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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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country a philadelphia police officer fires his weapon during a foot chase with suspect. >> a discovery of two dead babies in a grassy lot. authorities believe the babies had undergone autopsy. >> and the latest for you with weather and traffic and david murphy is looking outside with accuweatheren there's been a situation in south yoursy all morning long and can karen has the latest on that. >> a big accident in new jersey involving an overturned ra tractor-trailer that happened 295 northbound which was shut down at route 42. i want to show you the action cam. you can kind of see how much activity is going on. we had an overturned tractor-trailer carrying lumber. they had to unload the lumber and put it on another tractor-trailer and right now they cleared that scene, 295 northbound had reopened at route 4 2. we are still seeing a ramp closure in this area right now and i want to show you that liver now we're looking at 42. that's northbound traffic and you see penndot with arrow
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board 295 northbound and use energy until turnpike or 130. traffic is getting by now on 2 295 northbound which is good news because it was messy accident and for showers had that shut down. let's take a look at another situation i-95 here at cottman we see building volume southbound as you head at cottman and at girard you see traffic moving better in this area and we have a problem with a tractor-trailer blew a tire on the roosevelt boulevard and this is northbound at conwell avenue. and so one lane is blocked here and expect restrictions and the big news, dave, traffic is moving on 95 northbound and that ramp shut down on route 4. >> well, good news the main road is on and traffic building now karen. take a look at satellite. we are also going to be looking at plenty of sunshine building and it's already getting brigh brighter to the east echt and you can see there's a lack of any significant cloud cover around. and we are off to a chilly start, 48 degrees in philadelphia. and allentown, you have been in the 0s there and you're now up to 40. big improvement. 42 reading and 43 in reading
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and upper 0s in lancaster and millville and 54 in sea isle city and not a lot of wind out there winds running 9 miles an hour in philadelphia and obviously cool enough for a coat. here's your call for this afternoon and things will get better. by 8 at 46 and by noon, 6 and by 3:00 accuweather says high of 67 degrees and lots of sunshine and light winds and back to 60 by 6:00. it will be a cooler day tomorrow with circulation coming in off the cool ocean and then later in the week we're looking at soaking rain. i'll have all the details coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. matt, tam. >> thank you, david, we begin with breaking news and one person was shot during a violent home up vacation in the city port richmond location and they're looking for the armed suspects now. were life live on the scene. katherine. >> one woman was shot several times in home ininvestigation and investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened inside this home on the 2000 block of buckingham
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street near frankford avenue port richmond and the woman was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. details at this point are limited and police believe the suspects entererd the home through a basement window. and at some point during this home invasion a woman was shot twice witnesses reported seeing three or four you masked men wearing dark clothing fleeing scene. but police are working together to put together a better description of the suspects. right now, there's a lot of unknowns in this case. we don't know how long the men were inside and what they took. and if they were after anything specific. again, we do know one woman was shot several times in this home invasion in port richmond and she was rushed to the hospital in serious condition and the hospital is where she remains. of course stay with "action news" as we continue to follow this story. we're live in port richmond. katherine scott, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you for that. and also breaking this morning is philadelphia police officer shot a man during an overnight foot chase that happened 300 block of f street in kensington section of city at 245 this
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morning and it's not clear what happened but we know that officers were chasing the suspects when an officer fired weapon hitting suspect in the leg and the suspect is in stable condition and there were no injuries to the police officers. and paris prosecutors office has two more suicide bombers involved in friday's deadly attack have been identified. >> and associated press is the man that french authorities mean and survivor of the attack took part in thwarted bus attacks. there's a manhunt for salah abdeslam. they believe they led a team of gunmen that opened fire across paris. 129 people were killed in attacks six locations across the city and investigators believe ten ter nriingts all are responsible and three did not survive. they were taken in bell judge
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and all over the world vigils are being held includinggonzale. >> french president ola declared war against isis and they're holding a moment of silence there now. french officials say there were 150 police raids overnight across french and france launched bombing yesterday key hold stronghold in syria. >> for the latest on the attack and investigation log on to you can find updates throughout the day and photos from the scene and/or veens and tributes from around the world. >> it is 6:05 and two young children led police to a gruesome find in the philadelphia neighborhood. and they found bodies of two babies while playing in grassy lot in kensington. authorities say autopsies have
