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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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police here but hours after law enforcement that was they had him cornered they found out he wasn't there. authorities say the 26-year-old french citizen is on the run. one of his brother's died carrying out the attacks, another brother was detained and questioned then released today. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: mohammed abdeslam says he's innocent his family shocked by what happened in paris and they don't know where salah is now. their neighborhood is also home to this man, now identified as the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks abdelhamid abaaoud credited with planning that foiled paris bound train shooting earlier this year. back in paris the city stopped in silence to remember the victims. (applause). >> reporter: and tonight for the first time the eiffel tower reopened lit up in the colors of the french flag. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: earlier
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president francoirancois hall h. >> reporter: fans' president went ton say the 129 people who died here were from 19 different countries. he claims legislation will extend the state of emergency here for another three months. in paris, marci gonzalez channel6 "action news. >> marcy thank you. today again president barack obama addressing the u.s. response to the islamic state, a group he calls "the face of evil." speaking at that news conference in turkey at the close of the g20 summit he said america will work to ultimately destroy the militant group but he says that will not include putting a large number of u.s. troops on the ground. the president today saying the
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strategy in response to this mass tragedy in paris is based on airstrikes working with allies on intelligence gathering and training local military forces but not, he says, sending more ground troops to the front lines. >> we have the finest military in the world and we have the finest military minds in the world and i've been meeting with them intensively for years now discussing these various options and it is not just my view but the view of my closest military and civilian advisers that that would be a mistake. >> reporter: the president addressing critics today including a number of republican presidential candidates many of whom are calling for our country to send troops to support france in this fight against terrorism, president obama today saying we need a sustainable strategy with a clear out then his goal is to keep americans safe. so, again, he feels sending
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troops there would be as he calls it a mistake. brian. >> all right, alicia, thank you. the attacks in paris put a renewed focus on security at places americans gather every day from restaurants to monuments to stadiums. john rawlins continues our live team coverage today, he's on independence mall and john, you have got the story from there. >> reporter: brian, the mayor elect kenny today signaled there would not be any significant shift in operations in reaction to the paris attack near philadelphia. the indication was the city as it has been in the past would continue its close cooperation with both state and federal agencies both intelligence agencies and homeland security agencies. we are people, we gather at historic sites stadiums restaurants and when we do, we are the stuff of soft targets. andrew and his brother among those at the cradle liberty today saying the paris attack will not change their behavior. >> not at all because that's why they're, you know, attacking in this fashion is to try to change our behaviors.
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>> reporter: from the mumbai attack in 2008 to the nairobi mall attack two years ago, to a tourist beach in tunisia last june all soft targets and now paris. >> it was the quintessential element of terrorism, you know, it was mass casualties and incredible fear. >> reporter: drexel's dr. scott white has studied terrorism since his days in the canadian army. while the intentional attack of unarmed people is ruthless to us he says not to the trigger men or those they hope to recruit to their cause. to them the targets are not innocent people but something much less. >> once you have you if i the target and dehumanize them the process of taking a life becomes very easy. >> reporter: attacks like paris a fact of life prior incidents have meant security changes think getting on an airplane now sporting events require similar security but what about extending to where we eat, to where we shop. >> onto live that way so i think as a society we have to make a determination of what level -- what is the price of security we want and if we
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want security to instrange pon our liberties as a society, then we're not true a truly a fe people. >> reporter: the most important thing people can do is pay attention to their surrounding and if they see something amiss to let authorities know, the old see something say something. we are standing in what is probably best known landmark here in the city of philadelphia independence national park. in a statement the feds said it's not their policy to discuss specific security measures at any given time. it says it will continue to work closely with both local, state and federal partners. live at independence hall, john rawlins channel6 "action news. brian you. >> said there it, john, bears repeating. if you see something, say something. thank you so much. the very latest on the attacks and the investigation log onto you can find updates throughout the day as well as photos from the scene and tributes from all around the world today.
