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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 15, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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sunday november 15th i'm nydia han with eva pilgrim. here are stories we are following for you on "action news". president obama is vowing, for support of france after friday's attack after
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authorities make a number of arrests overseas. extra security is in place at the link and other nfl stadiums in the wake of the deadly a attacks. we are live. philadelphia police are investigating have a drive by shooting led to a crash in tie yoel annoys town. more on those stories in a moment but first the the exclusive a accu weather forecast with meteorologist vice sowers. looks nice out here. >> it is beautiful. so chill think morning. the it feels pretty nice. you still need a light jacket the or a heavier sweat shirt but all and all numbers wise looks and feels fantastic. 57 degrees in philadelphia a same number for millville, allentown 54. trenton pair of five's. same thing for reading. fifty-seven in wilmington and dover checking in at 58 degrees at the this mid take hour. satellite six with action radar anticipated we are clear as a whistle. there is nothing going on. hardly a cloud in the sky. we will keep that it way for the afternoon some what breezy today, otherwise mostly sunny and milder with a very comfortable high of
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60 degrees. now as we look ahead here in the seven day forecast, this will pose some problems for us later down the road, this is future tracker six, centered in the heart land of the nation, good squall line developing monday into tuesday with this line of storms that is tornado threat, straight line wind threat and there is also a potential for flash flooding all this travels east, wednesday night into thursday. it will weaken by the time it gets here but is there a possibility of heavy drenching downpours and maybe a little flooding in our neck of the wood. when i come back in a few minutes we will focus on that and we will have more number is in the seven day forecast, nydia. >> chris, thank you. breaking news out of philadelphia's kensington section where bodies of two new born babies have been found. this is live look at the scene on the 1800 block of palethorpe street. police say the babies a boy and a girl were found in the grassy a area next to the used car lot. this he were pronounced dead by paramedics over an hour
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ago. police have have notified homicide detectives. again, bodies of the two new born babies found in the grassy area in the cities kensington section. stay with "action news" and six for very latest. now to the latest on the attacks in paris, authorities have just a announce that had one man, a frenchman, a probable attacker is on the run. >> we're also getting dramatic new video of the moment belgium authorities arrested several is people in connection with the the terror a tax. >> three people were taken in custody here including a man whom authorities say rented a car used to by the terrorist. seven people were arrested today in belgium. french police detained relatives of one of the attackers who had been flagged in 2010 for trying to move on to radicalism. authorities say one man is frenchman, probable attacker who is on the run. president obama meantime pledged u.s. support to help france hunt down those
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responsible. >> the killing of innocent people based on the twisted ideals is an attack not just on france and not just on turkey, but it is an attack on the civilized world. >> the attacks on a soccer a stadium, restaurants and concert hall left 129 people dead including a college student from california, who was studying abroad. scores more were wounded. we will have much more on the attack in a live report from paris coming up in our next half an hour. nfl is beefing up security a at its stadiums in response to those terrorist a attacks. extra security and law enforcement are on hand at venues and parking lots a across the the country including here in philadelphia. a "action news" reporter trish hartman is live at the link where bird are playing the dolphins, trish, how are fans reacting. >> reporter: eva a, fans are not the surprised. we have seen more police officers patrolling this area
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surrounding stadiums and making their way in the stadium right now, a ahead of the 1:00 o'clock game. the fans are still tailgating. fans are out in full force, even after friday's deadly attacks in paris. the the eagles are home and parking lots surrounding lincoln financial field are pack with tailgating fans. many of them with the recent terrorist attacks in paris on their mind. >> i sympathize with the french people, absolutely, you know, if it wasn't for the french we wouldn't be a free nation today but all that aside, you know, i'm not going to live my life in fear or let them change me. >> reporter: after friday's attack in terrorist, one outside a soccer stadium during the game, nfl announce plans to increase security around all stadiums this weekend a as a precaution. we found more mounted patrol officers a and incident response team vehicles outside lincoln financial feel. fans were met by typical event staff with lines as they entered, all fans are
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encouraged not to bring bags into the stadium. >> this will go to the tailgate party. we planned on not bringing anything physically with me today so that is the different since. >> reporter: folks from guest services are outside the stadium, handing out clear bags for folks who need them but again fans are urge not to bring any bags inside of the stadium for today's game. we are live outside the link, trish hartman for channel will six a "action news". it sound like people are cooperating, thank you. in other news woman remains in critical condition after being rescued from the burning apartment building in delaware. action cam was on the scene at around 5:00 a a.m. on the 600 block of homestead road in new castle. crews rescued would the man who is deaf from her third floor apartment. there was smoke inhalation and was rushed to the hospital. police went door to door evacuating nearby residents. four people in all were misplaced. the fire marshall office is investigating. philadelphia police think
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an argument led to a shooting this morning in the cities tioga nicetown section. they say 28 year-old victim was heading south on north 17th street just before 4:00 a.m. when another vehicle came at him head on and someone opened fire. victim threw his car in reverse and ended up hitting a park contactor he was rush to the hospital in critical but stable condition. police found 27 shell casings at the the scene, so far, no arrests have been made. is there still much more to come on "action news" on this sunday afternoon, it is first for the f.d.a. agency is recommending new limits on how much sugar we eat. details in health check. helping hungry local none in profit is working to fill food pantries with fresh produce with the help of area farmers. meteorologist chris sowers will be back with the full a accu weather forecast when a "action news" continues.