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previously been performed on baby boy and girl and witnesses spot aid black pickup truck putting trash in the area prior to discovery. you'll hear from one of the boys that found those bodies in the next half hour. >> and charred car led to evacuations in the lehigh valley overnight. this is new video in fromal hellertown northampton county a bomb squad was called to 1300 block of first avenue for report of explosion. officials determined it was an an accidental free air fuel explosion. residents are back home this morning. driver of the car was not seriously hurt. >> markets around the world are reacting to terror attack in franz. live at the nasdaq. maribel not much of a reaction on wall street at least at this point. >> we're not, matt, in fact. stocks in france lowered this morning. at last chance their main index is slightly lower. airline hotel and other travel
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related stocks fell on first day of of training following the paris terrorist attacks. right here in the u.s. stocks fell sharply friday as weak earnings from big retailers rattled up investigators. 3 looks like higher on. reports on consumer prices and housing starts will be released this week and amazon adding 100 workers for holidays most of any retailer. target is second with 70,000 workers being heard and walmart is next with 60,000. all the support, wall street and overall retailers will add more than three-quarters of a million holiday workers this year according to staffing company challenger gray. back over to you. >> thank you for that maribel and time to turn to david murphy to look at today and rest of week. >> nice, fall weekend. and ratcheting up the numbers this afternoon. double scan shows us we're in the dry pattern and as we take a look outside and sighs is beginning to brighten you don't see cloud cover over there today do you.
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lots of sunshine. maintain mostly sunny skies the rest of the way. 48 degrees is the current temperature. as we step outside in clear conditions we are chilly. up to 40 allentown and still in the upper 30s in lancaster and millville and 43 trenton and 41 wail ming ton and down the shore in the 50s. satellite and radar shows you it is sun glass weather soon as the sun gets over the horizon. on highways and buy wes with cloud cover braking up south and rest of it well into canada and northern new york state and lehigh valley today mostly sunny for you. pleasant, 63. milder than yesterday. and down the shore, it also looks like a milder than -- day than jedd and cooler shy of 6 on the boardwalk by the ocean and lots of sun lights winds. philadelphia, 67 the high today. 61 xwred on thermometer and today milder. mostly sunny and pleasant day with winds out of norm west and only about 6 to 12 miles an hour. not really windy. here's how the numbers increas increase, 47 by 9, up to 59 by
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11 and if you have optional plans top go out and get things done you might want to wait until the afternoon and that is pretty mild and cox for theable later today. 2:00, 65 and 67 high right in there around 3:00 and by 5:00 still holding on to about 63 and now tomorrow, things change. an area of high pressure gets off east and clockwise flow around that will bring a flow in off the ocean and whenever you get that northeast flow especially if you can pull it in off the water it tends to cool you down. 56 tomorrow's cooler high. fair a sunshine depending how much flow we get off the ocean and few clouds mixing in and wednesday this front pushs in our direction could be rainy at night and related low pressure and cold front arrives thursday and thursday looks to be the rain day this week: your exclusive accuweather sunny day and pretty good looking and on wednesday the clouds uncrease ahead of that front could be rain at night and ahead of of
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that we get up to 63 and thursday, mild, 67. it's not going to be the kind of day you want to be outside trying to enjoy that number because it looks like windy and rainy day with periods of rain off and on throughout the day and some could be soaking rain. that's thursday. friday that system is gone, partly sunny and cooler, 60. for the coming weekend we have a couple of big football games at lincoln financial field. temple saturday against memphis and sunday eagles on tap and both days into the upper 50s. probably more sun on sunday than saturday. and hopefully we get some good football games to go along with the good football weather. >> it will be a while. >> 6:10 coverage of paris attacks with a look of social media side and response to crisis. >> lose, lose for eagles. con us cans of two key players. karen. >> chopper 6 live on the scene bellmar, kem den county we're watching penndot crews back up and pick up cones to reon the ramp 42 northbound to 95 and
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overturned tractor railer had 295 blocked for showers. all the latest details in the new traffic reporting coming u all the latest details in the new traffic reporting coming u up. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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do business travel on your terms. >> welcome back. it's 6:13 and volume building
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and you can see that is the case on platt bridge and everything is moving along long. let's hope it continues that way through the sglut it's been rough to start the workweek karen. >> bellmar, camden county we had an nasty accident accident involving overturned tractor-trailer car writing lumber and took forever to clear it out. they have cleared it what we're looking at now is chopper 6 live on the scene at the njdot crews are picking up all of the cones. you see more of the crews back here allowing traffic to get by on 4 northbound just 295 there and it was sht down that ramp and now they're in the process of picking up cones and allowing traffic to get by up ahead so you can get now from route 42 to 295. if that remained closed much longer it would have been a mess for morning commute and now we see traffic moving this accident involving tractor-trailer just cleared so 95 northbound reopened as has the ramp 42 northbound to 295. we were just starting to see volume pick up route 42.
