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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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french president was attending the game and was evacuated. fans have been wandering the field stunned trying to find out what's going on. there are reports of a shootout still happening at the theater where six to eight gunmen are reportedly holding 100 people hostage. and now there is a late report of a possible fourth assault tam shopping mall at the very center of paris. terrorists are laying siege to the steve paris. the worst terrorist attack in the city in years. president barack obama spoke moments ago. >> this is an attack not just on paris, it's an attack not just on the people of france but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universe values we share. >> alicia vitarelli is live at the big board tonight. alicia, the paris attack has lit up twitter and vine and instagram and youtube across the world.
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what are we learning tonight from social media. >> jim it's what we're learning and what we're seeing. of course all of this is playing out on social media tonight. the shootings, the explosions around the city of paris captured through the eyes of petrified people shooting video and taking pictures. this as you mentioned is the deadliest violence in france in decades. we can only imagine the horror that's being shared on facebook twitter and other sites basically in realtime. that's video of the explosion outside taken by a game goer during a france-germany football match. two explosions loud enough to penetrate the sounds of those cheering fans. sirens were immediately heard and a helicopter was circling overhead. it has been a deadly night. elsewhere in paris as well with the death toll rising after a shooting at a restaurant i and it happens to
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be in the very same general neighborhood as charlie hebdo. the office the site of a deadly attack in january. also a terrifying night for people at the theater where at least 100 people have been taken hostage. an american band called eagles of death metal was scheduled to perform there tonight. one man named ben writing on twitter we were told it was people in cars firing on the bar. there's a lot of dead people. it's pretty horrific to be honest. just a snapshot of what we're seeing and this, a picture being shared on instagram tonight. just to show you the fear and the magnitude of this situation. you can see people rushing to the center of the stadium, a grenade reportedly thrown, people had yo huddling to safet. and this is video that one woman shared on instagram. you see her television set showing the coverage and then she pans over to her window where you can see cops running down the street, all of it
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playing out in front of her eyes right there in her neighborhood. so, jim, some very strong words and a lot of fear there in the city of lights tonight. >> absolutely. alicia, thank you very much. world news tonight with david muir will have breaking developments of these terrorist attacks in paris coming up at 6:30 tonight right after "action news." there is news in our area. montgomery county officials have confirmed that a student in the cheltenham school district has bacterial meningitis. so far officials are being tight lipped but "action news" reporter chad pradelli is finding out what he can and is now live at cheltenham high school. chad. >> reporter: jim, cheltenham school district says it learned about the case of bacterial meningitis today. officials here at district headquarters say they were notified by the montgomery county health department both the health department and school district are releasing very few details citing privacy laws but a short time ago, the health department did release a statement that reads
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in part "we can confirm there is a case of bacterial meningitis associated with a student who belongs to the cheltenham school district but this is an isolated incident and there is no threat to the school community. "now a short time ago i did speak with the director of communications here at the shelter cheltenham school. here's what she had to say. >> we are going to have school on monday and run with our programs as regularly scheduled. >> reporter: and we learned about this case from a tip caller who was a parent in the cheltenham school district. she was upset that she hadn't been notified about this case. some of the questions she had as a parent was what school does this child go to, what is his or her condition and when she or he may have contracted meningitis. again, the health department says there is no threat here to the school community. they're releasing very few details but parents and others want to find out more
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information they can find it on the school district's web site. you can get a link to that at our web site at live in wyncote, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, chad. there is a threat of a different kind to the school community in the somerton section of philadelphia. this is video of a violent outburst yesterday at george washington high school. and even worse, this is not an unusual sight in the hots of this school. david henry is live outside the school. it sounds like a chaotic situation at george washington. >> reporter: appears to be the operative word here jim. parents and students say there were fights at this school today and yesterday. they say the school is in chaos and it's dangerous: students and parents say this fight yesterday is typical of what's going on here. a boy is hospitalized after putting his fist through a window. they say there's been a total break down of discipline and too many distractions.
