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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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coverage for you. vernon odom live in center city for us tonight with reaction from local muslims. >> but first let's get to "action news" reporter chad pradelli who is in the satellite center with the latest france. chad. >> reporter: rick, nearly 500 people were injured or kill in the attacks and as the world mourned the investigation and the manhunt for an eighth suspect continues. >> today a rattled france tried to regain some semblance of normalcy. memorials continue to grow as those who witnessed the carnage tell their story. >> it was a horrible sight and the sounds of gun, i didn't anything else. >> reporter: as night fell the eiffel tower was lit up in french colors. the president says his country is at war. french military jets pounded isis strongholds in syria as president obama and leaders here in the u.s. vowed to fight against isis will continue. >> we use routine military tactics that are designed to
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fight a state that is attacking another state. that's not what's going on here. these are killers. >> this one was so sophisticated and so well planned out and coordinated in advance i think that's what concerns us the most. >> reporter: authorities are still trying to piece together who was involved in this series of attacks. more than a half dozen suspects have been killed but the manhunt for 26-year-old salah abdeslam continues. the suspected belgian born islamic radical allegedly rented a vehicle used in the attack. authorities say his brother was a suicide bomber and another brother was taken into custody. and french authorities reportedly stopped abdeslam shortly after the attacks but he was let go. i'm live in the satellite center, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." >> thank you chad. let's switch live to vernon odom with reaction from our local muslim community tonight. vernon many of them are condemning these attacks.
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>> reporter: monica, all of them are. they call isis a legion of psychpsychopaths and murderous criminals. >> people who are psychopaths, they have nothing to do with islam. >> reporter: the local leader of a national muslim organization in no uncertain terms condemns the isis slaughter in paris. he says muslim leaders worldwide do not get enough media coverage of their views on terrorism. >> muslims around the world, thousands of them have denounced this act of carnage and american muslims here represented by my organization care accounts on american-islamic relations condemn this unequivocally. >> reporter: as for calls to shut down immigration of refugees from syria to the u.s. out of fear isis will sneak into the long lines pennsylvania's governor tom wolf says he'll continue to welcome refugees who have been properly screened as does pennsylvania senior senator who says he has confidence in our vetting process. >> when it comes to the issue of refugees, we have to insist
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on a thorough vetting system. fortunately the united states has the most thorough vetting system on the planet earth right now. that doesn't mean there are -- there aren't alterations or additions or improvements we can pavement as philadelphia tries to become a world class city can our town stay safe from isis. the mayor elect says no drastic measures are in the works. so far so good. >> we have homeland security security here in philadelphia, you have an office leer that collaborates with our police, with our state police, with our local police and we will do everything we can to do to keep people safe. >> reporter: the head of the local arab american organization condemns isis just as he condemned bin laden's al-qaeda back on 9/11. >> they have taken religion which like any religion has good and bad points and can be interpreted various ways and they've perverted the religion of islam and a lot of it will have to be the muslim community with the world communities getting together. you don't solve this by denigrating islam.
