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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  November 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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survival. authorities are investigating after a home in gloucester county goes up in flames. those stories and more, but a look first at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it's a ponytail day. >> reporter: it's a little chilly out there, hold on to your hats we'll see winds gusting to 30 miles per hour possibly 35. it's going to be another windy day, not as windy as yesterday, but still on the windy side. there's the view as we look live from our temple university camera. we have a little bit of cloud cover upstairs, but the skies will quickly clear over the next few hours, a nice looking day, everybody is in the mid to upper 40s, poconos you're the cold spot, 36 degrees. 45 in allentown. 48 in philadelphia. 49 in millville. trenton, 47. windchills will be like a thorn in the side today, just like yesterday the winds will whip around, the temperatures will get out of the 40s into the low
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50s it will feel like the 40s. by 6:00 p.m. 36 in reading, 35 in allentown. again, these are windchills. 26 in the poconos. 42 for philadelphia. first thing tomorrow morning, windchills in the upper 20s low 30s. throughout the day, the winds diminish it will feel better by afternoon. satellite and radar showing cloud cover over the area right now. skies clear later this afternoon. again, it will be a nice looking day, the call from accuweather, sunny, chilly wind, 52 degrees is the high. we have one shot of rain in the seven-day forecast. that's thursday. thursday looking like a rain day, we'll talk about that and the nice stretch of weather ahead in the seven-day forecast. i'll see you in just a bit. >> now to the latest on the deadly terror attacks in paris. isis is claiming responsibility. we know that 127 people were
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killed, scores more wounded when attack are targeted 6 sites across the city. three suicide bombs were ignited around the national stadium during an exhibition match where french president hollande was in attendance. next they took over a concert hall and taking people hostage. seven attackers died in suicide bombings and 8 killed by police. a syrian passport was found on the body of one of attacker. they are not ruling out the poabt that more -- possibility that more attackser could be at large. elizabeth hur is in new york city with more on the deadly violence to hit france since world war ii. >> reporter: french president has three days of mourning saying france will defeat isis
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calling it an act of war. >> reporter: isis is behind the attack that killed at least 127 people. and isis has claimed responsibility for the deadly assaults across paris at 6 different locations. the worst carnage at this concert hall where an american rock band eagles of death metal was performing when the gunmen stormed in coming face-to-face with concert goers. >> there was nothing in the eyes, just anger, he was determined. >> i saw a couple of people wounded, i saw this other guy with a white shirt basically drenched in blood. >> reporter: many held captive later filing out hand on their heads. they heard the attackers screaming allah act bar and seer -- syria.
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and explosions outside a packed stadium left thousands of spectators including the french president stunned ad -- amid the chaos and confusion there were fans singing the national anthem. john kerry said the u.s. will stand with the french people. >> if they have done anything they have encouraged us today to do even harder work to make progress and to help resolve the crisis that we face. >> meanwhile, in an awed message posted online, isis claims france remains its main target and this was on the beginning of the storm. abc news, new york. >> new at 9:00 the survivor of the slaughter inside the concert hall is telling his story. the details may be hard to listen to. >> the policemen were telling
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us how to go and there was especially on the ground floor, blood and ten people had to stay for several hours and they want out covered with blood. most of the people downstairs, the place was really, really crowded. >> police left blood stain survivors to a yard for aid. as the chaos and horror unfolded many took to facebook to tell their friends and family they were okay. user began getting alerts thanks to the site's safety check tool. it is the first time it's been
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used in a nonnatural disaster setting. british prime minister david cameron is condemning the attack and warning his country to brace for british calms.casua merkel said the attacks hit all of us. the vatican released a statement calling the violence an attack on peace for all humanity. people across the world and in philadelphia are showing solidarity in france. this is boathouse row lit up in blue and white and red. those are the colors of the french and american flags. thousands of french nationalists call philadelphia home and many are expressing shock and outrage at last night's attack.
