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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> good afternoon in the news, police are looking for suspects after a woman was shot during an early morning home invasion. dozens of activists take their message about the pennsylvania budget standoff to
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harrisburg. >> but the big story on "action news" at noon is the latest on the attacks in paris. authorities say the alleged mastermind is a high profile isis member. police believed they had a suspect cornered at a house in belgium, but he is still on the run. the french air force responded by dropping 20 bombs on the isis stronghold in syria. president obama and world leaders say they will fight the islamic state. we get the latest from paris. >> reporter: on a day the entire continent stopped to mourn the victims of the attacks three days ago, the president of france told parliament this country is at war. in solidarity with a city that grieves. all of europe paused today to stand for a minute with the people of paris.
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mourners broke out in applause. crowds sang the french national anthem. on going commemorations as the city of lights tries to restore their shine. people are back to work taking buses and subways, but calm over turned to confusion when mourner also heard fireworks. many parisians are shaken by friday's attack. even stories of survival emerge like this pregnant woman hanging outside the theater crying for help. she and her unborn baby are unharmed. this couple 8 rows from the stage when the shots rang out at the rock concert. >> it was a horrible sight. >> witnesses say the bombers
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under one another to commit maximum carnage. there were 19 different narmts among the victims and -- nationalities among 9 victims. in their memory, there will be lights in the red white and blue of the french flag. >> president obama met in turkey he reminded the world that the fight against isis is a long term campaign. >>ment attacks in paris remind us it is not enough to defeat isis in syria and iraq alone. we are strengthening border patrols and stemming the flow of foreign fighters in and out of
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syria and iraq. >> he added that the airstrikes would be effected, and said sending in ground troops would not work. meanwhile, top federal officials are concerned that isis may have used new encryption technology to hide communications leading up to the attack. while there's no credible threat in the u.s., law enforcement has been dispatched to several soft targets as a precaution. fans arrived at nfl stadiums an encountered bomb-sniffing dogs and other measures to boost public safety. for more log onto, there you will find updates throughout the day and photos from the scene and tributes all over the world. >> a woman was killed just after she got of a a trolley in southwest philadelphia. it happened at the intersection of south 54th street and
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woodland avenue. a car attempted to go around the trolley and struck and kill the victim as she exited the trolley. the trolley stopped at the scene. septa is operating shuttle busing in place of the route 1 trolley. a woman was hospitalized after a violent home invasion in port richmond. katherine scott joins us live with the more on the investigation, katherine. >> reporter: sarah, i've been speaking with neighbors, some say they heard screaming and gunshots coming from the home and before long it was all over. police are searching for three men who broke into the home with masks and guns. the victim is in the hospital in stable condition. people who live on the block in important port richmond woke up to the
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news that the neighbor was in the hospital shot in a violent home home invasion. police believe the three men entered the row home around 3:00 a.m. they wore black ski masks and black clothing. they went into a room where a 35 man was asleep and pointed a gun at him and said this is a robbery give me whatever yiewrch whatever you've got. she went into the front room and encountered the victim. that's when she was shot three times in the arm. people say it's a quiet block. >> i don't think they lived on the block that long. i'm really shocked. >> reporter: nothing was taken from the home, and police are working to put together better descriptions of the suspects, if you have any tips police want to hear from you, live in port richmond, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." rick.
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>> thank you. investigators are trying to determine what led a philadelphia police officer to shot a man in kensington overnight. detectives say the officers were a chasing the suspect on foot before 3:00 a.m. the officer opened fire hitting the suspect in the leg at the intersection of f and west moreland street. no word on the man's condition. the officer is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >> diseps -- dozens of people headed to harrisburg to find out about the budget. they are going to urge legislators to pass a budget that supports and communities. the deal would increase sales tax and expand school property tax consults it's unclear if it has the support to pass. >> we're starting the workweek with a sunny and mild monday. let's look outside sky6 live hd,
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conditions are nice and calm as we take a peek at the ben franklin bridge and parts of penns landing and i-95. let's get the latest from david murphy outside the studios with the check of the mild monday. how you doing? >> reporter: not a bad afternoon to be spending out doors that's for sure, not a cloud in sight currently. satellite shows you the cloud cover well to the north. a little bit of it filtering south of washington. the air is so dry all of that is being melted away. we have seen the temperatures climb we're up to 68 degrees in philadelphia. 67 in wilmington. 66 in trenton. 65 in allentown and down the shore a little bit cooler in sea isle city and other spots close to that ocean water temperature which is in the 50s, the winds not all that strong single digits across the region out in reading. we've got them ten miles per hour temporarily. generally speaking this is the range we expect to see winds wise the rest of the way.