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>> reporter: monica, all those with whom we spoke today say the issues are far too complicated over there to be solved by some of the slogans by mouthed by politicians see seeking higher office. live on ben franklin parkway vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> thank you. for the very latest on the attacks and investigation log onto there you'll find updates throughout the day as well as photos from the scene and tributes now from all around the world. >> ♪ >> now we're following a developing story here. police arrested a delaware county mother and son for allegedly dealing drugs to their neighbors. radnor police just announced the arrest about an hour ago. 53-year-old joanne beatty and 24-year-old george beatty were arrested at their house on friday. police searched the home and found pound of marijuana $800 in cash and several items of drug paraphernalia. dann cuellar was there for today's announcement and he'll have more on how police busted
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this drug operation coming up on "action news" at 6 o'clock. officials in south jersey have confirmed two people found dead inside a vineland apartment was the result of a murder-suicide. 48-year-old rosa cancela and 48-year-old jose perez were found inside of an apartment at the berkshires apartment complex last friday afternoon. according to police, perez killed cancela before killing himself. the relationship between the two is still unknown. >> medical marijuana use is legal in new jersey. one legislator is pushing for it to be legal for all uses including recreational. experts spoke about that at the statehouse today. many say it's time to bring the drug out from the underground economy. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic live in our new jersey news room now with that story. nora. >> reporter: hi there, monica. senator nick scat terry is the chairman of the senate judiciary committee and he wants to legalize marijuana for, n-new jersey for everyone over the age of 21. he says it will be safer, it
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will make the state money and it will free up law enforcement to worry about more important matters. >> by legalizing it it's your way to control it. >> reporter: a coalition of advocates from law enforcement medicine and civil rights organizations told the senate committee it's time to legalize marijuana in new jersey. >> the status quo has failed. and it's time for our common sense a and project and it's time the tax regulate and legalize marijuana for adults. >> reporter: advocates say over 21,000 otherwise law abiding citizens are arrested on pot charges each year in new jersey. blacks are nearly three times more likely to face charges. the state spends over $127 million to prosecute these cases. >> the time, the expense involved in bringing in all these police officers, lab technicians to testify over a marijuana joint simply not worth. treat it more like alcohol, tobacco. >> reporter: the senate judiciary chairman says marijuana could become a billion dollar industry and
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legalizing pot is long overdue. >> we talk about how much money we're losing, how much of a black-market we're allowing to exist, how many criminal records we'll lang on people. i think the time has already passed. >> caught with just a joint it could take your driver's license imprison you for months. >> reporter: governor christie has made it clear he does not favor legalizing marijuana. >> i feel the people in oregon washington and if i'm president of the united states get high now. [laughter] 'cause when i win, it's going to be over. >> reporter: some panel members objected that only those in favor of legalizing pot were invited to testify. the chairman said opponents will get their chance, too. >> i think it's sending the wrong message to our youth. we're saying that there's nothing wrong with marijuana but i think there is a lot wrong with marijuana. it's a gateway drug. >> reporter: now polls showed 58 percent of new jerseyans support legalizing marijuana but this hearing today it's just the the first what will be a very long
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legislative process. live in our new jersey news room, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> nora, thank you. philadelphia police are trying to identify two men who robbed a dunkin' donuts at gun point. surveillance cameras captured the crime back on november 12th at the store on the 800 block of north broad street in cobbs creek. the suspects came in through the front entrance showed their guns and demanded cash. one of the men jumped over the counter and tried to get into a back office area. they ran out the back door with an unknown amount of cash. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> time right now for a check of our "action news" traffic report monday night. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how is the weekend, matt. >> weekend was nice. spent a little time down the shore. >> nice. >> you guys enjoy yours. >> very much. >> okay. now i guess we have to do this things again so let's talk about all the accidents and delays we're dealing with on this monday afternoon rick and monica. one of them right here in northeast philadelphia on 95 southbound side approaching the academy road exit. you can see the crash, emergency crews still on the scene. mostly off to the side.
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but it is attracting attention and really showing things down south of woodhaven road to this point approaching academy. we have a crash over on the roosevelt boulevard southbound at masher. partially blocking the inner drive and watch out for one in pennsauken along browning road at forest avenue. still have the crash in bridgeport by the elks lodge along depot street at ford street. there's the one in whitemarsh, along germantown pike at center avenue and in horsham watch out for the wreck close to penelope's frozen yogurt. dealing with there has mat spill along gershal avenue at almond road and speaking of being down the shore i realized couple bridges blocked that you need to be aware of. the margate bridge and cause way closed today for the rest of the week for construction and the towns sends inlet bridge closed today for three months. more repairs after hurricane sandy. rick and monica we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> see you then. >> thank you, sir. much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a mississippi firefighter who was severely burned on his
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face receives the most extensive facial transplant in history. ali gorman will have details in health check. cecily. >> it was a sunny and warm monday. made it up to 70 degrees but now i'm tracking cooler air tomorrow and a late week soaker on the way. i'll have the details in the accuweather forecast. rick. >> all right, cecily. a mural inspired by president barack obama is unveiled in west philadelphia. we will show you when "action news" at 5:00 continues tonight.