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chad perdelli has more. >> reporter: inside the center city nonprofit to promote french culture, students are keeping a close eye on the television watching the coverage of the attacks in paris. they put us on the phone with a preschool teacher from center city leaving a few miles from attacks. >> we've lincoln hearing for about an hour, the police i can actually hear them now. >> reporter: she said terror attacks are always on the minds of parisians especially since the attack on headquarters of the french magazine charlie charlie hebdo. there's a lot of movement outside. >> reporter: here in philadelphia, where the consulate says five thousand french nationals live there's outrage over the widespread massacre that gripped france. >> it's awful i'm angry and tired of all this crime against
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humanity. >> i'm really shocked, i'm really shocked, we just learned the news 30 minutes ago, it's hard to feel exactly what we should, i don't know, it's so unreal. >> reporter: for the teacher, the scary part the types of attacks are becoming the norm not the exception, but after living in france for 18 years she said the french people are resilient. >> i don't think it will change anything, you know there's no sense in living with any kind of fear. like i said it's always there in the back of your mind. >> reporter: fortunately for the teacher none of her loved ones or friends were among those injured. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> in this morning's statement isis said france and french allies will remain its top targets. "action news" talked to terrorism expert ed turzanski
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about the possible motive why paris. >> there president has been much more -- their president has been much more outspoken and active in pushing back against islamic radicalism. paris captures the imagination of the people around the world. it's the city of lights. the entire world goes to paris. >> ed turzanski said the french has a sophisticated anti-terror network that america works in concert with. we posted photos and videos from the scene and the late information at other news, this is new this morning, fire destroyed a home in gloucester county. an "action news" viewer sent video of flames shooting from the roof. firefighters were called to the 200 block of forest lane shortly after 1:00 a.m. the man and woman who live there
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were not home. the american red cross is offering them shelter. a man is in critical condition after being hit by a pick up truck in fishtown. it happened at front and girard streets. it's not clear exactly what happened, but the driver did stay at the scene. there's much more to come on "action news" this saturday morning, if you've ever dreamed of being an astronaut now is your chance. nasa putting up the help wanted signs for the first time in years. we have details just ahead. does your carry-on bags measure up? many turn out to be bigger than you think. consumer reports puts the brands to the test. >> reporter: it's down in the 30s with another shot of 70 degrees on the table for next week. i'll have the details in the seven-day forecast.
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with a. >> some of your favorite child characters are on display for all to see the new exhibit in atlanta puppetry arts, you'll find the muppets and bringing them back to life was not an easy thing, it took three years to restore and restuff and preserve them. >> we want to remember my dad and how his characters cared
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about each other and how they take care of each other. >> in all the exhibit took 8 years to complete and cost more than $14 million. i had a big bird that we could ride like a horse when we were a kid. >> reporter: i liked the fragles, fragle rock. i liked that song, too. >> reporter: i loved the fragle. let's get you outside and show you the view at philadelphia international airport. it's another chilly morning around the delaware valley. it's blustery with the winds whipping out of the west/northwest 15 to 20 miles per hour clip, double scan live is clear, we may keep double scan clear until thursday afternoon. so we have a nice stretch of weather coming up. unfortunately thursday's weather when the rain gets here it could come down at a good clip. the normal high temperature is
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57 degrees. each and everyday is above average, even though it was cooler. it could have been better had we not had the cloud cover monday afternoon through wednesday. you look at the profile of the atmosphere it was very, very warm. had we broke the cloud deck it cover in the upper 60s and close to 70. 048 degrees, dewpoint, 24. winds out of the northwest at 30 miles per hour. poconos 36. allentown, 45. reading, 44. lpg the same number -- lancaster, the same number, millville 48. philadelphia 49. it feels like the 30s across the far western suburbs. lehigh valley 38 degrees. poconos 25. you have to bundle up if you head out early. you need layers to withstand the breeze. 40 degrees is what it feels like in wilmington and 42 in millville.
