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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> a show of strength and solidarity from the french tonight. french military launches air offensive reigning down bombs
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on key strong noldz syria. it comes after a weekend of grief and small steps along the road to healing. the big story is latest from paris where later today the french military launch will be referred to as massive air strikes at the heart of isis in syria. >> france dropped bombs in syria hitting a training camp and weapons air house. this as a manhunt intensified to learn that a suspect was a slip away. the latest from par sglis tonight, momentos of warning stilling into the sidewalks surrounding scenes of friday's terror. one of the men police say is responsible for the attack that killed 129 people tonight still on the run. french authorities launching international manhunt for 2 26-year-old salah sbadasum. >> he is one of three that investigators say did not die
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in the attacks. the two others who escaped possibly using this get away car including one of his brother's arrested yesterday in belgium. >> okay. >> officials now learning more about all ten terrorists tie todd isis. >> there's a specific units on organization chart of isis for external attacks. >> isis commanders in syria planned and directed this attack sending at least one of the paris killers from syria to blend in with refer ugee as riffing in greece. tonight the french air force dropped owe bombs in northern syria and the manhunt continues and heartbreak still pierce from paris to california. >> it will always be in my heart and she's going to number everyone else's heart too. >> several hours from now a moment of silence will be healed cross europe while here in france a state of emergency is is still in effect.
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paris, marcy gonzalez. "channel 6 action news." >> new york stock market will hold a moment of silence before the start of trading tomorrow to honor victims of the attack attacks. and there's warnings tonight the attacks will victim pact on financial markets and investors are concerned travelers will be more hesitant causeing a decline in tourism during the busy holiday season and that could weaken the euro and force to drop oil prices and meantime flags will fly at half staff federal build ago cross the country and american military and diplomatic station around the world. president obama ordered gesture of solidarity later tonight. flags will be flown at half staff until sunset on thursday. >> and now the par ace tacks were on the mind of millions of fans headed to nfl games across the country. the league stepped up security at all stadiums today a measure most fans accepted with gratitude. "action news" reporter trish hartman has the story from the link. >> a minimum of eagles and
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dolphins fans all from the same family showed their spirit outside lincoln financial sgleeld i actually booked our tickets six minutes after the schedule came out. >> two days after the deadly attacks in paris the violence was on the mind of many fans and especially since one of friday's explosions happened outside the stadium with a associating match was underway. >> i did see that on the news and i kind of gave you an idea saying gee, is that going to be something to be concerned about and but going through the airport yesterday i thought it would be heightened security there and we did not have any problem sa sovr. >> increased security at all stadiums in light of attacks. philadelphia police sergeant james key than at normal home game five mountsed officers patrol the stadium area and at this game the entire unit of 14 horses was on duty. >> we're good for crowd control if something should happen we're near case we have to disperse crowd and we're high up and we can see things bette better. >> the stadium's clear bag policy was in effect and officials highly encourage fans
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not to bring any bags at all and many fans heard about increased security measures and headed warnings. >> just going to go to the tailgate party we planned to not bring in anything fshlly that's a difference yeah. >> this group of sweet attendance had clear tote bags at the ready and we were glad to see extra patrols at their workplace. >> it's a scary world we live in today. and i'm happy that there's increased security so we feel safer. >> it's absolutely made us think twice about today and working here. you know. >> reporting at lincoln financial field, trish hartman, "channel 6 action news." ♪ tractor-trailer the kimle center the philadelphia orchestra opened its concert by playing the french national anthem in honor of the vick terms and surz vivrz in paris. >> for latest on attacks and investigation love on to you can find updates
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throughout the day and photos from the scene and tributes there around the world. >> philadelphia police are investigating after the bodies of two babies were found in a grassy lot in kensington. a boy and girl made the discovery this morningch the boy went home and told his father he thought they were dolls. "action news" reporter jeff chirico live at the special victims units with the full details, jeff. >> sarah, mees have quite a mystery on their hands. and the babies had autopsies performed on them at some poin point. and police don't know who conducted those autopsies or when they were conducted and the big question they're trying to answer tonight is how do they end up on the side of a road. >> 9-year-old kas i'm crawford was headed to pizza shop with a friend when they may the gruesome discovery 1800 block of pelford. >> there were two dead babies and the head was cut and stomach was on and other one
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had umbilical cord. >> they came home said they said babies they said they know it was babies they smelled it i called police. >> police confirmed bodies of two babies male and female were found in it grassy area near a used car lot. >> it looked like they were just born. >> just born. >> yes. infants. >> police state babies did not die here. marks on their bodies reveal autopsies were performed before left on side of road. it's unclear how long ago they died. and this is at least the third incident involving abuse of corpss in philadelphia since summer on august 25 police discovered three badly decomposed bodys in a garage owned by pal mortgage rarey. three decomposing bodies were found at hawkins on the 500 block of vine street the funeral director was charged with three counts of abuse of a corps and now bodies of newborns found decay ago long side trash police are serving nearby surveillance cameras hoping they captured an image