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game. kick off is in less than an hour and the win could put the bird back in first place. a "action news" sports reporter jamie apody is live at the link. jamie, this should be a good one. >> absolutely, guys, big men taking the field right behind me as offensive line and defensive line getting ready to go on this one. eagles with the dolphins, this is a start of the nice stretch here, leading up to that patriots game. they have three really winnable games and then they can set themselves up for the way to go from here. lets look at video we saw of the bird warming up on the field behind me. now, here's the key stat for today, jason peters is once again inactive, a late scratch.
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he was working out before the game but they felt he wasn't good enough to go. the lane johnson will start at left tackle. this is important because eagles need to run the ball. the dolphins defense second worst in the nfl. eagles averaging over 175 rushing yard per game. sam bradford and company knows this is one game that will be a important game today. >> absolutely, when we can get the running game going, we have a lot of different ways to compliment that in the past game whether that be the pass action or bootleg stuff where i get outside the pock. it makes it tough on the the defense when they have to play the run and they know we will try to run the ball out. >> any game or team you want to be physical and start by the run. i think we have kind offset the the precedence early and try to, you know, do it throughout the course of the game and it is working in our favor. >> don't forget tonight we have "action news" sports sunday, we will bring you, complete coverage of hopefully what is an eagles win here after "action news" at 11:00,
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brandon graham will join us. the as you can see here they are stretching, getting ready to go. it is a beautiful day for football out here and miami dolphins a beatable team for the bird. they have not had a home game here for almost a month so fans are excited, the the team has to be too. they will show them what they have got back at the link, hopefully a win today. live from lincoln financial field, jamie a apody for channel six "action news". >> we are feeling good, thanks jamie. weather is beautiful. >> it is, it is one thing that i don't like about fantasy football because you know i want eagles to win but i need lemar miller of the dolphins good too bad. >> thirty-one-ten score but let lemar million are rush for a hundred yard. >> you know what chris, talk about the weather. >> there is the view at philadelphia international airport and all is nice and quiet out there this afternoon. the it is beautiful. temperatures sky rocketing in the 50's. we have lost that gusty wind. double scan live is clear as
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we go around and around. nothing going on. we will keep it that way until about wednesday night and thursday and that is when that plains system charges east and makes its way in the delaware valley. sitting in at 57. dew point nice and low at 29. wind west southwest at 15 miles an hour. there that is southeasterly breeze. the wind blows in here. as a result everybody up in the mid 50's now. yesterday we popped out at 51. we are warmer than that here in philadelphia at 57. millville 57. wilmington 57. pair of five's for reading and allentown 54. wind speeds are still a little bit of issue but this is much lighter then what we have seen over last couple days where we had gusts as high as 42 miles an hour. wind speeds are out of the southwest five to perhaps as much as 15 miles an hour. we will call it breezy but not windy. satellite six with action radar clear as a whistle and we can expect this out to the
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great lakes steaks and high planes. very quiet wet's cross the the lower 48. the exception is down here across lone star state of texas this afternoon. let's show you future tracker six. this is a storm developing over next couple days. air behind this is cold enough to support snow. they have winter storm warnings up for rockies where they could see upward of a foot of snow out here and that will pull east and in the plain states as we march through wednesday and thursday. it is this part of the storm i'm concerned about for wednesday night and thursday a as all this moisture and you will see it here starts to travel east. this will all fall in a short period of time. you can see two to as much as four and three-quarters of inch with this system a across the plains and all that will push east by the time we get into thursday and latest forecast information for us, is looking at anywhere from an inch to perhaps as much as two and a half inches of rain. the it all falls in the short period of time. in the meantime over next 24 to 48 hours you can see how