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satellite and radar once we get the morning cloud cover through we'll go mostly sunny this afternoon. that will help warm things up a little bit, we're forecasting a high 52, 53. most of the county is actually pretty clear. we have a huge area of high pressure system sitting right there across the heartlands of the nation. that will push east and stop dead in its tracks over the carolinas. right through wednesday we expect clear conditions and dry conditions. an area of low pressure that is battering the packed northwest will kick the high off the coast and bring that chance of rain to the area come thursday. future tracker 6 clouds giving way to sunshine this afternoon. cooler overnight tonight. if you're headings to the linc for the eagles dolphins game, everything is already, breezy, but not cloudy or winds out there. later in the evening hours once again remaining fairly clear. winds from 15 to 20 miles per
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hour later this afternoon. watch how they these decrease be time we get into sunday morning. it will be breezy, but not winds we'll see winds gusts as high as 20 to 30 miles per hour today and ten to 15 miles per hour tomorrow. clouds and sun in the lehigh valley, winds, 49 degrees is the chilly forecasted high in allentown. atlantic city, sunny to start by afternoon, winds high of 53. that's the same number for philadelphia, sunny and windy 352, overnight tonight, mainly clear and cold, 31 degrees outlying suburbs 36 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows things warm up nicely here as we get into next week. a chilly weekend compared to where we've been over the last couple of weeks. tuesday, 64. wednesday, cloudy, 67.
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the next five days are dry and comfortable. thursday is very, very warm, we're up to 68 there's that shot of rain, some of it could come down heavy. friday, mild with sun and 64 degrees. i do see arctic air getting into the pattern just in time for thanksgiving but that's a couple of weeks away and we've got time to work on that. >> i'm just laughing because you're smiling. >> reporter: i don't minds the warmup, i want it to feel seasonable, 70s in november should not happen. >> you have today. lehigh valley based crayola is branching out with adult coloring books sold for under ten bucks apiece. they are selling coloreds pencils and markers.
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke
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robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne >> for the first time in years nasa is looking to higher more astronauts. the space agency will post the job openings on a governmental
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website. the application deadline is in february, they will not pick the finalist until may 2017. they expect to higher 8 to 14 people. if you've flown recently you know how expensive it is to check the luggage. many choose to carry on, but sometimes buying the right back is not as easy as it looks. >> reporter: consumer reports tells some bags are not as small as manufacturers claim. >> people want to carry on so they don't have to pay to check in a bag and it saves time at check in. >> reporter: the maximum dimensions is 14 by 22 by 9.
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this bag calls itself a carry on and so does this and this one. consumer report put 11 bags to the test measuring each one several times with laser precision. nine of the 11 were bigger than they claimed. including one from american tourister and travel pro. >> wheels and handles affect the dimensions of the bag. >> reporter: this frequently traveler, it says it's a carey on and they found the measurements to be accurate but it's too large to be carried on. to help avoid a problem consumer reports says measure a bag before you buy it and include the handless and wheels. pack with care particularly outside overstuffed can become oversized. if it doesn't fit you'll have to
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check it. consumer reports recommends checking with the airlines and be aware that spirit air and frontier air charges for carry ons. >> the sixers do something no other team has ever done, that's not a good thing. details next in sports. e entire! hey, any excuse for a party. and big savings. blinds to go. blinds for life. party on, people. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is 1! celebrate when you buy one get one at half price off the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! 'cause the older we get, the more you save. that's just how we roll. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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>> the sixers made nba history last night they became the first team in league history to start 0-9 in back-to-back seasons. ouch. here's jamie apody. >> reporter: well they are still the last two standing the only team in the nba to have yet to
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win a game. even with nerlens noel back last night to provide a spark against the thunder. sixers down 3. oklahoma city began to pull away. the steal, the slam opt other end, a triple double. 17 rebounds and 11 assists. 102-85. temple basketball had won 7 straight season openers, but they have not open against the top team in the nation. temple north carolina at the navel academy last night. they did hang in there early. tar heels took off from there. brace johnson with the slam, owls put up a fight, but lost 91-67. 11th rank villanova picked to win the big east not
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such a tough test they open with farley dickenson at home. cats cruise 91-54 they host nebraska on tuesday. i love it when city teams he up against each other. st. joe's hosting hawks hill st. joe's 82-81. penn, 32 seconds to play, the layup and the league, quakers hold on 76-75. eagles have a winnable three game stretch here. they have to have a the good eagles show up, the ones that played against the cowboys last week not the ones that played back in september. >> some guys showed their true colors, sam was fired up. and now we need that same thing
9:28 am
every single week not just dallas week or a big game. all these games will require our all to win. >> reporter: jenkins despite the concussion is probably in the game tomorrow against miami. have a great day. >> there's much more coming up on "action news" saturday morning. including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: i'm tamala edwards with mercy one of the dogs saved by the bulldog shelter, i'll introduce you to mercy and her friends coming up on "action news." >> we'll have more on the deadly terror attacks and a check on the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" as a result result -- saturday at 9 continues.