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the high temperature will get up to 69 degrees. i wouldn't be surprised to see spots hit 70 especially in urban centers. 45, the low that is running above average. we have a turn around in the wind direction tomorrow that's going to knock the temperatures back dramatically, later in the week we have rain which could be a soaking rain at times, i'll have the details on all that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, but for now, guys, really good looking day and feeling nice, too. >> okay, david, thank you. >> new jersey lawmakers are listening to testimony on legalizing recreational marijuana. it would allow people over 21 to hold one ups ounce of pot and grow up to 6 plants. the bill will levy a 7% tax on sale. medical marijuana is legal in new jersey, but the law is among
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the most restrictive in the county. >> eagles fans are waiting news on sam bradford. x-rays on his shoulder were negative, and running back ryan matthews left the game with a concussion. the birds had an early lead lost to the dolphins, 20-19. >> you better come to play every single week. you better be ready you pick your head up at the end of the season and see if you won enough games to get into the playoffs. that's the way we approach it. >> we're 4-5. it is what it is. we're not out of this. >> eagles host the bucks at the linc on sunday and they have a short day on thanksgiving, as well. >> new concerns about airport security after a man said he was
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able to get a loaded gun on the plane. >> have an update on victims of a bus crash when "action news" returns.
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>> police in minnesota shot a
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man suspected of assault and witnesses say the officers went too far. they claim the man was handcuffed when an officer shot him. police denied that the man was in cuffs and become unruly around paramedics. an independence investigation is underway to figure out exactly what happened. a double decker bus went out of control in san francisco. four people are in the hospital in critical condition. the bus plowed into a bicyclist, two people and other vehicles on friday. it finally came to a stop at a construction site two blocks away from the initial crashes. the driver and 19 passengers on the bus were hurt. investigators are trying to pin down the exact cause. >> five detainees have been transferred out of the prison at kwan gitmo.
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the pentagon freed them over the weekend and sent to the to the ermingts -- emirates where they will we settle. officials have not released how many weapons were stolen from a military facility. a georgia man claimed he got through security with a loaded gun in his car-on. he didn't realize the weapon was in his bag when he took off from hartsville jackson november 5. >> i put my bag on the scanner, no problems, no issues. i had a loaded 380 in the backpack. >> he unloaded the weapon and placed it in a checked bag for the flight home. he said he owed it to travelers to go public and get tsa to do a
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it would take over starwood brands. if completed the merger would double the marriott hotel rooms and give it 5500 products around the world. american car buyers owe more money on their vehicles than ever. auto loans total $1 trillion. new car sales are up 6%. the industry is on track to sell a record number of vehicles in the u.s. the average payment is just under $400 a month. >> turning to "healthcheck" this noon, doctors are being warned about a rare case of tb in children. if successfully treated one of the only crowning patients diagnosed with the drug resistant disease in the u.s. it was difficult to diagnose and treat her, it should be a wake up call that drug resistance
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types of tb on the rise. vets are spreading the word that k-9 blood donors are in demand. it's only good for 30 days, while there are commercial blood banks it's difficult for many small animal clinics to keep a supply. the donation process takes 15 minutes. they are urging pet owners to consider having their dogs become a donor. >> they can't squeeze that ball that's the difficult part. "action news" team is working on stories tonight at 4:00 p.m. >> have it -- alicia vitarelli is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: it may seem like an odd couple, but for one philadelphia chef it was the perfect pairing. mark vetri is selling his restaurants not to anybody in
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the food scene, but clothing urban outfitters take them over. it's a plan that could mean big changes for the broad street line. federal and local lawmakers including the next mayor of philadelphia come together to talk about the future of the septa line. it begins at 4:00 p.m. take us with you on the go, download our free app you can watch our newscast streaming live on your phone or tablet. >> act sk -- action action is coming up when we come right back.