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quiet it is around here. tuesday morning we will get a back door cold front sneaking in from canada and that will drop temperatures down a bit. we will see wind shift out of the north east, cooler wind direction for us, we will go high near 60 today. sixty-five tomorrow. back down in the upper 50's by the time we get into tuesday. eagles taking on the dolphins mostly sunny, quiet the at the link. wind west southwest at five to 15 miles an hour. temperatures steady in the upper 50's. same thing for western suburbs today, lancaster 58. allentown 58. philadelphia close to 60. we will take sun i skies and feeling better. same thing for tonight, overnight i don't expect to it get as cold as what we saw this morning. allentown 37. reading 39. philadelphia a 45. and millville 38 degrees. we dropped down to 26 this morning. so big improvement there. here we go the exclusive seven day forecast, 60 degrees today. forty-six for tomorrow. we will post another 60 for tuesday but most areas tuesday will stay in the 50's.
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wednesday becoming cloudy, 66, wednesday is dry, and it is wednesday night and thursday that rain march necessary, again, one to 2 inches possible. maybe a then are storm. friday quiet. next weekend is quiet and cooler. there you have have it. >> i do like it when you talk sports. >> i know you do. >> it is my favorite with. >> with thanksgiving right around corner time to get cooking as we are looking for inspiration for the new exhibit at the national constitution center that explores history of what we eat and why. karen rodgers has more in this weeks six abc love the arts. >> it is a multi media exhibition on l loan from the national archive museum in washington d.c. and it takes you for journey that your food makes to go from farm to table. it is called what's cooking uncle sam. government a's effect on the american diet. >> it is an exhibit off the record that tracks american's fascination and obsession with food. >> reporter: it starts on the
12:17 pm
farm. >> which explores how the government has had an effect on what farmers grow and how they grow it. >> reporter: next stop is a factory. >> so we learn there about how government has got even involved in regulating the types of ingredients that go into foods. >> reporter: visitors then follow a path in the kitchen and learn how u.s. nutrition guidelines were developed starting in the 1890's. >> fascinate to go see how our understanding of nutrition has change over the years. >> final stop the kitchen table. >> that is where he we learn about how programs like the school lunch programming and military foot. >> just a push of the button exhibit goers can read documents and watch videos that show how world events, government regulations, research, economics helped shape what we put on our plate. >> i think some of it is surprising, some of it is
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revealing and how our government programs evolved the way they did. >> reporter: is what cooking uncle sam is at the national constitution center january 3rd. for museum hours and tickets go to constitution or, of course, visit six the arts to learn more about other area events. for six abc loves the arts i'm karen rodgers. and big savings. blinds to go. blinds for life. party on, people. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is 1! celebrate when you buy one get one at half price off the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! 'cause the older we get, the more you save. that's just how we roll. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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the f.d.a. is recommending a daily limit on sugar in take for first time ever. agency says americans over the age of three should be eating no more than than 50 grams of sugar a day. that is about the same amount found in one can have of coke. the government says toddlers should be limited to 25 grams a day, the american heart association already recommend even stricter limits. every year six abc partners in the region's largest food drive. the need this holiday season is a as great as ever with one in six people at risk of going
12:21 pm
hungry. "action news" anchor tamala edward tells us about a growing solution to the problem. >> it is gleaming and concept is simple, connect local farmers with extra food with the pantries that need to it feed the hungry. every wednesday morning a parking lot at new britain baptist church is filled with boxes of produce. that. >> a special kind of cauliflower. dozens of local pant tries come to collect the bound dry. >> mostly organic, grown a mile away, 2 miles away from the people eating it. it is delicious, healthy. >> reporter: kathy snyder is founder, executive director of rolling harvest food rescue. >> take as much as you need. >> reporter: she start aid few years ago frustrated by quality of foods being handed out at local pantries. >> we were not getting any produce. only produce we got was if individual people in the the community brought produce into us. >> reporter: kathy reached out to local farmers and has more than 30 inviting volunteers to
12:22 pm
shift their fields and harvest left overs. >> within an hour we can have a a thousand pound of really great food. >> there is no more basic way to help someone then to feed them. >> reporter: while bucks county ace affluent, 5 percent of the population is living below the poverty line. >> there is hunger that is number one issue people bring up when we talk to them about what are the need of the community. >> reporter: rolling harvest is ease ago this burden. >> we have lots of potatoes. >> reporter: providing fresh produce for 14,000 families a a in in the growing season. >> these are hard working, good people who just really need some help. >> reporter: if you'd like to help your neighbors in need, go to six to see the many ways thaw can connect, share, and give. tamala edward for channel six "action news".