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happening now at saturday at 9:00 a.m., france's president is blaming isis for the deadly attacks in paris,. a jury has convicted a lehigh valley man for murdering and sexually abusing his own stepdaughter. the verdict took minutes. rescue crews rescue a man after his vehicle flipped over inside the turnpike toll booth. let's heads outside to chris sowers for the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: it's blustery out here. the winds are picking up out of the northwest at 20 to 25 miles
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per hour. it's making the air temperatures feel colder than what they are. morning lows are where they should be for this time of the year. quakertown 39. millville and pottstown, 41 in both places. as a matter of fact that's warmer than normal. smyrna in delaware, 42. ewing 43. it's the winds that's causing it to feel cooler. pilots, 46. saint davids 46. warrington, 47. tanersville, 36. levittown, 48. chester, 45. buena, 49. agenda beach 49 and -- gandys beach 49 and woodbine 49 degrees. clouds beginning to fill in, accuweather still holds its ground and says we should see a
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mostly sunny sky. clouds and sun, 51. by 2:00. it should be mostly sunny skies at that point. 52, 4:00 p.m., cooling down 49. anticipating a high of 52 all day long we'll have feels-like temperatures or windchills stuck in the low to mid 40s. it will feel like the middle of november out here. after the chilly winds subside. the weather pattern looks quiet over the next few days, when i come back in just a few minutes i'll show you the pattern and how the 60s return to the seven-day forecast. eva? >> thanks, chris. now to the latest on the deadly terror attacks in paris. the death toll stands at 127 isis is claiming responsibility and a france' president is vowing to retaliate. >> reporter: good morning to you, the french president has declared three days of national mourning saying france will defeat isis calling the attacks
9:33 am
an act of war. this morning the french president says isis is behind the attacks that killed at least 127 people. and isis has claimed responsibility for the deadly assaults that rocked paris at 6 different locations. the worst carnage at this concert hall where an american rock band eagles of death metal was performing when the gunmen came in going face face-to-faceh concert goers. >> there was nothing in the eyes, just anger. he was not inle tim dated -- intimidated. >> i saw another drenched in blood. >> reporter: many said they heard the attackers screaming allah akbar and syria. a crowded restaurant came under
9:34 am
fire. and explosions outside a packed stadium left thousands of spectators including the french president stunned amid the chaos and confusion there was a show ofriotism fans singing the national anthem. john kerry said the united states will stand with the french people. >> if they have done anything, they have encouraged us today to do harder work to make progress and resolve the crisis that we face. >> reporter: meanwhile, in an audio message posted online, isis claims france remains its main target and this was only the beginning of the storm. elizabeth hur, abc news new york. >> security is ramped up in paris in the wake of the
9:35 am
attacks. 1500 more soldiers are patrolling streets adding protection at the eiffel tower and government buildings. our parent company disney has closed disneyland paris for the day. a u-2 concert is on hold. one world trade center in new york city lit up in the colors of the french flag. new york police has beefed up security in response to the attacks. extra officers are stationed outside the french consulate and other high profile locations with french connections. mourners gathered in the nation at capitol to pay tribute to the lives lost. many say they felt it was their duty to come out and show support. french authorities have closed their borders, but flights are getting into paris this morning still with everything that has happened, some travelers decided to cancel their plans.
9:36 am
"action news" reporter, dann cuellar has more from philadelphia international airport. >> we were waiting around normal things happened we got on the plane everybody was getting situated and they made an announcement we had to get off the plane. >> reporter: american airline flight 754 was ready to take off, but before takeoff the word came that the french government shut down its borders because of an emergency. the airline did not cancel the flight and waited until 7:30 to figure out if they could fly into paris. but from an and her friends from mount laurel canceled. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: other passengers were left in a holding pattern. they announced american was trying to figure out what to do, and theythy delayed it again. >> reporter: now the flight gets pushed back to 8:30. finally just before 8:30 the
9:37 am
greenlight is given and passengers begin boarding but heather along with her young drawer on their way to paris for a dream vacation decided not to go after all. >> it didn't seem like a good idea to land in the middle of a terror situation happening. >> reporter: how do you feel about that all the attacks over there. >> i feel horrible for the people. it's just -- i'm grateful we weren't there and didn't land in the middle of it. >> reporter: heather and her daughter plan to go to paris for the first time in their lives, but they are going to wait until things cool down. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> france has been on high alert after a number of attacks just this year in january, islamic extremists opened fire at a jewish grocery store all three attackers were killed.