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>> switching gears a lot of blue sky out there to start the work week. time for a check of the accuweather work week. >> meteorologist adam joseph checking in as we kick off the work week on a pretty good note. >> reporter: third week in november and already talking of temperatures yet again well above normal with that sunshine and it's feeling pretty good as we take a look at the present numbers. it's 68 degrees in philadelphia, 65 in wilmington, 66 in millville, 62 you have i65in allentown. poconos not bad with temperatures there near 60 degrees. high pressure is in control. you can see the void of cloud cover across southern new england, the midatlantic and clouds being held off to our south and west in the ohio valley. there is a front to the north. this cold front is known as a back door cold front 'cause it's going to swing in from the north overnight tonight and that's going shift our winds for your tuesday, so it's warm ahead of that front but then behind it you can see syracuse boston, burlington dropping into the 40's and the 50's. so, we'll have a one-day cooldown here for tuesday with that front and then it turns
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milder midweek and we're tracking a late week soaker. we'll show you those up and down numbers and when that rain is going to arrive, sharrie coming up in that full accuweather forecast. >> okay adam we'll see you when you come inside thanks. it is a mystery just how did the bodies of two newborn babies end up in that a trash covered alley in kensington. well, today investigators revealed these were likely medical specimens and not murder victims. but the question remained how did they get there. david hennessey working this story for us. he's live at the scene with the very latest. david. >> reporter: a spokesman for the medical examiner says that the bodies of the babies found here over the weekend were indeed medical specimens that had been donated. it's any other clear where they came from but they never should have been discarded the way they were in this alley littered with trash. >> tires, trash and construction stuff but this is horrific. >> reporter: the bodies were found right behind joe borner's used car lot. they were found by a
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flynn-year-old boy and his friend saturday evening. yesterday morning he told his father ronnie jackson. he thought they were dolls but 33 smelled funny. jackson immediately called the police. the bodies were a boy and a girl with their umbilical cords still attached. they appeared to have been autopsied. neighbors were heartbroken by how they had been dumped like trash. >> i'm horrified. i have three children of my own, three young children. i named my business double m's after my two oldest ones. >> reporter: the medical examiner's office says they appear to have been medical specimens that were donated after they were either stillborn or died in the womb. how they ended up here is a mystery. neighbors have erected this memorial theresa brought flowers. >> i just felt like high to do something and that they'll be remembered, you know. they were important, too, two little unborn babies but
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they're two little human beings and they should have some respect. >> i don't know, my heart is broken. the poor little sinless souls of the babies, it's terrible. >> reporter: whoever dumped those little bodies here in this alley way will be facing abuse of corporation charges. the police are looking at surveillance video from around the neighborhood trying to find out if they can spot anybody who might have been in this alley during the time around saturday evening or sometime during the day. lie in kensington, david henry channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> david thank you. a new jersey senate committee heard testimony from advocates who want to legalize recreational marijuana. those who testified included members of the law enforcement community health professionals and also civil rights organizations. they say more than 21,000 otherwise law abiding citizens are arrested on pot charges every year and they say the state wastes more than $127 million to prosecute
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those cases. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic will have a live report coming up on this and also including the testimony and also responses from the opponents including governor chris christie coming up at 5 o'clock. >> it is time now for a first check of the "action news" traffic report on a monday evening. >> back to work, back to school, it's head over to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. >> we're getting ready for the traffic to go to pot as it so often does at this hour in the afternoon but for now it could be worse. 95 northbound backlog starting to. no already we're about 13 minutes extra on that northbound travel time. dealing with sun glare especially if you're southbound but overall it's just volume, not a ton of accidents on the highways this afternoon but get into the hood, the neighborhoods and it's a little bit of a different story. here in east rockhill bucks county a crash along branch road at callowhill street. hazmat situation in pittsgrove township in south jersey along
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gershel avenue along almond road. not so baddology 55 traveling southbound through vineland and millville on this monday afternoon but in galloway township atlantic county watching a crash along jimmy leads road at avenue. new bridge closures down the shore. we'll talk about them in the next half hour. in delaware a crash along 95, its gone now. speeds in the mid-50's so we can't really complain about that either. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this monday afternoon. hope you had a nice weekend. if you're leaving chop out and about in university city watch out for a pothole in the road along university avenue. we have all the normal delays on the schuylkill expressway. a complete standstill to start our monday afternoon. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> matt thank you sir. still ahead an unlikely pairing. the clothing retailer that just bought up some of philadelphia's hottest restaurants. >> plus it's a plan that could mean big changes for septa. federal and local lawmakers including the next mayor of
