least things looking better on 495 northbound now that that construction at terminal avenue has cleared out. we'll check it again sharrie and rick in the next half hour. >> okay, thank you matt.
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>> and still ahead, a secret service officer heads to court to face serious charges in delaware. >> also, he is the isis executioner who appeared in videos showing the death of americans but did the u.s. military finally catch up with him? the latest on the mission to kill jihadi john. >> a local actor hitting the big screen as part avenue star studded cast. we'll introduce you to the nine-year-old turning heads in hollywood.
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>> ♪ >> a ruthless isis terrorist is believed to be dead. pentagon officials are reasonably certain that their air strike killed jihadi john whose real name is mohammed emwazi. the british citizen took part in killing several western hostages including americans. he was the masked man who spoke english in videos showing the beheadings. u.s. officials say the military picked up on his trail and saw him move to the location targeted in the air strike. >> guy was human animal and
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killing him is probably making the world a little bit better place. >> officials went on to say they believe he was still involved in kidnapping and killing numerous people. british prime minister david cameron says if jihadi john did in fact die, it would hit isis hard. >> disgusting that's the harsh word the white house has for lee robbed moore the uniformed secret service officer accused of trying to solicit a 14-year-old girl for sex. the 37-year-old moore is also charged with sending obscene images and texts online. today moore waved his right to a preliminary hearing without a hearing at the kent county courthouse in wilmington delaware. police say he had a series of on high pressure conversations with a state police officer who was posing as an under aged girl from hazlet delaware. investigators say he sent nude pictures of himself and requested to meet in person for sex. moore allegedly admitting to sending some of those message
4:16 pm
while on the job at the white house. the secret service has relieved him of his duties, they have pulled his security clearance and this is the latest in a string of incidents involving secret service agents. the white house calling those situations including this one embarrassing but saying president obama does continue to have confidence in the agency's director. rick. >> all right, alicia, thank you. coming up at 11:00 a simple test can help give athletes a competitive edge. here's health reporter ali gorman with a preview. >> it's something professional athletes have been doing for several years, sweat testing. we got an inside look at how the flyers use it and now it's going mainstream. a small sweat patch can reveal how much you sweat and the concentration. we try it out on two local athletes. >> it's going to be interesting to find out if i should be doing something else. >> i'll show you how it can help everyone who exercises and how you can test your sweat tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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>> well, a hot meal on the thanksgiving table is a reality this year for dozens of families thanks to the kindness of strangers. bank of america volunteers donated 200 meal boxes to the food bank of delaware's mobile pantry. senator chris coons helped top distribute the food today at west side family health center in wilmington. bank of america also presented a $75,000 check to support the food bank's year round efforts. we're also pitching in to feed our neighbors in need. join us wednesday for a live telethon to benefit philadbundance. sarah bloomquist will host the event and volunteers and special guests will be here to take your donations by phone from 4 o'clock to 6:30. you can also log onto for a link to the philadbundance donation page. >> we appreciate our viewers for helping with that always. >> uh-huh. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> and let's go back over to meteorologist adam joseph for a check of the weekend adam. >> yeah, weekend not looking bad. sunshine from start to finish
4:18 pm
although it will be much cooler than we've been used to at least to begin the weekend. sky6 live at philadelphia international airport right now, you can see the longer shadows indicating again that sun angle is not getting very high in the sky this time of inquiry and every now and then we've seen that camera bounce a little bit and you can see the smoke stack kind of going sideways as opposed to straight up with those pretty breezy winds and in fact strong at times. 51 just in allentown right now is your air temperature, 56 wilmington, 57 philadelphia, 57 millville. it feels cool but that's normal for this time of year. as we look at those westerly winds, 21 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia. we've seen many wind gusts near 40 miles an hour today, even the lehigh valley near 50 miles an hour. right now it's sustained at 14, 17 wilmington and even at the shore between about 14 to 15 miles an hour. as we look at the satellite and radar, really the thickest clouds have been north of i80 during the day day. we've been on the sunny side of this system. there was a front to the north
4:19 pm