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>> pennsylvania state senator anthony hardy williams wants one of the state's top judges to stepdown. today williams showed e-mails sent and received by state supreme court justice michael eakin on his government account. williams criticized the e-mails as racist and misogynistic and said they're an example of bias on the state's highest court. >> we have common pleas court jump on the e-mail chain. we have assistants u.s. attorneys on the e-mail chain. we have public defenders on the e-mail chain. that means when you go o court in dauphin county, if you have a public defender, i'm not sure that you will ever see justice. >> williams also called for a special prosecutor to dig into eakins i'm mails as part of an
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independent investigation. "action news" has reached tout justice eakins office for a response. they said they have no comment. in trenton, law enforcement officers held a mock funeral to protest against new jersey governor chris christie. christie signed a bill back in 2011 requiring new jersey residents to pay more for their pension and healthcare benefits. well today protesters wore christie masks and carried empty caskets to the statehouse claiming the governor has killed new jersey's spirit. after the protest the governor's office called the current system "fundamentally broken and unaffordable adding the only solution is to embrace reform." >> tonight's health check a volunteer firefighter who was burned 14 years ago has now received an amazing gift, the most extension siev extensive fs ever done. >> alley. >> patrick hard disson received the transplant in
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off. he just recently got to take his first look because hard disson will be able to go home for thanksgiving. some of these images are graphic. lard disson who is now 41 was burned over his face and accident happen fighting a mobile home fire 14 years ago. he had 70 reconstructive operations but he still wasn't able to blink. so in the 26 hour operation this summer he received the face of a 26-year-old new york artist and cyclist who died in a bicycle accident. hard disson received all of the skin from the donor's skull down to the collarbone. he says it is a gift he never thought he would receive. the food and drug administration issued the first federal standards on how fresh produce is grown harvested packed and stored for example farmers must test water for crops to look for potentially harmful bacteria and farmworkers must be trained on safe handling and hygiene. the rollingy regulations follow a wave of deadly outbreaks tied to tainted
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spinach cantaloupe and other fresh food. about one in six americans gets sick each year from a food born illness. the world health organization is sounding the alarm about the growing problem of super bugs. officials say it stems from misuse and overuse of antibiotics. many bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics there we have to treat infections. antibiotics should only be used to treat bacterial infections and not viruses and if you're prescribed a treatment don't stop taking the drugs as soon as you start to feel better. and coming up tonight at 11:00 we take a closer look at sweat testing. it used to only be done for professional sports players but now every day athletes can get the same test. we try it out on two people. find out how it works and how it can give you a competitive edge. that's tonight on "action news" at 11:00. rick and monica,, rick, you would have been a good test subject for this.
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>> you should have asked me. >> you'd be embarrassed by the results. >> uh-oh. >> ali nice talking to you. in other news tonight. >> camden mayor dana redd loved hearing an announcement. a task force found that the so-calls and ms community brings in more than $2 billion a year for camden. more than 2,000 new jobs came with them. cooper university healthcare md anderson cancer center and rutgers camden are some of the education and medical anchor sites. congressman donald norcross took part in today's announcement.
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>> ♪ >> american love for the automobile doesn't come cheap. u.s. car buyers now owe more money on their wheels than ever. sales tracker auto data says the loans total more than $1 trillion. analysts attribute that to low interest rates and strong car sales despite rising prices. new car sales are up 6 percent so far this year and the average payment hasn't changed much over the last five years. it stands at just under $400 a month. philadelphia native and celebrity chef mark vetri agreed to sell his restaurants to clothing retailer urban outfitters. the deal includes pizzeria
5:21 pm
vetri as well as all of vetri's other restaurants in the area. the only exception will be vetri. urban outfitters will continue to run the vetri foundation for children. >> a stunning new mural was unveiled in west philadelphia today to inspire men of color. officials came out to show the my brother's keeper inspired mural here at 4,008 chestnut street. it highlights the tough circumstances that many black and latino men face, poor schools, longer end prison. s and grim job outlooks but it also shows that working together they can be resilient and try to do better. well, as the holiday season approaches we here at 6abc are again teaming up to help feed our neighbors in need. you can join us this wednesday for a live telethon to benefit philadbundance. volunteers and some special guests will be on the phone taking your donations from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. sarah bloomquist will host. for more information log onto our web site at
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board meteorologist cecily tynan here. a bright and sunny start to the week. >> gorgeous. i could take a whole month of days like today. what a warmuply we went from chilling on saturday to thrilling today. saturday's high 51 degrees and it felt a lot cooler when you factored in those wind gusts.