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is back inside with the check of the workweek forecast. how was the weekend? >> reporter: that was pretty nice, we had a cold start this morning, chilly in some neighborhoods. >> i'm having chili for lunch.
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>> reporter: a little bit mild this afternoon, though, we are looking at plenty of sunshine and looking at a good afternoon. as we look outside, we have plenty of sunshine, live from the temple university. we're looking north on broad street. it's going to be a lively sky6 live hd camera when storms are rolling in especially in the warm weather season. temperature, 68 degrees, dewpoint, low, 65 degrees if allentown. 65 in reading. 66 in reading. 67 in millville. 61 down the shore, it will be cooler by the water today. satellite shows you the lack of cloud cover, this stuff down south of washington falling apart as it encowrnts -- encounters the dry care in place. in allentown, sunny conditions, 67 degrees, milder than yesterday as we closed out the weekend.
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62 at the shore, you'll be cooler down by the cool ocean water which is running in the 50s now. in philadelphia, 69 degrees, i wouldn't be surprised if some spots get up to 70 briefly this afternoon. mostly sunny, mild as we go through the afternoon. the winds are light out of the northwest or west at 35 to 10 miles per hour. a few clouds out there and cool overnight tonight, 45 degrees with the winds turning out of the northeast. between the two forecast periods we've got the evening commute and it looks mainly clear and mild, 67 at 4:00. 63 by 50:00 which is not bad for this time of year, and 57 degrees by 5:00 p.m. getting cool as the sun gets down below the horizon. take a look at winds. this is this afternoon, the winds are coming up from the south or southwest or maybe a little bit from the west. watch what happens as we go into tonight. the winds turn around and come down from the north. there's much cooler air as this
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starts to flood in the overnight hours and in through tomorrow, quliewl see we wind up chillier. it's because of a an area of high pressure that's pushing off and away from us, this is the monday view. as we get into tuesday, as the high gets past us, the flow around it comes in from the northeast direction tonight. tomorrow that cooler directional air winds up knocking us down. today's high up close to 70. tomorrow, 56. we've got a warm front coming in on wednesday that will cloud us up and by tuesday the storm system to the west will get us wet. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 69 sunny and nice today. tomorrow, cooler, high of 56, but a good looking day. the clouds increase on wednesday, high of 63. we may or may not get rain late at night or overnight. i do think thursday, though, starts out clothed and winds up wet, periods of rain 67 degrees. some of the rain on thursday could be a socking -- soaking
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rain and wind whipping around. friday, cooler and high of 60. saturday, 57 degrees, better conditions for the temple and the eagles game. >> as thanksgiving is approaching we are again teeming up for our neighbors in need. join us for a live telethon for philabundance. it will take place from 4 to 6:30. log onto for a link to the philabundance donation page. >> a multimillion dollar request from jp morgan chase, why they have asked for a grant paid for by delaware taxpayers. >> thanksgiving is next week, we'll take you inside a brand new exhibit inside the national constitution center that could give you inspiration for the
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holiday celebration. >> stay with us, that's coming up next.
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>> it is 12:30, "action news" continues with the latest terror attacks in paris. isis releases a video showing fighters praising the deadly attack. fighters are urging muslims around the world to commit attacks. >> in the past days, french
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president had a lapped said the victims were from 90 countries including a student from california. police carried out a raid in nearby belgium which turned up empty. he now the president wants to extend the state of emergency for the next 3 months. >> the president obama called it a setback in the fight against isis. he dismissed critics who called for more military action from the u.s. >> reporter: president obama reminded the world that the fight against isis is a long term campaign this is a fight unlike others. >> we use routine military tactics that are designed to fight a state that is attack another state that's not what's going on


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