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in sports, but last night, temple's football team, well, they got run over by the bulls, from south florida university. jeff skversky has that but first a look at the birds. >> by the end of the day the bird could be back in first place, but first thing first, eagles have to beat miami. hey, eagles can get on the run, next three all against last place teams. >> i think our chemistry is definitely better than when we started the year. we just got to keep building on. that we are focusing on the dolphins, their offence is explosive. we know we have our handful. >> they are big, physical fast. they have guys that can make plays with suh. >> it will take a good effort for to us get after them this week. >> jason peters is questionable with the back
12:26 pm
injury. temple's dream season, a nightmare last night in tampa. all of the 22nd ranked owls was beat a so, so south florida team to win the division. instead, temple fell behind by three touchdowns. temple on the road in tampa. their d has been among the the best in the country but they a allow over 300-yard rushing, marlon mack runs for 230, a big chunk right here, temple down by 21 at the the half. fourth quarter they get within ten, run the the ten, pj walker goes down. so do owls. temple lost 44-23. it is their second loss, they stormed the field in tampa a take down the goal post. temple has given up 84 points in the last two. this is last thing flyers need they are struggling and now they will be without defenseman mark steit second in the team in scoring. he will be out six weeks. he needs surgery on his groin area. flyers in carolina beforehand they played french national anthem to show their
12:27 pm
support after terrorist attack. power forward pierre edward bellmawr wearing the french flag on his helmet. flyers down by two, back they come in the third, shane godsspare, off wayne simmonds and in, tied at two. in overtime, jay voracek scores. finally. his first of the year. he forgot what that felt like. flyers winning three-two in overtime. just their second win in the last ten. sixers in san antonio, yes, they would love one of these but first lets start with win number one. jahlil okafor against tim duncan scores 21. he had 12 rebound. duncan gets the best of the sixers. sixers lose 92-83, they are the only team without the a win. they are zero and ten. they have lost 20 straight games, dating back to last year. phillies starter jeremy hellickson the veteran from arizona a, that is sports, i'm's jeff skversky, have a good day. and another half an hour
12:28 pm
is just ahead. >> here are stories we will have for you. >> philadelphia homicide detectives are combing through a grassy lot in kensington where bodies of two new born babies were found this morning. we will have the latest on the police effort to find out, how these new borns died. plus a terrorist attack has lincoln financial field and every other nfl stadium playing a far more serious game today. we will have a live report on increased security measures at the the link. >> those stories and exclusive a accu weather information case and more when "action news" continues. make black friday hassle-free with low prices ford cars, trucks and suvs. and get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select ford vehicles, on top of all other offers. it's an inside deal, now for everyone. hurry for a limited time, get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of all other low ford friends and neighbors offers. it all ends november 30th.