and you can see the expansion of some of those showers and snow showers near buffalo and rochester. there's a front that's going to slip through tonight but it will come through dry. looking pretty good despite that wind and chill in the air but that is typical for your high school football games here on friday night. our game of the week for the 6abc high school huddle neshaminy at spring-ford. clear and cool with that westerly wind, 42 end to 20 miles an hour and the air temperatures dropping into the lower 40's throughout the game. future tracker we're talking wind chills here to start the weekend. 9:30 tonight, 38 degrees in allentown, 35 reading, 41 in millville and early on saturday morning most areas will be in the 30's. in fact near freezing tomorrow morning for the lehigh valley lancaster 36 wilmington and right around 36 to 37 degrees at the shore and really not too much better in the afternoon. getting to 40 in allentown, 45 wilmington, 43 in millville. again, that's the wind chill, the air temperatures are going to hit right around the low
4:20 pm
50's. your four day at 4:00 forecast it's still windy tomorrow, not as strong as today but still gusts near 35 miles an hour. 51 degrees. the winds will relax the second half of the weekend. decent a sun for the birds. 59 degrees for the high temperature so at least we jump it up by around 8 degrees the second half of the weekend and then here we go again, the 60's return quickly. monday mostly sunny, 65 degrees. sun and clouds tuesday, 64 degrees. and will the temperatures get even warmer as we get into that seven-day forecast? we'll let you know in the next half hour guys. >> that would be nice. >> wouldn't it. >> wow. >> okay. >> thanks adam. let's check in now with alicia vitarelli and we also want to give you a shout-out. happy birthday alicia. >> thanks, guys. i know, friday the 13th, it happens every couple of years. it's all good, though. we love this story today 'cause we love local talent. if you love holiday movies heartwarming and hill lar russ christmas comedies, lover the coopers is in theaters today. it has a pretty star studded
4:21 pm
cast diane keaton john good man live ya' wild amanda sigfried to name a few. it also features a local little star on the rise. this is nine-year-old maxim skins. he's from ambler. a third grader at germantown academy. this kid is pretty impressive. this is his fourth feature film. he brought his parents to visit us here at the studio and tells me just how he knew his calling was to be on the silver screen. >> i had a lot of creativity and a lot of like wanting to talk so i needed somewhere to put it all and i knew acting you need creativity energy and i have that and i really enjoy being an actor. it was very amazing that i got the opportunity and so thankful that jessie nelson put me in this role and it was amazing getting to meet all
4:22 pm
these actors and actresses. >> is he the cutest? love the coopers tells the story of a dysfunctional family trying to come together for christmas eve. four generations have to find their way home and each of course brings their own quirkiness to the holiday love the coopers is rated pg13 and if for any other reason you check it outlets support max simpkins from ambler. we love local stars on the rise. >> sharp suit. >> i was thinking the same thing, very well dressed for nine years old. >> best hair. >> alicia thanks. >> up next on "action news" at 4:00 they served in the u.s. military even though they were not citizens. the special ceremony today to officially make these local veterans americans. >> plus, it's a local house that's hanging near the edge of a cliff. well, today we finally find out what's going to happen to it and also the family who lives there. >> ♪
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>> ♪
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>> a chester man was shot to death today as he answered his front door and his killer is still on the loose. the action cam was on the 1200 block of west ninth street where the shooting happened around 8 o'clock this morning. police say someone knocked on the victim's door and then shot him eight times when he opened it. he died there at the scene. police have not released the homeowner's name or a motive for the deadly shooting. >> philadelphia welcomed more than 80 new sit tense today during a special naturalization ceremony. nearly a dozen veterans service members and military spouses took the oath of allegiance at the u.s. citizenship and immigration field service in powelton. the ceremony highlighted sacrifices military members and their families made while serving our country. some delaware county children are now better prepared for the falling temperatures as we head into winter. they each got a brand new winter coat today thanks to the auto dealers caring for kids foundation. their driving away cold program collected enough coats for every elementary student in the chester-upland school district to have one.
4:27 pm
kids from chester-upland school of arts got to pick there's out today as well. the foundation believes warm coats help students arrive at school healthier and happier. >> happy faces there. >> uh-huh. >> still ahead, if you're sick of seeing babies or pets on facebook, don't unfriend the offender. the social media giant is working on a physician that filters out what annoys you. >> plus, a volunteer photographer is under arrest accused of using his job to victimize children in our area. what federal officials say he did while working at events. we'll tell you. stay with us.