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this is another vantage point of that. slowing down a little from 55 to 25 and now crews you can see it backing up and picking up cones and you can get from route 42 to 25 and better news happening just as volume starts to build out there. we have another problem on the road and here's the blue route. nrim only meeting blue route near norristown and one of the vehicles here and two other vehicles and police back here you can see the flashing lights and causing a little slow go here. we have an accident with police and ambulance all on the scene. we're seeing it mostly off to the shoulder right now. so the blue route northbound near norristown you want to watch for that one in plymouth meet tlxingt elsewhere around the region construction on the turnpike eastbound approaching norristown and another accident this one involving two vehicles on the ramp sally forth to the turnpike westbound. it's always tricky when you have an accident on the ramp. traffic getting by at area and creating a lowing there. no weather problems. 8 millville and just 40
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allentown. a bit of a cool start. for sure the afternoon will be nice. 67 for the high. higher than average under mostly sunny skies and turning milder for the afternoon, tam. >> thank you, karen. >> and an investigation underway after sheriff deputys in northern california caught on video allegedly beating suspected car thief. in surveillance you you see the deputy tackleing a man and hitting him and second deputy arrives and strikes the suspect in the head with batons. al made accounty sheriff department said he left people on a chase and resist add rest. >> three masked men wielding baseball bats are on the run after holding up a fast food restaurant. workers say the three crooks got we with unknown amount of condition they don't know if anyone was attacked. they're lacking at sure vail vailsence trying to find.
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>> the eagles lost their starting quarterback he injured left shoulder an sustained concussion hard hit third quart erp an did got return. x-rays were negative on shoulder and running back ryan matthews also leave the gim with concussion. those players will have to sea a doctor before cleared to return. eagles held an early lead and lost to the dolphins 20-19, now 4-5. >> you have to play every week. that's what it's about. you get back to work monday and play your next opponent they'll they'lling for you. >> eagles host the 4-5 buck knees on sunday. >> 6:17 tribute to the troops the fast food -- "tech bytes" free calls to terrors. the fast food -- "tech bytes"
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facebook plans to activate safety checks more frequently. it's a feature that allows people to let friends know they're okay. >> it was used during the terror attacks in france. up until now it's only been caused for natural disasters and speaking of facebook users showing their support for victims in par sglis pill yonz changed their profile picture to show blue, white and red the the colors of the french flag. >> so many people have done that in the last few days. >> such a great sign of. >> those are the "tech bytes". >> such a great sign of. >> those are the "tech bytes". >> have a great day everybody gotta take a sick day tomorrow.