9:38 am
a man with a history with islamic ties beheaded his boss and crashed into a gas factor. two months later a gunmen opened fire on a paris bound train and three americans thwarted that attack. we have more at investigators are trying to figure out how a driver managed to flip his vehicle inside the toll both in montgomery county. chopper 6 hd was over the scene last night at the lansdale interchange of the turnpike. crews worked for more than a half-hour to free the man. he was taken to abington hospital for what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries. philadelphia police are looking for the vandal or vandals who smashed a post office window. "action news" was there on the 100 block of broad street in center city.
9:39 am
investigators think the window was broken by a group of jiewrve nice fighting in the -- juveniles fighting in the area last night. it took a jury minutes to convict a north hampton county man of murdering his stepdaughter and sexually abusing her body. gregory graph was found guilty of first degree murder and abuse of a corpse. he shot jessica pageant to death and recorded himself violating her. a judge sentenced him to life in prison, plus one to two years. his defense said the 55-year-old plans to appeal claiming the trial was to the fair. allentown mother, ashleigh buskirk was charged in the death of her 8-year-old diabetic son. she was told how to care for him. when he got sick she called the
9:40 am
doctor they offered care instructions, she never followed them. she we went to bed knowing he couldn't european nate and -- urinate and put him on the couch and went to bed. he died the next day. >> "healthcheck," don't let the colder weather ruin your fitness routine. we have tips to keep you going all winter long. running like rocky, hundreds of runners braving the cold and going the distance this morning. we'll have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" returns. >> police in oregon, officers
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in newport were called out to investigate suspicious activity in an art gallery. when they got there, this is the culprit, four raccoons, police snapped the pictures of the animals caught in the act before they went and took them in, cuffed them and put them behind bars. >> reporter: how did they get in there? >> those are smart little creatures. >> reporter: you ever see that movie, the great outdoors with john candy. come on, i'm not the only one that has ever seen it. there's a scene with the raccoons, never mind. let's get you outside, i can't believe no one has seen that. here's the view right now this
9:44 am
is city ave shot. you can see the winds blowing there. some of the degrees and everything are decorated for the season. that's going to be the flavor of the day today. chilly breeze blowing high temperatures topping out in the upper 40s low 50. crystal clear we don't have any issues out there, we may keep it dry through thursday morning when wet weather looks to move in. 52 is what we're shooting for. it's a cooler than average day for a change. 45 in allentown. reading 44. poconos 36. millville, 49 and sea isle city and atlantic city both checking in at 49 degrees. there are the winds speeds, again these are sustained constant wind speeds 15 to 20 miles per hour. on asia we get a gust -- on occasion we get a gust 30 miles per hour. on a positive note it will not be as strong as yesterday. these are peak wind gusts those
9:45 am
are tropical storm force winds for reading and allentown. you need 39 for tropical storm force wind. we were wind whipped yesterday and we'll be wind whipped today and everything calms down sunday. all this cloud cover should begin to clear out over the next few hours. we should go mostly sunny during the course of the day. this high pressure which you can see there's nothing going on. that's the high that will slide east and make for a nice, tranquil weather pattern for four days straight. we're dealing with the pesky wind today. combination of sun and clouds, we get into sunday, the high sits over the carolinas, that means the winds begin to calm down a little bit, they move to the north an follow the departing storm. we get into monday and this trailing cold front stays to the north, that means the winds will shift out of the west/southwest.