5:25 pm
yesterday 61. today bumped it up to 70 degrees. that is 14 degrees above normal and really across the region it was a mild day. allentown's high made it up to 68 degrees. trenton the same. wilmington and millville 69. little bit cooler right along the coast but wildwood still managed to make it up to 63 degrees. so, tonight as you step outside just a light jacket, 65 degrees currently in philadelphia. 62 in dover. 60 in allentown. 64 in trenton. 50 in cape may and 62 degrees in reading. tonight a cold front will be sneaking down from the north but it comes through not only dry but really cloud free so just a lot of clouds or a lot of stars i should say tonight and comfortable. the average low for this time of year for philadelphia 39 degrees. it will be a little milder than that, 45 degrees. along town 36, cape may 48 and wilmington 42 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing not a cloud in the sky despite the fact that there's a cold front just up to the north. now, this is what's known as a
5:26 pm
back door cold front because it sneaks down from the north instead of coming the usual way, the front door from the west and what that will do is bring us winds out of the northeast tomorrow so tomorrow despite a good amount of sunshine temperatures will be seasonably cool, stuck in the mid-50's. in the meantime, satellite6 along with action radar showing there is a very strong storm out west. ahead of that low pressure you've got that warmer air so that's creating the severe weather with tornado watches. behind it you've got that cold air and that is producing some snow and we're talking about heavy snow, blizzard warnings in effect for the rockies. where you see the dark blue, that's six to 12-inches. where you see the purple, 12 to 18 and right here that really bright pink, that is 18 to 24-inches of snow, so, the ski resorts out west are simply loving it. tomorrow it's going to be cooler than today but still a good amount of sunshine back here at home at 10 o'clock, today temperatures near 60,
5:27 pm
tomorrow only in the 40's. afternoon highs tomorrow stuck in the 50's despite all that sunshine you can see those stream lines with those winds out of the northeast so kind of a reality check for tomorrow. so, the five day at 5:00 tomorrow lots of sunshine but much cooler with a high of 56 degrees. on wednesday we cloud up, 61 degrees. thursday mild, 67 but a soaking rain, one to 2 inches expected. behind that system we cool off and friday 58 degrees. saturday brisk and cool, 54 and sunday i know rick knows it's the philadelphia marathon adam joseph will talk about what to expect for that. >> you get ready. >> i'm doing the 8k. >> what did she say. >> she's doing the 8k. >> me, to. i'm doing special k. much more on "action news at 5:00. a philadelphia police officer opened fire on a suspect overnight. we'll explain what happened. >> and important information for every person in philadelphia. what the fire department says you must have in your home.