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philadelphia come together to talk about the future of the broad street line. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> today big news for septa commuters. officials including incoming mayor of philadelphia jim kenney gathering at the navy yard to discuss extending septa's broad street line there into the navy yard. one of philadelphia's fastest growing areas. right now business is expanding a the record pace there and with all of the growth, officials say the transportation structure needs to be there as well. >> from 11,000 -- some 11,000 jobs, some 145 or more companies right now. we have to maintain those jobs. we have to maintain those companies and one of the best ways to ensure that is to make sure that people have reliable transportation to get here. >> here is how it would, would. this proposal would add one and a half miles of track south of the existing last stop, that's the stadium complex at broad street and
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pattison avenue. this new study now working to make that a reality and certainly a lot of people excited to here that finally a septa train could be pulling there into the navy yard. sharrie. >> yeah, great news. alicia thank you. well, you could call it the odd couple of businesses but for two philadelphia companies, it was apparently the perfect paring. celebrity chef mark vetri agreed to sell his restaurants to clothing retailer urban outfitters. the deal includes pizzeria vetri as well as all of vetri's other restaurants in the area except he won't be selling the self titled vetri. urban outfitters which is based in philadelphia will continue to run the vetri foundation for children. here's a look at today's closing numbers. green arrows across the board as the dow closes up in triple digits it's unnearly 240 points. the nasdaq up more than 56, s & p 500 up more than 30. >> tonight on "action news" at 11:00 a simple test can help give athletes a competitive
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edge. here's ali gorman with a preview. >> something professional athletes have been doing for several years. sweat testing. we got an inside look at how the flyers use it and now it's going mainstream. a small sweat patch can reveal how much you sweat and the concentration. we try it out on two local athletes. >> it's going to be interesting to find out if i should be doing something else. >> i'll show you how it can help everyone who exercises and how you can test your sweat tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪ >> all right, they are known for their prowess on the ice but today 33 came together in an act of warmth. this group of former flyers paid a visit to saint fran this inn in kensington this morning. brian boucher danny briere paul holmgren and bob the hound kelly just a few of the names that brought along a truckload of food with them. it will be used to make the more than 350 meals that they provide every day. this is the tenth consecutive
4:18 pm
year flyers alumni have made this donation. we're doing our part to help our neighbors in need and we would love you to join us. sarah bloomquist is hosting a live telethon this wednesday to benefit philadbundance. volume materials and special guests will be on the phone taking your donations from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. you can also visit for a link to the philadbundance donation page. always a great event every year. no doubt it will be once again. >> and it's always helpful. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph standing by. adam off to a great start. think it's going to get even nice forty three here. >> kind of. [laughter] >> you only hope. i mean, this is middle part of november here, so we have gone from chilling to thrilling since the week. saturday our high was just 51 degrees, below the average. then we jumped 10 degrees yesterday to 61 and so far today 69 degrees. the normal is 56 degrees. so, we're going head back to normal as we get into your tuesday as a front slips in from the north but we're still going see that sunshine, so
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you can look at it either way if it's good or bad. temperature-wise, 65 in allentown as well as reading and wilmington 67 in dover. even at the shore temperatures in the upper 60's. and for tonight, our normal low for philadelphia, 39 degrees. it will be above that so we'll call it comfortable, 45 in philadelphia, 42 in wilmington by tomorrow morning 40 in trenton and then upper 30's to the north and west as well as the pine barrens but a lot of stars out there and really not a cloud in the sky. high pressure is in control and we do have a front to the north despite you can't see any cloud cover with it. really it's just a wind shift as that front slides through during the overnight hours tonight and early tomorrow morning. in addition to that, we're watching a big storm developing in the desert southwest the four corners region. even some severe weather ahead of that. tornado watch for parts of kansas to the northern part of texas. this will bring a major amount of snow for parts of
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colorado and som spilling. they'll have the snow out west while we stay overall above normal temperature-wise in the east. there's that wind out of the northeasterly tomorrow morning. today we were near 60 at 10 o'clock, tomorrow at 10:00 47 degrees, 42 in allentown, 55 to the south in dover and really temperatures don't move all that much in the afternoon tomorrow despite full sun. 57 in dover so more typical november air for your tuesday. your four day at 4:00 forecast we call it much cooler tomorrow at 56 degrees. but then we go back above normal on wednesday 61 with clouds pushing in from the west and as there system arrives it's not going to bring severe weather but it's going to bring a soaking rain, maybe an inch on thursday as those temperatures soar once again into the upper 60's and then behind it looking great
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on friday, lots of sunshine, still above average despite a dip at 58 degrees. and we'll slo we'll show you wht weekend has in store. big change in the weekend. we'll let you know in what direction in the next half hour. >> thank you adam. still ahead a local restaurant robbed by a gang with baseball bats. what police are saying about this crime. >> and a phenomenally fabulous viral video. this guy thinks that patti labelle's sweet potato pies are something to sing about. will you not want to miss that coming up in big talkers. come on in pop pop.