9:46 am
even though it's a gejts breeze it will -- gentle breeze it will warm things up. tuesday we're up in the mid 50s. allentown, 49. trenton 50, millville, cape may, dover, 53. the numbers don't look too bad, you factor in the winds it will be chilly out there. 41 is the feels-like temperatures in reading. same number for allentown and 30 for the poconos. overnights tonight it's clear and cold, close to freezing north and west, rrdz 3 -- reading, 32. trenton, 32. millville, 31 and right near the water, cape may and atlantic city 36 degrees. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next four days look nice and quiet, 52, 59 and then monday we're up to 65 that starts the warming trend, tuesday, sunshine along with increasing clouds late 64. wednesday is mainly cloudy we think we'll hold the rain off
9:47 am
until thursday, thursday looks like the rain day, you can see there in the middle of the week, wednesday and thursday we're in the upper 60s and friday, sunshine, mild, 64. for the next week to ten days, all above average. >> i like quiet, too. >> reporter: we've had a nice fall, we didn't have big storms, temperatures were comfortable. >> i've seen a lot of people getting hay rides and getting apples. "action news" was there for rocky run at the art museum when sylvester stallone ran up the steps for rocky run. she remembers is up next. -- "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: my fiance drag races a harley and we travel
9:48 am
across the country in a motor home. >> reporter: he has come a long way from the emaciated pup found in 2010. >> he was in bad shape physically and mentally. >> reporter: sandra his fossil mom keeps in touch as he has grown with his family in north carolina. >> he wants to be with us, he loves the motor home. a forever connection was made possible by it is american bulldog rescue. >> we're trying to get dogs out of shelters you stay in touch with your dogs we know they are being well-taken care of. >> reporter: they specialize in american bulldogs, but they make rescues of other breeds, as well. this 3-year-old mastiff was used for breeding and now she is ready for a new home. >> she is dog friendly and house broken. >> puppy lost her coat to a mean case of mange and now she
9:49 am
is healthy and looking to agree with her family. >> she is great with everything, cats, dogs, everything. >> reporter: ivy is one of puppy's puppies. >> she is not afraid of anything. and this is mercy she is four years old and loves walking on a leash and great with kids and other dogs, she as a food allergy gee, but nothing to affect -- allergy, but nothing to affect had your personality. if you're interested in mercy visit the american bulldog website. if you would like to share your story post the picture to the "action news" facebook page. we'll feature there are story on the up coming "shelter me rescue of the week" segments. tamala edwards channel 6 "action news." [door knocking]
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shopping at the christmas bizaar at the assumption church from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on old eagle school road. animal control team of philadelphia will hold a pup palooza at the bow wow me io from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. gray november days may have people skipping their work outs, runners especially may have a tough time adjusting to running on a treadmill. it takes different body mechanics with the ground is moving under you as opposed to moving over the ground. you can use a bike by putting it on a stand or go to a spin bike and lighten up your clothing. >> you don't want to overdress
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and overheat. make sure your foot wear is sportive for what you want to do for indoor workout. >> try a new activity forfeitness -- or fitness class. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast stay with us we'll be right back.
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>> here at 6abc is once again committed to help feed our neighbors in need. join our live telethon to benefit philabundance. our sarah bloomquist will host that events. for more information log onto
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one last check of the weather. it's chilly. >> reporter: it's chilly and blustery today sun and clouds windy with highs in the low 50s. temperatures will not go too much higher than where they are sitting at this 9:00 a.m. hour. sunday seasonable, and breezier early on, but by afternoon the winds diminishes. tuesday, 65, wednesday, 64, and rain day is thursday, 68. >> paris has just announced one of the bomber was a frenchman flagged for isis ties. a soccer stadium and concert and cafe were attacked.
9:57 am
top tourist sites in paris are closed for the day. jack hanna's "wild countdown" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later tonight we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we're working on for you. we'll follow the latest in deadly attacks in paris and authorities search for accomplices in the massacre. we'll get a sneak peek at the new exhibit at the national constitution center. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. today, hold on to your hat!
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." today i'm counting down 5 animal adaptations you've got to see to believe. oh, look at that. golly, look at that big thing. sue: gosh, it gets so big. jack: big old red thing blew up. like powerful beasts that can cross the desert without breaking a sweat. wow, you're up here, aren't you? creatures that can change their camouflage at will. glen: look how he's changed color to suit that part of the trunk. jack: as we're sitting here. and mammals that can go for months without food or water. i can't talk 'cause there's a bear in the snow down here. and later, my blooper of


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