5:28 pm
>> also several flyers players scored a major win off the court and it will benefit families in need. we will show you. >> we'll have those stories and much more coming up next when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. a passenger who had just got nd off of a septa trolley is struck and killed in southwest philadelphia. what police believe caused the incident. terror raids in one european city lead to arrests as france and its citizens in paris try to get back to normal following friday's deadly attacks. and in the wake of the paris attacks, several lawmakers are calling on president obama to revoke his offer to take in thousands of refugees from syria. we'll explain why. >> now the details. the mother of three had just gotten off the route 11 trolley in southwest philadelphia when a car came out of nowhere. it happened about 9:00 this morning at intersection of 54th and woods lands avenue. the 38-year-old woman did not survive her injuries. and authorities say her death could have been prevented. walter perez live near the scene. walter you spoke with someone who saw it all, didn't you? >> reporter: that's right,
5:31 pm
monica. investigators say the whole thing unfolded right here at the intersection of 54th and woodland when a woman described as a mother of three was getting off the trolley as you mentioned on her way to her job at a day care nearby. witnesses say a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed went around the trolley hitting the victim as she crossed the street. investigators say she was killed on impact. it was right around 9:15 this morning when michael phillips of southwest philadelphia says he saw this car moving at a high rate of speed drive around a trolley that was letting passengers off. >> it says clearly in the back stop and he ain't stop. so he ran into another car and she was like four, 5 feet in the air. she was really high in the air. she rolled down the street. knocked her shoes off and everything. >> reporter: the thought-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the suspect slammed led on into another car coming down woodland avenue before hitting a pole. phillips says it's nothing new to see vehicles speeding across the intersection at 54th and woodland illegally
5:32 pm
passing trolleys but he never thought he'd witness something so horrific. >> the trolleys go bathe both ways, the buses come all day but i if you don't heed to what the trolley says -- it says clearly in the back stop. >> reporter: we spoke with pedestrians here who say the deadly accident this morning was shocking but not surprising. >> sometimes when i cross the street the cars don't want to stop. when we got the light. they'll just zoom by us. >> it's a highway. you know, especially in the morning like that kids going to school, it's a busy intersection in the morning. people come here speeding. that's what happens. >> reporter: now the name of the vic that i'm died is not yet being released. the victim in the car that was hit head on is hospitalized in stable condition with wounds to his legs. the suspect meanwhile did not try getting away. right now he's being questioned by police. formal charges against him are pending. reporting live from southwest philadelphia, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> thank you walter. philadelphia police detectives have now released new details in a morning chase
5:33 pm
that ended with a suspect being shot. it happened at 2:45 a.m. in the 3200 block of f street. investigator say they were running after someone when an officer fired a shot and hit that suspect in the leg. he is in the hospital tonight but will recover. fortunately no one else was hurt. >> ♪ >> and now the late he have on the deadly terror siege on paris. tonight the eiffel tower is illuminated blue, white and red, the colors of the french flag in a show of strength through tragedy. >> and today french president hollande announced wants to form a great coalition to destroy isis which has claimed responsibility for the attacks that killed 129 people. >> ♪ >> during today's joint parliament session lawmakers sang the french national anthem and observed a moment of silence for the victims. hollande says he'll ask that the country's state of
5:34 pm
emergency be extended for three months. he wants the french constitution changed so that the government can revoke the citizenship. >> the search for those behind the paris terror attacks continues today. this suburb of brussells known for its lynx to terrorist groups was overrun by special operations forces. they were trying to find the suspected eighth terrorist, 26-year-old salah abdeslam but they were not successful. however, officers did put 104 other people under house arrest and they took 23 into custody. they also seized some weapons and i.t. equipment. >> also today, isis leaders issued a new threat directly aimed at the west and the united states. the 12 minute video features a terrorist in iraq vowing to attack washington, d.c. the way that paris was attacked last week. u.s. intelligence officials say they have no evidence that that threat is credible. however, the head of the u.s. capitol police is urging lawmakers and staffers to use the tunnels between
5:35 pm
congressional buildings and to report anything suspicious. >> authorities say at least one of the paris attackers gained entry into western europe by posing as a refugee from syria. now the u.s. is planned to welcome 10,000 syrian refugees fleeing the war zone isn't sitting so well with some lawmakers say we're just inviting danger onto our soil. more from abc's megan hughes. >> reporter: after meeting with world leaders in turkey president obama condemned those who want to deny some refugees entry into the united states. >> that's slam fully that's not american. it's not who we are. >> reporter: officials say at least one of the a.m. attackers in paris today imto europe through greece as refugee. since the syrian war started millions of refugees relocateed to europe. about 2100 resettled in the united states but governors from michigan alabama texas and several other states have said they'll refuse to take in any more syrian refugees after last week's attacks. >> the united states federal