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>> ♪ >> philadelphia police shot a suspect this morning during a chase in kensington. it happened about 2:45 a.m. on the 3200 block of f street. police say they were running after someone when an officer fired a shot and hit that suspect in the leg. he's in the hospital right now but is expected to be okay. no one else was hurt. police have not said who the suspect is or why they were chasing him in the first
4:25 pm
place. police in south philadelphia looking for the three men who robbed a burger king with baseball bats. the action cam was on the 1500 block of south columbus boulevard where the robbery happened around midnight. police say all three men were carrying bats when they went in, took cash and then ran off. investigators say didn't say how much the suspects got away with. they're checking surveillance video right now to see if they can find any leads here. >> almost 100 supporters and advocates of education funding went to harrisburg today to make their voices heard. the action cam was in center city as the group public citizens for children and youth started their bus trip to the capitol. well, they met with lawmakers and asked them to past a budget there invests in schools and communities. pennsylvania has been without a budget for the last four months. governor tom wolf said today a deal could be in place by december. >> well, this winter marks the first heating season since the new carbon monoxide law took effect across pennsylvania.
4:26 pm
philadelphia fire commissioner derek sawyer went to a home in the logan section of the city to talk about the new requirements. any building with more than two living units must have working co alarms in each property but fire officials say every family should install alarms before the cold winter months even if the law does not affect your specific type of house. >> thousands of low income and homeless families are getting the essentials to stay warm this winter. the cradles to crayons charity is giving out 10,000 winter coats and other children's clothing at its factory in west conshohocken. well, this is part of the big give which is the group's largest event of the year. peco volunteers were there to help distribute the donations to families from the five county philadelphia region. >> and still ahead here at 4 o'clock today, the husband of a hero officer killed on 9/11 has returned her woman of the year award all because who glamour close to highlight this year. why her widower says honoring caitlyn jenner is an insult to
4:27 pm
his wife's memory. >> and from accessories to full outfits, we're helping you think about what to wear and what to gift this holiday season. the best part all of the designers are local. >> ♪
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>> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the latest on the city of lights night of darkness. >> at this time friday afternoon we were just learning about a series of explosions and shootings
4:29 pm
across paris. now 72 hours later the full horror of that tragedy is sickeningly clear. today millions across europe pause to remember the 129 people killed by terrorists. french president francois hollande led his stunned nation in a moment of silence as parisians collapsed hands outside some of the bullet riddled cafes. one couple who survived the massacre inside the bataclan theater recounted their evident to escape. >> there was a sea of people sort of lying on the floor everyone like really low to the ground. a lot of people were crawling out because somehow the fire exit was open luckily. >> despite the horror of the weekend, paris is beginning to return to the routines that feel somewhat normal. subways are running, shops are open eiffel tower welcoming tourists again this time bathed in the colors of the french flag. among the dramatic images and stories of survival emerging from this tragedy
4:30 pm
this may be the most harrowing. millions have seen this video of a pregnant woman hanging from a ledge outside the bataclan theater friday night. a desperate attempt to escape the deadly rampage inside. today we learn she not only lived through the terrorist attack she was able to thank the man who risked his life to pull her to safety. after surviving her ordeal, dangling 20 feet above the ground for two minutes, the woman took to twitter hoping to find her saviour. a friend of his replied identifying the hero as sebastian and saying his decision to leave his hiding spot and rescue her meant he was captured by the terrorists. fortunately sebastian was freed when french security forces stormed that theater. the two have since spoken by phone and said they plan to keep in touch. world news tonight with david muir will have live team coverage from paris tonight. that includes an update on the international manhunt for the eighth terrorist still at large as well as president obama's plan for fighting isis.