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of the person that dumped the bodies. >> it was tragic. i mean, babies don't deserve that and babies are innocent and they should not be sitting throughout like that and you should not throw kids away. >> they may have a lead folks so you of course pants of black pickup dropping trash in the area. if you know anything about this police ask you to give them a call. we're live at the special victims units squlev geoff "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, jeff. police are investigating deadly shooting of robbery suspect buying off duty philadelphia housing authority officer. the shooting happened at about 6:45 tonight on 400 block of west schoolhouse lane in germantown. investigators say two men tried to rob the off duty officer and one of the suspects reportedly had a weapon. the officer fired 7 shots striking one suspect several times. and that suspect died and the other ran away. and the officer was not injure injured. >> and east mt. airy four men
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were rounded in a hail of gunfire. shots rang out 8:00 tonight on 1100 block of east woodlawn street and most seriously injured is 33-year-old than critical condition tonight. the others ages 34 and 21 and 15 are all in stable condition no arrests have been sglaid and an 18-year-old was shot to death this navrp south philadelphia it happened just before:00 on the 2200 block of mifflin street and investigators say the man was shot once in the back and pronounced dead penn presbyterian hospital. investigators don't know who shot him or why. >> and family and friends gathered tonight in north philadelphia to remember a woman killed last weekend in a horrific crash me have a vigil north broad near allegheny avenue where sheila hill was hit. they lit candles had a poster and left flowers at the scit and hill was driving atm and raxt tv and a car jumped a curb
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hitting and killer her. >> a wild chase on streets of philadelphia after two zebra as escaped from fairmont park. they had a brief taste of freedom before captured. it was enough to cause a stir in the neighborhood where it happened. "action news" reporter christie aleto is live in fairmont with more, high, christie. >> hey there walter this is not something you see every day and unfortunately those zebras were not on the loose long but it has a lot of people asking how did they escape. >> two zebras spotted in a planet fitness parking lot. then running down a neighborhood street and even at a kfc on busy city avenue. >> i was like oh, my god. they have zebras in west fully. >> neighbors took to social media to chronicle the scene. they confirm to "action news" they're now investigating. circus says two acts broke loose and gal vanityed through the streets of west philadelphia. >> what? >> that's crazy. >> it really is.
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>> our cameras were rolling when the zebras were caught after the short lived escape. >> they were con find in circumstance es to begin with it's not surpriseing. protesters were animal activist say the circus contracts with outside exhibitors and argues and incidents like this are a public safety risk. >> they found a chance to escape and take a run for it and ended up in traffic and peopling honking at them and almost causing accidents. >> no reported injuries and this comes weeks after a universal trap ease performer was injured after plummeting 30 feet into the ud crowd and activists say sunday's incident expose as i bigger problem. >> today is another example of poor treatment of animals. how could these terrified describe zebras escape. >> now peta is call are for department of agriculture to investigate this incident immediately. live in fairmont park. christie oleto "action news".
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>> more to come on "action news" tonight a new jersey organization breaks a world regard all for a great cause. we'll tell you how many pieces of clothing were collected. >> true heroes honored in montgomery county and why this was sew special, melissa. >> mostly clear, it's quiet tonight. in fact we're tracking milder air that returns for start of the workweek. plus the possibility of rain. we have details with the accuweather forecast. >> and eagles had a rough day losing both their quarterback and the game. jeff skversky has sports. and the game. jeff skversky has sports. and "action news" comes right
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>> montgomery count write commuters septa brand new in my in my opinionth street station in lansdale is up and on and ready for riders. all trains operating on the lansdale doylestown line will make the stop. it's the first new railroad
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station for septa in almost 20 years. >> and today local world war ii veterans honor family of one of their own. triple nickel association welcomed three members of private first class melvin brown's family zion bap niingt ardmore. brown died in august of 1945 during operation fire fly secret army mission. member of 555 infinitery association and that was army black paratrooper unit. >> it was busy day for hundreds of volunteers in northeast philadelphia. they gathered at the george relief agency warehouse toss happened pack boxes of food for families in need. and this month's delivery includes special ingredients for traditional thanksgiving and hanukkah meals. >> 1795550 pieces of donated clothing and new record to boo boot. a month of hard work paid off in mercer county. they successfully hel the
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largest donated clothing drive ever. now that it's all over some of the clothes are going to homeless clients and the receipt will be sold at a thrift store with profits going back to the rescue mission dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house.