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dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil severe the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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>> commuters in western suburbs have an option to get where they need to know septa station in lansdale has plenty of parking and wheelchair accessible and all trains operating on lansdale doylestown will make the stop
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and it's the first new railroad station in 20 years. >> exciting there and we have the new schedule in that area. don't forget to grab one as you get out. look at the backup already. i-95 at gir arld southbound traffic headed to septemberer city. we had a disabled vehicle blocking right lane. very quickly traffic star totd back up. they cleared it southbound jammed pasta academy to cottman and from betsy ross to girard. here girard we had a disabled vehicle blocking lane. on the roosevelt ridge avenue no bob lemz here. we had a disabled tractor-trailer northbound on the boulevard conwell avenue. that has just cleared. and the airport, wilmington, newark and elwyn lines all seeing delays and the signal problems they thought they picked earlier. >> they were dressing kids in a sweat shirt and it's chilly some sort of jacket or hat is important. winds not strong. this afternoon mild light
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jacket works and throwing that on shoulder when you get home. ment 50 by 9:00. again in the 40s now. 6 by noon and this afternoon not bad. mostly sunny, 6. not a lot of wind out there and pretty accident conditions overall. checking wide view it looks like septemberer of country around st. louis and eventually chicago gets rain today. over in the east no problems. and at the airport all green aircraft on the big board. no major delays and no rain reported in any of our most commonly traveled destinations, >> going on to "healthcheck" the more attention needs to be paid to tub eric ulow significance in doctors. a 5-year-old child example was used in u.s. he was stricken deadly form of tb after traveling to india. anti buy otics that do not respond to other drugs are most
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julynerable. >> 5:22 following breaking news. >> katherine scott has arrived on the scene of home invasion, katherine. >> tam, shot several times in home invasion in richmond live with the latest information home invasion in richmond live with the latest information from police coming up at 6:30. my giant.
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before the escape and assaulted officers stole keys and let two other inmates out early surprised morning and jerell west and unnamed juvenile escaped through a secure area >> a du. a charge after a forry head on crash. julia was driving wrong way on i 40 in wake county when she slapped into sandra green. green's daughter says her mother currently is in serious condition. expected to make first appearance in court today and charged with different drunk driving charge on may 28 of this year. >> team leader at the chick-fil-a in oak park treated customers to special rendition of lee greenwood god bless the usa on veteran's day week.
6:27 am
>> god bless the♪ >> diapers shared this video of done tearious jamaal young on facebook and last check the video viewed 15 million times. >> 6:27 there's brand new developments in terror investigation france. >> breaking one spern shot after armed masked men storm a >> breaking one spern shot after armed masked men storm a philadelphia home.
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(man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> breaking on "action news" philadelphia police opened fire while chasing suspect on foot. >> france retall yats and country carries out massive air strikes where they believe attacks on paris are planned. >> escaped zebras.
6:30 am
turns philadelphia traffic into more of a zoo. >> good morning, everyone, 6:30 monday morning november 16, david, karen, karen, traffic has not been good to us this morning. >> and we had a messy accident in bellmar, kem den county. it's cleared. a lot of people were worried about traveling chopper 6 overhead and in search a bad spot. 295 northbound all lanes blocked on 95 northbound and ramp 42 to 95 closed. we see penndot is backed up. they picked up all the cones energy emergency dot has and allow traffic to get by from 95 northbound to 42 and from 42 to 295 as well. they cleared all that out it was messy situation. voll uming is building in this area so congested any way and filled with construction. normally causing problems. let go to another advantage point and check out 42 right now and we can see a little volume between 544 and creek road on 42 northbound and this would have been a mess to maintain that closure of 95 and
6:31 am
people were not able to get on 495 to 95 and things looking better and overturned tractor-trailer carrying lumber cleared out of here. looking at i-95 not clear here live approaching cottman headed to center city jammed already pasta academy to cottman. and from the betsy ross bridge to girard we had a disabled vehicle near here blocking right line taws accidents here plymouth meeting couple vehicles and police over there. but we are seeing blue route northbound near norristown. traffic slow in this area and accident mostly off to shoulde shoulder. dave a number of problems out there and no weather related problems. >> sun glare a little later down the pike and that's about it karen. go ahead and take a look at satellite. cloud cover is fall ago part south of washington and that stuff off to the north encountering dry air around albany and not able to make it here. 48 beneath clear skies in philadelphia and off to a chilly start.
6:32 am
allentown managed to climb out of the 30s. millville still at 38. lancaster 39. coat weather this morning. winds not that strong. 9 miles an hour in philadelphia and actually dropping below that at times. welcome back to school or back to work if that's the way you roll. 8:00, chilly, 47. rest of the way our looks good by noon 62 and 3:00, 67, milder than yesterday's 61. we're looking at cool down tomorrow and then rain arriving later in the week that could include soaking downpours all the details coming up in accuweather matt and tam. >> breaking this morning. philadelphia police officer shot 'man during an overnight foot chase on the 32 0 0 block of f street kensington section ever city 2:45 a.m.