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paris just ahead. a man is fighting for his life after being shot several times in north philadelphia, police, they are questioning, two people, and we will have more than a thousand people coming together today to help feed hungry in our area more on those stories in a moment but first a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. i can see trees blowing behind you. >> with the sunny cannot see a thing right now. that sunnies shining right in my face, sunglasses, beautiful afternoon out here. we have been talk ago lot about gusty wind over past few days. i want to show you a a couple pictures sent in by jenny. she lives in cape may. the she's on the delaware bay side. this is what this view looked like last weekend. nice and calm, no breeze. look at this same shot the
12:31 pm
this weekend. look the at the difference. they have had gale warnings in the effect, the the raves have been so rough and waters so rough that the commercial boaters have stayed in. we have had three to 5-foot waves here on the delaware bay this isn't the ocean front but bay side. they have had three to 5-foot breakers and beach erosion as well, thankfully, things are finally starting to calm down a little bit, and still breezy but certainly not as windy. we don't have 40 to 45 miles an hour gusts. these are sustain wind, 15 miles an hour in philadelphia, 14 in allentown, they have shifted out of the southwest so therefore it does not feel quite as coal. thirteen millville. sixteen in sea isle city. forecast for this afternoon, get out and enjoy this one. it is a beautiful day. the mostly sunny, mild. we are expecting a a high of 60 degrees. when i come back we will talk again about that big warm up in the seven day forecast, guys. >> thanks, chris. breaking news out of
12:32 pm
philadelphia's kensington section where bodies of two new born babies, have been found. this is a live look at the scene on the 18 hup block of palethorpe street. authorities say the baby, a girl and a boy were found in the grassy area adjacent to a used car lot. they were pronounced dead at the the scene by paramedics around 11:00. we're told police notified homicide detectives. again bodies of the two new born babies were found in a grassy area in the cities kensington section. stay with "action news" and six for very latest updates. people all across france and all around the world are coming together to pay tribute to the lives lost in friday a's terror attacks. >> this is a as more people are detained in connection with the the attacks and authorities announced that one man a frenchman a probable attacker is on the the run. abc's marci gonzales is live, with the very latest. good after noon. >> reporter: good afternoon eva and nydia.
12:33 pm
that is right french police have launched a international manhunt for that suspect you just mentioned, he is incredibly dangerous as mourners continue to gather here, at paying their respects to all of the rick times. a somber sunday in paris, as candles flickering in the foreground as investigators continue their painstaking work at the six scenes of the friday night's terror attacks. >> they started shooting, like, boom, boom, boom. that happened for ten minutes without stopping. >> survivor recounted horror inside this theater where gunman shot nearly 90 people to death during a sold out rock concert. here at the soccer stadium, just several bars and restaurants where over 350 people were injured, a at least 129 others were killed. a among them american student nohemi gonzales shot and killed at a restaurant while
12:34 pm
here studding a broad. >> i feel lost, sadness, and she was my only daughter. >> reporter: isis claiming responsibility for the calculated attack, prosecutors say were carried out by seven heavily armed terrorist wearing identical suicide vests. all of them, now dead, members of the one of their families detained here in france. police also making several arrestness pull gum trying to track down everyone with links to the french president hollande called a active war. a state of emergency is still in effect here. we have just learned that a moment of silence will be across europe, around this time tomorrow. live from paris, marci gonzales for channel six "action news". now here at home the the nfl isn't taking any chances in the wake of the terrorist attacks. it is beefing you security at stadiums all across the the
12:35 pm
country including here in philadelphia a "action news" reporter trish hartman is live at the link where extra security and law enforcement are on hand today, trish. >> reporter: that is right, parking lots were packed with fans as this kick off is 30 minutes away. many are making their way in the stadium right now. normal met aal detectors and clear bag policies are in effect but security is entitler today, as fans say that is okay with them. miami dolphins fan mike shanly came to philadelphia to see his team take on the bird, and wasn't surprise to see more police at lincoln financial field. >> it is a living but unfortunately it is necessary. people are used to it i think. >> reporter: after friday's terrorist attack in paris, one outside soccer stadium during the game nfl announced plans to increase security outside all stadiums have after working with home land security and fbi, the nfl says there are no known threats to any stadium.
