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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 14, 2015 1:41am-2:11am EST

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france now has its 11/13. terrorist launch four separate attacks in paris tonight and an assault that overwhelmed police and the citizens of that city. in an extraordinary move, the the president of france, has closed his country's borders. tonight, parises a city under siege. it is friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is full scale terrorist a assault against the city of paris. but late tonight, french police declared all a of the attackers were dead. however, the u.s. embassy is advising all americans in paris to shelter in place, in other word, stay inside. the death toll has been in flux for much of the night but it is currently standing at 120. the city of parises literally experiencing an anxiety attack, especially since the french tv news chan will he will, bmf-tv says there could be accomplices still at large.
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no group has yet claimed responsibility for this attack. but the french military and its air force have been taking part in the bombing mission against isis, in syria, and iraq. this was the the highly coordinated a a attack, coming up to four to five locations, the deadliest of which was the bataclan theater in the eastern part of the city. the american band eagles of death metal had attracted a big crowd and the big crowd attracted the terrorist. the hundreds of people were held hostage by the attackers, and french authorities decided that it was time to storm the facility. officials a 118 people were killed, as were two attackers. this was the scene at the 80,000 seat stadium playing host to the soccer game between france and germany. suddenly an explosion shook the stadium: security rush
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french president francois hollande to safety when it became apparent that the explosions were suicide attacks. stun fans took to the field, and to their cell phones trying to find out what was going on. they found out soon enough. as thousands fled the stadium, seeking the safety of their homes. the government has told parisans to stay in their homes tonight to stay off of the streets. but as you might expect on a friday night in paris, so many people were out and about, just as the horror was unfolding. witnesses say terrorist at a restaurant and concert hall fired randomly, and with an erie calm. one man described what he did to help one girl getaway. >> when i went on the streets, i seen 20 to 25 bodies lying on the street and people were very badly injured, gunshot
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wounds and i took a small girl, a teenager, she was bleeding very badly and i ran with her. >> in the wake of the attacks, many people are stranded in paris. tonight parisans have started a social media effort to open their doors to anyone with no where to go or no way to leave. french president francois who will an first decision was to declare a state of emergency. french law provides a state of emergency can be decided in the event of imminent danger following serious breaches of law and order. it can define protect areas where authorities can control the movement of people. and he then announced he was taking an extraordinary action. >> the second decision i have made is closing borders. we have to assure that ourselves no one can enter to commit whatever act, whatever that may be.
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>> hollande says his country would stand firm and united against the the a attackers. this was the scene as most fans exited the soccer stadium tonight. fans broke out in the the french national anthem, as they learned about the attacks in the a heart of the city. >> ♪ president barack obama called at tax on paris an outrageous attempt to terrorized innocent civilians calling the a attacks a heart breaking situation and an attack on not just france but all humanity. obama assured the french that america is standing by them. >> france is our oldest alley, and the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again and we are going to be very clear that we stand very together with them in the fight begins terrorism and
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extremism. >> obama said he would not engage in speculation about who was responsible. new york city has deployed its counter terrorism team throughout the metropolis in what is called an abundance of caution. patrols have been beefed up around french governmental locations in new york city, a and in washington, security around the capitol has been beefed up tonight. philadelphia police say the city has not received any credible threats but they have alerted officers to make extra checks on historical sites, religious institutions and social establishments. they are also asking the public to remain vigilant, as always, and report any suspicious activity. since the the paris attacks including one outside a soccer stadium police are telling "action news" tonight that quote we will also increase our presence at sporting events this weekend just to ensure that we are visible to all and insuring safety. we have two reports tonight from dan cuellar and chad pradelli.