6:33 am
>> cerf for armed suspect that shot someone during a home invasion in the port richmond section. let's go over to "action news" reporter katherine scott live at that scene 21 lock 00 block of buckingham street. good morning, katherine. >> good morning.tam. they're working to determine what happenedp inside this home early morning. this happened 3 a.m. 2000 block buckingham street port richmond. so far police have got released information. police believe the suspect got into a home through a basement window. at some point during this home invasion a woman was shot twic twice. witnesses reported seeing three or four masked men wearing dark clothing flee the scene. police are working for betterer description of suspects.
6:34 am
neighbors described this block as normally pretty questionet. >> it's real close the kids you know and the adults he and everything. we do things together during the summertime we welcome anybody on the block. lot of times they haven't lived on the block that long. i'm really shocked. >> and right now there are a lot of unknowns. we don't know how long the men were inside the home and they were after anything particular or if they made away with anything. this all remains under investigation and of course as we get more details we'll bring them to you. live in port richmond. katherine scott, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, katherine. international manhunt continues today for eighth man believed to number paris terror attacks and associated press is reporting that the man believed to be the master mind was also involved in the filled train and church attacks in august and so today president obama ordered american nring to fly at half staff and until sunset
6:35 am
thursday and short while ago we brought you live picture from paris as the president there led the nation in a moment of silence. gets go over to abc marcy gonzalez she filed the report. >> this morning more than 100 in france and belgium as authorities launch innational manhunt for accused terrorist. >> 6-year-old salah led the team of begunmen that opened fire at restaurants and bars in paris friday night. and 129 people were killed in attacks at 6 location as cross the city of lights. and of the ten terrorists believed to be responsible police say three in a car with an assault rifle. two suspects taken into custody but today apolinario they connected it to isis saying commander groups and syria
6:36 am
planned and directed very lens. >> there's aa specific unit on the organizational chart of isis for external attacks. >> france air force responding dropping 20 bonds over northern syria as police continues looking for others from paris to california. >> she'll always be in my heart and everyone's else's too. >> other tourists and tracks and schools are opening for the first time since this traj id marcy gonzalez, "channel 6 action news." >> french international school in bala-cynwyd opened doors and children and parents had a place to turn for support. a third of students are from french families. katherine kozman is one of the students born and raced in paris.concerned and afraid not
6:37 am
forone's life here but four our country men and the people there. >> kozman says she had relatives at the soccer stadium when attacks happened and they made it home safely. walk on to and for more information on attacks in paris and to learn anything new we posted photos from the scene and tributes from around the world. >> and investigators are trying to figure out how the body of two newborn babies end pd up in grassy lot in philadelphia kensington section. 9-year-old kasim crawford and friend made that gruesome discovery 18 0 0 block of pail brook straight. autopsies have been everyone 3 performed on newborn boys and girls before the babies left there. >> two dead baby and we turned it over and their head was like cut and other one was with up billical cord in stomach. >> paines don't deserve that and should live not sitting out there like that you should not
6:38 am
throw no kids away. >> it's unclear how long ago the children died or search of death. they're searching trying to get clues. >> happening today new jersey senate judiciary committee will hear testimony on localizing recreational marijuana. committee chairman nicholas utara introduced legislation. it would allow residents in hold one oups of marriage math and grow up to 6 plants and bill would levy 7% tax on sales. additional marijuana is nrel new jersey. governor christie is on record as saying he would not go so far as to decriminalize it. >> time to get aa look at accuweather and see what david murphy had. >> presentty decent day on top. starting cool. stormtracker 6 double scan shows dry at least and as we take a look outside plenty of sunshine over the horizon. barely a cloud in sight. i don't see it looking to the east sky6 from pens landsing over camden county new jersey. as we look at temperatures we are off to a school start 48 in
6:39 am