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>> fights in the school like seven times. >> there's no discipline in the school at all. >> there's fights in the school going on. they're pulling fire alarms constantly. >> reporter: bob says the violence spills out beyond the school. he says his son was jumped across the street. >> they came lined him sucker punched him knocked him down on the ground kicked the crap out of him. he ended up with a concussion tmj of the jaw, bruised ribs strained back. >> reporter: parents say the fights have been a problem for years. last year a school police officer died of a heart attack after breaking up a fight. fran kaminsky says she's been trying to get help for two years but her letters to district administrators have been brushed off and she says she can't even talk to the principal. >> he ignores me when i'm in the building or anywhere around him. he's informed his staff if i come in the building, he wants to know about it and that was two years ago. >> reporter: we tried to talk to principal jean jones but he ran from our camera. why don't you want to talk to
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us? can we talk to you? students say the teachers have no support and the school is in chaos. >> there's no structure anymore. there's not enough security to support the large student body that we have and we need that in order to have a safe learning environment. >> reporter: now the school district has released a statement saying it is aware of the concerns here. it says it's trying to address them and will be holding a parent-community meeting next week. live in northeast philadelphia, david henry, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, david. a 16-year-old student from allentown has been charged for allegedly attacking a teacher. the lehigh county district attorney said the girl is facing a felony counter of aggravated assault for the incident at dieruff high school on november 6. investigators say the girl shoved mary matzos. the teacher suffered injuries to her back shoulder arm and
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jaw. a juvenile detention hearing is scheduled for monday. two north philadelphia 17-year-olds are under arrest tonight charged with shooting to death a 16-year-old nearly two weeks ago. police say rahiem feaster entire rejohnson gunned down saleem west as he was riding a bike in the 2200 block of sedgley street on november 1st. at least 17 shots were fired and investigators say it all stemmed from a neighborhood dispute. >> i can't get my son back. like there's -- it is justice that they're caught but i can't have him back in a sense like it's unjustified. >> he was killed for nothing. >> feaster and johnson are being held without bail. both will be tried as adults. the secret service officer accused of trying to solicit a 14-year-old girl for sex waived his preliminary hearing today. lee moore did not appear for the proceedings at the kent county courthouse in dover,
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delaware today. investigators say the 37-year-old center naked pictures to a state police officer posing as an underage girl. the secret service relieved more of his duties today and pulled his security clearance. a volunteer photographer for wxpn radio faces federal child porn charges. 47-year-old mark wilkins was arrested today. an indictment unsealed today alleges that wilkins manufactured child pornography. investigators say he used his position at the radio station to gain access to children. wxpn released this statement saying they are shocked and appalled that a volunteer has been charged with this crime. philadelphia mayor elect jim kenney formally announced his top staff today. a long time city hall veteran and insider of two previous administrations was named as managing director. james lesser kenny's former campaign manager will serve as
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chief of staff. debbie molar will be deputy mayor of intergovernmental affairs and otis hackney the principal of south philadelphia high school will be the city's chief education officer. governor tom wolf is acknowledging proposed budget deal will weigh more heavily on people who not own their homes. wolf made those comments to a pittsburgh radio station today. he said the proposed 21 percent increase in sales tax will hit the poor harder. before that interview, wolf spoke to the pennsylvania association of student councils conference in harrisburg saying the deal is still a boost for public schools. coming up on "action news" tonight a judge rules in favor of restoring jerry sandusky's pension. we'll have details of the payout ahead. and as the eagles look ahead to the matchup with the dolphins, jordan matthews learns he has been fined for his game winning touchdown against the cowboys. >> after a blustery friday i'm tracking a very cool air mass
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moving in tonight. i'm talking wind chills for the first half of the weekend. i'll have all the details in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. patients across the country have spoken.
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>> the word came down today, the state of pennsylvania must restore the $4,900 a month pension of jerry sandusky. a commonwealth court ruled that the state employees retirement board was in error when it concluded that sandusky was a penn state employee when he committed his crimes. sandusky retired as a coach in 1999. the board stopped pension payments in october 2012 on the day that sandusky was sentenced to prison for sexually abusing 10 children.
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the judge also ordered the board to pay back interest and reinstate the pension retro actively. the driver of a tractor-trailer was briefly trapped after his truck overturned in new castle, delaware today. the accident slowed traffic on dupont highway near lisa drive at 8:30 this morning. delaware state police say the trailer's load of granite shifted causing the truck to turn onto its side. the driver suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. for a second season an outdoor ice skating rink has opened in center city philadelphia. since 12:00 noon today skaters have been circling around the rothman institute i rink at dillworth park. new this year there's a heated hospitality tent where people can get food and drinks listen to some music. last year some 50,000 people enjoyed this attraction. 6abc is a proud sponsors of the rothman ice rink. delaware senator chris coons was among the volunteers
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helping to distribute food to families today in wilmington. the initiative was a partnership between the bank of america and the food bank of delaware. 200 thanksgiving meal boxes and turkeys were given away today. in addition, bank of america presented the food bank way check for $75,000 to help stock the pantry for the holiday season. and here at 6abc, we're also helping you to connect. to share and to give to your neighbors in need. and so we ask you to join us wednesday november 18th for a live telethon to benefit philadbundance. volunteers and special guest will be here on the phone taking your donations from 4:00 to 6:30. you can find more information about all of this at >> ♪ but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®.
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guys on the injury report. lots of guys banged up. eagles tackle jason peters listed as questionable for sunday against miami. running back demarco murray and safety malcolm jenkins probable. what will it take to win. here's espn's ron jaworski. >> ♪ >> my three keys to the eagles victory over the miami dolphins. key number one, sam bradford stays sharp. sam was very good against the dallas cowboys. very accurate, great pocket ability. sam plays well eagles win. key number two for an eagles victory over the dolphins, stop jarvis van landry. explosive wide receiver for the miami dolphins. he looks to jarvis landry when he looks for a big play.