12:36 pm
still, we found more about the patrol officers and major vehicles outside lincoln financial field, it was a welcome sight for these stadium suite attendants. >> i'm glad they have it. it is a scary world we live in today, so i'm happy that there is increased security so we will feel safer. >> reporter: fans will be going into the stadium as they normally are. folks from guest services are outside handing out clear bags for folks who need them. officials are urging fans not to bring any bags in the stadium for today's eagles game. kick off at 1:00 p.m. we are live, trish hartman for channel six a "action news". pennsylvania governor tom wolf is urging residents to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity. he said philadelphia stepped up security this weekend. people may see heavier police presence in other parts of the state but he a says there remains no known threats, to the commonwealth of pennsylvania. dozens of people gathered at love park last night to
12:37 pm
show their support for france. a candle light vigil was held to remember victims of the paris a attacks. candles in the shape of the eiffel tower were placed within a peace symbol a french flag hung above. one of the parents who live in parent spent the day frantically trying to reach them. fortunately his parents were not hurt. >> any part of the world, it is a your home, your country, it is france, someone you may know. it is just horrible. >> another map from south philadelphia says that the french stood behind us after 9/11, now we have to do the same for them. as a plane load of relief but saddened passengers landed at philadelphia international airport following two frightening days in paris. fellow passengers getting off the american airlines plane said they were lock down during the shootings and bombings on friday night. >> if it was certainly scary, it was scary just not knowing what was going on here, and
12:38 pm
knowing that terrorist were out there. >> passengers were locked down in the bar of the restaurant and other half of us were able to take the the bus back and we didn't take taxis or public transportation. >> mostly, you know, saddened for lives lost. i feel fortunate and blessed, so yeah. >> a couple on the plane said while it was scary experience they would not let terrorist prevent them from returning to paris, a city that they loved. our coverage of the terror attacks in paris continues on line the at six abc to the come we have posted photos and video from the scene with the latest information, all right there for you on six new at noon police are investigating two armed men who held up a mini mart in north philadelphia the robbery happened around 9:30 here at allegheny mini mart. this is at 2400 block of north ninth street. we are told robbers made off
12:39 pm
with an unknown amount of goods, no one was hurt. a man is in the hospital after a car that went out of control on the bucks county road and slammed into a line of trees. action cam was at the scene, at perry road in lower makefield township. police say driver lost control of his vehicle at 12:30 this morning. vehicle hit several trees, man was trapped inside the wreckage. it took fire fighters 20 minutes to free him. he was taken to st. mary's medical center where is there in word on his condition. a woman in the car was not injury. there is no word whether charges will be filed. police have taken two men in for questioning in connection early morning shootings of the man on the north philadelphia street. gunfire broke out at the 3:00 this morning on the 1500 block of plane street. police tell "action news" that the 25 year-old victim was shot several times in the neck, chest and legs. he was driven to the hospital by a private car. man was in critical condition as he was wheeled into surgery. so far no one has been charged in the shooting. is there still much more to come on "action news", if
12:40 pm
you live in this tiny apartment, more and more new yorkers are opt go to micro apartments, but 260 square feet. also ahead dealing with the death is hard enough now imagine having to wait months for your loved ones headstones, "action news" trouble shooters are on the case after receiving dozens of complaints. taking a live look now on sky 6hd, in wilmington delaware, thankfully sun came out and starting to warm up us up. chris sowers whiffle have the "action news" forecast when we continue.