4:31 pm
that begins tonight right after "action news" at 6:00. >> back here at home, philadelphia police are investigating the death of a 38-year-old woman apparently killed by someone who was impatient. officers say a driver went around a stopped septa trolley this morning fatally striking the passenger as she got off. "action news" reporter walter perez he is live at the scene of the accident with more on this story. walter. >> reporter: hi, sharrie, investigator say it unfolded right here at the intersection of 54th and woodlynne. the woman was getting off the trolley here and started crossing the street. witnesses say a vehicle at a high rate of speed. michael phillips of southwest philadelphia sales he saw the whole thing unfold right around 9:15 this morning. >> when it hit her, rolled over, knocked her clothes off knocked her shoes off. >> it was pretty obvious that she was -- she had got killed from impact. >> reporter: the victim is described as a 38-year-old woman who was pronounced dead
4:32 pm
at the scene. the driver of the vehicle then slammed into another car coming down woodland avenue before coming to a stop after hitting a pole. michael phillips says it's common to see drivers speeding across the intersection at 54th and woodland and illegally passing trolleys but he never thought he would witness an accident so horrific. >> the trolleys go both ways, the buses come all day but if you don't heed to what the trolley -- it says clearly in the back stop and he ain't stop. >> reporter: we spoke with several pedestrians who say safely crossing the roadway around here means taking every precaution. >> look both ways. you have to. trolleys and cars is crazy especially on woodland. >> the car is still going then not really following the procedure that they have for pedestrians. so, it's really bad. >> that was walter perez reporting. philadelphia school district has cut ties with a company that maintained dozens of routes bus routes in the city. some children are feeling the effect in the form of late or
4:33 pm
no show rides to school. leahy's bus services is in bankruptcy and notified the district that it had no insurance. officials say all but 13 of the company's 52 routes have been covered by other providers. but some children say they were picked up late this morning. and others say they weren't picked up at all. the affected families are being offered free septa passes or mileage reimbursement for parents who wish to drive their children instead. district officials hope to resolve all transportation issues over the next two weeks. in the meantime, concerned parents can find more information on our web site, >> a proposed change to philadelphia's immigration policy is sparking some controversy. protesters gathered outside city hall today after word that leaders may roll back the city's so-called sanctuary policy. right now an order bars local police from complying with federal requests to detain immigrants solely on their immigration status. but a new proposal would allow
4:34 pm
local federal cooperation if a suspect is accused of a serious crime like murder, terrorism or domestic violence. critics think the change would increase the number of deportations and threaten the trust between law enforcement and immigrant communities. >> meteorologist adam joseph joining us now on a pretty great start to the work week, right, but you are talking about the up the and downs that are to follow. >> yeah, there's a down tomorrow in the temperature department but, you know, sunshine is going to stick around but then those numbers go back up. kind of a rollercoaster ride this week. as we take a live look from the pagoda cam in reading, a beautiful shot, the sun just about to go below the horizon. a little haze in the atmosphere on this very warm monday afternoon n philadelphia we're at 68 degrees, washington 67, 62 in pittsburgh, 60 to the south but notice some 50's right over the border of pennsylvania, buffalo and binghamton right now only in the mid-50's and the winds will start to drain out of the
4:35 pm
northeast late tonight and throughout your tuesday. in addition to the front coming through tonight there's a large low developing with tornado watches in parts of texas, all the way up north into northern kansas and where there are tornado watches, there are also blizzard warnings in effect for parts of colorado as well as kansas and nebraska. a powerful low will be cutting up across the northern part of the country and swing through here, at least a piece of it, on thursday but we're just going see some rain with it, no severe weather. we'll talk about the changing forecast with the seven-day and a big drop in temperature over the weekend in just a little bit, guys. >> okay. >> thanks, adam. >> thank you. well, imagine walking over an overpass and seeing cars zoom by right under your feet. well, that's exactly what andre austin captured on henry avenue in east falls last night. take a look at the video. he posted this on the "action news" facebook page saying the pothole was so large that he could actually see the cars below traveling on the schuylkill expressway. well, late today, "action news" was there as penndot
4:36 pm