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>> "action news" continues with breaking news from chopper 6hd over vice president in much where police discovered two bodies inside of an apartment at the berkshires apartment complex. it's here on the 400 block of walnut road. investigators have not released many details but they do say the bodies belong to man an woman. they have not yet said how they both died but stay with "action news" on air and online at for the very latest developments on this situation here in vineland, new jersey. >> and we are following more breaking news this time out of paris, france. police say there has been an explosion in a bar near a paris stadium and there was also a shootout at a restaurant. there are also reports of several people at this point having died from these incidents. police are not saying if the attacks are connected. of course again this is a breaking news story coming out of paris as we get more
4:30 pm
information we'll pass it along in our newscast. in other news, his job was taking pictures for the university of pennsylvania's radio station. but instead, federal officials say he was taking advantage of children. and now that photographer is facing some very serious charges. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live in university city with the details. john. >> reporter: sharrie, this is a hard one to get your head around. they all seemed so innocuous. these were public events associated with the radio station. many of them had families and small children there but according to the allegation the photographer who is indicted here was zeroing in on those kids. 57-year-old mark wilkins was a volunteer photographer for wxtn for many years. he's facing federal charges that he in effect was manufacturing child pornography at least some of it dee arrived from images he shot at public events associated with the university of pennsylvania radio station. wilkins had a role with the station's kids corner radio
4:31 pm
show where one online review called him the trusted kids corner photographer. >> he used his position with wxpn to have access to children and to photograph children at these kids corner children's events. >> reporter: the events were held at various locations such as camden's children's garden, the assistant u.s. attorney prosecuting the case says wilkins focused on kids ages two to 10 years old. >> some of these events involved water, so the kids would be in bathing suits and the parents would change children's diapers or take their bathing suits off and he would take these sexually explicit photographs. >> reporter: we are shocked and appalled to learn that a volunteer who volunteered at wxpn from time to time has been charged with this crime. well, charges allege that both the possession and the creation of child pornography there is a total six counts if convicted on all of those counts the 57-year-old could
4:32 pm
face a minimum of 15 years in prison. live in university city t-john rawlins channel6 "action news." rick. >> john, thank you. it took a jury only minutes to convict a northampton county man of murdering his stepdaughter then sexually abusing her body. gregory graf was found guilty of first degree murder and abuse of corpse shortly after jurors started deliberating today. prosecutors say he shot jessica padgett to death in his allen township home and recorded himself violating her. a judge sentenced graf in to life in prison plus one to two years. he claims to appeal claiming the trial wasn't fair. a bank robbery forced students in vineland cumberland county to shelter-in-place this afternoon. someone robbed the cape bank and fled the seam the bank is about a mile from the pet way and rossi schools in vineland new jersey and as a precaution school officials locked the schools down around noontime t the all clear was given about
4:33 pm
an hour later. police are still looking for the robbery suspect. >> philadelphia police say one person was killed and four others were wounded in four separate shootings overnight. the murders happened along the 7800 block of centaur place around 2:00 a.m. investigators say someone shot the victim five times at close range. police did find a weapon under his body but are not saying why or if he was targeted. the victim has not yet been identified. the gunman is still at large. fire officials are trying to determine what sparked a stubborn house fire in west followed this morning. it was first reported at the corner of 58th and catherine streets. though the flames were contained to the basement it took crews more than 30 minutes to put them out. the home was damaged by both smoke and fire but no one was injured. >> philadelphia councilwoman blondell reynolds brown tried to get support for an ordinance that would keep kids from raising money in the streets.