5:36 pm
government has made clear they do not have the capability to distinguish between those refugees who can pose as terrorists and those who may be innocent. >> reporter: republican candidates jeb bush and ted cruz suggest refugees be screened so that only refugees who are christians be allowed to enter the u.s. >> she should be reset told in the middle east in the majority muslim country. (applause). >> with don't have religious tests to our compassion. we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence. >> ben carson is calling on congress to terminate federal funding for reset ling refugees from syria. >> allowing these refugees to enter our country without knowing who they are is foolish. >> president obama argues by denying asylum it feeds into the extremist goal framing this as not a war against
5:37 pm
terrorism but islam. >> those who are in the line of fire of the paris terrorists and managed to escape with their lives are telling incredible stories of how they survived. take a look at this video of a pregnant woman hanging 20 feet above the ground outside of the bataclan theater to escape. after she was rescued she told authorities she could hear the shooting and hannah corbett and her boyfriend were just eight rows back from the stage when the gunman burst in and started executing people. >> froze thinking i would not be alive. we started crawling when the music started which amend aging a. >> nearly 30 of the shooting victims are still unidentified. meanwhile tributes continue to pour in for california college student nohemi gonzalez. the 23-year-old was an industrial design student at cal state long beach. she was spending the semester studying in paris when she died. those who knew her called her a loyal friend who was
5:38 pm
destined for great things. vigils were held across campus honoring gonzalez and the other victims of the tragedy. >> world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the paris terror attacks including the battle against isis and what is being done here to protect our citizens. you can thatch following "action news" at 6:00. and for the very latest on the attacks and investigation log onto there you'll find updates throughout the day as well as pictures from the scene and tributes now from all over the world. proposed changes to immigration policies in philadelphia spark some protests outside of city hall today. a crowd gathered after word that leaders may roll back the city's so-called sanctuary policy. currently an order prevents local police from complying with federal requests to detain immigrants solely on their immigration status. but a new proposal would allow local federation federal cooperation if a suspect is accused of a serious crime like murder terrorism or domestic violence. and today activists criticized
5:39 pm
that proposal as well as outgoing mayor michael nutter. >> we think that it's a employ for political maneuvering. we think it's about his career. this isn't about our community. we have a new mayor coming into town. there's no need to make any changes right now. >> critics say the change would put a strain on the trust between police and the community and it would increase the number of deportations. >> all right, time now for an update on the "action news" traffic report tonight. >> all right, monday night let's see what matt pelman has for us. hi, matt. >> monday into the books. >> let's get it out of here and on the way home we're dealing with some slow speeds on many of the highways rick and monica like this one the blue route 476 as you travel southbound through delco. we're delayed from villanova on down to media swarthmore. that's where we had a vehicle fire on the off ramp a little while ago. fire is out. everything is cleared out but gave us a bad start this afternoon on the southbound blue route. in tredyffrin a crash on valley road at devon park drive. in montgomery county along main street that's 63 at
5:40 pm
quarry road with some normal northbound slowing on the northeast extension portion of 476. in richland township bucks county watch out for a wreck along old bethlehem pike at patriots way. word of a motorcycle crash in fairmount park along kelly drive at hunting park avenue. might want to stay over on the mlk drive. i think that will be a better bet for you. in addition to normal delays along 95 we also have a southbound accident at academy that's on the side but causing extra slowing coming down from woodhaven in camden county plenty of slowing on southbound 295 and it's northbound at 42 where there's a crash blocking a lane. rick and monica, back to you. >> matt thank you again. much more still to come on "action news" tonight. a warning for anyone who owns a home in philadelphia. what fire officials say you must have in your home now not only because it's the law but for your own safety. >> and the eagles couldn't get it done against the dolphins in south philadelphia. jaime apody with the highlights and what chip kelly has to say today. adam. >> monica, a very mild start to the work week but temperatures in the mid and uner 60's but there's a front that's going to slide through
5:41 pm
tonight and cooler air floods in for tuesday. i'll have the numbers plus a chance for rain in that accuweather 7-day. >> those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins...