crews filled in the hole and placed a large plate over it. no word yet, though, on if or when it will be repaved. >> surgeons at new york university unveiled the results today from the most extension sieve facial transplant in history. "action news" anchor rick williams live in our news room with more on this fascinating story. hi, rick. >> hi, brian it is fascinating thank you. the patient is a mississippi volunteer firefighter who was severely burned on his face back in 2001 and we have a warning that the images you're about to see are pretty graphic. but here he is. photos of patrick hard disson show what he looked like before the fire after several reconstruction surgeries and then today after the face transplant. coming up tonight on "action news" at five. :in health check ali gorman has details about the surgery and what he's had to endure. also coming up tonight a beautiful new mural in philadelphia is inspired by a nationwide community challenge presented by president barack obama. those stories and much more
4:37 pm
when we see you in just a little bit on "action news at 5 o'clock. until then sharrie back to you. see you that again. >> see you then rick. thank you. the 65 and up crowd is ringing in the holiday season with their health top of mind. more than 600 philadelphia seniors gathered for the annual senior holiday affair and health expo. it featured a hearty lunch an band for the mature residents to dance to but the festive affair is real to provide one-on-one opportunities with health and wellness professionals. the goal is to teach the seniors how to stay young at heart in their golden years. first graders celebrated america recycles day by taking the trash dash challenge. they tested their knowledge of all things green at martin schools in the fairmount section of philadelphia t each child had 60 seconds to determine whether an item was trash, compost or recycling. at the end of the competition each received a reusable shopping bag. today's interactive lesson was
4:38 pm
organized by sca a paper products company with american headquarters right here in philadelphia. still ahead, should the united states continue to accept syrian refugees in light of the terrorist attacks? some state governors say absolutely not. we'll tell you why and where our local officials stand. >> plus, if you need a good sweet potato pie for your thanksgiving table, you may want to not head to wal-mart. why the world's biggest patti labelle fan right here is being blamed for a nationwide shortage. >> okay. and meteorologist adam joseph returns with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news at 4:00 continues next.
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next. >> ♪ >> investigators are looking into a security breach that allowed a georgia man to board a plane with a fully loaded semi automatic gun. he says he had no idea the gun he was traveling with was in his carry on bag not his
4:41 pm
checked luggage as he thought. but somehow he made it through security in atlanta and didn't even realize his mistake until he got to chicago and started to unpack. he flu that if he was going fly back he'd have to come clean. >> i just want to do the right thing y want to get in trouble. i didn't want to get anybody in trouble. i just wanted everybody to realize we need to tighten up. >> well, the t.s.a. now says it's looking into its screening methods in atlanta and elsewhere and will retrain employees if it finds procedures were not adhered to. alfred is not facing any charges. >> big talkers now and growing controversy today over a big decision from a handful of states. now refusing to accept syrian refugees in the wake of the attacks in paris. florida, colorado and georgia joined illinois i indiana arkansas michigan alabama and texas today, all of those u.s. states saying that syrian refugees will no longer be
4:42 pm
allowed to reset tell in their states. today president barack obama condemning that decision. the president saying that it's shameful and it's just not who we are as a country. the states deciding to close their borders like texas, the governor there is saying they can't risk a similar danger but others like delaware governor jack markell saying they would provide asylum and that it's unfortunate that anyone would use the tragic events in paris to send a message there we don't understand the plight of these refugees. pennsylvania is currently accepting refugees as well. still no word this afternoon on new jersey's decision. this is moyer smith an nypd officer who lost her life on 9/11. she was the only female officer to die that day. back in 2001, glamour magazine named her a woman of the year and her husband james smith accepted on her behalf. 14 years later james is returning his wife's award. why? because the magazine recently bestowed the same
4:43 pm
honor upon caitlyn jenner the former olympic gold medalist celebrated for her courage as a transgender woman and also helping to give a voice to others. james smith did not mince words in his letter to glamour magazine saying "i find it insulting to moy ya' smith's memory and the memory of other mer row wick women who have earned this award. was there no woman in america or the rest of the world more deserving than this man? jenner by the way not the first transgender woman to be honored by glamour. the woman you see there actress laverne cox received that award last year. and philadelphia's patti labelle award winning singer actress author and quite a pie maker. her latest line of sweets is being sold at wal-mart. one super fan thinks they're something to sing about. james wright's video it's a review of her sweet potato pie it is going wildly viral with more than 8 million views so far.
