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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  November 14, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> good morning it is 5:30, saturday, november 14. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." at least 120 people are dead after terrorists attack several sites in paris. due to the attacks, several people decided to not take their flight to paris from philadelphia. at home, firefighters battle a blaze that left a home in south jersey badly damaged. meteorologist chris sowers
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joins us. it did not feel too bad this morning. >> reporter: a little blustery with the wind, but it's not too bad. the numbers are down into the 30s well to the north and 40s for everybody else. 37 degrees in the poconos where we have snow flurries flying this morning. allentown, 44. trenton, 44. lancaster and wilmington, 43, cooler still the farther south you go believe it or not. 42 in millville. sea isle city, 49. we have a few clouds scattered about the keystone state. if you look close enough you can see specs of white and blue. snow flurries flying over the appalachian states, state college, johns town, p-a. binghamton, new york. this is powerful poanlt system pushing -- potent system pushing well up to the northeast into
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canada. we're feeling some effects with the chilly breeze. today mostly sunny skies a chilly wind. we're forecasting a high of 52 which is below the seasonal average of 57. tomorrow highs near 60s, the big story in the seven-day forecast is temperatures closing in on 70 degrees. >> this morning france's president is accusing the islamic state of carrying out the attacks in paris. the carnage that took at least 120 lives was planned abroad. a concert was urged siege and france is hunting any accomplices. german media reported that a man
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was under arrest for firearms violation that was tied to the attack. the worst in paris since world war ii. these attacks covered five locations the deadliest was the concert venue in the middle of the city. hundreds of people were held hostages by the attackers. officials say 118 people were killed as were two attackers. and this was the scene at the stadium, 08,000 seat stadium playing host to a soccer game between france and germany. >> suddenly an explosion shook the stadium. >> reporter: french president hollande was at the game and rushed to safety. fans took to the field and their cell phones to determine what
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had happened. the government has told police to stay in their homes overnight and stay off the street. president had a -- had hollandet with french cabinet leaders and declared a state emergency and closed its borders. abc's brandy hicks has the latest on the attacks on paris. >> reporter: the streets of paris look like a battlefield as armed men struck multiple targets. unknown number of terrorists attacked with automatic weapons and explosives. >> we heard gunshots, 8 to ten and then there was a pause and a few more. >> reporter: explosion rocked a soccer stadium while the game was underway. the worst carnage was at this theater where they took many
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concert goers captive. an american band was performing on stage. >> you heard screaming and yelling. >> reporter: security forces rushed the building, at least four attackers died inside. concert goers could be seen filing from the hall, hands on their head. one of the gunman tossed explosive at the hostages. a crowded restaurant was one of the locations under fire. >> i heard loud gunshots, i saw the woman next to her, there was a pool of blood around her. she was shot in the chest and fatally wounded. as police came into the streets, stunned parisians ran through the streets. president obama said he will stand with france.
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>> reporter: all public buildings in paris including schools and museums are closed indefinitely. brandy hicks abc news. >> many took to facebook to tell friends and family they were okay. users began getting information last night. it's been used five times, this is the first time it's been used in a nonnatural disaster setting. in philadelphia, office have been alerted to make extra checks on historical sites and religious institutions and social establishments. there will be increased presence at this week's sporting events. we talked to ed turzanski turs about the attacks. because it's paris and the number of attacks and the time
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frame this is much too coordinated not to be part of what is a very large effort. this was not a few individuals these are dozens of people who will be part of carrying out and putting together the attacks. so, this is one of the largest simon all simultaneous attacks the west has ever seen. >> hollande said paris has not gone into lockdown since the second world war. americans in paris has been told to shelter in place. this is american airlines flight 754, it was the flight to paris. it took off as scheduled, although it was delayed a few hours. despite the borders being closed, airlines are servicing paris. dann cuellar talked to passengers who decided not to get on the flight after hearing about the attacks.
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>> we were waiting around and an announcement was made we had to get off the plane. >> reporter: 1154 was scheduled to take off, before takeoff the french government shut down their borders. the airline did not cancel the flight until they pushed it back until 7:30 to figure out if they could fly into paris. but this girl from mount laurel would have none of it. >> it's horrible. i was scared in the beginning now it came true. >> reporter: other passengers were left in a holding pattern. >> american was trying to figure out what to do and then they delayed it again. >> reporter: now the flight was pushed back to 8:30 with the airline waiting to hear from paris. before 8:30, the greenlight is given, and passengers gin
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boarding. heather and her young daughter who were on the way to paris for a dream vacation did not go after all. >> it did not seem right to land in the midst of a terror attacks. >> reporter: how do you feel for all the people over there. >> i feel horrible for those people. >> reporter: heather and her daughter plan to go to paris for the first time in their lives, but they will wait until things cool down. at philadelphia international, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> new york state has deployed it's dror -- terror teams throughout the city in what's been called an abundance of caution. in new york city, the world trade center was lit up, blue
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white and red. our coverage of the terror attacks continues online where we posted photos and video from the scene and the latest information as it becomes available at there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, flames shoot out from a large home in south jersey overnight. plus, strong winds force a pilot to make an emergency landing on a field instead of an airport in north carolina. >> reporter: eva, it's another windy morning around the delaware valley. right now we have winds gusting 15 to 25 miles per hour. that dropped windchills into the mid to upper 30s. i'll have the details coming up next.
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>> a small plane was heading to lancaster, pennsylvania had to make an emergency landing. the plane took off from atlanta at that when the pilot lost power other north carolina. strong winds forced him to land a plane at a nearby field with a an on board parachute. the pilot and the passenger were not hurt, so a good ending on that story. we're looking at winds today, too. >> reporter: yesterday we had gusts as high as 43 miles per hour. today is not as strong once we get you outside.