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>> philadelphia's fire commissioner spreading the word tonight about a new carbon monoxide alarm requirement. commissioner derek sawyer was in logan remind people about a law that took effect back in june. all apartment units and multi-familiar dwellings in pennsylvania are required to have a working co alarm within 15 feet of sleeping areas. carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. without proper warning it can be deadly. newer co alarms contain nonremovable 10 year batteries. >> time for sports now the eagles started off strong. they just couldn't get it done though against the dolphins. here's jamie. >> how did that happen. >> i don't know. we thought a must win. >> we thought it was certainly winnable. >> it was . >> [laughter] you know how sometimes after the eagles losses you wake up and you feel better after a good night sleep. not this time. that loss yesterday was just bad. it was inexcusable really and now the birds must pick up the pieces. without their starting quarterback sam bradford dealing with a concussion as well as shoulder injury after
5:45 pm
taking this shot early in the third quarter. eagles tell us there is no timetable for his return. after his departure a 16 to 13 lead became a 20 to 19 loss. nothing went right. deflected connor barwin pass turned into a jarvis landry touchdown an chance to win the game on the 9-yard line second down an field goal is all they needed. mark sanchez was intercepted in the end zone. that's the fifth time that's happened to eagles quarterback this season. eagles blew an opportunity to beat an inteen eighty four opponents. all that momentum from last week in dallas all for naught. >> there's not any game changing or turning point in seasons or anything like that. every single week expresses itself differently in terms of who you're playing and what you get matched up in and some teams match up better than other teams with guys and it comes down consistency especially on the offensive side of the ball. we were so inconsistent which is uncharacteristic us
5:46 pm
especially in the last couple weeks. >> it's my job. there should be a seamless transition and i thought at times there were. at other times sure can we get a little more familiar, of course and is that only going get better with repetition and practice, of course. but the point was just get in and win the game and unfortunately that didn't happen. >> so as it stands the eagles sit at four and five a half game out of a really bad nfc east. the giants have a bye next week so amazingly the birds still have a chance to tie for first and try and clean up this mess that they've gotten themselves into. >> obviously we're not out of this thing. we got seven games left, a lot of football but you play anything like we played today we're not going to win any more games. >> it's fortunate that we're in a division where there is a lot of turmoil, there is a a lot of teams that are struggling. at the same time we just got to get this ship going in the right direction pick up and start with the buccaneers and get this thing going i know we can do it. we came out hot today. we just got to be able to finish. >> eventually it's going to happen eventually. the sixers are going to win a
5:47 pm
game. tonight against dirk nowitzki shooting 53 percent from the line i don't know. they've dropped 20 straight games. that would be enough to get anyone down but they seem upbeat. tonight they'll get robert covington back from that mcl sprain. last year's top 3-pointer shooter can't wait to lend a hand. >> been hard to sit on the side line and watch your guys fight hard and lose night in and night out. >> definitely has considering not being out there with him. we've been through a lot as far as being a young team and everything but we've done so much as a unit we stick together no matter what and coach has done a great job of keeping us together and we keep each other together. >> they have been playing really hard. >> i think you should go way covington hairdo. >> a mohawk. >> very cool. >> weekends kind of -- >> i'm not thinking you do that. a group of former flyers scored a goal off the ice today. paul holmgren danny briere
5:48 pm
brian boucher bob kelly and brad morris delivered food to this shelter. the saint francis inn in kensington took in the meals for the need dee they brought. they were donated by flyers alumni. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios.