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dan is a at to philadelphia international airport. but first lets go to chad at the french consul in center city. chad, what are you hearing from french citizens who work and live in philadelphia. >> reporter: well, jim, they are saddened and disgusted but we didn't only talk to french nationals living here in philadelphia, but we also spoke with a woman from philadelphia, now living in france. the the backdrop was chilling as you can hear the sirens echo. inside of a alliance france de philadelphia a none in profit the to promote french culture students are keeping a close eye on the television watching the coverage of the attacks in paris. they put us on the phone with alexandria bernier a preschool teacher from center city now just living a few miles from the a attacks. >> we have been hearing for about a hour now the the police, i can actually hear them now. i don't know if you hear them. >> reporter: bernier says terrorist a attacks are always faintly on the mind of
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parisans especially on the attack of the headquarters of the french magazine charlie hebdo in january. >> we all talk bit. it is something that is sort of present but i don't know if you can hear them but there is a lot of m outside. >> reporter: here in philadelphia where the the council says that 5,000 french nationals lived, there is outrage over the the widespread massacre, that has gripped france. >> it is awful. i'm so angry. i'm tired of all this crime against humanity. >> we're really shocked. i'm really shocked. it only happened 30 minutes ago. so it is hard to feel exactly what we should, i don't know, it is just so unreal. >> reporter: for bernier the the scary parties these types of attacks are becoming the normal not the exception. but after living in france for 18 years, she says the french people are resilient. >> i don't think it will change anything, you know, there is in sense, and in
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living with any kind of, with any kind of fear. it is always kind of there in the back of your mind. >> reporter: fortunately for bernier, in of her friend or family was a a among the injured. i'm live, chad pradelli for channel six a "action news", jim. >> chad, thank you. lets switch live to "action news" reporter dann cuellar at philadelphia international airport. obviously violence caused havoc with international flights to that city tonight. what was the situation at phl. >> reporter: jim, it was pretty die yacht i can. all across the the the country flights were put on hold as airlines tried to figure out if they would be turned away. and that left hundreds of passengers in a holding pattern including those that were supposed to fly out on american airlines flight 754 to paris. >> we were waiting around, normal things happened, we got on the plane, everybody was getting situated and then they made an announcement that we needed to get off the plane. >> reporter: american airlines flight 754 was due to take it off from gate 822 at 6:30
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tonight but just before take off came word that the french government shut down borders declaring a state of emergency. the airline did not cancel the flight but pushed it back to 7:30 until they could figure out if they were able to fly into paris but fran cannon of mount laurel was having none of it. she decided not to go anyway after all. >> horrible. i was scared from the beginning and didn't wanting to. now it came true. >> reporter: what do you do at this point. >> go home. >> reporter: other passengers were left in the holding pattern. >> and then they announced that they were going to, american was trying to figure out what to do, and then they delayed it again. >> reporter: now the flight gets pushed back to 8:30 with the airline still waiting to hear definitive word from paris. finally just before 8:30 the green light is given and passengers begin boarding but heather wisel who with her young daughter were on their way to paris for what was supposed to be a dream vacation decided not to go after all. >> it just didn't seem like a good idea to land in the middle of the terrorist
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situation happening. >> reporter: how do you feel about that all of those attacks over there. >> i feel horrible for those people, horrible for those people. and it the is just grateful that we were not there and we didn't land in the middle of it. >> reporter: heather wisel and her daughter eventually do wanting to to paris for the first time in their lives but jim, quite frankly, they will wait until things cool down. we are live at philadelphia international, i'm's dann cuellar for channel six a "action news". today's attacks comes just ten months after the the horrors of the charlie hebdo carnage. islamic extremist opened fire on the satyrical newspaper and grocery store on january 7th, 2 days later, within of the gunman held four hostages at a jewish mark. by the end of it all 20 people including the three attackers were dead. we want to bring in professor ed turzanski of lasalle university and foreign policy research institute. ed, you and i have been talking about terrorism for years. historically this kind of
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highly orchestrated a attack bears all of the markings of al qaeda but until we hear differently would you agree most of the speculation will focus on isis tonight. >> i think it will, al qaeda a has been careful in recent years to warn against these kind of attacks for fear of killing muslims. now, al qaeda is desperate to try to get some major attack that it can attach its name to. the the reason we would look at isis, you have already mentioned that the french started participating in bombing in syria against isis, strong holds in september. but also isis has put out the call for people not to join the fight in syria but instead, stay home, and expand the borders of the area so that it meets the the callafit of the middle east. isis has been helpful willly engaged in social media,
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trying to prompt people to do exactly the sort of thing that you saw tonight. france says about 185 of its citizens went to syria to train and fight with isis and have come back to bring jihad to the home land. but america knows that some of its citizens have done the same thing. so don't we face the same kind of threat. >> we most certainly do and the fbi has nearly 1,000 inquiries, that are opened concerning isis, here in the united states. now, we have to be careful with that word inquiry or probe. that could be any number of things but the the mere fact that you have got so many people who have gone and then come back, and some who have in the come back, that points to a great problem, not just throughout europe but also here in the you had. >> ed turzanski, thanks so much for being with us. >> thanks, jim. our coverage of the paris terror attacks continues on