4:34 pm
the legislation to stop kids from street peddling was up for public hearing today. the bill would make fines higher for the adults supervising the children. they would be about $300. kids would be able to raise money but they would have to stay on the side of the road. under the current philadelphia code it is up to the officer to decide if the street peddling is a violation. >> burlingy burlington county leaders have settled with a florence couple whose name -- whose home is teetering on the edge of a sink home. the county board of freeholders finalized an offer to buy the property from chris and lynn odell. a leaky storm drain is believed to have caused the landslide in their backyard back in april. the couple signed an agreement to sell the property this afternoon. county officials also purchased a neighbor's home. they plan to demolish both of the houses and stabilize the embankment. >> all right, meteorologist adam joseph here now with a closer look at a changing forecast. >> yeah, changing for the cooler but at least we'll lose the wind a we get into the
4:35 pm
upcoming weekend. it was a little breezy today at times. as we take a look at sky6 live right now philadelphia international airport, a little glow on the horizon there. the temperature 57 degrees and that low dewpoint of 25, the lower the dewpoint and you have a clear sky overnight the colder that temperature can drop, tries to get to that dewpoint temperature to hit saturation. winds right now out of the west at 21 miles an hour and the sun setting in about 12 minutes as we look at lake wallenpaupack a lot of the boats there shrink wrapped for the winter season, 48 degrees. the dewpoint at 28 so very dry air in that west-southwesterly wind at 14 miles an hour. and anywhere in the midatlantic and northeast temperatures are running between about four to as much as 13 degrees cooler than they were this time yesterday and tomorrow they're going to drop even further. we'll talk about the cool start to the weekend with some wind chills and i'll also talk about a huge warmup next week as well in that seven-day forecast, guys. >> cold to hot.
4:36 pm
>> adam thank you. you can keep tabs on the forecast this weekend with for live storm tracker6 radar and the latest from our team of meteorologists. >> well, today mayor michael nutter announced the winning entry for the city's philadelphia vision public policy contest. two law students from the university of pennsylvania wanting to level the playing field for everyone in the public office. they would start a public campaign finance initiative to improve philadelphia's election process. eric staal and daniel hosen will have a chance to talk to the mayor about the proposal and receive tickets to the mayor's box for an upcoming 76ers game. >> first female firefighter in philadelphia to die in the line of duty was honored today almost one year after her death. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live in the news room with more on this. monica. >> that's right, sharrie, last december at just 36 years old lieutenant joyce craig was killed in a fire that she was battling in west oak lane a very tragic story.
4:37 pm
well, her loved ones and members of the philadelphia fire department were there today for this plaque dedication outside of engine 64. coming up at 5:00 "action news" reporter katherine scott tells us how craig is being remembered by her brother and city leaders. also, actress and philadelphia native holly robinson pete is coming home. she's celebrating 60 years of helping children with autism. find out why this event is so close to her heart. we'll have those stories and much more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00 sharrie and rick see you then. >> monica thank you. the phillies ballpark taking on a new look as it prepares to host a different set of athletes this weekend. citizens bank park has been transformed into the world's so-called best obstacle course. it's called the spartan race. it doesn't open until tomorrow but the philly phanatic was on hand today to give the course a try and to test his athletic ability or lack of as you just saw. the course consists of 3 miles packed with 20 different unique obstacles.
4:38 pm
more than 5,000 fans have already preregistered for tomorrow's spartan race. >> he gets an a for effort. he's still there, though. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 the idea of honey vanilla coffee shakes we can make it sound even better because it is free. where you can get the deal coming up in freebie friday. >> plus, he told her he liked her school uniform and her eyes sparkle like diamonds. yet, that innocent note had school administrators threatening to charge a nine-year-old with sexual harassment. why the fourth grader's love letters to his crush were deemed inappropriate. >> also talk about a brush with disasterly we'll tell you how a car wash manager wound up trapped on giant broom and how he eventually escaped the scary spin. looks funny but it was pretty dangerous. >> i bet it was not fun. we are giggling. of course meteorologist adam joseph will be back with that full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
4:39 pm
>> his skin was very clean. >> he was sparkly clean.