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it's going to be blustery and windy we could see gusts as high as 30 miles per hour. hold on to your hats. there's the view at philadelphia international airport. it's nice and quiet. we have clear conditions, it is chilly. double scan live crystal clear no issues today. we'll keep it dry tomorrow and monday, actually the next chance of precipitation is not until tuesday evening. that's a slim chance at best,. chilly air coming in from canada. 37 in the poconos. 44 is the popular number in the north. millville, 42. dover, 45. these are sustained or constant wind speeds raining -- ranging from 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll get gusts up to 30. the winds will not be as strong as yesterday, but windy at
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times. satellite and radar, the winds are thanks to this huge area of low pressure that ripped through the great lakes states. it brought severe weather and wind gusts as high as 65 miles per hour. now it's up in new england and southern provinces of canada. we'll see clouds later this morning and lots of sunshine and gusty breeze. otherwise it's very, very quiet across the lower 48. top to bottom, west to east there's nothing going on. that's the trend over the next 4 or 5 days. surface maps looks like, there's the departing storm, gusty breeze out of the northwest. 20 to 30 miles per hour. otherwise it's mainly sunny, just a few clouds. we'll see sunshine out there, we are somewhat milder with highs near 60. the cold front passes by to the north, the winds will shift out of the west/southwest. that warms us up a little bit. there are a few forecast models
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in the long term there are areas close to 70 degrees. expect a chilly breeze mainly sunny, upper 40s, north and west, philadelphia, 52. millville, 52. cape may, 52. atlantic city, 53. with the winds it will feel like the low to mid 40s all day long. windchills will be blustery. by 3:30 it's 42 at least that's what it feels like in reading, 49 for allentown and the poconos and 45 in philadelphia. overnight tonight it's clear and cold, lows in the 30s, but the winds begin to relax a little bit. if the winds can go completely calm the numbers may be a little bit colder than what i'm showing right now. lancaster, 32. millville, 31. chilly today, mainly sunny. sunshine expected tomorrow, 59.
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turns warmer monday, plenty of sunshine, 65. tuesday, clouds and sun, 64. the pattern is relatively quiet, there is a quick-moving system that could bring a sprinkle or shower late. wednesday, warm, 67. thursday, 68. friday, sunshine, 64 bye-bye friday the normal high is down into the mid 50s. we see this pattern of unseasonable warm weather. >> i'm not complaining. >> fyi philly is having a fall food extravaganza. karen rogers visited restaurants in town here's one on the main line. >> reporter: a unique approach is being brought to cornerstone cheese and charcuterie. >> life without cheese is not worth living. so this is my kind of place. >> you have to love being here
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and have our guests come in here and show them what we're all about. >> reporter: the idea was inspired by their travels around the world where they found a variety of flavors. ful. >> we pull from small purveyors and farmers. >> reporter: they sell prepared foods and have a men you for lunch and dinner. >> it feels like you come here and be part of a community and not go out to dinner. >> we design this where we would want to go out to eat. >> a small place, inside feeling and being able to talk to your neighbors. >> you can see more on the fall food extravaganza on "fyi philly" on 6abc falg "action -- following "action news" at 7:00 p.m.
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>> good morning, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us right now over wilmington, delaware. it is 46 degrees outside right now. 5:54. new no this morning, a fire destroyed a home in gloucester county. an "action news" viewer sent?
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video of the flames shooting from the roof in woolwich township. investigators say nobody was inside the home. they are looking for what sparked that blaze. a man is in critical condition after being hit by a pick up truck in the philadelphia fishtown section. it happened at 9:30 at front and girard streets. it is not clear what happened, but the driver stayed at the scene. investigators are still piecing together how the driver of this car managed to flip their vehicle into the inside of the turnpike toll both at the lansdale interchange. crews worked for a half-hour to try to free the man. he was taken to abington hospital for what's to be non-life threatening injuries. two philadelphia 17-year-olds have been arrested for shooting a 16-year-old two weeks ago.
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the two gunned down salem west as he was riding a bike on sedgely street november 1. 17 shots were fired and investigators say it stemmed from a neighborhood dispute. >> i can't get my son back. it is justice that they are caught, but i can't have him back, it is unjustified. >> he was killed for nothing. >> both will be tried as adults. cheltenham school district student has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. montgomery county health officials are tight lipped, but released a statement in part that stated -- happening today, a new trinity honors a fallen philadelphia firefighter, a
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mural remembering captain michael goodwin will be dedicated at 16th and belgrade street in kensington. he was killed in april 2013. he was commanding ladder 27. he used to serve with ladder 16. he was a husband, a father and navy vet. a nicetown neighborhood has been named the winner of the citywide contest for the cleanest block. block leaders accepted the 1,000-dollar reward for their efforts transforming their community. it's part of an initiative for the philadelphia more beautiful committee. coming up on "action news" saturday morning. the lights on boathouse row are lit up to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks in france. >> a shortage of turkeys as we head into the thanksgiving holiday. how you can help stay with us,
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here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," police in germany make an arrest
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that maybe link to the deadly attacks in paris. philadelphia honors those victims of the attacks. people in our area wait anxiously for word on loved ones following the attacks. meteorologist chris sowers has a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a little breezy out there today. . it's breezy and chilly, as well. we have windchills below freezing in spots. there's the view from the temple university camera. it's quiet out there, other than the wind. skies are clear and just a few clouds, temperatures have dropped off. 44 degrees in philadelphia, and trenton. lancaster, 43. same number in wilmington and cape may, 49. feels like the mid to upper 30s. wilmington, 36 feels like the upper 20s in the poconos.


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