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key number three, run the football. the last four games the eagles rushed for 150 plus yards. that hasn't happened folks since 1 1992. keep running the rock. >> all right thanks jaws. how about eagles receiver jordan matthews money in overtime against the cowboys sunday night but his game winning touchdown is costing him some money. matthews has been fined nearly $6,000 for throwing the game winning touchdown ball into the stands right here. matthews joked afterwards saying josh hoff told him to do it and he would pay his fine so nfl send that bill to mr. hoff. it is a big night on the college basketball floor and so much for a cupcake to kick off temple's schedule. fran dunphy and the owls play number one ranked north carolina tonight. it's the first time they've ever opened with a number one ranked team in the can country. temple plays top ranked unc at the top of the hour at the naval academy.
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temple trying the rebound after failing to make the ncaa tournament last year and winning tonight against the tarheels would be a giant step in the right direction. >> tremendous challenge but i think that's what you want. i think it's what the kids want. it's what we advertise when we recruit so we're playing the best. >> we feel like temple always plays the best teams. we pride ourselves we want to beat the best. that's the type of program we have. >> maybe the sixers can get their first win tonight against oklahoma city. the only team in the nba sixers without a win still. >> would be nice. >> yes, it would. >> thank you jeff. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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>> cecily tynan with that weekend accuweather forecast. >> jim its going to be windy and chilly first half of the weekend. storm tracker6 live double scan showing dry conditions out there this evening and the action cam in vineland new jersey. the crops blowing in the wind, lots of sunshine today but certainly a blustery day and the accuweather highlights will show you that after a gusty friday, wind chills will be here tomorrow morning. and actually even through the day tomorrow. but peak wind gusts today 40 miles per hour in philadelphia. my electricity was flickering dam i think a lot of people in the same boat. allentown reporting a peak wind gust of 47 miles per hour. millville and wilmington 35 miles an hour winds and lakehurst new jersey reporting a peak wind gust of 38 miles per hour. the winds will be with us again tomorrow and temperatures really tumbling overnight so tomorrow morning 8 o'clock in the morning you're heading out early definitely find that winter coat. wind chills will be right around freezing even below freezing in parts of our
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viewing area and afternoon wind chills will be stuck in the 40's so you want to bundle up. right now 54 degrees in philadelphia, our high 59 which is 2 degrees above normal so getting closer to seasonable levels. allentown 50, millville 47, sea isle city 57 and wilmington currently 52 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing good amount of sunshine today. we still have this low pressure that's spinning near quebec and it will pull a cold front through our region tonight. for the most part will it come through dry but what this will do is bring us a reinforcing shot of cool air. so, tonight mostly clear a few patchy clouds. overnight low 42 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 37. cape may 43. wilmington 39. but the wind chills dropping down around the freezing point overnight and tomorrow with this low pressure still meandering up to the north and the west and high pressure north and east i should say, high pressure trying to move in from the west we get that wind tunnel effect so the high only 51 degrees, wind gusts
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near 35 miles per hour but the winds will ease on sunday and then temperatures rebound up to 59 degrees. so great weather for the eagles game. if you're heading to their ling-ling looking at lots of sunshine as the eagles take on the dolphins. kickoff temperature 57 degrees by the fourth quarter 56 under mostly sunny skies the it will be a little bit breezy but winds generally out of the west-southwest at six to 12 miles per hour. so all in all looking really nice at the linc on sunday. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast loads of sunshine but windy and chilly, morning wind chills around freezing. after wind chills in the mid 40's in the afternoon, the high only 51 degrees but on sunday, winds relax, mostly sunny skies, the high up to 59 degrees. great weather for the eagles and that warmup continues into the middle of next week. monday sunny with a high of 65 degrees. great weather for november. on tuesday a few clouds will begin to stream in calling it partly sunny, 64 degrees and wednesday we'll see a mixture of clouds and sunshine.
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the clouds really thickening the second half of the day a high of 67 degrees and thursday will be the wet day. the potential for heavy rain could get one to 2-inches of rain with a high of 68 degrees and then behind that system we begin to clear out on friday but still relatively mild with a high of 64 degrees. so, we have two days in the 50's and the rest of next week looking at temperatures in the 60's. not too bad. >> cecily, thank you. well, we continues to follow breaking news out of paris where a series of explosions and shootings have killed at least 50 people. there were at least three separate attacks. maybe a fourth. one was at a restaurants another at a theater where at least a hundred people are still being held hostage. a third involving two explosions outside the national stadium of france where the french were playing germany. there may be a fourth attack at a mall in the center of paris. french president franc has decld
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a state of emergency he has closed the country's bordersly violence is ongoing. coverage of these terror attacks in paris continues next on abc's "world news tonight" with david muir right here on channel6. "action news" continues at at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams ducis rodgers and please join us at 11:00 on channel6. for cecily tynan jeff skversky ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us as at 11:00. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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breaking news. as we come on the air tonight, paris under attack. multiple deadly shootings and explosions. among them, near the country's main sports stadium. the president of france raced to safety. and a siege under way, with many hostages inside. and word the attacks included at least one paris restaurant. dozens believed dead. our entire team is on this, a special edition of "world news tonight" begins now. good evening. we begin tonight with the horror unfolding in paris as we come on the air. that city under attack.


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