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>> coming up tonight on monday night prime time here on 6abc; is that adam joseph. semifinals of "dancing with
5:51 pm
the stars." tonight it's a first for the show. each couple will have to dance three times one dance they haven't learned a trio dance with an added partner an special dance-off challenge. stakes are high as we are one week and countering from this season's big finale. "dancing with the stars" followed by castle and "action news" at 11:00. >> adam is here to talk about the accuweather. going to slide back to normal temperatures. >> dancing in sunshine today. >> we were. >> we could have been. >> it's going to be a whole lot cooler so you want to dance harder to keep your body warm temperatures are sliding on your tuesday. as we look at double scan live radar no cloud cover whatsoever out there today so a crystal clear scan on the radar presently and it was a very warm start to the week. our high today 70 degrees. still 6 degrees shy of the record set will set back in 2005. 5 degrees above normal at 44 degrees and your sunset now 4:44. talking about above normal
5:52 pm
temperatures or about halfway through the month of november now a little better than that and every day you see in red, which is the majority of the month is afternoon high temperatures above average. on the eighth it was right on par and then the only day so far this month with high temperatures below normal was just this past saturday when we were 51 degrees. so, you total this up and we're running about 7 degrees above normal for the month so far. still mild in allentown at 60, 64 in trenton, 63 in wilmington, 62 in dover. but you can see some numbers are falling back pretty quickly here once that sun sets. 54 in millville and right now lancaster coming in at 58 degrees. but for tonight, the average low 39 degrees in the city of philadelphia. we're going to be well above that at 45 degrees so we'll call it comfortable with a lot of stars up there and 36 degrees will be the low in the suburbs. we are watching a pretty powerful system in the nation's heartland. you have southerly moist winds coming in out of the gulf of
5:53 pm
mexico matching with low pressure now just east of denver and you got that cold air wrapping lined that system and that's creating tornado watches all the way from texas straight through kansas and parts of nebraska. also blizzard warnings with this system in and around denver and that low is going to head up into the northern plains an piece of it will come through here thankfully not in the severe side but bringing us some rain on thursday. but even prior to that we have a front that's going to swing through from the north and westly we call that a back door cold front 'cause it comes in from the opposite direction. that systems typically move in our region so 63 out of 56 degrees with that north-northeasterly wind tomorrow seven to 14 miles an hour but still a lot of sunshine and then high migrates away and it starts to turn the winds more southerly here on wednesday so it's a bit warmer at 61 but a lot of clouds ahead of a cold front that's going to slide through here on thursday. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast will show that dip tomorrow to 56 but still a lot of sun and then a lot of
5:54 pm
clouds on wednesday, 61 degrees and a soaking rain but very mild on thursday, 67 degrees and you can see we're on either side of about an inch across much of the area for thursday butter it's only a one-day hit because the sunshine is back here on friday as temperatures dip again to 50 degrees. a lot going on this weekend. we got the temple game, we have the rothman 8k, we have the philadelphia half and full marathon, begot the eagles, 54 a lot of clouds saturday and then very chilly sunday only 49 for a high and then partly sunny on monday, 52 degrees. so, a little closer to average that second half of the seven day, guys. >> okay. >> thank you adam. with cooler temperatures coming our way you can stay with for the latest as rain approaches later in the week, too. check back often with storm tracker6 live radar and its street level forecasting. ♪
5:55 pm
catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato.
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>> more than 50 peco employees
5:57 pm
volunteered their time to help low income children in philadelphia stay warm this winter. the action cam was in west conshohocken this afternoon as workers sorted and folded winter coats and warm clothes. it's all to help the organization cradles to crayons and it's program the big give. the program is expected to get clothes and school supplies to thousands of kids in need all around the delaware valley. >> very nice. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00 continuing coverage of the paris attacks. that nation pauses for a moment of silence as the international search goes on for a surviving attacker and the alleged mastermind. radnor police arrest a mother and young for ads allegedly dealing drugs. >> the price to see santa has some seeing red in south jersey. we'll tell you why. that and much more coming up next at 6:00 for meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody monica malpass the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a nice evening. good night. >> good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night new jersey lawmakers consider legalizing recreational marijuana and septa rail riders have a new station option in montgomery county. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a day of strong emotion and resolve in paris. this is a live picture of the eiffel tower. the city's international symbol was dark over the weekend but tonight it is bathed in blue, white and red colors of the french flag. and across the city today,
6:00 pm
virtually every parisian observed a moment of silence president francois hollande declared his country he is at war. >> acts committed in paris on friday evening, these are acts of war. they cause at least 129 deaths and many injured and they are considered an act aggression against our country. >> he says he wants to bring united states and russia into a powerful coalition with france to smash the islamic state. meanwhile there is a massive manhunt for 27-year-old abdul lam immediate abaaoud a belgian national who officials believe is the mastermind. there's a search for


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