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i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
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>> now melissa here now with a check of the accuweather forecast. it's like this is mid november? >> the month of november temperatures are nice and mild and we cannot complain. we talkedbility four letter word we cannot say. >> right. >> very mild guys. we'll show what you is going on. storm being fromer 6 double scan radar we can see it's dry. no issues with precipitation. in fact milder afternoon. we'll show you picture outside. action cam was outside earlier tonight. they're in east falls looking at the east falls bridge all lit up. we have mostly clear sky comfortable numbers and especially southwesterly wind overhead. big jump in temperatures today in comparison to yesterday. yesterday was chilly and blus
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blustery and those winds gusting as high as 35 miles an hour in philadelphia. wind chills for a good portion of the day in the 40s. today we rebounded up to 61 degrees. numbers will get higher than that tomorrow. here's that southwesterly whipped. comfortable in the city. 52, 48 poconos and 44 allentown and lehigh valley and along the coast inale sea isle city 56 and lower 50s millville and dover. satellites 6 along with action radar dry and quiet. mostly clear sky. high pressure situated to south tonight. we have that return flow with a west to southwesterly wind with ridge of high pressure sitting on top of us tonight and start of workweek monday. things calm down. tonight it will not be as cold of a night as it was last night. quick rebound tomorrow sunny and warm up to 65 degrees and very comfortable conditions overhead and ridge of high pressure however on tuesday moves off north and east. so somewhat cooler by then as you get that northeasterly wind coming in off atlantic and high
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temperature 58. off to west however they're tracking area of low pressure over the nation's heartland and this will be the weather maker as we get to wednesday nights and into thursday. and for the bus stop forecast tomorrow for kitties mostly clear light jacket in the morning and 6 a.m. the number 43. 45 is number at 8 a.m. and here's exclusive accuweather day forecast. lots of sunshine. mild tomorrow. high up to 65 degrees and it's cooler on tuesday with northeasterly wind and in at 5 58. breezy and mostly cloudy on wednesday. in at 63. late wednesday showers light sprinkles and likely late at night. and then thursday rain some of which will be heavy at times and high temperature coming in at 67. this is what we can expect by then. southwesterly breeze which is why the number is so high up to 67. periods of rain on the way. one to two inches possible and it's a big concern. in the wake friday not as warm 67. saturday some sunshine and clouds around. temple is at home.
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high of 57 from college foot fwool pro ball subdz seasonable next sunday with eagles at home at the linc high then 50 dre degrees. and on and off we're tracking the bought of rain on thursday, guys. >> melissa, thank you. >> sports is next on "action news". >> depressing david for eagles fans after a great startch the birds dropped the ball and suffered a big injury. jeff skversky up next with details when "action news" jeff skversky up next with details when "action news" comes right back ♪
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for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. >> okay yes jeff has a check own sports and today was ugly. >> especially after the 3rd quarter. three points combinedinal 3rd quarter. >> eagles score 16 points 1st quarter and lose. and to make it worse they lose sam bradford too. they score more points in first that rest of the year cam bind. sam bradford to huff.
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touchdown. first opening drive of of the year. puts eagles up 7-3. walter they areman, in the end zone for the safety. eagles up 6. they get the ball back and they're right back in the end zone. ryan matthews scores and later leave with a concussion. eagles up 13 and this is when the offense stalls. caleb misses and 32 yard field goal in 2nd quarter and that's three points it was huge. remember this. eagles up three. in the third, it gets ugly. bradford watch out he's drille drilled. he leaves with a concussion and left shoulder is injury. no word how long he'll be out. eagles cannot shoulder load without him. tips, jarvis landri comes down with it touchdown. eagles down four. left 17 up answered. down one. mark sanchez for end zone. picked off. eagles come up short losing by 1 20-19.
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>> this was an awful loss. dolphins on second head coach and lost five of seven coming in for this one. biggest loss of the eagles may have come here when bradford walked into the trainer's room. forget shoulder the concussion means he's out a week and mark sanchez needs to step up. >> you have to be ready to go after a week. you never want to see a teammate go down. that's never the circumstance in which you want to play. and but, when you get a chance to play you're making the most of it it. >> no matter who is at quarterback the eagle can not beat anybody to lose themselve themselves. inexcusable for a squad with playoff hopes. all that momentum they build in last week's last second win in dallas all for not. >> you better come every single week in the week and you can flush whether or not you get back to work on monday and play who the next opponent s you pick your head up end of season and see if you won enough games
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to goat playoffs. that's always been the way we approach it. >> we're 4-5 it is what it is obviously we're not out of this thing and we have 7 games left and a lot of football. you play anything like we played today we won't win too many games. >> they'll have another shot at easy one. eagles host 4-5 bucks on sunda sunday. lincoln financial field, jamie apody, "channel 6 action news." >> all right. jamie. more reaction on "action news" sports sunday in just a few minutes and eagles linebacker brandon graham standing by. tough loss. painful as this was to watch it hurts knowing had the eagles won they would be back in first place and in control of the nfc east and because the giants go down patriots and wild finish under two to go and giants look like they're about to go up 6 or 7 to owe dell beckham and touchdown over turned and set setsled for field goal. patriots drive down field, 6 seconds left.
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steven zukowski field goal goo good. had eagles won the eagles would be in first. yes, it's a bad weekend for our football teams. tell pl drops out of the top 5 for first time in a month. their longest run in school history as ranked team over result of losing to south florida. >> college hoops phil martelli and niagara up 24. isaiah miles 2 of 14 there st. joes win 7-62. 2-0. penn against central connecticut state at the pol pollest ra. matt howard, drives, scores, 10, 77-6 1. they're 2-0 as well and best start at the pol pollest ra in ten years. the quakers bringing it early on. >> thank you jeff. >> an update on the paris terror attacks it is next on "action news." >> we'll


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