4:44 pm
>> m, m, mmm. >> ♪ >> now, that's multitasking, people. and check this outs. labelle also loves his video. he dances, too. she called james to thank him saying, boy, you can sing. she said she absolutely loved the review. she thanked him. apparently he cried like a baby when patti called him and let's just say that this is now causing a nationwide shortage of miss patti's sweet potato pies across the's with more than 2 million being sold at wal-mart over the weekend alone. >> wow. everyone is talking about it. everyone is talking about the pie. >> it's got to be good. wish i could try it but thanks to him there are no more. >> love that guy. >> patti, send us some pies. >> please, yeah. >> that's right. >> good request. >> thanks, alicia. >> all right, let's get another check on the roads right now. >> let's check in with matt pelman keeping an eye on the
4:45 pm
roads. hi, matt. >> we're sounding labelle to signal the end of the workday and head home on this monday afternoon brian and sharrie as we look live we're getting in some traffic on the way home on the bypass in chester county. westbound side a slow paying from route 100 in exton out to 282 headed into the sunshine but that sun just disappeared behind the trees so the sun glare should become less now but it will be a a slow go with the bright sunshine on the 30 bypass. elsewhere in chester county north coventry we're watching a crash this afternoon along temple road at sheep hill road. also one in bridgeport by the he will, lodge along depot street at ford street t in whitemarsh a crash along germantown pike at center avenue. horsham by penelopes frozen yogurt a wreck along norristown road. one in p bensalem on hulmeville road by brooklyn drive. crossing into burlington county a wreck happened in the southbound lanes of 295 past florence columbus mostly off
4:46 pm
to the side. we've been seeing slowing in the wake that of crash on 295. down the shore over the weekend f you're down the shore any time soon notice a couple bridge bridge closings all this week the margate bridge and cause way shut down use the longport bridge instead. starting the today and lasting three months the townsend inlet bridge shut down again for sandy repairs. that's the one that connects avalon with sea isle. you need to stay on the main land with the garden state parkway instead. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the 5 o'clock hour. >> okay. >> see you that end. >> meteorologist adam joseph standing b by with that that up and down accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> out to meteorologist adam joseph. you talk about a dip coming this week but even the dips these days are pretty warm. >> it's actually back to normal. if not, still a little bit above normal despite how much
4:49 pm
cooler it is going to feel. the temperatures continue to run well above normal. hopefully we'll not going to be -- slacker speak for -- you have to make up for it. >> exactly. >> for december and january. but we'll see. as we take a look at the action cam which was down the shore. despite this not not really a beach day it was beautiful. you can see that sun glistening off of the ocean and in longport you've got some fisherman out there on that rock pier a present taking day with temperature in the 60's even at the shore. as we look at double scan live raid yarradar around the regione temperatures the star of the show 70's degrees the high in philadelphia. the normal is 56 degrees. the low this morning 44. even that was above normal at 39 and the high today was 6 degrees off of the record of 76. and as we take a look at the month so far we're just about halfway through the month. every day you see in red which is the majority is high
4:50 pm
temperatures that have been above normal. only one day where we at normal, the eighth on that sunday of november and only one day below normal in the blue and that was just a couple of days ago on saturday with our high of 51 and the departure we're still running over 7 degrees above normal for the month so far. take a look 65 allentown as well as reading and wilmington, 66 in millville and atlantic city 67 degrees. as we look at satellite and radar, we can see rain breaking away, parts of chicago and the deep south. this will kind of evaporate and fall apart as it pushes to the east but there's a powerful low with not only severe weather in parts of texas and also oklahoma and kansas but also blizzard warnings in colorado and kansas. that's that system will be pushing up and eventually a piece will come through here but for tonight, we'll have to -- lots of stars, very comfortable, 36 to 45 for that split in temperature and then high pressure to the north is going swing a front through tomorrow. we call that a back door front because it's moving in from the northeast to the
4:51 pm
southwest. changing the winds out of the east-northeast dropping the high tomorrow to 56 but still a lot of sunshine and then as that high migrates to our south and east the winds start to turn more southerly so it's a little warmer here on wednesday, 61 but a lot of clouds as we're approaching a front here from the west from the ohio valley and that comes through on thursday with a soaking rain. we're looking at about an inch or a little bit better in parts of the area on thursday. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, much cooler tomorrow, 56 degrees. a lot of clouds wednesday but dry at 61. that soaking comes in thursday. very warm again at 67 but does not look like we'll see severe weather? you have the some heavy rain throughout the day and then a lot of sun, a dip down to 58 on friday, even cooler on saturday, brisk some clouds coming in in the afternoon at 54 and then very chilly windy sunday only 49 for a high. and then 52 on monday. so you can see we're starting to see a little more typical november weather in that seven-day forecast. >> all right. will to happen sometime. >> it did.