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12:42 pm
all right. everything you owned in 260 square feet. more and more new yorkers are doing it. the big apple's home to 3,000 micro apartments. and it the is a trend that seems to be catching on. work can still be done on the first new my row apartment building but 22 of the 55 units are already taken. some are as small as 260 square feet, but the the price
12:43 pm
tag is in the so small, it cost up to $2,000 a month, to rent. >> where do you put your clothes. >> you you know, right. >> $2,000 a month. >> eva's shoe closet is bigger than. that. >> yes. >> let me tell you, that is too small for me. i couldn't live in that. but, there is the the view, looking back at the the philadelphia center city sky line, from our temple university camera. it has turned out to be a gorgeous day. i hope you get out and enjoy it. if you don't we have a couple more on the way. one tomorrow and another one on tuesday. and then things change mid week. 60 degrees is the high we are shooting for today. coming off a morning low of 37. everybody is rebounding nicely. outlining suburbs dropped down in the 20's first thing this morning. now we are in the mid 50's. feels better out there wind are not a factor as they were over past couple of days. the these are sustained wind speed, generally around ten to
12:44 pm
15 miles an hour and that is pretty much where they will stay the remainder of the afternoon. you can see by 3-d it could get windier, latter portions of the afternoon but we are not expecting anything too strong. things are in the process of calming down. here's satellite six with action radar, you can see we're clear. here across mid-atlantic states, included cover to the north and more cloud cover down here to the south that is a associated with developing storm across texas, but in between, it is not too much going on. the here's the storm that brought gusty wind over past couple of days. that works out to sea. wind whipping in across new england. we are watching another low out of the colorado rockies pulling north east and follow the same path this one took right through the great lakes but it is a cold front, the front that will trigger a wide swath of severe weather over next few days. first here that is tomorrow. then a larger a area of severe weather for tuesday. this entire area from chicago down to the gulf coast, could see tornadoes, strong straight
12:45 pm
line wind as this storm begins to wrap up, and it travels, northward into the great lakes states. good news is there is no cold era associated with this. it least for us. there is snow on the back side of that. there is no real arctic shot behind. that we will cool down for the end of the week. the it will not turn too cold. surface map looks like this, clear, quiet, pretty much the same thing for tomorrow. this front sneaks through tuesday, and then, knocking temperatures down. the as a matter of fact we will do a close-up here. later this afternoon everything is all right. overnight tonight it is clear. we will get into monday. monday crystal clear. nice a sunny. temperatures in the mid 50's. the and here comes this back door front with the wind bar with the direction now changing out of the northeast and then cool wind flow for us and that will push all the way down in the baltimore and d.c. metro area and that drops the temperatures off by the time we get into tuesday. low to mid 60's next couple days. back down in the the 50's thanks to that front by tuesday. a lot of sunshine for lehigh
12:46 pm
valley, seasonal. 58 degrees. that is your forecasted high, jersey shore following suit. maybe a couple degrees warmer. really nice day. mostly sunny. sixty for atlantic city, avalon, sea isle, stone harbor, all of the shore points enjoying fantastic sunday. philadelphia mostly sunny and nice, 58 degrees. overnight tonight. clear and cold but not as cold as what we saw this morning. 37 degrees outlining suburbs, 45 for center city. exclusive seven day forecast gets cloudy, stormy by mid week. next few days all right. sixty today. sixty-four tomorrow. sixty again for tuesday but most of the suburbs staying in the the 50's. tuesday cooler day. rain chance for thursday. some have of it heavy at times. maybe a thunderstorm. eva? >> thanks, chris. more than a good chunk of their sunday morning doing what they could to help feed families, in philadelphia. action cam at the the warehouse in northeast philadelphia where various businesses, semmably line as young as old carried boxes a and other volunteers, chose a
12:47 pm
variety of food. boxes will be delivered to 3200 families in the city just in time for thanksgiving. greater coalition against hunger says one in four philadelphians are living below the poverty line and in danger of going hungry on any given day.
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
par ace tack was focus of the democratic presidential debate. hillary clinton and birn sanders and martin o'malley spent their time addressing their time in des moines iowa talk about what u.s. should do in response to the attacks. >> we can be supportive but this cannot be an american fight, although american leadership is essential. >> this is actually america's fight. it cannot be solely america's fight. america is best when we work in collaboration with our allies. >> we cannot do it alone. what we need to do is lead a international coalition which includes very significantly the muslim nationness that region who will have to fight and defend their way of life.