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line at six right now we have a collection of photographs ape video from the scene. we will update it throughout the weekend with the latest information and there, of course, will be much more reporting from abc news later tonight on night line, right after jimmy kimmel live. still to come on "action news" tonight turned upside down on the turnpike toll booth we have rescue scene late from montgomery county. plus jamie apody with the five of the cities six in action tonight, we have highlights ahead, cecily. temperatures have dropped down in the 40's, it will feel colder tomorrow morning with the wind chills and i will have details and track warmer a air next week in the accu weather forecast. that and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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investigators are still piecing together how the driver of this car, managed to
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flip his vehicle in the side of a toll booth at lansdale interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike this happened in towamencin township. chopper 6hd was over the scene shortly have after it happen at 6:30 tonight. crews worked for more than a half an hurry to try to free the man, when they did, he was taken to abington hospital, for what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries. gunfire turned deadly tonight in richland township bucks county. chopper 6hd was over the scene on the 100 block of richlandtown road. police found one victim shot to death. they quickly arrested a male suspect. they have not released further details. a student in the chelten ham school district has bacterial meningitis. montgomery county health department officials are staying tight-lipped tonight, about him, except a statement that reads in part, we can confirm there is a case of bacterial meningitis associated with a student belongs to the cheltenham school district, but this is
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an isolated incident they say, and there is in threat to the school community. because of all of the news out of paris tonight we have had to reschedule allie gorman's piece on the sweat test. the lets get the the weekend accu weather forecast from cecily tynan. >> it is clear, chilly. storm tracker six is showing a rain free night however, there is low pressure that is spilling over, quebec and what this is doing high pressure trying to build from the south. we have had that wind tunnel effect, today wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour in philadelphia 47 miles an hour in allentown. tomorrow win gusts not quite as strong but 35 miles an hour. so that means tomorrow morning, you will wake up 8:00 . the it feels like winter, wint chills generally right around freezing, low freezing in the northwestern suburbs. even in the afternoon we're talking about wind chills in the the 40's. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, find a winter coat tomorrow. wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour despite sunshine, high
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struggling to make it up to 51 . the it will feel close to 45 degrees. sunday wind rehacks, will get warmer for eagles game, 59 degrees, monday, sunny and mild with a high of 65. on tuesday a few more cloud rolling in, 64 degrees. wednesday increasing cloud 67 degrees. on thursday, this is our next big rain maker, and could get one to 2 inches on have rain, 68 degrees. friday we will dry out and relatively mild 64 degrees. chilly first half of the weekend and hen getting more mild next week. >> thanks, cecily. coming up on "action news" tonight it is all about basketball as we continue in just a a moment.
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sixers in oklahoma city looking for that first win. >> yeah. and no, last team standing. sixers only team left in the nba that has yet to win even with nerlens noel back to
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provide a spark of lightening against thunder but they kept it close. say that again. second quarter jeremy grant monster slam, sixers down by three. in the third, oklahoma city began to pull away. russell westbrook with the steel and slam. he had a triple double, 21 points, 17 rebound, 11 assist. thunder role 102-85. whatever happened to easing into thing, temple basketball won seven straight season opener. they had not opened against top team in the nation. temple and north carolina at the naval academy tonight. they did hang in early. devon coleman for 36789 ties it at 34. he led owls with 19 points. tar heels took off from there. bryce johnson with the follow-up slam. that is when frustration would set in. the owls, put up a fight, the loss 91-67. eleventh ranked villanova picked to win big east not such a tough test. they opened up with fairly dickinson at home have the great ball movement to set up
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a a josh heart triple. cats cruised 91-54. they will host nebraska on tuesday. couple of city six opened up against each other. st. joes hosting drexel on hawk hill. james demry gets it back to the hoop with the horn. st. joes wins it 82-81. penn hosting robert morris, 32 seconds to play here, watch darren nelson henry, he got the three names, he has some game, that is lead, quakers hold on to win 76-75. leading mountain patriots game first week in december eagles have a very winnable three game stretch here. they have to have a good eagles show up. you know, ones that play cowboys last week not the cow boy back in september? >> some guys have shown their true colors, you know, we are fired up. demarco is real fired up then i have ever seen him. i think we need that every single week. the not just dallas week or divisional game but all these
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games that will require our all to win. >> all right. we will see what happens. eagles/dolphins. tioga nicetown neighborhood has been name winner of the city wide contest for cleanest block. block leaders from the 2200 block of rowan street accepted a $1,000 reward tonight, for their efforts, to transform their community. it is all part of the philadelphia more beautiful co
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high school huddle is next on channel six follow by jimmy kimmel live and latest on the france attacks coming up on night line. for "action news", i'm jim gardner, have a good night and a great weekend. >> ♪
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