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4:41 pm
>> a yu at a judge reversed his decision to remove a baby from her foster parents based on their sexual orientation. on tuesday juvenile exhort judge scott johansson ordered the nine month old baby to be taken away from a married lesbian couple and placed with a hetero sexual family. after widespread backlash including from the baby's biological mother, the judge signed an order today allowing the girl to stay with her foster family. >> a car wash employee was taken for a rough ride in louisiana. take a look. manager josh hood who was cleaning with a hose when it got caught up in a giant rotating brush and it pulled him right along with it. he said the terrifying spin was scarier than anything he has ever experienced even when he was in the military. although it felt like a lifetime the whole thing
4:42 pm
lasted less than 30 seconds. he suffered a few cuts. once the brush finally dumped him to the ground but otherwise, he is okay. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and love notes. little sweet nothings being passed around class. a little nine-year-old in florida sent this one to his sweetheart. complimenting her uniform telling her that her eyes sparkle like diamonds. sweet, right? well, he's in trouble. and we're not just talking the principal's office here. the school is now threatening to file sexual harassment charges against the fourth grader. the tampa school says the boy wrote more than one note and that they were unwanted so that is considered harassment. mom says her little guy doesn't even know what sexual harassment means and she's fighting this. facebook it's the place where we or at least i definitely indulge ourselves and post our kids. that's my priscilla on halloween probably one of 25 or 500 sorry about that and our pets. this is our producer jessica's
4:43 pm
cat owen a true social media star. break our hearts here people. apparently baby and pet posts are annoying to some. so, facebook is coming up wei to block the images from your feed. the social network is work evening filter that will actually remove those so-called pesky pics but they can still see everything else in your feed called deep learning and it's pretty advanced and specific. you plug in the parameters what you don't want to see. stay tuned for that. in the meantime, sorry, not sorry. finally it is friday the 13th. it is the third one this year with friday the 13th also falling in february and march. but i probably do not have to tell that you if you suffer from something calle a paralyzig debilitating fear of doctor friy the 13th. speak of clinically
4:44 pm
acknowledged fears with real and really long names how about the fear of knees. yes, knees. apparently they scare some people. ready for this one? the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. and some people really have this, the fear of dinner parties or banquet. i'banquets. i hope you don't have a fear of the end of week which we have reached. who doesn't like the weekend. >> fine with me leash. >> i heard the word this coats in there. i think i like that. >> 13 is not so bad. it's your birthday at great day. >> sometimes my birthday falls on friday the 13th and i'm fine with that. >> now i'm hungry. >> let's get a check on the highways tonight. >> let's check in with matt pelman keeping an eye on the roads for us. >> i need to see what the fear of traffic s if you have that this is not where you should be living because we have a ton of traffic out there on this friday the 13th.
4:45 pm
this is our crash that we had on the westbound side of the schuylkill by the vine street expressway. they moved the tractor-trailer involved up ahead here to girard avenue and pushed it off to the side. so, police are still out there. westbound is still very heavy. in fact stop and go the whole way from university avenue on out to the blue route but our crash on the northbound side of the blue route at conshohocken is gone but still it was the old domino effect and the blue route delays still back onto the westbound schuylkill where in many spots you're looking it's a single digit speeds on this friday the 13th. in east norriton by the walgreens watch you out for a wreck along germantown pike by white hall road. a trash on juniper street by penn square. wreck in the northbound lanes of the boulevard by bridge street. stay on the inner lanes there. in bensalem a crash by the township country club along hulmeville road at lavender road. a wreck in lansdale to avoid on fifth street near broad street. in an hour and 15 minutes railroad crossing work is going to close route 52
4:46 pm
kennett pike in kennett township chester county until monday morning. stick with hickory hill road or even creek road as alternates to 52. big work project there. we'll check it again, rick and sharrie, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right, see you then. thanks, matt. >> ♪ >> we are getting new information now on that breaking news story we mentioned coming out of paris. police say there have been three explosions and two shootouts at least one shooting happened at a restaurant. the explosions happened near a stadium north of paris. this all happened while france and germany were playing a friendly soccer match. now there are reports of at least 18 people killed from these incidents. but officials are not saying if the incidents are related. we are still getting new details about this ongoing breaking situation out of paris. of course we will continue to bring the updates to you. >> we'll take a quick break, be right back with more news after this. stay with us.