4:52 pm
>> thanks adam. >> as the holiday season approaches we here at 6abc are again teaming up to help feed our neighbors in need. join us this wednesday november 18th for a live telethon to benefit philadbundance. volunteers and some official guests will be on the phone taking your donations from 4:00 to 6:30. you can log onto our web site for a link to the donation page. >> ♪ ♪ to be not a gift. it is not a given. fearless is a choice.
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>> weather for your holiday dressing or holiday shopping, we're helping you keep it local this season with all things made in philly. at the philadelphia fashion alliance those designers are working hard with every stitch handmade right here in the city. >> this stuff is made in philly, it is made right here. >> this is where the magic
4:55 pm
happens. >> at the connors east falls design studio she's busy creating things for the woman who loves to be the center of attention. >> you think of me you kind of can think of like hollywood glam but in philadelphia. >> my first gown i designed was for patti labelle. >> what do you think this is your first assignment. >> this was the red gown she made for mislabel and this is the celebrity inspired new red number in her holiday collection. she's also all about eye catching sequins and feathers. >> perfect for gala season or even any cocktail events. >> terese brown grew up in jamaica and says her colorful but cool and comfy line is for every multitasking woman because the clothes do the work for you. machine washable and wrinkle free. >> i don't know about you but i don't like to iron. >> reporter: no, no, no. >> so i thought of all of that. you want to get on the plane and lands in style. >> reporter: for your holiday parties her dresses work with you. >> it's nice and flow what was
4:56 pm
so you have an extra cocktail or extra plate. [laughter] >> reporter: an fleet at a king's line is also a little dramatic but a lot pragmatic. her holiday collection is all about adding a little artistry to your existing wardrobe. >> i'm creating a line of holiday pieces that fit over top of things you already have. everyone has a little black dress. like this convertible slug an black chiffon and leather drape. >> this can be worn up like a habit or untied and worn down long one side up one side down so you have a lot of different ways to have a little bit of drama. >> reporter: we love a little drama. the ladies have a pop-up shop at 15th and walnut where you can shop all of the fabulous philly finds and meet the designers. tomorrow we'll introduce you to three more creators to see just what they're cooking up here in philadelphia and you guys great gifts as well you're going to really love this stuff. >> good looking stuff. thank you. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with
4:57 pm
sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at what's coming up at 5 o'clock. hi, guys. >> hi there. thank you. coming up next on "action news" at 5 o'clock while the nation mourns the victims of the paris attacks the french president is vowing to keep up the fight against isis. we've got the latest at 5:00. >> push to get recreational use of marijuana realized in the garden state. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic with that coming up. we'll have that and more next on "action news at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> tonight for the first time since the attacks on paris, the eiffel tower reopened. lit up in the colors of french flag. and as the morning continues isis is growing strong tonight. president obama defended the french strategy of airstrikes against the terror group today. monday night and the big story on "action news" is the latest on the search for the mastermind behind the terror attacks. that took more than 120 lives. >> it was confirmed today the victims are from 19 different countries and we have team
5:00 pm
coverage for you. vernon odom live in center city for us tonight with reaction from local muslims. >> but first let's get to "action news" reporter chad pradelli who is in the satellite center with the latest france. chad. >> reporter: rick, nearly 500 people were injured or kill in the attacks and as the world mourned the investigation and the manhunt for an eighth suspect continues. >> today a rattled france tried to regain some semblance of normalcy. memorials continue to grow as those who witnessed the carnage tell their story. >> it was a horrible sight and the sounds of gun, i didn't anything else. >> reporter: as night fell the eiffel tower was lit up in french colors. the president says his country is at war. french military jets pounded isis strongholds in syria as president obama and leaders here in the u.s. vowed to fight against isis will continue. >> we use routine military


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