12:50 pm
>> isis was a among the main topic among g.o.p. candidates, on the campaign trail as well, yesterday. many of them say america needs to take a lead role in eradicating isis, before those terrorist attacked the u.s. on its own soil. the a "action news" trouble shooters has been warning but a local tomb stone company since the beginning of the year but the complaints continue to roll role in. families are asking for help getting the head stones or engraving for which they have already paid in full. and now the the company is facing a lawsuit by the pennsylvania attorney general's office. the business is operated by greg stephan junior and senior and goes by more than a dozen different names with offices all over the delaware valley. seven years ago, beth ann peter dose i pass add way unexpectedly at the age of 49. her daughter says the family spent years getting money together for her head stone. >> about $5,100, we made the last payment in march, of
12:51 pm
2015, and that is when all of the delays started happening. >> reporter: peter ducey says life stone by stephan said the head stone would be installed a month or two after that last payment but six months later still nothing. >> you're looking for closure. this is one piece to be able to visit your loved one. >> reporter: peter dose i says the week after the trouble shooters stepped in on her behalf her mommies at peace. >> it is same feeling, this all happened, so, you know, we went and she's happy too. >> reporter: to plan for eventuality of her own passing, peg smith, said owners of the greg stephan senior for a head stone and have yet to receive hers either. >> i truly have been frustrated. i'm very, very upset. very upset. >> reporter: trouble shooters also asked stephan to resolve this situation. >> he promised me full amount, refund on my check, and he was going to give me the stone for flee. >> reporter: few days later she got the check and
12:52 pm
stephan's had other memorial on the smith family plot clean. >> appreciate channel will six, just so much. so helpful. i cannot tell you how much. >> reporter: life stone by stephan blames the the ducey delay on the uniqueness of the granite and other issues. the unique finishes. but these consumers are not far from the only ones complaining. what about people hoff complaints against your business. >> we have had a few difficult months good that is all you have to say. >> we are doing the best we can, to try every day. >> reporter: "action news" also tracked down greg stephan, junior, and answer the the question why do you have so many complaints against your business. we have counted up 36 in the past four years just into our station. >> nydia, we have responded to you about all of your questions and you don't to have permission to film me. >> reporter: off camera the company tells me we are taking protective steps to improve our customer service processes and working day and night to reach out to all customers without standing orders. one piece of advice from peter ducey.
12:53 pm
>> beware if they are operating under different names, like this company was. >> reporter: it is, confusing. for example, drive by life stone by stephan's address and you will see cartilage memorial. peg wrote her second check to cartilage. do an internet search for life stone by stephan and first link is tomb stones and it makes no mention of stephan but has the same address, same founding date, and the cartilage connection. >> the the company did provide a contact information, and, three customers, tell us that they were very positive. stephan also tell us as a family owned business founded in 1843 we have always strived to provide the the best possible customer service experience. at a time when families are grieving we understand how important it is, to provide peace of mind, and sincerely apologize for the inconveniences but the company now facing a lawsuit from the pennsylvania attorney general's office. eva. >> thanks, nydia. >> when "action news"
12:54 pm
continues an update of the top stories plus a look at your accu weather forecast.
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12:56 pm
recapping our top stories on "action news" authorities have just identified the man they are looking for, in connection with the deadly terror attacks in paris. they say 26 year-old man is suspect of renting the car, that delivered a attacker to the bataclan concert hall. dramatic video from belgium today, of police arresting three people in connection with those attacks. investigators say one of the men again is renting a car used by terrorist n all police
12:57 pm
rounded up seven people in belgium. french police have detained relatives of one of the killers. the bodies of two new born have been found in the grassy lot near a used car lot in the kensington section of philadelphia. police say they have found the remains of the the new you born boy and new born girl in the 1800 block of north palethorpe street. homicide detectives are on the scene investigators have not yet given a cause of death. lets get one last check of the weather. >> sunny, nice out there for the rest of the afternoon. the it feels better then it did this morning. we're up to 60 degrees. sixty-four for tomorrow and six once again for tuesday. next few days look nice around the delaware valley, then a good storm system gets in here wednesday night into thursday, still mild, highs in the mid 60's but there will be a period of rain, thursday, and have a good week ahead. >> thank you. fyi philly is next on channel six. >> "action news" continues at 6:00. >> for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday. we will see you right back
12:58 pm
here next weekend. >> ♪
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. tonight on fyi philly. >> i'm a cheese girl. >> we've got a full menu for our fall food show. >> i love kimchi. >> with everything from tacos to tastycakes. >> it's so good. >> it's pie season. see the best sweet and savory selections for thanksgiving. >> cendan >> and celebrate a century at the italian market. >> plus find out how to win an adventures by disney trip. >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at cornerstone cheese and charcuterie in wayne, pennsylvania. >> it's a super cool spot on the main line dedicated to artisanal cheeses from around the world. >> so it is brand new! they're one of a few new restaurants we got the chance to check out as we get our fall food show started. >> husband and wife duo, christine and nick kondra, are bringing their own unique approach to dining at cornerstone cheese and charcuterie.


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