4:47 pm
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>> ♪ >> meteorologist adam joseph back now. we were just talking. today is somewhat of a bad hair day depending on what your hair is like. >> yours is fine. >> mine is always great. >> yours is -- >> don't even go there. >> perfect. >> i don't know about that but anyway, we look at the action cam to prove that today was quite the windy day but the trees there in the fou in the fd and the horse not disturbed by the wind whatsoever, one eating and the other looking at the camera trying to get some face time. that was taken in vineland earlier today. not showing anything precipitation-wise. a lot of sunshine on this friday the 13th and temperatures typical for this point in november, 57 in philadelphia, the same for millville, 58 in dover and sea isle city. we hit 59 in philadelphia today early this morning, then the temperatures have pretty much leveled out this
4:50 pm
afternoon as cold air is pushing in capping that high early in the morning. wind gusts right now 29 miles an hour in philadelphia. our peak wind gust was 40 miles an hour in the city, near 50 miles an hour in the lehigh valley but they're starting to come down a little bit. when you have the peak heating of the day that helps to mix the air and get the wind going a little bit more, so the winds will ease after sunset tonight and then they'll pick back up one more day tomorrow. we've got those westerly winds. we've got a front to the north with some rain and snow showers. this front is going to pass through tonight. it will come through rather dry so it's mostly clear overnight but it's going to continue to tumble those temperatures by tomorrow morning. 37 to 42 with wind chills near freezing early on saturday morning. then tomorrow afternoon we're going to cut numbers even farther to around 51 for a high temperature but with the winds gusting to 35, wind chills will only stay in the low to the mid 40's tomorrow
4:51 pm
afternoon with that low to our north kind of stuck and high pressure trying to come in from the south and west and then the high wins out on sunday so it becomes a little more milder here as the winds ease. 59 degrees so back above normal the second half of the weekend and that's perfect timing for the eagles versus the dolphins at the linc 1:00 p.m. on sunday your kickoff temperature of 57 degrees with that wind six to 12 miles an hour and by the fourth quarter a temperature pretty pleasant at 56. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, windy chilly but sunny tomorrow at 51 degrees. 59 with full sunshine here on sunday and then monday's looking gorgeous, 65 degrees with full sun and equally as nice on tuesday despite a few more in the way of clouds around and then the mixture of sun and clouds, 67 on wednesday and then another front arrives with the possibility of some heavy rain on thursday but balmy still at 68 degrees and relatively mild come friday with a temperature
4:52 pm
of 64 and i think we're averaging roughly 9 degrees above normal for the month so far and those numbers continue to run on the high side despite tomorrow's little dip, guys. >> great job. >> we like baby pictures. a very special photo shoot of our very special birthday baby. the baby cool la who lives at a wildlife park in australia turns one years old this week and she's become an internet sensation after these pictures if her very first photo shoot were released captivating the world with her cuteness as she struggles to survive. her mother was taken from her to be used as a surrogate. instead of cake there will be plenty of eucalyptus leaves her favorite treat. >> cute. >> healthy i guess. >> ♪
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how cute is that. if this is your baby's first christmas babies are us giving away free ugly sweater onesies. be sure to call your stores to make sure it's participating. all details on have a great weekend you guys. >> alicia you too. enjoy the weekend and your birthday. if you constantly slap your alarm clock be warned. alarm clocks are getting their revenge. at least this one is. let us introduce you to the wakeup machine an alarm clock that slaps you back. the artist behind the evil invention says she connected a regular clock to a rotating motor and then attached a rubber hand to it. though the dream ruining machine works perfectly now, it wasn't all so smooth sailing in the beginning. she says the first few times she used it her hair got caught in the motor. the inventor tour i is okay with
4:57 pm
being smacked awake by the robot but hair pulling is crossing the line. >> i think she needs a date. >> two time on her hands. i hear you rick. that's it for "action news" at 4:00 for rick williams brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian, adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> friday night and big story on "action news" is breaking news out of paris, france. it's being reported that there's been at least three explosions and two shootings in and around paris. >> french police now say at least 26 people have been killed. one explosion may have happened near a bar. there was also a reported shootout at a restaurant and possibly another explosion at a paris stadium during a france-germany football match. again, french police confirm there are several fatalities in all of this. there are also reports of a possible hostage situation still ongoing. we'll continue to follow it
5:00 pm
all for you and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. >> all right. closer to home we're following breaking news in vineland, new jersey. police were called to an apartment complex here. this is the 400 block of west walnut road late this afternoon where they discovered the bodies of a man and a woman. >> detectives remain on the scene tonight. how the victims died is not yet known. though we have an "action news" crew on the scene and we'll continue following this one for you on the air and online at >> also tonight we're following an outbreak of violence in one philadelphia high school. >> a brawl broke out yesterday at george washington high high caught on camera. it happened during the first lunch period. students say this is not anything new and parents are concerned for their children's safety t "action news" reporter david henry live outside the school in the somerton section of the city with more. david. >> reporter: well, yeah, monica parents and students alike are demanding action. they say discipline has completely broken down here at george washington high school


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