philadelphia he and that's about mildest number we have for you out there and a lot of suburbs in the low 40s. winds out of the west, south west dipping down to nine miles an hour latest reading and satellite hows us lack of cloud cover we think it will be mos mostly sunny start and finish and milder later today. still 47 by 8:00 and upper 50s by 11 and certainly improving and by:00, 65. in fact we basically spend the afternoon in 60s. and high today of 67 at about 3:00 sliding right in about there and does look like we're going to be about 6 degrees milder than yesterday, winds light too and will stay that way. high temperatures across the region. range, 6 allentown and 64 reading and 65 trenton and wilmington and down the shore cooler. 61 the high in cape may. tomorrow, high pressure slides east and clock was it's going to full in in the original east
6:40 am
and probably around the ocean few more clouds mixing in and big store whys the high 56. we'll see a warm front wednesday increasing clouds and maybe bring us nighttime rain and related slow pressure and cold front combination on thursday gets us wet. your exclusive accuweather 7-day. sunny nice today and bright and cooler high of 56 and wednesday with front arivering we get clouds increasing and high of 6 and perhaps rain at night and thursday, is the wet one. periods of rain, bindi all day. cloudy skies. mild high 67. with periods of said it dwroy heavy rain coming in at times and it's not going to be kind of day you want to be outside enjoy it that much. partly sunny. schooler, 60, saturday and surprised. great football weather temple home saturday and eagles home surprised and both days highs upper 50s and more sunshine on
6:41 am
50 than saturday and hopefully gecko football games in on saturday and sunday. little dispointing this sgleekd good as in wedding most people think that's good. >> some enjoy enjoying a nice think that's good. >> some enjoy enjoying a nice full gay. >> and pair of four legged fugitives staj a big top break away on streets of philadelphia, karen. >> 4:22 eastbound jammed from approaching oak to route 23 we'll have more details on traffic. i just got off the phone police in chester about an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. i'll help awe void that one the pennsylvania turnpike. i'll help awe void that one when "action news" comes right
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> we've had a handful of accidents and two vehicles are involved in this accident. one blocking a lean and another off in the median it's rite on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound at downingtown. you want to expect a jam approaching downingtown with the accident on the scene chopper 6 headed there now. let's go outside and show what you some of the roads look like like the schuylkill expressway. looking at a jam right here. this is schuylkill westbound traffic as you head towards belmont here city avenue. you see how slow you are here
6:45 am
jammed approaching boulevard gladwyne west on schuylkill eastbound jammed blue route to curve and boulevard to girard. you can see that on the big picture. slow speeds on the schuylkill. 22 miles an hour. westbound 35 mile an hour eastbound i-95 looking at 18 miles an hour cottman as well as girard. so we're jammed at cottman and then again approaching betsy ross bridge to girard. schuylkill slow, i 9 a5 slow. few accidents out there today. had 48 right now if philadelphia, 38 millville and 40 allentown and cool to start. no weather related problems today. we'll have sunshine and milder afternoon. so after the morning hours it gets nice. 67 degrees for high, tam. >> thank you karen. newcastle county police arrested two suspected package thieves with a little help from social media they poeted this surveillance video facebook and twitter shows the suspects pull into the drive way of victim's home october 9 and investigators say william burnett and chris tynirah teen
6:46 am
russ got out and walked to front porch and swiped two packages officers received of a trip and tracked a couple down to barnett's home. >> two zebras broke loose in west philadelphia over the weekend gal opening around the city for an hour. zebras escaped from universeial circus parkside avenue and people spotted them and at planet fitness parking lot running down the street and at kfc city avenue. peta is calling for circus acts own department of agriculture to investigate. >> a traveler packing foods races red flag on himself and tsa david. >> all right. guys sweat shirdz on kids think morning most neighborhoods are in 40s. this afternoon milder. we're going back on that gear. day planner forecast coming up we're going back on that gear. day planner forecast coming up next. s's' s's'
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6:49 am
>> monday morning out there going to work. looking outside live many chest yoyrnt and 30 bypass at 32 and you see the eastbound traffic jammed from past 340 to 113 and may want to use the 30 bypass westbound instead of pennsylvania turnpike because of accident near downingtown. 30 bypass heavy here. i want to show you delaware overview and because my twitter follower billy fluffy willis says is there any way we could find a traffic frok him in delaware to stop me from going to work today and that's monday blues and i'm sorry so far so
6:50 am
good in delaware and i deposit know its with a good use. i'll try that one day dave. >> in your case it might be a problem. and temperatures cool this morning as you head out to the car or bus or rails 49 in quakertown an 41 st. daivrdz and kennett square and across the river in south jersey a lot of 40s and even couple 30s. 50 avalon an low to mid 40s from hockessin to dover, delaware. if out runninger rants and you have the option of waiting later in the day milder. by 9 up to 5. noon 6 and then high today 67 mostly sunny skies today and light rains gets a lot cooler tomorrow and so enjoy today while you got it matt, tam. >> thank you, david it's 6:50 and it's somber morning of course as we academic with "good morning america" as we continue to watch the aftermath of events in paris. >> here's amy this morning, am amy. >> good morning, matt, tam, coming up next on "good morning america" paris under attack and raids carried out overnight and manhunt for one terrorist that
6:51 am
escaped. france and united states launching massive air strikes inside sear why and meanwhile heroing new survival stories as we learn more about the victims of this tragedy. live from paris and belgium next on "good morning america," matt, tam, back to you. >> thank you, amy. new on "action news" pro testers in min happen list are voicing outrage over a deadly police shooting there. >> we deserve jus tip tis. >> city mayor and police chief held a listening section last night to address demonstrators concerns. they claim the 4-year-old man shot and killed was assault suspect who kept paramedics from treating victim and became violent with minneapolis polic police. >> this is also new georgia man claims he got through airport secure you with a gun and carry on. blake alfred says it's an honest mistake he deposit realize it was there.
6:52 am
>> i put my backpack on the screen go through scanner no issues. >> i have a lod ed 380 semi-automatic in my backpack. >> that's not good. alfred only noticed gun when he started unpacking in chicago and unload today and placed it in checked back for flight home and alfred decided he owed it to air travelers to encourage tsa to tight ep checkpoints. >> central california town is reeling from a rare tornado. the twister left a path of destruction in the town of defair 13 miles southeast of nedesto. it damaged gas line and there's no report of injuries. national weather service would be in defair today to determine national weather service would be in defair today to determine strength of tornado.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> top stories at 6:55 philadelphia police officer shot a than leg during an overnight foot chase in kensington section of city. it's unclear why they were chasing him. no injuries to the police officers. one person was shot twice during a home invasion in port richmond section of city overnight. witnesses tell police they saw three to four mavrked men running away. and investigators are trying to figure out how bodies of two newborn babies ended up in a grassy lot in the kensington section of city. and police believe autopsies had to be performed before the
6:56 am
bodies were left there. >> and we have an accident on pennsylvania turnpike westbound at downingtown. chopper 6 headed to scene right here. you want to watch for this. this is exit 312 and accident here blocking lane. we have one vehicle in the median and one blocking lane. so expect jam approaching downinging town westbound an pennsylvania turnpike. meanwhile look at 42 slow from 544 to 55 and slow again up to 59 and ramp to 5 northbound reopened and nasty accident involving over turned tractor-trailer lumber all over blocking 95 for hours. that has cleared. so both the ramp and 295 reopened on looking live on 42 not looking bad, dave. >> all right. karen we're starting to get sun glare into play. keep shades hand write on way in. 5 by noon and 6 by noon and 67 degrees and lots of sunlight winds today. >> obviously a lot continuing to go on in france and belgium and paris raids and all across france and u.s. war planes attacking and tanksers in syria
6:57 am
and of course moments of silence observed this morning 6 a.m. led by french president. you'll see that across europe and probably all across the world today. gma picking up our coverage and keep an eye on 6abc come and as soon as something comes out keep it mosted there. karen rogers, matt o'donnell, david murphy, tamala edwards, karen rogers, matt o'donnell, david murphy, tamala edwards, have a great monday ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking news. striking back. more than 100 raids in france and belgium overnight. dozens of arrests. weapons seized -- including a rocket launcher. as police hunt for accomplices in those deadly terror attacks on paris. surrounding this man, one of the killers on the run, considered extremely dangerous. and new details emerging about the mastermind behind it all. as france and the united states take the fight to isis, launching a massive bombing campaign this morning against key targets inside syria. >> we stand in solidarity with them. in paris, new details from survivors, as the city is on edge. panic in the streets. a stampede at a somber memorial, as thousands come to lay flowers.


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